Night Fishing

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Summer time at Xanadu means having fun, and what better way to have fun then getting a few friends together for a possible beachish sort of party. Only thing different is this party is at night, and people are required to help out in helping to catch fish. Yes that's right, the name of the game is to catch fish and then grill them out on a open fire upon the beach itself. Set up down on the beach is a medium sized fire pit, rocks circle it and there is already a small fire burning away with a grill placed over it. A few buckets rest nearby, along with some fishing poles, hooks bait included. Idrissa is there poking at the fire to make sure it stays all nice and burning as a fire should. Tahryth is spotted as well, the green merely watching her rider and perhaps offering some pointers on dealing with the fire. As if the green is some expert on it now.

PARTY. Which means Mur'dah is /so/ there, loose tunic hanging open over his swim trunks, feet comfortable in sandals. Ahh, beach party. Yay, summers in Xanadu. "Idrissa! This is amazing," the brownrider calls with a wide grin to his clutchmate.

But what if the fish aren't biting tonight? Just in case, J'o's got a box under his arm as he arrives from down along the shore. He brings it over toward the fire, and nods to Idrissa. "Hey. I brought something to put the fish on." Assuming they catch any! Herbed flatbreads. And if there's no fish, well… they can just have the bread. Or maybe they can use it as bait. "Where do you want it?"

Kiena wasn't expecting to wander onto the beach and… right into a party? Or the outskirts of one. The bluerider and apprentice smith isn't so oblivious to her surroundings that she blunders right into it. Hair unbound but tamed but still damp from cleaning up after work, she's dressed in a light fabric sleeveless tunic and a pair of shorts. Her feet are bare, but a pair of sandals are held in her hand as she picks her way carefully through the sand. Ujinath is not far behind her and when she hesitates, peering curiously but warily at the setup and the slender blue gives her a nudge with his muzzle before he steps off to slink his way along. Kiena mutters something under her breath and then taking a steadying breath, she gathers her confidence and walks a little closer. Close enough, at least, to wave to Idrissa, J'o and Mur'dah. "Hey. Plannin' some night fishin'?"

Idrissa glances up as she hears one and then another, a smile seen and she wavhes to both Mur'dah and J'o. "Hey guys, glad you could make it." She ponders and glances around before pointing to a spot for J'o to set the few things down. "How's there? Sort of near the fire. It's.. Not much just something easy to throw together really." She says while smiling to Mur'dah. There is another voice and she glances towards Kiena curiously a moment, a soft oh escapes her and she nods. "Ah.. Well yeah sort of the plan." Another slight pause seen and heard. "Would.. You like to join us?" This is sent to Kiena it seems.

Mur'dah grins at J'o, walking over to peer at what he's got. "Oooh, those look great. How can I help, Idrissa? I'm kind of good at fishing." He doesn't like to brag, but he's awesome at it. "Hey at least we don't have to carve our own tools?" That's great! Grinning, his smile widens even more at the other voice, and he turns to wave. "Hey, Kiena! Yeah, want to join us?" The brownrider gives her a beckoning gesture and another smile.

J'o nods to Idrissa. "Sure," he says, and sets down his stuff where she indicates, then grins to Mur'dah. "Figured we'd all be happier not burning our fingers." And plates and forks seemed boring. Kiena gets a wave from him, but he lets Idrissa answer the question.

Kiena's eyes have drifted to the various poles and choice of bait, a small and vaguely bemused smile curving her lips. A silent approval, no doubt but she keeps any comments to herself. The normally brisk and prickly bluerider is rather reserved, though tense from where she's come to stand. Socialization is so awkward for her! But she's making an effort, for once. "Ah, you don't mind? Come from a fishin' cothold though it's been Turns since I've done any, really." she admits with a slight, nervous chuckle. "Saw the fire and the poles and was curious…" J'o's wave has her glancing at him, giving him a brief and studious glance before her eyes dart to Mur'dah and she snorts softly at his beckoning gesture, having already answered his question in replying to Idrissa.

Idrissa grins as she hears Mur'dah. "Hey, if you'd rather I can hide the poles and get you some wood?" She glances to J'o and offers him a smile and nods before she looks back to Kiena, watching her a few moments. "Well.. I don't see why not?" She offers softly pondering it seems. "Go on and grab a pole and have fun." Which is the reason for being here, everyone is allowed to have fun. Though it is a bit strange for this greenrider at the moment.

Mur'dah laughs. "Burned fingers are best avoided," he agrees with a sage nod. Brown eyes focus on Kiena, and the brownrider grins. "That's right. I'll bet I can catch more fish than you, Kiena," he says as he steps forward to select a pole. "No way," he says with a laugh to Idrissa. "I am not that big of a fan of roughing it." Though he does step closer to Idrissa, dropping his voice to say something quietly to her.

Kiena has gone back to eyeing those fishing poles again, chewing at her lower lip as if indecisive herself. This is strange for the bluerider too, a bit out of her comfort zone but handling her nerves well enough. She'll glance back to Idrissa then, sensing… something isn't quite right and she almost becomes wary again, suspicious until it's clamped down upon and shoved away. "Thanks! For letting me join in." she murmurs with a small smile to the greenrider, tentatively friendly but awkward all the same. Stepping closer to the fishing supplies, she'll begin to calmly pick through the selection only to pause and stare over at Mur'dah. "I'll hold you to that!" she quips right back with a low chuckle.

"Hey, if you get burned we can take you to see Kera.. All good." Idrissa said with an amused tone while grinning to Mur'dah. At the whisper a slight nod is seen. "Sure.." This said with a soft tone back to the brownrider new her, a soft smile seen. As for Kiena, well there is another reason she was giving her a strange look, and not because of the flight a few days back. "So, why don't we go see what we can catch?" This questioned with a smile and she offers a fishing pole to Kiena and then to Mur'dah. Collecting one herself and a bucket she is off heading towards the shallows. She has on a tank top and shorts, some scars are sure to be picked up across her left shoulder and right elbow, which looks like claw and or bite marks, there a few turns old though from the looks of it.

Mur'dah grimaces slightly. "Not the Healers, please…" he protests with a slight whine to her voice. Taking the pole he's offered, he checks it out and seems satisfied, shouldering it and picking up some bait. Long strides catch him up to Idrissa and Kiena, and the brownrider whistles for a moment before he grins. "So who gets to cook all the amazing fish I - I mean we - catch?"

She tried to get here early. Really she did. But there was the eggs earlier, then catching up on her duties. Well, what's an apprentice to do. With a borrowed fishing pole slung over one shoulder and an overstuffed satchel slung over the other, Kera strolls along the beach, seeing the fire and dragons in the distance. A brown bundle of energy zips ahead, chirling cheery greeting. "Come back here Minimur." She calls out to her firelizard and wags fingers to everyone around. "Hi everyone." She gives quick headnods around the group, two to those she doesn't recognize. "What was that about needing a healer?"

"Good time as any to fish," Kiena replies to Idrissa's comment, reaching out to take the pole that the greenrider passes to her. "Bound to be some variety out 'n hungry enough to nibble." It's inspected closely and she'll give an experimental cast of it before nodding, satisfied. Bucket and bait are gathered next and she strides out towards the shallow waters. Mur'dah is eyed again and the bluerider only rolls her eyes and shakes her head, but her smile remains and her tone is lightly amused. "I'd say the loser does but… what's the fish for anyhow? Just catch 'n cook for fun or this actually being served to folk other than the group here?" As Kera joins them, Kiena gives the apprentice Healer a curious look much like the one she gave J'o and tentatively returns a waved greeting. "Hey." Then she shrugs her shoulders and holds her hands up in a warding gesture. Wasn't her who mentioned a Healer!

Idrissa chuckles softly and smiles to Mur'dah, a slight shrug soon seen. "Ye can cook yer own fish." She points out with an amused tone before a grin seen. "Naw.. I'd give you a hand wit it." A nod is seen as she hears Kiena while she puts some bait on her hook and then casts the line out letting it fly and thunk down in the water a good ways off. "Just a way to relax and have some fun. Nice night out and so forth." There is a pause as she hears Kera, a glance is sent over. "Hey Kera.." Perhaps she spoke to soon!

Mur'dah shakes his head. "I didn't," he answers Kera swiftly, with a wry grin. "I'm being /good/, I promise." Grinning at Kiena, the brownrider nods. "I culd agree to that, but are you a good cook? That's important to know before we make this bet." Moving to the water's edge he steps away from the others, hooks his line and then casts it far.

J'o waves to Kera, as she arrives, and then goes to pick himself up a fishing rod and the other supplies for fishing. He baits his hook and heads a bit down the shore before casting his line out into the water. Heeeere, fishy fishy…

Kera pauses in her steps as she steps up to the fire. "Sorry I'm late." Dropping the satchel she brought, her gaze slips around to those already casting lines in the water "Has anyone caught anything yet?" She kicks off her sandals before crouching down and rummaging in the bag. "I brought a couple of things from the kitchen. Juice in one of these bottles. Not sure bout the others." A little shrug is given before a young lizard citters and settles on the girl's shoulder. Kera tugs out a few bottles and sets them out for whoever wants at then. "Um, I didn't get any cups, sorry."

Kiena glances sidelong to Idrissa but she nods, a vague smile curving her lips. "Can't see anything wrong with that. Been a long, long time since I've ever fished to just relax…" she drawls and once she's baited her hook, she'll take pole in hand and then wade a bit deeper into the waters, not caring if her shorts get soaked along the edges. Head cocked a bit to the side, she'll eventually settle on a spot and then cast her line as far as possible. "I can gut, scale and clean fish but my cookin' may be — touch 'n go? Prolly not the greatest." Kiena admits while glancing to Mur'dah, "And what about you, huh?" Important details! Kera's offering of the bottled refreshments are met with interest and temptation, but her line has been cast. "Might take you up on one of those later. Nothin' caught yet, that I know of?" She'll glance to the others. Anything, anyone?

Idrissa smiles and nods to Kiena once more before she glances over to Kera. "That's for joining in Kera, grab a pole and come on over and join in?" This said while she looks back to the water. "No fish caught just yet, though we just started too." As for the bit on cooking, cleaning and the rest she ponders. "I know a bit on cooking fish, just don't cook it that long or you burn it then it's not any good. So, have to keep a good watch on it." She gives her fishing pole a light tugtug which makes the hook wiggle around. Any fish? Come on fishyfish!

Mur'dah watches J'o's technique and then grins at Kera, pausing his casting long enough to snag a bottle of juice. "Thanks! And naw, we just started. No worries," he says, uncapping the bottle with his teeth and taking a swig. "We're all friends here." Wading back out, he tucks the bottle into the pocket of his shorts and casts again. "Me? I'm a pretty good cook. Especially when I have the right equipment

J'o wobbles the fishing pole, danging his hook in the water. Nice and tasty for any fish. It's not great, but it's servicable. The brownrider probably spent a few afternoons like this, back on the farm. Nothing like catching fish on a nice summer day! Except they don't seem to be biting… not that it's a problem, when the point's to relax. He shakes his head to the question. "Nah. Nothing here." So maybe it's a good thing he brought that bread. They can have bread-on-bread instead of fish-on-bread.

Kera chuckles to the riders and nods agreeably "I think I can manage that Idrissa." Taking her pole up, she looks around briefly and spots the bait. Not at all squeamish about baiting her hook, Kera soons steps among the others, giving a bit of space so she doesn't crowd the lines. Just about to cast her line out she stops nd frowns over to Mur'dah and Kiena, catching a couple of words they said "Wait, I have to cook what I catch?" Her gaze drifts between J'o and Kiena, not recognizing them. "I'm Kera by the way." She gives a cheeky grin before peering to Idrissa. "I'm gonna need clarification on this cooking thing Idrissa." The apprentice snorts with amusement. "Cause I can't cook." Please don't make her even attempt. The outcome might be horrible.

Kiena stares ahead, watching her line carefully as she gives a few erratic tugs and twitches of the pole to drag or jerk the line a little forwards. Hopefully tempting for any fish lurking below! "Mhm, that's the gist of it!" she agrees to Idrissa, "But it also depends on seasoning and all that. That's where I usually fumble." She'll lift her head up then, abruptly alert and focused on her line only to… sag again. Nope, false alarm! Mur'dah's reply has her snickering under her breath, but she'll drawl. "Uh-huh." She doesn't sound convinced? "Is he a good cook?" That she asks to the others, glancing between Idrissa, Kera and J'o with a small, crooked smile. "Could split the duties? I don't mind cleanin' fish for folk who might wish to skip that part." she offers with a slight shrug, only to eye Kera again when the introduction is given. "Kiena, rider of blue Ujinath and apprentice Smith." she supplies in return before turning back to focus on her line.

Idrissa hums a bit to herself while giving her line a slight wigglewiggle and there is a pause as she thinks there is something on the end and she reels in it a bit only to stop as nothing really comes from it as she can tell at least. "I.. Don't know if he is or isn't to tell you the truth." This said while she glances over to Mur'dah, a curious look across her face as she ponders. "Maybe he is?" Well sure, why not? Works for her or something along them lines!

Mur'dah reels in his line and then casts off again with a little tug. "Kera, we were discussing that whoever caught the least amount of fish would have to cook. But since I'm not sure I want to give up the cooking of my fish to someone else…I say we do a team effort. And Kiena can clean the fish. Because I hate doing that part." He's not squeamish, it's just that they're too fiddly for his tastes. It's hard, precision work. Then he pouts at Idrissa. "I cooked when we were stranded! It was good stuff!"

J'o lifts a hand to Kera. "Hey. I'm J'o. Brown Kaidoth's." He waves, then returns to the fishing-pole. Anything? Nope. Not yet. Oh well. He's in no rush. He shrugs. "I'll worry about it if I catch anything, how's that?"

Kera flashes a grin to Kiena and J'o "Nice to meetcha." Nodding to Mur'dah. "Yea, well, that group thing sounds good." As long as no one has to eat her cooking, she won't be tending to them in the infirmary. Food poisoning, it's on the menu if Kera has to cook. Minimur chitters happily as he dips and loops over the fishers. Rearing back her line some, she sends the baited hook into the water and…waits.

Kiena chuckles a little for Idrissa's remark, quirking a brow towards the greenrider but it's Mur'dah's answer that attracts most of her interest. "Stranded? How'd that come to be?" she asks, eyes darting between both riders curiously. "Team effort sounds just fine. We've the knives and stuff, right, for cleanin'? Or should I have my firelizards fetch my set?" she asks, giving her fishing pole a few more subtly bobs and tugs. "Well met, Kera." Kiena murmurs and a half-second later the bluerider voices a surprised but eager 'whoop'. "Ha! Might've snagged something." she exclaims as her fishing pole begins to pull tautly and the bluerider is wrestling in the line. "Now to see if it's a fish or not, eh?" she drawls with a smirk before she's digging in her heels and focusing on hauling whatever it is to the shallows.

"Mur'dah can explain the whole stranding bit.." Idrissa glances over to Mur'dah with an amused look seen. "Hey, I'm sure you did.. I just think I got skipped out on getting anything you made when we was out there." This said with an amused tone. Seems the fish are hitting well now as one hits her line and she goes about reeling it in as best she can. It'll take a few moments for sure befre she'll be able to get whatever it is on her line to dry land.

Mur'dah snorts. "V'dim. /Twice/. Once as Candidates and once as Weyrlings, right, Idrissa? He just dumped us in the wild and made us survive. We got supplies and stuff, but I decided I was going to be proud," stupid, "and /really/ live off the land. Carved my own bowls and everything. I can cook fine." He frowns when the others seem to be reeling fish in, tossing his line again. C'mon fish, don't make him look stupid.

"Nice to meet you," J'o says to Kera, and trails his line back (empty), before casting it out again and looking over to Kiena. "Stick, sludge, or fish!" It's a classic game. He mostly gets sludge, when he goes fishing. Maybe he'd better hope it's a group thing, because then he'll manage to get something to eat. But, hey, Idrissa's having some luck too! He gives her a thumbs-up before returning his gaze to his line. Apparently brownriders just suck at fishing?

Kera slides her feet forward a bit so that the water is over her ankles. Keeping an eye on her line, she reels in some slack. Occassionally, she cast glances over to the riders, but her main attention is on her line and the tip of her pole. Her your brown circles the girl once before making a clumsy landing on her head/shoulder. Which turns out to be her shoulder with a little headshake. Kera reaches up to give the small brown gentle scratch along his neck and chin before adjusting her line. The apprentice continues to listen to the riders gossip, chuckling with an amused smirk.

"Ugh! It better not be sludge!" Kiena grumbles out loud to J'o's mention of the classic game as she continues to fight with her fishing pole and the line. "Hate sludge! As much as I hate reeling in other critters that don't like being hooked." Of the biting or stinging variety. Tug, haul, tug. "Twice? You were dumped out in the wilds twice?" she exclaims in disbelief to Mur'dah, but she glances to Idrissa too and J'o and Kera as well, uncertain if they'd know anything about it too. "Nothing stupid about trying to live off the land. Good skills!" she says hurriedly, already caught up again in her catch. One last good haul and it's… a stick! Nope, it's a fish but a thin and lean looking one. Kiena wrinkles her nose and clucks her tongue in disappointment. "Drat. Not good eatin', this one. Ah well!"

Idrissa chuckles softly and nods as she glances to Kiena. "It was amusing really.. Nothing /that/ bad. At least I enjoyed it both times." There is a pause as she wonders and she looks over to J'o with a smile. "Did they do the same to you J'o, take you off someplace and dump you all?" Well she is curious! Though that fish at the end of her line is hauled up fully and it is a medium sized fish, good for something at least. The greenrider sends a glance towards Kiera at the 'fish' she caught and a soft chuckle escapes her. "Not much of anything on that one. Good try though, give it another go?"

Brownriders do not suck at fishing! Yeah, they kind of do, as Mur'dah pulls in his line - empty - again. "At least I was the best at the dunk tank," he says with a quiet defiance, casting again. "Yes, /twice/. And it was kind of fun but mostly it sucked at the time. Looking back though it was fun." Watching her reel in a stick fish, Mur'dah laughs. "It doesn't count unless we can eat it. Throw it back."

"I ain't eating it, if it's sludge." J'o's got a grin as he says it, and he keeps attempting to get a fish on his own line. No luck yet, though… which means even Kiena, with a stick-fish, is ahead of him on points. "Yeah, V'dim sent their class off for those." Team-building! "D'an and I didn't go, though. He had other stuff for us." J'o shrugs, then glances over to Mur'dah. "At least you won't fall in?" Because the skills from the dunk tank transfer?

Kera looks from one rider to another, frowning at the horror stories Mur'dah and Idrissa are speaking about. Shaking her head, Kiena's reeling draws her attention. "That count towards the bet you got though doesn't it? I mean she /did/ catch one." Looking back and forth for an answer, Kera finally settles her gaze on her line and takes in the slack. Sludge? Why would anyone eat sludge? Shrugging that one off as do not consider.

Kiena shudders and almost gags at J'o's suggestion. "I'd not eat sludge for all the marks on Pern!" she mutters with a disgusted expression. Ugh, ugh. No! The bluerider then smirks at all the chimed comments about her "catch". Poor, poor wee skinny fish! No one loves you. Or is it lucky fish? "Oh, I'll try again. Let this one go back and fatten up." she drawls, already reaching down to deftly snag the fish in one hand and try to work the hook free with the other. Grunting as the fish struggles, she'll manage and then tosses it back into the water. "No luck with the rest of ya?" she'll ask while baiting her hook, casting a curious look around to all. Kiena will frown as she casts the line again. "Guess it could be fun if you went with others and weren't alone! But I mean, did you learn anything from it? And I think it should count!" she remarks with a smirk, looking from Kera to Mur'dah. "We never specified if we meant keepers only!"

Idrissa chuckles and nods to Mur'dah. "Yeah you did.. As I recall I did knock you down in that dunk tank." Unless there was another time with the dunk tank that she doesn't know about? Possible! With her fish hanging out in the bucket she shoulders her fishing pole and turns to head on over to the fireplace. "Back in a few moments guys, continue and all that." Someone needs to check the fire out to make sure it is still crackling and so forth.

"But sludge adds flavor," Mur'dah protests, grin crooked. "I won't fall in?" He looks around at the ocean. "Well, we'll see about that. And yeah, I guess we learned stuff. How to not die." Shrug. That's important, right? Grinning after Idrissa, Mur'dah nods. "You did! After everyone else totally failed at it."

Kera 's expression at the thought of someone serving sludge up on her plate is a little pale. But she shakes it off quickly enough and glances back to Idrissa "Can you make sure those bottles aren't too close to the fire?" Looking back towards the line Kera frowns and reels it in completely and examines her bare hook "Lousy little sneak! Something stole my bait" The apprentice mutters and stomps back to the bait can to reset her hook. Still listening to Mur'dah and Kiena the cast them a thoughtful look before spearing the wiggly little worm on the hook and starting towards the water again.

Kiena does make a gagging noise this time, but it's only to mockingly tease Mur'dah's protest. "Does not!" she fires back with her tongue stuck out in a classic comical 'sickened' look. Gross! Then she snorts, "How not to die? Sounds like a very pleasant lesson. At least you guys got SOME fun out of it. I got ditched in a jungle once but it wasn't for no survival." It did serve a lesson though! The bluerider won't elaborate for now, focusing instead on moving her line through the water. Come on fish! There will be a distracted wave to Idrissa and then she's peering at Kera. "Ooh, rotten luck!" she drawls.

Kera nodding agreeably to Kiena "I'm just giving the fish a false sense of security." That's Kera's reality. Though, in real reality, she's just fattening them up. "I don't understand. Do they drop you off in the wilderness like that just for being a candidate?" Her gaze darts between the riders present. "Or is that a /privilege/ of being a weyrling?" Clearing Kera doesn't like that idea at all.

Mur'dah glances at Kera and grins. "Yeah, that'll happen," he says with some sympathy. Then he's grinning at Kiena. "It's useful in living, I'll admit. You got ditched in a jungle? Why?" There's a /story/ there and he wants it. To Kera, he shrugs. "Who knows. V'dim does it…I think it's to build character or teamwork or something like that…"

Kiena quirks a brow at Kera and then chuckles gruffly, shaking her head. "That's your sneaky tactic, then?" she muses, drawing in her line and finding it empty but the bait well chewed on. Darn it! Rethreading the bait, she'll cast the line again and make a surprised sound when it's nibbled hard almost right off. She twitches the pole and then grins. "Another one!" Time to haul! "Don't look at me!" she tells Kera with a grimace. "I never experienced anything like that as a weyrling! First time I've heard of it here, so I don't know the details and I'm as baffled as you are." She has to pause as whatever she's caught is putting up a good fight and she has to struggle to keep her fishing pole in her grip. "Build character?" she huffs at Mur'dah. "Safer things to do to do that! And what'd I do?" Does she want to tell? Why not. "Cause I pissed off the rider who I went with? She was my brother's weyrmate or… whatever and I kind of insulted her good. So she left me in the jungles to teach me not to be such a…" She coughs, catching herself. "…pain." Right.

Kera winces as Kiena seems to have been robbed as well. "I say there is a thief in the water, stealing our worms." Peering intently to her line, she tugs very lightly. Minimur croons softly and rubs his oiled head against Kera's cheek, causing the apprentice healer to grin and rub his side gently. Listening to the bluerider, she can't help but blink at the woman "Well that's certainly some bad luck….Is she still with you brother?" After a moment, she peers to Mur'dah and J'o. "Were you in groups or dropped off in th emiddle of ni where alone?"

Mur'dah listens to Kiena's story, and the brownrider snickers. "Kimmila?" he guesses. "She seems like a real tough bi - person." His grin twists. "And did you learn your lesson?" Looking at Kera, the brownrider laughs. "It's fish that don't want to be food - they just want to /get/ food." And he sighs at his empty hook. Cast again. "Group. All as one group."

"Or just a lot of hungry fish too smart to fall for our bait! Could be thieving minnows too or fish too small to really catch!" Kiena remarks between her struggles to reel in her catch. At least she's too focused to comment on Mur'dah's lack of anything caught yet? "Nah, I deserved it. I said some awful and nasty things to her… yeah, Kimmila." she remarks, glancing from Kera to the brownrider again. How'd he know? "She's definitely still with my brother. They're-" Inseparable? No, that's too gushy even if true. "-really close." That'll do. She'll snicker then for Mur'dah's near slip up. "She is. Don't ever piss her off. That was my lesson!" Not, you know, respect dragonriders or those older than you and of higher rank! With one last good tug, Kiena's line yields a much more promising fish this time. It's promptly caught, slipped off the hook, put out of its misery and plunked in her waiting bucket. Done, done and done, all efficiently! "Think I'm going to go start cleanin' out this one and see if Idrissa doesn't need my help or… something." Somehow she doubts the greenrider does. "You guys still going to keep on tryin?"

Kera smirks to Mur'dah and pulls her line in, checking to make her her plump little worm here still there, Head nodding a bit as she listens to the bluerider's horror tale. she rears her pole back and glances over in time to see Kiena pull in a nice sized fish "Nice catch Kiena." When she starts back, Kera nods "I'm gonna keep tryin." After a couple of seconds, she sents her bait flying outward again. "Comeon, I want some dinner!"

Mur'dah grins a bit at Kiena's elaboration, and then laughs. "I will remember that," he promises. "Alright, let me know when it's time to cook," he says with a grin for Kiena. Looking back at Kera, the brownrider casts again. "Just not having the luck tonight…"

Kiena grins faintly but crookedly, "Thanks! Should be pretty tasty. I'll share if neither of you get any luck! And I'll holler when I'm ready, Mur'dah! No way I'm going to try cookin' it. Won't be long." She then wades back to shore, bucket in hand and pole slung over her shoulder. She'll return it to the others and then find a clean spot a bit removed from the fire to begin preparing her fish, which she'll then wrap in protective leaves to keep sand or insects from it while she'll announce to the brownrider that his first fish to cook is ready and waiting. The bluerider will linger then, long enough to actually nibble some of her catch once it's prepared but she will not go back to fish, but watch instead.

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