Flit Follies and Blush Buddies

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

It's mid-day in spring and just around lunch time. The sun is shining brightly and Phylicia … is stuck to her bed, glowering at a man who could only be her father - the resemblance is certainly there - who is packing up his bags. "No you can't, and you /mind/ the healers, girl." Is is parting comment, which leaves Licia's face in a darker scowl. Thankfully, a few of the books she had mentioned to Morl a while ago are sitting on her bedside table, and she shifts enough to pick the pile up, dragging them onto her lap as she sits upright in bed, leaning against the wall behind her.

M'nol is preceded by the trumpeting heralds of his fair of flits, who immediately swoop down around Phy, chittering happily at the young gril. M'nol's own form enters behind them, his smile there to see Phy still laying in bed. At first he doesn't notice her father, instead saying, "Hey, Phy. Feeling any better today." *Then* he notices her father, "Oh… hello, sir."

Phylicia's scowl breaks as a fair of 'lizards swoop in waking her own two up, curled up at the foot of her bed, trilling in greeting. But Phy's father was (and still is) leaving, and even though M'nol greeted his daughter, the weyrling gets nothing more than a scowl that was previously on his daughter's face as he passes by. Gee, wonder where she gets it from? "The headache's not as bad today. And the sloshy feeling is /definitly/ less." She comments happily to M'nol, patting the side of her bed in an invitation to have a seat.

M'nol slides onto the patted portion of the bed, calling his fair silently to order, they settle on the bed around the two. M'nol smiles, "That's great. Still keeping you cooped up here, though?"

Phylicia nods her head slowly and carefully in response to his question, grinning. "They are. It doesn't help that daddy just stopped by." She looks around to find whatever healer is supposed to be on duty. "He may be a mindhealer, but I think he just scared the healer on duty." She shifts her legs a little bit, putting the books back on their table, out of the way. "Though he's not letting me go outside." And there's a definite grump to her tone there.

M'nol puts on a fake frown, "That's too bad," then smiles, he just can't keep it up, "That was your dad, huh? Mindhealers kind of give me the creeps." He shudders slightly, "I'll get you back under the sun as soon as they let me. Promise."

Phylicia grins at the shudder, holding back a chuckle just barely. "You learn to live with 'em eventually." She says, only in slight defense. "But for helping people out with issues he /really/ sucks at hearing lies." Again, she twists her head carefully for that healer. "We just gotta wait for daddy to go back to Boll, and I'm free." And lo and behold, there's the trumpting of a farewell from the watch dragon. "That /should/ be him." And her eyes glint with fun.

M'nol chuckles, "I'll insist that you let the healer finish the physical first, then I'll be glad to take you wherever you want to go." His ears perk up at the sound of the dragon leaving, "Did he visit just to see you or to analyze you?

Phylicia rolls her eyes at that one, though the wince afterwards means she probably shouldn't have. "Both!" And she sounds slightly exasperated at that one. "But it's not like I'm /mentally/ ill, like he treats. I just got a head injury." And she lifts her shoulder in a shrug. "They're touchy things, but as long as y'don't do anything too stupid.." She lets the comment trail and shrugs her shoulders again. Better than shaking her head.

M'nol chuckles again, "Of course you're not. Faraeth wouldn't talk to you if you were." He sighs, watching the healer work for a moment, then asks, "Do apprentices pick specialities in the healer hall?"

Phylicia has her eyes checked and her forehead (which is still quite bruised with a small lump) prodded lightly, and an ice-pack handed to her. "30 minutes, Phylicia." Is all the healer says before he makes shoo'ing motions to the girl. "And remember to eat something. It's lunch time." To which Phylicia coughs, her cheeks coloring a little bit again. "We can declare specialties, if we want to." She says, gently swinging her feet off the other side of the bed, which causes the brown and the blue to launch up to her shoulders.

M'nol's five launch as well, flitting around the room, cheeping happily and earning more than a few glares from the healers on staff. M'nol stands as Phy prepares to, offering her a hand if she needs it, "Have you?" beat, beat, "Chosen a speciality, I mean?" He nods to the healer, "Food, then?"

Phylicia takes M'nol's hand to help herself up but doesn't exactly let go. Hey, if the guy's going to be a gentleman, she'll take that. One hand puts the ice pack to her forehead gently, on the lump. "Food, yes please." She responds and starts off at a sedate pace. "And I think I might officially declare one. I kind of have a .. unofficial speciality right now." She turns her head to look at his fair of 'lizard and just laughs. "They cause a ruckus wherever, don't they?" But at least the healers know better than to keep her confined when there's no good reason she can't go on strolls.

M'nol doesn't make an attempt to free his hand, letting he make that decision. He whistles harshly, calling his fair to order but earning him more glares than grins from the healing staff. All but Bloodstone make their exits, popping /between/ to wherever they choose. Bloodstone alighting on his padded right shoulder. He does chuckle at Phy's commentary, though, "They can be a nuisance… least mine listen. Some people's are just wild, no control at all." He guides her towards the door assuming she'll let him, "What speciality would that be? And what kind of food would you like?"

Phylicia smiles widely, exiting the infirmary with him so they stop disturbing the poor healers and the others trying to sleep. "You'll have to help me train my two. I've /no/ clue what I'm doing!" Except for the blue is a dark broody sort, and the brown is pretty easy going, so they never get into much trouble at all. "But something with taste, /please/. Just 'cause I'm injured they think I need to stay on bland tuber stew. Blech!" She pauses for a few moments in the conversation, blinking a little more than she should as they hit the sunlight. Whooo, bright! "Herbs, is what I would like to declare. And general practice."

M'nol chuckles, "I'll get you taste, no problem. I think the caverns is making roast wherry today." Bloodstone gives a happy little chirrup and M'nol chuckles again, "I'd be glad to help you train yours. It's become something of a hobby for me." He leads her down the path towards the caverns, "Herbs, huh? You're going to be one of those types with a billion smelly vats, aren't you?" There's no malice in his tone, just humor.

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.

The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.

A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

"Well," Phylicia starts, her smile wide "I don't know about a /billion/." Over the slow walk here, she's had to pause once or twice and steady herself on M'nol. Maybe there's a good reason she's been kept primarily to a bed. But alas, she can only take so much inactivity! "A few hundred though, probably." And upon entering, she inhales and smiles. "Oh, the smells!" Her stomach even rumbles to agree with that statement. "How do you even train them to begin with?"

M'nol guides her to a seat and, if she'll let him, gets them both food before answering her question, sliding the heaped plate of wherry and seasoned tuber before Phy and another one in front of his seat before seating himself. He smiles and holds out his arm, to which Bloodstone obediently flits, with a little cheep. As a reward, the lizard is gifted with a small chunk of wherry from M'nol's plate. He grins, taking a bite himself, "The real trick is to always reward them for good behavior and make sure they know they've done something bad. It's not that different from canines, I'm told."

Phylicia again, lifts her shoulders in a shrug, as she lets M'nol grab food for the both of them with only a brief funny look. "I suppose it's prolly that way with just about any pet. Runner, canine, 'lizard…" She says, looking at the wherry and first spearing a piece of tuber, popping it into her mouth. After chewing and swallowing she nods in approval. "So much better than what I was getting." Note to self, sneak off more often for REAL food.

M'nol chuckles, "It's possible. I never really had any pets before Agate, so… just tried to follow the same basic pattern as the wher handler back home did. Seems to have worked." He gives a sharp whistle, first high, then low, glad that the caverns are mostly empty, and Bloodstone stands up, balancing on his hind legs, wings spread for inspection." He pops the flit another tiny piece of wherry then gives a smaller whistle, letting the bronze relax and stroking his head gently.

Phylicia smiles, proceeding with a chunk of wherry this time as she watches Bloodstone, marveling at the creature and its knowledge of Morl's whistled commands. "I suppose things like that have their uses. D'you think they'd respond to… spoken ques instead of whistles?" Her cheeks flush a little. "I don't whistle well."

M'nol chuckles, taking a bite of wherry as well, chewing slowly, "I don't see why not. Especially since they're primarily empathic. Your intent should probably matter more than the actual command." He takes a bite of tuber, pondering, then asks, "Why don't you try it now?"

Phylicia looks a little dubious at this, but she puts down her wherry after a few moments and looks at the shoulder that Ciaran - her older one - is resting on comfortably. "Down." She says firmly enough, wanting the blue to rest on the table instead of her shoulder. Ciaran rustles his wings, and crawls halfway down her arm before turning to look at her, balancing on his hind legs with his wings half-spread much like Bloodstone was posing. "/Down/." She says again, and Ciaran finishes slinking off of her arm, to look at her again. What, lady?

M'nol nods, "That's a good start. Give him a tiny piece of meat as a reward." He takes another bite of meat, then smiles, "If you want, we could have yours try to emulate Bloodstone. It was easier with Tourmaline and Jasper because Agate and Bloodstone showed them where to start… I haven't worked much with Fossil yet."

Phylicia quickly tears off a piece of wherry from her meal, holding it out to Ciaran, smiling. "That was good, Ciar." She says lightly, before raising her eyes to look at M'nol again. "I guess it would be easier, if you have one that could teach the rest." As Ciaran rumbles, taking the piece of wherry, Estevan wakes up from his short nap, peeping in her ear and Licia blinks. "Este, you go back to sleep." She pauses. "He's too young to start teaching, isn't he?" At least Ciar is mostly grown by this point in time, and not needed to be stuffed every other moment.

M'nol nods, "Yeah, I didn't start working with Agate or Bloodstone until they were at least a month old. Plus it'll be easier to train him if you train Ciaran first." He takes a few more bites, not wanting to let his food get cold, then emits a soft whistle and Bloodstone stands on all four legs, wings spread, looking expectantly for his treat, which he deftly receives. "Try this one."

Phylicia isn't about to let her food go cold either, especially as Estevan actually listens and re-hooks his claws into the shoulder of her bodice, snoozing again. A little more wherry and some tubers for herself, and she rips off another small piece of her meat, studying Bloodstone for a moment before she comes up with an appropriate word. "Ciar, mantle." And she pictures him doing what Bloodstone is doing. For a few moments Ciaran cocks his head before looking at Bloodstone, and imates the other, standing on all four legs and spreading his wings wide. But it lasts for /one/ moment, and then his rear encounters the table again as he waits for his treat. Phylicia can only chuckle at this, tapping his snout with her finger. "I think you're supposed to /stay/ that way until I give you the treat, wherry."

M'nol chuckles, taking another bite while she talks to her flit, "Yeah, that's the goal, but some will need partial reinforcement. It was a good first try." Bloodstone cranes his head, cheeping at M'nol, who chuckles again, and nods, allowing Bloodstone to relax. He grins at Phy, "Try now without Bloodstone demonstrating."

Phylicia nods as she shreds off another piece, just for backup, and looks at the still fairly young blue. "Mantle, Ciar." She says again, as firmly as she can without sounding like she's scolding the poor creature. And again, she pictures him on all fours, wings spread wide. This time it takes a little longer, but Ciar /does/ do it again, and holds it long enough for Phy to produce the treat which he snatches with one paw. "Good!" She praises, smiling. "Relax." And this time she pictures him as he was a few moments ago, just sitting on the table normally. Though as she was telling him to relax, his wings were already refolding, enjoying his piece of meat. "It's helpful, that they are kind of empathic. I don't feel quite so silly."

M'nol nods, smiling, "Yeah, knowing that they do kind of know what you think helps." He emits another whistle, long on the low tone and short on the high tone. Bloodstone perks and relocates back to his shoulder, accepting another treat-meat from M'nol, who nods, "Try that. It's really useful to be able to call them back when you need to."

"Oh, that one should be a little easier.." Phylicia says smiling. She and M'nol are seated at a table, working on 'lizard obediance, though Licia's head still looks like a marbled bruised mess. "Ciar, perch." Is commanded firmly once more, a shred of meat ready as Ciaran pushes off the table with no hesitation, flying back to her shoulder and being promptly rewarded with the scrap of meat. "He likes it there anyways. Especially when my hair is down."

M'nol nods, taking a few more bites of his own food, "It's usually an easy one. I find it useful for when things get crowded or they get too rowdy. It'd be a good idea to practice it at founder's day or something where there'll be a lot of people. A 'home' command is good too, but if I show you that then Bloodstone will stay there 'til I get home and that won't do us much good." He chuckles, "Any particular things you'd like to try?"

Jessamin ambles in with her customary basket of sewing held closely against her body. Her skin definitely seems to have a light tan tone to it this time, rather than the angry red of a sunburn. Her azure eyes sparkle brightly as she plops down in her customary seat by the fire, with two tiny flits on her shoulders, and four more winging their way in shortly behind her. The four settle down on the back of the chair, on the ground, and in her lap as they are wont to do when she is in one place for any great length of time, crooning and trilling softly. All look to have been well-fed, and all seem to be behaving themselves for the time being. She pulls out a patchwork quilt in progress and begins attaching more elongated hexagon patches to the piece, no two fabrics repeating themselves exactly.

Phylicia swallows the last piece of wherry she was chewing on, and nods. "Sending him home wouldn't be very nice at all, if you aren't going back any time soon." She agrees before taking another bite of the seasoned tubers. "I'd like them to be able to fetch things for me, but most of the things I'd like are still a bit heavy for them, I think." Like little vials, or clippers for plants. She should probably start a garden somewhere, or talk to a healer who already has a garden. She might like that. Jessamin is noted with a smile (but not a nod due to the condition of her head). "But what about entertainment for invalids? Any ideas?" Because after they're done eating she /really/ doesn't wanna go back to the infirmary. Yet.

M'nol nods, then takes a few more bites, "I only use it when they're really misbehaving. And if you wait too long, even the best trained, like Bloodstone here, will get bored and start looking for something to do." He chuckles, "I find flits to be most entertaining when they're simply playing and having fun. Though if you're going to take them around invalids, you might want to teach them some basics for 'don't touch' and such." He waves to Jessa, smiling a greeting to her as well.

Jessamin waves a greeting to M'nol and Phylicia, her smile brighter than it has been in some time. Her flits seem to take little notice initially of the other two humans, chirruping amongst themselves as if they were a group of aunties sharing the latest gossip. "Hello there!" Her quilt seems to have grown considerably since either last saw it, and each patch added on looks more neatly done than the last before it. "How are you two?"

"I'm well, all considering. You?" Phylicia responds, thankfully not having to turn much in her seat to talk at Jessamin. And she then giggles, trying hard not to shake her head. "I wasn't talking about the 'lizards entertaining, I was talking about me /needing/ entertainment." It gets awfully boring just /sitting/ in bed while people fuss. And not necessarily about you. "But yes, on a side note, the 'don't touch' and 'quiet' would be a /good/ idea."

M'nol turns as well and nods, "Well enough, I suppose. Faraeth's starting to whine about me keeping your company without him. He likes watching me talk to you." He shrugs, "Don't ask me why." He grins at Phy, "Oh, entertaining *you*… hmmm… Well, Faraeth wants you two to visit, if you want… As to don't touch and quiet… you'll have to work those for a long time… can't just do it overnight."

Jessamin laughs, and inclines her head. "Well, if the weather's good, I could always take my sewing outside. Would that make him happy?" She listens to M'nol and Phylicia talk, smiling brightly as she works. " 'Don't touch' is something I'm starting to have to work on with Bahrain. He got into my quilting right in front of one of the Western bronzers the other day. It was really quite embarrassing."

Phylicia nods gently, finishing off both the wherry and the tubers on her plate. … Mymy, the child must have been hungry. Then again, most stew isn't very filling when there isn't more than just tubers in it. "I think visiting him'd be nice. And fun." There's a small touch of apprehension to her, but it's along the same lines of thinking a runner is beautiful and wonderful, but not wanting to have the draft version crush all the bones in your foot on accident. "Oh. Well, at least it wasn't your laundry?" She asks of Jessamin with a small, sorry smile. "Ciaran has the jist of 'quiet' already. He's never made a lot of noise to begin with.."

M'nol finishes off his own meal, giving Bloodstone a gentle stroke as he stood, "Faraeth says I should bring you now so that you can scrub his back." He blushes slightly, "He says he needs a bath."

Jessamin raises an eyebrow, tucking her sewing back into her basket. "Which one of us?" She smiles, gently nudging Sekhmet from her lap—much to her vocal disapproval. How -dare- you move me when I'm comfortable, she seems to say. "Oh, pipe down, Sekhmet… think of it this way, you're due for your daily oiling anyhow." This seems to quiet her down, her shrill creeling toning down to a more melodious chirp.

Phylicia chuckles and manages to stand up from her chair without a problem, but leaves the plates for the drudges to clean up. She's not up for running across the room to drop off a plate today. "I hope he does mean her," She starts off, rubbing Ciaran's headknobs. "I can handle oiling of the 'lizards, but not climbing onto a dragon's back." Or at least she shouldn't. If the dragon asked for her, she might try anyways.

M'nol chuckles, "He says that you can scrub his belly, Phy. And that Jessa should scrub his tail." He glances around, then chuckles again, "And he says the waves are perfect right now."

Jessamin grins. "Well, what's keeping us? Let's go!" She almost seems to bound out of there, delighted at the prospect of time spent down by the water.

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach

With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

Phylicia follows Jessamin at a much more sedate pace, strolling along in her own time. "The belly huh?" She asks more to herself than anything else. "I think I can manage that one." Though she's in normal clothing, it should be pretty interesting. She continues along the beach now, soak in the day's sun. "Never washed a dragon before though…"

Jessamin says "Well, you've bathed your flits, haven't you? Jessamin grins back at Phylicia as she bounds down the beach, doing a little twirling dance step in the sand. "Just think of it on a -much- larger scale."

M'nol grins, "It's not too hard." Faraeth gives a bugle as they approach, emerging from the ocean, shaking the wet from his wings. Somehow, the brown had managed to relocate the scrubbers and the oil bucket to the beach, causing M'nol to giggle slightly as he picks up one of the scrubbing brushes and begins to clamber up Faraeth's side with a wave to the girls. Faraeth must be well rested since he manages to project to both girls, « Scrub the little parts first, please. »

Jessamin snatches up one of the scrubbing brushes and wades into the water, down by Faraeth's tail. She hums softly as she begins to scrub the smaller parts of his tail, working her way along slowly and meticulously and missing nothing. "Tell me if I miss a spot, hmm?" She's right at home in the water, with a scrubbing brush in hand like this. Her flitseven the two youngestdecide to make a perch out of Faraeth, arraying themselves along his back in a colorful display. They chirp and trill merrily to their larger counterpart.

Phylicia is still moving at her sedate pace, but there's a large smile on her face now. "Likewise, Faraeth." She says, bending with her knees and keeping her back straight to pick up one of the scrubbing brushes. "Where would you like me to start, sir?" She asks, managing to crane her head up without getting disoriented. Hey, things must be getting better.

Faraeth cranes his head to look at her, then points with his nose to the crevasses under her legs. The rest of M'nol's fair join Jessamin's on the brown's back as M'nol begins to struggle to scrub around them. He can't help chuckling, watching the girls work, "Can't you just not wait to have one of these of your own?"

Jessamin grins, aiming the scrub brush for the indicated areas. "Better?" To M'nol, she grins and nods emphatically. "You're singing to the Harpers on that one, M'nol… you -really- have to ask by now?" Once the crevasses under Faraeth's legs are duly scrubbed and rinsed, she gently pats his hide. "If you'd lift your foot up out of the water, I'll get that next."

Phylicia giggles, carefully scrubbing. She scrubs hard mind you, just not as vigerously as the other two do. Aw, give her a break. Dragon scrubbing isn't probably something she should be doing. Little heavy on the physical activity side for having a sloshy head. But she scrubs at the crevasses doing more detail work than anything else. "Well, if they'd think I'm worthy, sure. But how well do the crafters get to … multi-task?" She asks softly. "Weyrwoman Niva doesn't seem to practice healing much anymore."

Faraeth gives a happy wuffle to Jessa's question and willingly lifts his foot for her. M'nol smiles, "I guess I don't. 'Course Farry here's only the size of a small bronze. Queens're even bigger if you impress one of those." He nods to Jessamin, "Depends on the rider. Many do continue in their crafts… though you can't be a master crafter and a dragonrider."

Jessamin says "I would be quite happy being a senior journeyman in the craft. I could still teach then. Besides…" She braces Faraeth's foot on her arm and begins scrubbing lightly between his toes. "…my mentor's a rider, so I know it can be done.""

"Well, I could see not being a dragonrider /and/ a master of a craft. That's a little crazy unless you're like, 70 turns old or something." Phylicia chuckles. Well, at 70 one would've had enough time to study up to master-hood. She continues scrubbing as hard as she can, slowly working her way to the bigger areas. "I'm just not y'know… going to put my life on hold, in the chance that a hatchling'd like me." She's known people that refused to do anything, in the faint hope of Impression some day…

M'nol nods to the girls in turn, continuing to work on Faraeth's ridges, "You can keep working in your craft during candidacy if you want. Not as much as before, but you can." Faraeth gives a draconic chuckle and M'nol calls out to Jessa, "He says it tickles."

Jessamin grins widely, tickling Faraeth a little bit more between his toes, before working her way up his leg, bit by bit. "Heh, sorry about that. Better?" She hums softly, finally lowering his foot back into the surf as she continues with the bathing. "Good thing needlework's my craft, then. There's always need for it, candidacy or no."

Phylicia manages a nod as well, re-dipping the brush and scooting herself over a bit to reach a new spot. "That would be pretty easy to continue with." She agrees with Jessa, her look going thoughtful. "Healing is just so time consuming, I almost wonder how it would work." And how the world Niva does it. Though she said it, the Weyrwoman doesn't seem to practice anymore.

Faraeth sighs happily as Jessa stops tickling him and M'nol nods to Jessa, but speaks to Phy, "You'd keep going to classes in the afternoon. You'd fall behind, but you wouldn't stop all together."

Jessamin sighs contentedly as she works her way slowly up towards Faraeth's back, taking care not to miss a single centimeter. "Not to mention I'd have to make my own riding gear anyways. So the classes can only do more good than harm in the long run."

"That would be a saving fact." Phylicia says before she puts a hand to her forehead and smiles, patting Faraeth where she was just scrubbing. "Sorry. I don't think my head is /quite/ up for this much activity yet." She stumbles back somewhere a bit drier, even though she's wet, and plunks herself down into a seated position. Silly girl. "I always hate how useless you feel after being /really/ sick, or injured like this." She says to them both, in a way of appology, as she turns to watching now.

M'nol scrubs a bit harder, giving Phy a sad look, "You'll get better in no time, Phy. At least you're not picking rose thorns out of your cot."

Jessamin scrubs as high as she can reach without climbing on Faraeth's back, wading around in the surf to get to his other side now with the same level of attention and care. "Never been that sick, thankfully." She smiles sympathetically to Phylicia, her voice a little muffled by the bulk of the great brown dragon. "Okay, Faraeth, did I miss anywhere else?"

Phylicia looks a little bit flabbergasted at M'nol, but not before a laugh sputters out of her mouth. "Oh! Oh I'm sorry, M'nol. That's not funny. But.." And she pauses, head tilting just slightly. "../Still/?" And she sighs, whimsically. "I wish someone had a big enough crush on me to do that." Or maybe she really doesn't want that, but the thought is nice..

Faraeth blinks at Jessa and nudges his chest. M'nol blushes, but nods to Phy, "It'd be better if I knew who it was. For all I know it's just another group of pranksters. What I don't get is how the dragons can't even figure out who it is."

Jessamin nods, wading around to take over Phy's place in scrubbing Faraeth's chest. She doesn't speak, just seeming quite content to enjoy the moment, and perhaps to dream a little. Her smallest blue, Indigo, crawls up Faraeth's back and neck, to perch right atop his head and drape his tiny little head down between his larger counterpart's eyes.

Phylicia grins widely. "It might also be worse if you knew who it was." She offers the possibility of. She lifts her shoulders in a shrug as she sits on the beach, her skirts starting to dry. "Who knows, maybe it's me, and I sweet-talked all the dragons into keeping it a secret?" Her face is somewhere between just-serious-enough and just-joking-enough, where one can't entirely be sure if she IS joking or not.

M'nol chuckles, "Perhaps, but I don't think you could keep it a secret, Phy. And if I knew who it was, at least I could talk to 'em about it whether I liked them that way or not."

Jessamin smiles, and pats Faraeth's hide one more time. She wades out of the water with her scrubbing brush, and lays it on the sand next to the bucket of oil. A sharp whistle sends her faire flying, albeit with a reluctant little -cheep- from Indigo.

Phylicia chuckles in return. "It's not me." She says after a few more moments, but it seems M'nol found that rather obvious. Or at least, its not her /yet/. Who knows, where only time will tell. "I hope you figure it out one way or another soon." Uh oh. Que teen romance. "A meeting under the stars late at night sometime… a special planned event for just the two of you…" … Yup. Phy's gone.

M'nol chuckles as well as Faraeth wuffles all over Jessamin before she can leave, "Aww, Phy, you're awfully romantical there. You sure you're not writing the notes? You sound kinda the same."

"Perhaps it's time for me to get going…" Jessamin chuckles, glancing between Phylicia and M'nol. She gives Faraeth a significant look, before turning to make her way off the beach.

Jessamin whispers "((as if it's for Faraeth to hear)) «Don't let her make my little brother cry, okay?»"

"Wait, what?!" Phylicia squeaks, startled out of her little daydream. "That /is/ what's in the notes?" She pauses to think about this for a few seconds, and the end result is another wistful sigh. "If it were a guy, I'd be in love." Nevermind the fact the guy would then be writing to another guy. As Jessamin states she has to go, she lifts a sandy hand in a wave. "Enjoy your day!" Is her good-bye to Jess.

Faraeth gives Jessamin another wuffle and M'nol waves as she leaves before sliding down Faraeth's side to the shore, "Not exactly, but parts of it, sure. They say that they want to get to know me and have midnight liasons and such."

Phylicia blinks again, looks at M'nol as he slides down Faraeth's side. Ooo. Okay girl. Mind back on Pern, please. "But if they don't even know you… and they're suggesting…?" Phy looks a little perplexed for a moment. "But you're supposed to /know/ someone before doing that sorta thing!" She protests, not passionately, but protests none the less.

M'nol chuckles, "I think they're just implying talking… none of that… adult stuff." He smiles at her, "And they obviously seem to know who I am since these ones are addressed by name… not like teh candidate stalker ones."

Phylicia just keeps getting surprises today. "Candidate.. stalker?" She seems to be taken aback, because she came after or right before they all impressed, she was barely at the Weyr. "What was this candidate stalker?" Part of her thinks about standing up, but she's comfy in the sun. "What is up with this Weyr sometimes?"

Faraeth moves around behind Phy, providing her a backrest and forcing M'nol to move over near her to sit as well. He chuckles, "A couple three of the candidates thought it would be funny to leave anonymous love-letters in the cots of other candidates. They got de-knotted when we caught them trying to do it while we were cotless after the wax incident." He chuckles again, a rich sound now that his voice is beginning to settle, "The Weyr? I don't know what you mean, really… it's the only Weyr I've been at."

Phylicia smiles as Faraeth moves, providing her with a backrest. "Oh, thank you Faraeth." She says kindly before leaning against him. "You're clean enough for now?" She asks of the dragons before shifting just slightly so she can look straight at M'nol instead of looking sideways at him. "Well, the Healer Hall was quiet, I guess. Most people concentrating on studies." She has to giggle however. "Though the harpers were always trying to cause trouble with us."

Faraeth gives a contented wuffle and wraps his head around along the ground, his eyes closing in sleep. M'nol chuckles, shifting so he can see her straight on as well, "The mine back home was pretty quiet too, people were to tired for pranks and such like they do here." He shrugs, "I think it's just that the Weyrs are more laid-back."

Phylicia chuckles. "The healer hall was quiet mainly because people who were there /wanted/ to be there. We had very few holder children sent to just be educated for whatever reason, like the harper hall had." She lifts her shoulders in a small shrug. "Though there still are some. Some whose parents wouldn't let them do anything else. They made a fuss." Ticked a good deal of the studiers off. But then Phy smiles at M'nol. "More residents, less students?"

M'nol chuckles, "All residents, no students. Even the apprentices were all workers. The only place miners have students is the crafthall, and even apprentices don't stay there very long." He shrugs, "Things are different in every craft. I do like it here though. Did even before I was searched. The works just as hard, but the shifts aren't as long so there's more time to have fun."

Phylicia nods her head slightly in agreement. "People do seem to work just as hard here, but have a little fun too." She notes. Well after all, she might be out here talking even if she didn't have a wherry-bump on her head. "So you were here before you got searched?" Kind of like herself, but little miss Phy doesn't ever see herself getting searched, which may or maynot be evident by the way she speaks about dragons sometimes.

M'nol nods, "That's the best part, I think. Sure, I run and do a lot of exercises and take care of Faraeth, but otherwise I get to have fun." He smiles, "Yeah, Da had me transferred down here to work the mine long before I got searched… okay… about a month…"

"A month can be a long time!" Phylicia says more or less in his defense. "I've only been here about three months." She looks at the two 'lizards dozing on her shoulders. "A lot can happen." She's just leaving the bump on her head out of this one. "I requested to be transfered. Seeing as how the Weyrwoman Niva /is/ a general practice healer." Her brow knits in a small frown for a moment. "Or she was. I'm not sure she'd be able to give me a lesson ever."

M'nol nods, "I didn't get Agate until after I got searched, but not long after, maybe a week… A lot happens when you leave home, I think." He pats Faraeth's side for a moment, "If you asked she might be able to find some time. Especially since Hisolda came back. It never hurts to ask."

Phylicia looks perplexed for a moment. "Hisolda?" And it takes just a few more moments to click. "Oh! The headwoman." Obviously she really has been missing events around the Weyr. And her cheeks turn a light pink. "I.. could never … /ask/ the Weyrwoman if she has time!" By the tone of her voice it'd be like asking the Masterhealer to teach her something when there was another good teacher available.

M'nol chuckles, "Yeah, the Headwoman. She's nice enough, I guess." He chuckles again, then blushes as his voice cracks, still not fully settled, "Is there anyone else here you could ask? Seems to me she'd be a good choice, just don't ask while she's in her office."

Phylicia shakes her head again. "I could just… nooo! I couldn't ask her." It seems rather like she has a slight hero complex about the Weyrwoman. Touch her? Talk to her? Nono. Or at least not without a lot of prodding. "But I'll make a note of that. No office time." If she ever gets up the courage. She settles back against Faraeth a little more firmly, like she's really getting comfortable in the afternoon sun. "I forget. Did you have a speciality with the miners?" Since they were on that topic earlier.

M'nol nods, "I was a tunnel-runner. Basically means I went into voids to set up supports. Not particularly sad to leave one of the most dangerous specialities behind, but at my size we needed someone who could and I was it." He shrugs in a 'no big deal' sort of way, then eyes her a little, "Have you *met* the Weyrwoman yet? She's pretty nice, really." Faraeth rumbles happily when she leans the rest of the way against him.

Phylicia giggles as Faraeth rumbles, which basically makes her body vibrate along with his. "He's vibrating." Well, rumbling, but vibrating is much more fun of a word. And once again, her cheeks turn pink, although a bit deeper of a pink this time. "Noooo. I haven't met her…" She's almost shame-faced as she admits that. But she quickly tries to change the subject back to something that's not her hero worship. "A tunnel-runner? But… how..?" And she seems to flail for words at how dangerous a speciality that was, but it seems like he knew. "Faraeth, you keep him /safe/, yah? No more tunnel running!" Is what she gets out in the next breath instead. Look, it's a mini mama-hen!

M'nol chuckles and taps her chin, "Nothin' to be embarassed about, she can be pretty hard to find sometimes." He laughs even harder at her spluttering, "I was small and nimble. But no more time in the mines for me. I'm thinking about changing my speciality to search and rescue and joining the search and rescue wing. Then I can do it everywhere, but I can make sure to help miners since it's so important to me." Faraeth rumbles again, « He won't. Do not worry. »

Phylicia just can't seem to stop blushing today, though what really sets her off is when he taps her chin. Maybe she /could/ have been writing those letters. Though she would have de-thorned the roses first. But as Faraeth speaks to her, she gets a little confused, touching her lump carefully. "I am.. hoping that's /you/." She says at the dragon's side. "And not my head going all funny." But she looks back to M'nol, her blush under control. For now. "Search and rescue is a good wing. /If/ I ever impressed, it would probably be what I go into. Be useful and the sort." She pauses to think. "Though I'm not really trained for emergency situations… maybe not."

M'nol chuckles and Faraeth gives a small little nod, one eye open and watching Phy with gentle whirls. He blushes as well when Phy blushes, "Emergency situations are just like normal situations only with less time to think. If you know your stuff, you'll be fine. Especially with a dragon to help keep things under control."

Phylicia gently strokes Faraeth's side a smile playing on her lips now. "Point. Good point." And without warning, the apprentice yawns, just managing to get a hand up to cover her mouth. "Oh. Oh I-" yaawwwwwn again "'m sorry." She turns her more towards M'nol now. "I swear, everything acts like fellis juice to me lately. Give me enough and I'm out like a light." She shakes her head as gently as possible. "I knew head wounds were touchy, but this is ju-" yawnnn! "just /rediculous/."

M'nol pulls out a canteen and offers it to her, "That's too bad. Ma always said headwounds were the worst, but at least you know you'll get better." He smiles, "Have some water, at least then you won't wake up with an even worse headache." He pauses for a second, "I can take you back to the infirmary if you'd like… but I won't make you."

Phylicia takes the canteen and smiles, taking a few healthy swallows. That's the other thing. Sometimes you get inexplainably thirsty. And after she finishes, she screws the lid back on and hands it back to him. "Thanks." And she contemplates his offer for a little bit, until she looks up at the position of the sun. Over with the worst for the day.. "If.. you - both of you - don't mind, I'm real comfy right here..?" She starts off slowly. "But of course, if you two need to be somewhere, I'll go back inside.." Awww, she wants to nap with the draggie and M'nol.

Faraeth gives an assenting rumble even as M'nol begins to shake his head, "No chores t'day, so I won't mind at all and Faraeth doesn't either." He takes the canteen back, setting it on the ground where she can reach it if she gets thirsty again. He smiles, "Go ahead and rest, I'll stand guard against the vicious healers who'll try to take you back to the infirmary."

Phylicia giggles at M'nol's last statement. "Well, sometimes they have good reason." She says before yawning again. "But today I'd /really/ love a nap in the sun…" And she settles herself a little more securely against Faraeth's side so she won't tip over one way or another in the middle of her nap, folding her hands in her lap. "I won't stop either of you if you'd like t'join me either." She offers as her lids start to droop. "Such a nice day…"

Faraeth gives a quiet, rumbling snore, causing M'nol to chuckle again, "He already is, I think, and I very well may," he yawns, "It's a nice day for a nap on the beach."

Phylicia unfolds a hand long enough to pat the sand beside her that's not occupied by canteen. "My thoughts exactly. 'Nd since you've no chores… relax." She manages to get out before yawning again, which prompts a sleepy chuckle. "Just can't seem to stop." And her lids are drooping again, though she's not asleep yet, because she keeps shifting now and again to find a comfy position.

M'nol gets the message, more than a little surprised about it at the same time. His jaw hangs slack for a minute, then he shifts to the area she patted, yawning himself, "No need to stop on my account."

Phylicia is far too sleepy to notice that M'nol's mouth was briefly acting as a vtol trap. After he settles himself, she takes a position of partially leaning against his shoulder, but still primarily leaning on Faraeth - unless he pulls away of course. And she's not snoring like the dragon does, but her breathing hitches a little bit in one of those worrisome ways where you think they've stopped before it settles into the slow and even breathing of a sleeper.

M'nol smiles down at the girl sleeping on his shoulder, relaxing against his dragon as well. He can't help but wonder, 'how did this happen?' not that he'd change it.

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