Rug Pulled out From Underneath

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

All is quiet on the sands. Seryth lies curled around her eggs, though little of them can be seen underneath the sands heaped upon them. Save for the sound of thumps and thwacks there is not one other sound. Seryth doesn't seem to mind the noise or perhaps she is wisely ignoring it.

D'had glances over the sands as he enters. A quick check of them along with the observation level as he heads for the steps that lead up to the former. Quiet. Yes, this will do.

At the far end of the Sands there is an old tapestry-rug covering a large frame leaning against the wall and it is the poor tapestry that is the recipient of the only activity here. It is studded with bolts, while a few, unlucky enough to have hit the stone walls, lie shattered at the ground below. Thea is in the process of re-loading the crossbow she's holding so at the moment her face cannot be seen as her hair has fallen forward to hide it.

D'had almost misses the junior. Almost, but just as he's about to start up the steps he stops what looks like a someone, well what he thinks might be a someone anyway. The silence is broken for a second by the sound of his booted foot settling down onto the first of the steps as he peers in the direction of the woman and that poor tapestry.

Thea seems to be having some trouble with fitting her bolt into the channel, for she's muttering curses, although not loudly enough to be heard clearly. The bolt she's fumbling with falls and she's in the process of reaching for it when she freezes, then peeks over her shoulder. Seryth has an eye cracked and likely it was the queen that heard the footstep, not the weyrwoman.

D'had is caught. He blinks, and then he realizes that yes, he probably should say something. "Thea?" half a question, but really. Who else would it be out there on the sands with Seryth.

"What?" It comes out clipped, short. Thea's acknowledged her name, but awaits whatever it is that he is going to say by stooping, snatching up that bolt and resuming her attempt to fit it into the channel. This time she gets it, lifts the weapon, aims it at that tapestry, and fires. THWOK!!!

D'had winces involuntarily at the sound of the string releasing. "…" He'll just stand over here where its safe. "Nothing," he finally thinks to actually answer that sharply worded question of her's. "Bad time?"

Thea turns to choose another bolt, flickers a glance towards D'had. "Bad time?" She echoes him with a short, mirthless laugh. "Not if you're running from someone." She takes careful aim at the rug, "You're safe with me." She pulls the trigger, the string twangs. THWOK!!!

D'had isn't exactly so sure of that himself, but though he gives a wary look between the junior and her dragon he doesn't show it as much as some might. "I meant for you," he clarifies. "But apparently you know me too well.

Thea merely shakes her head. It could mean no not a bad time or no she really doesn't know him, but she doesn't clarify. Instead she reloads and takes aim at that dart-studded tapestry. "Welcome to stay. They chase you in here, I can always aim it at them unloaded. Worked with X'hil." There's a wry satisfaction at the mention of the once-Xanadu Weyrsecond, now-Istan Weyrleader.

D'had hmms. Right. Well its not aimed at him just yet so he's tempting fate to turn foot from step to sand to cross the space towards her. "You're sure you wouldn't rather mind being alone?" He's just covering his bases here.

Thea turns her head to eye D'had. "Either way." Indeed there's no ire directed towards him. No, the unlucky recipient of that is the poor rug over against the wall. "I didn't shoot X'hil; I'm certainly not going to shoot you." She smiles briefly to reassure him before fixing her eyes on that rug, lifts the crossbow and fires. THWOK!!!

D'had ahhs, nodding slightly. Though for that assurance his stride is a touch more confident. Coming up behind Thea however, he lets hands rest gently on her shoulders - giving them a light squeeze as if there might be the beginnings of a shoulder massage. It stops there, though his hands remain unless she's changing it. "Somethin' wrong?"

Thea stiffens when D'had's hands touch her shoulders. She wasn't expecting that. But she doesn't move away, nor does she turn around. Her only answer is a slight shrug as she reaches to fit another dart in the channel with fingers that tremble. Could be why she's been having trouble loading the thing. "See that?" One hand lifts to point to a stain on the rug. "Peachy brandy." She takes careful aim at it. "Not going anywhere indeed!" Her finger tightens on the trigger, but as she pulls it she sniffs and the dart hits wide of it, shattering on the wall.

D'had hmms and nods thoughtfully as she comments, silently noting her tension. "Well you sure showed that stain," he comments, dropping his chin to rest on her shoulder. There's a cringe for the unfortunate bolt, but at least she can't see that momentary look on his face. "Who's going where?"

Thea turns now, moving her shoulder out from under D'had's chin, flashes him a swift, confused look before answering in short sentences, "Not going. Gone. And who knows where." She reaches to pick up another dart, nearly slamming it into the chamber, turns to face the rug again.

D'had was leaning, which make for awkward catching of balance as hands and chin fall off Thea's shoulders as she turns. "There's nothin I can do, is there," he says matter-of-factly, making the assumption. "Dare I ask who?" Its asked, but there's a hint in the tone of the words that suggest he's not sure it was the right thing to say.

Thea is still trying to get that bolt situated, her head is bent to see what she's doing. She manages to get it loaded, lifts it again answering grimly, "Not unless you can reverse history." She squeezes one eye shut, "My Kav." Fires again. THWOK!!!

D'had nods. That's more or less what he was expecting by the look of his reaction. Hands slip around behind him, thumbs hooking into pockets. No, he's not good at standing idle. That bow string has him flinching every time, at least she can't see that though. "He wasn't good nuff for you anyway."

Oh he -didn't- just say that? Thea lowers the crossbow, turns to face D'had. She's had enough recent experience with the ex-weyrsecond to know how folks would feel with her holding a crossbow in a bad mood, so she just drops it. "What did you say?" Her question is low-voiced, incredulous as she peers at him with incomprehension in the icy green eyes.

D'had unfortunately did say that. At least she's dropped the crossbow which has him relaxing just a touch. "Sweetie," … "Babe," he hold up his hands in an attempt at peace. "Just .. well if he left without saying and all. .." There are times when Donn should really just keep his mouth shut.

"Thea. I'm Thea." It is said dispassionately, but her breathing picks up as she stares at D'had. There is no explosion of rage however, stunned might be a better word to explain the look on her face. Finally she manages, "Might've been the other way around, who knows."

"Thea," D'had repeats. And that might be one of the few times she'll ever hear him say it. It's said with a touch of exasperation, but more than anything its simply breathed out in a way that touches upon the idea of simply wanting things to be… well better than they seem to be. He drops his chin ever so slightly to stare on a line that's more closely set with those ice green eyes. "I'm sorry."

"I forgive you." It is easily said; Thea's not mad at -him-. Her eyes slide away towards that bolt-riddled tapestry. "I am the one who is sorry." It comes out on an exhaled breath so faint it might not even be heard. "I should've warned you off when you came in. Been trying not to let folks see."

D'had sighs, slowly letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding. When she looks away steps after her, there's a moment of hesitation - strange perhaps being that it's D'had - before he loosely drapes his arms over her shoulders much like he was before she turned out of it the first time. Not holding by any means, its easy enough for her to pull away if she wishes and he's not stopping her. "You're allowed to be upset."

Thea blinks, stiffening again, "D'had what-" She's confused, that's clear, glances down at one of the arms on her shoulders, but stays where she is. "Thanks?" She drops her head, her hair sweeps forward to hide her as she kicks at the sand with a toe. "It just… upsets folks. Better to let them think I'm mending, y'know?"

"You're allowed to be upset," D'had repeats in reply to that what. "If you don't want people to know, won't say nothin. But I know, so if ya wanna talk." He sounds strangely sincere given his reputation. There's an quick kiss left to her cheek, awkward given his stance behind her, and he simply leaves it at that with a light pat on her shoulder as he turns to begin back towards the observation level.

Thea's mouth is left hanging open as D'had walks away, one hand rising to touch her cheek where he kissed it. "D'had," She calls after him quietly, waiting to see if he'll turn around, "I appreciate it, but…" She's looking both confused and chagrined, "I… I need my space." It almost sounds like a question she says it so carefully.

D'had pauses at the sound of his name. He doesn't turn back just then, but he does stop. Its when she adds the rest that he looks back though he doesn't fully turn around to do so. "I know babe." There's a subtle quirk of his lips and he simply inclines his head to excuse himself.

Thea retains that look of incredulity, but otherwise remains silent as D'had takes his leave. For a moment longer she watches him walk off, then with a quick shake of her head she turns and walks with quick steps over to that tapestry and begins yanking out those bolts from the rug one by one until the patterns blur then she stops to touch the fibers with light fingers, and leans to rest her forhead against it.

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