Caught in the Loop

Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Though it's been a few days since the storm, there is still a lot off debris washing up onto the shores of the lake. Branches, leaves, timbers and various other flotsam. Keziah is at the moment searching through some of the flotsam, though a majority of it is ruined or useless. Skins of wine that have been permeated with water, ragged sailcloth and mostly just wood, but all of it is being organized for removal. Alosynth is currently working on moving some of the timbers, much if which can at least be dried out and used as firewood. Though a few pieces are being set to another side, most of it's downed tree parts, but some seem to be what used to be tables or some such.

M'nol and Faraeth wander down the beach… okay, M'nol wanders, Faraeth glides gracefully above him. The boy's brain was wandering and he wasn't really aware of his surroundings… until his feet get tangled in a damaged net and he goes tumbling into the sand with a shout of "Shards!"

Keziah looks up at the shout and then's hurrying over to M'nol with only a fraction of a limp. "Are you okay? Do you need help?" and then the last part is said a little tongue in cheek, "Are you choking?" she then looks at his feet and then snorts a little "You, know you outta watch where you walk.' she remarks wryly. As if she's one to talk.

M'nol gets slowly to his feet, brushing sand off his nice, clean pants, "'M fine… That's easy for you to say… your dragon didn't go chasing after the Weyrlingmaster's." looks like he's still a little scarred about that one… "And…" he finally registers the slight limp, "How's that healing, Kez? Still hurt?"

Keziah hmms a bit at M'nol "No.. but I get to deal with whoever flies Alosynth.. everytime she goes up." she notes as she eyes the boy "And she's been showing signs, but she's not going and it's driving me nuts!" she coughs a bit "Sorry. Been a long morning, but that's no excuse for taking it out on you." Alosynth rumbles softly as Kezi's temper takes off a bit and then she settles down as well. "It's a little sore, ain't nothin' bad. Yina did me up real well with some liniment." Leave it to Kezi to not go to the healers.

M'nol chuckles, "Yeah, but that'll never be V'dim… imagine how Tali feels." He glances at Alosynth… Faraeth had said she'd been really mean during the storm, but he'd chalked that up to the stress of the storm. Faraeth casts a coy glance over Alo, but is nearly afraid to croon after yesterday's outburst. M'nol smiles, "She'll go when she's ready… at least you're prob'ly experienced…" He nods slowly, "It's just a bruise, right? It'll heal up okay." Smart boy… he doesn't suggest seeing a healer…

Keziah eyes M'nol a moment "There's worsen V'dim." she remarks after a moment and then quirks a little grin "There's L'ton. And heck we've not even been taught to between yet." she then just leaves that at that. Alosynth herself is ignoring Faraeth, well maybe ignorings the wrong word since it'd not a cold shoulder that's being given, but more a shy look and then a look away.. "Yeah, just a bruise, likely didn't fracture the femur none, that's always a problem, breakin' the neck of it. Just a bit of bruisin, some swelling. Looks real pretty now though. Looks worse than it hurts." Course, that's easy enough with numbweed and all.

M'nol nods, "True… if L'ton caught you might end up pregnant and then what would ya do? But for my first experience V'dim was the worst option I could think of." Faraeth finally lands on the beach, and gives a soft wuffle to Alosynth, « Are we still friends? » M'nol smiles, "That's really good. Would suck if you were seriously hurt." He glances around, "Whadda ya wanna bet they'll make us clean this up?"

Keziah laughs "Whatcha think I've been doing?" she notes as she points out the various piles "Course, I've free rein to keep what I might like and there's some nice driftwood along with the wreckage that'll go good I think in my weyr, and I can store it till we get them." she grins. "Well, V'dim did say you should get laid if you hadn't yet." she notes with a smirk. "Might try a guy too, for you end upwith one. But yeah, I'm no virgin anymore, but I ain't real experianced either." she shrugs a little. Alosynth is silent and doesn't reply and in fact actually ducks her head. Kezi snorts and then gestures towards Alo "You see what I mean? She ain't herself." Alosynth chuffs a little and Keziah rolls her eyes "Your butt does not look fat? Where did you even get that idea?" Keziah groans and then wonders over to a rock and sits.

M'nol chuckles, glancing around, "Anything really good?" He blushes at her reminder of V'dim's suggestion, "I… I can' jus' go up to someone an' ask that… And Phy an' I are… something I guess… we might, but I don't want to rush it…" Faraeth gives Alosynth a sad look, the velvet and silk fading, become more tatterd and worn, « I… I think you're but is just right… » M'nol rolls his eyes at Alosynth as well, "Think she could be pickin' it up from you? That's a very human question…"

Keziah blinks at M'nol and then eyes him "Have you ever heard me go on wondering if my butt is too big or anything like that?" she asks looking quite incredulous "Honestly. As if I gave flying leap about such things." she snorts. "I could care less if a guy doesn't like what he sees. Then he don't need it." She glances curiously over at M'nol "So you two are together then?" she asks curiosly. "I've heard things, but just rumours and all. Course Alosynth's glowing like a muted ember and all, so one could expect oddities. « We can be friends then. » Keziah blinks and then stares at Alosynth, her mouth gaping open. "Fly already or something and get this outta your system." She groans and just grabs onto her head with both hands.

M'nol shrugs, "Guess not… maybe she got it from Kelioth, then…" He shrugs again, "We… we fell asleep together on the beach again last night… We talked about… that kind of stuff… We both like eachother…" oooo, he's blushing like a pig again… Faraeth does a happy little prance, « Yay! » He moves more close to her, but doesn't get within biting distance just yet, « What is yours talking about? » M'nol is half-way through a chuckle when he's cut off by worry for Kez as she grabs her head, seeming in pain, "Kez? Are you all right?"

Keziah takes a few deep breaths and then she eyes M'nol "Oh, fine, just fine. I'll be happy when 'Miss Shy and Feminine' stops being 'Miss Shy and Feminine'." Theres a pause and a smile "Though it is amusing when she snaps. It's fun." she notes with an evil twinkle in her eye. Alosynth looks at Faraeth a moment « Nothing. »

M'nol can't hold in a slight shudder at the look on Kez' face… she looked diturbingly like Vivian for a minute there. "I, uh… I can only hope 'Mr. ooo, shiny, you should be with her rider' stops doing that" He blushes again. Faraeth moves his nose closer to Alosynth, ready to pull it back if she snaps at him, « They are strange sometimes. Mine gets mad just because I think you're pretty. »

Alosynth watches Faraeth, but when he moves his nose closer, she backs off a little, rumbling softly. « I am? ». Keziah never said she was nice, why do you think no guy has ever really pushed the point with her? "Aww, aren't dragons so much fun? The things they don't tell you. I can see why there's no full disclosure as a candidate, they'd frighte everyone away.

Faraeth nods his head, looking a little silly waggling it up and down like a puppy waggles his tail, « Very pretty. Like shiny emeralds and sapphires all in one. » M'nol chuckles, either oblivious or immune to her sarcasm, "I love that brown beast to death, but… Faranth I wish he didn't always have his eyes on a glittery hide."

Alosynth eyes Faraeth, almost a little balefylly now. « You are pushing it. » Comes the kicked fur of her mind and then she turns a looks a little uninterested. Keziah sighs as she eyes the pair "And there she goes it again, she acts all demure and shy and all, but push comes to shove." she hmmphs a bit and shakes her head. "Well he's a male, a mature, full-blooded male and so it's not unusual he has sex on his mind." she states bluntly.

Faraeth gives a hurt snort, turning away from her, « You are whether you think so or not. » M'nol eyes the pair as well, then sighs, "He's shier than he acts… sex on the mind is one thing, but *every* female he sees? Faranth, he even wants to catch Seryth!" his voice quiets some, "Which would be downright awkward…"

Keziah can't help but grin at that "Oh yeah, I can just so see you and Thea waking up together." she notes with a snicker and then she sobers "At least though, every single time he flies, doesn't always mean you're ending up in bed with someone new." she murmurs softly. "I mean heck, I've been around it enough I suppose, but dang when you're busy with critters, you're not paying mind to that sort of thing and after awhile it gets to you don't even notice all teh greens going up everyday and the golds from time to time." Alosynth snarls a bit and then she goes back to moving timbers and then there's a chuff and she scratches at the wood. Keziah's attention is caught and she heads over to the green "Whatcha got there?" she asks and then she's examining the wood, which looks like it was part of a ships framing. She's hmming thoughtfully and then she pulls out a little leather sack and spills out some slightly waterlogged marks. Her eyes widen as she counts them "17 whole marks!" she squeaks.

M'nol blushes, "That'd be *horrible* even if I liked her that way I couldn't stand being the one to make her miss Enkavir even more." He's practically wailing. He takes a deep breath, "That's true… at least a lot of the time I'll be able to pick my partner or if I have one… so long as he doesn't win…" His head pops up when Alo snarls at Farry, but sighs when there's no altercation. Then he's following Kezi and his eyes go wide, "17 marks? You're so lucky."

Keziah continues to stare at the marks "I can get some decent things for my weyr." she murmurs and then she's looking over at Alosynth and sighs a little "This is going to drive me nuts, either she's shy or doesn't want them near." She looks over at M'nol and then she gives a nod "Yeah, at the very least, you have the option of leaving if need be." she notes softly "He might not be happy but well. I have to watch myself.. if I really truely dislike someone and don't want to end up with them and.. and Alosynth tries to cater to that.. I. I could lose her." she murmurs as she looks back at the two dragons.

Faraeth glances at Alo, then quickly glances away. M'nol sighs, "I…" He's lost for words for a moment, "I'd rather sleep with Vivian than have her lose Kelioth, even as much as I dislike her…" His eyes are sad as he looks at his friend, "I know it doesn't always work… but… you could try to encourage her choice…"

Keziah snorts a bit "Encourage her choice…" she rolls her eyes "As if I have someone in mind to catch her, there's no one that /I'm/ interested in." she mutters a bit "Heck, only ever slept with the one guy." Then there's a pause and she reddens a bit. Not something she really meant to say. "Have you been in to see F'yr?" she asks in an abrubt change of subject.

M'nol snorts in return, "Ya may not have a preferred catch, but I'm sure you have preferred non-catchers…" He doesn't feel so bad about his… uh… relationship experience state… when Kez admits she's only done it once before herself. He, too, grasps the change of subject and clings to it, "No, I havent. Have you?"

Keziah looks a little sheepish as she eyes the marks and then pockets them away and glances over at M'nol 'Umm, no." she admits "Maybe when my limp isn't quite so noticable. Maybe it'll be okay and all." she notes softly and shifts "Figure I could umm, I dunno. Send her something?"

M'nol smiles, doing his best not to suggest she shard the injury, "Sending her something's a good idea… do you know what she might like?" besides D'son…

Keziah hmms a little at that and then shakes her head "Not really, she's always been fairly closed mouth about herself when I've been around." she notes quietly "I don't even know what kind od treats she likes." she looks thoughtful "Course, I dunno if she's even awake or wanting to eat. Those head wounds can make you sick to your stomach I'm told. Course, any painful wound can. I remember my side. Didn't wanna eat. Course it just hurt the wound too."

M'nol hmmms as well, trying to think if he knew anything about F'yr really, "She seems to like Sigam… or maybe we could help decorate a new weyrbarn for her? After all, hers kind of collapsed after we left…"

Keziah ohs softly and then nods "We should see about that. I've got those 17 marks, we could make a place all spiff for her." There's a pause "But what if she doesn't like it? I mean our tastes aren't all the same."

M'nol thinks for a moment, then his eyes light up, "We could have our dragons ask Zaruath what she might like… and keep it simple so if she doesn't like it she can change it easily enough."

Keziah looks thoughful and then adds. "I think that might be an idea. You don't think Zaruath is still a bit out of sorts do you? Think he'd cooperate?" She looks thoughful "Is there in barns in good shape near where hers was?" she hmms a little. "Still, maybe we could get more people in to help rebuild since so many were destroyed and all. Everyone helping would get things fixed up all that more quickly, wouldn't it?"

M'nol nods slowly, "I think there was another one not too far away… And Zaruath seems to care most about protecting her, he'd probably be willing to help… especially if Seryth convinced him." He nods again, more quickly this time, "Many hands and light work and all that."

Keziah glances at M'nol "Maybe we should hunt up Thee-" she trails off from saying Thea "Course, is she in any shape for talking about that? Or Seryth for that matter." she murmurs quietly. "I mean with the emergency with the eggs and all?"

M'nol blinks, "What happened with the eggs? I was so busy I never got back to check on her."

Keziah looks over at M'nol "Everyone's talking about it in the caverns and all. The generator was hit. The one that heats the sands." she says "They had to move the eggs. No one seems to know for sure if they're okay. But the annex has it's own generator though, so maybe they're good, but I can only imagine how distraught Seryth must have been. Losing heat and then having them moved?" she asks

M'nol makes a little 'o' with his mouth, "I… I hadn't heard… I kept going until I collapsed with Phy on that clear patch of beach yesterday… I haven't been to the caverns since the storm… I hope they're alright…"

Keziah bites her lower lip a little "I do to. I've not seen Thea since." she murmurs quietly "I'm a little afraid to peek in on the annex there." she admits looking a little sheepish.

M'nol's mouth sets into a hard line, his eyebrows scrunching up, "I think we should… or at least someone should… She's been alone enough lately, being alone even more won't help…" A flush spreads, embarassed with his own crassness, but she was his friend…

Keziah gives a nod "We should check in on her. This can't be easy on her, not with everything that's going on and with Enk and all." she frowns softly there's a glance at M'nol and his blushing. "Don't be embarrased." she notes quietly "It doesn't bother me none that you care about her."

M'nol nods slowly, "I'm still not used to feelin' like I have the ability to make decisions like that…" Faraeth gives a soft rumble and M'nol's blush is more genuine this time, "Faraeth wants a bathe and oil…" he gulps, "Says it'll help him woo the girls… But I'm going to go see Thea afterwards if she doesn't point that crossbow at me."

Keziah glances at Faraeth and then just shakes her head a little "Silly brown." she notes and then smiles "I think so long as you don't crowd her, you won't ber a bolt in the butt." she notes. "You're still young, give yourself time, you'll learn how to work with your friends." she notes softly.

M'nol looks a little confused at that last comment, but doesn't go into for now since Faraeth is growing increasingly impatient, "He is a silly brown… and I'm not as young as I used to be…" As he strides towards Faraeth the truth of his statement is clear. When he'd first been searched he was barely fourteen. Just a kid all round and thin. Now at almost 15 he was stout, the edges of his frame firmer for all he hadn't gained more than an inch in height. Perhaps Cen had prematurely cut off his growth hormone…

Keziah rolls her eyes a bit "I didn't call you a kid now did I?" she asks and then she snorts. "Of course you're not as young as you used to be. Buy heck even Viv is still young in age for all that she's not much younger than me. It ain't about age, and it ain't a bad thing, it's about experiences and how you approach things." she notes and then shakes her head a bit and then turns to Alosynth "Maybe it's time for a break girl. Come on." she says softly and then starts heading the opposite way of M'nol.

M'nol nods to Kez, "I appreciate you not calling me a kid… it… it means a lot…" then he turns, walking with Faraeth to the Weyrling beach, the poor brown totally confused as to his rider's mood.

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