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Follows Dad? and Father Daughter Reunion

Perhaps they wouldn't notice. How foolish was he to think that his children wouldn't notice him? Had he honestly thought they wouldn't call him out when they saw him? Apart of him perhaps hoped he'd been right in that while another hoped desperately that he'd be wrong.

Darsce had been a light in the tunnel. "I forgive you." How easily those words had fallen from her lips. He didn't deserve it, he didn't ask for it and yet she gave it.He could only hope to have such luck with the others. How badly he'd wanted to scoop her up in his arms like he had when she really was his little girl and make everything right. But he couldn't, new knew that. She however was right, he was here now and that's what mattered.

Muireadhach - Mur'dah. He'd been distant, but D'had could hardly blame him for that. When had his son grown into such a man? Taller than him even. He could easily have run him off with a string of angry words. But he hadn't. He'd ask him to stay - it may only have been to stack firewood in silence - but that… that was a something. He'd told him he had his own son now and it made his chest ache.

He'd asked Muir about his sister and he hadn't received a straight answer. "Ask her," he'd said. But was does a father say to the baby girl he'd abandoned - a woman now. He didn't know. So as he drifted into a restless slumber Siebith made the choice for him.

Rolling waves crashed loudly one on top of the other, gently rolling into Isyriath's mind like the tendrils of the ocean at the rising tide. A voice confident and sure of every word bubbling up from the depths, loud, yet distanced by the water that surrounds them. « She is loved. » Words imparted the tide rolls back into silence.

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