You Shall Not Pass! (Maelle is searched)

HealerCraft Hall - Main Hall
A wide, well-lit and high ceiling corridor, the main hall is a hub of constant activity. Apprentices can be seen bustling to and fro as they carry out errands for Journeymen and Masters and various workers and residents also weave their way through. Closest to the large doors leading out to the courtyard are cushioned benches lining the stone walls and low, carved tables that hold vases with arrangements of dried herbs and flowers. Weighty doors further into the hall and to the right mark the entrance to the Main Infirmary, while right across to the left side wall are the doors leading into the Dining Hall. At the back of the hall is a stairwell leading up to the Master's Quarters and Offices, while a stairwell right next to the Dining Hall wall leads to the lower levels and kitchens. Access to the library and archives are reached by a recessed door at the very back of the hall and almost hidden behind the main stairwell. Glows fill the many scones and alcoves, keeping the Main Hall brightly lit at all hours of the day.

It's not very often that E'tan can be seen out of Xanadu, especially with a hardening clutch on the sands. But today he's on a mission and by the stern look on his face it's clearly not a pleasant one. What kind of mission that needs the Healer Hall's expertise is pleasant anyway? Removing his helmet sharply, he starts to scan the hall with narrowed eyes. "Xanadu's duties…." He almost mumbles, spotting the first journeyman knot he noticed. "…I'm in a kind of rush and needs the Hall's help." Realizing it may sounds awfully scary, he coughs once and tries to smooth things out. "Turns out that Xanadu is full of a bunch of clumsy workers…"

Recently returned from a visit with friends that went poorly at Ista Hold, Maelle has a bit of soot on her clothing from the fire that some may have heard broke out. She'd managed to toss her things back in her room but hunger is keeping her from changing into clean clothes before at least running to the dining hall to get some fruit. She pauses as E'tan talks to her, looking up at him and notes the knot, then the expression and suddenly wishes she had better luck even though she doesn't say it. "Not something your Weyrhealer could deal with?" She wonders, though who is she to argue. "Sorry, not meaning to be rude. Would you like to talk to one of the Masters?" She wonders, thumbing off towards the direction they would be.

E'tan keeps his eyes on Maelle, obviously very thoughtful. Her soot stained clothes go unnoticed for now and he runs a hand through his hair nervously. Every little things that betray his restlessness. "Err…no, our Weyrhealer is slightly…." how to put it without being too rude. "…overwhelmed? We need trauma specialist. With the dome of our hatching sands damaged, every workers here do their best to be as quick as possible to repair. Hast brings excessive risks that brings accidents." He frowns again. "And I don't have much time…."

"I.." Maelle starts, looking really torn between trying to toss some other poor Journeyman at E'tan rather than herself. "I'm a Journeyman studying trauma, but.. I could find you a Senior or.. Maybe a Master?" You know, someone who isn't her, and though that would take more time with having to track them down it also means he'd get someone more experienced if he needs that. She also knows that with trauma there isn't much time so she finally assents, "Unless you think I'll do. I'll come now." So much for her meal if that's the case.

Sometimes what seemed to be a hell of a start can turn out to be what it was meant to be. Despite being overly busy with Search and managing the upcoming stream of new arrivals, E'tan took on him to go fetch help from the Hall. He could have sent someone else, but nooooo, he's way too stubborn to delegate emergencies. And now? He's in front of the solution and he didn't even get lost to find it. "Come on, quick. We'll talk about the details when arrived. Jared's case is worrying me…" The hand that touches Maelle's shoulder, encouraging her to go grab whatever she may need to assist, causes a small cloud of soot to float. Again, it goes unnoticed.

Maelle gives a quick nod to E'tan, looking up at him when he pats her shoulder. "I'll meet you at the entrance. I'm going to go get what I need." Not her bag of things which has already been rifled through and not had time to replace what was used, but a fresh trauma kit from storage. "I'll be quick." She adds, glancing sadly towards the direction food would have been, only to turn away and dart off to run down a hall and vanish for a minute before she is running through the hall again to meet E'tan so they can head out. No clothing change or anything, she's going as he found her.

E'tan fastens his helmet, nodding approvingly at her diligence. "Alright, now would have been the occasion to thank you and all of that but again, no time for that right now. If you have everything you need we can go now." Some of the bronzerider's concern seems to fade as he, for the first time, allow a dawn of a smile to edge the corner of his lips. "Follow me…" And with that he's outside.

"No need to thank me for doing my job." Maelle replies lightly, giving a bit of a smile in return as she hefts her satchel over her shoulder to follow after the bronzerider. She attempts to pat off some of the soot off her clothes as she starts to get self conscious about how she looks. She pauses when she eyes the dragon that's waiting, and then takes a few quick steps to catch back up to E'tan. She may realize she hasn't introduced herself, but also knows emergencies aren't really a good time for idle chatter.

If Tani is less frantic about that help seeking mission, it's not Saburath's case. At all. The young bronze kept pacing the esplanade up and down, making his tail lash like a gigantic whip, bugling randomly. How can he be here? Now? And leaving his eggs and queen behind? As his lifemate reappears, he can't help but make a loud bugle echo. Nearly bumping them, he crouches down impatiently. Maelle does get a quick glance but, yes, proper introduction will come later. "Let's go then." And swiftly E'tan is on Saburath's back leaning down a hand for Maelle to grab.

Dragons aren't something Maelle is unfamiliar with, though the pacing of the bronze actually does make her seem a little nervous. She is quick enough to make sure she's farther out of the way of being bumped than she might have been if her reaction time was less, but she quickly returns in step with E'tan. She doesn't say anything further, just reaches for the hand to help her up and gets herself settled as easily as someone who has ridden as a second passenger on a dragon often.

Away from Saburath, Saburath suddenly disappears -=* BETWEEN *=-
Darkness and cold like you can't imagine. Nothing to see, feel or hear, except the beating of your heart.

Then, as suddenly as you entered the emptiness…

The bronze hastily lands in the main clearing, digging his claws in the ground. Saburath is back home, at last! Of course he's the first to go if it does mean bringing back help for his Weyr but in that context, being that far away from his progeny made him more nervous than usual. Overly protective? Oh yes, definitely. "Okay. The infirmary is that way…" Once on the ground, E'tan opens one arm in said direction. "Like I said, one of the workers, Jared fell rather soundly on his head and even if he's stable, he's barely conscious…" Everything seems to be taken care of but just as the bronzerider was about to escort Maelle to the infirmary, Saburath BUGLES again. The sound so loud it even makes Tani wince. "What again?"

Maelle slides off without any help, up may be a problem but down rarely is, even with a large dragon. She tosses her satchel over a shoulder once she retrieves it, giving the bronze a bit of a pat before she leaves his side out of a habit she must have built up somewhere. "Alright. I'll go check it out. Thanks." She says and starts heading in that direction without further questioning, though she does pause for a moment to look back at the bronze at that loud noise, but as soon as it stops she's on her way again.

"Wait!" E'tan has just time enough to shout before Saburath launches up only to hastily land again but also blocking Maelle's path. "No need to be rude, hey…" the bronzerider grumbles, half trotting to reach the Healer's side. A glare is sent at the bronze and he turns his attention on Maelle again. "This demanding big stubborn bulk here is asking me to tell you that you should consider standing for our current clutch…" A bugle of protest erupts but E'tan frowns, looking over his shoulder. "No. No, no." Two stubborn minds here. "I won't tell her she /has/ to accept. She has the choice here. I'm sorry…he's in the mood. Shards…I know it's /not/ the perfect time but he won't let go without an answer." What a nice way to ask.

Maelle takes a few steps backwards as Saburath lands in front of her, just in time to stop her from getting into the infirmary. "Wait.. what?" She looks completely confused for a long moment and takes a couple more steps backwards until she's met up with E'tan again. The look of confusion only intensifies as she's asked to stand for a clutch, and she shakes her head, "He must be confused, or… something." She starts, looking between the dragon and his rider before thinking about it. There is someone else that Saburath could be talking about, isn't there? But, she can't go farther until the bronze moves, so she's a little bit stuck. She points at some random other girl in the bowl who isn't too far away, "Maybe he means her? Please ask him to move so I can get back to work."

E'tan's turn to look confused now and he silently follows Maelle's gaze to finally look at the other girl then back. Saburath is known to act rather oddly when eggs are on the sands but the thought of him being confused? It doesn't feel like it at all and just as E'tan was about to explain, the bronze dragon lowers his huge head, his whirling yellowish eyes set on the Healer. For him, there isn't any other girl. He made his choice and he's just about to make it clearer for the short haired Healer girl. « So you think I lost my mind? I am not the one who fell on his head. » "Bu…wai..hey!" Tani almost chokes on his own words, blinking at Saburath. "You couldn't wait eh?"

Maelle may have been around dragons quite a bit when she did her rotation at a weyr doing search and rescue - but none of those dragons ever spoke to her. She takes a couple more steps back as the bronze's head is lowered towards her and she gapes for a moment before trying to find her voice again. "But.." She really is trying mostly to wrap her mind around the fact that the bronze is asking /her/, and being direct about it, when she'd finally gotten to the point of being fine with the fact that she would likely never be asked to stand. So many questions run through her mind, though the only thing she answers with is. "Maybe you have?" That'd explain a few things. "Fine. Alright. I'll do it. If you really want me to."

E'tan is still here, just standing close to them but it doesn't matter now. Saburath simply took control now. As Maelle's voice fades, the bronze dragon slowly raises his neck, now looking down at her, eyelids closing in a draconic way of narrowing his eyes. It's quite bold and dangerous to speak those words to a touchy dragon, and especially in that context. But, oddly enough, he doesn't react accordingly not burst out bugling and digging his claws in the ground. No. He is too eager to confront to someone who seems as stubborn as him. « I exactly know what I am doing and claiming. And I am claiming you to stand, yes. » It's one thing to be addressed by a dragon for the first time but when he adds the depth of his inner wind, a blow that violently shakes the bamboo forest that forms in Maelle's mind, it may be something else altogether. "Hey you two…I'm still here you know? Okay…err…" And it /finally/ reaches E'tan's mind. "Shards…we didn't even introduce…I'm E'tan and this is…" *cough* "Saburath."

Maelle may be stubborn, but most of the good healers are. She falls silent as the bronze speaks to her, and despite the fact that the depth of his voice and all the things that come along with it are perhaps a bit frightening - she isn't moving. She isn't running away, either. "That's what you think." She says after what seems like forever, though it was far less. "I said I would stand, but we'll see about the claim." She adds, lest the bronze forget that she'd agreed and with the last she gives a bit of a smirk. She turns to E'tan, "I'm Maelle. I figured I could find out your name if I asked around. You've got a pushy dragon, in case you didn't know." She says as she reaches out to pat his arm and take a few steps towards the dragon. "I should /really/ get to the infirmary though."

Without any warning Saburath takes flight, leaving twirls of dusty air. No time to argue anymore. He has what he wanted. For him, it's a win. At least for now. "Y..yeah…" replies E'tan, half coughing. "And I'm really sorry about that. He tends to be like that when under pressure. But it's always for the good. I'm glad I found you, Maelle though. Please, yes, go check on Jared. I, if no one else, will inform you about all the things you need to know about being a candidate." He doesn't even have a knot to give. "I really appreciate your dedication and prompt response to help. I really do. If you'd please report to me after you're done? And ask anything you may need. Xanadu will supply."

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