Luraoth and Draukaith's Egg Hatch!

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
A domed ceiling stretches high above the sands, enough open air for a queen and her mate to be comfortable with their clutch. Thin slits of windows around the edges let in a little light, though more of the illumination comes from electric lamps diffused off the dome. The sands are ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, the first third exposed to the sweltering heat of the sands but those in the back glassed off for the comfort of those watching.
The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Turnover at Xanadu had the usual celebrations to accompany it - maybe not the most spectacular blowout ever, but there was good food and drink, some trader booths displaying their wares, fireworks in the evening and harpers playing half the night away as people danced in the meadow.

Come morning of the new turn, the dragons decided it was their turn to make some noise. Luraoth starts her humming just around dawn, a crooning song that Draukaith quickly echoes. From there, the sound spreads throughout the Weyr, growing louder with each draconic throat that picks up the tune. Soriana is among those summoned by that call, arriving by bronze dragon with her hair unbrushed and fuzzy green slipper-socks peeking out of oversized boots. She slides off Kanekith by the edge of the sands and hurries to join Luraoth where she crouches on the sand and hums with eager anticipation to her clutch.

It's resoundingly clear that the time has come for those eggs to hatch and turn some old candidates into new weyrlings. Let's hope they didn't all sneak too many drinks and dance themselves into exhaustion, and can actually be roused in time to meet the hatchlings!

Galactic Experiment Egg gives a little hop upon the sands displacing some of the sand and sending a small plume into the air. After this little hop no further movement is seen from the egg.

Walking Marshmallow Egg seems to glow just a tad bit brighter before shuddering. Moments later it's still once more.

Sinensi Tim Tam Egg wobbles and wiggles, there is even a flop and a turn before this egg falls upon the sands, causing another egg to roll away from the pile.

Kera hurriedly leads the robed figures onto the sands and gestures for them to scatter around before moving off to the side with the awlm's.

Tealonie is not quite awake, but at least he wasn't drinking. his mother would kill him. Course he's awake enough to be glaring at Calisi and he's shoving something at her as he moves around towards the egg he's come to think of as his. " I think you lost something. " he says as he gives her her show back. That's right he brought the tossed show out with him.

Calisiya walks onto the sands with both of her eyes closed. A dangerous thing to do in sandals and heat with all sorts of variations in the sand, candidates and just about everything else to trip her up. She doesn't fall or falter but resists opening her eyes until the very last moment possible. Once she's on the sands she precisely bows to both Luraoth and Draukaith and then risks a quick turn of her head to scan the line of people that she can see on the observation level but it's too quick of a look to let her recognize anyone. So a deep breath and her best foot forward and she finds the place to stand that she picked out months ago. If she can see Tealonie, she'll beckon him closer. Pain in the ass he may be, he's a known pain in the ass and she'll gladly take a little comfort. Even in the heat of the sands she's pale. When he comes by she stifles a grin. "Glad to see you made it."

Sticking To The Sand Egg shifts on the sands, rocking to the side before settling back in place.

Mirth and Laughter Egg has barely twitched. Other eggs have got down to business and some have even cracked but this one? Appears stubborn. Yet just as there may be concerns about the occupant within, the egg finally gives the smallest of wiggles, then a little wobble and promptly goes still again.

Round And Round And Round An Egg cracks as the dragon inside moves, and a piece of eggshell is knocked loose to fall to the sands.

Tealonie can't help but grin now. "I wouldn't miss this for all the chances to just jump off a dragon with a parachute."

Can you be pale and sweating? Yes, yes you can and Calisiya is already both of these things. The thing about hatchings that she's seen? Everything has always happened fast. Dragonets everywhere; eggs wobbling everywhere and it's true. It's also even more overwhelming from the sands and she can't keep herself looking at just one or the other. "Listen to me for a second." She asides to Tealonie. "Whatever happens? Whatever comes out of these; whatever we both go on to? You're all right. I'm sorry I've been such an ice cube to you and I'll try and warm up a little." She tries to playfully poke him in the shoulder as she can't be too serious and gets her eyes back to the eggs.

Galactic Experiment Egg moves first to the right and then to the left wobbling a little bit as it does so. A fine crack appears perpendicular to the ground and quickly this crack along the eggs axis spreads until it reaches fully around the egg.

Walking Marshmallow Egg's pristine surface begins to break. That soft appearance is suddenly riddled with dark cracks that seem to increase in size by the second.

Kera spends a moment with her gaze drifting from one egg to another when they become more active. There's no time to waste. Soon enough tubs of meat are all arranged and hidden just out of sight, thanks to a small army of kitchen workers, waiting for starving little hatchlings.

A crack runs across Sinensi Tim Tam Egg, starting in the middle and spreading, spider-web fine, out across the shell. It curls and then a clawed paw can be seen pushing out from within. Someone wants out!

What’s this? Maybe there has been progress after all with the Mirth and Laughter Egg! It may not be moving as much, but there are spider-web like cracks appearing on the shell now and steadily they grow wider and wider. The egg will lurch heavily to one side and now the cracking is almost audible as something within is definitely moving and definitely looking to escape.

Tealonie gasps as a certain egg is moving and he grasps at Calisi's arm and then starts to point. "Look! look! its's cracking!" he exclaims. He then looks closely at her. "You don't look so hot. you're not gonna faint are you? you can't faint. I won't let you. you need me to pinch you?"

Galactic Experiment Egg sits quietly for a few more moments before springing to life in spectacular fashion. One half of the shell is ejected one way and the other half in the exact opposite direction leaving the hatchling there on the sands.

"You pinch, I punch." Calisiya reorts to Tealonie with an absence of the harsheness that has been such a part of their interactions before this moment in time. An idle threat on the hatching sands at a moment like this but Calisiya can't stop being Calisiya any more than Tealonie can be Tealonie. "Sorry to crush your hopes and your dreams at a time like this." And yet? She pats the hand that has ahold of her arm. "I'll be fine; thank you." She squints through the heat waves. "Claw's coming out of that one. It's going to start in a second."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Ohana Means Family Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This bronze dragon is short, stocky, and smaller than most. Don't let this confuse you though; he's got it where it counts. His coloring is a deep rusted bronze that begins on his short muzzle and flows upward from there along the crown of his head and down along his back and legs. That dorsal color is mostly uniform, with no major flaws or variation. A lighter, yellower bronze can be found in circles around his eyes, underneath his muzzle and down across his underside. This burnished bronze glints and shines under whatever sun, stars, or moons he may find himself. His muscles are plainly visible beneath his hide, flexing when he moves or just being keyed up and ready for action. Because he is so small, it almost seems that a normal sized bronze's muscles were just stuffed into a smaller space, giving his overall appearance a very built look, not at all pudgy but definitely broad and solid. His muzzle is short and squat. It doesn't extend far beyond the rest of his face, and his neck is short in keeping the rest of his body. His neck ridges are small and rounded, and don't stick out hardly at all. The dragon's head knobs are perhaps the most angular feature of his otherwise squared body. They extend well beyond his temples, looking almost like the antennae of an insect. He has short legs, keeping him very close to the ground as he scampers along, and brilliant bronze talons on the tip of each of his toes that at least give him a good grip on any surface. The bronze's wings are small and short, barely seeming any larger than his legs. In fact, upon looking at them for the first time, one might find themselves wondering how he even gets off the ground on those stubs. A stunted tail, only just long enough to even be considered a tail, is attached to his behind.

Ohana Means Family Bronze Hatchling's turns his head this way and that as he surveys the situation before him. A high pitched sound emanates from his throat for a second or two before he skitters on his stubby little legs toward the wall. Once he reaches it he paws at it almost as if he wants to give climbing it a go before stopping and looking first at his mother and father and then at the candidates. Is this what he's got?

Tealonie just about stops breathing "bronze first hatch. That's good luck!" he exclaims and then he's looking back at Calisi, "Well, I just thought it might help keep ya from fainting and all. You would t wanna be ran over or anything."

Sticking To The Sand Egg starts to crack as the dragon taps at it from inside and makes little holes in the shell.

Ohana Means Family Bronze Hatchling opens his mouth and shows off his little teeth as he scurries away from the wall toward the candidates who have formed such a neat little line on the sands. Set up like dominos! When he reaches the first in line he pauses, looking up at them and then proceeds to punch them in the shin. Thankfully he's just tiny so it probably doesn't hurt too much. He lets out a little maniacal sounding laugh and continues down the line with abandon.

Round And Round And Round An Egg keeps rocking. The shell loses pieces in seemingly random patterns all over it, and the shards falling to the sands around it.

Calisiya laughs. She actually laughs and the surprise on her face that she was able to laugh doesn't match the sound. "Sure is. You are all right. Trying to the last. I'll always respect that. But? No. No pinching for you. Good intentions or not." The laugh helps in so many ways and the fear begins to drain away from her face. Bit by bit, it lets Calisiya's natural state of a smile back even if she is looking more pale than she ought to. It's a privilege to see this up close no matter what. She's smiling widely as the bronze picks his way along and begins hitting peopl…. what? She frowns. "Is that normal?" She asks the most abnormal in her mind candidate ever.

Walking Marshmallow Egg suddenly melts away into nothing. The white shell disappears and a lovely little hatchling stands in its place!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< We Could Be Immortals Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Deep navy blue wraps around the unnaturally thin form of this dragon. It snakes around limbs and darkens to near black as it flows across pointed head knobs. Two large eyes are set slightly wide upon it’s skull giving him an almost boyish look. Though this dragon will always look a bit young it certainly doesn’t exclude danger. Dangerously sharp teeth are plainly visible when his draconic maw opens, though a few teeth seem to have a slight gap between them. The dragon’s claws aren’t particularly sharp but his paws are thicker than might be expected from a dragon of his size. It’s certain that they pack a certain punch. Finally, hints of cerulean and au swirl across this creatures hide. They seem to glow when the sunsets and race forward until they create a small heart shape on the dragon’s chest.

Tealonie says, “Hey now! No punching! I don't hit you!" but he's laughing. "I don't know they'd punch" he whispers”

Ohana Means Family Bronze Hatchling travels up that line of candidates before sniffing at the feet of one of the male candidates. He quickly turns his head away with a grimace upon his face. Man those feet must stink. Though that doesn't seem to stop him because he turns his head back toward the candidate and licks his feet and thus the choice is made.
With a triumphant cry it seems that the Ohana Means Family Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Sinensi Tim Tam Egg falls apart and sitting in the gooey mess is a large, chubby-like brown hatchling with part of the shell still stuck to his face. There is a scrabble and a warble of surprise before the shell is tossed off his head. Oh! There's the light and he blinks, looking one way and then the other. Well, well! So many things here.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Bitterness and Honey Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The hatchling is big, lanky and clearly has no idea what to do with himself. The young brown is all legs and paws, while his large wings and long tail will for certain get in the way of everything and everyone until he is use to dealing with him. His color is a rich mocha brown that slowly fades to a pale almost klah color across his sides and soon a pale tea over his underside. The membrane of his wings are rich cocoa brown with spots of black and white across each bit. Bright swirling eyes rest under thick knobs upon his head, a few more small bumps across his neck. He'll be a looker someday, though right now he is going though the crazy growing phase that all hatchlings much deal with.

Kera stands once more with the awlm, each waiting to greet the new pairs as they..and then there is a bronze charging the white robes, and kicking? "That one's gonna need extra watching. Wait and see."

Another audible crack, followed by an echoing snap, heralds the end of the Mirth and Laughter Egg. The shell caves to the onslaught it faced from within and with one final great effort from the trapped occupant, it splits apart into two great halves.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< A Feeling that Never Ends Gold Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Geometric shapes arrange themselves in hues of gold over the rock-solid form of this dragon. Her body’s solid strength is marked by curves that only add to the feeling of natural presence. Golden hues darken on one side of her frame, as though she’s forever partially standing in shadow. It’s not quite an even split — a dull tawny shade dominates over her head-knobs and skull, leaving the broad, squared planes of her face a pale citrine. Along the proud curve of her neck, the pattern reverses, with bright topaz dominating over her shoulders before receding to blocks of reddish and brownish-gold just past the wings. There’s one sweep in each of those shades, their sails a reversal that echoes the hues of the other. Her chest is shaded in tiger’s eye, a zigzag streak of ivory wandering through darker golden brown. The pale pattern travels down the length of her stomach until the mismatched hues of amber and sunstone along her sides come down and meet in the middle. A broad pelvis sweeps into wider hips, creating a stance that leaves her paws braced solidly against the ground and her powerful tail continues back to balance her body. Those matronly hips are wider than her shoulders, and so when she stands, her forepaws splay out to give her a solid base. Spiked with pale citrine, it reaches up from her talons like the points of a star — or the mirror of those same talons laid back across her paws.

T'lon is startled as he's licked and then he can't help but laugh. "We're gonna be great friends aren't we Saumath?" he's grining madly. "Great things will be indeed!"

A Feeling that Never Ends Gold Hatchling slowly unfolds herself from where she’s awkwardly ended up on her side. She moves with an uncanny fluidity as she carefully gathers her limbs under her and pushes herself to her feet. Once upright, she’ll spread her wings as if languishing in the joy of being able to finally stretch out to her fullest before turning her head towards the line of Candidates. One foot moves forwards and she leans a little too far to one side, unsteady but quick to correct it by hastily moving another foot forwards. It’s as though she’s experiencing this form for the first time and taking delight in those first few wobbly steps.

The weyrlingmasters have been beating it into the heads of the candidates for months now that when the time comes they ought to stay as clear of the dragonets in the seconds before they find their partners as they can. They are not supposed to entice them and are meant to stand and let them pick. But when one comes close that you know isn't meant for you; get out of the way! Calisiya does just that. It's a sort of skip dive that makes her sandal come off and singes one of her feet on volcanic sands but it's a safety precaution and that one punches people anyway. She wasn't making a guess or anything like that; licking someone's feet is a pretty tell tale sign and she has no problem finding her smile this time. "Figures that the biggest jackass of them all would find the same. I'm glad for you." If Tealonie; or is it T'lon now even hears her. Moving a bit more to the side to avoid the two and any feeding she finds in her absence of attention that a new one is on the sands. She appears confused; looking for a Tealonie who is not there or busy. "I thought there wasn't a gold egg." She mutters to nobody apparently. "They were all the same size!"

We Could Be Immortals Blue Hatchling pulls himself to his feet before glancing out towards the galleries. One can almost see the confusion in his eyes before they finally move towards the candidate. A lightbulb seems to go off in the hatchling's head and now the white-robed ones are eyed with scrutiny. No….No….Definitely not. It starts to move down the line in a surprisingly graceful manner despite its lanky form. It goes past one boy and then stops 3 feet later. A sudden whirl and then it's knocking a black-haired teen to the ground. "HEY! That….ugh no, I'm /fine/! No I'm not in pai- H'aroro? What kind of name is H'aroro? I like yours much better. Maxeth. It's got a certain ring to it. Uh…food first though." And off goes the new blue pair.
With a triumphant cry the We Could Be Immortals Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Sticking To The Sand Egg breaks neatly in half with a diagonal slice across the shell. It rests there a moment - cut in two pieces - then slides apart.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< The Sky's the Limit Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A star filled night sky rises from the sands, but then you realize it's actually a dragon. This blue's hide is so dark that he could blend into shadows with little effort, until he moves. The shifting of his hide reveals pale blue scattered constellations and swirling galaxies stretching from the tip of his muzzle to his spaded tail. He's an average sized blue, neither runty or overstuffed, but the perfect size to go streaking across the night sky with his rider. His eye ridges have a pearly sheen, allowing for very expressive eyes. Neck and limbs are sleek, but strong muscles ripple and flex beneath the midnight hide. Wingsails are dark, inside and out, and it's hard to tell where his paws end and talons begin.

Kera nudges Idrissa and C'rus, pointing out a just freed blue hatchling, then a young queen "May be a small clutch, but it's quality that matters most right?" before the potentially troublesome bronze hatchling chooses his candidate. Smiling at the pair, she steps around an egg and gestures the new weyrling to follow "Come on, Let's get Saumath some food."

Bitterness and Honey Brown Hatchling struggles to get to his feet but is soon moving about on the sands. A stumble here, a growl there he seems confused at times but is making his way towards the ones on the sands. A sniff and snorts upon one, a rumble at another while his wet wings flash some goop onto a girl's face before there is a pause as he catches a scent that he likes. Wiggle-hop is seen and then he's barreling into a boy that is… about the size of himself, really. Bernard falls to the sands in surprize and is left staring at the brown that is upon him. "Ceylonth!…" Bernard looks a bit confused, but he soon smiles, nodding. "I don't mind that… Bea'rn. Yes yes, ok, I'll get you something to eat. Let's go!" They are soon helped off the sands.
With a triumphant cry the Bitterness and Honey has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

T'lon vaguely hears something else. what is that nattering sound? oh it's Calisi "what? gold? are you sure you're not… he trails off "oh" he blinks and then grins "oh that's just grand!" he looks at Saumath "did you know that was a gold? Oh food! yes, must get food for you. " T'lon says and he heads over towards Kera but watches the gold too just maybe?

Round And Round And Round An Egg crumbles, losing structural integrity and simply falling into a shower of colorful shards.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Flitter Flutter Zoom Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sleek and graceful this verdant hatchling darts into view and seems to hover just above the sands. Her dainty muzzle is rather narrow, appearing more elongated than most other dragons. Tiny green buds, like the first of the season, seem to sprout from her eye ridges. The same shade polishes her cheek and jawline, and dust her outer wings and tail. It makes her overall glossy hide appear fuzzy at times. A large amethyst seems to sparkle and flash, clinging just beneath her throat. She almost flutters when she moves, like leaves drifting to and for in a gentle breeze. Built for speed, she's very streamlined and trim, but strong wings can turn on a mark and have her flying elsewhere in a blink of an eye.

A Feeling that Never Ends Gold Hatchling gains confidence now with each step she takes. Unsteady and slow in the beginning, her pace now builds up to a steady rhythm that carries her eagerly forwards. Delighted, she’ll voice an excited warble as she moves ever closer, set and bound on a path. She knows where she wants to go! She’s getting the hang of this strange new form too! … and then she falls. Having gained considerable momentum, when she does trip over herself, it’s enough to send her pitching forwards. Some form of instinct keeps her from landing entirely on her wing and she’ll awkwardly twist as she rolls, sending some Candidates scattering to avoid talons, limbs and tail. One won’t be quite so lucky, as the bulk of her comes to a rest where she stands and the young gold will hurriedly look up with a mix of relief and surprise. Oh, it’s you! Anyone who comes a little too close to check on both Hatchling and Candidate, will receive a warbled warning!
With a triumphant cry it seems that the A Feeling That Never Ends Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Flitter Flutter Zoom Green Hatchling darts into motion, scampering across the sands with her wings flicking across her back as if she's already trying to fly. She peeks at various candidates - nothing so orderly as a walk along the line, but instead darting from one to the next before she finally turns around, face to face with a brown-haired girl, and actually stops. There's a long moment as they stare at each other, and then the girl speaks. "Oh, Phaeth! Of course I'm Ezzie." The green chirps twice, her wings fluttering again as the two of them head off the sands.
With a triumphant cry the The Sky's the Limit Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

The Sky's The Limit Blue Hatchling stretches his wings, and strides unhurriedly across the sands. He stands proud as he surveys those candidates remaining, then pads up to a blond candidate who's looking the wrong direction, after a new-made pair of brown and rider. The dragon tilts his head up, nudging his muzzle against the boy's chin to get his attention, then croons as their eyes meet. "L'on? I suppose you… well, yes, you're Yklimth, I know that. And yeah, I'm L'on."
With a triumphant cry the Flitter Flutter Zoom Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Kera leads the new weyrlings pair to a small alcove to eh side. Tubs of meat are waiting "Start to feeding him, make sure he doesn't eat to fast." Then she's rushing back as the awlm's leads news pairs towards the alcove.

T'lon is twisting here and there as he tries to see who the gold stopped by. "Who's got her? Here Saumath, don't choke." he murmurs as the bronze is just bopping along and swallowing the meat.

Calisiya looks around her with a bit of trepidation. The rosy feeling that she was getting when the hatchlings first began to appear and her frenemy finds his partner is beginning to evaporate with the rippling motion of the cavern's heat waves. Her strategy of keeping out of the limelight is backfiring; for she doesn't have other hands around her to hold or to draw comfort from. She's alone for the moment atop a little rise in the sand and doing the time honored awkward candidate shuffle from foot to foot … unhelped by the singing she recieved dodging Saumath. Fate smiles on fools and innocent candidates though because the one to take the blow of the sliding hatchling is the one that is standing on top of that small rise. She hadn't been expecting it; for her to head in her direction and by the time that she realizes what happens it's too late to pretty much do anything but help and she goes down in a tangle of limbs both human and not and a tail she didn't know that she had. She struggles a second and ends up laying her head down in the heat to catch her breath. Eventually the two untangle themselves and Calisi pulls herself up by Meirath's shoulders to stand a little awkwardly. She isn't hurt; but she'll have some scrapes and bruises as the two lean against each other for a moment. "Meirath." Calisi gets out with some serious effort to fulfill the ancient tradition. "….. Meirath." She mumbles a little lower and gestures frantically towards food and still leaning on each other the two head towards Kera. "Help." She says. But her face is full of wonder. Every single scrape is forgotten. Pretty much everything is forgotten.

Six scatters of eggshells, six dragons, six weyrlings that have been or will soon be ushered off the sands to start figuring out what it means to be part of a matched pair. Luraoth sweeps her head, surveying those emptied sands, then tilts her head down to look at Soriana. The Weyrwoman tilts hers up, looking back at her dragon, and then… Luraoth yawns, draconically wide and toothy. Soriana hehs, and turns back to the sands where those candidates un-chosen still stand. "You're the lucky ones, in a way. You get to go back to bed," she tells them with a wry grin. "And when you wake up the second time, you'll get to decide whether to stick around and try again, or move on to something else. But first, sleep!" She takes a step, then pauses. "I'm sure we'll have a feast of some sort." Probably Turnover leftovers. "At lunchtime." First, sleep! For all the leftover and turned-down candidates… and also Soriana, who makes a quick escape with Luraoth.

Kera hurries over to help the tangled pair, not bothering to hide her winces at the potential injuries. "Everything's gonna be alright Calisiya, Meirath was it? Let's get Meirath something to eat, then you'll both feel better. Right over here." Then she's moving towards the alcove.

T'lon stops feeding Saumath briefly "Is she going to be okay?" he asks and then he's giving a few more pieces to the bronze who is now swaying to some beat. Oh wait he's swaying in his feet tried. "Sleepy time."

Draukaith looks on rather pleased at himself, six hatchlings and one is a gold at that. The bronze bugles out a few times and is rather content to hang back a bit before heading out from the sands. T'revs rubs at his eyes a moment before standing up a touch more, he was totally awake during the whole thing. A slight clap is even heard aong with a warm smile. It all worked out well! Now sleep is great thing to go find.

"I'm okay." Calisi says through teeth that had been clenched. She works her jaw with her hand and gets them open again. Blinking; a little overwhelmed. "I'm fine. Worry about her. Us?" The lean on each other; her and Meirath seems more for each other's support than injury. For all that anyone knows. They blindly follow after Kera in the pursuit of food wherever they will be led.

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