Blush Buddies II: The Big Talk

Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

M'nol and Faraeth wander together onto the beach. Having just talked to Cen, he was a tad preoccupied, if glad that they were on speaking terms again. He looks up at the brown, "You said she would meet us here?" the brown makes a nodding motion and they both scan the beach, looking for Phylicia's slight form.

Phylicia looks to be feeling far better than she has been. Her forhead is still a bruised mess, but there's no longer a bump, and the bruise seems to be fading slowly. A message is carefully clutched in one hand as she scurries - or power walks as her healing abilities let her - down the path from the Weyr. "Gonna be late, gonna be late…!" She mumbles to herself, her split skirt billowing behind her as she moves as quick as she can, looking around for the weyrling pair.

M'nol spots Phy and waves even as Faraeth gives a welcoming bugle. M'nol moves to her side with a smile, "You're looking much better, Phy. How do you feel?"

Phylicia raises her hand to wave back, smiling widely as she comes to a stop - or at least a slower walk depending on M'nol's reaction - as he comes to her side. However stopping throws of her balance, and for a moment she swoons. But just a moment. "Still a /little/ funny, but they aren't keeping me locked up anymore." Yeah, just in time to help with storm cleanup and injuries. Great. Her mid-back hair is loose for the moment being and she carefully tucks her bangs behind her ears in an unconscious habit. "And how are you?" She asks in return before brandishing the rather brief note in her hand "And what was this about?" She finishes, her grin rather impish.

M'nol moves to catch her the minute she starts to falter, then smiles, "That's good. I've been wanting to see you again." He chuckles, "Despite pern's attempt to kill us all, I'm fine." He chuckles again and blushes some when she brandishes the letter, "We… we need to talk now that Faraeth's all grown up…" Throughout his idle chatter he had been guiding her to Faraeth's resting bulk and he motioned to the brown's side, "You want to sit?"

Phylicia smiles as he moves to help, placing a hand on his arm as both a 'thank you' and to steady herself and her eyes dance with good humor. "Ooo, why does that sound so serious?" She queries lightly, though her own cheeks color for no good reason at all, and she takes a moment to really /look/ at Faraeth as they walk closer. "He /has/ grown up, hasn't he?" Comes the almost rhetorical question before she nods slightly. "Sitting is still marginally better than standing all the time."

M'nol smiles, blushing slightly as she sets her hand on his arm and nods when she mentions his size, "He… He chased his first green a few days ago…" He helps her to sit and then slides down behind her, Faraeth acting as his usual back rest with a quiet rumble of regret for his failure.

And M'nol is talking to one NOT raised in a Weyr. Or around dragonriders. "And…?" She prods gently at him, her head canted slightly to the side. One eyebrow would likely be quirked if that wouldn't be painful still. And as Faraeth rumbles she looks at the brown. "How did you do?" Is put to the dragon. … One might think she's probably missing the point of this conversation. (They never said she was bright!)

M'nol chuckles, but blushes deeply as well, "He came close, but Cid won the day. I'm just as happy since it was the weyrlingmaster's green." He shudders, "And it matters because of what happens when one dragon catches another…" He remembers his own innocence and hopes she isn't as bad or his face may burn off in the process of explaining.

Phylicia pauses for a moment, looking a bit more perplexed now. "Cid?" And then she falls silent for a little bit, listening. Obviously she's not /quite/ as innocent as her parents would like to believe, but she's not exactly in The Know either. "Does it effect /everyone/ that way…? Or just the.. winners?" She somehow manages to choke that sentance out, cheeks pinkening further. Blushing buddies indeed.

M'nol blushes a bit, "Cidheoth… Tali's blue… and yeah, it kind of affects everyone… only the winners have to… you know… but the losers want to too…" His blush deepens with each word until even his ears are a light shade of red. He may have lost some of his innocence, but he still thought himself way too young to be even thinking about these things, let alone doing them.

Phylicia would be a lying teenager to say she hasn't /thought/ about them. In fantasy. It's the way teenagers work. However she never thought about such things in the realm of reality. "I… would ask…" She starts off, and holds up a finger whether or not Morl starts to say anything. "/But/, that's none of my business." She finishes, her cheeks still a very deep pink which is spreading across her nose, but she doesn't pry where she's not wanted. Usually. "So.. you wanted to talk about … this… with … me?" That last part sounds awfully confused, as if she can't really understand why he'd want her to know such things. Though you know, that fantasy realm might be knocking awfully soon.

M'nol blushes more deeply as she speaks, the darker blush creeping into his ears and neck, and nods, "Yeah… I do… it-" he pauses, thinking for a moment, "It seems like we have," he waves his hands futily, "something for all I don't really know what…" He pauses again, thinking hard, "And… and I like you…" He trails off, completely flustered.

Phylicia can act mature … when she wants to. And this is one of those times where she's trying to be a big girl and not break down into a fit of giggles because it's just not appropriate. But thankfully, her blush doesn't even rival M'nol's ability to blush, her cheeks just start turning a shade of red now. "It doesn't matter that… I don't have a dragon?" Though why it should matter is anyone's guess. "And I.. uhm.." Her voice goes soft, and fairly tentative. "I like you too."

M'nol shakes his head, his blush for the moment staying steady, "Lots of riders have… partners… that don't ride… especially when they lose a flight… but…" he pauses, his blush increasing this time around, "The problem is that if Faraeth ever wins a flight… I… I probably won't have a choice as to… you know-ing… with the other rider… even if I really don't like them." He inches his hand forward, hoping to let it rest on hers.

Que relapse in Phylicia's blush status, which might start to rival M'nol's now. She's almost a beet red, and it's finally starting to brush the tips of her ears. "Well… I mean… it's not like you can /help/ it, right?" She asks, making sure she has this straight. "You just kind of … /need/ to." Oh, like this isn't one of the most awkward conversations on the face of the planet. "But since its kind of a compulsion thingy, its not like you'd be cheating or anything." She doesn't pull her hand away, nor even twitch it like she was thinking about it. Instead, her hand just flips over so he gets her palm, instead of the back of her hand.

M'nol's blush matches Phylicia's perfectly as he slips his hand into hers, "That's… that's exactly it… I'd… I'd like to have a relationship, but… I couldn't ask that… not without making it clear about Faraeth first… I just…" Ah, shard it, he shifts a little, pulling poor, injured Phy into a tight hug.

Phylicia stiffens with a quiet squeak from shock for a split second as she's pulled into a hug, her hands pausing before wrapping around M'nol's back to return the hug, stiffling a groan as she shifts her head to the side so her tender forehead isn't being pressed against anything. He wouldn't be able to tell without putting his neck in an weird position, but a very impish smile pulls at her lips. "Won't say I might not try to lock you up whenever Faraeth rises after a green and I'm around." And she coughs, realizing what she just implied. "If.. of course… we're .. ah.. to /that/ point." Fumble! But now she's going to try to hide her face, but spare her forehead. There's levels of Does Not Work that can't be said for that tactic.

M'nol chuckles, squeezing her a little bit tighter before letting go, "I'm…" his blush deepens, his face ducking as well, "I… uhh… V'dim said we should… you know… before the first time our dragon wins…" Faraeth gives a sleepy, just get over it rumble, "I… I wouldn't want you to think that's the only reason, though… I liked you even before he said that…" The poor, flustered boy trails off agian… especially since his family had always told him that you couldn't be as forward with girls as he was now being. Would she leave

"But didn't you say that Faraeth… rose…?" Phylicia's sentance starts to trail off as she realizes what the young man probably didn't do. Which had to be interesting for him on several accounts. And now her entire face - and her ears - are turning a shade of red where one might start wondering when the blood will start coming out of her pores. No, she's not leaving, but Phylicia looks about as flustered as M'nol likely feels. Which is to say, a great deal. For a few moments her mouth opens a little and then closes abrubtly, then opens again with an inhale, like she's going to say something, but thinks better of it. A few long moments of silence pass before she just smiles, squeezing his hand lightly. "I would hope so, 'cause that there alone isn't going to get you much besides a kiss." She teases with a grin, leaning forward enough to plant a peck on his cheek if he doesn't pull away.

M'nol nods, blushing even more deeply, "It was… very emotional…" He looks startled when she kisses his cheek, but doesn't pull away. He just stares at her for a long moment, then whispers, "I thought of you…" He leans in, giving her plenty of warning, and if she doesn't pull back kisses her gently if akwardly, very possibly jabbing his nose into her eye.

Phylicia isn't running, or backing away from M'nol, which can only be a good thing. But at the same time, one hopes his nose doesn't go into her eye because that means he's completely missed the likely intended target. But yes, akwardly would be a good way to describe the first kiss they share, and Phylicia has to pull away, stiffling a bout of giggles. One or two, still manage to escape, and she puts a hand to her mouth, trying to stuff it back in. "Oh. I'm sorry, M'nol." She takes a deep breath and holds it, trying to calm herself. "It's just I had this /huge/ … scene worked up in my head for my first kiss… and this is /so/ not it." But the smile on her face after she pulls her hand down combined with the smile in her eyes definitely portray that she doesn't mind the scenario differed.

M'nol giggles as well, fully aware that it was certainly not the suavest kiss on record. He smiles, "I'm new at this… but it's not bad." He smiles, his eyes dancing with mirth at his own ineptitudes, "Last time I kissed a girl I got kneed down-below…"

Phylicia makes a small face at that, scooching enough to make herself comfortable against M'nol's side. Hey, he offered it up, the hopeless romantic is going to take advantage of the fact that she could have someone to cuddle up against. "Well. That wasn't very nice of her at all." She says crisply, before smiling again. "But you don't have to worry 'bout me doing that."

M'nol smiles softly down at her. She never did fail to manage to be leaned up against his side. He does chuckle, though, "I did kind of do it without permission… out of the blue… on a dare…" He blushes again, "I'm glad you won't, though. I, uh… I don't know exactly where we are… relationship wise… but if ever you want to… you know… I'll try not to be too awkward about it…" he can't even say the word… poor boy.

Phylicia must be winding down from her long day now, since her body is relaxing, and the topic isn't entirely making her stiffen with akwardness anymore. There are still however, thoughtful silences before she speaks. "Well, on a dare may account for a slap." She teases lightly. "And.. I don't know either, so we'll just see. Yeah?" She half-asks, half-states. "If we end up having…" And there's a pause where she inhales and he can just /barely/ make out a 'you're a healer, Licia!' before she continues, almost choking on the next word ".. sex, we'll be prepared. I /am/ a healer." In training.

M'nol chuckles, wrapping his arm around her, relaxing more as well. His eyes drooping somewhat, "You know all the ins and outs, huh?" That would've been so much more suggestive coming from anyone but him.

Phylicia can feel her cheeks reddening again. "Hardly." Shards, if he was her first real kiss, what should /that/ say? "I just know … preventions?" She adds on not exactly quickly. A slow, long sigh escapes from her. "Is this going to be a habit? Taking naps together on the beach?" And her tone says that she minds /oh/ so much. NOT.

M'nol chuckles softly, "That's good, too…" He sighs as well, leaning against his dragon, "I suppose we could stop if you don't want to, but… I kinda like it." He yawns, it *had* been a long day.

"Did I say I minded?" Phylicia shoots back, her tone light to let him know she's not yelling. Because trust her, when she wants to yell, the person she's yelling at and everyone in the vicinity will know. "We just need to remember to bring a blanket.." She murmurs drowsily. "It gets chilly after awhile."

M'nol smiles softly, "Add a blanket to Faraeth's always supplies… noted…" Faraeth emits a draconic chuckle, then swings his tail around as a sort of pillow, spreading his wing as a wind and rain shelter. Nothing like having a dragon for a tent.

Phylicia looks at Faraeth's tail and giggles softly as the brown even extends a wing for shelter from the elements, and she takes advantage of the dragon-tail-pillow, laying on her back, hands idly resting on her stomach. "You should see about something romantic." She notes sleepily, probably along the lines of their conversation a few moments ago.

M'nol lays down next to Phy, snuggling close to keep her warm, then yawns loudly again, "Romantic?… like what… flowers?" His speech and thought trail off, soon to be replaced by a light snoring sound.

Phylicia turns just enough to fit herself a little better against M'nol, mostly asleep as she responds - to Faraeth since she registers the light snoring. "Like sunsets and flowers." .. Is the population of Pern sure that Avias doesn't have a database of romance novels stored somewhere?

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