A Gathering of Whers

Xanadu Weyr - Forest's Edge


While the forest is thick for a long while, in time it begins to thin, as the ground becomes rockier to the south western stretches of the Weyr's land. The trees are further apart, and the rocks become larger, before rocky outcroppings seem to be more prevalent than the trees around them. As the hills begin to gain in height, the shruberry upon them become more stunted.
What's this, though! It seems with all the recent earthshakes from the south, the ground has begun to realign itself, and one hillside has shifted, revealing an opening into a small cave. At least, that's what it appears, as the whole is just large enough for an average sized man to sneak through.

The Forest's Edge of Xanadu - where the rocky mine and stone meets the beautiful quiet of the forest itself. Coming out from one of the wher dens allocated to the WherHandlers, Kanta grins down at Kask as the gold makes a beeline for the newer dens, letting out a bugle. « Wake! » She seems to cry, even as Kanta stumbles around mid-nighttime. "Kask, slow down!"

Hyrlon is leaned up against the wall outside Hysk's den, squinting at a pile of papers in the feeble light of a mostly-lidded glow. Occassionally, he glances up to watch Hysk play in the grassy forest clearing. It is during one of these glances that he sees the glint of kask's hide as she exits her den along with Kanta. Hysk bugles an equally jubilant welcome glad to see one of his own kind. « play? »

With the dark now coming across the Weyr, Vesk has begun emerging from his den and Verina follows. Her eyes are closed and the little wher seems to be leading the woman. But then, the sight of others has him letting out a cry of fear before he's scrambling behind the woman's legs. A sigh and Verina rolls her eyes. "You are such an odd little creature.."

Aeyric has been cooking some soup in an empty den. He comes out, Aesk follows, murling curiously. "Hey guys, if you need something hot, there's soup." Aeyric comes out, indicating the low burning fire and the small cauldron of food.

« Play! » Kask agrees, before peering at Vesk and giving an amused whuffle. Silly thing indeed, even as she gives an encouraging croon. A look is given to Aesk - were they ever that small? Kanta chuckles. "Hello, Aeyric. Hi, I don't think I've meet… any of you."

Hyrlon can't help but chuckle at Kanta's assertion even as Hysk gives a happy cheep, « Race? ». Hyrlon stands, setting his glow and paperwork aside and extending a hand to Kanta, "I think you've met my brother. I'm Hyrlon, journeyman specializing in safety and management. And that gorgeous raw sapphire is Hysk."

Verina is standing back away from the group, giving Aeyric a careful look over as well as Kanta before she salutes to the three Journeymen and keeps back and away from the conversation. Vesk continues to stumble around Verina, hiding against her leg and then she pushes him away. The process repeats a few times before she attempts to nudge him towards the others.

Aeyric grins at Kanta. "Heeey, sup?" Aesk boldly strides into view. He croons gently at Kask. « Play? » The bronze cocks his head, murling curiously. The bronze seems reluctant to run around, staying stubbornly by Aeyric.

Taking Hyrlon's hand, Kanta chuckles. "You looked familiar - don't ask me to specify, though." Kask noses Hysk briefly, then moves towards Vesk slowly. Hi. Her handler then turns back to Aeyric. "Do we have to train them?"

Hyrlon returns the handshake, "M'nol, brown Faraeth's rider. Don't ask me how that one happened." He winks. Hysk follows Kask slowly towards Vesk and cheeps, « hi? »

Verina stands quietly at attention looking between the Journeymen pointedly keeping her mouth shut. Vesk, on the other hand, lets out sounds of surprise at the others approaching. And then, scrambling promptly behind his handler and nudging his head right between her legs and watching. "He appears to be shy." And then, Rina steps away once more.

Aeyric grins. "I see. Well, my boyfriend is a brownrider." He grins. "But Jels had things to do. I came to spend a couple days down here and see how the whers here in Xanadu were doing." Aesk steps forwards, crooning warmly to Verina and Hysk. «Hi» The bronze returns, swaying from side to side a bit. "Heeeey, yeah Aesk. They're baby whers so be nice okay?" Aesk saunters over to Vesk and Hysk, leaning in to get a better look. He croons a greeting and a murble of curiousity.

"Oh, him." Kanta says wryly. "Can't say he didn't get what he was coming for - either a wher or a dragon!" She chuckles at that, and Kask pauses, confused at Vesk. « Shy? »

Hysk cocks his head to one side as well, « Shy? Why? » Hyrlon chuckles at both comments, "I wouldn't tell my brother that, he's… kind of afraid of liking guys. The family was really proud of him… the my youngest brother had to go and get a wher as well… I had to leave before I felt overshadowed by my youngest siblings."

Aeyric chuckles at Hyrlon. "I see. Well, you have a very pretty young wher there." Aeyric waves to Verina. "i'm Aeyric, bronze Aesk's handler and journeyman miner." Aeyric introduces himself. "I mostly work up at the main hall, and occasionally help out down Igen ways. But I'm mostly busy helping with the minecraft museum, now that its open I'm busy busy!"

Verina looks to Aeyric, slowly and carefully before she tilts a look towards Hyrlon. "If he rides brown it doesn't mean he'll like men." And then she's taking another step away from Vesk as he awkwardly keeps attempting to hide against her. Each time he draws closer, she nudges him away. "Well met, Aeyric. I could see your knot, though, sir." She points out politely before taking another step away from the shy blue.

Kanta tsks softly at poor Vesk. "Very good." She says, eyes bright as she watches how she steps away. "I'm glad you weren't like that, Kask." The gold gives a happy murble, then steps forward, suddenly, towards Vesk. "Yeah, I know M'nol. He'll be good."

Hyrlon nods, choosing to watch the whers attempt to play for a moment before saying, "I know that… he's… a bit of a homophobe, I think… dad just thought it was normal." He shrugs, then smiles at Vora, "At least you're not the only apprentice here. Janelle is too." Hysk chirrups, taking a gentler step forward than Kask, « play? »

Aeyric frowns. "I haven't met this M'nol guy. What's he like?" Aeyric asks, "Oh well, they'll get less shy eventually. They /are/ just babies after all." Aeyric beams as Aesk steps forward and croons to Hysk, friendly and playfull. Then he croons to Vesk, trying to coax the young wher out of being shy. Aesk ducks down a little, cocking his head at Hysk. « Play! » He agrees.

Vesk continues to scramble away from the others, crying out pitifully as he tries to escape. With a roll of her eyes, Rina shifts to lift up the wher. But she's not holding him for long as she places him near the others and takes a step back. "Make friends." Simple enough. Though she's not making any herself, arms fold across her chest as she watches. "He'll get over it." To Hyrlon. "Vesk will get over his shyness as well." Even if she has to force it out of him, it seems.

Kanta sighs. "I'll talk to 'em, Hyrlon." She says, softly. "I've seen it before." Kask flicks her stub of a tail at Hysk and Aesk, and walks right up to Vesk, attempting to nose him in the side. Hey.

Hyrlon nods, "I don't know whether that would hurt or help, but I guess it's worth a try." Hysk maintains his polite distance, « approach? »

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