Knot Answering the Question!

Xanadu Weyr - Coastal Road

This coastal road runs parallel with the edge of beach that stretches endlessly beside the Caspian Lake. From coast to inland the dunes of the beach grow smaller and smaller until they eventually peter out into nothing but small moguls in the sand. The path is eventually seen to be blocked by a river that reaches the lake just south of the point where the road turns west and crosses a grassy meadow towards a sturdy wooden bridge that can be seen in the distance.

The sea monster, otherwise known as Siebith, is nowhere to be seen. That doesn't mean he's not in the area, but then that's rather a moot point. D'had on the other hand is around. Laid up beneath the slight overhang infront of his weyrbarn, the chair he sits in is precariously close to tipping over as he leans back, leaving only the back to legs of the seat barely touching the ground.

Evening in spring is warm, but it is cooler than the hatching sands and it's that cooler air Thea seeks tonight. There's a breeze, which helps her flushed cheeks begin to return to her normal as she walks the road. Her hands swing by her side loosely; she's relaxed for once and unarmed, some might note. But only some who know her well.

D'had might note, that is if he were paying enough attention to notice anything. But no, that'd be giving him too much credit. At least at the moment. Eyes closed, hands clasped behind his head. Back…. forward, back… The chair wobbles just a little, but there's certainly more towards he backward motion than the forward.

Thea's walking right on by, eyes cast out over the water of the lake, allowing the breezes better access to her face. It lifts her hair off her forehead and neck, though strands of it still stick here and there. She pauses to pick up a rock or two, tosses one as far out as she can; it doesn't go far, but it does manage to hit the water. Plunk.

That sound might not be so terribly loud, but it is enough to catch the attention of the otherwise oblivious wingleader. As he tries to tip back forward, there's just enough movement that's pushing the opposite way. Crash! Well the chair goes over anyway, D'had managing to his feet beforehand - though only a split second by the look of it and given that he failed to catch said chair before it toppled.

Thea was relaxed, but the unexpected crash has her nearly leaping in the lake. She does jump sideways, turning as she lands beside the road, eyes wide. Unfortunately the ground there is soft, her ankle twists as she lands and she's no choice but to land ungracefully in a heap. Her annoyance couldn't be mistaken for the words she's muttering must carry. When her breathing slows she calls, "You alright over there?" Someone might have landed on their head for all she knows.

Those words have D'had turning towards the speaker. Dark eyes lighting upon Thea, the chair is left to lay. Its not going to be hurt by laying there for… well however long he leaves it. "Yeah," there's a beat between words that brings him closer to goldrider, "How about you?"

Thea hesitates, inhaling quickly before answering, "I'm fine." She's sitting, fingers rubbing her ankle as she says that, but as the voice nears she's pushing to get up. "Ow," is hissed ever so quietly as she regains her feet, resting most of the weight on one of them. She's brushing herself off, "Did you break anything?" There's a wee bit of laughter in her voice.

D'had hmms, pursing lips as he eyes her movement. "You sure?" he inquires, coming to a stop a comfortable conversation distance in front of her. "Maybe the chair.." he replies, a touch hesitant as he glances back in that direction before looking back to Thea.

"Yeah, fine. I'm sure." Thea's not trying to walk. "The…chair." Said flatly, not a question then. But there's some sudden coughing going on before she can speak again, "That's… how many this month?" Someone has to fill out those requisition forms, after all.

D'had shrugs, though that coughing has him looking a bit concerned. "No idea, even if it is broke it should fix easy enough." It sure looks like he's going to double check on Thea's condition, but no, he says nothing in that regard. "What brings you out this way anyway?"

Thea clears her throat, "Must've kicked up some dust when I fell." She winces just a bit as she says that; it's lame. "Needed to cool off for awhile. The beach was cluttered with Riders after-" She stops, wary suddenly, "Siebith go up after Isobeth?" Her eyes shift, seeking the blue in the shadows.

D'had nods idly, watching a bit more closely that he might normally. Could just be paranoia on Thea's part though. Right? "Never known him to miss a flight…" He'll just leave it at that. "Suppose the beach was though.." He trails off in consideration.

Oh, that's really reassuring Thea right now. Having become adept at avoiding post-flight fallout and all, she's paranoid tonight all right. She's taking a hasty step back, all reflexive-like, her ankle completely forgotten. But only until her weight shifts onto it. She yelps like a canine kicked for fun and wobbles.

There's that playfully subtle smirk of his showing. Until that yelp of course, then its back to a frown for D'had as he reaches out to snag the junior around the waist. "At least come sit down," he urges in a tone that's hardly demanding.

Thea's flailing arm may thwack poor D'had, but not on purpose. Yet. She's both grateful for the arm and suspicious at the same time. "Sit where? You just broke your chair." She's snickering just a little, eyeing the porch while standing on one foot. She takes an experimental hop in that direction. "Mmm easier said than done."

D'had snorts for the snickering. "I do just happen to have more than one chair," he notes, flashing a momentary grin in Thea's direction. That little hop has him watching though and the comment that follows just might find her being swept up into his arms to be carried should there be little enough protest. "Let me help."

Thea yelps again, this time from surprise, rather than pain as the wingleader picks her up. She's just along for the ride, cringing with embarrassment until he reaches his porch. "Thanks," muttered as the words are, she means it, but there is an eye askance at the chair lying on its back.

And its just a short ride to his porch and there she's set down to fend for herself once again. "Well…" D'had starts, surveying the chair as he rights it. "You'll be happy to know I think this one held up to falling over." Hands remain on the back of the chair as he waits for her to sit. See, no inviting in. Safe, yes? Or maybe strange?

Thea settles perched on the edge of that chair like she'd fly at the slightest move. "Ah, how fortunate for the chair." She smiles wryly, "There's one less paper I'll have to fill out tomorrow." She turns her head to keep D'had in sight. "So… where's Siebith?" Because if he's not here…

D'had blinks. "Huh?" Something was clearly missed there, but he picks up on the question almost directly after. "He's off braggin about his flying," he explains, looking the junior over once again. "You sure that's gonna be alright. Don't need no one to take a look at it or nothin?"

"He's… not upset then?" Thea eyes D'had for a moment longer then relaxes, flashing him one more uncertain look before doing so. She leans forward, peering at her ankle, then back at D'had with some skepticism. "Do you know anything about injuires like this?" She says it as if she broke it or something. "Be my guest." If he can see anything in the near-darkness.

D'had shakes his head, "Nah, he don't stay that way long." Now being stuck with those flight feelings and urges are quite another note for both blue and rider, but D'had is trying his best to be good. Not that he's not a big enough flirt normally.. so some things are easily enough passed off as just .. well D'had. "I'm not a healer sugar," he points out. "But can take a look.." he adds, hunkering down to take a closer look. One doesn't get away with not knowing anything being the Search and Rescue wingleader.

Thea listens, flickering an odd, baffled look at D'had, but refrains from commenting. She lifts her foot, pulling her boot off and extends her leg, leaning forward to see if she can see it too. She bites her lower lip as she watches him, then snickers yet again, "Think they can save it?"

D'had chuckles. "Save it… I don't know," he teases lightly with a a wink up towards her as he's hunkered down to take a closer look at that ankle. There's the careful poking and prodding of checking over the injured area. "Might want to try to stay off it for awhile though," he replies after a moment of observation. "And get it looked at by a real healer…" he adds as a note, looking up towards the junior as if to check that she'll agree to such.

Thea winces at the poking, "Uh, I'll just stay off it." Not the Healers, anything but that, in other words. She wriggles her foot. "It's not broken if I can do that, right?" Right? Right? "It only hurts when I breathe." She snickers after saying that. Not serious obviously.

D'had chuckles. "Hard to say," he replies. "Like I said, ain't no healer." he adds. A pause and then, "That breathing thing though.. might be able to help that.." A subtle raise of a brow as he stands, hovering with his face a touch closer than truly necessary. Flight hangover? Signs point to yes.

Thea blinks at the suddenness of that closeness, rearing back in that chair, "Ha ha! Funny D'had." If she didn't look like she needed air before, she certainly does now. That suspicion is back full-force. "I- I should go." How she's going to do that… She'll think of something.

D'had is -so- very closer. Okay, maybe he is. Close enough should either of them deem themselves worthy of stealing a kiss it wouldn't be so terribly difficult. He does pull back though, on realization due likely by Thea's reaction, drawing a step back as he stands fully. "Right.. I'm sure you're .. busy."

Busy? Oh very! Busy projecting an outward calm while panic reigns on the inside. Thea's breathing resumes as D'had stands and she's quick to rise as well, keeping her weight on one foot, working at not wobbling. It's hard, but she manages. "I'll- I'll see ya later D'had." She's got one boot on, the other in her hand. She sort of hop-walks a few steps. "Thanks." Rattled enough to say it, but not sure why she's thanking him. Nervous much?

D'had nods, a bit hesitant perhaps. Uncertain over her sudden need to go. Regretting it more than he perhaps should. "Right," he agrees with a slight nod of his head. "…" There's a short pause before he asks, "Want I should walk with you?" Just to make sure she makes it back in once piece of course.

Cue sidelong look at the Wingleader. "Uh," Thea's rendered articulate tonight. "Sure?" She waits for him move if he's going to. Flight tonight and other losers out there? They can fight each other while she makes her escape. Someone has had entirely too much time to hone her post-flight strategy.

D'had is trying his best to be, well … He's succeeding rather well considering the circumstances. A slight nod of his head is the reply and with that he's moving, taking only a step or two to make sure she's coming and doing alright with the walking.

Thea's moving. Likely couldn't call it walking. She's hop-walking with the toe of her twisted ankle touching the ground for balance. But she's ignoring the awkward movement as if it is normal to get from one place to another in such a fashion. She manages to make progress, although D'had may have to walk slowly. Striving for some sort of normality, she asks breezily, "So how was your day, D'had?" Wince. Not the best of questions obviously.

D'had nods, bobbing his head just a bit in is rather usual idle way as reply to the question as he glances back to check on the goldrider and adjust his pace accordingly. "Can't complain to bad.." he replies. "Sure you're alright there?"

The energy it takes one to hop-walk, who knew? Thea didn't, obviously. She half-pauses to rest, but then D'had is turning around and she keeps moving. "Mhm, I'm good." She draws level with him, eyeing the wingleader out of the corner of her eye, a tiny grin forms on her lips. "So, did you… accept that knot yet?" Oh yes, she's still highly amused he was offered that Weyrsecond's knot.

D'had doesn't blink at that question. In fact he does nothing but continue staring straight ahead. In a fashion he's ignoring the woman a half step (or is that hop?) behind him in favor of the cliff wall that indicates the main center of the weyr. "No." Plain and simple.

"Oh?" Thea's strategy: distract the man from the ludicrous way she's walking by heckling poor D'had. "Didn't care for the perks then?" She's managing to keep moving, though her breaths are coming shorter and shorter.

D'had lifts shoulders in a half shrug at her attempts to heckle. "Don't care for the responsibility." Simple enough answer. He's still looking only forward, though he's careful to note just how far behind Thea lags and adjust his pace accordingly even if it does mean he happens to get a bit further ahead than he should be considering he offered to make sure she made it back to her own weyr in one piece.

Well, that answer just takes the sass out of Thea. "Oh." Not much she can say about that, besides, she needs to breathe. She finally just stops. "I, uh, think I can make it from here." While his back is to her she wipes the fine beads of sweat from her forehead.

Lucky for Thea D'had doesn't turn around for a second. He does in the end however, giving her just enough time to make that wipe. That singular question however might have just sobered him from those post-flight .. issues. "I didn't want this one. You know that." he replies, a touch on the sharp side with his words. More so than he meant it to be given the slight flinch when they pass his lips. "What makes you so sure I'll accept when its a real offer?"

Thea stands there on one leg and a toe, ignoring the sharp tone and the fact that she isn't at all sure he'll take the knot. She has a smart mouth at times. This, unfortunately is one of those times. She just shrugs and quotes D'son with a tiny grin, "More chicks?"

D'had snorts, nostrils flaring slightly with the breath of air that's drawn in to do so. "Don't need a knot for that," he retorts if only to quench spiteful pride. "But if ya think you're gonna be fine up all them stairs," he hints at the flight that leads up to the junior weyrs, "Then I'm sure I'll see ya around."

"Stairs? What stairs?" Thea's sidetracked momentarily before snickering at D'had's assertion he doesn't need a knot, "Chicks you don't have to run away from?" She hobbles to catch up with him as she adds, "Can't be your body guard all the time, you know."

"Not in the mood woman," D'had replies ignoring, or perhaps not hearing, the question of stairs. As Thea moves to catch up to where he is, he's pushing back the way they came, close enough that he might well brush against her in process.

Thea's balance is precarious at best, so that brush topples her in the middle of, "I'm So-" She does try to stay upright, arms flailing and all, but it just doesn't work. She lands flat on her back, luckily it is soft ground, but her breath is knocked out of her and shes too busy trying to breathe to get back up right away.

"Don't say it if you don't mean it," D'had replies having stopped and paused for a moment before anything is said. He stretches out a hand for her's all the same. He might be annoyed, but she's hurt - whether or not she wants to admit it - and perhaps surprisingly he's not just going to leave her lay in the middle of the weyr grounds.

Thea raises herself up on one elbow, turns to one side and then sits up. When she's got her breath back, she manages, "I'm not in the habit of saying things I don't mean, D'had." She says it quietly, but firmly. "I didn't realize until a moment ago I'd upset you." All the bounce has gone from her voice, leaving it flat, tired. She doesn't try to take that hand. "I do needle folks sometimes; it's a habit. I'm…sorry." The last bit said softly before she drops her head and mutters, "I, uh…can't walk anymore."

D'had frowns, an expression not often seen from him. It doesn't last so very long though, the hands stays for her taking and he shrugs. "Don't beat yourself up over it." Its that last admission that brings a chuckle, "Told you." But did she listen about getting it looked at? Of course not. There's a reason he was walking with her and it wasn't to chit-chat. "Can you stand?"

Thea stays on the ground, peering up at D'had for a beat. "You know?" Her mouth is set in a flat line as she eyes him, "I probably could but, I think I'll just crawl back. And don't beat yourself up over making me fall." Huff. Thea never huffs. She just starts crawling, muttering, "Dunno why you're so grouchy anyway."

"Don't worry," D'had replies. "I won't, but.." and the words go unsaid as he doesn't give Thea so much of a choice in the matter as he reaches down to scoop her up. "Because you're like this," is the reply she gets to that last question of hers. "But I'm not letting you -crawl- home because you're too stupid to take care of yourself."

Thea growls as she finds herself picked up. She writhes, "Lemme go! I can get there myself!" Mild ire turns to small fury as she glares at D'had, the hand that clutches her boot is in her flailing arm and may be whacking him on his back, head, wherever it happens to flop. It's late, people are asleep, so any protests are hissed rather than screamed. Thea's not a screamer anyway. She continues to struggle, "I'm like this-" whatever he meant, she has no clue, "all the time, why on Pern is it bothering you tonight?" She's just getting warmed up, likely going to harangue the poor wingleader all the way back, too.

D'had snorts, "I know you can, doesn't mean you have to." There's an annoyance in his voice with the words, but nothing so terrible. Women! Her flailing only has him holding tighter though. Wince. OW. Yes, that does hurt. "Do you /want/ me to drop you?" he snaps, "Just settle, will you."

Thea isn't listening, no. She keeps up both the writhing and the muted protests, "And you could answer me for once! You're always winking and smirking. How's a person supposed to know teasing's gonna-" Flail-arm, boot whack, "make you mad?" That's her assumption anyway. Glare, growl, "Tell me, Mr I-Don't-Need-a-Shiny-Knot?"

"There ain't nothin to answer," D'had retorts, his hold slipping though he does manage not to drop the goldrider. "And I don't need one, but I must be doing SOMEthing wrong that you wanna keep giving me one. No reason you should care about all that anyway."

"There is too!" Thea's body stills as she directs a glare into D'had's eyes, "Why're you grouchy that I asked you about the knot?" She's persistent, if nothing else, forgetting to fight him for the time being. Her brow wrinkles, puzzled, "And what is this 'you'? I had nothing to do with that - either time!" A thought comes into her head and she, unwisely perhaps, smiles, "You're afraid to do it, huh? Hah!"

"Well then maybe you should explain it to me huh?" D'had points out since obviously she knows something he doesn't. "Its just a knot. I don't see why you're so hung up on it." he adds to the inquiry on that account. "Its a damned piece of string ain't afraid of it," he growls at the accusation.

"There's nothing to explain!" Thea is growling again, eyes flashing. If she could stalk off, she would. Instead, she renews her struggle, this time thwacking purposely with that boot. "Not hung up" Thwap! "Don't care!" Thwap! "Fine, refuse it." Thwap! Uh, oh. She's using short sentences. She's back to writhing again, adding kicking to her fight. "Scared wherry." Riled enough to taunt, D'had must've gotten under her skin.

"So what if I do?" D'had remarks, face turned slightly away from the woman in order to avoid what blows he can. She's slipping again with that renewed struggle as well. "Ain't no rule says I can't."

"Whatever!" Thea's patience (?) finally snaps and she actually shouts the word to the skies, causing a faint bellow to echo from the Hatching Arena. Congratulations D'had, you've done something no one has ever been able to do. She doesn't stop trying to get free, "Tell D'son, not me!" The boot slips from her fingers mid-swing, goes flying off somewhere into the dark and she growls her frustration with that.

"-You're- the one who's making an issue of it!" D'had snaps back, "-You're- the one who brought it up. You want to crawl, crawl." he adds, pausing in his stride. At least she's closer than she was when they started? "There are others more qualified than me and you know it. Ever think of that!? Or maybe I just haven't decided yet. But I sure don't need you yelling at me."

Thea quiets and becomes quite still, "I was curious, that's all," she insists. "You're the one who got all grouchy and knocked me over." It's a rebellious mutter. "You could have said all that before instead of snapping and glowering." Angry tears are blinked away, "Just…" She doesn't finish. Stubborn Thea.

D'had is quiet for a long moment as well. While he's threatened to let her crawl the rest of the way he hasn't yet set her down to leave. "Didn't knock you over on purpose," he points out, a sour note still clinging to his words. "Wasn't really given much of a chance, and really, what's it to you if I take it or not anyway?" he asks, hefting the goldrider to a position less likely to be dropped.

"Oh." Thea says that in a small voice. "Could have said that before too," she points out, but it's said humbly. There's no fight left in her and she merely shakes her head at his question. Not willing or perhaps not able to answer, she drops her head, allowing her hair to swing forward. She yelps when he hefts her, perhaps thinking he's demanding an answer with that action, she blurts, "I wanted to know who'd be sharing my office?" The wariness has returned to her eyes as she watches him.

D'had sighs. No, it's not worth arguing really anymore. "If I didn't know better I'd think you almost sound like you wouldn't mind sharing with me," he notes, resuming his walk towards the junior weyrs. "Really should make sure someone looks at that in the morning," he adds, nodding towards her ankle.

"Now that's putting words in my mouth, don't you think?" Thea's a little piqued by that assumption. She notes the way they're headed, "Where're you taking me?" She ignores the comment about seeing the Healers as well as the fact her boot is lying back there somewhere in the shrubbery.

"Not at all," D'had replies, "Just saying what I think. You have anything to change that, by all means." He leaves it open for her to reply, but interjects and answer to the question of where when it's asked. "Figured ya might want to go home…"

"Could be dreading it." Thea counters, her tone cool. She hesitates, before replying to his last, "My Weyr is in the forest, not the queen's ledges. But I'm sleeping with Seryth. Have a mattress up in the 'Level." She points in the direction of the hatching arena, unnecessary though that may be; he knows how to get there.

"…" There's a long pause with that revelation of where her weyr is located. "Right," D'had agrees. He meant well. Really. At least they're going in the right general direction for the hatching area though. And so his direction changes to match the new destination. "Like I said, haven't accepted yet. Can still say no."

"I'm not gonna talk you into or out of it," Thea says tartly. She quirks an eyebrow at him, but there's a tiny smug smile playing over her lips. "Can't help noticing you didn't say no yet." Ha ha! says her expression, but she doesn't say it. No sense tempting him to toss her in the lake - twice in one sevenday would be a bit too much.

D'had nods, "Well…" He starts, pausing for a second before he continues. "Not talking into or out of anything, but…" There's the sense that he's not quite sure if he should open it up now or not given the 'conversation' they just ended. "What do you think?"

Thea can't help it. She just starts laughing and can't seem to stop. She tries, her shoulders shaking with the effort. She drops her head and attempting to stifle the giggling, ends up snorting which sends her off again. Finally she peeks up at D'had with swimming eyes she's laughing so hard and just shakes her head helplessly. Isn't she helpful?

D'had just stares. Perhaps a dangerous thing given walking and carrying and not exactly paying attention, but nothing happens thankfully. "What's so funny?" Apparently he was being serious?

"You." It's all Thea can manage to gasp out between silent laughter, she's laughing that hard. She's never yet taken him seriously, so how can she now? But she's not sure, he -might- really want to know? "Seriously?" You're asking me after growling at me for…" She's not laughing anymore, instead she's confused, trying not to show it, she retreats into wary silence. Finally a cautious, "Why do you want to know what I think?"

D'had shakes his head. "You know what, nevermind." And that seems to be all he has to say on the matter as they draw nearer to the entrance to the hatching grounds.

Thea remains silent, just sort of hunkers down as she's carried along. Every now and then she flickers an uncertain glance at him. This is a D'had she has never seen before. She opens her mouth to say something once or twice, then just stops. After mulling things over she just says very quietly, "You're not being very fair, D'had. You want me to answer your questions but you won't answer mine."

D'had remains silent for a moment after that comment before he replies. "Haven't asked anything there's a real answer to," he returns, though likely that wasn't what she was looking for. The cavern entrance looms before them soon enough. "She's not gonna eat me or anything if I take you in?" An attempt to lighten the mood perhaps.

"You mean-" with a small growl of frustration Thea simply gives up. She doesn't answer him right away. As they draw up to the entrance she finally mutters, "Could just say no and have her do it anyway." She shoots him a sidelong glance.


Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level

Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.

When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

D'had could have dropped Thea, or left her where she was in the middle of the road. But he didn't. Of course he's not going to make a point of pointing that out. At least not now. "Where you want?" he inquires as to where she'd like to be left as they enter the hatching area.

"The first level?" Thea points to the Observation Level, then falls silent. Out on the Sands, Seryth's eyes are cracked, green-ish glow dimly seen across the distance. There's a rumble to greet both of them that can only be described as amused.

D'had nods to show his understanding of that request, turning towards the steps up to the first level. Once there he's careful in setting Thea into a seat. "You gonna be alright tonight?"

Thea gives D'had an unreadable look, silent for a moment, "As alright as I ever am." A half-smile tugs at the corner of her mouth, but it doesn't reach her eyes. She drops them to peek at her ankle, "Thank you." Back up to him, "If it's not better in the morning I'll have it looked at."

D'had hmms. He was going to go, that much is clear enough based on how he'd turned as the question was asked, but given her response he changes his mind, instead settling to take the seat beside her. "Something bothering you sweets?"

Thea turns her head towards D'had when he sits, flickering him another one of those baffled looks. She shakes her head slowly at the question, "Aw, D'had you already know the answer to that one. But thanks for asking." She takes a breath, adding, "There's really nothing anyone can do, except…"

D'had nods, just ones to confirm he's heard. He doesn't say anything more, but neither does he move to leave. Dark eyes turn back towards Thea, silently prompting for her to continue her thought.

Thea loses herself in her thought for a moment as she chooses her words, "People are always trying to make me feel better and it means so much to me that they care. But you know?" She lets that breath out and she stares off into the distance, "I may never." Her eyes swing back to him still hazy, "What does help is knowing you all are happy." One hand gestures to include the Weyr in general. That's enough for me." Her focus sharpens just a little and her lips twist in a half-smile, "I'd ask you if you're happy, but I don't think you'd answer."

D'had nods again given her reply. "I know," he replies in understanding. There's a pause on his side of things before he continues, a pause in which he turns his gaze out towards Seyrth. "It was nice to see you laughing, even if it was at me."

Thea snorts softly, "Wasn't really -at- you." Her lips curve in a smile once again as she ponders exactly what it was that made her laugh, "Okay, yeah, it was you, but…" She's not a total dimglow, she knows men don't usually enjoy being laughed at. Her eyes dance just a bit, "I couldn't help it. I am sorry, though."

D'had reaches over to give Thea's knee a light pat as he turns to look back in her direction. "Don't be. Like I said, was nice to see you laugh. Its getting late though," he finishes, moving to stand once again. "Get that foot taken care of," he adds as a reminder. Lifting a hand he brushes her hair back from her face, should she allow it, leaning to press a light kiss to her forehead. Should she flinch from the hand, that's all there is. Either way he finishes with a slight smile - with a hint of his usual smirk - "Get some sleep."

Thea is caught once again by surprise and she just blinks at him as he draws away. "I will." Answering both reminders at once. "D'had." There's a slight frown on her face, he might think she's going to say something else, "I think you're as qualified as anyone else to be Weyrsecond." Answering his question at last, "I think you'd do a fine job." Her smile has gone, but she doesn't say anything other than, "Thanks for helping me get back."

"Hmm?" D'had starts, pausing on his way out to turn a glance back when she says his name. There's a nod of reply, no words to go with it. "Welcome." And then he's heading out once again.

Thea leans forward in her seat, rubbing her face with her hands after he has gone. "Oh Seryth, what am I gonna do?" It comes out as a frustrated groan. She sits upright to glare down at the Sands. "He has -not-!" This in reply to something the queen has said, "Ha, ha very funny. I'm serious!" There's nothing more but a muted rumble from Seryth and a muttered, "Shells," from Thea, who once again has her face buried in her hands.

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