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Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level
Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

(Continued from The Rank and File)

It is a not so hot and overcast morning and two friends have met up by chance in the clearing. One is even holding flowers! <3 Though they're not meant for the other. :( And after some conversation, the two have set off together for the annex, and here they are now. Ka'el, who is not the one with flowers, instead has a uniform and gear held in his arms, all of that too hot and heavy to be worn right now. "Make way, make way," he says as they head up, not too loud mind you so dragons won't be upset. "Make way for the beloved, revered, Weyrsecondwoman of Xanadu!"

Mur'dah wouldn't bring flowers to Ka'el, no. Sorry, bro. Shifting the bouquet to his other arm, Mur'dah rolls his eyes at Ka'el's announcement of him. "You forgot 'handsome' and 'terribly sexy'," he hisses, trying to step on Ka'el's heel. Flat tire!

And the flowers haven't even wilted instantly by being brought in here! Maybe it's cooler even in the arena today? Soriana thinks so. Then again, maybe she's just getting used to it. Besides, it's a dry heat. (Which is why she has the large bottle of water tucked under a seat.) Luraoth's dozing on the sands. Soriana… was dozing, at least if the pillow and folded-over blanket are to be believed, but now she's awake. …or is she? She pauses mid-stretch to look over at…. what. That's not even a real thing. As dreams go, though… not bad. Though, "I don't think the chairs move for anyone."

"Nooo, dear Weyrsecondwoman.. I wouldn't want to lie to the masses," says Ka'el, looking appalled. Then. Ow! Hey! His boots! He doublesteps as he's attacked via heel-stepping, and he snickers while hurrying forward a bit, out of range. Hearing Soriana, he looks her way and grins. "Ah look, we've woke sleepin' beauty," he says, tsking a little before depositing his stuff on one of the many empty plastic seats. Below, Kanekith is not asleep, but he is laying down with he head rested on the sand, watching Luraoth. Then glancing to the eggmounds every now and then.

Mur'dah smirks in wicked satisfaction when his step meets its mark. Then he's glancing at Sori with a wide smile, and down at the flowers in his hands. Oh shit. /Major/ error on his part. You don't go visit a woman with flowers that are for someone else. Even if they're for your own mother. "We brought you flowers," he says, even including Ka'el in that because he's an awesome friend. Offering the bouquet to Sori, he smiles. "How's it going in here?" He sits down too, stretching out and trying to give Ka'el a shove. "That's not a lie."

"It's not like I was sleeping soundly," Soriana says with a shake of her head and a rueful smile. The heat was bad enough. The little kiddies coming by before harper lessons to see the eggs… yeah, that just made things extra special. She stretches again, and then leans back against the rail. The boys can sit. She's been doing far too much sitting in those chairs. Mur'dah's flowers get a glance and a smile. "Thanks… but they'll just wilt in here. Take 'em to the office or something?" Not that she'll be there to see them, but. She turns her head, looking out over the sands. "It's… okay." A wry smile as she looks back. "Quiet." Which is good. "Hot." Which is good for the eggs. "How're you?"

Wait. They brought her what? Ka'el's eyes jerk to the bouquet that's not being offered to Soriana, and he gives Mur'dah a Look. Hopefully his mother wasn't expecting those flowers! "But…" Erk, too late! The flowers have been accepted and banished to the offices. He grins, shaking his head. The poor flowers will never be appreciated. Except by the other weyrwoman. Which, in fact, may work out just fine in the long run. Poor Ka'el is then shoved by Mur'dah, and he uses the momentum to plop down in a nearby seat. "Ooowww… Might I add 'bully' to the list of qualities, Sir Weyrsecondwoman?" he asks, giving his arm an unnecessary rub. He nods at Soriana's assessment. Quiet and hot. Just how dragons like it. "Do you need anything, Soriana? I've duties in a while," a gesture to his stuff, "but a little time til then."

Mur'dah nods, setting the bouquet to the side for now as he gets comfortable. "Sure. Quiet and hot. I hear that's what girls like in a guy." Someone's in a good mood. Eying Ka'el, the brownrider snorts. "I keep telling you that Marel is the Weyrsecondwoman. Ka'el is convinced that my mother is going to get all of her children in positions of power." At the offer to help, the brownrider nods, "Yeah, anything you need? Or want?"

It's not like there'll be a flower inspection. The future fate of that bouquet… is in Mur'dah's hands. Or, well, at the moment, it's on Mur'dah's the seat next to him. Close enough. "Is there an official list?" Soriana asks with an amused smile. "Of qualities?" Pause. "Or of what girls like in a guy?" Y'know, either way. And she says it with a smile, too! Then she gives her head a little shake. "I… don't think so? I mean…" she doesn't know! It's a mystery. Ocelara probably had a handy list of everything a goldrider could want in this situation. OH WAIT. "Maybe something to read that isn't paperwork. That, or you'll just have to keep visiting me." She glances between both of them with a smile, then there's a little twist of her lips that turns to a heh. "So, what. You're the… Leaderwingman?" Make it a joke. Aw yeah.

"Wait, what?" Ka'el straightens from his half-slouch. "You're puttin' words in my mouth. You're the one who brought up positions of power. Elevatin' yourself to Wingleader, remember? I only said, why start there. Take the Weyrsecond spot and Marel could be Weyrsecondwoman. But you said she'd be better fit for Weyrsecond, so obviously what's left for you is Weyrsecondwoman." There. It's all spelled out! Ka'el looks amusedly smug, and he crosses his arms just as smugly. "Why would we have that list?" of qualities, that is. "You girls keep it under lock and key so that we'll never really know." Girls are sneaky and mean like that! Ka'el nods at the mentiong of reading materials. To the library! As for visits. "As long as my Leaderwingman duties don't keep me otherwise occupied." Heh, he likes that title! He'll take it.

"Faranth, if there is such a list I /have/ to see it," Mur'dah says with a laugh. "So, /clearly/, there is no such position as Weyrsecondwoman. I'll just wait for my Wingleader knot." This is why he has the reputation he does. Because people hear this joking around and think he's serious. "Something to read that isn't paperwork. I'm sure there's some books we could find…" And he has to grin, because the idea of Ka'el and Mur'dah finding appropriate reading material for Sori is amusing. "Visits are good too though. Until you get sick of us."

Apparently, Ka'el and Mur'dah have their futures all planned out. Soriana listens, amused. "I dunno, I don't think they ever gave me a copy. Musta gotten misfiled." So it's somewhere in the archives? "It's okay, though. I'll just… hang out here." She grins. "I got Toral to get me some breakfast. That's one good thing about summer," as opposed to the awful heat, "at least there's lots of fresh fruit at meals." Cool and refreshing! And fortunately the cook knows what to do. "And Luraoth's okay with me leaving sometimes." Briefly. If Kanekith's there. And nobody up in the stands is looking suspicious. But visits? Yeah, those are good. And if she starts getting tired of them… "You'll just have to use that authority of yours," the stuff they don't actually have, "and order other people up here to amuse me. A team of harpers, maybe? Or acrobats?"

As far as Ka'el is concerned, there will always be a Weyrsecondwoman's spot, just for Mur'dah! Unofficial. In his heart. Mwuaha! "Fine if that's what you want Mur'dah, take Wingleader. I heard the Weyrsecondwoman's knot is much prettier though. Fancied up with flower petals and bows." A grin, and a conspiring look is given to his friend. Oh, they'll find some books for Soriana together, alright. They'll get her some .. iiinteresting reads! "Soriana could never get sick of us," he replies. "What's the alternative? Sittin' up here sweating alone and bored? When she could be sittin' up here sweating with company and being entertained. That's a no-brainer." He grins. "I'd juggle right now if I had something." He pantomimes juggling. Soriana is never going to be bored with these two around.

Mur'dah perks up a bit. "So it /does/ exist?" They dooooo exist. *flop* "We'll have to go on the hunt for one." And then he laughs, pushing fingers through his hair. "We will find you the /best/ harpers and acrobats. Story tellers, musicians, jugglers, artists…only the /best/ for you." He blinks at Ka'el, and then back to Sori. "He's not the best." Clearly. He doesn't even have balls! To juggle. Ahem. "Flowers and bows, that's why it's perfect for Marel." His poor twin. Can you imagine growing up with this nonsense? "I think she could get sick of us. I get sick of us, and I'm one of us."

"Hey!" protest the juggling Ka'el, dropping his imaginary balls. "I'll have you know I'm the best in the land. Why do you think I use dragon riding as a cover? If people knew I was the lost Ezeka'el, the Great Juggler, I'd never have any peace. The story goes I was lost at sea, probably shipwrecked or drowned while performing my amazing feat of juggling three anchors across Pern." He flexes an arm. Muscle. Oh yeah. He grins at this easy going banter, reminiscient of simpler carefree days spent with friends. "You must be gettin' sick of you then, Mur'dah. I'm an absolute joy to be around." Smug! He laughs as he rises, glancing back to that uniform. "But…meh, should get changed and get goin'.

Oh, yeah. Without these two, Soriana would be… uh… maybe she'd actually be doing some paperwork. Because of course that got brought to her. A proper breakfast? Not so much. But the paperwork… oh, yes. "Stay as long as you want," she says after a laugh for the jokes between the two, then sighs. Or as long as they can. She nods to Ka'el's statement of having to go. "I'll see you later." No. No sad. She must maintain the light and teasing tone. More jokes! "So… Good luck juggling firelizard eggs from dragonback. Are you gonna try the one where you drop it and then between to catch it?"

Mur'dah watches Ka'el for a long moment, and then he just laughs. He tempers it so's not to disturb the dragons or the clutch, but he's still laughing, shaking his head and helpless for a moment. "You're so full of shit." But he says it /fondly/. "Sometimes I do get sick of me, yes," he says, grinning but honest. "Have a good time, Ka'el." Looking at Soriana, he blinks in surprise, and then back to Ka'el. "You don't actually…wow. That would be an /awesome/ trick, if you could do that." Then he looks back at Soriana. "I don't have to go yet, if you want more company," he offers, noticing that sigh.

Full of what? Him?? "Not I" says Ka'el, pressing a hand to his chest. "Nothin' but truth pours from these lips." .. >.> He cracks a grin as he lowers his arm. Now it's that much harder actually having to get to work! Staying and joking with his friends, even within the heat, is so much more desireable. Especially with Soriana laughing, which has him kind of beaming. Bah, responsibility! "I'll be back," he promises as he gathers up his uniform. "Make sure Kanekith hunts for them. He'll forget with all his glare an' staring at folks. He'll listen to Luraoth. And don't forget to take a break, else you'll shrivel… And don't forget to eat lunch or somethin' yourself, alright? I probably won't break long enough to bring you anything." And, and, and! Nope, he's out of ands now, and so he smiles at them both, and salutes. "Keep an eye on the skies. I'll be performin' that firelizard egg trick at sundown!" A lavish bow (in which he nearly drops all his stuff) and then he turns and is gone.

"I will," Soriana says to Ka'el's admonishments, but it's with a smile. "I will." Really. She won't shrivel up or melt. Probably. "I'll even go take a shower." Because they're probably just being polite about that, after spending the night sweating from the sands. Her lips quirk, an effort to keep the smile there even as Ka'el departs. But hey! Mur'dah's still here, and she nods to him. "That'd be nice. If you've the time…" She leaves the rail and flops into the seat next to him, giving a smile. "So… how've you been?" Heh. "Besides your newfound authority."

Mur'dah smirks, waving as Ka'el goes, and then his eyes follow Soriana's approach. "I've been really good," he answers truthfully, with a smile. "Things are good. How about you? How's the Sands and…" hand gesture, "all of that?" He turns to study her face for a moment, before he's smiling and leaning back, fingers lacing as his hands tuck behind his head. No, he's not going to try the yawn/stretch/arm around her shoulders thing. He's relaxing.

Soriana nods with satisfaction. "Good," she says to Mur'dah's being good. Because it is! As for her… well, looking out over the sands doesn't take her smile away, at least. Luraoth's woken up, but just to check the eggs in a groggy sort of way. She'll probably rest again soon. And is she hungry? …not yet. When she wakes up for real. Then Kanekith can go. Soriana hehs, then gives her head a little shake. "It almost feels like survival camp. Just… being stuck here, with whatever I've brought. I mean, I'm not really stuck, but…" she gestures vaguely to Luraoth. She sort of is. "She's doing well, though." Luraoth is. "I've been talking to the dragonhealers." A shrug. "Mostly… it's just letting her instincts do what they want, for now. Until the eggs are hard." And there are candidates.

Mur'dah nods, "Yeah, you kind of are stuck here. But we'll find you some good books to read." Oh, they will. "I'm glad she's taken to it. And Kanekith has too, or so Ka'el was saying. That's real nice, and makes things easier on you for sure, right?" He smiles down at the sands, and then back at her. "But that's all how /she/ is doing. How are /you/?"

Oh, yes. Mur'dah and Ka'el will probably find her something very interesting to read. Soriana will look forward to it. For now, she just nods to it, then hehs. "Yeah, Kanekith's being… doting." Which is a really weird word to apply to that bronze, but it's accurate. Just look at him. "It does help, though. Luraoth's happier about me leaving when he's there." Which he wants to be, and is why Ka'el's off at his duties without his dragon. The repeated question makes Soriana's lips quirk. "Most of what I'm doing is her." But… "I'm… good." Yeah. She supposes she is. "Ka'el and I have been talking." Things are getting easier. The joking moments earlier wasn't a lie. "And… I don't think I'm falling behind on paperwork too badly." A shrug. "Besides, if I am, Thea knows why."

Mur'dah nods, looking down towards the sands. "Good," he says genuinely, with a smile and another nod, sitting up and unlacing his fingers. He chuckles. "Well yes, I know, but…" He wanted more. "I'm glad you two are talking. It's…easing up a bit?" Then he snorts. "Eh, paperwork isn't important." Which is one of many reasons why he doesn't have any /real/ rank.

"Yeah," Soriana says after a moment's consideration. "It is." She looks out to the sands, and smiles slightly. "I think Luraoth's helping. Because… dragonfeelings." The same thing as messed it up in the first place. She shrugs, then makes a face that's somewhere between amused and rueful. Paperwork. "There are reasons for it." Good reasons? Well, she's not that convinced. (Yet?) "So…" she turns to look at Mur'dah. "Do you think Kalsuoth's going to search anyone?"

Mur'dah smiles, "Dragonfeelings can be good. Sometimes they make us move past our own worries and make us just…go for it. And sometimes that's wonderful." Then he gives her a little grin. "Sometimes it's not." Shrug. What can you do but ride it out? "Ka'el asked the same thing," he says with a chuckle. "I'm not sure if he will or not. But…he does love finding treasures."

"No worries about the past. No thinking about the future." Soriana looks out over the dragons on the sands, thoughtful for a long moment before she gives her head a shake to let thoughts and worries slip away. For now. A half-smile. "We'll deal." And it'll be okay! The partial smile lingers as he mentions Ka'el, but then she nods. "He does. I suppose you'll just have to see… It's not like we'll need a lot of candidates, anyhow."

Mur'dah nods, "There's something…soothing about the way their minds work, isn't it? Only living in the moment." Then he shrugs, reaching out to offer her arm a squeeze if she doesn't move away. "It'll be okay," he says, grinning in amusement. "If he finds any, I'm sure they'll be very special ones. But we'll see. He hasn't shown any interest yet, but next time we're on a delivery I'll remind him about the clutch and see what he does.

"Sometimes," Soriana says, and smiles. "Sometimes it makes it hard to explain things." She shrugs. "But… yeah. It's peaceful." So long as you don't have to deal with that past or that future… but she smiles for the squeeze, and nods. "Only the finest." Her lips quirk as she glances out to the sands to check on Luraoth. "It's okay if he doesn't. Someone will."

Mur'dah nods, "I'm not going to push it," he admits, "But if he finds someone, I'm sure it'll be a great someone." Leaning back again, he stretches his feet out with a happy exhale. "I'm so glad things are improving for you, Sori," he says, rolling his head to look at her. "I was worried about you…"

Soriana tilts her head, looking at Mur'dah with a crooked smile. "I'm not going to fall apart." She claims now. "Or forget to eat." A glance to where Ka'el left. "Or…" a sigh, and she looks out over the sands for a moment before looking back to the brownrider. "I'll be okay. Really. But… thanks." Her lips quirk. "Even if weyrwoman's worrier is a pretty awful job."

Mur'dah laughs. "I never worried about /that/. You're a very strong woman. Or?" he prompts, following her gaze to where Ka'el departed. Then he grins. "I know. We're all going to be okay. And you're welcome. Any time."

Soriana gives her head a shake, but it's with a smile, now. "I don't even know. It's… I never felt like things were bad, exactly. Just, there were… edges. And as long as I stayed away from the edges, it was okay." Not that walking a narrow path of 'okay' is a very good way to be. She smiles, and then looks to Mur'dah with a more serious expression. "And if you need anything…" She half-smiles. "Even if I seem busy."

Mur'dah nods thoughtfully. "Sometimes you have to do that, I guess. Walk carefully to avoid those edges. And hopefully you don't have to do that very long, because it can wear you down." At her serious expression, he smiles. "Thank you. I can't really think of anything I need right now…well." Cough. He looks down. Away. Surely that means something.

"Yeah," Soriana says with a serious nod. "There are fewer edges now." They're not gone, but- "It's easier." That's what easier means, sometimes. Less to worry about. (Life as a dragon must be easy, huh? Neither past nor future.) Soriana smiles back, then tilts her head. Well? But she doesn't ask. Not exactly. "…because you've done a lot for me, and you're my friend. So I want to help you, too. If I can."

Mur'dah grins. "Here's to fewer edges, then." Glancing at her, he's blushing a bit, clearing his throat. "Well. There's this girl. And…it's kind of…odd, I guess? She and I kind of…" he glances around and then back to her. "Hooked up, after Idrissa's flight. And she's really nice, and fun, but it was a one time thing. I think. But…should I…send her something? Or would that be tacky? I don't want to be creepy and make her feel like we're in a relationship or anything, but doing /nothing/ seems kind of weird too…"

A girl? Soriana tilts her head, listening. A post-flight hookup, which… gets a slow nod and a moment's drift of her eyes. Idrissa. She… should talk to Idrissa, but never mind that now. Back to Mur'dah and his problem. "Huh," she says, once he's explained it. "So, you… and she…" And it was a flight, except not in the flight way, exactly. So… "Do you like her? Like… if it weren't for the flight. Do you want to see her again?"

Mur'dah nods, "Yeah, we did. It was…it was really fun. I think something we both, uh. Needed." Cough. Blush. "She's nice! I'd hang out with her again, sure. I just don't want it to be weird, since it started as a flight thing, you know? I don't want to make any assumptions."

Soriana nods, and then glances away. Yes about those urges. Moving on! "Okay," she says. "Then… I'd say… send her something, but not a relationship sort of thing." She glances to the bouquet, and smiles. "No flowers. Nothing like that. But like…" she pauses, considering. "Something small. Cookies or something? Something you would send a friend." She hehs, and glances to the flowers again. "A guy friend. Just like… casual."

Mur'dah nods, glancing at the flowers and laughing. "No, no flowers." Very few women in his life rank flowers. "Cookies? Hmm. Well…Hmm. Oh!" He grins. "Okay, I've got a good idea." His grin grows as he thinks it through. "Yeah. Alright. Not something I'd send a guy friend, but…it's got meaning. And that's good, right? Meaning?"

Soriana tilts her head, with a small and curious smile as she watches that growing grin. She nods. "Yeah. Meaning's good. As long as it's not too big. Y'know? Something that's like, 'hey, it was fun' and not… like you're expecting something more." A half-smile. "And then just… see how it goes."

Mur'dah's grin falters, and now he looks hesitant. "Hmm. Well, okay," he says, leaning forward, hands clasped. "She has this bed that's made of a bag of water." Ahh, water beds. "And I kind of…fell out of it. So I was thinking maybe a bag of feathers and a note saying something like 'for you to start saving up for a real bed' or something like that. But is talking about the /bed/ a bit too much?" Help the clueless brownrider. Mur'dah adds, "I'm not in love and we're not dating or anything but it just feels weird to do /nothing/."

Soriana laughs. "Nah, that's good. It's a joke. It's…" she gives her head a shake, still grinning. "It means you're not taking it serious. Y'know? She can laugh about it and be amused by you, or she can just laugh at it and think you're weird and toss it out. She doesn't have to do anything about it."

Mur'dah nods, "Okay. I'll do that then," he says. "Thank you, Sori. It's been…bugging me and you know how clueless I am with this stuff." He gives her a wide, bright grin. "Your turn. Something I can help you with."

"If it goes well, you're welcome. If it goes badly, well… you'll know for next time?" Soriana grins back, then laughs. "Me? Aren't I already well in your debt?" She gives her head a shake, then attempts to consider. Hmmmm.

Mur'dah laughs. "So noted," he says, chuckling. Then he blinks, looking surprised, and laughs. "You? In my debt? I hardly think so. If /anything/ we're even, but I feel like I'm in your debt for getting me out of my mindhealer apointment." Still. It meant /that/ much to him. "Plus we're friends. Not really keeping score."

Soriana laughs, and shakes her head about that mindhealer. "I hope he stays busy talking to other people." Y'know, ones that aren't her or Mur'dah. People who actually want to talk to a mindhealer. Especially now that she's more or less trapped on the sands. "But, yeah. I'm not keeping track either." It's just the vague sense of things! "So, okay. Besides keeping me company… and bringing me something to read…"

Mur'dah nods, motioning with a hand. "Yes…?"

Soriana grins, considering on it. "I don't suppose you can make it cooler in here? Not on the sands, of course, just… up here." It's only a small violation of the laws of physics.

Mur'dah laughs, but it quickly dies as he looks around. "Well…" he says thoughtfully. "I'll see what I can do…" Ponder. It's something to think about, for sure.

Not that Soriana actually expects anything - it's just something to laugh about - but her head tilts as she sees that serious expression. If it actually is possible, well… yeah. She'd appreciate it. So, she nods. "Other than that…" oh, but now she's thinking. She tries to look all neutral and unbiased. "Hey, so… you know about Idrissa and Zi'on, right?"

Mur'dah doesn't know if it's possible or not, but he'll try! With all his leadership resources, you know. He'll just talk to his mom and his brother and his sisters. See what they can get /done/. Then he glances over at her, and his expression should be answer enough. "Yeah…"

So, by getting other people to deal with it…yep, that sure sounds like leadership. Soriana sighs at his answer-face, and nods. "I don't like it." Not that her own expression, as she relaxes her guard on it, doesn't make that clear. "Zi'on's not a bad person, but…" She shakes her head. "I worry about her, but she doesn't want to hear it. So." She half-smiles. "If you had any ideas about that…"

Mur'dah rubs a hand over his face and sighs. "I don't like it either," he admits quietly. "He's…no, I don't think he's a bad person, I just think he's … a player. I just have a bad feeling about it. Idrissa is so sweet and charming and innocent. I just don't think it's a good match, the two of them. But no, she doesn't want to hear it, of course not. She and I did have a little talk about it but in the end, all I could do was tell her I'm there for her, and just…hope for the best. So now, I don't have any ideas other than being there for her and not pushing her away…"

A player. Exactly. Soriana nods, the half-a-smile gone again. "I told her to be careful. To not let him push her." But then Tahryth rose, didn't she? So… what does that even mean? Soriana frowns, and gives her head a shake. "I guess… yeah. We just have to be there." She sighs, and then a trace of humor asserts itself. "Can we send Zi'on to the mindhealer?"

Mur'dah laughs at that, loudly, and he hastily bites it back with a guilty look to the sands. "Oh /shards/ I wish we could sic Cyrus on him. Faranth, he'd never come back here." Mur'dah is probably being a bit too harsh on the poor Mindhealer, but first impressions can be harsh. Then he sobers with a nod. "I just…yeah. I don't like it. But there's nothing we can do. I'd…" he shrugs, shifting his feet a bit, "I kind of thought she was interested in /me/, so…"

A grin spreads across Soriana's face to go with Mur'dah's laugh. Yeah, it's not exactly nice, and it's not doable - though, what if they called it relationship counseling? - but… it's funny. Even if Kanekith glares at Mur'dah for daring to cause a disturbance. Soriana's grin fades again with a sigh, and she nods. "I dunno. Idrissa… I've never seen her make a move. Like… ever. She's always just waited for the guy." So no wonder she's fallen for the player with the moves?

Mur'dah nods, "Yeah, I figured that. I don't know. She's a friend, so…dunno. Through Candidacy and Weyrlinghood she's more like a sister than someone I would /date/, but with everyone pairing up I just figured." Then he shrugs. "Not that it matters. But yeah. I don't…ugh." He shrugs. "Drama."

"That you and her were next?" Soriana smiles crookedly. "Yeah. Drama. I guess… it's good that she's willing to stand up for someone?" If only it weren't him, adds the sour twist of her lips. "But I guess she won't listen to any of us. We'll just try to be here for her." If. When?

Mur'dah just shrugs with a little grin. "I thought about it," he admits. "That's all we can do," he says sadly, running fingers through his hair again. "Hey, am - was I good at massage? That one time?" Subject change much?

Soriana tilts her head a little, and smiles for a moment before it fades away. "Yeah. I hope… if she needs it… she'll come find someone." But she's not sure. Ugh. Drama and worry. Subject change, yes please. Her head lifts, and she hehs. "Yeah. You were. It was… relaxing." As a massage should be.

Mur'dah nods, "I'd hope she would. Or Tahryth would tattle on her." Ahh, dragons. Good for so /many/ things! Then he grins. "Yeah? Hmm. I'm thinking of taking a class. Finding a Healer who specializes who could teach me a few things. Figure that's something good for a guy to know, right? How to relax a woman."

Yay for the draconic grapevine! Soriana looks reassured by that, though, nodding her agreement. It's great, so long as you're not the one being tattled on. But! New topic. "Sure. It's great for getting your hands on women's bodies." Grin: teasing. "It does seem like a healer'd know, though. Maybe one of the ones at Ierne?" Ooh, he could ask his sister abou- maaaaybe not. "Or Ista. One of the places where people go for vacations."

Mur'dah laughs. "Well yeah, touch is an amazing thing and I want more of it. Nothing wrong with that, right?" he asks, grin crooked. "I could ask Darsce about it. She's got all sorts of contacts in Ierne. You know I modeled for her a few times down there?" he asks, chuckling at himself. "Not that I want to go into the massage business." That'd be odd. "Just seems like a good…skill."

Soriana grins, and reaches over to offer a pat-ruffle for Mur'dah's shoulder. Because, hey, touch. He practically asked for it. "Nothing at all," she agrees, then nods… though her grin turns to more of a wry smile. "I'm sure she does." But, uh… anyway. The idea of Mur'dah as a model makes her give him an up-and-down look, as if trying to picture it. "Huh." She grins. "It is good. And I'm not just saying that because I want to be your homework assignments."

Mur'dah did ask for it! In his own way. Then he laughs. "/Do/ you want to be my homework assignments?" he asks, grin crooked and eyes amused. Her up and down has him blushing a bit. "I was cuter back then," he mutters.

"I did say you were good at it, didn't I?" Soriana grins back. "Though I'm sure you'll have plenty of volunteers." As for his former cuteness, she just waves a hand in vague dismissal. "Cute is for kids. The real question is, are you handsome, rugged, or dashing?" The grin is wider, now.

Mur'dah says "Yes."

Oh look. Soriana's grin got even wider. "-and good with your hands."

Mur'dah grins, "I'm a…quadruple threat," he says with a low laugh. Lifting his hands, he flexes them and grins. "Want a little something now?" he offers.

"Better be careful, if you do find those lessons. You might get mobbed on the way." Soriana grins, and then lifts a brow at his offer. "…after sleeping here? Do I ever."

Mur'dah spins his fingers a bit. "Well, let's see what I can do then," he says with a little smile.

Soriana turns and shifts to assume the massage position. Or a massage position, at least. There's kind of a lot of them, depending on technique. Not that Soriana's an expert. "Something good, I'm sure. Maybe even good enough to stick through to tomorrow."

Mur'dah only knows one position. So far. But he's learning! "Are you sleeping in here because she won't let you go back to your weyr? Did you bring your mattress or…anything?" he asks, looking around. "I know where you could get a great water bed." Tease. Hands resting on her shoulders, he begins to massage, starting off gentle as he works along the tops of her shoulders. His technique has somewhat improved from the last time

"She…" Soriana frowns, not that Mur'dah can see it. Not from behind her with his hands on her shoulders. "She just starts worrying if I'm not here. She doesn't mind me going, so much as…" She gives her head a shake. "I don't want her being unhappy. Maybe once she's more used to it." She rolls her shoulders, leaning back into those hands. "Mmh. I've got a pillow." She waves a vague hand at it. "A cot'd be nice. If there's one that'd fit?" It is kinda narrow here, and she doesn't remember from last time there was a broody queen. The things you don't care about until you do. Really, it seems like a question for a headwoman… and for now, a question for Soriana to shake her head to before laughing. "I'd just drink the water."

Mur'dah frowns as he works his hands against Sori's shoulders, pressing a bit more firmly. "Too hard?" he asks. "I've learned…different people like different pressures, so just let me know. Shards, you're tense. I'm /sure/ we can get a cot in here…even if we have to lay it across the chairs or something. Sori." He's chiding now. "You /need/ a bed, shards."

"Nah, that's good," Soriana says, a moment before she winces a little. "Okay, too hard on that spot, but the rest of it is good." Some knots of muscle are just more tender than others… and there's a lot of knots. She looks over the chairs, and nods. "I guess…" she says, and then her lips curve in a small smile. "I won't fall apart," she protests. Very weakly. It's hardly a real protest at all. "Then… can you find me one? Because… I could go look in the stores, but I don't want to leave for that long…"

Mur'dah nods, easing up on that one spot, learning quickly that knots are bad to push right /on/, but around it might need some more pressure. His hand slides up beneath her hair to the back of her neck to start working there. "Absolutely, I'll take care of it," he promises. Even if he has to get the woodcrafters in here to build a frame that fits around the chairs and still makes a level bed. Yay, Weyrsecondwoman rank.

Soriana tilts her head forward slightly, attempting to relax it. Her muscles aren't entirely up for this 'relaxing' thing, but they're getting there. Slowly. "Okay," she says about that bed, and smiles. "Thanks." There's probably something already made, just… nobody's realized to bring it here yet. Because reasons.

(Continued in The Points Don't Matter)

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