Something Fishy About These Chores

Xanadu Weyr - Shore of Lake Caspian
The cliffs that run along the shore come and go, various weyrs nestled along the tops of them or dug into the walls, but eventually they recede enough to expose a beach. The white sand echoes the rise and fall of the cliffs with a multitude of sandy dunes, endlessly creating tiny valleys that are constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of dragons. The dunes smooth out as the gentle slope approaches the edge of the deep blue water. The sand darkens, and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect.
The beach narrows to the southwest, leaving a path barely wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to a smaller, more sheltered cove. The sands are the same white, the waters the same blue, but they're calmer and more tranquil, more protected from the winds that ruffle Lake Caspian and the currents that tug beneath the surface.
Rough, wide stairs lead up to the meadow above and the road that runs along the top of the cliffs, passing through the fields and heading for the river mouth that can be just barely seen from here. The largest of the staircases up the cliff is located near the docks that jut out onto the peaceful blue waters.

Fish and Game. It's such an innocuous sounding chore, with mental images of sitting on the shore with a bobbing lure floating on the tranquil surface, or frolicking around in green fields. That's what the name evokes… and then there's the reality Janaya's finding out, which is a seacrafter handing her a pair of covered buckets - one half-full of water, the other full of squirmy silvery fish - and telling her, "Finger-length to keep, smaller to be returned." And then they sailed off and abandoned her, so right this moment she's just standing on the shore with her two buckets and staring out after the ship departing on the sparkling morning tide.

Zak is late! Supposed to be on the beach along with Janaya for the whole fish and game explanation on what to do, Zak reports right on the heels of everyone leaving but Janaya and her two buckets. "Dang it." mutters Zak breathless from his fast paces jog here. "So!" he greets his fellow candidate cheerily. "What're we supposed to do?"

There's the ship! There's the people who know what they're doing… leaving… and all that's left is Janaya. She stares at the ship, mournfully, then turns back to Zak. "Fish," she tells him, and thrusts the bucket - the one full of those tiny and not quite as tiny fish - toward him. "We're sorting fish."

"Sorting fish?" amusement colors Zak's tone as he takes the bucket thrust towards him. "That doesn't seem too hard."

Janaya scowls. "Why does it have to be fish?" she asks… maybe Zak, maybe just the universe. "Well, they said that we're keeping the ones that're a finger long. And returning the rest. And we've got two buckets."

If the universe doesn't provide an answer, Zak certain doesn't have one. Offering a mere shrug he looks around for a good place to sit and work on this. A moment later he decides that right here may work just fine. Kneeling down he glances to his shoulder briefly where a small golden lump sits with a tail around his neck. For now…she's sound asleep. Good. Means she won't be begging for fish. "What're they doing with these?"

And, well, the universe is pretty quiet too, so Janaya's just out of luck. She sighs, settling herself down on the sand as well, facing Zak, and puts the bucket she still holds next to the other one. "I dunno," she says, peering into the bucket of squirmy scaled things - something like anchovies or mackerel, little schooling fishes. "Either eat them or use them for bait, I guess?" Her nose wrinkles. "They don't look very tasty…"

Zak isn't from anywhere that fish were really a main staple so he's hardly going to be inclined to think of these things as tasty. "As bait? Like to catch bigger, uglier fish?" cause these fish really are not all that cute looking. He works as he talks, tossing a proper sized (hopefully proper sized) fish into the other bucket. "Hey, wasn't this the kind of fish someone put into Q's pillow?"

Janaya wrinkles her nose, reaching in to grab one of the squirmy fish. "Ugh," she says as it flops against her hand. "I think all fish are ugly." And they likely think the same of her, but they don't get an opinion, sothere. She eyes the fish, then brings it over to the other bucket. But is it really the right size? And for that matter, is it like the one in Quillan's pillow? "Huh?" She startles a little, and the fish wriggles out and splashes into that bucket. "Well… uh… how should I know?"

"Well…someone's gotta know. It didn't just climb in there by itself." says Zak logical. Shrugging in dismissal of that subject he offers his name. "I'm Zak. I don't think we've actually met officially yet." just seen each other in the barracks. "I'm from Igen." which helps explain his half grossed out expression as he continues to sort these fishy-things by size.

"…oh." Janaya looks back down to the bucket of fish, eyeing them. "Well, it wasn't me… and it was kinda too rotten to look like anything, anyway." She picks out another fish, but this one is - she thinks - just a little too small, so she lets it go again. "I'm Janaya." She looks up to him, with a brief flash of smile. "From around here… but definitely not a seacrafter."

"Clearly." Zak says dryly but he adds a grin. "So what were you before you agreed to take the white knot that makes you thrust your hands into pails of fish?"

Janaya hmphs, but she's not really actually offended, because she does grin back, then shrugs at the question. "I was going to apprentice in techcraft, but I hadn't yet… so now I'm a fish-sorter. Joy." She eyes the fish… but with a bit of a wry grin.

Just then the young golden queen curled up on Zak's shoulder wakes with a soft creel. Eyeing the fish a moment Zak takes a longer than needed size and tosses it off into the sand for her. With a launch upwards she glides to go devour it. "I was working on my journeyman knot in the BEastcraft when I got asked to Stand. Guess we'll just see what happens. Is it true that everything was covered in snow not that long ago?" he asks with a glance around. "Seems too warm now for snow." he remarks.

Janaya grins at the firelizard. "Always hungry when they aren't sleepy, right?" she says, and hehs before… sigh… returning to sorting fish. She nods to Zak's former job, then grins. "Oh, yeah. Snow higher than I am tall, there were tunnels through it for people to get places. The queen, Kairoikyriath? She went up right in the middle of a snowstorm."

Zak chuckles. "Yeah? Bet that was a fun chase!" he comments. "Aye, if I'm not feeding her I'm feeding the three kittens." which are for now, hopefully, sound asleep in the basket under his cot. "Glad though that the weather warmed up! That wouldn't be much fun doing this in a snowstorm.

"I mean, I guess! Not that anybody could see it to find out…" Janaya says, grinning. "Though…" She frowns. "I did hear that one of the bronzes got hurt." A shrug. "He's okay now, though." Must be, right? She'd have heard if there was keening or something. Anyway. She nods to Zak, then hmms. "I dunno, maybe if it was snowing they wouldn't be fishing. We'd be doing something else instead…"

"Oh, well true." he says of the no fishing when it is snow." Nazneen returns for another fish so he tosses her a second one. "Didn't hear that someone got hurt. That's no good but not surprising I guess cause of the weather. What's the summer's here like? At Igen they're really warm." like really, Really warm.

Janaya frowns a little as another fish is tossed to the firelizard. Not exactly what they were told to do, but… eh. She shrugs, because she doesn't really care enough about these fish, and keeps sorting them as best she can. "It gets hot," she says. "I dunno how it is at Igen… but here, well… it's hot and humid and then there's a thunderstorm and it's not so muggy for a while."

Zak says, "Thunderstorms sound good. I've always liked thunderstorms." Zak says, falling silent for a few minutes as he continues to sort. Only the occasional fish gets tossed towards the feeding gold hatchling but hey, he can just say those are the reject ones, right?"

Janaya certainly isn't going to tell on Zak, because then she might get asked why she didn't stop him… and assigned to do this again as penance, so, no. She grins, instead, nodding to him about the thunderstorms as the two of them sit and sort small silvery fish into large and small, here on the beach. "They're fun to watch… especially if you manage to get stranded out somewhere so you can't go to the caverns and be given chores."

Zak looks out around him at the shore line they are seated on. "White sand. Pretty..wonder if it is useful." he muses softly before shrugging. "There any like…small boats around? To take out into the water?" as if he knows anything about using a boat of any size.

Janaya frowns a little, puzzled. "Useful for what? I mean, it's sand. Like dirt, only you can't even grow stuff in it." She takes another fish into the 'keep' bucket, then nods. "Sure, there's usually boats out on the docks. I mean, they probably belong to someone, but they're not using them, right?" She grins.

"Well…yeah but Al'dru was needing a different kind of sand for something. Like for casting. I think. Something with the healers." Zak says. Plop. Plop. Plop. Three fish go into the keep bucket. Toss. One to the hungry gold. "It's not stealing if you return it." his eyes twinkle mischeiviously.

Janaya hmms, her puzzlement deepening, then shrugs. "Well, if it is different, I wouldn't know. So far as I'm concerned, sand's sand and the most that changes is the color!" She grins. "So as long as you don't crash it, and it stays in a good shape to be returned, it's all good." She turns her head, looking out over the water. "We could go actually fishing, that'd be way better than this… and it'd still be doing the chore… sort of…"

Zalulia is a candidate now. Candidacy, as it just so happened, involves chores. So far the redhead had managed to avoid chores that involve the sorting of dead and smelly fish. Now? Not so much. A touch of dread is trying its hardest to make itself apparent on her face. Why this? The fish are going to be so… slimey. And you can't even do anything really cool with them. Well, you probably could, but she doubts it will be allowed. When she mentioned that she likes trying new things this is not what she meant. Still, grin and bear it, right!? Even if that grin is an awkward and strained one. Upon reaching the other two candidates, Aang launches himself off her shoulder and begins circling above the little congregration, chirping happily. "Hey there!" Zalulia manages to say despite linger distraction of the fish smell. "I'm supposed to be helping you, as it turns out. Because it takes three people to sort carcasses, for some reason." What does she say now? Just wait for instructions? That doesn't sound fun. In an attempt to fend off any risk of awkward silence she blurts out, "you know, some fish contain high levels of harmful chemincals!" Science, fun!

"Fishing sounds good" Zak stands after dropping one last proper sized fish into its bucket. "Never done it before though. Have you?" he asks Janaya. As the newcomer comes over spouting science fact he gives her a smile in greeting. "Oh hey." another person he's not yet met. "Know how to fish?"

Janaya grins, then shakes her head. "But how hard can it be? You get a line, you put bait on it, you wait for a fish. Simple." Famous last words. She scoops up another fish, sorting out the keepers from the returns, then looks up at Zalulia with a wiggle of fingers before blinking. "Well, nobody said you had to eat them…"

Hmm. Maybe a disturbing science fast isn't the best way to introduce yourself. Still, Zalulia isn't about to let that get her down! The redhead forces her grin to widen before waving at the two. The two who are only a few feet away from her. Never too close to wave, right? To Janaya she chirps, "oh, I know! I just thought it was an interesting fact." Seriously. More people should be interested in facts! "So, what're we doing?" Nevermind that she already has a good idea. It can't hurt to ask, right? She could be wrong. Oh, she hopes that she's wrong.

Zak wipes his hands together though it doesn't really do much to get rid of the fish slime. "Well then.. let's fish!" he'll just assume that Zalulia said she knows how. Or is even wiling to go along. "So then we need a boat." he scans the waterline for a random one. "And bait." again he looks as if expecting to see a bucket of bait just sitting there to be taken. "Oh and poles." is added as an afterthought.

Janaya eyes the buckets of fish, small and smaller sorted entirely… or at least, they look like it from here. Close enough. "Fish and Game!" she informs Zalulia helpfully, so you see, going fishing is entirely a proper part of the chore she's been assigned to help with. She nods to Zak's list. "And lines, if they don't come with the poles." She picks up the buckets. "And hooks!" Now then, where were they supposed to leave these? It's not like the seacrafters stuck around to supervise…

"Oh!" She didn't realize that they were actually going fishing. Sure, she had been asked if she could fish, but Zalulia hadn't realized that they were actually going to do it. Okay then! "I haven't done any fishing or, er, gaming before," she informs Janaya. "I can try though!" Her discomfort at the notion of playing with dead fish is rapidly evaporating in favor of excitement. What? Handling and potentially killing live fish is different. They might not smell as badly. "Maybe we should bring nets as well," Zalulia muses. "And, oh, spears! We could probably spear some of the bigger fish."

And just who has keys to the store rooms containing all these things? Why, Esiae does!, and it just so happens she's traipsing down the stairs from her cliffside weyr just now. Caught up in her own thoughts, it takes her a second to really register the cluster of candidates and their buckets on the beach, but when she finally does it's with a suspicious squint and no small amount of amusement. "What'cha up to?," the goldrider drawls as she approaches, because indeed, without that seacrafter supervision this looks very fishy indeed. (Badum-psh!)

Why not? …is a not terribly good reason, but sometimes it's enough of one. Janaya grins, nodding to Zalulia. "If we can find them, sure! I dunno where…" Sure, obviously there's the legitimate option of the stores, but that would require them to be doing this for valid purposes instead of their own schemes. "We-" Oops! Goldrider alert. Janaya jumps a little, turning to see Esiae. She has buckets! And… "Fishing!" she says. Which is true, on both levels. "For our chores! We… were supposed to sort fish, then go get some more." The first part is true. The second part is a lie. How good is Esiae at detecting those lies? Janaya's going to find out! She may also find out what happens when her lies are found out, but why dwell in the possible?

Aww yes, Zalulia is going to spear some fish! Well, she's going to try to spear some fish. Janaya starts brainstorming how to get their hands on the assorted fishing supplies, only to get cut off by the arrivalo of a Junior Weyrwoman. Oh look, it's an Esiae! What are that doing? Nothing troublesome, really! She… thinks this doesn't count as trouble. Hopefully. Janaya rambles, and Zalulia jumps in with a, "yes! We were just working on getting supplies.

Zak runs a (slimy) hand through his hair as he is still considering the problems of supplies for fishing. "Spears? Um, is that safe?" he questions. Before he can ponder the possible consequences of fishing with a sharp spear he spies Esiae and snaps a salute. "Good…day, ma'am!" cause he's not sure if its morning or afternoon at this point in time. "Fishing." he echoes Janaya's response. It was such a good answer why embellish upon it.

Unfortunately for Janaya, Esiae doesn't have to be particularly skilled in order to catch the lie, even without the 'help' of her fellow candidates. A second cursory glance reveals a rather lack of all those things they were just discussing - poles, nets, and lines - and, well. Kinda hard to procure more fish without them! "Fishing. Riiight." Luckily for Janaya, if Pernese people had middle names, Esi's would be Mischief. So, Spidey-senses tingling or no, she's totally in. Brown eyes shift speculatively, then: "Alright, here's how this is gonna go. Janaya, you just volunteered yourself to fetch us a couple of poles, a tackle box, and a net. Here's the key to the store room. Turn left inside the door, third shelf on the right, it's all labeled. Zal, Darsce's due for inventory any minute, so you'll run interception in the clearing. If you see her, tell her my feline yurked all over the spare shoes she keeps in her office; that'll send her running. Zak, if you sneak into the gardens, Lilia always parks her wheelbarrow with live grubs and worms right next to the door. Fetch some, yeah?" Since he's already grimy. "Meet back here as soon as possible. In the meantime, I'll get us a boat." And with a wink, she's off to make friends with the owners of one of the little fishing boats tied to the docks.

Janaya looks so earnest, so plausibly honest, so forgettting the fact that weyrwomen probably see chore rotas and also have common sense. It's hard remembering about that when you have hardly any of your own! But at least she has allies eho have her back - if maybe not with spears - and so she stands strong. "Fishing!" Okay, yes, she's probably actually fishing for latrine duty, buuuuut… her eyes widen, and her mouth does the same into a grin. "Yes, ma'am!" goes she, and curls her fingers tight around that key as she turns to head at a dead run for the stores. She'll slow down once she gets to the caverns, so she doesn't look too suspicious, but the plan, oh, the plan is so very afoot, and she will play her part in it eagerly.

Sneak? Zak's all for being a part of the sneak part of this plan. "Live grubs, worms…got it." he gives a short whistle and a small gold hatchling flutters up to his shoulder. "This is gonna work!" he says with a grin towards Janaya as he trots off for his assigned task.

Oh, it'll work, alright! By the time they make it back from their respective tasks, the goldrider is busy untying a boat just big enough for a couple people from the docks. She's… entirely too cheerful about it, really, whistling brightly as she hops from the dock to the deck, securing all but the last bit of mooring so the boat doesn't prematurely float away before they can steal away on the really very dubiously borrowed craft.

Flimsy or not, there's a pretense of reputability about this and Janaya is running with it! Er, well, actually, she's running with the key, and then she's trotting back quickly with a big tacklebox in one hand (because hey, what if the smaller ones were missing something?), a set of poles bundled in the arm of the other, and the net over her shoulder. She can't really run, not with this much of a load, but she got it - without getting caught! - which means they're ready to catch fish just as soon as her other conspirato- er, helpers! Esiae's Helpers! Anyway, she's ready as soon as the set of them get back, and for now… aha! There's Esiae, and she trot-jogs her way over that way with her burden of fishing supplies. See? She has the supplies, so it's plausible. So what if she did things a little out of order?

Right. So there's the wheelbarrow. Full of grubs and worms and plenty of dirt. Lots of dirty soil for these creatures-destined-to-drown to live comfortably in. And here is Zak to strip them away from their companions and stuff them into…a bag! Yes, after some rummaging around the garden a bit he procures a canvas bag and proceeds to simply shove everything inside it. Nazneen chirps inquisitively from his shoulder so she gets to try a live grub. And now the return trip. Stealthily he merges from the gardens and tries to look oh so nonchalant upon his return to the lake shore. And look, a boat! Wonderful. "Aha, success." he spies Janaya's haul and holds up his own bag of live bait.

Onto the beach strolls a young brunette, from the way she turns about eyeing first the cliffs behind her, then cranes her neck to see the Treetop Cafe towering above her, then lifts a hand to peer at the watery horizon, she's likely a newcomer. Over her shoulder is a small carrysak, a white knot flutters on the other. It's obvious why she's here. Well, not the beach, but at Xanadu Weyr, anyway. Why she hasn't been to the barracks? Anyone's guess. She strolls towards those very docks, wanders over to where the activity is and, after a "Hello," offered, simply watches. Though she might just sidle a few steps away from the dude lifting the bait-bag.

"Excellent. You guys are brilliant." Beaming wide as Janaya and Zak return (cue District 12 salute for Zalulia, lost to the bustle of the weyr), Esiae pushes herself back up onto the docks, that injured arm of hers apparently having finally healed enough that she's mobile again. "Here, I'll take some of that," she offers to Janaya before gesturing them both towards the boat. "Hop on! There's a little cubby under the front seat to store stuff and—" To be fair, her back was turned to the rest of the dock, so her squeak and startle for Joelle's greeting is totally valid, and totally not a sign of guilt! "Oh, hey!" The goldrider's quick brown eyes take in that knot, and the satchel, head tilting as cogs visibly turn behind her eyes. "Candidate outing! We're off to learn how to fish. Well. They're learning. I'm teaching. Care to join us?" Her gaze flicks to Janaya and Zak - back her up here! Sure, Joelle might see through the quick excuse because it takes a Harper to know a Harper, but they don't know that, yet. "We'll have you back in time to pick a good cot." Or at least, one hopes this won't turn into a 'three hour tour,' if you know what I mean.

Janaya grins to Zak. "Yeah!" She makes for the boat, and… hmm, putting this stuff down will be a challenge. It was enough of one just locking the stores behind her, and at least then the surface wasn't rocking. So… oh good, here's Esiae to take some of the supplies so she doesn't drop them. "…get the tackle box, it's heavy!" Both a warning and a reason why she'd rather give it up, because if she tries to haul it any more she might drop it and then they would all be sad. Once that's taken, she carries the rest into the boat herself. Ha! Ready to escape… or, well, almost ready. The 'candidate outing' gets a sideways glance at Esiae - not disagreement, anything but disagreement, but… is that what they're calling it? Well, okay then! She nods her agreement. "It's an important lesson in the circle of life! For preparing to feed dragons!" …she read that off the choreboard, for the actual Fish & Game task where all this began. It still applies, right?

"Lessons and a fishing chore combined!" chimes in Zak on cue to back up Esiae. "Really there are plenty of cots available." at least on the guy side at any rate. They are a bit outnumbered for now. He's welcoming enough to the newest candidate as he grins in greeting towards her. Nothing like being offered to go out in the middle of a lake with three people you just met, right?! Raising the bait bag in salute he climbs into the boat without a worry in the world. Or at least without a worry on Pern. "Gonna take a lot of fish to feed dragons. If they even eat fish. At the very least we can catch some for Esiae's gold. It'll keep her from flattening you." you being a general term and not really directed at Joelle. Nope.

Joelle doesn't miss the squeak, no. She doesn't miss the knot either. Thus that squeak? Is doubly-amusing and her smile uninhibitedly wide. Blue eyes dance, her head tips to one side a bit and she ahhs to herself. Whether she quuuite believes the young woman or not isn't obvious and she's still in her billowy chartreuse and yellow blouse and skirt with fuchsias embroidery - not exactly fishing attire. Does this stop her? Not for one second. "Great!" Fishing…candidates. Who knew they did that? Her attention is drawn by Janaya, blue eyes widening fractionally, "Oh. Ah, you fish for them? Innnnteresting!" Or maybe it's just to watch fishy-death and get used to, uhm, blood…er…meat. That must be it? "Great, I'm in!" she chimes happily tossing her carrysak into that boat, side-eyeing and snickering as Zak speaks to her. "Oh, will you? Thanks, flat sounds…painful." She's been here all of two minutes and already has a bodyguard. How lucky can a girl get? She'll be happy to grab what she can to help load that boat. "I'm Joelle," she remembers to add, tacking on a salute there at the end for Esiae.

Esiae's only too happy to take the tackle box, and it's only at this point that she realizes Janaya picked the biggest of them. "Shells, how many fish're we going after?," the goldrider teases, hefting it up under one arm. Luckily, Zak provides an answer, of a sort. "Ah, enough to feed Sonyxaeth? Shells, we'll be here all day. Also, shut up," she adds with an amused eye-squint for the Beastcrafter-candidate for that remark about her gold squishing people. "She only flattens people who deserve it." Like him, she implies with a jokingly needly look. As for Joelle, well… no. That's definitely not fishing attire, but Esi seems pleased that it doesn't seem to stop her. "Fish for them. Hunt for them. Depends on the dragon, as well as your skillset." Hence, learning! "It definitely isn't a bad skill to have though," she says with an agreeing nod towards Janaya for that word-for-word quote from the chore board. Matching Joelle grin-for-grin, the rider tips her head boat-wards by means of invitation and then hops back aboard herself. "I'm Esiae, and this is me merry crew," she says, adopting a gnarled accent as she gestures to Zak and Janaya, letting them introduce themselves. She's busy storing the tackle box before unfurling sails and setting the rigging. "Do me a favor and untie the last rope," is said to whomever can get it first, a stray finger pointing to the last of the mooring. "The sails will fill fast, and I'd hate to leave half the boat behind."

"As many as we can catch?" Janaya replies to Esiae with a grin. "We've got to feed dragons, after all!" Well… not really, but still. They've got to practice at not being squeamish because that's something they'll need if they do happen to impress dragons, who may or may not eat fish. "Some dragons do," she says to Zak, then looks to Esiae as the goldrider gives further answers to him and Joelle both, nodding as she settles herself into the boat. "I'm Janaya," she says, nodding to the new-arrived candidate as she settles those rods down for their trip out to fishing waters.

Zak holds up his hands in a surrender pose. "Not another word from me on the matter." promises the candidate who doesn't wish to be flattened. Or have a limerick made up about him. "I can see it now. My better half is a dainty little green who loves to fish." would make bath time fun as she goes after fish during it. Grinning amiably he tosses out his own name as well for the newcomer. "Aye, matey! It's Candidate Z at your service. Lets fish, drink and be merry…oh hey, we should have grabbed drinks too!" Too late though cause as he's talking he is reaching to untie the last rope. It wouldn't do to leave half the boat behind!

"Feed…them," Joelle echoes in a mutter to herself. "Kiena neglected to mention that lovely detail." A breath is drawn and she wants to know, "Do you have a net then?" That's for either Esiae or Janaya. She's seen the creatures and can imagine the size of those stomachs to fill. Still, she doesn't seem too disconcerted as she hops into the boat - and immediately drops the bundle she'd grabbed to windmill-flail while striving to keep her balance. Never been on a boat, from the looks of it. She sits down sudden-like but at least she doesn't fall overboard? From the bottom of the boat, she peers up at Janaya with a grin. "My, you do know allll about dragons, don't you?" Guess who she's going to sit beside during quizzes? "Nice to meet you all," she says, trying as casually as possible to extract her left foot from a bucket and to disentangle herself from a coil of rope as she rises, uh, to sort of crouch where she won't keel over again.

Though she definitely chuckles for the candidates' antics and windmilling (hey, Joelle didn't fall out, so it's okay to laugh, right?), Esiae takes a moment to focus on getting the boat prepped to sail. Zak's untying of the last mooring comes not a second too soon as with a snap, white sails unfurl and billow, and they're off to the races! Or, at least, to the fishing grounds. "Shells, drinking. Shame, I have a nice peach brandy that goes great with sailing," she laments to Zak in passing. Plopping herself into the seat at the tiller, Esi finally relaxes, clearly quite at home with this whole sailing thing, face lifting to enjoy the occasional spray of lake water as the boat cuts through the gentle waves. "Yep, feed 'em. It's about all you do, your first several weeks as a rider," she drawls. "So if we're gonna catch as many fish as we can, might as well get the poles ready. Did they teach ya how to thread them?" It's mostly asked of Janaya and Z, though she does flick a glance at Joelle. Who knows, maybe Chartreuse McFrillyskirt secretly knows how to fish. "Where're you from, anyways?," she asks of Joelle, letting Janaya answer the question about netting because, aside from the tackle box, she really didn't pay much attention to what was grabbed, trusting Janaya to get the job done.

"My hands were full," Janaya says to the mention of drinks. "And the net's there." She points to where it's sitting, near the back of the boat. Oh, and also, while she's thinking of it… she digs into her pocket to pull out the key Esiae gave her, offering it back to the goldrider. The lurch of it makes her crouch a little, her free hand holding the edge of the boat to help keep steady, but at least she doesn't fall down… unlike some. "You okay?" Janaya asks Joelle, but then, the fact her fellow candidate's able to just start asking questions seems like a pretty good sign she is. Okay then! Janaya eyes her for a moment, then frowns slightly. "No. I don't know everything, not hardly." She shrugs, and turns toward the prow of the boat, looking out over the waves. Where are they going? Are they there yet? Does she know how to thread a pole? "Uh… no." What with this not actually being a planned lesson, exactly. She glances to Zak, but, heh, he's from Igen. "…maybe we should have gone with the spears."

Zak plops down where he is on the boat with a grunt. No drinks. Sadness. So far as they start off their trip he seems to be doing fine. He watches the sail snap and unfurl with some fascination. "Hmm? No, no one has shown how to thread them yet." cause really their original thing was fish sorting and that was it. But he'll be a good learner if Esiae can just shown 'em how it is done!

Joelle doesn't mind the laughing in the slightest; she even bows slightly in Esiae's direction. A bow which nearly sends her pitching forward onto her face as the boat leaps forwards. Good thing she was holding onto the gunwhale with one hand? Is she okay? "On most days, yeah," she answers Janaya with a tiny brow-waggle. Poles. Her gaze darts to those and the benign eyeing they get tells nothing of skill. "Oh good," she says of the net and then fingersnaps at Janaya not knowing everything. "Damn, now who's going to be my go-to person for All Things Dragon?" she moans dramatically. She's a tease, sending a wink fluttering at Janaya right afterwards. Belatedly she answers Esiae with, "Grew up at Fort Hold. Spent half a turn at Half Moon Bay, but I steered clear of the boats." She coughs. "Too many exploding ships." And here she is on one, go figure!

"Yeaaah, pretty sure it's bad enough I bribed a fisherman his day's pay to let me borrow his boat. I don't think spears would be a good thing," Esi drawls at Janaya, eyes dancing as she imagines the many ways that could go awry. There's a definite wince towards Joelle for that mention of exploding ships along with her explanation, but, well. This one's too little for explosions? One hopes. "Ah, yes. That. Made me glad my da's retired, that did." Shudder. "Still, glad to have you at Xanadu. Hopefully your stay here will be less eventful." I.e., she's not planning any explosions herself right now! "As for threadin' a pole, it's not difficult. Find the end of the line on the spool attached to the pole, lead it up through the hoops, and then pull it out about the length of your forearm." While they do that, she'll set the tiller so she can join them for a quick hook-tying demonstration, scooping up a pole and a hook from the tacklebox. "Then you put your line through the eye of the hook, pull your line up about three inches, like so." Cue nifty demo! "Twist the line, and pull the end through the space closest to the hook. Then pull it tight." Voila! Well, maybe. "I'll let you guys practice that until we get there. When you've got it, pick yourself a grub or a worm from Zak's satchel and you'll be good to go!" As for her, she'll go back to steering before eventually slacking and storing the sails to drop anchor near, but not too near, other boats. If they need her, she'll just be over here, catnapping in the sun!

"Oh, it's okay," Janaya says to Esiae with a smile. "I didn't bring any spears." Just net, tackle, poles… oh yeah, and sharp pointy fishhooks, but those will (hopefully) only stab worms and fish… not that any of these candidates are an expert at using them. Janaya, who's apparently also not an expert at dragons, shrugs to Joelle. "You could try asking a rider." And, hey, conveniently enough, there's one of those right here! Poor Esiae, trapped with a boatload of candidates out on the waves. Or is it the candidates who are trapped with her? At least it hasn't exploded… yet? Janaya's brow furrows a bit at the mention of that, but she doesn't ask, instead putting her attention to Esiae and watching carefully. Line goes through hoops… and hook… and there's a simple-looking little twist, and… "Sure, okay." She can definitely, totally do this. Thread through the loops and… hmm. Okay, she can probably, hopefully do this…

"I can imagine you would be!" says Joelle about retired boatmen, be they fisherfolk, traders or innocent passengers. She flicks a glance over at Janaya, the former font of information. "But…" Maybe she's lazy and the unsolicited info was being stashed away for later? She shrugs. Fine, fiiiine! Even fountains run dry. "Thanks, glad to be here. So far it's been… interesting," she'll assure Esiae. And then she's busy paying attention to Esiae's demonstration. Threading pole, tying hook, not too bad. Akin to stringing a guitar - almost, sorta… remotely. She does alright, only pricks her finger once or twice. And then she'll sit and enjoy the trip there, do her best to pay attention to the casting demo. Likely will hook the sail several times but no fish.

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