Do You Remember?

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level
Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

The past few days of Ka'el's life really couldn't've been that busy, could they? All the words and images of memories that have been stuffed into his mind can't all have happened over the past two or so days, could they? Ka'el finds himself in a daze as one more thing has been forced into his mind to contend with, but at least this is pleasant (or should be). Dragon eggs! Kanekith's six babies are kind of born… Kanekith's babies! Even Kanekith is reveling in the thought. The bronze has been a constant figure on the sands, sitting, standing, parading around, making sure those human eyes that watch and monitor don't venture too near his queen and their eggs. Those who have missed the clutching due to work and duties have been glared at in the rafters all day. Ka'el has felt all of his dragon's mood swings. From loving and attentive to annoyed and protective. An up and down thrill ride to add to Ka'el's own that he's been riding for a while now.

He hasn't been back to the sands since he left it hours earlier, having to check on with Galaxy to inform those who need to know of his current situation and get his new orders for the time being. And then start on those new orders, and then running back to his weyr to check up on other things wholly unrelated. It's been a lot of running around today, and now that he returns to the annex, the sun has already set and dinner is being served in the caverns. He wears more appropriate clothing now: Shorts, a tshirt, and sandals. It's hotter than dragon's breath in here! He carries with him a paper sack and a mug complete with a straw up to the observation level, much to Kanekith's glee. His rider is back! Ruuuuumblehappy.

Soriana's been here this whole time. Sometimes down on the sands, but sometimes up here in the observation level. It's at least a little cooler when her feet aren't being baked from beneath. She's sitting off to the edge, right now, her shoes kicked off entirely. This is, she's determined, the spot where she's least likely to be interrupted by whoever's come up to look at the eggs now. She has her elbows on the rail, her chin resting on her hands, and a stack of paperwork next to her that she's currently ignoring. This is not really the best place to work… and she doesn't have much focus for it, either. Luraoth's taking a slow meander through her eggs, peeking at them all again. Because they might have changed in the past hour? Soriana doesn't know, but that's okay. It's a perfectly reasonable thing for a queen (particularly one with her first clutch) to be doing. It just means Soriana's watching her with a bemused smile and reassuring her, yet again, that all is well. (Though Soriana did send a message to Jethaniel asking him to reassure her that the heating system's good. Not that she's heard back yet.)

"Hey buddy," remarks Ka'el with a look down to the sands, unable to keep himself from grinning at the sight of his dragon, who is looking up at him. Of course he came back. Why wouldn't he come back? .. Oh, that has nothing to do with you, bud. He'll always come, no matter what. Ka'el grins, momentarily forgetting his purpose for coming up in the first place as he takes steps two at a time to get to the lowest level of the balcony, leaning against the railing as he checks on his dragon. Or..wait, wasn't this the reason for coming up in the first place? "You haven't eaten…" He frowns, checking the levels of hunger. Dragon: Hungry! "Go. Get somethin' for you and her, you prat. You should've done that hours ago. That'll be fine, I promise. … Kanekith, they'll. be. Fine. Go! I'll watch," he promises, giving his dragon a 'you better go or else!' look.

Ka'el sighs a little and shakes his head, eyes drifting to the empty seats of the level. Empty. Not so empty. There's a youngster over there with her mother, looking wide-eyed at the mounds guarded by the elegant gold. Perhaps a handful of others. But.. His expression falls a little. She's not here. … But that's ok, right? That's what he wanted. Shifts. That was the .. sort of plan that was never spoken of. She said she'd be here, but it's bene hours. He wasn't expecting her to be here. But if that's true, why the disappointment? And why the bag and m- Oh. His scanning pauses there in the corner. Soriana and paperwork. He smiles, then not smiles as he heads that way. "Hey," said when near enough.

Luraoth lifts her gaze to Ka'el briefly, and then she twines herself more closely around her clutch. Kanekith? Yeah. He can go. She has the eggs well-guarded, and yeah… she is hungry, especially now that her stomach has space to expand. Kanekith can go, but Luraoth will be here with her eggs. Soriana… yeah, she's here too. If she was really paying attention, she'd probably have noticed Ka'el's approach earlier, but with the heat and the hours of sitting here, her eyes have glazed over somewhat. Still, she's not completely oblivious, and 'approaching figure' triggers her attention. Is this someone else with a request or an effervescent question about the clutch? She starts to straighten up, then blinks. No, it's Ka'el. Seeing him, instead of unknown person, actually makes her relax. She leans back on the bench, offering him a crooked smile. "Hey," she says back, lifting one hand. Her gaze lingers on him a moment, then looks out to the sands again. "You haven't missed much."

Ka'el? Cause Sori to relax? Someone mark this moment! On the sands, Kanekith is…finally convinced that his leaving won't be the thing that causes ruin for the eggs. No enemy will rain down to attack his mate. No clawed, batty creatures will swoop down to steal their eggs. He can go off and hunt and bring back food for his hungry mate without disaster striking. Ka'el won't let it happen. And so, with one last warning glare to any dragon healer that catches his eye, the bronze lumbers off of the hot sands and into the summer night, stretching his wings to fly. Ah…that does feel good! Ka'el smirks to himself, following Kanekith for a while before letting the bronze be. Refocusing on Soriana, he nods. "I didn't think so. Probably won't be missin' much til we have Candidates and they egg touch." Ah, memories. Memories of Kanekith's egg and the eggs he's long forgotten about. Only one mattered in the end. He glances to his paper sack and the mug in his hand then takes a closer step towards her to offer them both. "Dinner," he offers. "Burgers and fried tubers… Wasn't sure what you liked on yours, so it's a bit plain.." he says apologetically. In the cup is iced water. "Figured you'd want this most if you were still up here. I've wrapped cookies in there, too. Raisin nut."

Candidates. Soriana shakes her head slowly. There's going to be candidates and egg touches (Luraoth huffs softly) and… "I suppose the search dragons will be going out." A pause. "Though… they won't need many." There's only six eggs. Even with giving the dragonets a choice, that means… what? A dozen candidates or so? Soriana frowns slightly, looking out at Luraoth curled around her clutch, then gives her head a shake. She looks back to Ka'el, and glances to the bag. Food? "Oh." She's hungry too! She has just now realized that fact. The distant gnawing in her stomach is not just Luraoth. (Who is also hungry, but she's patient.) Soriana smiles to Ka'el, reaching for the bag. "Thanks." And… ice water? "Ugh, yes. It's so hot in here. Luraoth says it's good, though." She eyes the sand again. It's not overheating, right? Soriana gives her head another little shake. It'll get checked… and she needs to not worry Luraoth. So. Distraction time? "How'd it go with Galaxy?" she asks with a sideways glance as she opens the bag to grab a tuber-slice and start eating.

The food has been handed off, and Ka'el steps back, looking out at the sands again. They look emptier without Kanekith's hulking self pawing around, tossing out glares at whoever crosses his path. Silly bronze. "Welcome," he answers with a small smile her way, and his eyes stray to the hundreds of empty seats. They'll be filled, or nearly filled, come hatching time. So many people. Excited and nervous candidates. He glances down again. "I remember when we were down there," he says, hearing her question regarding Galaxy, he'll answer it later. "Remember?" Of course she does. They all do. "I held your hand from the barracks to the sands. I'd like to say it was because I wanted you reassure you and all that, but I think it was the other way around mostly." A sidelong look to her, accompanied by a wistful smirk. "I like to remember when holdin' my hand was reassuring." He moves, pulling down one of the plastic seats three seats down from her, sitting and propping a foot up on the seat in front of him. "Galaxy was fine. There's plenty've ground work for me to do without Kanekith, and I can work alongside the weyr guards in shifts for experience. Sometimes we ride in pairs, so it works out. There's lots of partner practice in my future," he says. Teamwork .. hooray. "How long do you think before candidates are searched?" he asks, watching Luraoth and checking on Kanekith.

How could Soriana forget? It's one of those memories. She smiles at it now as she nibbles her way through tubers and has a long sip of the icewater. Cold. Oh she had forgotten what cold was like. It's niiice. "Yeah. I remember," she says, and then… she sighs. She sets the bag down next to her, and looks away from Ka'el, out onto the sands. Luraoth's there. No Kanekith, not right now. She's quiet for a moment, but then she speaks, voice soft. "We had plans, that night." Plans that the dragons… didn't exactly permit. "You remember?" Of course he does. "We wanted it so much." Soriana keeps her gaze out over the sands, not looking at him. Her voice gets quieter. "I still want it." And Kanekith is still getting in the way. Soriana frowns out at the sands, though the bronze isn't there right now. Just Luraoth and the eggs. She just nods to Ka'el's answers about Galaxy. She did want to know! But now her thoughts are going out along different paths. The past. The present. The future? "Not long, I guess. The dragons'll start looking on their own. They just… do that. Find people who smell right or whatever." People whose lives can get swept along with those of dragons.

Someone needs to invent battery operated hand fans with a mister. Xanadu is a technology-forward weyr, isn't it? There's no reason why they have to sit sweltering in such modern times! If the ancients could make a spacecraft to take them to outer space while their bodies lay frozen and dormant…is a mister fan too much to ask for??? Ka'el tries not to focus on the heat, though the longer he sits the more it envelops him like a blanket he can't shrug off. At least his clothing is lighter than earlier, giving his body room to breathe as he watches the sands. His lips quirk a little as the memory is recalled with more details. Yes, they had plans. Plans so carefully, yet hastily made. "We'd waited a long time," he says, eyes on his toes now. "I remember feelin' like I'd explode waiting." But he waited, with all the patience and restraint of a gentleman, he waited. And waited. And waited. And still waits now, though it's a differnt sort of wait. In ways far more difficult than the one of their past. He shifts in his seat, slouching back a little. "Remember the time I snuck you into the dormitory at the forges?" he asks, glancing at her only briefly, but though his gaze doesn't last long, his smirk lingers. "I lied to you. I told you you could be back there .. y'really weren't allowed. Would've been my ass if Orik had caught ya back there. But it was worth havin' you there with me." A grin. "We argued, or somethin' about Thea." A playful argument that ended with kisses doesn't really count as an argument, does it? "I hope Kanekith searches no one," said with a fading smile.

Soriana will put a request for one on Jethaniel's desk. It's a facilities question… more or less. That, or it's techcraft because he should go invent one. Either way. She hehs softly at the talk of waiting, and nods. "We had." The smile fades again. "It… was easier, I think. Not knowing." Not having something to miss. Her gaze steals over to Ka'el, watching him for a moment. His glance catches her watching, but she doesn't look away - just nods in her assent. She remembers. And… "Heh. Not that Orik wouldn't've taken just about any excuse to complain about me," she notes with a crooked smile. The bag of food is reached for once again, and she pulls out the burger. It's time to eat, not just talk. "I don't remember what, exactly." She shrugs as she takes a bite. Arguments? Those aren't for remembering. Even if that one ended up not very argumentative, the memories taking her to a place that makes the corners of her mouth curve wistfully as she chews. Then she pauses, regarding Ka'el for a moment before slowly resuming eating that mouthful, swallowing it down before she speaks. "If he stays on the sands, he won't." Not unless one of those dragonhealers turns out to be of impressable age and inclination… but no, the students are mostly kept up here. Out of the way. "The blues and greens are the most sensitive, anyhow. Usually."

Another smirk. "Yeah. Orik didn't like you much," Ka'el says, stating the very obvious. "I think he could sense when I'd been with you. He always had this special look of disdain kept just for me." His eyes pull her way, lingering a little longer than the last, even as she eats. He tips his head back then, peering up at the ceiling, studying it, staring to see if he can spy any heat waves melting the tiles above. "You remember the first trip to Yokohama?" he asks, spurred perhaps by looking up, visualizing the nighttime sky beyond the ceiling. The stars beyond the inky blackness. The lone ship hovering over Pern. Are there new Candidates up there now, marveling as he did his first trip? Will these new Xanadu Candidates, whoever they may be, take their first trip on Seryth's back? So much is the same. The same thing over and over again. Flight. Eggs. Candidates. Weyrlings. Repeat. "I remember floatin' around on the observation deck when somebody hit the switch. .. Bein' up there in the green room with you. All those plants in the middle've nothin'. Sittin' with you. You tellin' me you were goin' to study Dragonhealin' when we got back down to Pern. Kissin' you…" His chest lifts, drops. "I'm glad Kanekith stays on the sands, then. I don't want him searchin' anybody." Not that Kanekith would find anyone worthy enough to ride any of his children.

The smell of girlfriend. Journeymen learn to detect it and guard their charges. Soriana hehs, amused. It's not like Orik can touch them, now. Either of them; they're not under his jurisdiction. Not anymore… because they're riders. Her mouth quirks sideways, a little rueful as she considers on that and all it entails, lifting the burger to have another bite. A small one, because soon enough, she'll want to talk. Like now, with a small smile. "I'd just gotten Haruhi. She was so indignant about… everything." Was? Okay, so the firelizard's settled down a little, but she's still opinionated enough for a dragon… or at least a wher. "We could go back there." She glances to him, quickly, and then back to the sands. "After the eggs hatch. If we wanted." If he wanted. If she wanted. If… there's too many ifs. Soriana shrugs, and she picks a seed off her bun. "It would've been simpler. If we hadn't been candidates. If we hadn't impressed. If we could just be… a smith and a healer." But they aren't. "We could be… out under that tree. Not watching the sunset." Her lips quirk wryly, but then the expression fades. "There'll be candidates." Searched by Kanekith or not. "People want to be dragonriders."

"Could've been," agrees Ka'el, still studying the ceiling. "And I would just be Kale who has a family in Black Rock who'd've loved to have met his girlfriend." An easier life that he could have had and walked away from. Was he foolish. His expression shifts, darkening somewhat and he lifts his head just as Kanekith makes his kill somewhere out there. A flash of teeth and claws. A spray of blood. "Could we?" he asks, looking at her. "Go back? I've tried to go back." .. To Yokohama? No. Not there. It's a different sort of back that he speaks of. "But everytime I try I fail and end up right back where I am. I don't like where I am." Back to the sands now, and the leg that he had propped up on the seat in front of him is set down, foot to concrete. "I know there will be candidates," he says, wrinkling his nose briefly, though the feeling of annoyance passes quickly enough. "I'm not saying there shouldn't be. But there shouldn't be people like me searchin' people because I would not be encouraging." But he definitely wouldn't give anyone a random goat either, so maybe a dose of reality wouldn't be so bad.

Now he's Ka'el. With a family in Black Rock who… still thinks they've a son named Kale. Soriana frowns, and picks another seed off her bun, rolling it in her fingers as she looks back to Ka'el. She'll meet his gaze - if he wants. "No," she says after a few moments of conversation. "I guess we can't. But…" One corner of her mouth lifts faintly. "We don't have to stay here, either." Except she does, because Luraoth's guarding the eggs, but… that's not really the here they're talking about, is it? Soriana shrugs, and her gaze slowly slips away. "Do you still want to be Kale?" She's looking out over the sands as she says it, gazing at the opposite wall without really seeing it. Her expression is a still one. Quiet; attempting not to unduly influence the answer. Just… listening. But, wait. She's got one more thing to say. "If just hearing what it can be like is enough to keep them away, maybe they shouldn't be dragonriders. I don't like lying to people." Not even by omission.

That's a big question. Does he still want to be Kale? … Why wouldn't he? Kale was fun and easy going. Kale's biggest problems were making deliveries of junk metal on time and fixing ol' man Gerund's forever leaking faucet because he refuses to upgrade to better parts made sometime this century. Kale was liked by everybody. There were no odd moments with Kale when one had to hold their tongue or tiptoe around and dance between the line of like and hate. Kale went to parties, not avoided them. Kale frowned much less. Kale had a family to go home to. A family who would pack up everything and come traveling to him just to make his fifteenth turnday special. Kale had girlfriend who wouldn't hesitate to climb into bed with him and let him hold her until they both fell asleep because Kale made her feel safe and happy.

Ka'el? Turn all of the above opposite, and then they'd be true. Ka'el can count the people whom he truly trusts on one hand. Friends dwindle by the day, resentment grows by the hour. Ka'el is vindictive and spiteful with a tongue that spits acid for words. Ka'el is mean, they say. Cruel and heartless and thinks only of himself. Ka'el brings harm to those he loves. Ka'el lacks control. Who would he choose to be? His lips have curved down to a frown by now, despite what could be hopeful words. He doesn't like where he is, but they don't have to stay. He looks at her now even though her eyes have drifted across the way. "I want to be a better Ka'el. Who I was before .. I don't think I can ever be that person in the same way that I was. I have Kanekith now, and that makes everything diffferent. But there are pieces of him I want to keep, even as I change."

Kale is the one that Sori started dating. That's the name she's kept for him. For when it's just her and him. Even when he's also Ka'el. Ka'el, rider of bronze Kanekith. Ka'el, who… she looks to, now. "I like Ka'el," she offers quietly. "He… frustrates me, sometimes. He's got a temper. He doesn't think before he says things, sometimes. And sometimes he thinks too much. But he's willing to stand up for things. He's persistent. He doesn't just go along with everyone else. He…" Her lips quirk, ever so slightly. "He doesn't take the easy way out."

…She does? She likes Ka'el? His brows furrow, and he can feel the question forming in his mouth Why? But she answers it before he can speak it. He's frustrating? "So are you.." he retorts, murmured but with a near hint of a smirk on his lips. And yeah, he has a temper. And yeah..a lot of those 'sometimes' could probably be changed to 'most times'. But she's talking to him. About him. And the words aren't bad ones, and that makes him minutely smile. Kanekith returns now, haven eaten enough to satisfy his own hunger, and with a kill for Luroath. Hooooney, I'm hooome! Ka'el's eyes flit that way, content that the bronze is back, in good shape, and with food for the gold clutchmother. "..It's hard for me to be your friend," he says, looking back to the human side of the the goldriding pair. "And not want to be more than just your friend. It frustrates me not havin' it like before."

"Never said I wasn't." Soriana's lips quirk in easy answer to that hint of a smirk, and she gazes at Ka'el, watching the faint changes to expression. So what if they're subtle? She has turns worth of knowledge about that face. Soriana looks away as Kanekith returns, gazing out across the sands and watching as Luraoth rises, greeting him with a croon and gratitude for the meal. The bronze brings home the bacon! Or is that the beef? Either way, she eats eagerly, crunching bone and rending flesh. Soriana makes an unhappy face - a wince - as Ka'el calls it hard to be her friend, but then it softens as he continues. Oh. Hard like that. She nods, a slow motion but not an uncertain one, and then she's quiet for a moment, watching Luraoth eat. A bloody vision for her thoughts. "Do you remember that minecrafter?" she asks. "The one I broke up with. The one who was yelling at me about… oh, all sorts of stuff." Being a terrible person and on from there. "Kale laughed it off." She turns her head, looking back at him. "I don't think Ka'el would've." Soriana keeps her gaze on him, trying to gather up her thoughts into something like sense. "Would Kale even know what to do with me, anymore?" She lifts one hand, a vague wave indicating her dragon, the paperwork beside her, all of it. "But. I'd do things with Ka'el." Hasn't she already? No matter which name she called him at the time.

As Luraoth eats, Kanekith checks the six mounds. Yup. All six, still here and accounted for! And has everyone kept their distance? They better have. He stalks around the arena, just for good measure, before settling in near the little dragon family to keep watch some more. This is a Very Important Job, and he's not going to slack on it! He thumps his heavy tail as emphasis. Ka'el smiles to himself, still unable to get over the change in his dragon, as drastic as it is. He takes the momentarily silence as an opportunity to watch him and wonder on that, comparing one version of Kanekith to this new one, much like he compared himself. Soriana's question shifts his eyes back to her, and he furrows his brows a bit. Minecrafter? Oh. Yeah. He remembers. The wrinkling of his nose is indication of that even before he nods. But what she says next has him pausing. He laughed it off? The mere thought of him or anyone speaking ill of Soriana makes him want to ball a fist already. "I know Ka'el wouldnt've," he confirms, gripping and ungripping his armrest a moment before making the choice to move, shifting one seat closer to her so that there's one empty chair between them instead of two. "Kale wouldn't have a clue," he has to agree. "About what to make of any of this. I .. understand our roles. I don't like them sometimes, but I understand." Mostly. "And what I understand more now than I did before is that I.." He pauses. Spilling too many of his guts? .. Probably, but at least he catches himself this time.

Luraoth eats quickly, even though she's bare steps away from her eggs. Hunger's like that. So's her desire to get back to watching over them. They're all there, the six little piles of sand over shells with dragons growing inside. The little kid here to see the eggs has left, because from up here, it's a boring view. For the queen, though, it's one that takes up the entirety of her attention. Soriana has another bite of food, but then she nods. Ka'el wouldn't've. Ka'el doesn't back down… which is sometimes frustrating and certainly has been the cause of some arguments between them, but… that's the negative side of a positive trait. Courage. Soriana shifts the half-eaten burger to her other hand, and reaches out hers into the empty seat between her and Ka'el. He understands their roles? "I think I do. Sometimes I'm not so sure." She shrugs, with a wry smile that appears and then fades away as she turns her head to look at him. "You what?"

Oh, now he's gone and done it. Put his foot in his mouth and she's called him out on it! Ka'el lowers his gaze to the hand that rests between himself and her, then glances at her her. Bad thing about words? They can't be unsaid. "I think too much, like you said," he says. "An' I talk too much sometimes." You know. Inbetween the times he doesn't say anything at all? "An' I think I say shit that you don't like hearin'," he admits with a look of apology. Case in point, the rest of his gut spilling: "I understand more now that I don't want anyone else. I was frustrated to have to wait again just to know if I had you, after having already done so much waiting. I was mad, and I know I didn't have any right to be, but I was. But now I know that it doesn't matter how mad or frustrated or impatient I am, in the end you're the only person that I want."

Yeah, that's right. Soriana's gone and proved she was listening and that she wants to hear the rest of what Ka'el has to say. Her hand stays where it is - not reaching for him, not pulling away either. He's in his seat. She's in hers. The one between them… maybe her hand's just dangling. Maybe it isn't. Soriana ignores it, her gaze staying on Ka'el. She nods slightly as he begins. Thinking too much is… a flaw she understands. Talking too much? Well. She wouldn't call it too much, exactly. More… too much for the topic. Sometimes it's better to shut the mouth and walk away. Prudence, to go with the courage. But… apparently now isn't one of those times. Her mouth twists at the mention of stuff she doesn't want to hear, because while Ka'el may think it, she knows she does it to him. She's seen the looks on his face, sometimes. Especially when she says the Weyrwoman Things. Those are the worst, because they're not mistakes. They're things she still thinks she has to say, even after she sees his reaction. Whatever he has to say, it can't be worse than that, can it? But… she can't help but brace herself, just a little, for words that… when they come… turn into a relief. He doesn't want anyone else? Well, okay, that'd be a problem if he was being a stalker about it, but he's not. She wants him here. (Conflicted psyche aside, but… that's being calmer, today. Maybe the maternal instincts drifting over from Luraoth are helping - or maybe she's just getting over it.) Relief brings a smile to her face, one that fades as he talks about his frustration and anger. She nods, slowly, her gaze drifting down… and then back up. Her eyes rest along his face, and her lips twitch in a crooked smile. "Kale. Ka'el." Both of them. Whoever he is. "I like being wanted by you. Because you want me." Whoever that is.

See, that was sappy. Not hsi sappiest, but it could've been worse. That was toned-down sappy, minus some details, but the gist of it is that. And Sori doesn't do sappy. Or flowers or things like that, and he knows that. (And thus it's still a mystery why he'd bother with that bouquet!) And so that look of relief is eyed warily. Just what was she expecting him to say? But his wary look melts beneath her smile. A genuine smile! And yes, he is noticing fewer of those hesitant looks from her. Less guarded expressions set behind a Weyrwoman's mask. As his name, both of them, are said, he leans against his seat a bit, towards her, and his hand outstretches to touch fingertips against the back of her hand, grazing down the fingers, against knuckles, to fingernails. He wants her. "More'n you realize," he murmurs, smirking despite the fact that he's beginning to sweat. Geeze. How many months of this do they have? His hand claims hers now, holding, though the heat of the room will likely render palms sweaty before long. "I want to keep remembering things with you. I don't wish for the last thing we remember to be the last thing we ever did together." He squeezes her hand, just barely keeping himself from lifting it to his lips to kiss. "You want to take a break. Get some air? I'll keep an eye on them."

And this time, as Ka'el's fingers brush to hers… Soriana manages not to tense. To take the touch as it should be; a thing to be felt, a thing to be leaned toward and reciprocated - and if the motion's slow, at least it's there. Even if Ka'el's getting sappier by the moment. Proclamations of incomprehensible love? Yeah. That's pretty bad, but… she supposes she can let it be. This time. The smile settles more deeply on her lips, and then her expression sets more serious as she nods to him. Remembrances. And… oh yes does she want to, but. "Let me ask Luraoth." Because she's not going to abandon her dragon, no matter how much she wants a breath of cool(ish) evening air. Soriana looks out at the sands, to where Luraoth tilts her head to look back at her rider. The eggs are safe. Kanekith is here to help her. Kanekith's Ka'el can speak, if there are words that need to be said. Yes. Soriana's fingers tighten in a warm squeeze. "Yeah. I do," she says, and keeps that hand held as she rises to her feet. The other one still holds the half-eaten meal - still warm, from the heat-lamp effect of the arena. She pauses, her fingers still curled with Ka'el's. "Remember the time when Luraoth was broody and you brought me dinner?" Her words are light, her smile… a very small one. A serious sort of smile.

And Kanekith can vouch for his rider. He's a good one. He'll listen and report and protect. Things will not go wrong while his Ka'el is here watching over them and thieir eggs. If the bronze is aware of Soriana's eminent departure, he shows no sign of it and continues his watchful vigil in a statuesque pose that looks none too comfortable.. Ka'el meanwhile is just happy. This is one of those upward, high moments of the rollercoaster ride where things look mendable, mended in ways, and feelings are soft and placid. Will high note give way to the plunge sooner rather than later? Faranth knows there are enough things to initiate that plunge, but right now… they rise. When Soriana stands, he stays seated, hand still holding hers, celebrating that squeeze and a lack of jarring motions. Tensing. Pullng away. None of that! "Good. Take a break. As long a break as you need. m'not leavin'." He'll be ten pounds lighter from sweating when she gets back, but he'll be here. Her newest 'do you remember' has a grin stretching, and he squeezes her hand before leaning back in his seat in a languid sort of pose. "Yeah. I was pretty awesome for that, wasn't I?" Lucky Soriana! She's dating(?) a romantic jokester. His jestful expression softens. "I'll be here. See you." Love you.

"I won't be long," Soriana says. Not that she couldn't use a nice long break, but even the nice understanding Luraoth… will want her human back. So Soriana's fingers give another soft squeeze, and then they loosen in order to let her slip away into the evening and eat the rest of her dinner where the air isn't competing with it for warmth. And then… she'll be back. For the next moments of all these many months.

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