Galaxy: First Aid Training

Xanadu Weyr - Forest
This broad path that leads from the main clearing into the forest has been designed in such a manner so as to be not only wide enough for wagons to travel through, but also providing ample space for dragons. The path appears only worn in the center though, as most of the traffic moving through this area is that of the two-legged kind. Flowers sprout up and speckle the lush grass with bright saffron and cheeky rose, creeping all the way up to the bases of the trees that rise upward in their aged magnificence, gargantuan limbs casting often welcome shade, the general atmosphere and scent of the path is one of freshness and wild abandon.

The path winds its way leisurely through the trees, deeper into the forest and a number of less traveled paths branch away from it. Southwest leads to the forest's edge near the base of the tumbled rocks that mark the wilder areas of the forest and the mountains that rise behind Xanadu. West leads to the Firelizard Theater, northeastward the path leads to the feeding grounds and beyond that the gravel road that bisects the paddocks leading to the bovine complex. East leads to the meadow where it joins both the road that crosses the bridge over the river leading to the clearing and the the coastal road that leads out of Xanadu bypassing the beach and the Caspian Lake. Here there are secluded spots where one might picnic.

Thanks, Soriana, for peppering in NPCs as well!

It's a fair day upon Xanadu. Hazy and hot, like yesterday. And the day before. And the day before. A perfect day for a lesson on triage! Or so thinks the sandy-haired Kha’dum, rider to bronze Balroth. His little squad, consisting of eight Search and Rescue crewmen, have gathered in the forest for a bit of field training practice. In this case, simple first aid. A few healers and apprentices have offered their time to volunteer. Brushing up the skills of those who are seasoned, and teaching those who are new. Like Ka'el for instance. All around, young men and a spattering of women kneel and work on practice dummies. Bandaging. Stitching. Using what materials are found in the forest as makeshift wraps. Ka'el kneels by his 'wounded citizen'. A paper tells what injuries the sexless dummy has. A gash on the forehead! It's speaking gibberish! What does he do? He has a little kit of first aid things. Standard issue, and he's looking at them… Um. Help?

The different apprentices have matched up with different riders, offering pointers and demonstrating when needed. [[[player:Kera]] crouches down next to Ka'el, "Hi Ka'el." wiggling her fingers to the bronzerider across the dummy. Leaning towards him a bit, trying to see what his listed injuries are, "Which injury did you draw?" Eyeing it briefly, she glances towards the dummy "Okay, head injury..cut..hmm. Okay. The patient's injury needs to be clean with redwort to disinfect the area. Don't worry about being stingy with the redwort, I would swipe the immediate surrounding area of the cut as well, to help disinfect." Gesturing to the first aid kit, "If your patient is aware, try to talk to them and keep them calm."

Another Galaxy rider, drifting by between dummies, leans in over Ka'el's shoulder. "Argle bargle rutabaga!" See? He's helping with the gibberish.

"Uhh.." Ka'el glances up to the oh so helpful rider. Yes, gibberish! That's what the dummy is saying. And Ka'el is supposed to fix it! Or…calm him down. Or shut him up? Kha’dum wanders about, observing. His group had better be doing well! They are a reflection of him and … oh, geeze why is that young fellow over there wrapping the entire doll like mummy?? He hurries over to see what's up!

Ka'el glances back to his faceless injured patient. Ok! Um.. "Kera!" He beams gratefully up at the young healer. "You're here? Awesome. It's…yeah," he shows her his paper, then looks hopefully up at her. Puppy dog eyes anyone? "Redwort?" He nods, glancing through his pack of stuff. There's numbweed. Bandages. Cottonballs. Some other stuff. One of which probably is redwort but. "Uh…that'd be…red in color, right?" >.>; He's good at other things! Being brave! First aid? Not so much.

M'kal had sweeps today but they were ended a bit shorter when word reaches him of the triage lesson. So spiraling down to a landing, Xeosoth veers to the feeding grounds and M'kal makes his way here.

Huh? That's clearly what the apprentice's face says to the wandering rider's gibberish. A confused frown follows the odd man before she shakes her head and peers back to Ka'el. She offers her friend a little shrug "What was that about?" Another shake of her head and she dismisses the wandering man from her thoughts. There is a patient that needs first aid. "Yea, for the moment, just need the redwort. It is red, but you can know for sure by this little symbol here." She points out the little bottle of reddish liquid and the tiny image. Sometimes you won't always be able to see what's inside….Remind me to write up the chart for you later, so you'll recognize the contents by symbol." She offers a little smile then flicks fingers to their dummy. "Now the cut needs to be swabbed gently with the redwort to disinfect. Once that's done numbweed needs to be applied, liberally."

Because the slip of paper said 'numerous small abrasions', that's why! The poor patient's got to get all of them covered, right? Hence, the mummy-wrap.

Oh thank Faranth for Kera! Ka'el's patient surely would die of … impatience if he were left to his own devices. But now he has some guidance! And he grins at her, pointing to the back of that gibbery rider. "Gibberish," he says, gesturing to his slip of paper that shows the conditions of his patient. "Gibberish." He grins, then focuses on the redwort and listens to directions. "Alright, so I.." he begins, but then.. *snatch!* His redwort is STOLEN!

"Condition change!" announces Kha'dum . "You realize you have no redwort. What do you do? Use your surroundings! Be resourceful!" He gestures to the forest, then carries on, though not first without a "Nice work," to the apprentice, Kera. "M'kal!" he spies the bluerider. "Join these two!" he points to Kera and Ka'el. He has high hopes for the young bluerider. He was, after all, a healer apprentice himself.

M'kal slips in closer, grinning. He could be good at this. Healer apprentice indeed! "As a patient or healer?" he calls out with a grin. "Heya Ka’el, Kera." the others are greeted.

"Be a patient, why not?" Kha'dum moves on over and promptly knocks M'kal over the head. Gently, mind you. He's a playful sort, but there's still business to be done! "There. Concussion. And you've a busted leg with an open wound at the knee, so lay down and look agonized and act the part." He thinks, then nods. "That'll do for now." Yup, and now he goes to check on others. Nodding here, grim-faced there. "You call that a stitch? You're hardly a new recruit! Do it again!"

Kera frowns to the thief that steals the redwort and peers back to Ka'el. Several things want to jump right out but luckily her brain to mouth filter was up and running. "Okie, he's starting to get.." She snaps her mouth shut, just managing to not insult that rider. "No redwort huh?" Looking around as M'kal joins them "Hi M'kal." She offers the bluerider a little smile and glances around briefly before lowering her voice to M'kal "If we have no redwort, do we boil water and clean the inury after it cools?" That could take a while before she peers back to the dummy with a frown. Damn, no redwort. Glancing around towards the other little groups, Kera sighs peers back to her group "Alright. Since we have no redwort.." A glare sent towards the thief briefly " needs to be cleaned as best ya can, the patient's pain should be eased with numbweed, then bandaged up so the patient can be gotten to a healer…..where they have redwort." a little glare sent towards Kha'dum again.

Maybe she was doing a cross-stitch? The chided rider makes a face, then begins picking out the stitches to try again. "…it's just a dummy," she mutters where Kha'dum hopefully can't hear.

Aieee..concussion! M'kal falls with a dramatic flare to the ground with a 'gasp' of pain. "Oh my leg! Oh my head!" He'll be the best make believe patient /evah/! He does pop up a minute to reply to Kera. "Can't boil water in the middle of the woods! Clean it the best you can!" then he flops back down lifelessly once more.

Nuu! His redwort! Ka'el watches as it's snatched away and they're given a new patient. M'kal! He grins at the bluerider, glad he's part of their group because even if he's a patient, he can surely still give his input, right? This is a learning activity! So. "Welcome, newly injured," he smirks. "We have no redwort, so you may get an infection if we can't come up with somethin' else that'll clean.." He glances to Kera and nods. "Water! Duh." And every good first aid kit comes with a bottle of water, right? He rummages through his and .. eureka! "Probably for drinking, but… could be spared for wound cleaning? What about his concussion. Do we wrap heads for that?" he asks, eyeing the bandages, then M'kal's head… Mwuaha. Soon to be mummy M'kal.

"Remember, this field training! Your goal is to keep your patient calm and do what you can with what you have!" barks Kha'dum during his rounds. "Be quick! Be precise!" Ah, he heard that M'kal, and he nods approval. A special glare is reserved for the girl's mutter, but .. he'll let it be. This time.

"We /did/ have numbweed."

The helpful gibberer steps past again. "Alcohol's sterile. Stings like-" he glances to Kera "-pretty awful, though."

Kera nods agreeably to the water bottle Ka'el produces. "Go ahead and clean the cut with the water then." Canting her head when the gibberish wanders by once more. Reaching over to the kit, she rifles through it and shakes her head "I don't see any alcohol in here so use the water." Taking out several swabs, she gets them ready for Ka'el. M'kal's antics are smirked at somewhat and she tries not to start giggling "Nono. You've got a cut on your head, so be still before ya bleed to death….Ya might wanna close your eyes before he starts pouring the water though." Cleaning bandages in one hand, she reaches for the numbweed bottle with the other.

M'kal cracks open an eye to peer about himself. He's injured so he lays very still…wait..banagdes? Oh noes. The eye closes and he lays very still in hopes perhaps he won't become mummy M'kal! "Wait…no cut on my head. I hit it. With something hard. Like Ka'els head." he hastily says towards KEra. "no cuts!"

Ka'el pretend cleans M'kal's knee with the water. No water is actually poured. The poor guy would have wet pants for no reason! But he does even use cottonballs to dab at the pretend blood. "Redwort and water: Always check to have before flying," he notes. Ok! Pretend cut is clean. Now he grabs the bandages. Time for the fun part! He grins to M'kal. "Sure you have no cut on your head but we want to make sure your head doesn't swell, right? So, we've to wrap it up tight!" He tosses a wrap to Kera. "You do the leg, I do the head? M'kal, do you know've any forest leaves or whatever that'd keep swelling down?" Hey, he has to rationale this head wrap thing else be given a glare for playing around! Plus, swelling is a thing. Right? Maybe… XD

Kera peers curiously as Ka'el is bandaging M'kal's leg "Um, Ka'el, the injury your drew was a cut on the head. But nothing wrong with being thorough I suppose." A little grin is given before she snaps her fingers "Witch hazel! It can be used to help stop bleeding…but I'm not sure how it should be prepared. OR if we can find any in a hurry." A little shrug and she shakes her head. "How about we deal with this cut to the head first." Chuckling at M'kal she reaches forward and pushes his head back down with a finger. "There is already a cut on your head, patient. We don't need to add new ones."

M'kal lays back like a good patient, mostly, and lets himself be tended too. Fidget. Wiggle. It's hard to stay still for this long. He doesn't argue over if there's a cut or not any more though he'll moan as if groggy. "Ooh…I think I see spots. You're…you're all fading. I can't see you..come back!" a hand lifts up. So much for staying still. "I must go to the light…Ka'el! You must oil and bath Xeosoth /every/ day. Promise me!"

Yes, points for thoroughness! And he remembers Kha’dum’s addition of M’kal’s knee injury. Ka'el is already getting that bandage unrolled and ready. "Don't worry, M'kal," he says, taking that lifted hand, holding it between the both of his. "We'll bring you back. Xeosoth won't lose you!" Sniff sob! He wraps the gauze around his head while Kera keeps him still. And now M'kal looks like he's been to war, because the bandage goes over one eye too. For..effect. But with all their playing around, they /do/ get some learning in, and Kha'dum does come back around to ask questions. Like .. why is M'kal's head wrapped? >.> And what did they decide to use to clean the wound? And where would they have found witch hazel? And what would be the best way to transport a patient with head trauma and limited mobility? And he'll drill them, (even young healer Kera!) til he's satisfied.

"Good. Clean up and you're dismissed. We'll meet for evening sweeps after dinner. Don't be late!" To be on time is to be late, don't you know? Hooray, triage!

M'kal pops up to his feet, a feat for someone with such damage to his leg /and/ a concussion. "Excellent. I should get back to sweeps now anyways I suppose." a pause. Oh wait, evening sweeps were mentioned. "Maybe I'll just go find lunch then and oil Xeosoth. Again. Good job Kera. Ka'el!"

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