Meet and Greet - Xanadu Style

Xanadu Weyr – Clearing

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.

Idrissa is making her way out from the Infirmary speaking with Soriana. Asher is settled down next to the entrance waiting it seems, once the dog sees them he bounces up onto his paws and moves on towards the two barking. "See, I told you she would be alright." Rissa says while petting the dog across the head a few times.

Soriana reaches out to ruffle between Asher's ears, and grins. "Hush, you, or you'll make the healers grumpy," she tells the canine cheerfully, then turns back to Idrissa and resumes conversation. "We should see if we can get some of that orange bread for Kale's beach party." What? It's tasty stuff. She likes it. So there.

Asher settles back to his haunches, her lowering and he leans against the ruffling touches while his tail thumps a few times. "Maybe we could ask if they would let us take some to the party?" Idrissa says while humming at the thought.

Darsce is in the clearing already but from the looks of the way she's sipping klah, it hasn't been long since she's rolled out of bed. Not that she's at all tousled or rumpled, no. She's immaculate, as always, in short-shorts and a tank top but the iceblue of her eyes are sleepy-looking and mascara'd lashes seem heavy. She's lounging with her back against the cliff wall, one bare leg outstretched, the other knee drawn up so her arm can drape there with her mug between sips. Beside her on the ground is her half-open nail kit with an array of colored polishes peeking out. Her sandals are beside that and her feet are bare. From the looks of things, it's pedicure time. Voices have her eyes opening and drifting lazily their way and she calls a greeting of sorts, "Hey."

Soriana hmmms, and nods to Idrissa. "We should see how he's coming with that. I haven't really seen him much lately. Guess he's been really busy… I should come by the forge and find him sometime. That's relaxing, right?" Of course it is. She'll just watch the heavy exertions, that's all. Soriana glances over to find the elegant and refined Darsce, and offers a wave. "Hey," she calls back, and takes a curious look down at that kit as she comes closer. So many colors. It's like a miniature shop.

Jaye had been besides the shadowbeast Maehwazeyeth with K'drozen, all snuggled up against his side and looking tired and quite dishevelled, camping out for days will do that to a gal. As K'drozen moves off to settle his Rhyrith, Jaye gives maehwazeyeth a bried pat before venturing forth from her beast into the clearing where a few people are already starting to mill about. Of course, the two girls, Jaye recognizes from the adventure in the mountains, the other young lady is unfamiliar to the scarred brownrider, and Jaye hangs back with her brown for the moment, rubbing the side of his neck lightly.

Idrissa nods at this and smiles. "Sure.. I'd sorta like to see him, been a few days…" Though she doesn't go into detail. Her bright gaze settles upon Darsce and she pauses to peer into the box and tilts her head. "What's all that?.." Is questioned with a curiously tone. As for the lingering feeling of someone watching she glances around before catches sight of the brown and the rider from the trip up into the mountains. With a smile she offers a wave to Jaye, all friendly like.

K’drozen makes his way back from the far end of the bowl, with a sigh, a belt with several knives hangin from his shoulder the rider looks exausted and has a very distant expression on his face.

It is totally like a shop but there's so much more back there in the clutter of a room Darsce calls hers. She can only carry around so many though. Since her fancy sisal-quilted gold tapestry case is unzipped, she nudges it over so they can see inside better, then pats the ground beside her in an invitation to sit. "Nail stuff," she answers Idrissa. "Would you guys like to use some?" Because you know, with it being summer and all, toenails should be pretty! Dragons and riders come and go all the time in the clearing and so when Jaye and the other rider had arrived, she likely wasn't really paying all that much attention to anything but her klah. Now, however, she includes the woman by the dark brown in her invitation. Because Darsce recognizes her. She didn't climb the mountain, but she was in camp when they all trooped in for dinner. The decorated party-pretty campsite? Yep, that was her handiwork.

Soriana glances over at the approaching Jaye, and gives the rider a slight nod and wave - K'drozen gets the same when she notices him, though with a rather longer look, on account of she doesn't think she's seen him before. Darsce's suggestion starts to make her shake her head - then she pauses, and laughs. "Sure, why not? Hard t'get more taking it easy than that." With that, she sits herself down on the ground nearby, leaning in to investigate the color options in more detail. Hmmmm.

Jaye arches one scarred brow at the assortment of colours in the case, obviously the art of pretty nails escapes the Fortian and she shakes her head. "No thanks." She's really not the girly girl type, she's more the tomboy rebel type. Luckily for the scarred brownrider, K'drozen returns to keep the clearing from getting too girlish for her comfort and she meets him as he returns with a kiss and a slide of arm around his waist once again, maybe even a bit possesive of her fellow Fortian in the face of unfamiliar pretty young ladies. "Didya find th'booze, Love?" She requests of her fellow brownrider. Nothing like fresh booze in the morning, it's the breakfast of champions.. or at least scarred brownriders from Fort anyway.

K'drozen looks to Jaye and nods with a sigh, 'i know I shouldn't have brought Rhy over here. Spotted that gold and is all on about it again.' he says, "But i asked there is a tavern just over this way, I am sure we can get something in there.' he looks like he needs it at this point.

Idrissa blinks as she hears Darsce and peers at her looking rather unsure. "Um.. I dono.. Never used it before." She offers with a very unsure tone while she leans against Asher, her rather large and playful looking canine. As for Asher he is peering over at the two new people in the area, just eager to go meet them, so much so that the canine is wiggling about on his paws and whining out a few times while his tail sways and thumps against the ground a few times. "No Asher, you an't gona go tackle anyone today." Well, Rissa can dream!

"There's always a first time?" is Darsce's response to Idrissa, but she also quirks a slim brow at the rough-looking Jaye despite the woman's no thanks. One never knows - Jaye could be a diamond in the rough! And then K'drozen will never let her out of his sight! And… and… let's not go there. She's not known for being Miss Manners and thus pretending politely not to overhear or refraining from interjecting herself into their conversation just doesn't happen. One finger lifts from her mug, a perfectly-shaped and manicured fingernail points to the Wandering Wherry. "Tavern's right there," she says in a 'duh-can't-you-see-it' sort of way. She's smiling, so really she's not being deliberately rude. Soriana, then is informed, "If you don't see something you like, we can go to my room and look at the rest."

Booze? Pfeh! Now candy, that's the true breakfast of champions. Soriana has already been so fortified today, and so she looks around at little colorful bottles. So what if she hasn't much used them before? (Like, ever?) She can figure it out, surely. Asher's whine makes her laugh, looking at the canine and past him to the pair of Fortian brownriders. Hmm. She looks thoughtful a moment, then glances back to Darsce. She nods, though the idea of 'the rest' makes her eyes widen at the same time as she grins. Choice paralysis anyone? She picks up a dark plum sort of color, peering at it consideringly. Not that she even knows what she's looking for, really!

Idrissa eyes the box of color nail paint once more while she sits down next to Asher. A curious glance offered to the bottle that Soriana has picked up. "I guess there always is a first time. But Maybe I'll just watch." A glance is offered to her nails which aren't very neat looking really! Well she does work with runners and in a stable so they can't stay all pretty. Asher lets out another whine but soon turns his attention back to Soriana, Darsce and his owner.

K'drozen gives a smirk to the oh so helpful young lady and says, "I got that thanks." the fortain riders mood is somewhat dark, seeming between having spent time on watch up at that abandoned camp, and recent flight issue, has set his teath on edge. So as opossed to starting anything, he wraps his free arm about Jayes waist and begins to lead her towards the bar. What a pair they are, off to get drunk before the day has even started.

Jaye is on a liquid diet or something, booze for breakfast, what a wonderful example of Fortian riders. They're not all like these two, these two are likely the exception. A brief snicker as Darsce points them towards the tavern. "Thanks." Is all she offers to the young lady with the nail colours. And then her weyrmate is steering her towards the tavern and she grins. "Couple drinks, then a bath an' we'll be good t'go." And with that, the three young ladies get a brief wave and she moves off with the handsome brownrider.

Harlin comes wandering out of the Resident Dorms; rubbing his head. He looks a little bit worse for wear; hungover perhaps? But he's moving along cheerfully enough.

"Yeah?" Darsce doesn't sound so sure since K'drozen isn't in the Tavern yet, but he certainly looks like he needs a drink badly to her. She has no idea who flew what gold where when so his dark mood is taken at face value. She has no idea what his issue is and she doesn't seem to care, flipping him a rude gesture with a finger. Boozing this early in the morning doesn't even draw a yawn from her, though she does roll her eyes at all the hugging going on over there. "Get a room," she says flippantly, lifting her mug and taking a sip. She leans over and fishes a nail file out of her case and offers it over to Idrissa. "I have the greens, oranges and bright purples in my room," she tells Soriana conversationally while her eyes track Harlin across the clearing.

Soriana returns the wave from Jaye, watching the brownriders as they head off… passing right by the emerging Harlin, too. They look at him for a moment, but she makes no comment, not even a wave, before she looks back to Darsce. "So what would look good on me, you think?" she asks, setting down the plum bottle back where she got it. Hey, asking an expert! It's a thing. She can even do it. Sometimes. But nail polish, yes, that's the conversation right now.

Idrissa offers a smile and wave after Jaye and the other that she doesn't know. Her attention is turned back to Darsce at the offer of a nail file, wich she takes and peers at. Her bright gaze turns back to Darsce. "Um.. What am I suppose to do with this?" Yes, Rissa has never once painted her nails, or do anyhing else 'girly' like. Asher has caught sight of Harlin, and the large dog is troting on over towards where he is, a wruff escaping him in the process, as if he knows the boy may be hungover!

Harlin glances at Darsce with a strange expression. "… why do I feel like I should be worried about you?" He asks her as he wanders by. He moves to stand by Idrissa, rather than Soriana, doing a very obvious job of pointedly ignoring her existence at all. That kind of awkward obvious ignoring where one is pretending that nobody can see that there is something bothering them. "Hi, Ris." He mumbles to Idrissa, bending to scratch Asher under the chin and then lightly shove him away, clearly not wanting to deal with an exuberant canine at this point.

"Probably because you should," Darsce all but purrs in answer to Harlin, then dismisses him to direct an assessing gaze over Soriana's features. Business before pleasure - she's working here! "Well, with your brown eyes and hair, the golden undertones to your skin, I'd say warm colors would go best on you. Like this coppery one, this brick red or this coral or even this golden-tawny one." The enthusiasm! Her fingers, hovering over that open case are withdrawn at Idrissa's confusion, the other hand setting her mug down on the ground beside her. "May I?" Both hands reach towards Idrissa, one offering to take her hand, the other reaching for that file. If the teen allows, she'll position her forefinger, gently and deftly begin to file the end of her nail, smoothing the rough edges. From under her lashes she's noticing all that ignoring between Harlin and Soriana but though the corners of her mouth curl up, she doesn't comment on it.

Well, Soriana certainly doesn't have anything to say to Harlin! She listens instead to Darsce's explanation, reaching down to turn and peer at a few of the colors recommended. The brick gets lifted to the light and inspected, then she shakes her head and sets it back… the coral gets a touch and a move on… she's really quite intent on this. Suspiciously so, given her usual tomboy tendencies. Nothing like having something to busily not do to focus the attention! "Hmmm," she goes, and picks up a coppery toned one to look at… even lifting it next to her hair to compare. Yeah, those do sorta go together, don't they? "This's nice. What do you think, Rissa?" She looks over to the other girl, still not acknowledging Harlin.

Idrissa glances to Harlin and offers him a smile. "Hey.." There is a pause as she sees him avoiding Soriana. "She's fine.. You could speak to her you kow?" Is murmured back to Harlin. Asher leans into the attentions and then trots off as the slight shove. The dog can take a hint! Rissa looks back to Darsce curious like an ohs. "Um, sure.." This said more as a comment then question while letting the older girl take hold of her hand and gives the file back, curiously watching. "Sorta like working with a runner's hoof." Yes, leave it to Rissa to bring up stuff about runners when talking about /nails/. Her gaze flicks over to Sori, whom she notices she is ignoring Harlin.. HOW does she gets stuck in the middle of these two? "I like the coppery tone.. What do you think Harlin?" HA she pulls Harlin right into the mix.

Harlin glances at Soriana, and glances at Idrissa, and just shrugs. "Meh." He says to Idrissa; focusing on Darsce entirely instead. "I see." He says, eyeing the other critically. "Anyway, I think I'm a little bit out of my league here; I should probably be moving on."

Darsce approves of Soriana's choice. That little bottle she picks up is some of her more pricey polish with minute bits of sparkle glittering in the sunshine. "Nice choice." She stops filing at Idrissa's nail momentarily, reaches into the case and pulls out a champagne-colored bottle. "Or this one too." So now Soriana has several colors to choose from. Back to filing nails, she nods encouragingly to Idrissa. "Exactly like doing runners hooves. And you know, they get theirs shined up with gloss for shows so y'know, once in awhile a girl needs a little prettying up." Harlin now. His lack of enthusiasm for hanging out with a trio of girls draws a quirked eyebrow and since Soriana usually appears to be the knowledgeable one, she leans that way and asks, "S'up with your friend?" Oh yes, that's making a huge assumption but no one ignores a non-acquaintance with that much concentration. And then to Harlin, the blonde tilts her head, squinting in the sun to better see him and asks casually, "Are you gay?" Not that she'll judge him, she just won't try to seduce him. But she might try to get him to help decorate stuff!

"You'll be the prettiest runner in the paddock," says Soriana to Idrissa in a playful tone. Given this is Rissa, that's probably even a compliment! She nods at the approval for her chosen color, then glances up to Harlin as he's addressed. Well? … okay then. She looks away again, watching the process of nail-filing for a few moments, and glances down at her own nails. Not exactly nice and neat. So, after accepting the other bottle from Darsce with a 'thanks' and a smile, she sets down the two bottles where they'll catch the light and she can look at them and consider while she snags that spare file she sees and starts copying, only somewhat awkwardly, what Darsce is demonstrating. As for Darsce's question… well. The combination of a slight frown and a lift of her head makes it clear enough the assumption has some basis in fact. "He's been discovering consequences." For what, she doesn't say. "I don't think he likes it."

Harlin narrows his eyes at Darsce; and the color begins to come to his face. Unfortunatly, it's not the color of mirth but the color of out and out temper. "No, I'm not gay." He says. "Can't you see I don't dress nearly well enough for that? I've got the fashion sense of a lump of iron." Then, finally, he turns his head towards Soriana. "No, I'm discovering how people can be a catty bitch over an accident, and if it had of been them that did it they wouldn't have been nearly so concerned or felt nearly as bad about it as I did. Some people are remarkably shallow when you think that there is a little bit more to them, you know? Sometimes shit happens, and people realize it was an accident and move on. But that's okay. People live and learn and fortunatly, can re-evaluate their opinions on the fly." And with that, his heavy boot heel turns in the dust and he heads towards the work that he was supposed to be doing in the first place.

Idrissa watches Harlin a few moments. "You… can stick around if you want?" Yes the every friendly beastcraft girl just wants everyone to be nice to one another! Does this surprize anyone here? She smiles to Darsce and nods while she peers back to watch what she does as her nails are filed by the expect hands of the older girl. A grin is seen as she hears Sori. "Gee, thanks.." Alright, maybe she didn't take it as a compliment but she is amused by it at least. Her bright green gaze flicks back to Sori and then Harlin. "What consequences?" Maybe she means from last night..but wasn't it a accident? Someone needs to get out of the stables more! Hearing Harlin she blinks and watches him leave. "Harlin…" Though she isn't sure if she should try and stop him or not.

Jessi arrives on scene to a group of girls doing, well, girl stuff and a stomping off young man. Hmm. Her green Aisuohkoth is close behind, though the young green's attention is completely and utterly on something blowing on the breeze as she slinks after it. Depending on where Harlin is stomping off to, jess may or may not sidestep to avoid getting run over by him. The petite greenling arches her brow, then, and moves over to the group of girls. "Hiya Sori and Idrissa, what's up?" Darsce, too, is included in the greeting as the young woman watches her green continue stalking the blowing bits of leaves.

"Maybe I thought you were a gay guy without marks enough for fancy duds?" Darsce calls after Harlin lightly. She shrugs with blithe unconcern that seems to say, if he's going to be thin-skinned and touchy, it's not her problem, it's his. The look she gives the other two is an innocent, 'like what?' It wasn't an insult or anything, she just wanted to know! Welp, scratch him off her list of interior decorators! She lets go of the other girl's hand and offers the file back to Idrissa. "It just takes practice is all." As for his anger towards Soriana and the girl's comments, she doesn't make any smart remarks to those. Yes, miracles do happen! "That sucks," she says sympathetically. "Hey," she tosses casually to the weyrling walks up, iceblue eyes flick to the green stalking something over there.

Soriana just looks at Harlin. "Yeah. You sure did move on pretty fast. Left as soon as you could last night, and today? You're definitely moved on." She glances, ever so briefly, to Idrissa. "So… thanks for helping. Just so you know, the healers say I should be fine. Not that you bothered asking, but whatever. Guess I won't be seeing you around." A shrug, to his departing back. "That's okay. Sounds like you'll be better off without me." And, with that, she turns back to a very focused, if not very skillful, filing of her nails. Jessi isn't even acknowledged, just yet.

Idrissa really doesn't like being in the middle of possible conflict such as this, it was all an accident right? Well that is what she saw. She offers a glance back to her friend. "Sori… I'm sure he is plenty worried." Perhaps his just not sure how to show how he feels very easily? She takes the file from Darsce, a soft thanks offered to her before she hears Jessi, whom gets a smile along with a wave to both weyrling and the stalking Aisu. "Hello Jessi, Aisuohkoth. How are you both?" Asher has caught sight of the stalking green and the large dog is shifting up to his paws and troting over closer to the dragon, a soft bark escaping him while he lowers into a play bow. The dog has no fear from dragons, but things like Inkfoot can send him running.

Jessi blinks from Sori to the disappearing Harlin, wow, tension much? The greenling moves up close enough so that she can watch the nails being filed and such, though she doesn't move to join in yet, just quietly watching. "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something?" She queries with a brief shrug. Aisuohkoth hears her friend Asher's bark and she warbles happily, the blowing debris forgotton as she moves to greet the canine, even bumping her muzzle to the dog's in greeting, which could be amusing to watch considering how big she's gotten. "Aisu, careful, you're not as little as you used to be." Jessi has to warn her dragon, you know, just so she doesn't hurt poor Asher or anything.

Teenage angst! The clearing is rife with it this morning. Darsce doesn't ask again what the matter with Harlin is nor does she prod Soriana for details, though her glance flickers to the retreating Harlin, back to Soriana then over to the peace-maker Idrissa, giving the younger girl a sympathetic look when that fails. "Sure," she says when the teen says thanks. Jessi's question draws a baffled shrug. "I'm clueless. He's not gay though." At least she established that? She pulls a silvery pink from her case, unscrews the top and leans to begin painting the nails of the toes on the leg she has bent, resting her chin on her knee while making deft strokes. "Would you like to paint your nails, um…? I'm Darsce." She flashes a brief smile up at the Weyrling.

Soriana glances up to Idrissa, and shrugs. "Not my problem." After that, she looks over to the new greenrider arrival. "Hey, Jessi," she says. As for wrong sides of beds… Soriana just shrugs to that, and doesn't say anything else. Her nails, and the filing thereof.
Idrissa watches Soriana a few moments, she must have missed something, right? She frowns a moment while she slowly sits down and slips quiet it seems. So much for being a peace-maker. Asher doesn't seem to worried about the giant green that is in front of him, he noses and nuzzles back at Aisu with a happy bark escaping him and he rests in a playbow, rump wiggling about in the air along with his tail. Rissa goes about eyeing her hand hand which Darsce worked on a few nails and soon goes about working on another while she listens to the others talk.

Jessi chuckles quietly, "Jessi, green Aisuohkoth's weyrling." She offers to Darsce. "Well met. I think I saw you at a painting class before but never really introduced myself." As for the painting of nails, she considers that question. "Hmm, I've never had my nails painted before." Well, at least she's considering. She settles in to sit on the ground with the other girls, though she doesn't reach for the polishes just yet, she only looks over the colours for the moment. "It'll probably get rubbed off with all the work they have us weyrlings doing." Teenage angst is not something Jessi misses, that's for sure, even though she really didn't have too much of it herself.(That's what happens when you lock yourself in your room and study your teenaged turns away.) Aisuohkoth, for her part, is too busy with her canine friend to ponder what her rider is pondering. She warbles and flicks her tail playfully, trying to copy Asher's position, which is rather amusing to see considering she's almost full grown and dragons aren't really built like canines.

Okaaaay so here they are on a beautiful summer morning with nothing pressing to do other than paint their nails and three young people are having a not-so-great day. Already. "You know," Darsce says casually into the prolonged silence as she stretches out her leg, draws the other up and begins on the toenails of her other foot, "There's this guy in Ierne who sells this herb that will help Harlin to lighten up. I could bake some of it in cookies and you could give them to Harlin?" She doesn't say which of the two she means, Soriana or Idrissa. Maybe she means both of them! Harlin was probably right to be worried about her. At the greenrider's introduction, she says, "Jessi. Gotcha." Well, she's as casual as they come.

Soriana files and smoothes out her nails in silence for a while, finishing one hand, giving it a glance, and moving on to the other. Darsce's suggestion… well, she listens to it, but she doesn't answer at first. Not until several moments have passed. "It's not that," she says, kind of out of nowhere. "He's not like… grim. He just starts stuff, all the time, without thinking. It was an accident. It was still his fault." She shrugs, looking down at her hands.

Idrissa casts a faint glance over to Darsce at the talk of this 'herb'. "What is this herb called." Well she knows someone that works over in the greenhouse an she could always ask Tsenik if he has any, or at least heard of it! She tilts her head and casts a faint glance over to Soriana. "So, why not tell him that?" Asher wiggles about on his paws in front of the large dragon, another happy barkbark escaping him before he reaches out to batbatbat at Aisu. Because batting at a dragon is always the /best/ idea. Well maybe not when your smaller then said dragon.

Aisuohkoth is a bit surprised at the batting from the canine, but at least she knows better than to try and eat Asher, so instead, what else can she do but lick the poor canine with her large tongue. Slobber slobber. Jessi glances at Darsce as well at the mention of this herb that can help someone lighten up. "Ierne sounds interesting." She comments, making a mental note to visit the place as soon as she's able to between, because she's heard of various shops there that are nowhere else on Pern. "What was an accident?" Jessi asks of Soriana. "You want me to sic Aisu on him for you?" She's jokes lightly.

Darsce flicks one very dubious glance up and over at Soriana when the girl speaks, never moving her chin from her knee while doing so. "Uh…huh." Like she really doesn't quite believe that one. "He seemed pretty grim to me." But since the other is speaking - or sort of speaking - of what the problem is - or isn't (how's that for clarity?) - the Iernian will encourage her to elaborate. "Like what kind of stuff? Though, to be fair, that's what guys his age do, you know?" She was going through his 'guys his age' when she was twelve, so yep, she's sorta sounding like an old auntie when she says that. With a smirk over at Idrissa, she says, "'Stuff'. That's what he calls it. 'You want some stuff?' he asks. I've… never asked what it is." Because 'stuff' totally works for her and she's too lazy to care what the proper name is. Not that she's saying she's actually tried it. Canine and dragon draw her attention and she wrinkles her nose at the slobber. Ew. "Oh it is," she assures the weyrling. "Fancy shops, great restaurants…" And those herbs, cough.

Well, okay, in those particular moments Darsce saw… pretty grim. Soriana gives a half-shrug and doesn't argue that part of things. "Just dumb stuff. Trying to prove how tough he is." Despite being easily twice the size of who he's trying to prove it to. "Being a guy his age, I guess." A frown. Maybe it's time to swear off the whole set, instead of just him. "I was kind of going along with it, but… it's just stupid. I'm done with that." Idrissa's comment gets a small, somewhat sour laugh. "Yeah, 'cause he's sure going to be listening to me." She shakes her head, then tilts it to Jessi. "Nah. I'm fine. Doesn't even hurt anymore. Aisu can keep playing." A bit of a grin, as she looks out at green dragon and dog.

Asher blinks as he is suddenly slobbered over and stands there, he seems to 'ew' himself at this and then shifts back a few feet and goes about rolling about in the grass and dirt to try and get the icky slobber off. One could almost hear the dog going EWEWEWEWEEWEWEWEW! Idrissa looks over towards the two and blinks while watching Asher before smirking. "What do you expect? Aisu is so much bigger then you, not like you two can play pounce on each other." That would be a very /one/ sided game after all. Hearing Darsce she peers over at her. "Well.. Have you use it before, how do you know it does that? An why would just take something called 'stuff'.." Doesn’t make any sense to Rissa! To Sori a shrug is seen. "Never know, its a possibility. But.. Do whatever you wish."

Jessi giggles quietly as Asher is slobbered upon by Aisuohkoth. "Yeah, typical reaction there when she does that.. to anyone." Well, apparently the young woman hasn't broken her young green from the whole slobbery licking thing. "Poor Asher." She grins, then her attentio drifts back to the array of polish colours. "You have any purple? Purple's my favourite colour." As if folks couldn't tell that by looking at her.

Darsce's eyes return to Soriana. She's finished painting her toenails, so recaps that silvery-pink polish, sticks it back in the case and leans back against the cliff wall. She doesn't look too surprised about what Soriana says. "Guys can be pretty stupid sometimes," she says calmly. Then right afterwards, "So what was the accident part?" She doesn't mean to seem unsympathetic but there's her public image to uphold. One on one it might be different. Here she seems almost flippant. Or tough. "You gotta be more convincing if y'want him to think you don't care." Idrissa's questions draw a smirk, "Because… I've seen people who tried it?" She leaves the question as to whether she's tried the herb unanswered, just winks. And then there's Aisuohkoth and Asher. Well now. Slobbered on dog. How's that for poetic justice?

So, eventually, with all the questions, Soriana actually answers them. More or less. "He was grabbing at me in the hot springs. I pulled away. I hit my head." A shrug, as it that's the least important thing in the world, which is why she's giving such barebones facts about it. (Because she doesn't care, remember?) There's a sidewise glance at Darsce, and she smiles. "I don't care what he thinks." -about whether she cares if he cares if- "So yeah." A look over to Idrissa, and she adds, "You just be careful, okay?"

Idrissa isn't going to explain to Darsce what happened between Soriana and Harlin. She looks over the nails on one hand and then starts to file and shape the ones upon the other hand. Asher, a rather large but still youngish steele gray and tanish colored canine is over next to Aisuohkoth, an after getting more of the drool off he bounces forward towards the dragon and sits back upon his haunches. Seems a certain canine really like that green dragon. Her bright gaze drifts to Darsce curious like. "Well.. I guess so. But I only ask cause Tsenik works at the greenhouse. He grows plants an might know what sorta herb it is." Hearing Soriana she blinks and peers over at her friend, and she can't remember that, was she that out of it that she didn't notice it? "Course, I'm always careful." Totally always careful!

It seems speaking his name has mystical powers, or perhaps it's just coincidence that a rather young man can be seen walking into the area carrying a basket of flowers in one hand and a envelope in the other. "Beach…beach…it was that way, I think…" Tsenik trails off slowly as the crowd is noticed. The florist pads curiously to the gathered crowd, seeming to steer clear of the green dragon. "Hello."

Jessi listens to the other girls even as she pokes through the various colours of polish idly. But then she blinks at Soriana's explanation which sounds bad to her, but then who is she to judge? "Guys grabbing girls in the hot springs, this is why I take my baths when no one else is around." She smirks, because, well, she's likely learned her lesson about co-ed bathing. Aisuohkoth, for her part, is more than willing to play with her canine companion, bouncing a little here or there, at least her tongue's not wagging like she was some overgrown pup, right? Ooh, wait, what was that smell? The young green watches the newest arrival on-scene, warbling curiously. The warble causes Jessi's eyes to unfocus briefly so she can explin just what flowers are.

Darsce is pushing her case over towards Jessi with a nod while listening to Soriana. "Yep, lots of different purples. I like purple too." Obviously she does because there's a section of them even - lilac, dark purple, violet, silvery-purple… Soriana gets a sidelong look. "Boys play rough sometimes," she says although it's a more cautious comment given that account the other gives sounds… dangerous on so many levels. Instead she shrugs at Idrissa and says, "I guess this…Tsenik…would have to visit Ierne and ask what it is. Though if he grows plants he might already know what it is." When the person in question shows up with his flower basket talking to himself, the Iernian glances his way then smirks over at Idrissa, "Tsenik, I presume?"

So maybe that barebones explanation can imply various versions of events, but Soriana's not much in the mood to give an in-depth blow-by-blow. Boys do, in fact, play rough, and she nods to Darsce. So does Sori, sometimes… which is kind of how things ended up getting to where they got. "I'm not mad at him." That might be a small lie there, but in theory, at least… and assuming he doesn't go and rant at her again or something…. well. "I'm just… done with him." So done! She inspects her fingernails again - much smoother than before! Especially once she gets that one final raggedy patch dealt with… but before she does that, she looks up at Tsenik and gives a wave!

Idrissa watches Soriana a moment, feeling bad that she didn't try to help her friend more the night before. "Sorry Soriana.." A soft sigh escapes her while she peers at the case of nail polish and places the file back into the case that she was using now that her nails are all smooth. "What about greens?" Rissa has a thing for green it seems, she totaly blames growing up near the beach and the green colored water! She hums and looks over to Darsce and shrugs. "Ya I guess so. Doesn't really matter I was just curious." There is a new voice and she waves to Tsenik once catching sight of him and smiles and nods to Darsce. "Hello Tsenik." Asher bounces this way and then on his paws to escape the playful green it seems though his gaze settles on Tsenik, and soon enough he trods over to snuffle out at him. "Asher, mind your manners!" This escapes Rissa as she eyes the canine with a 'don't you dare' sort of look.

Jessi oohs quietly as all the purple hues are seen. "Wow, you got lots huh?" And, well, for now she'll fall silent as she looks through the various shades of purple polish, it'll be difficult to decide on just one. Hmm. Aisuohkoth's canine companion is moving away, and so the young green proceeds to trot after him, following right on Asher's tail as he plods over to the newest arrival on scene. So many new faces, Jessi really needs to get out more or something because she doesn't know the flower-bearer either. "Hi, nice flowers." She compliments once she decides on one of the darker purples to match her outfit, not too dark but not too light, just right.

"Heya, Idrissa, Sorianna!" The two people Tsenik /does/ know get a cheerful wave, shiftting the basket a little to better greet the two females. And then the green dragon getting perhaps a little too close for comfort for the young man for soon he's edging away from the green. His name, however, causes his attention to go to Darsce, "Uh, am I that popular already? I didn't know my reputation preceeded me. I'm Tsenik, nice to meet you. I hope nothing bad has been said abou me?" The canine gets a friendly pat on the head, but he's not getting much more from Tsenik!

Soriana's not mad, she's just done. Okay, well Darsce isn't going to argue how illogical that sounds. "I'd be mad," she says, but exactly why she'd be mad might be for a different reason than Soriana might-be-but-isn't. "I have greens. Lots of those too. They're back in my room with the oranges and blues," she tells Idrissa. Greens, oranges and blues which she rarely wears and can't fit into her case. Did she mention she has lots of nail polish? "Pick out one you really like and you may keep it," she tells Jessi generously. The canine and dragon don't really interest her, though an almost bored look drifts over them in passing to the arriving Tsenik. "Are you popular? I don't know, you tell me," the silver-blonde purrs in a sultry reply to the poor, unsuspecting florist with a flutter of lashes and a suggestive smile on her tinted lips. "Only that you know plants. Though, not all bad is bad, if you know what I mean. I'm Darsce."

Idrissa smiles to Tsenik andnods. "How are you Tsenik? Well.. We was talking about some herd that Darsce know. She doesn't know the name of it though." She shrugs and glances back to the case picking out a light purple that is a bit glittery. Her gaze turns back to Darsce as she goes on. Asher hears the call from his owner, an at the pat upon the head his tail sways about and he snuffles at Tsenik's hand before attempting to give him a slobbering lick before he can pull his hand back fully.

Jessi blinks at Darsce. "Really?" Well, that's quite nice of the younger woman. Of course, she's learned to keep at least some attention upon her curious green. "Aisu." She says the single word and the young green stops advancing upon the flowerman, at least for now. "That's Aisuohkoth, she likes your flowers too." Jessi offers to the man with a chuckle as she introduces her green. Then, with another brief glance to her dragon, the girl leans back and uncaps the purple polish she decided upon. She eyes her nails briefly, then proceeds to start painting them with the polish, probably nowhere near a professional job nor as nice and cleanly as Darsce did her toenails, but the young woman is content to try.

"I'm doing quite well, how bout you, Idrissa? How's your arm? Any better?" Tsenik’s fingers flex as the canine licks at his fingers and he's quick to wipe the hand off on his pants. "Nice to meet you too, Asher." And then his attention is turning otwards Darsce, blinking in confusion. "I…er…hi? Well, good to know that I haven't earned a bad reputation yet. I mean, I do kinda want my business to go off decently, wouldn't want to move again." He shifts the basket out of the reach of the canine, just in case it decides the flowers are food. "Oh, well, thank you ma'am. I'm glad she likes the flowers, but please assure her that they aren't food? I'd be out of marks and time if she decided they look yummy."

"You may keep that too," Darsce tells Idrissa when the girl finally picks a color. "Later, if you'd like, you can come to my room and pick out a green one." So she might be annoyingly flirtatious, but she can be generous. Of the job Jessi's doing on her nails with that polish, she says, "You're doing great. Use long, even strokes. Don't go over the top once you've painted, it gets sticky fast." She can be confusing to some guys and so Tsenik's baffled look is taken in stride with a sunny smile.

Since when are teenaged girls supposed to be logical? Soriana just hmms to Darsce's comment there, and is quiet for a bit as she finishes up filing her nails and listens to the talk around Tsenik. "Maybe you can get a reputation for being bad for avoiding spending marks at," she suggests with a slight grin. Hey, it could happen.

Idrissa smiles to Tesnik and nods. "Well that's good to hear. Yup, it's getting better, just a scabbed over cut now." Which there is a good two inch long healing cut across her left forearm which she doesn't even pay any attention too. Her bright gaze settles on Asher to make sure that he is behaving himself, which so far he is! "Come on back Asher, don't go bothering Tesnik too much." The canine whines out but soon trots over to to Rissa once he is done sniffing at the 'flower man'. Idrissa ohs as she hears Darsce and smiles. "Well, thanks.. That's very nice of you."

Jessi wrinkles her nose at the ma'am part of the flowerman's words. "I'm no ma'am, I'm just a weyrling, name's Jessi. But Aisu won't eat them, she might lick them a bit but she really prefers meat to vegetation." Which could be a good thing or a bad thing, really. The greenling's not trying to be rude by not looking at Tsenik, but she's trying not to mess up her fingernail painting too terribly badly.

Since when is Tsenik the only guy and totally surrounded by females? Well, it probably doesn't help he's carting a basket full of flowers and his services boast of being a florist. There's a loud cough from the man as he wraps his arms protectively about the basket now, his eyes flickering from the dragon to the canine and then back again. His! "I assure her, they don't taste good." He tells the greenrider, "Well, considering I didn't know your name, ma'am was a lot more polite than 'hey you, greendrider lady.'" There's a sagenod of his head and his eyes flicker back towards Idrissa, "Glad to know you're doing better. The flower die on you yet? I don't think it'd last too long." Sorianna's comment gets a blink, "Well, I don't think I want that sort of reputation, I'd lose marks, and I'd have to leave."

Walking into the clearing from the Meadow is a brand-new face, carrying a pack on his back with the thumbs hooked into the pack's straps is Datsun. The young Journeyman appears to have been traveling for quite a bit, judging from the dust on his heavy boots and travelworn state of his clothes. His eyes and face looks about the place, taking in the scene and his new surroundings, turning around and walking backwards to look at something out the corner of his eye, wandering off the path though unpurposedly.

When are teenaged girls supposed to be logical? Never? Unless you aim to communicate with a Jethaniel on some level. Then logic will have to do. "Anytime," Darsce tells Idrissa sunnily and means it too. Because when flirting palls there's always beautifying people and stuff. She just laughs under her breath about the idea of Jessi's green flower-licking. "That would be… unpleasant for the recipient, to get a bunch of spittle in their flowers," she says idly. "So who are they for?" she asks Tsenik curiously, with a quick glance towards Soriana. If anyone deserves flowers, she certainly does! At least in Darsce's opionion. And trust Darsce to note the arrival of another male! "Hi," she calls musically with a flutter of fingers towards the arriving Journeyman. But his back is to her at the moment, so she adds, "Watch out!"

"No, I meant the other way around," says Soriana to Tsenik with a twisty turny motion of her hands. "Like, your stuff is so good, everyone else spends all their marks on it…" She trails off, and shrugs. So maybe she's just not so good at talking today. Oh well. Her nails being well and truly smoothed now, she sets the borrowed file back in Darsce's case and once more considers on what color to paint them. Copper, champagne, maybe even that honey brown… Aww, heck with it. Let's just try the copper. She picks up the bottle, unscrewing the cap and starting to carefully brush it on to her fingernails. Lookit her, being all girly. Painting her nails and gossiping! What a world, what a world. Her mood at this point seems mostly improved, though she is rather quieter than her usual self. Maybe it's all the not being mad, or the attention required for cosmetic application. She doesn't notice Datsun at first, but when she does, she gives him a curious look and a slight wave before returning to her beautification, courtesy of Darsce.

Idrissa keeps her smile while she glances back to Tsenik. "Thanks.. An well it sorta did. I tryed putting it in some water but I don't think it really helped." Oh sure she can take are of prized racing runners but when it comes to flowers? Not so much! She eyes Asher, her large steele gray and tan canine whom is near her and opens the bottle of nail polish and leans over to paint a few of claws upon a front paw. Asher whines out while pulling his head back and shifts up onto his haunches as if that will help. "Aww.. Come on Asher, it'll be cute." Though as Darse catches sight of new person Asher does as well, and the canine is up on his paws quickly escaping his suddenly nail polish happy owner to go check out Datsun it seems! Oh dear.. "Asher.. Don't jump on anyone." His be good SO far maybe it will continue?

Tsenik slowly starts edging his way towards the beach, keeping his eyes on the females. Never turn your back on a female, they're deadly when they don't think you're looking! Tsenik looks over towards Darce, "Some guy sent his lady some flowers, her name is Hilise, she's supposed to be on the beach. I'm delivering flowers to her. I'd be more than happy to give her some flowers if a delivery is requested." Don't mind if he slowly makes good on his escape, one step at a time. "Oh, well, thanks, Sorianna, I'm hoping the place picks up so I can build a shop around here. I'd really like that, especially with my /own/ greenhouse! But, perhaps I'm better off moving to Ierne if I want something like that…" Oh well. Idrissa gets a nod from Tsenik, "WEll, that's cause I pretty much just picked it from the stem, I doubt it'd survive long."

Datsun continues to walk backwards, squinting at what he thinks he sees before starting to turn around as he hears voices. "Huh?" is his reply to Darsce's warning, blinking as he somehow misses the canine on an intercept course with his own. While still sideways, the canine causes Datsun to trip, his arms trying to flail out but his thumbs are caught on the pack's straps, depriving him of any counterbalance. As a result, Datsun ends up falling, directly into Darsce's lap, facedown.

Don't blink in the presence of females, either. Cos when you do - they get SO much closer and it is sure DOOM. "If I see the appropriate male, I'll be sure to suggest it," says Darsce with a puzzled look at the backing-away Tsenik. Why are all the guys in their vicinity suddenly walking backwards? She does notice Idrissa's attempt to paint Asher's claws out of the corner of her eye but her main concern is the young man (when isn't it?) who continues to back towards them. She could almost foretell what will happen if the look on her face is anything to go by, but she can't avoid the accident-waiting-to-happen that is Datsun because she's between a rock and a hard place. Literally. The cliff wall is at her back and so there's nowhere and no time to scramble out of the way. She manages to sort of catch Datsun in her arms, her iceblue eyes but a few inches from his when he lands, not-quite face down in her lap, but close! For a moment she, uncharacteristically, is at a loss for words. Then it's, "You're so lucky my nail polish was dry." Because Faranth help the male who messes with her manicure!

Idrissa ahs as she hears Tsenik and nods. "Well I suppose that is indeed why it didn't live to long then. Still, it was very petty, thank you again for it." She says with a smile and points towards where the beach is incase he is still looking for it. "The beach is just down that'a way, can't miss it past the meadow." Her attention is back on Asher whom she is starting to follow over and a faint oh escapes her as she is about to try and tell Datsun to be careful before he and Asher meet and one of them goes stumbling an right into Darsce's lap. For a moment she is quiet, blinking, very unsure what to say and tilts her head before moving to take hold of Asher's collar and tugs him back to where she is sitting. "I'm..sorry.. Are you alright?" This is actually questioned to both Datsun and Darsce.

One can usually tell when ka-el is on a rest day. On rest days, he's clean. On non rest days… well…when one works with coals and fires and ash all day, it's difficult to keep up appearances! And after a day's worth of breaking up coal, a fine black dust has settled on his clothing and darkened the skin on his face with black freckles. Long sleeves and trousers have saved his arms and legs, but now that he's been dismissed to wash up, he's thankfully pushed the baggy sleeves of his tunic up. Smudges here and there on cheeks and forehead show where his arm has been brushed in attempts to either wipe away sweat, soot, or likely both. A /definite/ bath is needed! He travels along through the meadow and into the clearing now, idly swinging a heavy headed hammer in one hand as he directs his walk towards th-..oh wait, people! His attention is quick to turn from his important task (bathing) to another task (socializing) as at least two familiar faces are noted in the area. Detour! Instead, he heads towards the few congregated.

Perhaps sensing that most of the attention is off of him for the moment, Tsenik makes his escape by heading for the beach as soon as he possibly can. At least the flowers made it out without getting slobber of some kind or another!

Jessi had been concentrating on finishing her fingernails, which are now done in the nice purple shade she had picked out. Of course, now they have to dry, luckily Aisuohkoth is being remarkably well-behaved around the group of people, she gives her young green a silent praise for that. Of course, what she missed while she was concentrating so hard was some stranger falling into Darsce's lap and the fleeing of the flower man. And yet another arrival? The greenling shifts where she sits, moving a bit out o the way just in case someone else decides to take a tumble. "How's it look?" She asks of the girls around, holding up her nails carefully.

Datsun blinks, hazel eyes looking directly into Darsce's ice-blue eyes as he turns over, ears turning red. Quickly averting his eyes from Darsce, he disentangles his thumbs from his pack's straps to push himself up to a standing position, glancing at each new face of the group, looking sheepish. A hand comes up to stratch the back of his head, "Sorry." Asher is finally noticed, "Is he okay?" Of course, ask about the health of the canine, not the woman he fell on.

Now would be the perfect time for her growly-glowery father to show up - while Darsce is sitting here holding a guy - half in her lap - in her arms. Thankfully D'had doesn't walk by, however. What a welcome that would be, eh? Not! Is she alright Idrissa? Are you kidding?! There's a MAN in her lap! "I'm good," she tells the younger girl with a smirk, eyes lifting to see the be-smudged Kale arriving. She has no idea where he works so her greeting to him is, "What on Pern happened to you?" Meanwhile she's actually helping Datsun up (Not clinging to him - really!!) and assuring him she’s okay with sniff (thanks for asking), "Nono, it's fine. If I hadn't been sitting here you'd have broken your face. Really." Because with his hands stuck in those straps, he'd never have caught himself in time. "They look great, Jessi," she says when she can actually see the weyrling's nails.

It is more or less at this point that Harlin comes back from his work; wandering towards the group with his hands in his pockets. His attitude seems at least a fair bit more relaxed than his departure — he still looks piqued, but at least not entirely furious this time.

Asher seems fine! In fact when he spots Kale he lets out a bark to get his attention. Idrissa sighs softly while peering at Datsun and Darsce. "His fine, it'll take more then someone tripping over the big lug to harm him any. Are /you/ ok?" She questions curiously, her bright gaze resting on the new boy once Darsce answer's she's alright, welp his turn. Well the older girl looks alright, not broken nails right? Hearing Jessi her gaze turns over and she peers at the nails and nods with a smile. "They look nice." Unlike her own nails which are stil paint free! Though she turns her attention back to Darsce and Darsun, she is about to say something before finally catching sight of Kale, whom gets a warm smile and waves towards him. "Hey Kale, how are you?" An while he might look like a mess she is use to it so doesn't question it.

Wait now.. something's happened! Kale is mentally digesting the situation his eyes behold. Some guy practically face first on Darsce's lap, looking overly embarassed to be there. How's he get there? Maybe some weyr-ish lap kiss ritual? He wouldn't put it past them. But no, apologies wouldn't be tossed around if that was the case! And as everyone gets to their feet, Kale reaches their vicinity, eyes darting to Darsce. Wait. Is she talking to him? And … heavens, why is he always at his /worst/ whenever their paths cross? "Er…" He glances at his hands, fingernails black with soot, and he hastily rolls down a sleeve to try to wipe his face, though it helps little to fix the raccoon look he's rockin' at the moment. "Soot. Coal breakin' day. I dare anyone to try gettin' out of it without lookin' half blackened at the end." He grins crookedly, and the look widens a bit as he regards Idrissa. "Ashen, but well. Want a handshake?" he asks with a smirk, holding out blackened palms. "How about a hug?"

Jessi peers at her fingers, experimentally tapping on nail to see if it's dry. "How long does it take to dry? Cause I think we got classes in a bit." She comments as she glances over her green who has found a nice sunny place to curl up in.

Datsun gives Darsce furtive glances while he checks himself over, seeing nothing out of place. "Everything seems to still work." The red in his ears is starting to fade, "That's true. I guess I do have you to thank for saving my face." The new arrivals get a glance. Since he's already started conversing, he decides to stay, pulling his pack off to let it fall to his side, settling down besides Darsce, eyeing the fingernails apprehensively. "What is this place, by the way?"

Darsce can help fix that, Harlin! He returns and she points towards the florist - all that can be seen of him is his backside and that huge basket of flowers headed in the wrong direction. "Your delivery has gone awry because you spelled Soriana so badly it's going to the beach to a woman named Hili-something." She blinks at Kale in utter bewilderment over his answer, saying slowly, "I… would… just leave it in chunks?" Truthfully she wouldn't go anywhere near coal. "It should be dry by the time you get over there," she tells Jessi absently, while just sort of gaping at Datsun. Everything seems to be working??? He didn't just say that?! Oh this is too tempting. She's trying not to… trying not to… fail!! With an up-down flicker of a look and a bit of a leer, she says, "How can you be so sure?" But then she coughs and drops the teasing act and answers him seriously enough, "It is Xanadu Weyr. Ah… did you just get here?"

Harlin pauses where he is; giving Darsce an incredibly blank look. "Wha… what?" He says, and reaches out to attempt to grasp the florist in question. "Woah, hang on. What's going on here? I didn't send Soriana any flowers or anything of the kind. We didn't even have that kind of … " He waves his hand makes a bah sound and aborts his attempt to secure a florist in question and instead just peers at Darsce. "She's a dumb cow anyway, I'm not sure why you think I'd be sending her flowers." The muscular lad has his chest out and his chin in at this point, everything about him speaking more or less defiance. He glances very briefly to Idrissa, then to Kale. Then to the other newcomer, then finally back to Darsce, a challenging look on his face.

Idrissa peers at Kale curiously a few moments, she doesn't have much to say on him being all covered in soot, she get's plenty dirty when she's working at the stables after all. "Looks like you managed to get your self covered in coal more then anything else." This said while she grins at Kale and leans over to give his shoulder a faint poking. Hearing Jessi she ahs softly, ponder but Darsce answers at least! Good to know. She smiles and nods to Datsun. "Well, that's good. I'm really sorry about that. Asher just loves meeting people, new people, people he knows its all fair game to him. An it you brat? An welcome to Xanadu!" The dog is given a happy petting across the head, and Asher leans into the attention happly which makes Rissa keep her smile. Her gaze turns over to Darsce and then Harlin and she blinks at what he says. "Hey.." Is suddenly said with a thin tone and it seems she is taking that challenge, even moving towards Harlin in the process. "Don't go saying that about Soriana, she's my friend an been nothing but friendly to you like everyone else." Oh yes Harlin hit a nerve and Rissa does have a backbone, see?

Leave it in chunks? Kale can't help but laugh. "You tell that to /your/ journeymen an' see how many fingers y'still have at the end've the day." All ten of his fingers (all happily intact!) and both palms are then brushed against the side of his trousers, transferring black smudges to his pants. Sigh. Operation clean is an utter fail. "You should see the other guys, Idrissa. I'm the cleanest of'm all." Eyes traverse to Datsun, who seems to be yet another newcomer, but as his question is already answered he suffices with a nod and good natured, "Welcome! The best ovine stew is made just there," he gestures to the caverns. "/And/ when there's jerky, you want to come early, as it goes fast." Because every boy needs to know prime eating times and delicacies! His hammer is thumped against the palm of his hand before it's slid into a belt loop to hang at his side. He glances to Darsce, then Harlin with a sort of raised brow. What's that about a cow? Then eyeballs pingpong to Idrissa. Uh oh.

Nails, and the painting thereof! Soriana giggles at Datsun's tumble into Darsce-lap, and when she glances up from her nails (they're getting copper polish one! With actual shininess!) to offer Kale a grin! No wave, but that's because her hands are busy. "Hey Kale!" she calls out. Sootboy! Covered in soot! When Harlin arrives, she gives him a glance, nothing more… until Darsce starts stirring up trouble, which Harlin appears all too happy to oblige her with. Sori frowns at the insults (not mad, remember?) and pauses in her nail-painting. Really, what do you say to that? She finally settles on, "Whatever," and returns her attention to her nails. …yeah, only now it's with the scowly face.

Jessi gets to her feet(not that her barely 5 foot tall frame is very impressive) and would put her hands on her hips at Harlin's words if her nails weren't still wet and she wasn't afraid they'd smudge. "Hey, you really shouldn't talk about Sori like that." Well, well, maybe the shy lil petite girl does have some backbone. "Sori's a very sweet person and she's my friend and you really shouldn't be groping for girls in the hot springs anyway." Yeah, sure Jess, take Soriana's side, don't even wait to hear the boy's side of the story. "Sori, are you sure you don't want me to sic Aisu on him, she'd gladly sit on him or something." The girl's got an almost full grown green dragon and she's not afraid to use it! Xanadu gals stick together.. Or something like that anyway.

Datsun blinks at Darsce, peering at her when she leers at him. "Because everything is moving?" He answers Darsce's teasing question with a question of his own. Looking up at Harlin's words then the exchange between Idrissa and Harlin. "Xanadu." echoes Datsun, "I didn't realize I'd walked that far. Yes." A nod at Darsce's question, smiling at Kale's directions, "Thank you. It'll be nice to eat real food besides stale bread and cheese."

Mission. Accomplished. Pique to belligerence. Score! Although Darsce's teasing smirk turns to a frown when Harlin calls Soriana names. Yeah, she seems to be able to stir up trouble all too easily, although she was aiming for an unsubtle hint and maybe a laugh from Harlin, not pigheadedness. "Oh that's really mature," she says with a disgusted eyeroll. "I don't think you did, I think you should." Why? She doesn't explain that. "Idiot," she mutters under her breath. She may be sarcastic once in awhile – well okay a lot - but she's been taught that since they are bigger and stronger, boys don't call girls names or hit them. Is it unfairly biased? Well, that's beside the point. Idly, she says to the others, "You guys aren't going to convince him of anything. I'd ignore him. If you guys start fist-fighting the Weyrwoman will come knock your heads together." Datsun would get a significant look at his- nevermind she's not in the mood to tease him further. Especially since he says he walked here. She has to ask, "From where?!" They're a LONG way from anywhere within walking distance.

Harlin glances at Idrissa. "Horse shit she's been nothing but friendly to me. Take some of the blinders off of your eyes and look at reality, will you? For once in your life don't sit there and go along with what everyone else seems to think and actually have some backbone to look at the situation and make your own opinion. Instead of just sitting around there going yes and mm and doing whatever other people want. It just makes you look weak and ineffectual. You'd be /amazing/ if you didn't do that, but it just makes you unattractive; like you aern't your own person." He waves his finger at her; clearly annoyed. "You'd be cute if you'd just stop being so damn passive and taking the path of least resistance. I understand that you're obligated to take the side of your friend, but get real."
He steps out, glaring at each of the girls in turn and finally lets his gaze settle on Darsce. "Mature? You wanna know what's real mature? A stupid accident happened and I've been nothing but either given the cold shoulder or shit on for the last few hours because of it. You don't think that I didn't hear some of what you all said about me?" By now, his face is blood red; colored with anger. "You wanna know what really happened? She was hitting on me, kept tickling my leg with her toes under the water. So I playfully kicked her, she kicked me back, I caught her heel and went to pull her towards me — and whatever the hell she did, she overreacted, and because of that…."
He waves his hand in a dismissive manner; angered gaze focused now on Soriana. "So, whats it about, Sori? You just embarassed you were hitting on me or something? I can't figure it out. The other day you suddenly decided kissin' me was a good idea — I didn't ask for that — and I didn't ask for this either. Just feels like you're shitting on me for no reason, and you know what that makes you." He rounds on his heel; facing Jessi now. "I'm tired of you all sitting around here in your little clique talking about how horrible I am, expecting that I'm just going to sit here and take it. I'm not going to. I overheard a bit of the conversation after I left. Fact is, you only get half the story when you follow one person. It wouldn't have been such a shell damned big deal, except since I'm apparently the biggest asshole on Pern, I might as well act like it. Sorry if I'm not the passive type of boy that just puts his head down and ignores adversity, but you're all being stupid and unfair."

Idrissa lifts a brow while she looks back at Harlin, watching him and looking rather calmly actually. Her arms folding in front of her. "Backbone huh?.." She's standing here in front of Harlin without anyone pushing her into it, this is all her. "I may not talk a lot Harlin, an I may hang back. But I'm rather good at watching people. Soriana has been friendly to you, as I have." Though she doesn't let Harlin move away that quickly and is once again standing in front of him eyeing him. "I defended you Harlin.. Not everyone around here is against you, other then you being against yourself." She glowers up at Harlin slightly. "Don't really care if you think that makes me an 'unamazing' person, or 'uncute' either." She turns waving a hand at Harlin. "I was actually hoping you and Soriana could talk, perhaps work things out but your have to get your head outa your own arse before that could even come close to happening." She hears Darsce but isn't going to go about throwing punches or anything in the like and a faint glance is sent towards Kale before she steps on over to where he is, soot covered an all and she'd rather be near him at the moment.

Interesting guy! That is Datsun. His friends are being bullied (or something)! That is Soriana and Idrissa. Kale's attention is being torn! For one, Datsun walked from somewhere. He seriously wants to know where. And why. And what he's doing here, as it must be some grand adventure type thing. And then probably take him to go stuff his face with some food and then convince him to play a pickup game of kickball. Or take him /and/ Darsce to the caverns and oogle over Darsce as we all know women such as herself crave the attention of fourteen (almost fifteen!) year olds like him. Totes. But no, his priorities are straight, and upon hearing Harlin, a vague frown tugs on his lips. "Sorry mate," said to Datsun, clapping a hand on the older boy's shoulder. "I've to see to my friends." He moves then, glancing to Soriana and her nail polishing with a grim look. Hey hey. He nudges her with the toe of his boot. Brow arch. 'You kissed him?' is mouthed, expression open mouth puzzled. It stays that way for a moment, seemingly truly miffed. Then, his eyes cross and he sticks out his tongue a bit, making a brief face before he looks again to Harlin and Idrissa. He hangs back a little as she speaks, smirking a bit, but beyond the look is a vague tenseness that lingers even as she approaches him afterward. His attention remains on the rather unknown guy, mouth reforming its former frown. "These are my friends, an' you don't speak to either of them that way. You've nothin' nice to say of them, then you've nothin' to say at all. Because if that's what you truly think, then you really know nothin' of them."

Soriana just shakes her head to Jessi. No, she doesn't want any dragons squishing anyone. Okay, maybe there's a little bit of her that wants that, but… no, and not just to keep the Weyrwoman from having to knock heads. She frowns as Harlin goes after Idrissa, and her hand goes down, stopping in painting her nails and just… looking at him, even all through Idrissa and Kale's retorts on her behalf… but, no, she has something to say to Harlin for herself. So she does. "Yeah, a stupid accident happened. So… what, you started ignoring me because of it? You started by kicking me. You were pulling me underwater. So, yeah, maybe I was stupid too, but I don't much like being dragged around. I'm not just going to sit there and take it. I didn't notice you saying no when I kissed you… and, yeah, I'm the one who did that, because you were talking about how nice it'd be to have someone to mess around with. Guess I thought it'd be nice, too. Seemed like fun." An ever so brief glance to Kale, but then back to Harlin, because she's not done yet. Not by a long shot. "So then one thing goes wrong, and all of a sudden you're just staring at your toes because you can't deal with it. Can't even come check on me in the infirmary. So, okay, whatever. I could give you some time… but grow a spine, okay? Yeah, I made a joke about you and consequences to Darsce, but shards and shells, you've said way worse than that to Rissa. You seemed to think it was funny, then." She shrugs. "You want to blame me? Fine. You got anything more you want to say? Say it." She waves a hand, offering up the audience of the other girls. "You want to say it's my fault? Fine, it's my fault, because I'm stupid. But if it's my fault for being stupid, then I'm going to get just a little bit smarter. It's over. I am done with you."

Jessi is a weyrling, she's getting pretty well immune to being yelled at, especially with a lifemate like hers, and so when Harlin starts in on the group, she smirks a little. "A clique, is that what we are, just because we're enjoying a bit of fun making our fingernails pretty? I've never been in a clique in my life but I do know when someone is being rude to my friends, and right now you are being rude to not one but two of my friends and that is quite unacceptable." Yes, well, she's probably the oldest one here right now, and she probably should be playing responsible adult and trying to get everyone to get along but Jessi just isn't that kind of girl. Aisuohkoth, having been awakened from her slumber by the words being thrown around, draws to her feet and pads silently over towards the group, hovering just behind harlin for a long moment as she watches her rider, eyes whorling calmly for now. "If Sori was flirting or not doesn't matter. A man doesn't grab a woman without her consent." Of course, as Soriana starts to speak, the greenling quiets, and Aisuohkoth mov es just enough so that her rider can lean against her lightly.

"That would be bad, for me to appear at Xandau the same time a fistfight breaks out…" comments Datsun, turning his smile on Darsce, "The last place that I remember that had a name was Island River Hold. Before that, I was at Southe…" then he trails off as Harlin launches into his tirade, falling silent as he watches Kale, Soriana, and Jessi move to confront Harlin.

Ripe with disgust, "Oh Faranth grow UP Harlin!" Darsce is pulling her pink-toenail’d bare feet in to get up, scooping her nail kit and zipping it up as she straightens up. She's had it. She's not even going to argue with the younger teenaged boy about he-said/she-said. "And grow a man-skin. Thicker than the thin-skinned, overly sensitive one you've got on now." She quiets when Soriana speaks up. "Nevermind, this is useless. Welcome to Xanadu, Datsun. It's not like this all the time. Food's right in there through that opening-" she points through the cavern entrance. "I'm going back to bed." Because it's lunchtime and she was up right after breakfast. Because they're beginning to attract a crowd. Because Headwoman Ocelara will be out jabbing them all with knitting needles if they don't quit it. Because if the Weyrwoman hears the ruckus from the office they'll all be cleaning latrines for the rest of their lives. And she’d rather die than do that! She's out of here.

"Kale." Harlin says, quietly. Extremely quietly, with his voice barely above a whisper. This is in direct contrast to the yelling he did a moment ago. In fact, his voice seems almost too calm. "The girls seem to speak pretty nice of you, and from what I heard about you; I like you. You don't seem to have any harm in it for anyone. In fact, I think you're kinda good looking. And no, despite what that one says … " He jerks his thumb at Darsce. "I ain't gay — and whatever. You don't even know me." Boy, those are classic words for a teen. "Now, that said…." His voice is even lower; to the point that one is going to have to struggle to hear it — almost no emotion at all on it. "I'd really hate to leave you looking like a bacon and egg breakfast, so just back off, okay? Please and thank you. That's a good lad." The tone, despite the words is exceptionatly polite. He touches his lips with a broad hand. "And mind the smirk as well. There are a few places around here that'd be enough for it as well."
"Thanks, then, Ris. I retract what I said to you. I'm fair enough to give an apology." Then Soriana starts on him; and he listens politely, face is still red with anger but he's actually silent while she makes up her statement. "Okay." He says by response. "If that's how you want to play it, that's more or less fine. I've already made up my mind I could care less — I'm just tired of this sitting around and bitching and complaining about me behind my back when you really don't understand half of what's gone on yourself." Once again; chest is out and chin is in. " . . especially since I -DID- check on you. You were asleep. Journeyman Waylin said to leave you be. I suppose he didn't even give you the cakeroll I left, the fat asshole. He probably ate it for himself. Either way.. " He points a thick finger at her. "I spent the last night pretty much feeling like crap, and you looked like you needed your space." He's calming down now; talking quietly and the flush of anger seems to be leaving his face. His brain is working again! "The truth is, I felt like…""
Then Jessi speaks this is apparently too much and his face turns blood red. "Excuse me." He says to Jessi. There is no loud yelling, the same flat tone he used with Kale. No anger in his voice or anything of the kind. "This is exactly what I'm talking about. Screw you, Soriana." Now, his face is the picture of complete and utter hurt. "I try to be nice to you, we're fooling around, and suddenly I have a reputation for someone who grabs women in the baths? Thanks. Thanks alot. Real mature of you to tell them -THAT- wasn't it?" He places a broad hand to his forehead. "Whatever. Fine. You all win. Just go spread some more lies about me, say I screw herdbeasts or something, while you're at it. You can't hurt my reputation any more than apparently I'm a molestor." And with that, he shakes his head and turns to walk off — quickly at that. Muttering something under his breath.

Idrissa is quiet now as she listens to the people around her, arms folding in front of her once more while she eyes the ground kicking at it quietly. Needless to say she doesn't like how Harlin is talking to the others and the glower turns into more of a glare. "A bit hard to reteact things already said Harlin." This said with a faint tone. "Could have explained that.." Is grumbled out as Harlin goes on talking about checking in on Soriana. Though she soon slips quiet seeing this is going no-where fast and she would really like it to just end it would seems. She lets her hand rests against Kale's arm a moment before peering over at Soriana to see what she might say, or well not say. As Darsce goes about leaving that seems like a great idea to her! Her attention soon rests on Datsun and she takes in a faint breath. "Hey.. I'm sorry your first day here turned into this." This said with a soft tone. "Kale, Soriana.. Want to go get something to eat and show the new guy around? Anything to escape the crazyness that has happened out here! It is also offered to Darsce and Jessi if they are still around, though for Harlin? He can go off and stew and think about everything.

Bacon and egg breakfast? "How would that work, really? I fancy omelettes myself," remarks Kale, whose brows furrow at the thought. Omelettes have everything inside. The cheese. The bacon. Onion bits. Sometimes even chunks of ham. Doesn't look like a face at all. But hey, he knows a threat when he hears one, nicely laced in politeness or not, and the expression on his soot smeared face shadows. "Scorch it, man. You're losin' friends before y'even make any. I've heard nearly nothin' about you, an' all this isn't helpin' you." He has little else to say. All of the girls really have this handled, and truly…they know more about this conflict than he does. He's made his point clear already: He's on the side of his friends, Harlin kissing and all. His eyes sweep to Soriana. There's a lot to marinate on, there. She was in the infirmary? She's been flirting with this guy? They're done…which means that there was something to be done /with?/ Where the hell has he been?? At Idrissa's touch, he shakes his head a bit briskly, as if the clear the cobwebs, before he perks at her idea. "Right! Sounds keen, eh? Food an'…well, maybe washin' up for me first as I don't want to eat ash." He looks over to Jessi, offering her a light grin of invitation. And..where'd Darsce go? Ah, drat!

Jessi actually seems to calm once she's touched her green, it's like some sort of magical miracle or something. "Well, you did say you were pulling her towards you." Hey, he did, of course she may have taken that the wrong way a bit, but she's got her reasons. It doesn't matter though because apparently Harlin is walking off and that leaves Jessi's words trailing off. The wweyrling proceeds to lean her head against her green's a moment. Hmm, an offer of food, and a few hours to burn before classes, she gives her green a scritch and nods. "Food sounds good."

So he did stop by, huh? Soriana tilts her head to the side, actually listening to Harlin… though really, he's already dug himself a second (maybe third?) hole nice and deep with what he's said to Idrissa and Kale. Still, he's maybe just starting to build himself a ladder, up until… "I said," says Soriana in a cold (but loud) tone, "You grabbed me. Which you did." And that's all she said on the matter, really. Who's jumping to conclusions now? "I also said it was an accident. So. Who were you listening to, again?" Because it apparently wasn't her, since nothing she's actually said is anything like what he claims. And he's just apologized to Rissa, so… really, what was he listening to? Good question. Hey, if she was the sort of controlling jerk he claimed, maybe she'd actually be responsible for what her friends do! Turns out, though… she isn't. So, add 'makes unintentionally misleading comments sometimes' to the oh-so-great list of her sins. Along with not understanding things… and kissing boys. Which is rapidly moving into 'was a mistake' territory, as the boy she kissed… walks off again, because rant-and-run is totally mature. He'll probably pretend he didn't hear her again - like he pretended not to hear her before, when she thanked him. Must be pretending, or else how did he not hear that but did hear those nebulous 'things' afterward? Yeah, all this is really just reaffirming her decision to keep clear of him. It was an accident, sure - but that doesn't mean Harlin isn't trouble. He's proving that now, and Sori? Well. She'll be better off without him. As now, since he's certainly out of hearing now. She glances to Darsce as the older woman makes to leave, and quickly finishes up her half-done nails so she can return the polish. Best job ever? No. But it'll do. Now she looks to Kale and Idrissa and the rest, and sighs. "Sorry," she says, though even she's not entirely sure for what, and looks to Idrissa. "Yeah. Sure."

Datsun decides to follow Darsce's directions to the food, rising up from his seated position and shouldering his pack again, "Thanks. I think…" Idrissa gets a shrug, "It happens. I should've known I'd walk right into drama." is his answer. The Journeyman begins to walk towards the caverns, "You're welcome to join me and show me around if you'd like, but if you guys need to discuss that drama more, I can find my way around."

Idrissa smirks while peers at Kale. "Omelettes?.." Is questions, a bit of amusement clearly seen across her face. "It's alright Kale." She murmurs softly to him while nodding to the talk of food, cavern is safety right? For a moment she is quiet as she hears Soriana and she shakes her head. "It's fine, don't worry about it." A faint smile is seen to her friend and she offers her a hand to help her up so they can go find foodz. "No problem, an no more drama for tonight." With Asher following after her she turns moving towards the cavern, her mind still going over everything that just happened.

"What… I like omelettes," remarks Kale with a sidelong look to Idrissa, a grin curving his lips. "Y'know, that's what should happen one eve. 'Breakfast for dinner' night. They could serve everyone's favorites. Eggs, bacon, flatcakes, sausage…" His stomach grumbles in protest at the talk of food, and his hands pat his empty belly. As Idrissa moves to take care of Soriana, who will not be short of thoughtful looks this evening, he instead traverses to Datsun. "Drama? Psh, that's hardly anything. Drama is murder 'n cold sands an' soon to be laid eggs. /That's/ drama, eh? Name's Kale Crestwood, by the way. I know the girls…except the rider. But! Introductions'll be made when we're inside, an' you'll see that we're all mostly sane." Leave it to Kale to get the ball rolling back to normalcy.

Jessi straightens herself, now, smoothing her shirt before she proceeds to step over towards the rest of the group, though she probably should have fled while she had the chance what with her making things worse or something. "Sorry, I should've kept my mouth shut. I'm terrible with men." Is offered to no one in particular, or maybe everyone. "I still think he was at the wrong though." She's going to stick to that part at least.

Datsun's stomach rumbles loudly at the talk of omelettes, earning a moan from Datsun, "All with syrup on top…" Licking his lips, he looks at the others, clearly still thinking about the food as he introduces himself, "Well met, Kale. I am Datsun. Some call me Dats. Either works. I'm guessing you're all from Xanadu?"

"I am so done with all that," declares Soriana firmly, as she stands up ever-so-carefully so as to not smudge her nails. Though she does look to Kale, with a slight twist of lips and long linger of eyes that says, 'We should talk.' Because, well, there was kissing. But she's not going to have that conversation today! No way, no how. A glance to Jessi then, and a shrug. "It's okay." A smile, as if to say 'you, at least, are still my friend!' and then she's looking back to Kale. "Breakfast for dinner, huh?" She hehs. "Sounds fun." Normalcy. Or at least fun kinds of crazy upside downedness. She likes that! Also she starts after Kale toward Datsun, and introduces self. "I'm Soriana."

Idrissa chuckles as she hears Kale. "Ya alright, you got a point there. It doesn't sound to bad at all really." She offers softly. She peers at Soriana a moment and nods. "An, I'm totally there.. done with it." Is offered, and she was just /friends/ with Harlin. Hearing Jessi she shakes her had. "Naw, its alright. Better it all came out at least and wasn't strung along over time. An, thanks for helping Jessi." Rissa appricates the help from the older girl! Her gaze turns back to Datsun, a friendly smile seen. "I'm Idrissa. Again I'm really sorry you had to deal with all that.. That doesn't normally happen." In fact she thinks that is the first time that has ever happened since shew as here! With everyone up and moving, talking and /undrama/ she heads towards the cavern petting Asher as she goes. Onwards to foodz!

Ooh, Datsun /clearly/ has good taste in food. The mentioning of syrup has Kale nodding sagely. "A must," he concurs, trying to quiet another stomach rumble, but it's a task that's impossible to do. His gaze trails to Soriana, catching that look of hers and answering it with an equally quiet blink and pursing of his lips. 'Yeeeeah, sure' in quiet talk. But not now! Now is time for new friends and eating and dreaming of breakfast for dinner nights! "Nice meetin' you, Datsun. C'mon. Time for chow. I bet I can eat more than any've you." Bottomless pit talking! With a grin, he heads inside.

Jessi, green Aisuohkoth's." Jessi offers, then, while everyone is introducing themselves. "Breakfast for dinner's a good idea, you should talk to the cooks about it." She'd offer a hand, but her nails might not quite be dried yet, so she doesn't.

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