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Xanadu Weyr - Main Docks

Jutting out from the land are the platforms that make up the main dock of Xanadu Weyr. The extruded plastic makes an odd sound when footsteps echo across it. From this dock, two others protrude taking opposite directions, each for a special purpose.

The ship from the Eastern Ring Islands - originally intended to simply provide supplies to the unfortunate souls that are exiled to the isles has come back with a new body among its crew. Shae, with his long red hair stands portside while the ship starts to make dock. He has very little safe his clothing and a small sack of provisions. The ride had been long, but it wasn't something Shae wouldn't have been expecting. After all, if it would be easy to return from the Eastern Ring Islands, it wouldn't be considered an Exile location.
The plank extends out as the ship begins to get tied down. Shae offers his thanks to a man wearing a rather large hat before he sets off down the plank, stepping onto the docks with his leather sandals. To say he stuck out like a sore thumb among the populace would be an understatement. This man looked like a young Conan the Barbarian admist civilized folk.
"Okay." He mutters to himself in his thick Islander accent. "Firs' t'ings firs'. I need t'find me work." He says under his breath as Shae throws his small pack over his muscled shoulder and looks around, already lost in the bustle of activity.

Xanadu Weyr isn't the easternmost Weyr, Eastern Weyr has them beat. It isn't even the easternmost settlement - there's Cove Hold and Rubicon Hold at the mouth of the Black Rock River. But since this supply ship was sent from Xanadu Weyr, to Xanadu Weyr she returns, having headed up the river and now into the Sea of Azov to her mooring at the docks. Just after dawn, Rukbat, still below the eastern horizon, sets the sky aglow with an ever slowly-changing red to orange to peach as the ship hands make her fast and prepare to unload empty barrels, crates and nets. Standing on the docks, leaned against one of the pilings nearer the beach and out of the way of the crew, is a slim, dark-haired woman, her sea green eyes taking in the sight in an idle way. Though the shoulder knot she wears is a fancy one, denoting a high rank of some sort, her relaxed posture suggests she is not here in an official capacity. And though she's likely used to sailors coming ashore for leave or drinks at the tavern, this one walking her way is different. Very different. He gets a second look, a brief flicker up and down and a twitch of a dark brow, but whatever her thoughts, she manages to contain them behind a slight smile and a mild, "Good morning, Sailor. Come to Xanadu for the first time?"

People seemed to be moving about with such dedication and meaning. This he was used to. When you have to fight for everything you have, you get used to not taking it easy. His feet step across the pier as he makes his way towards 'not the docks'. He doesn't really have a clue where he's going.
Words are spoken in his direction and Shae halts his movement in order to address the person speaking. His head turns and his eyes fall upon the Weyrwoman. His jaw contorts a little as he thinks of something to say.
Is't tha' obvious?" He asks in a bit of a joking tone as he unslings his sack and holds it in front of him rather politely. While he may have been raised as an Exile, he had been taught respect - especially when someone wore 'fancy' knots. "I'm nah up to no trouble." He says, giving a bit of a clap on his sack before he remembers and semi-bows his head, "Ma'am." He adds respectfully, unsure of the customs of this particular hold.

The woman tilts her head, merriment glimmers in the pale green of her eyes. "Well, yes" she says with forthright candor though her amusement doesn't come at his expense. Instead of remarking about his clothing - or lack of it, she notes, "Established residents don't usually come ashore with a pack, the deckhands of that ship won't be free for shore leave for hours, your accent is not from these parts and…" Here her smile widens, warming in welcome, "I am familiar with most of my people." While she could assume where he's from since she signed the outgoing manifest herself and thus knows where the ship had been bound for, she could have stopped any number of ports along the route. Her manners are at the fore though and so instead she inclines her head graciously and says firmly, "I'm sure you aren't." Whether she's sure of that or not her tone says she certainly expects him to abide peacefully. "Welcome to Xanadu Weyr, ah…? Who are you? I," here she extends her hand for him to shake, "am Thea." That's all, no title even if she wears a fancy knot and her bronze-tapestry calf-sweeping skirt, blouse and jacket are of high quality.

Shae's eyes watch the woman as she extends her hands. He gives it a pause as he mentally chooses whether or not to go forward with the shake. Realizing that his pause may be looked upon as an insult by someone dressed as luxuriously as Thea, the man's hesitation crumbles and he leans forward to accept the shake, stuttering in his movements as though he were nervous.
Shae." He says in reply to Thea's request, giving another pause before bowing his head again, "Ma'am." He adds as he bows. He releases her hand clumsily and returns to his standing position as he motions back to the boat. "I jes' came in from th'boat." He says, motioning to the ship that still had movement before turning his head back and giving a small, nervous laugh.
"I dinnae t'ink ye need t'be tol' where I'm from." He says as places his gesturing hand back on his pack, holding it at hip level as he regarded the Weyrwoman. "By th'looks of yew, I be thinkin' y'already know." he gives her a bit of a sheepish grin while his thoughts scramble about, worry tha he'd be sent back to the Ring Islands with his pack without having a chance to make his parents proud.

Thea's handshake is firm, brisk and almost businesslike, at odds with her easy warmth and semi-casual manner. Came off the ship, did he? Laughingly, "Yes, I can see you did. Since I was standing here as she made her way into the harbor and watched her dock. But you can stop calling me Ma'am. I am the Weyrwoman, but I go by Thea." Again her head tips, this time the other way as she regards the teen shrewdly, noting the nervousness. Not able to know exactly what his specific concern is, she can guess his hopes and dreams are built upon being accepted 'out there somewhere' and thus her smile is a kindly one. "Yes, I can guess that you're from the penal settlements we help supply. And I know you wouldn't have been allowed on the ship if you were included in the Exile, so Xanadu welcomes you." She pauses, eyes flicking to the bustling ship's decks. "Will you be looking for work on land then? And if so, what skills do you have to offer?"

Shae's eyes light up as Thea mentions his acceptance, his fingers even twist into his small pack tightly as he tries to control his enthusiasm. Taking a moment to right himself, Shae clears his throat and calmly begins to speak.
"I'm th'bes' hunter frum wher' I'm frum." He says with a tone of pride. "I ain' so bad at fishin' an' I can fix mos' anythin' tha' breaks." He adds before loosening up a bit and poiting a finger playfully at Thea, "'Cept hearts. They be a might tricky t'fix." He says before he realizes his place and clears his throat, returning to his rigid poise once more before bowing his head awkwardly again, "Ma'am.. er… Thea, Ma'am." He says, keeping true to his roots of calling someone 'sir or ma'am' if they were of higher regard than he.

"Hunter, are you?" This has Thea mulling something over, her eyes sharpen subtly as she listens to Shae, watching his mannerisms and the way he speaks, sizing him up, deciding something perhaps. His playful poke gets her shoulder, the gesture surprising her but not offending her at all if her light laughter is any indication. "I might worry if a young man came to Xanadu's shores claiming to be the mender of broken hearts," she quips back easily with a smirk. "And I'd have to tell you to follow Darsce around because she'd keep you employed overtime." The thought of that particular young woman has her shaking her head. Yep, watch out for that one. She overlooks the Ma'am and instead says, "Hunters, woodsmen, scouts we could especially use right now, both here and in our remote outpost. But if you prefer the sea and fishing," her head nods towards a few incoming fishing schooners, still afar out on the Sea of Azov as they sail towards Xanadu after their night's work to unload their catch, "I'm sure the crews could use another hand. Whichever you prefer."

Shae looks to Thea quietly as she explains the different choices. The options are provided and Shae can't help but look back at the boat before turning to address the older woman.
"I ben spendin' mos' a me life s'rrounded by th'sea. I t'ink I'd be a wee bit 'appier if'n I coul' jus' keep me feet on dry lan' fer now." He says, respectfully as he smiles.
"I'm a 'ard worker an' I keep t'meself. So long as th'r're things t'do an' things t'hunt, I'm 'appy." He says once more employing that disarming grin. "Dun' be fool'd by me figure." He says, indicating his scrawny look by sprawling his arms wide. "I'm qui'e th'rascal." He says as he drops his arms, returning to holding onto his wee satchel before nodding his head again and adding, "Ma'am." This time, it seems more like he's doing it on purpose.

A rascal. Oh is he now? Thea's eyes twinkle at that deliberate Ma'am, but she isn't allowing herself to be baited. As for Darsce, he's been warned! Though the pair might just deserve each other. Instead, though she's certainly noticed how he's dressed while not having appeared to, his mention of his figure draws her eyes to travel over his frame with slow thoughtfulness. There's nothing condescending or teasing about her mild observation, "About that. We can't have you running about the forests like that. It may be summer now, but you might get a touch chilly come winter. Not to mention the brambles and some of our itchweed out there." Speaking of the forests brings a faint frown to her lips and he gets a look of concern. "You'll have some learning to do about our native flora and fauna as I'm sure it is different than what you're used to in the islands. Please be very careful and find one of the more experienced forester to partner with your first few times out there, yeah?"

Shae can't help but look down at his own attire whilst Thea points out the obvious problems with galavanting about a forest in such limited clothing. The young man listens to the Weyrwoman tentativly as she informs him that his attire may be a little lacking for certain tasks at hand.
"A wee bit a brambles an' itchweed ain' but a t'ing, but I'll take yer word fer it, 'ma'am'." He says in response before her bows his head again. "I woul' very much like t'meet a more 'sperienced woodsman, maybe learn me a trick or two, bu' I'm 'fraid I dinnae know where t'start lookin'." He says as he glances somewhat passed Thea, inland. "I'm guessin' that'd be th'right direction, though. Cannae imagine a hun'sman does too well at sea." he says with a grin before he stiffens his lip and returns to his 'attention' position, giving his nose a wise with his forearm as he tries to reclaim some dignity.
"If'n ye'd be so kind as t'tell me where I coul' start look'n, I'd be more 'an 'appy t'git outta yer hair." Shae speaks as though he's bothering the senior Weyrwoman, after all, what's someone like her doing, spending time she could be doing stuff talking with a nobody like him?

Normally the Weyrwoman is quite busy with weyrmoman-y things like running the Weyr or knocking heads together if they're needing a stiffer correction than someone with less clout can give them, but this very early morning she appears to have all the time in the world. "Firethorn isn't a wee bramble," she says, a mild enough correction. "Its scratches burn and it leaves a nasty infection that scars. Thankfully we aren't in the tropics, so we don't have needle thorn here - brush against those and they self-launch, spraying thorns into you. We do, however, have plenty other hazards. Like felines, which is something you'll be hunting; they've been wandering in too close to the Weyr of late." She turns as she speaks, her head-tilt beckoning him to walk with her. "Yes, I'll show you. I'm heading where you need to go." As they step off the dock and cross the beach sands, she continues, "Headwoman Ocelara will get you set up and give you a name. The stores will have some sturdy clothing meant for rough terrain. They're used, but free to all who reside at Xanadu."

Shae doesn't follow immediatly when Thea begins to move away, he waits for her to take a few steps before he moves in pursuit. It was a sign of respect not to walk too close to another, lest they think you're trying to mug them. Shae didn't need Thea, a Weyrwoman at that, thinking he was trying to steal. That would be a one way ticket back to the isle.
As Thea finishes speaking about Headwoman Ocelara, Shae can't help but hold his hands out in a questioning gesture. "Lady Ocel'ra needn't worry 'bout namin' me. I gots a name." he says, somewhat joking, but at the same time unsure what Thea was getting at. He examines his clothing again and even he had to admit, around the others, he stuck out like a giant fish skeleton in the desert.
"I'd like t'thank yew fer all th'elp ya done fer me so far, ma'am Thea." Shae says as he remains a decent pace behind the woman, sauntering along the path. "I dinnae have much t'give, but I promise t'make sure I do right." He says to Thea, giving her a knowing nod.

They're going to make pretty slow progress then, because Thea isn't the type to walk ahead as if she's some bigshot. She slows, beckoning him with a 'come on' hand wave to walk with her, not behind her. Dryly, "Ocelara is just Ocelara and don't try calling her Ma'am. She'll poke you with her knitting needle if you try that on her. Ocelara will give you the name of one of our more experienced Woodsmen/Hunters," she finishes with a chuckle, clarifying what she'd meant. His thanks receives a casual headbob. It's nothing special, just doing her job and thus she doesn't comment to that. Thankfully it's still rather early morning and they won't run into many folks, so he won't be stared at or mocked.

"Right. dinnae call 'er ma'am. Got it, ma'am." He says as he smiles at Thea. As she gestures to him to walk beside her, Shae moves gracefully forward and falls in line beside Thea, keeping his shoulders aligned with hers as she moves.
"Anyt'in' else I shoul' be warn'd 'bout?" he asks, glancing at Thea from the side of his view.

Entering the clearing is none other than one of those things he's been warned about in the form of a silvery-blonde dressed to kill and maybe even out for blood. Okay, no really, she's just out for- wait. It's not even close to noon, so what is she doing up and looking so well-groomed, chipper and oddly - awake? Well the answer to that is simple. Darsce never went to bed. She is making her way to the caverns, probably in search of some early-morning klah and thus she is here to see Shae arrive in all his… loincloth glory. The just-past teenagehood young woman spots the Weyrwoman with Tarzan in tow and freezes, her iceblue eyes wide and mouth dropped open. This lasts all of 2 seconds, however. She whistles long and low. "Nice buns, dude." She even manages to sound genuinely appreciative when saying it. Yep, that's Darsce for you.

They're entering the clearing and Thea is speaking, "You may have a room in the resident's cavern, but I have a feeling you'll be more comfortable with a cottage in the woods than at the hub of the Weyr with all the coming and going that takes pl-" Enter Darsce. Greaaaat. Under her breath, the Weyrwoman sing-songs, "That's-Darsce-the-one-I-was-warning-you-about." Then more brightly and with a bit of a forced smile, "Good morning Darsce. This is Shae. He's not from around here. So be nice to him, eh?" Oh and then, "Since you're good with clothing, could you please help him find some things that will fit him in the storage cavern? He needs things for out of doors, mostly."

As the two walk, a young woman becomes visible in the path. The warning from Thea is re-uttered and Shae can't help but smile at his luck. The young woman reacts like she had never seen a Islander before - a common thing, he guessed.

Her rather dumbfounded look is replaced with a youthful exuberance as she comments on Shae's 'buns'. He takes a moment to mentally decide whether or not this was a slight at him, but he is fairly certain that she was merely being friendly.

"Yer nay bad yerself." He says to Darsce as he pauses in his walking to examine the fashion designer, giving his head a tilt as he tries to discern exactly why she's clothed so extravagantly. Fashion wasn't something the Islanders worried about.

Lady Thea. Ya 'ave m'thanks. I'll follow this'n back t'get clothes bett'r suit'd fer m'job." He states, thumbing towards Darsce and turning around to walk towards the girl.

With an abrupt pause and turn, Shae leans forward and smiles, "D'nnae worry, I'll be car'ful 'roun' 'er." He says with a wink before turning around and gesticulating for Darsce to lead the way. "After yew, cutie." He says before giving Darsce an innocent smile and trudging after the fashionista.

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