Missing You (Vignette)

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His meeting with Marel, he wasn't sure how it'd gone. Wasn't sure how she felt about seeing him. It could have been worse he supposed. If she were like his other girls' mother there would have been yelling and at least one thing thrown at his head. He would have deserved it, but it hadn't come to that.

He wasn't sure how much he'd left on the counter. It would have been enough to cover the cost of the purchase he knew, but it was just the first token his fingers had touched.

Leaving the shop, that flower still in hand, his steps turned towards the forest. His feet knew the way. His head knew she wouldn't be there, but when he closed his eyes he could see her smile. He stared at that flower for a long time, at least it felt that way. "I miss you," he whispered. "I've always missed you. Its too late for us, but I'll try to make it right with them." He paused, lips pressing together, "I forgive you. Did a long time ago. Needed you to forgive me but I didn't want to hear it because I couldn't forgive myself. Shoulda said it while you were still here, but you know me," he almost laughed at himself. "I'm a stubborn old fool. I never deserved you just hop you knew how much I loved you…"

Lifting the flower, he brushed the petals with his lips, breathing in its sweetness before leaving it to lie on the swing outside the cottage. He looked a moment longer, fingers lingering on the stem before he turned back to the path, the sound of someone whistling sneaking up on him.

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