A Chance Meeting

Xanadu Weyr - Forest's Edge

While the forest is thick for a long while, in time it begins to thin, as the ground becomes rockier to the south western stretches of the Weyr's land. The trees are further apart, and the rocks become larger, before rocky outcroppings seem to be more prevalent than the trees around them. As the hills begin to gain in height, the shruberry upon them become more stunted.
What's this, though! It seems with all the recent earthshakes from the south, the ground has begun to realign itself, and one hillside has shifted, revealing an opening into a small cave. At least, that's what it appears, as the whole is just large enough for an average sized man to sneak through.

A series of 'dens' sit into the rocky outcroppings, showing signs of the whers who make their home within them.

Settled beneath the shade of a tree a young man is hunched over an open book in his lap. Nearby a little girl dressed in a pastel sundress plays with a stack of blocks, idly sucking her thumb while she 'builds'. The man looks up now and again to look at her then goes back to his reading, sipping a glass of something which he holds in one hand.

Hyrlon leads Hysk from their den, the little blue wher's eyes carefully covered with an encompassing blindfold. He carries a sheaf of paperwork under one arm and a bowl of fresh meat under the other. Spotting another miner-lad near the tree, he approaches slowly, Hysk at his heel, "Mind if we join you? I need some proper light to go over this paperwork."

Tig looks up and nods amiably to Hyrlon, glancing to the wher briefly then he nods again, "Not at all.." and his attention shifts quickly to the little girl. Almost too late, she's spotted the wher and her eyes dazzle a gaze, "Sssssk.." she says in baby babble. Tig shakes his head at her and grabs her harm as she's trying to dart past on chubby, wobbling legs. "No that isn't Tisk.. and you can't play.." he says. "I'm Tig, this is my daughter, Somerly," he offers.

Hysk gives a welcoming cheep to the girl, very polite and proper, then curls up near where Hyrlon will eventually sit. Hyrlon nods to both Tig and Somery, "Nice to meet you. I'm Hyrlon, journeyman specialized in Safety and Management, and this is Hysk." He slides down to a sitting position against the tree, tossing a chunk of meat to Hysk, who catches it cleanly, "You bonded to a wher, too?"

The man smiles at the wher's friendliness then settles the baby closer to him, picking up a toy to sort of tease her with while she sits against him. "Nice to meet you..yeah.. she's sleeping.. thought I'd come out for a bit and let Somerly get some fresh air.. should be waking up any time though.." and he glances to the den.

Hyrlon nods, "Hysk was sleeping… had me sleeping too. But he woke me up with his hunger." He flips through the papers in his hands, then passes one to Tig that is clearly Tig's own transfer paperwork, "This you?"

"Yeah, they are worse than a newborn baby.." he says with a fond kiss to the top of Somerly's head. He glances to the paperwork as he takes it, "Yeah.. that's me.." he answers, passing it back. "Glad to get settled though.. get her used to her new surroundings."

Hyrlon nods, "At least Hysk's polite. Always asks before he goes out or walks up to someone. Not like some kids at least." He makes a few notes on the piece of paperwork and slides it into the folder at the bottom of the stack, "Thanks… Kanta's probably the one who should've approved your transfer, but I'm here and you're here. All it technically takes is a journeyman." He smiles, "What color is Tisk? So far with Kanta there's a gold, two blues, and a green assigned here."

Tig lifts a brow then nods, "I guess.." he says of the comment about children, glancing to his own. "Oh well whatever it takes to get the paperwork shuffled huh?" then he nods, "Gold, Tisk is a gold.." he answers. "So I make five.. a good group I guess.." he nods thoughtfully.

Hyrlon whistles softly, opening the folder to make another quick note, "Another gold? That's quite the honor to Xanadu's mine. Have you introduced yourself to the head-miner yet or had a chance to look around down there?"

"Yeah a gold.. and no I haven't really looked around much.." Tig answers. "I had to get unpacked and set up.. can't just leave things in boxes with a toddler.." he says with a grin. Somerly punctuates that with a giggle and then rolls out of his lap, seeking a toy, once found, right to her mouth.

Hyrlon chuckles, "Yeah, I remember when my brothers were younger. Morl would get into everything." He sighs, "Satoris is pretty hard-core, though. Nearly took a broomstick to Morl when he first transferred down here, the scamp. Best to introduce yourself when ya get the chance. He's a nice enough guy, just very much about protocol."

Tig grins a little then lifts a brow, "Satoris.. I'll remember that.." and he adds 'tight-ass' silently, filing it away. "I'll try to do that soon.. and I need to meet with the nannies.. and… get some supplies.." he nods.

Hyrlon nods, understanding completely, "Yeah. There's a big community supply of… supplies…"

"Oh? Where is that found?" Tig asks of the supplies. "And.. I guess we'll be assigned some training when they get older?" he asks, a brow lifting.

Hyrlon nods, "Most likely. I've been trying to work with Hysk a little like Morl showed me with Vein…" he glances around, "my bronze fire lizard, but he's still really too young. The communal supplies are in the storage off the living caverns. Someone'll definitely be able to direct you there."

Tig nods, "Oh I don't have a flit.. seen a few but never got one.. never needed one.." he says, though his voice trails some. Somerly crawls up and into his lap, snuffling in against him a little and the young father smiles, "She's ready for a nap..I should get going and see to Tisk too.." He collects the toys and then starts to stand, offering a hand as he puts the baby in the other arm, "Good to meet you," he says.

Hyrlon grips Tig's hand firmly, "Good to meet you too, Welcome to Xanadu."

Tig nods, "Thanks..take care," and he turns, walking back into his den.

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