Castles in the Sand

Xanadu Weyr - Beach


The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

A light breeze blows across the beach, the crisp air of early spring coming with it. Along the beach sits a weyrling and his dragon, staring simply out into the ocean. After a few moments, M'nol turns to his brown, stroking his side gently, and says nothing. The brown wuffles in return, spraying sand all over the lad, who begins to laugh even as he wipes sand and grit from his face.

Jessamin ambles down the beach, no sewing in hand this time, and six flits winging their way through the air in her wake. Even the smallest blue has taken to flying with his faire mates, watching and learning from their example. Jess seems to have a lot on her mind, and seems content to walk along the beach for now to think things through.

Thea walks at the water's edge, her boots dangling in her hands, her cheeks flushed from the heat of the Sands. The thin tunic and trous she wears while doing sands duty is whipped by what breezes there are today. It's pretty obvious someone needs to cool off. Her hair also blown round her face, which is turned towards the lake, she's not really noticing who's here at the moment, lost in her own thoughts is she.

Alosynth is traipsing through the water sending up large splashes of water, especially when she see's something and goes to pounce it. Keziah is higher up on the beach, well away from the splashing. She ain't getting wet with the crisp breeze blowing. She spies M'nol and grins as she turns her direction to head more towards him. "Hey there shorty."

A dark brown is slooowly emerging from the waters, his whirling eyes looking towards the shore. On his back is his short rider, stretched out and looking quite wet from the swimming. But Zaruath's the one that's really doing most of the work, using his wings to propell himself forward and finally to a point where he can stand and slowly sulk his way to shore. "Any better?" asks Fy as she swings down to the shallow water once they're close to shore, trudging her way out with her lifemate by her side who just grunts in return.

Barking sounds further along the beach, and is quickly joined by laughter and shouts that will be familiar to at least a few of the beach's current residents. Jogging along with his boots strangely absent and pants rolled up to knees is Sigam, a great red and white canine loping at his side. At first, it might seem as though multi-hued tumors are bouncing along on the dog's back, but further inspection will reveal several firelizards that have taken to riding piggy-back on the canine's spine. Hi ho silver, away!! "Hey!," the Dragonhealer calls as he gets closer to a few familiar draconic lumps, one hand swishing through the air. "Great day, huh?" Someone remembered to take his happy pills today, apparently.

The water moves. Granted, the water moves anyway, but a large blob of it starts to creep up out of the rest of the ocean, revealing the form of a dragon as Ecoatleth finally emerges. The water-patterned blue stretches his wings out a bit, flicking water to and fro. Y'ki isn't too far behind the dragon though, heading out of the water in a set of swimming trunks. Fingers brush a bit through his hair, getting rid of some of the wetness there and leaving the black strands spiked back slightly.

Theo's fluffy curls blown in the ocean breeze and his arms encircling a sizeable looking picnic basket. He lifts a hand to shield his eyes from the sun, blinking up at the sky curiously, "Ah! It's a nice day." He smiles cheerfully, but is quickly distracted by all the people that seem to be on the beach today. He watches the canine run along the beach, then carts the basket off to one side, taking out a couple beach blankets that he promptly attempts to toss out to spread them on the sand only to have the breeze kick it back into his face. In a few seconds, the boy disappears under a tumble of white fabric, flailing sporadically.

Jessamin finds her fair suddenly nearly doubled by M'nol's five, trilling happily, even as M'nol himself turns a fac eup to Kez with a "Hi yourself, tally. How's the weather." He grins impishly, but finds hiself just as willing to greet Sigam with a happy howdy-do, "How're the bruises coming?" He seems about to say more when F'yr and then Y'ki emerge from the lake. F'yr receives a wave, Y'ki a cocked eyebrow and a 'how'd I not see him before now' look. Then poor Theo fins himself attacked, raising some draconic laughter from Faraeth and some human laughter from his rider along with a "You all right there?"

Jessamin looks up at the sudden increase of noise nearby, to find her six have somehow become… eleven? A smile turns the corners of her lips upwards, her shoulders shaking with mirth as she looks about the beach. "Where you lot are… I imagine… ah yes, hello there, M'nol!" She waves to him, offering Faraeth a bow. "And to you too!" Keziah gets a wave as she makes her way over to them. "How are you two doing?"

Thea is looking in Zaruath's direction so spies him as he emerges, pauses and allows him space to exit the lake. She nods to F'yr, then turns at the sound of barking, lifts a hand to wave at Sigam and there's Jessamin too. "It was," she answers Sigam with a half-smile. A weak attempt at humor. The sound of water draws her eyes back to the lake in time to see the blue and Y'ki head in. Not a word does she say to him, just another nod as her solitude is awash with dripping dragons, soggy Riders, fourteen noisy firelizards, two Weyrlings, one canine, a running 'healer and a flailing white… thing. It could almost be a song.

Keziah casts a wave towards Sigam, though she's eyeing his canine a bit oddly. She then shakes her head and plops down next to M'nol "Mind if I join ya?" she asks with a smirk. After all, she's already sitting down. "Been good, weather's been great for flying." Least Kezi's few are sunning themselves elsewhere. Alosynth has paused, some lake vegetation hanging from her muzzle and is peering over towards Thea. Even as Keziah is glancing over at Y'ki, now there's a face she hadn't seen in awhile."

F'yr heads away from the water, dripping, from the big grumpy brown that stretches himself right next to the water, his wings spread out wide and lying limp on either side of him. Chu gives a chitter from where she was guarding the brownrider's towel, glancing up curiously to those other flying flitters. She doesn't join them, happy to wait until Fy scoops her up. Fy raises a hand to those she recognizes, giving Sigam's canine a curious stare. "Now that's a sight I've never seen 'fore," she tells him loudly, putting Chu on her shoulder and her towel over her head.

Sigam beams and tosses himself down onto the sand near Faraeth, rolling right onto his back with little further ado. "Bruises are great! Only a bit yellow now, yeah?" He angles his chin towards the weyrling in demonstration before flicking a casual wave to Jessamin and Kez (with an added wince for the latter). Thea gets a pleasantly rumbled, "It was only great until I made it /fantastic/, I know." The canine trots towards one of the drippier riders, thin muzzle pointing up at F'yr while her tail swooshes spastically. She knows this girl! "Yeah, Sab likes carrying the flits around, and they definitely like being chauffeured. Go say hi," he adds towards the firelizards, all of whom are wiggling to fly one way or another. Koenig zoooms to make an even dozen in the sky, Calelir's off to eye the white thing (ghost!!) over yonder, and Saoirse… well, she doesn't go so much as begin meeping in the general direction of her momma. Silly thing. "D'you need help?" Sig's gaze flicks from Y'ki to Theodore curiously.

If Y'ki is stared at all, the teen rider doesn't seem to notice at all. Ecoatleth though, is quite pleased with this fact, and simply trills loudly in his own form of greeting. Hey, with the number of people milling about on the beach, one generalized greeting should be fine. Y'ki himself continues up onto the beach though, gaze rather subtly flicking around. People? There are definitely people. Keziah might even be the recipient of a slightly longer gaze. Of course, it's accompanied by a vague narrowing of his eyes. Still, with Theodore being accosted by the blanket, the bluerider just hefts a sigh, tromping through the sand. Once he reaches the other boy, he just grabs onto the blanket, yanking it firmly. Theo might yet find freedom from the evil, flimsy beast! "Can't even intimidate a blanket, huh?"

The blanket is yanked off, causing Theodore to tumble forward slightly so that he winds up partially flopped on the sands, propped up on his hands, hair tousled and fluffy from static. He puffs up his cheeks, pouting slightly as he pushes his hair away from one of his eyes, "It started it…" He blinks against the light, looking to Sigam as he puts a face to the concern from earlier and sparing him a sudden sunny smile, "O-oh, I'm fine, thank you. The wind caught it, that's all." He will climb to his feet, ruffling his hair back as best he can and then reaching out to try and take the blanket from Y'ki, "Sorry. I'll get it…"

M'nol speaks to the general population, no longer trying to keep specific questions separate, "We're doing okay, except that someone…" He eyes Faraeth, "can't seem to keep his eyes or his brain to himself…" There's a pause, then, "I can't wait until V'dim lets us take passengers. I really want to take Jessa here up." He nods to Theodore, then Y'ki, an eyebrow quirked, "Mornin'"

Thea pauses as Zaruath walks by, an assessing look is given his wings, her eyes return to F'yr. "He's coming along, yes?" There's a kindness in her tone as she says it. She steps past the sheet-engulfed lad, eyeing Y'ki as he yanks the thing. Theodore lands on the sand and she grins down at the static-haired boy as she walks past, "No need to fall at my feet, really!" Then she's moving on towards the Weyrlings, a laugh for Sigam's quip. "Is that what it is?" Who knew it takes utter chaos to make an afternoon fantastic. She sinks down into the sand near them with a general, "Hi guys," to M'nol, Keziah and Jessamin. "How go the lessons?"

Keziah eyes M'nol a moment "Perhaps you should set a better example." she notes quietly "After all, if you're threatening people, why can he…" there's a pause "Just what do you mean eyes and brain to himself?" she asks after amoment. "Not more of those dream things?" she hmms thoughfully "With Jessa this time or still Cen and Viv?" she smiles though her eyes dart back towards Y'ki and thus Theo as well and she smiles a little at the scene. Awww. "Hey Thea." her attention diverts "Lessons are going great." Sigam is eyes a moment and then she frowns and looks away. Thoughful perhaps or what?

Two flits break away from the fair, soaring down to land on Jessamin's shoulders. Now decorated with tiny, jewel-like bits of bronze and midnight blue, she turns and waves to Thea, smiling with a touch of confusion. "Lessons?" She quirks a smile as she looks between Thea, M'nol, Keziah, and Sigam, but otherwise seems content in the company of friends, saying little but seeing much.

Y'ki doesn't let Theo have the blanket. It could rise again, and devour him, after all. Shaking his head though, he holds onto the blanket a moment longer as Thea goes past. "Hmph, who /would/?" He bites out his words lowly, though certainly not quiet enough to really be making an attempt to hide it. And if he'd been about to lay the blanket out for Theo, the idea is rather suddenly quashed, pushing it to the other teen's chest abruptly. Ecoatleth maneuvers his way around, flopping into the sand calmly, and just puffs a breath into the grains as his nose plops near a small dune. Y'ki's gaze flickers over just a bit though, catching sight of M'nol. The weyrling gets a brief once-over then, before he simply shrugs. "Mornin'. Yeah. I guess."

F'yr shakes her head sadly, frowning back to her lifemate. "Not quite," is her reluctant reply, with an added sigh. Zaruath plays deaf, tail twitching along but otherwise keeping the rest of him still. Fy gives her hair a vigorious rub, making the longish blond locks tangle up even more than they already were, and then she grins down to the canine. "Sorry, I ain't got any snacks on me right now or I'd've sneaked some into you by now." She giggles at the firelizards and squats down some to give Sab some pets if she allows, making Chu eye level with the dog and the mini-Chu. She gives Saoirse a squeak in reply and then proceeds to hide in the brownie's hair. Big dog. "It's kinda cute. You should teach her to feed the critters as well since you got so many," she says, peeking back over to Sigam before her blue eyes wander down the beach towards the rest of them.

Sigam eyes M'nol, seems about to comment, and then apparently thinks differently. He's interfered with enough teenage lives lately to know that some things just weren't worth it. Instead, he nods and grins at Theodore's refusal, "'Kay, but if you need a hand, holler." Thea gets a more supreme look angled her way, with a nod. "It is, you better believe it." Sabhrilline, as if understanding, slows her tail-wagging a touch, but still seems pleased by
F'yr's attentions, leaning into the petting and perhaps doling out a few return licks of her own. "She tries, but she's too much of a herder - just keeps chasing things around instead of hunting them down. They do make a good team though, the lot of them." Pride leaks into Sigam's voice before he quiets down a bit, head resting back into his hands. Mini-Chu twitters, chee's, but seems no more eager to move away from the dog.

Theodore blinks in surprise as the blanket is first kept from him, and then shoved at him, looking at Y'ki curiously, watching Thea walk off somewhat confusedly only to shrug to himself. Instead, he just smiles warmly at Sigam again, waving a hand amiably, "Thank you." He proceeds to hum lightly to himself as he bundles the blanket and goes about spreading it out. It's sort of like trying to watch a puppy try to bite at a pane of glass as he crawls over it, pinning the edges only to have another one curl up. A green firelizard pops out of nowhere and proceeds to plop herself down on one of the corners, the boy smiling at her happily for her help before he smooths out the other edge and sticks a rock out of the basket on top of it. There we go. He allows himself to be distracted by the dog, too, of course, contemplating a little and eventually taking out a small, edible looking thing out of the basket and offering it to the animal hopefully. Yummy? Wigglewiggle.

M'nol blushes deeply at Kez' question, his face heating noticably, "I… uh…" He pauses a moment, forming his response, then, "I respectfully decline to answer that… On account as it may cost me something I hold dear…" Happily grabbing the alternative Thea offers, he smiles, his blush still visible, "Well enough for me. Just glad test's're over and we're in the air." He glances over his shoulder at Y'ki and Theo again, then asks, feeling a tad ignored by them, "Who're they? I haven't seen them around."

Thea snickers back at Y'ki's question, flicking her fingers at him with breezy unconcern, "I'm not good with names. I'll copy my list and get it to you later." She gives F'yr a look of sympathy, but she doesn't comment further. "Weyrling lessons, I meant Jessa." She eyes the two Weyrlings asking, "Well, so tell me. How do you like flying?" Apparently she's been dying to ask. Sigam gets a sidelong look as she says lightly, "May take some convincing." She flickers a questioning look between Keziah and Sigam, noting the frown, but the boy vs blanket is too entertaining, so she watches that instead, while answering M'nol, "They've been here, lost in the shuffle, I guess." Big Weyr.

Jessamin smiles a little bit, nodding to Thea. "I understand." She reaches a hand out to offer the great big brown lump on the sand scritches, never having known him to refuse. "Hello to you too, Faraeth." She smiles a bit more readily now, well at ease in winged company. Her other four flits soar on down to the sands, landing in a little semi-circle in front of their much bigger brown cousin. Until she is spoken to, though, she remains largely out of the way.

Keziah hmms a little at M'nol and then nods a little. There's no teasing look either, just one of thoughfulness. She glances back over towards Y'ki and Theo "Well, the bluerider is is Y'ki. Stood with him some turns back." she frowns a little and then goes on "The other I'm not familiar with, but they do look cute together." she notes with a smile. "I gave him an egg from one of Eirwyn's clutches, Y'ki that is." There's a glance for Thea and her whole face lights up "I love it! Alosynth is so happy that we can be together up there. I can't wait till we can go further than the Weyr."

Y'ki rolls his eyes just a little bit, fingers rubbing the bridge of his nose as he watches Theo fight with the blanket. Ecoatleth even moves in to help just a bit, setting the tip of his muzzle down on a corner. See? He can be useful. The bluerider, on the other hand, simply moves away, instead zeroing in and tromping right over to the pair of weyrlings. Keziah and M'nol, to be exact. Arms cross over his chest as he comes to a stop, flicking his gaze between them. "Something to talk about?"

"Yet I hear these herding ones are the smartest. Should teach her some /really/ useful stuff, like bringing food for you. Or something." Just Fy's random thoughts. She doesn't seem to mind the licking at all from the canine and she flops down into the sand heavily near the canine after thoroughly giving her pets. Chu settles quietly, giving the dog wary eyes from her claimed perch while Fy wrings out her big shirt of water and then stretches her legs out of the sands, her blue eyes now facing the collapsed Zaruath with a concerned frown.

Theodore smiles up at Ecoatleth when the blue is kind enough to lend a snout, getting the blanket down and then setting the picnic basket on top so he can start taking out what looks to be a fairly tasty lunch fare. He relaxes only once everything is set out, including some sandwiches, what look like doughnuts, a salad, fruits, and other things. It's small, but he obviously intended to feed more than one person. Satisfied, he climbs to his feet and steps away, dusting off his chest needlessly and only then turning his attention to the others, expression inquisitive and interested.

Faraeth noses Jessamin softly, with a wuffle. M'nol nods in agreement with Kez, "There's nothin' like being one with him in the skies." Perhaps he would have said more if Y'ki hadn't suddenly strode up to them. He glanced up at the older rider and gulped loudly, "Uh… no?"

Thea nods to Keziah, "Good to see them up there in the sky at last." She's got a knowing smirk on her lips as Y'ki heads towards Keziah and M'nol. She'll keep silent and let the boy work his magic. She turns to Jessamin, "Heard, you've been accepted at Weaver." She spares a glance F'yr's way, then to Theodore. "You've conquered the blanket-monster, I see."

Jessamin stumbles backwards lightly as she is nosed, chuckling and scritching Faraeth's eyeridges. "There you go… never knew you to say no." Turning to look at Thea, she nods, and smiles. "Yes, shortly after Avaeth's clutch hatched. I've full intent on standing again, make no mistake of it. But I'm not about to sit about idle, either."

Keziah nods a little to M'nol, "It's true, vastly different than riding with someone." a glance at Thea "It's wonderful simply wonderful." And then it's all smiles for Y'ki "Hello, stranger." she notes as she looks him over "You've grown." she adds and then grins "Still up to no good?" she asks with a tilt of her head as she glances over towards Theo "Gonna introduce your friend?"

Y'ki snorts softly. "Sure /sounds/ like you're talking about something." He tilts his head just a little bit though, watching first M'nol, and then focuses in on Keziah, lips thinning into a line. "People do that over time." Of course, the tone might suggest that he'd certainly rather stay a stranger to the weyrling. The mention of a friend has him lifting a brow though faintly, glancing back at Theo calmly. "What makes you think he's my friend? …Or that I'd introduce him to you if he were?" M'nol though, gets another look, watching the boy. "Who're you, anyway?" Ah, the ever pleasant bluerider.

Theodore picks up what looks to be a cucumber sandwich as well as one made of roast bovine, making his way over to the group and nodding at Thea, "Ah, yes." He blushes slightly over how much attention his problem with the blanket had, offering over the meat sandwich to Y'ki, "Thanks for helping." He then takes a big bite out of the cucumber one, only then realizing that he's somewhat the topic of discussion. Rather than talk around the sizable amount of food in his mouth, he only gazes roundly at the others, chewing slowly and carefully to avoid choking. Hmmm?

M'nol chuckles, "I suppose I should've said nothing to do with you. Y'ki? I think Kez said. I'm M'nol, Faraeth's rider. Just don' think the… uh… proclivities of my dragon's interests are necessarily public concern." He glances at Theodore, then smiles, "And you seemed to be taking responsibility for him." Picture of innocence, this one is.

"Good for you!" Thea tells Jessamin to both of her statements. She is busy watching with no small amusement the conversation between Y'ki and M'nol. She draws up her legs and focuses on the sand, one finger doodling pictures. No sense staring at folks, right?

Jessamin smiles to Thea, nodding. Patting Faraeth's neck gently, she smiles. "Got my hands full today, I'd better get going." M'nol gets a hug and a smile, and her faire a sharp whistle that sends them into the air again, all six of them. "Good to hear you're flying now. Let me know when graduation is so I can come see you, okay?" With that, she turns, making her way towards the Clearing.

Keziah tilts her head a little at Y'ki "Okay, so maybe he's not your friend." There's a slight pause "Maybe he's something more than a friend? Hmm?" she asks and smiles "Not many people that you help out so endearingly." she notes with knowing look. "You ain't the little boy I once knew after all. Course, he could be family even, he's someone to you though. Less you've changed a whole heck of a lot, but it doesn't sound as if you've changed much." There's a glance at M'nol and a bit of a snicker at that response. "I don't think Viv would like it being public concern either." she notes and then waves to Jessa as she heads off.

Y'ki is gifted with…a sandwich! Well. Far be it from him to deny himself the goodness of food. Especially something with meat in it. He takes hold, and just chews on a bite of the sandwich for a moment, letting his free hand drop onto Theodore's head. There's a moment of ruffling given to the blond curls, before his eyes shift back onto Keziah and M'nol. They're narrowed once again, however. "Funny, talkin' about a person like they aren't even standing there." His head shakes, and he takes a quick peek into the interior of the sandwich in his grip. "You never knew me, Keziah. Didn't know you either, and I /prefer/ it that way." Changed? Him? Not a single bit.

Theodore's expression clouds slightly and he lowers the sandwich, swallowing thickly and staring down at it until Y'ki ruffles his hair, wherein he glances aside at him, then looks to the others. Licking his lips, he eventually says, "I don't appreciate being spoken about as if I weren't standing here… and I don't appreciate being spoken of as if I was a pet someone needed to take responsibility for. My name is Theodore and I am an apprentice in the baker craft. Unfortunately, since I don't foresee any way to get past my current first impression, and that is that you are all rather rude and nosy - especially after lecturing on the public concern of dragons - I'm going to go back to the blanket and finish eating lunch. I do hope to meet all of you at a later date, of course." He smiles fairly amiably, lifting his free hand in a wave before he turns away, making his way back over to the picnic blanket. He's nice! Really! Just… insulted.

M'nol gawps after Theo for a minute, waving to Kez… there were a lot of people, "I'm… uh… I'm sorry… It's just that he was… ah shards…" He's clearly apologizing to the quiet and injured, not the loud and affronting.

Keziah snorts a little "Well seeing as you hadn't seen fit to introduce him." she notes and then eyes Theo a bit brows arching "But now I see why you like him." she remarks and then eyes Y'ki again "Here, you ask me why I think he's your friend, I answer and this is what I get. You still are a snotty little brat and here I thought growing up a bit might of changed it. But know. If anything you're worse." There's a glance at Theo "I don't remember anyone ever stating you were anything like a pet. Taking responsiblity, looking out for someone, or even helping someone does not make a person a pet. Honestly." She watches him walk off and then she eyes Y'ki "And you, you little antagonizing brat. You're the one coming over here, so don't be getting on any high horse when you're the one starting it. Why don't you just grow up for once?" She glances at M'nol "Try not to sweat it. Y'ki's an jerk and not worth the irratation." And that was a deliberate talking as if he's not standing right there.

Y'ki smirks slowly, looking rather satisfied with himself. "Aw, brat. I'm so /very/ hurt now." He shakes his head though, watching Theodore head back to his blanket. There's a faint tsking sound that comes from him though, and he shifts a look back at Keziah again. "You see, huh? Doubt it. M'nol," He looks at the other weyrling then, brows raising slightly as he switches his attention. "…Heh." He grins just a little bit, and then simply turns, heading after Theodore. He doesn't say a thing though as he drops onto the blanket, sitting there.

Theodore sits on the blanket with his legs folded under him, looking quietly down at his sandwich. He lifts his head when Y'ki joins him, his cheeks burning red and his eyes slightly squinted. He sniffles quietly, looks back at his sandwich, and then he actually starts to cry. Theo can't help it; he may be sixteen, but he's rather immature for it, and when someone hurts his feelings, he tends to be emotional. He tries to hide it by taking another bite of his sandwich, using it to muffle the crying lest anyone else happen to hear. Sniff!

Thea listens to all this quietly while drawing in the sand. When Y'ki walks off Thea lifts her head and winks at M'nol with a small smile. "Don't let Yikki get to you," is all she says. about that. She leaves it to Y'ki to comfort Theodore. Back to her sand drawing. She's not getting involved this time.

Zaruath actually lifts his head away from staring at the water, realizing there's some misery happening on the beach. The brown will stare at that and entertain himself for awhile instead, because someone more miserable than him was always fun to watch, right? F'yr, happily sitting a little ways off from the arguing as she dries off, rolls her eyes and snorts at some silent communication passed from dragon to rider.

Phylicia is moping, more or less, as she trails down the path from the Weyr, or more specifically, from the area of the infirmary. Ever since that horrible tree branch attacked her forehead a few days ago, Phy's been restrained to sleeping with the rest of the invalids until the healers can be sure there's no lasting damage. Though Licia's forehead is a wonderful marbling of purples and blues with a mottling of greeny-yellow. Oh. And the bump. Need we mention the bump? Head injuries are always so wonderful to behold! But yes, she sulks down the edge of the beach, taking off her shoes to walk barefoot in the sand, the hem of her skirts getting wet from lapping waves. Oh, need we say she's also been restricted from her classes too? Poor, poor forlorn girl.

Everything was going so well, too. Y'ki was certainly not expecting waterworks. The bluerider pauses slightly, looking rather startled when Theo quite suddenly begins to cry into his poor…poor sandwich. It'll get soggy! He frowns just a little bit, giving a rather shifty look around, before hefting a sigh. There's a faint grumpy noise then, hooking an arm around Theodore's waist, and simply hauls the baker over against himself. His other hand reaches for that basket, drawing it close. "You brought more of them sandwiches, right?" He'll just pretend to /not/ be hugging the other teen.

Keziah arches a brow at Y'ki and just shakes her head "Well, I am sorry for not calling you worse things, but we are on a beach, one that is frequented by children, and I don't see you being worth the effort to offend their ears or others." she remarks and then she gets up "Excuse me M'nol, I'll be back need to go see what's up with Alosynth." she murmurs as she heads down to her green who is nosing at something in the water.

Sigam's being a good boy. He is. First inkling of dissent and he's fallen quiet, eyes closing pointedly to feign sleep. He feels a bit bad, way deep inside for ignoring Fy's question, but it really is better this way. Promise. Sahbrilline has other ideas. Giving the brownrider one last gentle nosing, the canine trots towards the blanket o'er yonder, oblivious to the hugging going on, head low and tail wagging fitfully. Whimper? Was Theodore okay?, she seemed to be asking, brown eyes wide and sympathetic in the way only a dog's can. "She's perceptive, at least," Sig comments quietly at last, opening an eye to look at F'yr. He gives everyone else a quick look too, but is honestly trying to stay out of it. Gooood Siggy.

Theodore sniffles quietly, rubbing his arm over his eyes and then knuckling one to try and get rid of the tears, nodding his head affirmatively, "Y-yeah. I got a few different kinds. I didn't know what you would want." He sets his own sandwich down, rifling through the basket a little until he finds another sandwich, this time bovine, and offers it to him. He is distracted by the whimpering canine, blinking at her curiously and then offering her a warm smile, "Oh. Hello." He'll hold his hand out to her to see if she'll sniff it and, if she seems to accept him, he'll rummage a little more and come back up with another sandwich, offering it over to her. He'll also take the time to pat her on the head, looking cheered for her and Y'ki's concern.

Well that was boring. Zaruath is so not entertained by the canine and the others making everything better. The brown grunts and finally folds up his good wing, leaning his body over on that side so that he turns his head away and back towards the water, keeping the lame limb still spread out. F'yr doesn't seem too displeased to see Sab go, smirking at her antics. "Or looking for food," comes some mumbling from the brownrider as she rolls her eyes and turns back to focus on something else. Like digging her legs into the sand and giving her own firelizard some loving.

Thea continues drawing, keeping her attention on the sand and thus giving Theodore some sort of privacy. That picture is becoming quite intricate. She actually hums quietly to herself as she sketches. Maybe she won't hear sniffling and such things? Sigam's voice has her flickering a look at him, but she remains silent, her eyes lift to wander over F'yr's way, then towards the water. There she spies Phylicia and waves if she should catch the Healer's eye. A glance at the Goodwill Ambassador over there tail-wagging at Theodore has her smiling just a wee bit. Where was she? Oh yes! Drawing…

M'nol chuckles slightly, first to Thea, then to Kez. He gives Siggy a sideways look for his feigned sleep, then unexpectedly his face splits in a big smile and he stands, waving to Phy, moving towards her as he does so, "Phy! How's the vicious tree-wound doing?"

Y'ki nods for just a moment, and then gives a faint eyeing of that canine. No, he doesn't move to try and pet it at all. His own hands are full. One with Theo, and the other with /sandwich/. Though he does tilt his head just a bit to look at the baker, sighing. "C'mon. We can head back."

Sabhrilline's tail is switching harder now, definitely pleased by the boy's smile. The offered hand is tentatively sniffed, then given a cursory lick if she isn't told 'no.' And the- ZOMGsammich! She clearly doesn't know what to do with herself, white paws dancing, whole body now engaging itself to the task of wagging. The food is at least taken politely - testament to Sigam's work - but seriously, jeez, did she taste that going down? Should'a been named Hoover… "Regardless, looks like she got it," Sig returns with a chuckle, craning his head back towards the gleeful canine. "And pets to boot. Watch out, you might have made yourself a new best friend!," the Dragonhealer calls to Theo with a laugh, head shaking. M'nol's jump is eyed with surprise for a moment, head lifting to spy Phylicia. She's given a wave as the man rolls to his feet. "We shoud make a sandcastle," he announces suddenly, and to no one in particular, mincing closer to the water where the sand is wet.

Something catches at the corner of Phylicia's eye and she looks up to notice Thea waving at her. Or at least she thinks Thea's waving at her. And all of a sudden M'nol and Sigam are up greeting her too. The girl is feeling anti-social enough to consider bolting for about the length of two seconds before a slow smile spreads on her face, though slight. "It looks worse than it is. Or.. I think at least. I've heard it looks pretty yuck." Not like she exactly wants to look herself. Her head cants just slightly, and she can't help but smiling a tiny bit wider. "You're inna good mood today, M'nol." And if he'll follow, she keeps meandering closer to Thea and Sig.

Theodore blushes at what Sigam says, laughing as he scratches behind Sabhrilline's ears and, rather than do anything to deter that behavior, instead takes out what looks like a miniature pie packed with tidbits of meat as well, taking one of his small plastic plates and setting it on the edge of the blanket with the pie on top. He points at it, speaking to Sab in a serious tone, "Eat politely." He blinks curiously aside at Y'ki, tilting his head back and against the other youth's shoulder, "It's okay… we can eat lunch at least, right? …you're all wet." This last is said with a certain hint of amusement, the baker smiling lightly, good humor restored.

"You still have my blanket Y'ki?" Thea asks casually. Oh she speaks up now, darting a look at the bluerider with a faintly malicious grin curling her lips. She doesn't really seem to expect an answer as she re-focuses her attention on that sand art she's working on. M'nol actually has her chuckling, "You're becoming quite the gal-magnet, aren't you?" She's amused. 3D art is always a one-up on flat drawings, so she abandons her picture to join Sigam at the wet sand, beckoning to Phylicia before staring at the flat, hard wet sand. Pause. "We don't have a shovel."

M'nol smiles for Phy, "I'm trying to be." Across the beach Faraeth gives an exasperated wuffle and begins digging, presumably to help Sigam with 'sand castle.'

F'yr can't help the giggle that escapes escape as she watches the canine and all her wiggling. Funny beast. "She's gonna be a fat thing at that rate." Not that Fy thinks this is a very bad thing at the end. F'yr's blue eyes finally turn away from the scene and the water, up to the dragonhealer as he passes with a raised brow. "Sandcastle?" Random. Zaruath's attention is once again caught, but only because people coming near the water meant coming near him, and he gives a low rumbled warning but doesn't move. In fact, his tail starts that swishing, pushing wet sand here and there. Fy grunts at this and finally gets up, bringing Chu and towel along as she joins the crowd around the wet sand. But instead of digging with, she flops right by them and glares up to her dragon. He better not dare.

Y'ki sighs, looking a bit put out. "Could just as easily eat /away/ from here." But he doesn't seem ready to argue too much about it, simply letting go of the baker in order to gather a bit more food, munching quietly on it. Until Thea speaks up at least. He twitches a bit, sending half a glare over toward her. "Who'd keep a rag like that? Tossed it a long time ago."

Sab could die and go to heaven right now and be the happiest one there. She leaaaans heavily into Theodore's scratches, eyes drooping none-too-subtly. She's almost confused when his hands pull away, pouting in a doggy manner, but then there's food and stern words and immediately she is sober. She likely hasn't understood a word, but knows a Serious Voice when she hears one, and digs into the second offering with a noticeably subdued gusto, tail still flickering furiously. Sigam can't help but grin at the dog before turning back to his task. "We don't need a shovel," he says, stiffening his fingers and using them to dig like Faraeth. "Tall castle, definitely," he says to the brown in question, smile dancing across his lips. Zaruath is eyed. "Tell you what, fella. I'll play you a couple songs on the gitar later. Just don't bomb my castle, yeah?" He grins great big over at F'yr, grateful when she settles down next to her lifemate. "Yep, sandcastle. I'm feeling spontaneous all of a sudden."

Phylicia pauses in her meandering down the beach as this brings her closer to the grumbly dragon. She's not afraid of dragons per se, but grumbly ones give her a moments pause. But obviously the girl is fed up with something, because she just keeps going until she reaches the area of castle building hoping in the back part of her mind the dragon doesn't do anything. She throws her shoes to where she saw Thea sitting not too long ago, carefully turning her head to look at Sigam. "How 'bout I watch, and you guys build?" She smiles and settles herself on drier sand, tucking her knees up. "It still feels kinda funny to bend over like that." And she motions to Sigam at that, though she watches him with a certain amount of interest. Nope, thankfully Thea's comment of Morl being a chick magnet didn't really register with her today.

Zaruath's tail suddenly stops its swishing as soon as Sigam makes the offer, though realizing how that looked (as if he actually might have enjoyed that), his tail starts up again. But it's half-hearted and stops shortly afterwards as he settles down with a defeated grunt. "You better hold to that if you don't want to get eaten," says Fy all serious-like, leveling a 'look' onto Sigam. And then she smirks and flaps a hand at the digging. "Why not a sand weyr? Or even better, make a whole fort." She lays a hand on the dark brown hide for a moment before dumping Chu off next to her lifemate and gets up to wander closer.

Thea is smug. Smug!!! She actually purrs at Y'ki, "But you had it until then." She still has a bit of a smirky-grin on her lips as she turns back to the sand castle endeavor. "But… but… oh ok." She tries, she does, but her small hands aren't the best shovels. She flashes F'yr a swift smile, "He could bomb…" her hand lifts to point at Sigam, "him." She ducks an imaginary swat from the dragonhealer, snickers at Phylicia, "Where's the fun of that?" She moves to get out of the way of Faraeth's claws, but has a handful of goopy-wet sand, which she drizzles down on the back of Sigam's neck as she steps by him.

Keziah makes her way back up the beach. Alosynth is quite happy now, seeing as what had attracted her attention was a long bit of grass lake grass that had gotten caught around a nail and became a bit unconfortable. She eyes the group a moment, the sand building and all. Though there's a quirk of a smile as she watches Thea dumping the dand on Sigam, even if she does try to avoid looking at the dragonhealer. Alosynth on the other hand is moving her way towards Zaruath, chuffing a little at the brown.

Theodore looks somewhat fretful when Y'ki moves away from him, then refers to Thea's blanket as a rag, shaking his head quickly, "D-don't say that. It may be important…" He looks quietly at the other youth before he huffs a sigh and climbs to his feet, dusting off his backside absentmindedly, "Okay. We'll finish eating at home, but you need to help clean up." He will pause to pat Sab's head and scratch between her shoulders, then he packs up the few things he took out of the basket to begin with, humming all over again. Tra la~

Y'ki frowns just slightly, looking over at Thea again. "And?" Alright, so the point might be lost on him. But he shakes his head a little bit and then gets up, glowering at Theodore. "Like I'm the one that made the mess in the first place." Because a blanket on the sand is obviously something that counts as a mess.

M'nol escorts Phy, helping if she needs it, to Faraeth, who curls up his tail as a seat while helping Siggy scoop sand for a 'castle.' He rubs his hands together, "So, where do we start. Weyr or dragon?" clearly missed a memo.

Sigam nods amiably over at Phylicia, giving her a thumbs up. "Yeah, you'd better stay sitting, hon. Faranth knows we don't want you passing out." Dig, dig, dig. If the Dragonhealer noticed the change in tail-motions, he doesn't say anything, but Fy's words do bring a more sober look to his face. "I was being completely serious. If Zaruath likes it, I'd be glad to play." He arches his eyebrows up and (badly) imitates her look. "A fort! Now you've got the right idea. Why settle for less." He scoots over to give the brownrider room to join him around the rapidly widening pit. "Dragon's a good idea to add M'nol, but first-" Driiiip, cold wet sand goes leaking down the back of his shirt. Sigam doesn't make a noise (though his face is scrunched up into a really weird position), doesn't protest, merely stands, /sweeps/ Thea off her feet into his arms from behind without asking permission, and stomps out and around Zaru. Protests or no, he makes it deep enough into the water that he can level a wicked grin at the poor goldrider before he dumps her unceremoniously into the lake. Then, acting as if nothing was amiss, he pads back to the sand fort and resumes digging, dripping from the waist down. "Gonna join us, Kez?," he asks, voice all sweet politeness. Sab, meanwhile, looks sadly towards the packing Theodore and grouchy Y'ki, almost afraid to see them go. Her frieeends!

"The fun of that-" Phylicia responds to Thea, smiling a little still "-is not falling flat on my face." If the others haven't notice, Phy is being a bit deliberate with most of her movements, especially when her head is concerned. "Still a lot of sloshing going on up top. It makes my balance funny." Apparently that tree branch clocked her /good/. Instead of using Faraeth's tail as a seat, she uses it as a backrest, smiling as she watches the three go at making sand sculptures. "I think… Weyr first. Y'need a place for the dragon to sta-" And her mouth drops open as she watches Sigam deposit Thea in the water. Part of her - which is plainly read on her face - wishes she could join in the romping without passing out or doing damage.

"Huh? Bomb?" comes Fy's curious question, a look from her dragon, to goldrider, and finally to dragonhealer. She must have missed something. The dragon seems like he's happy to oblige, but gets another poke from the brownrider's finger before she moves away. "Not if you want music," she mutters to him and then turns to squat at the digging, adding her own two hands into the mix. She doesn't really make much headway as she turns to look back at Sigam and Thea, staring at the pair of them with wide eyes and raised brows. No comment from the brownrider, but is that a muffled snicker coming from her? Probably. "Just tell me where to start," she tells the dragonhealer as soon as he returns. Zaruath is mildly amused by the antics at this point, whuffling after the goldrider-dunking 'healer only to suddenly jerk up straighter at the approach of the young green. His rumbling tone turns more insecure, ducking his head low to her and sort of curling in on himself.

Thea remains triumphant. She doesn't argue with Y'ki, not one word, but her smile says exactly what's on her mind. Shoot, score. Point. She reassures Theodore sweetly, "It's alright Theodore. It was a gift. It was his to do what he wanted with it." Which meant he had to -take- it to actually throw it away. Her eyebrows hike up as M'nol helps Phylicia, but she doesn't say a word to embarrass the lad. She turns towards the other Weyrling, "Hey Kez-" She doesn't get to finish because suddenly she is scooped up. "Hey no-! Sig-!!" She's laughing and struggling at the same time, but there's not much she can do to stop the dragonhealer. She takes her dip with good grace, rises soaking wet to follow him back to the sand castle. It also means all that light, thin clothing she's wearing for Sands sitting is sopping wet and plastered to her form. Great. But to leave would admit defeat. Good thing they're a nice dark color. So she stays, plops back down beside Sigam to start digging. "Ha ha," she mutters out of the side of her mouth to him.

Keziah smiles at Thea as she starts to greet her and then she blinks a moment as Sigam just carries Thea off. She can't help but snicker a little as the goldrider is given a nice dip, though she does cover it up with a bit of a cough. Her jaw then drops a moment and he comes back seeming all nice. "Umm… sure?" she murmurs looking just a little unsure with that all sweet voice. Not after the look she'd gotten earlier. « Don't be paramoid. » "I'm not being paranoid." she murmurs under her breath as she makes her way over towards the rest of the group. Minus a Thea at the moment. Alosynth on the other hand sits back a little on her haunches as she watches the brown. She then drops low onto the ground and rolls onto her side and gives a few soft whuffs as she watches the brown.

Theodore gives Y'ki a somewhat pouting look, reaching out to tug on his sleeve a little insistently, "Maybe, but I brought it here to share with you, and you ate, so you help, okay?" He will finish packing a few wrapped pieces of food into the basket, waiting for Y'ki to help him clean up. He looks over at Thea with confused curiosity, blinking at her a few times before his brow furrows and he taps his lower lip with the tip of his index finger, "You gave Y'ki a present…?"

Y'ki snorts softly, and simply grabs the blanket up off the sand. "Yeah yeah.." Does he fold it? Of course not! That would be /tidy/. But he does toss it over Ecoatleth's neck, earning a surprised snort from the blue. Oh! He gets to help too? Well, the dragon doesn't mind that at all. "Oh shove it, Thea. You didn't /give/ me anything. Just too stubborn and lazy to pick the damn thing up. So it got tossed." His head shakes somewhat then, and he turns, gripping Theo's upper arm to turn him around. "Like I'd take /presents/ from her."

M'nol cocks an eyebrow at Y'ki, staying firmly out of the discussion, but confused as ever. Someone didn't like Thea? He didn't realize that was possible. Even Faraeth gives an amused snort before he goes back to helping with the digging and M'nol follows suit. He can't help but chuckle when Thea is dragged off by Sigam, completely failing to conceal his mirth, but managing to nod to Phy, "Weyr first. That makes sense."

Sigam oh-so-blissfully goes on digging until there's enough sand at his knees to start forming things. "All good forts need walls, yeah?," he asks of F'yr, smirking over at the brownrider as his hands start to develop one. "Once we get that up, we can move on to other things, like secret caves and dungeons and stuff." Someone has a very pervasive childhood imagination, cough! The Dragonhealer's amused look is raised up to Zaruath and is accompanied by a strangely conspiratorial wink. Thea gets naught but a smirk. "What? You've been slaving away on the hot sands for days. Though you would appreciate a swim," Sigam says smugly, before tilting a brow up at Keziah. "Good. Need all the help we can get." Mentally, as well as physically, hee. The bantering, it must be said, goes completely ignored, but Sabhrilline's hackles rise, a confused and protective growl rumbling up out of her throat at Y'ki when he grabs ahold of Theo's arm so brusquely.

Phylicia is looking actually quite peaceful resting against Faraeth's body and soaking in the day's sunshine. See, her being outside is a good thing, even if she might doze off into a nap, which is looking like a faint possibility. "All good forts and catles need moats too." She points out to Sigam and M'nol helpfully. Hey, she can't dig, but she might be able to contribute /something/.

At that rolling Zaruath quickly retracts his lame wing, not even a wince shown at the quick movement. And he peeks at Alosynth with rapidly whirling eyes, not making any move towards her but definitely watching her with some shy interest. Just a little. He completely misses the wink from Sigam, too busy being nervous around the little green. "'Course it does. Nice big thick walls to keep everything safe." And F'yr helps pile sand up on another side, smoothing it out after she gets decent height, glancing every so often on the others' progress and catching the canine over yonder. "Looks like your Sab's getting a bit scary over there," she comments, not even pausing in her own work.

"I did," Thea assures Theodore with a firm nod of assurance and a wide smile from where she's scooping more wet sand. Her hands are full of the stuff and it is sooo tempting. She eyes Sigam for a moment, but she doesn't give in to it. Instead she dumps it off to one side as she merely shrugs serenely at Y'ki, "Sure, change the story now." Too late! She is still smug. Sigam's blissful rattling nearly goes in one ear and out the other. All except for that D-word. "You had to say dungeon, didn't you? Not creating Ista Weyr here are we?" It's said with humor, but there is an underlying note that perhaps only Sigam will understand. After the words leave her mouth, she freezes for a moment, then sighs. "Agh! Seryth is calling." She rises with a smile to the group in general and a hasty, "Later all." pads off, stopping only to snag her boots. The Sands will dry the clinging, sopping clothes in no time.

By contrast, Theo doesn't seem bothered by the sudden grasp, but when Sab starts to growl, he only smiles at her warmly, tucking the basket around his arm and reaching out to scratch the top of her head, "It's okay, puppy. He's not hurting me." He sets his finger against the side of his mouth, winking playfully at the canine, "Y'ki's my weyrmate. He loooves me." This ends with a little blown kiss, and then he's curling his arms around Y'ki's own and sparkling up at him as he moves to walk off the beach.

Keziah settles down into the sand and starts digging and moving sand and shaping and patting and filling. She's silent for the moment as she listens to the others. There's a bit of a snort, more to herself as she hears Theo. "Figured." she murmurs and then turns her attention to the wall or mound or whatever it'll be that she's working on. Alosynth rolls back upright and settles on her legs, still laying down. She then 'crawls' across the sand, or more like wiggling a little, closer to the brown as she reaches out to whuffle at him.

Y'ki snorts softly. "What /story/ exactly? Just telling the truth." There's a faint growl then under his breath, along with something that sounds very much like 'dimglow' muttered out between his lips. The bit of growling hardly bothers the bluerider though. After all, he's got something a lot bigger, and with a lot more teeth than a canine. Ecoatleth rumbles lowly even, and simply gets up. Though, really, the mention of love and his arm being latched onto has the bluerider looking vaguely embarrassed, free hand rubbing the back of his neck. "Just /go/." Yes, go. Hurry! He gives Theodore a slight push at that, ushering him along up the beach.

** Missing Log **

A piece of bark from a tree trunk for a bridge?" Phylicia suggests to Kez, getting into the idea of making a fantasy fort or castle instead of a Weyr. Oh, kids and their imaginations. Or something of the sort at least. "Well I got a few little books. They've been printing them off for me for a few turns now." And when she wasn't outside playing with plants, she was outside reading. But now she pauses for a few moments, her face growing thoughtful at M'nol's question. "Y'know… I'm .. not really sure how they filled it." Kire is noticed she's a little engrossed to say 'hi'. "I think there was always a natural source close by that they put in it?" Aw give her a break, that wasn't a detail she'd likely pay attention to.

M'nol yawns suddenly, all this theorhetical thinking a tad too much for him. Faraeth stops digging to nose his rider even as the boy smiles up at Phy, "That's really cool. I hope you can find some of those," yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn, "books to lend me…" He blinks a few times, moving to be curled up against Faraeth's side, "I think I"ll just nap here for a while… feels like I've been up for hours…" His eyes slowly slip closed adn he gives a soft snore

F'yr makes a face at all that techie talk. "I guess those computers can be useful for /something/ interesting. 'Course, they don't let me anywhere near 'em." Or more like she stays away from them. "But it'd be interesting to get ahold of a book of plenty of those stories," she muses, looking from Phylicia to Sigam curiously, something in her mind working. She works pretty hard, scooping handfulls of sand out quickly and doing a very good impression of Sahbrilline most likely. "Yeah, but a pirate's camp is much bleaker, and boring, and nothing to really build," she says, and then shrugs as she scoots along. Zaruath's got quite a dilemma. This greenling was coming closer and closer and making him lean back just a little in surprise. Greens coming to /him/? Well, there was only one other he was comfortable around, but he still offers Alosynth a more vocal rumbled greeting, if a bit wary. His neck stretches out finally, but before he touches her, he just flops down onto the sand and remains there, eyes watching her tail.

Alosynth chuffs lightly at Zaruath and then looks quite pleased as he moves towards her. She then shuffles back just a little, tail still swishing back and forth and the watches him, rumbling in soft little whisps. Keziah hmms and ponders "Tree bark would also make for a good scoop." she murmurs and gets up, brushing sand of her tail end and goes searching for a decent piece.

"Or maybe they forced people to work hard and arduously to haul buckets of water from the source to the moat," Sigam offers to Phy before pausing to consider that. "Nah. Not even they could be that mean." Well, at least on that note he was misinformed. A smirk is darted M'nol's way as the boy dozes off, but he neglects to comment, instead taking the time to smooth over his rough work and make it seem much more aesthetically pleasing. "I hate computers, but they're damn useful sometimes," Sigam mumbles, brows twitching into a confused expression. "If they weren't so difficult and easy to break…" He trails off with a shrug and returns Fy's look with a tilt of his head. Hmm. "Well, we don't want that then. We need spires, and towers and… stuff!" Nod. "Maybe get a few twigs while you're at it, for decoration!," he calls after Keziah.

Phylicia just smiles as M'nol curls up next to his dragon and dozes off, and is spared the trouble of asking someone else to help her back up so she can go someplace more appropriate to get her nap of the day in. Someone - who looks to be in their 40s or even 50's - comes strolling down the beach with purpose in his stride and scoops her up like she was a sack of grain ready to lose a seam. "We told you a /brief/ walk, young lady!" Is the scold from the man, who could only be her father from the shared facial features. Phylicia manages a wave to the others as her father carts her back off towards the infirmary. "I'm glad you're here daddy, but /really/…!" Can be heard as she's carted off.

Kire has floated enough and he swims in back towards the beach. He wipes the water out of his hair and passes by those that are playing on the beach. He gives a polite smile, "That's some interesting sandwork that you are doing." He comments before he heads over to his towel and sits down on it.

When Alosynth moves away from him, Zaruath draws his head back about an inch, looking a little hurt. It was his ugly face, wasn't it? He doesn't make any more move towards her, just kinda rumbles lowly, sadly, and then remains quite still. F'yr giggles again lightly and shakes her head. "I don't really understand how to get 'round them easily, but I've only been near a computer once before." She finishes the side of the moat she was working on and sits back on her legs for a quick break. "Now that sounds all exciting to me." She is momentarily distracted by Phy's father coming in, grinning as she watches the scolding. She's mean like that. And then returns to finishing up the outer details, all the while ignoring whatever her dragon is doing. If she doesn't see it, it doesn't bother her.

Keziah raises up a hand and waves back in reponse to Siggy and when she does return she has a couple twigs as well. She blinks a little as Phy's carried off and can't help but remark "Seems the day for girls to be carried off." she smirks a little and uses one of the pieces of wood to help curve out the moat a little. Alosynth chuffs softly and then creeps back towards Zaruath, and in fact moves a little closer still. She trills softly and briefly and then whuffles as she moves just a tad closer to gently nudge him if he doesn't move back more.

Sigam tries quite unsuccesfully to hide his smirk as Phylicia's father appears to swoop her off. He whole-heartedly feels for the poor girl, and waves goodbye. "That happened to me so many times when I was a kid," he comments reminisciently before grinning over at Kire. "Thanks! I'm glad you like it." The Dragonhealer's dark gaze sweeps their handiwork, but a little lazily - the sun's getting warmer, and he's feeling more like napping too, and less like building. "Just stay away from the 'delete' button. They should call it the 'stroke' button instead, 'cause you hit it and you feel like you're gonna die." The words are as vicious as his crooked smile, reveling in his love-hate relationship with technology. "Yeah, Kez, but I bet /she's/ going to be much more comfortable," the man snickers, but stills after a moment, observing their work and the now-heavily-panting Sab behind him before coming to some reluctant decision. "Alright. Sorry I can't stay to see this through, but I should get in and get her some water and me some rest before my shift starts. My off day cannot come to soon," he utters with a groan as he rolls to his feet, dusting off before gathering his posse of pets. "I guess I'll see you guys around, yeah?" The words are no sooner out of his mouth than he vamooses for the weyr.

The touch! It makes Zaruath freeze in surprise at the brave young green. And then carefully, as if afraid to scare her off, he lifts his head and tries to give her a little nudge back with his upturned snout. He's only ever had the chance to be friendly to one other green before, awkward around all others. Any of the same gender were either ignored or receiving the brown's wrath. "I think she is old 'nough to do whatever she wants," says Fy, glancing up from the other wall she is building to Keziah, glancing back in the direction Phylicia went, a little wistful look on her face. "I'll keep that in mind if I ever get to touch one of 'em again. But I think the Weyr knows better," says Fy, grinning at Sigam. She passes a worried look to his canine and then bobs her head quickly. "Come by and check the fort out later. I bet you'll find we'll have build the best looking sand fort this Weyr has seen." Probably not. And while she gives the dragonhealer a quick wave, she doesn't take too much time from finishing the wall. She actually has something to do and accomplish!

Alosynth croons happily and whuffles in a friendly like manner. She seems right pleased and all. There's a little croon as she nuzzles him again, enjoying herself. Keziah glances over towards the two dragons a moment and then she's nodding a little "I remember a few times me Da carrying me off. But that's mainly cause I fell asleep in the stables." she shakes her head "THat was turns and turns ago though. I was little. But yeah, better to sleep in a bed then on the sand. THough better in yer own bed than the infirmary in my opinions." she remarks and then sits back a little and eyes her handy work and agrees to F'yr "You will have to come back and see how it looks."

Zaruath might have been embarrassed by these attentions, once upon a time, but he seems to be managing right now. A little shocked, but the brown doesn't refuse the green's nuzzling. Quiet, reserved, but trying to be friendly. "Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed," agrees F'yr with a slow nod of her head, up and then down. And then she finally turns her chin up to glare at her lifemate. "Don't you go forgetting all 'bout Tejath now, or I'm gonna tell her." Oooh, threats. Doesn't seem to bug the brown at all. "She's still pretty young, ain't she?" she quickly asks Keziah, brows furrowing down. She moves onto the inside of the fort, trying to make something out of the pile of sand there.

Kire stretches out on his beach towel and he puts his arms under his head to enjoy the sun. He yawns a little bit as he's just relaxing and enjoying the day.

Keziah glances back over towards the dragons "Oh yeah, not quite a turn yet." she notes as she moves to another part and works on some more walls. "She's more interested in play than anything else." she remarks and smiles fondly at her dragon "Nothing like M'nols. She could care less at the moment about things like that. So know worries of her seducing." she remarks with a smirk at the thought of Alosynth seducing a dragon. There's a glance over at Kire "Hows that observatory comin?" she calls over to him while Alosynth sits back a little and chuffs playfully at the brown.

"Yeah, but this is how it starts and next thing you know…" F'yr makes little flying motions with her hands, frowning at her lifemate. "Though that'll be awhile, and Zaru's still grounded." And she starts looking a little more uncomfortable and clears her throat and then returns to focusing on the sands. Zaruath's not really the playful kind of dragon. He's the kind of dragon that likes to lay there and give the green a lot of doting attention if she'll let him, a few cautious, hesitant nuzzles here and there.

Kire sits up as he hears a question about the observatory and he looks over towards Keziah, "Oh the observatory is coming along it's about half way done at least with the outside, then there is the inside and making of the telescope to go inside of the observatory."

Keziah snorts a little "Still awhile on that." she notes sounding more relieved on that fact. Then she glances over at the brown a little, her eyes flickering over his wings. She's questions to be sure, but for the moment she keeps them to herself. "The forts coming along pretty well though." she notes changing the subject and then she's smiling at Kire "That's good to hear. ANd I'm glad you've finally gotten the go ahead to work on it."

F'yr bobs her head quickly. "Yeah, I figured that much. I guess that's… good, I suppose." Just means more chance she has a working dragon by then, by the way she looks up to stare at the interacting dragons. And then she gets up suddenly and starts wiping down some sand. "I'm gonna go in and get a hot drink, but I'll be back to finish this up soon." She waves to the fort and smiles to the two still there as she carefully makes her way out and back to her towel and firelizard, leaving Zaru behind on the beach as she jogs back in the direction of the Weyr.

Kire nods, "Yep still a while, how long before you graduate and become a real rider?" He asks as he gets up to move closer to see how the sand fort building are going.

Keziah gives a bit of nod "Okay then. Take care." she murmurs softly and then sits back a bit herself from the fort and waves to the departing F'yr. She glances over at Kire "Oh, we've more than a few months left, as I was telling her." she notes gesturing towards the departin F'yr "They're not quite a turn old yet. Though they're near to being finished growing and all." she remarks "And they've been talking about weyrs and all. We've been told to start looking around as well."

Kire nods a little bit as he listens, "That's great to hear, soon you'll be in your own wings and everything. Pretty exciting times."

Keziah smiles as she nods "It is pretty exciting." there's a glance over towards Alosynth "Course, she doesn't wanna be stuck not doing anything." she murmurs thoughtfully. "I don't think she'd be happy in the crafters wing."

Kire ahs, "What wing do you think that she will be happy in? Transport wing? Or um…whatever there is some other wing?" He asks as he's not sure what other wings there are here at Xanadu.

Keziah hmms a little and then glances back at Kire "Not sure on the transport I think she'd be happiest in Search and Rescue. Which really might not be that bad of a wing." she remarks.

Kire nods a little bit, "yah just hope nothing happens at Ista or you might end up in jail trying to help them."

Keziah is silent there for a bit and purses her lips "I know she has and all, but I don't think Ysa would throw me in jail." Least she hopes not. "I mean.. after what we've been through together and all? I don't think so. I just, though I dunno. She may I suppose, but if she was in trouble. I'd help."

Kire shrugs, "They threw Thea in jail at least that's what I've heard for trying to help out because for whatever reason Xanadu's help isn't welcome."

Keziah gives a little nod "I know." she murmurs quietly "I know. I just. I wish things were a little different. That's all." she murmurs and then sighs a bit "But, no use borrowing trouble and all. Little likely hood I'll be sent out that way to help anyways."

Kire nods, "Me too, it doesn't bode well for two weyrs not to like each other for whatever reason they should put their differences aside and work for the betterment of Pern."

Keziah hmms a bit at that "Perhaps, at the very least, learn to at least tolerate each other." she notes quietly "I can't completely blame Ysa, I mean it's no secret our Weyrwomens dislike of Istans." she notes softly. "You have two very strong willed women…."

Kire hmms, "Well I can understand Thea's recent dislike for Istan's but what does the other weyrwomen have against them? And for that matter what does Ista have against Xanadu? So many unanswered questions."

Keziah shakes her head "Not exactly the others, but Niva." she notes "I dunno why, but as far as I know she's always disliked 'em. I've never thought ask her." a pause "I've never dared to ask her." she notes quietly.

Kire hmms a little bit, "Well still there must be a reason behind it." He chuckles, "Yah it wouldn't due to bring up the Weyrwoman's ire towards a subject she doesn't want to talk about. I'm sure someone else has to know though."

Keziah smiles brightly "Be my guest and ask around. You won't find me asking, word gets around." she notes and then hmms "As for Ista's dislike. I dunno exactly what happened between Ysa and Niva, but Ysa used to be here." she notes quietly.

Kire ahs, "So something happened between Ysa and Niva and because they are both Weyrwomen it has set the two weyrs against each other. Utter stupidity if you ask me. They are supposed to be Weyrwomen and do what's best for their Weyrs and for Pern." He shrugs, "Oh well, I'm just a senior Apprentice and I'll be leaving for the Hall soon enough."

Keziah shakes her head a little and shrugs "Again, I'm not fer sure. Tis only rumours I've heard." she notes quietly and then tilts her head a little "You're leaving for the Hall? Why is that?" she asks curiously "Aren't you staying for the observatory?"

Kire shakes his head, "Nope, I'm not staying to help build it, the masters are soon going to be making the big starviewer and I've been chosen to help with that, so I'll be at the Hall to help them."

Keziah ahhs softly "That's a big honour, isn't it?" she asks as she smiles "Are you coming back after it's been built?" she runs her fingers through the sands as she watches Alosynth with the brown.

Kire nods, "Probably, someone has to help install it and finish up the inside. I can't wait to see what kind of computer system that they are using to help view the stars." He shrugs, "I suppose so, but I'm happy just to be involved."

Keziah hmms a little "Computers huh? Never thought about computers being involved with stargazin'" she murmurs "Hows that work out?"

Kire smiles, "Well something has to move the big telescope around and it's too big to move by hand, so we use computers and motors from the techcraft to help, it's more accurate then moving by hand away."

Kire smiles, "Well something has to move the big telescope around and it's too big to move by hand, so we use computers and motors from the techcraft to help, it's more accurate then moving by hand anyway."

Keziah ahhs a little "That makes sense. Better sense than using them to look at the stars at any rate." she notes and then chuckles "I guess it's better to have gears and all to do that with.

Kire nods a little bit, "Yah the mechanical aspect of it allows us to make bigger starviewers since we aren't worry about the manpower of having to move it around. I personally can't wait to make the mirrors for the starviewer."

Keziah hmmms a little at that. "So what happens with the extra manpower than?" she asks curiously "I would think it'd be better to be able to put people to use?"

Kire stretches out, "Well that's just it there isn't extra manpower, so we couldn't make bigger starviewers. Now that we don't have to rely on manpower we can make bigger starviewers and get the techcraft to help make the machinery needed to move them."

Keziah ahhs softly "Well, then that makes sense." she notes quietly and then looks out towards the water. "Don't think the techcraft can help as much with beastcrafting though. There's just some things you can't replace a person with."

Kire nods a little bit, "True, you can't replace the time and care that a real person puts into with an animal, but the techcraft can make it easier or quicker to take care of an animal, like for example having water basins inside of stalls that refill themselves when the animal puts it's muzzle against it to drink."

Keziah mrrs a bit at that "True, saves on time with that, but then it makes it harder to monitor the intake of water as well." she notes softly "That can be very important information to know."

Kire shakes his head, "No I didn't know that water intake with an animal can be important I just thought it was important that they get water. I don't see why the techcraft couldn't come up with a gadget to attact to the output value on each basin though to show how much water was coming out."

Keziah chuckles "Oh, I'm sure they could figure out how much is coming out, still doesn't let you know how much is going into the animal." she notes "but yes it is important, especially when they're working. Improper water intake leads to improper digestion of foilage and well it just downfalls from there.

Kire nods a little bit, "Okay so how do you know regularly how much water an animal is drinking? I mean the old saying is that you can lead a runnerbeast to water, but you can't make them drink."

Keziah grins "Observation for one. And measured amounts. If the water bucket is well-secured, you can use it as a measuring device." she notes

Kire nods, "But couldn't the same be said for an automated watering bucket?"

Keziah hmms a little and lifts a shoulder "Cept if the critter keeps activating it and overflowing the bucket. Critters, they can get bored and all and will play."

Kire nods, "True, but they can find a way to tip over even the most well secured bucket too."

Keziah hmms "Sometimes, depends on the critter. But generally not unless you're keeping it cooped up at all times. Course, constant water monitoring isn't always needed. We've a simple float type deal on the outside troughs, keeps it filled to a certain level."

Kire smiles at Keziah, "True and isn't that better than having to constantly monitor it or having to keep it constantly filled."

Keziah chuckles "Just teaches the stablehands to be lazy, so no, not always better." she remarks with a snicker.

Kire chuckles, "Maybe, but I'm sure a good stablemaster can find other tasks for stablehands to do then just fill water buckets."

Keziah snorts a bit "More like his assistance." she mutters under her breath and then grins "Oh, there's always tasks for stablehands. That's not the problem in generally. It's the grunt work that's good for keeping the troublemakers with things to do."

Kire nods a little bit, "There you go and if water consumption is so important I wouldn't leave it up to lazy stablehands."

Keziah just shakes her head a little "no, it's the filling that they get to do." she notes "Things like actual monitoring generally falls to someone else."

Kire snickers, "I know I was just teasing you." He stretches out, "Well if you are going to be on search and rescue you won't have much time for being an assistant stablemaster."

Keziah shakes her head a little "No, the jobs pretty much Yina's now." she remarks and smiles "She's a good one for it. I should know. I trained her up."

Kire nods, "Still if you could would you go back to being an assistant stable hand?" He asks and smiles, "That's good to hear, I'm glad the stables will be well taken care of."

Keziah hmms a little at that and then shrugs "No, it's a position that takes a lot of your time. I wouldn't neglect Alosynth." she murmurs softly "It's best for someone who doesn't have other obligations." she notes quietly.

Kire nods a little bit, "True enough. Well I wouldn't give up starcrafting for anything, dragon or not. They are wonderful creatures, but my passion is and always will be the stars."

Keziah gives a nod "Then that is where you should be." she murmurs softly and then she rises with a bit of wince. She's been sitting in once position too long. "Well, I need to head of and wash up and be ready for lessons soon." she notes softly "Be seeing you around?"

Kire waves to Keziah, "Have a nice night. Perhaps, if I'm not called away to the Hall before we see each other again."

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