Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level

Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.

When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

Quiet, empty deserted might be one way to describe the Observation Level this afternoon. No egg gawkers linger here. Below Seryth lies sleeping, curled around her mound, above the camp Thea has learned to set up with mattress on the first level of seats is there. The junior sits on a nearby seat with a rug spread out on a small table. She's leaning over it plying needle and thread. Mending apparently.

Keziah is doing quite the balancing act as she carries a tray of sticky buns, sweet rolls and chilled pieces of chopped fruit. Slung across her back is a pouch that has beads of moisture glistening on it. She's actually managed to carry it this far without dropping anything. Course, with the sticky buns and all, she'd been threatened with pain of death if she ended up wasting them. She spots Thea and she heads over towards her. She eyes the rug that's being mended with a but of curiosity and then shrugs. What else can the poor gold rider do. "We come bearing gifts." She states with a grin and doesn't bounce on down.

M'nol enters behind her, carrying a similarly loaded tray of fruit pies and a huge jug of fluids. His flits are, as ever, not far behind, but once again they perch themselves quietly for now. He smiles at Thea, "And I bring the sweets." he glances out at Seryth, then back at Thea, "She's laid a gorgeous set of eggs."

Footsteps on stone are hard to make without some sort of sound. In here they tend to echo a bit, so Thea's well aware someone, or more than someone is coming. The hand holding the needle pauses above the tapestry as her head turns to see who it could be, a wary look on her face. She relaxes visibly when Keziah comes into view, winces visibly at the words 'come bearing gifts', recovering almost immediately. "Really? That's nice!" She adds a bright smile to that, eyes shifting to M'nol, "You think so? I only got a quick peek before she buried them." She leans back, rotating her neck. "Thanks for bringing all this." She means it too. There is a sandwich on a plate nearby, but it has seen better days, all dried and curled as it is. May have been there a sevenday or more.

Keziah eyes the dessicated sandwhich and then snorts a bit. "You'ld think you'ld get fed better'n that." she notes and is starting to think she's lucky to have gotten a green. She never really did think about being stuck out here on the sands. Day in and day out. She sets the tray down "And I've also this as well." she notes as she bowls of bottle out of the pouch on her back and then peers at it and reads "Apple and berry wine." She hmms little and then sets the unopened bottle down and then pulls out a corkscrew "UNopened and chilled for your pleasure." she remarks as she sets the bottle down and starts to open it. She fumbles just a bit, she doesn't open wine bottles all that much.

M'nol sets the tray of bubblies and pitcher of non-alcoholic fruit juice next to where Kez set the others, also eyeing the sandwich dubiously, "Have you eaten at all?" he tries not to badger, switching the subject back to Seryth's clutch, "I can't see 'em very well, but the glimpses I get are beautiful. I think she'll hatch quite the clutch."

Thea hrms absently and follows Keziah's eyes to the sandwich, answering M'nol at the same time, "Wasn't hungry yesterday." A handflip dismisses the unfortunate not-dined-upon repast while her eyes rest dubiously on that bottle. "Oh, Keziah, how nice. I really shouldn't though…" The words trail off uncertainly. "But a bubbly now, I'll have." She flickers a glance at the two as she reaches for one of those, "You guys, eat, eat. I can't finish all this myself." She bites the pastry, one hand cupped under her chin to catch the crumbs.

Keziah tilts her head a little and then hms "Well it's there iffen you want it. I've been told even I couldn't get real drunk on it, so it can't be to heavy on the alchohol, nice and light and nice and cool." She settles herself down as she glances out over at the gold and her mound of eggs and she's looking back over at Thea. "So, how you doing out here?" she asks after a moment "Does it get lonely?"

M'nol slides onto a bench near to Thea, grabbing a bubbly for himself as well as pouring a glass of the iced fruit juice. He's half-way through the bubbly before he remembers his promise. He swallows loudly, "Vora wanted me to say goodbye to everyone for her. She got searched for Western."

Thea nods in response, an unreadable look in her eyes as she flickers another glance at that bottle, lightly answering, "I'll look forward to tasting it then, yeah?" She flashes a smile at Keziah, but doesn't move to pour any of it. Keziah's question has her spurting a mouthful of crumbs a she laughs, "Oh lonely? Not a chance of that. Not with the steady stream of folks and firelizards coming to see the eggs." She busies herself brushing the crumbs from her tunic, eyes the pair for a beat, "Didn't get you did I?" M'nol's announcement has her nodding approval, but she doesn't look surprised, "Glyith bespoke Seryth and told her the girl interested him." Keziah comes under the junior's scrutiny, "How's Alosynth?"

Keziah gives a nod as she perches on the edge of her seat "Well, never know. It is possible to be lonely in a crowd and all. And don't they mainly come to gawk at the eggs though?" she asks and then giggles at the flying crumbs "Even if you did, it doesn't matter. But I mean, well I dunno what I mean. I guess if you're cool, you're cool" And then there's a blink and a throughful frown "Shes…" she hmms a little "She's good." she notes without really elaborating on that.

M'nol shakes his head, "The only crumbs on these pants are my own." He glances between the two girls, lost as to what they were talking about. Poor boy, always around girls and no idea how their brains work.

"Well, yeah they do," Thea admits ruefully, "But then we get to talking about other things." She smiles ruefully in a way that hints being on the Sands might actually be busier than that being off them. Might be true, might not, she isn't saying. A glance at M'nol has her mouth curving in what might only be termed a wicked smile as she turns back to Keziah, her eyes dance with just a hint of mischief, "She's at that age where she ought to be rising soon." She schools her face to innocence, resumes eating that bubbly.

Keziah shifts a little at that "Yeah. Yeah she is." she notes and though she can't see Alo from here, there's a glance out towards that general direction. "Umm." she frowns a little and then she's shrugging off some thoughts and then smiles ruefully at Thea "Corner ya do they?" she asks with a tilt of her head 'Suppose iffen you can't run into ya one way, they'll get ya when you're stuck."

Thea laughs lightly, tossing Keziah a slight wink, "I can always hang out down there with Seryth if I want some peace. Not many of them want to bake with me." She busies herself bushing her hands together and she has the kindness not to needle M'nol further, rather picks up her needle, hands poised over that rug as she voices another thought. "Have you guys been cleared for passengers yet? Should have been by now, yeah?"

Keziah ahhs a little and nods and then she's looking thoughfully at the rug "What happened to your rug?" she asks with a tilt of her head and then there's a little bit of a frown and a brief glance at M'nol and then she quickly shifts her attention back to Thea. Outside Alosynth shifts a little at the crooning Faraeth and the bone she'd been gnawing and snapping is suddenly dropped and then shuffled around a little so it's not as visable.

M'nol nods slowly, "V'dim said we'd do our first passenger run tomorrow or the next day… then start elevator duty whatever that means." She sighs, then shrugs. Kez' mentioning it draws M'nol's attention to the rug as well and he mutters quietly, "Looks like it was stabbed or summat." Faraeth croons again, but doesn't make any attempt to find or take her bone.

Thea is busily stitching as she listens for M'nol's answer, nodding, "Have fun with that." No, she really means it. Her smile is genuine as she speaks, a smile that fades at Keziah's question. With anyone else, she might have gotten away with saying it's just an old rug, but there's not a chance that would fly. "Target practice," she mutters, her chin jerks, pointing to the crossbow propped beside the table.

Keziah blinks a moment at that and she's eyeing the crossbow and then the rug and frowns a bit "Oh." she notes simply and then gives a nod "Guess it's harder to go out and shoot something when you're cooped up in here." she notes quietly as she eyes the rug again and then glances at Thea with a thoughful look, but doesn't press. Then there's a blink and she's staring outside again. "If you'll excuse me." she says quietly as she just suddenly gets up and heads out. Alosynth outside seems to have curled up around the bone a bit more, but isn't crunching and chewing on it anymore, in fact she seems almost embarrased at having been doing that.

Devarn passes by Keziah as he strolls in casually, smiling and leaning against the wall. With a wave, he says, "Hey, everyone, what's going on up here?"

M'nol grimaces slightly, "I always start to be afraid when V'dim wears that particular grin…" He eyes the rug and then the crossbow dubiously, "You shot your rug…?" His good-bye wave to Kez quickly becomes a hello-wave to Devarn, "Hey. Just some food and chit-chat while I stare at Seryth's clutch. I think you're welcome to join," he cocks an eyebrow questioningly at Thea.

"Yeah, M'nol, I shot my rug." Thea answers dryly but doesn't explain any more than that, she just lifts a hand briefly as Keziah heads off, "Thanks for the wine and fruit," she calls after the weyrling. She's looking that way as Devarn comes up the stairs, "Hello." The greeting comes easily to her lips and she's nodding an answer to M'nol's unspoken question as she invites, "Just talking really. Join us?"

Devarn smiles warmly. "Thank you, I'd love to." He decides to take a seat, but not before introducing himself. "Oh, forgive me… I'm Devarn," he says with a small bow.

M'nol cocks an eyebrow at Thea, but doesn't push knowing full-well that he would probably just make things worse. Instead, he takes a bite of bubbly pie and motions for Devarn to take one as well. He gives Thea a winning smile, which for him means too cute for words, "If you need any help repairing it, I'd be glad to." He nods to Devarn, "I'm M'nol, brown Faraeth's rider."

Thea nods graciously to Devarn, "Well-met then Devarn and welcome to Xanadu Weyr." She pierces the rug with her needle, drawing the thread through, her ice green eyes sparkle with amusement at M'nol's offer, "Oh? Repairing tapestry is a lot different than sewing leather." Back to Devarn, she asks pleasantly, "What brings you to Xanadu?"

Devarn indulges, grinning. "Thank you very much. And a pleasure to meet you." Turning to Thea, he chuckles a little. "Oddly enough, sewing leather. I was near here, selling my belts at a Gather when I decided to visit the Weyr."

M'nol nods, "I'm better with fabric than leather. Fabric doesn't bite back." He can't help but grin at the irony of the series of statements, turning to Devarn he asks, "Just visit?"

Thea's needle flashes in and out of the puncture-tear rapidly, her eyes flickering to each in turn briefly then back to her task. "A tanner then?" She's approval in her tone and her attention is upon the newcomer as her hand stills, "Can always use another one here. D'you make riding harness and straps too?" She chuckles at M'nol, "I guess all those Candidate chores paid off, hmm?" She ties the thread in a knot, reaches for her beltknife and snicks the end of the thread free. Lifting the tread to her mouth, she draws it through to moisten it, bright glance toward each n turn as she does so, following the conversation with interest.

Devarn grins. "I -was- visiting, but I ultimately decided I'd rather stay," he replies to M'nol. Looking at Thea, he answers, "Well, I haven't tried my hand at -riding- harnesses, but I was pretty good at keeping the runner's saddles."

M'nol chuckles back at Thea, "I knew how to mend 'fore then, but they certainly gave me some practice at long repetition." He grins at Devarn, "Welcome to Xanadu, then. If you find you're a fair hand at riding straps, I'm sure you'll get plenty of business."

Thea re-knots that thread, her fingers dance through the turfted rug, finding another rend, her needle poking through the tough backing as she draws it through, "Mmm, pity. With all the dragons around needing new harnesses and straps…" She lets that thought trail off, giving M'nol a sidelong glance, "You had time to do that between digging rocks, really?" She's smirking slightly as she says it though; the weyrwoman is in a teasing mood today, apparently. Her attention returns to that rug, one hand absently tuck dark hair behind one ear as she resumes stitching.

Devarn nods. "Thanks, and I'd be glad to help." He gets up and leans on the railing, looking at the eggs and smiling at the scene behind him.

M'nol nods and shrugs at the same time, "Did it 'fore they'd let me in the mines… and when they needed me to watch the kids… whenever I wasn't in the mine and could hold a needle, really…" He smiles at Devarn, watching the older man examining Seryth's eggs, "Beautiful, aren't they?"

"Make a lot of marks doing that," Thea agrees with Devarn. Her head tilts, considering the newcomer. "There's plenty of folks can teach you how to make them if you aren't familiar with the design." She nods at M'nol, then bends to her repair job, biting her lower lip as she eyes the rug.

Devarn nods to M'nol. "Yeah…" He appears to zone out for a few, into his imagination. Clearing his throat, he shakes his head a bit. "…yeah, I think I'll ask about the pattern later on."

M'nol chuckles, remembering having the same awed feeling once. He stands, walking to join the older man at the railing, "No need to be embarrassed about it. Not many have looked at a clutch and not wondered if a dragon might be waiting in there for them." He takes a drink of his juice, "You can look at Faraeth's straps some time if you want… and I'm sure any of the other weyrlings would oblige as well. Our dragons just love showing off their new finery."

Thea looks up from her sewing, then slides the needle into the hem of the rug for safekeeping. She stands, stretching her arms, rubs her back for a moment or two. She flashes a curious look at Devarn, but doesn't ask him about his wishes regarding Impression. Instead, she lifts that bottle of chilled wine Keziah brought. "I think I'll just take it back to my Weyr for a later time." She slips past the two, adding "I'll be back later." Her easy smile is for both of them, a smile that fades as quickly as it came the moment her back is towards them and she's trotting down those steps.

Devarn smiles wistfully. "You've got that right…" Waving to Thea, he turns back to the grand sight over the balcony's edge. Heaving a small sigh, he grins, turning around once more after a moment and walking over to take another slice of pie. "Absolutely wonderful pie, by the way."

M'nol chuckles and nods, "As I said, most people do. As to the bubblies… those you'll have to thank the kitchen staff for. I just carried 'em up here."

Devarn chuckles as well. "I had thought so. You know, it's still hard to believe I'm actually here. It's not often someone from my neck of the woods gets to visit the Weyr, let alone stay here."

M'nol chuckles, "I know exactly how you feel. I transferred to the mine here from a tiny family mine-camp in Crom. Talk about culture shock."

Devarn shakes his head slowly, grinning. "Yeah, it's going to take some getting used to… Say, would you mind taking me down to see Faraeth?" He asks, almost hesitantly. "That is, if he wouldn't mind it, either…?"

M'nol chuckles, "Faraeth never minds guests… I think it strokes his ego." His eyes glaze for a moment, then he grins, "The luggard's in the meadow. Follow me." He bolts for the door, always glad to show off his brown.

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow


A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

Devarn chuckles. "Beat you." His grin fades as he turns and sees the three dragons. Not scared, but having never seen a single dragon up close before, it's quite an experience. Trying not to be impolite, it's still hard not to gawk at the magnificent forms of the dragons, regardless of their age or size. He takes a couple of careful steps forward. "Hello," he says, turning to the youngest of the three browns. "This must be Faraeth."

Faraeth gives a draconic chuckle, looking the tanner with whirling blue green eyes. The brown walks carefully around the boy, looking at him this way and that, then sits in front of Devarn as M'nol approaches, "That you did. He says you smell like bovine." M'nol chuckles again, "And salt…"

Devarn follows the dragon with his gaze, examining him even as he does the same. At M'nol's comment, he gives a small laugh. "That's what you get when you work with leather and farm all your life." Slowly reaching a hand out a few inches, he looks from Faraeth to M'nol, asking, "Um… May I?"

M'nol and Faraeth chuckle in unison and M'nol nods, "Sure. He'll love you forever if you do." His eyes go milky for another moment, then M'nol nearly bites his tongue, berating the dragon mentally and hoping Devarn didn't notice.

Devarn, looking at M'nol as he speaks, notices something slightly odd in the weyrling's expression for a split second, hesitating and wondering whether it's still all right to touch the young brown. "Um… Something wrong?"

M'nol shakes his head, "Not you. Don't worry about it. Go ahead and scritch his eyeridges." The boy smiles, doing his best to cover up his recent discomforture.

Devarn nods slightly and takes the last few steps forward, slowly reaching upwards and lightly scratching the proffered ridge, pushing harder when it becomes apparent the hide is thicker than he anticipated.

M'nol rumbles happily, his eyes slowly slipping closed. Watching the not unusual tableau, M'nol chuckles, "He says you can scratch harder because he's well-oiled today."

Devarn grins, pushing harder. "I guess he has you to thank for that, huh?" he says, switching hands.

M'nol nods, watching the rocky brown melt under the tanner's attentive ministrations, "Every day. An unoiled hide cracks. A cracked hide can be death /between/." Oh no… he's become a V'dim… only without the riding crop…

Devarn nods, not really knowing how else to respond. He continues his scratching, smiling softly at the dragon's reaction, before patting the ridge and stepping away, once more admiring the large creature.

Faraeth is happy enough to crane his up and stretch out to give Devarn a truly good view of his 'best side.' M'nol chuckles, "Narcissist is what he is. Likes to show off just how big he is."

Devarn can't help but laugh. "He should be proud. And so should you. Mighty fine young brown you've got there, M'nol."

M'nol grins, "Thanks… I try not to encourage his pride too much. He's gotten it into his head that he should be able to chase golds as well as greens. 'Sjust weird… especially with Thea being my friend and all."

Devarn nods. "I see…" Noticing the sun inching past, he starts. "Um, I'm sorry, but I have things I have to get done… It was great meeting you, M'nol, and you, Faraeth, but I really must go. I'll be back to look at those straps soon," he says, firmly shaking M'nol's hand.

M'nol returns the firm handshake, "It was a pleasure to meet you as well." Faraeth rumbles in agreement, "I hope your work isn't too hard."

Devarn grins. "Oh, it is, but you get used to it." With that, he chuckles a bit as he takes off for his errands, turning back to wave before he disappears.

M'nol mounts Faraeth with the lower skill of a young rider and takes to the skies, returning home to their barrack couch.

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