The Pen Pusher

Xanadu Weyr - Craft Complex
The large area has been separated into a variety of smaller sitting areas, couches and chairs organized into rings and squares, tables set where they can be used easily. A few desks for studying are pushed against one wall, while another has a variety of doors spaced along side it, opening into private quarters for the ranking crafters posted at the weyr. A set of double doors opens to the general apprentice dorms, and a long hallway stretches outwards, providing access to the various workshops.

Ka'el can't escape the heat. From hot sands to hot summer days, it sems as if sweat is a perpetual companion now. And so he's glad when he can get indoors where air conditioning units are usually on blad to keep the uncomfortable heat at bay. Ka'el has been busy with duties for Galaxy, even having a chance to work with Kanekith before the bronze got too restless and was dismissed back to the sands. But now Ka'el is on break and has just gulped down water from the Caverns and is now making his way into the craft complex. Ahhh, gloriously cooled air! He exhales a breath of relief upon stepping inside, eyes closing a bit in appreciation. He continues forward, eyes glancing from seat to plush and comfy seat. They're just begging him to sit down and take a nap!

Seated on the carpet at one of the low tables, couch at her back, Kera is shuffling through loose papers she has 'scattered' across the table. It might look like a pile of chaos to someone walking by, but there is an order to Kera's madness. Eyes scan over a page, and she lowers her head to mark something out and scribble in a correction. Working this way for another moment or two, she drops her pen to the table and rubs her eyes before stretching. Her arms stretch upwards, they may be seen peeking over the back of the couch."Aaarrghgh." That's her mighty stretching sound of coarse.

"Mm, that sounded like the cry of a wounded animal," says Ka'el, eys zeroing in on the stretching apprentice. He smirks vaguely while directing his walk towards her, eyeing the mess of papers scattered about. "Do you have a moment?" he asks, loosening the jacket of the uniform he wears. Why must these be long sleeves? Can't patrol guards have like, a summer uniform consisting of a tshirt and shorts? He may need to write a note suggesting this!

Minimur wakes with a startled sqwawk thanks to his pet healer. "Oh you're fine." This to her groggy little friend as she reaches over to give him a few soothing scritches. He settles back down on 'his' pillow and chitters softly. Peering up as Ka'el comes into view, she gives him a nod and a little smile "G'day Ka'el." Her fingers flick to the couch by or and the chair across the table. "Sure, have a seat." Plenty of places to sit. Minimur sits up and stretches his wings lazily and offers his chirpy greeting. Kera starts reordering her papers, one by one and soon the table starts to clear. The little tired brown gives up the fight and flops back down on his pillow, snuggling in happily. "Is something wrong?"

Ka'el's attention flits to the little brown, and he smirks a little as the young firelizard resettles himself. The rider does seat himself across the table from Kera, sitting in a chair as opposed to the floor though, as comfortable as the carpeting might be. "Thanks," he says, a bit of a smile lifting an edge of his mouth at her question. "Soriana's fine," he says, answering the assumed question. Mostly fine. About egg stuff, anyway. "An' nothin's wrong on the sands at all." Knock on wood! Even he can't get the thought of the Sands' malfunctioning of a few turns back out of his head. "Nah, I came here for you. I owe you an apology," he says, expression sobering. "The way I snapped at you the night in the Caverns … well, that hasn't sit right with me since. I'm sorry."

Kera gets her rough draft in order and neatly stacks the report, setting it aside as she slouches and propping her chin on her upturned palm. Smiling with a nod "That's good. Hope she's getting use from the stones game. A little bit of distraction from the boredom of watching hot sand." Though it's the eggs everyone is watching of coarse. Canting her head curiously, then blinking in surprise. Recovering quickly enough she smiles and gives her head a shake "It's alright. Sometimes stress makes people snap." Tis why the Weyr has a Mindhealer, not that she'll tell Ka'el that. "And I just haven't learned to duck quick enough yet. I'll get my timing right sooner or later." She chuckles with an easygoing shrug.

Stress! Ka'el certainly has had his fair share of it lately, and he nods in reply to her while idly plucking at a bit of fluff on the arm of his plush seat. "Yeah, I suppose," he says with a nod. "Though that doesn't make it any more right of me to have done it to you. You're my friend," he says, pausing and emphasizing the phrase with a gradual smile. "I haven't really figured out the best definition is for a friend, or what most other people think a friend is or should do. But I figure you're one of mine, and a friend shouldn't feel as if she has to duck, y'know?" He dips his head to her. "So, I apologize. And, in case you were thinkin' of not accepting it, I brought a little something to help sweeten the deal." He grins a bit as he opens up his jacket to reach into an inner pocket, pulling from it a small cloth pouch, more long than wide, and offers it to her.

Kera nods to what Ka'el says, sometimes opening her mouth to say something, or shake her head at something else. After he explains, she simply gives a cheeky grin and nods. "Yes, you're my friend Ka'el. But I realize that there will be times you'll be dragonrider Ka'el, and he probably won't have time for niceties. That's what I meant by learning to duck." With a little wink then a blink at whatever is being pulled out of the jacket. An unladylike snort escapes the amused girl when he pretty much ties her hands over accepting the gift. Sweet? Well, maybe it won't hurt to at least have a look, or sniff. "Well then it seems I've little choice in the matter."

If she does sniff it, she'll be sadly disappointed. It doesn't seem as if there's anything sweet smelling inside at all! "It isn't much," admits Ka'el once his gift is taken, and he sits back to watch her open it. Inside there isn't any food or edible item. But there are two things, both of which belong to the "pen" family. One initially more eye catching than the other, for its casing is clear plastic with a bright green liquid inside. Once it's pulled out, it's revealed to be a … syringe? Not quite! It is, in fact, a rather simple ballpoint pen with black ink, but it's been crafted to look just like a syringe. A plastic syringe filled with bright green potion of an injection! There are even fill lines marking measurement units. Ka'el smirks at it, still amused by his find. The other is less in your face, but far more elegant than the playful ballpoint. It's another pen, this one a fountain of crafted elegance. A more 'grown up' writing utensil, black with copper colored designs that swirl and loop around the pen and its cap. Upon close inspection, the words 'Kera - Xanadu Weyr' has been engraved in thin lettering on the side. "You know," says Ka'el, rider Ka’el and friend Ka’el, "for when you have to fill out paperwork for your Journeyman or patients."

Kera slides the package over and leans down to examine it with giddy grin. Unwrapping the cloth, she gets a look at what is inside and pauses, a curious expression slipping over her features. Flashing a quick look to Ka'el, she picks up the syringe. "We have these at the…" Snapping her mouth shut, she realizes it's not a syringe at all, but a really clever pen. Working it a couple of times, she grins and picks the other pen up as well. "Wow Ka'el, these are really nice." She notices the inscription and chews on her bottom lip a few seconds. "Thank you Ka'el. This is a really thoughtful gift." Flipping the pen this way and that a time or two, she giggles. "That's just too cool." Peering across the table with a little dip of her head "I'll use them when I work up the finished draft of this paper." Fingers flick to the stack sheets on the corner of the table before she sets the pens back in their little case, still grinning. "You really shouldn't have gone through this much trouble though."

Her reaction has a full-fledged grin curving across Ka'el's face now, pleased that she's pleased. "Welcome," he says, sitting forward a little to let his eyes wander over the syringe-pen, which he personally thinks is the cooler one! "I couldn't pass it up. Ista has the craziest things at market sometimes. I remembered seein' these once a while back, but I hadn't any reason to purchase one. And when I went back last seven, I had hoped the trader was still there. I hadn't thought to ask if he was a traveler or regular. I lucked out!" He grins. "My biggest problem was tryin' to figure what color you'd like best. They had red, yellow, green, blue… The green reminded me most of the infirmary. I don't know why, but it did." Another grin. "It was no trouble. The writing on the other? I did that myself." Is that a vague note of pride in his voice? "I've to practice inscribing again. I was rather good at it durin' smithing. Most people want somethin' or another inscribed on weaponry or chains. Orik claimed my etched handwriting was 'womanly' with neatness, and that's why people liked it." He rolls his eyes.

Kera chuckles that Ka'el get's teased for having neat handwriting. "Good thing you're not a healer then. I'ld swear my handwriting has gotten worse in the last couple of turns." Giving a little roll of her eyes as she pokes fun at herself. Her fingers til fiddle with her new pens, the syringe more so. "Nothing wrong with having legible handwriting, So just do what all brats do when teased, stick your tongue out and raspberry your teaser." It seems Kera isn't above a bit of childish behavoir from time to time. Smiling up to her friend "Did you find out if that trder travels about? Maybe he could come to the next Gather or something."

"Like this?" Ka'el's eyes cross and look towards his nose while he sticks out his tongue and raspberries. Pbbbbft! .. So mature. He grins as he fixes his face, giving his head a little shake to right his vision. "Excellent. I think I'll try that out next time," he remarks, nodding gravely. "If you need lessons on handwriting and manuscript, you know who to seek," he says as he rises from his seat, lightly brushing off his thighs. "The trader? Oh, 'pparently he's a permanent fixture on Ista. Other traders go in and out, and he gets new wares from them, swapping out his old. Would be good've him to come to a gather wouldn't it? But then, you wouldn't be the only one with a fancy needle-pen." He rebuttons his jacket now, looking as if he'd rather be doing anything but. "'fraid my break is over, Kera. They give us long enough to hydrate and not much else." With his last button buttoned, he lowers his hands. "I'm glad I found you though, and I'm happy you haven't judged me too harshly. Maybe on a rest day we can convince Luraoth to let Soriana out for a while and we can all take a swim. Relax." For once.

Kera nods at she crosses her eyes and puffs out her cheeks, making an equally silly face right back to Ka'el. Blinking a couple of times as she smoothes her face. "It'll definately be a stress reliever, no matter how they take it." The comment about other people having her pen, causes the apprentice to reach out and slide the little package closer to her. "Well no, we can't be having that at all. So I guess it's just as well he doesn't travel." A hint of a smirk slip over her features. "Thank you again for such a thoughtful gift Ka'el. And I'd be glad to go swimming. Too bad you can’t put a huge bath tub by the sands for Soriana. But you couldn't keep it cool anyway soo.." She shrugs but is still smiling. "I'll be around somewhere. Have a good one." Kera wiggles her fingers to her friend. "Drink plenty of water and juice!" She calls out before he gets too far away then starts showing her cool pen to Minimur.

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