A Day of Hurts

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Sigam's trying to be shifty. He really is. He /knows/ what lies in the deep depths of this Infirmary - the dwarves dug too greedily and too deep… wait, wrong fandom. Let's just say the Dragonhealer is trying to be shifty about coming in for his check-up, very much desiring to go unnoticed by a certain you-know-who. Too bad a hungry pair of firelizards have other ideas. "Shhh, will you be quiet? I can't feed you here and you know it." Koenig is immediately chagrined; Saoirse, not so much. She isn't too shy to stomp one awkward orange foot, demanding haughtily even as the man approaches the healer's desk. "Er, hi. I'm supposed to be getting these checked…" Dark eyes glance about surreptitiously even as he indicates the sloppy bruise leftovers on his cheeks. Hopefully he can just ninja in and out without a scene… Hahaha. Haaa.

A flit cheeps from the corner of the infirmary, two glowing eyes opening, followed by four more pairs and a subsequent chorus of cheeps.

Thea is in the Infirmary sitting beside the healer on duty. The two are head to head over some sort of list. The healer is checking off some things and the weyrwoman is murmuring assent, questions and an occasional protest. A voice interrupts them and they both look up. Thea's eyes cloud over when she sees who is it and her face closes, clear eyes shutter to a dull, flat moss. She says nothing, but her eyes take note of the bruises on Sigam's face. She leaves it to the Healer to speak.

"Ow! What the fardling flaming Faranth far - yer a crazy woman; that hurts!" That's a nice enough greeting from K'avu, possibly, as he's being tended to by some young Healer thing in a nearby cot, all bandaged up probably more for show than for what really happened. "That's shardin' tender!" The Healer? Only checking his pulse and bandages around his middle. She gives the greenrider a good hard poke purposefully as she rebandages a tender spot with numbweed and then gets up, leaving the groaning and moping rider behind. Kav's eyes lift up, catching Sigam (Hah, ninja, as if) and then glaring pointedly from his bed. "Why the shards is /he/ not here?" he shouts out to someone nearby, jerking a finger that way before groaning loudly and curling in on himself, arm around his tummy. It hurt.

Ontali is here. She's probably been here for a while, calmly letting them put a trio of stitches on a pretty little cut on her face. Her shirt's pretty messy, but she's otherwise in excellent condition, and even looks cheerful, chatting with the apprentice who's working on her animatedly. "So then he ducked to the side, yeah! That's when I fell. Well, he didn't /mean/ to, 'course." The other girl laughs and finishes, taping a thin pad of gauze over the jaw-cut. "Come back tomorrow, right?" Tali nods and stands, blinking as she realizes that no, the infirmary is not empty. "Thea, hey - " Pause. Blink. "D'you /have/ to yell so loud? Shells, not like there's folks trying to get better'n all." K'avu gets a frown, before she's bounding backwards mentally. Oh hey wait, she's a Weyrling! "…sir?"

Phylicia is innocent. Entirely. Her two 'lizards are thankfully not with her at the moment, sleeping on her cot stuffed to bursting as they are. But the apprentice pauses just inside the doorway to the infirmary, neatly blocking most of it as she stares at the crowd. A silent frown is shot in K'avu's direction at the fuss he's making, and Sigam, Thea and Tali are noted as well, though she continues to just stand there a look that crosses between exasperated, confused, and tired sprawled across her face. The infirmary wasn't supposed to be /busy/… Plus she didn't really want anyone to see the angry welt-turning-bruise spreading across her left forehead.

Sigam is glad for the firelizard-y distraction in the corner, for it turns Koenig's sulking blue eyes away from him towards the chorus. Cheep! The shimmering brown is quick to flutter over, all hailing warbles. "No, really, please," the Dragonhealer says in a lower voice, drying to get the attention of the healer at the desk (his attention's quite divided, you see), doing his best to ignore the all-too-familiar voice behind him. "I- Look. Head's fine, not crazy, ribs in tact-" He hikes his shirt up to show the ugly but indeed whole ribcage. "And I just want to get out of here, so if you could write it down on that little- You're not even looking at me." Closing his eyes and praying for patience, the Dragonhealer turns around. "Will /someone/ come look at this so I can leave?" K'avu is eyed with… sympathy? Naw, couldn't be… before his eyes shift almost reluctantly towards Thea. He knows that look - he's in the doghouse. Sigh, head droop. Saoirse, meanwhile, has been eyeing Tali with rapt attention. Hind legs wriggle before she shoves off Sig's shoulder, flapping too-wide wings across the way to jerk less-than-gracefully to a halt on her shoulder. Landing stuck! Dismount! 10.0! 10.0! 9.9!

M'nol enters the infirmary, shedding a bit more light in the corner to reveal that it is his five that Sigam's Koenig is approaching as they give another chorus of welcoming chitters. M'nol himself grins at them, then at Sigam, then gives K'avu a careful look before returning his attention to his friends. Then he catches the gold motion and his eyes widen, "You impressed a gold? You lucky dog you. Must've been sympathy for the bruises."

Thea ignores the protests coming from K'avu, long used to hearing this sort of thing. Likely been one of such complaining patients here herself. At Tali's call she turns towards the girl, blinks and asks, "Did'ja do that today when you fell in that hole?" Phylicia's silent, so at first she isn't seen. Firelizards are generally so numerous and present in Xanadu Weyr that Thea tends to ignore them. Especially if Ruin is not among them, so Morlanol's firelizards may well not even be present. Sigam pulling his shirt up suddenly, not so ignore-worthy. Pleading for someone-anyone to look? Even better. She dips her head and starts coughing hard. Tickle in her throat. Yes. One hand lifts helplessly to wave wordlessly at M'nol.

"If I don't yell, it ain't gonna get through their heads. An' ya ain't the one being kept prisoner 'ere; I've had 'nough of that!" huffs K'avu at the blueling coming in. But of course karma comes back to kick him when he's down, because he falls silent quickly with another groan at the tummy ache. "If he leaves," he croaks out towards the healers around Sigam, "Then I can leave." Whiine. The greenrider at least has both eyes now to glare around, though one still has that nasty bruise around his features.

"If you do yell, we make it hurt worse on purpose." Phylicia responds tartly towards K'avu with a glare. For a little bit at least. Then they tend to kiss it all better. Figuratively speaking. Her eyes almost cross for a moment before she shuts them, taking a moment to lean against the door frame, taking in a deep breath. "Why is everyone being so /noisy/ today?" She whines softly, and would be surprised if anyone actually heard that. But sadly that means she misses Sig lifting his shirt and giving the room a free peek at the bruises that marble his torso. Yes, let the healer girl fade into the backround. However, her rest against the wall doesn't last forever as she opens her eyes after she turns back towards the doorway and takes a step … right into a leaving Healer, which (thanks to a bout of vertigo and Lack Of Balance) deposits her roughly on the floor on her tush. "/'Licia/ watch it, 'ey?" The departing healer shoots out before continuing on her way. Clean up in aisle 1 please, apprentice down.

The apprentice healer sporting a bruise on her forehead is noted (maybe not the bruise, but) with a nervous grin. "They already sewed me up. No need for any more needlethorns." The girl mutters anxiously, with her best winning grin, pointing at the bandage. "See!" Smiiile! But wait, is that Sigam? Despite the fact that she spent entirely too much time with him with a younger Cidheoth who was accident-prone, the girl hasn't seen her Dragonhealer-y friend in a very long time. So she just scowls over at him and crosses her arms, affecting a rather put-upon pout. "Siggy, where've you been? I don't ever get to see you any more." She…whines? Why yes! That is a whine! And what is this? The little firelizard is peered at brightly, then a smirky grin slowly spreads. "Well. Hello, pretty. Where'd you come from?" M'nol is offered a snicker, then Thea a rather comical wince. "No, you'd shardin' think that would've done it! But no, I was just bathing Cid. Seemed like a good idea to do it near the rocks at the time." Right, yes. Because that's always brilliant. Le sigh. "You're not gonna get through their heads anyways. They're healers. They all have really thick heads." You know, like the whiny, flaily Sigam over there. He's a good example. "What'd you do to yourself anyways? Look like you got mauled by a tree." Ahem. Cough cough. She completely misses Phy's fall, though, busy scritching away at the little gold. Cue coo. Oh dear.

A rather overly sun-kissed (insert 'nasty sunburn' here) Jessamin attempts to slip into the infirmary. Well, slip she does, flying face-first onto the ground as she trips over Phylicia with a rather loud yelp. A small bronze and even tinier midnight blue flit take to the air, chittering in vociferous dismay at being dislodged from their human perch. Just another bit of chaos to add to a likely already messy day in the infirmary.

Sigam glances over and nods towards M'nol, if not a little impatiently. "No, I impressed the orange," he corrects with at least a touch of humor, eyes flickering over to K'avu again. "M'nol, staircase. Staircase, M'nol. So, now that everybody knows everybody-" A rather suspicious cough over the way interrupts the Dragonhealer, and a heavy brow is quirked towards Thea. "Something you'd like to share with the class? And as for you, kid, if you'd shut up and quit rolling around like an invalid, they'd probably let you out. The healers around here /feed/ on your defiance. Longer you moan about it, longer you'll have to stay." Sage nod, and an appreciative glance towards Phy before she goes down. Seeing noone else forthcoming, he offers the apprentice- "Ach!" -and, er, Jessamin a hand up. Tali gets a flick of his tongue over one shoulder. "Where've I been? How about you? Sheesh, let 'em become a weyrling and they go AWOL," he teases back with a chuckle. Saoirse merely leans into Tali's attentions with a prrrrrr, eyes seeming to fasten onto Sig in explanation before they fuzz over, lids closing.

M'nol is about to greet 'staircase' when a number of his female friends go flying past him on the ground in varying levels of disarray. He glances around, trying his best to offer a hand to both Phy and Jess while saying, "Sheesh… I thought the love letters were bad…" He gives K'avu a glance, then Siggy, then shrugs, "I just came to check on you lot… someone has to remain uninjured around here."

Thea manages to get her coughing fit under control. Enough so that she turns to the Healer and quietly asks, "Admit the shirt-hiking Dragonhealer? I think we need to have him evaluated by Chaton before he leaves, hmm?" Her eyes roll towards K'avu and she asks with a slight sarcasm, "What happened to the tough-guy?" Her eyes lift to scan the room and there's Phylicia going ker-splat. She rises, slips past Sigam with barely a glance and a firm, unhappy line to her lips, flickers a glance at Tali as she walks, "Silly me, that mud and poo was soft, wasn't it?" A bit of humor peeks out as she says that. More firlizards, more noise and more people and now two bodies on the floor. Time for her to escape, and escape she does. Out the door with that list of hers.

K'avu is about to go into another rant about his pains when he stops, mouth open. Probably a very rare sight. "What'd'ya call me?" he says quickly, giving Sigam a very dirty yet suspicious look. "'Staircase' a Xanadunian slang for something, huh? HUH?" Dirty look between all those around him, as if expecting them all to be sharing in this same inside joke, but the look doesn't last long as suddenly people go flying across the ground. "Shells! Yer all jus' easily knockable 'ere." More mumbling and grumbling, though his voice doesn't rise /that/ much for the moment. "'m shardin' tough when these Healers stop torturing me. There ain't many men that can stand torture." Huff.

Phylicia almost looks like she'd rather hide her head in her lap and disappear after Jess trips over her. "Sorry!" She squeaks out before either Sig or Morl make their way over. "You okay?" Aw, still asking over others that she hurts. Then Sig and Morl are offering hands, and she can't help but feel her face redden to an uncomfortable point, which is making the to-be bruise stand out rather splendedly. Which means she takes neither hand, tring to hide in her skirts. /She's/ not supposed to be the one hurt! She /helps/ people who're hurt. "And you're just being a… a…" The 15 turn old looks even more flustered for the moment, though there's a touch of true anger to her tone. "I don't know! But just… /shut up/ or get out! Unless it's /really/ life threatening, it's not likely will sic the guards on a thorn in our sides." … Ouuuch. From a little girl, ouch. Now she'll go back to hiding her head in her lap, kthxbai.

Jessamin groans a little bit, pushing herself up far enough to take Sigam's hand as it is offered; her face, already read enough from Western's sun, becomes an interesting study in new hues, including crimson, ruby, and cherry. In turn, she reaches down to Phylicia, offering what she hopes is a reassuring smile. "I'm fine. Rukbat did more damage than you did."

"/I've/ been keeping good on my promise not to let Cid hurt himself too much, you wherry. Takes lots'a work, you know." Tali answers placidly, answering with a raspberry of her own as she tickles the little orangey firelizard, laughing. "You're a lot nicer than my boys. Why'm I surrounded by boys? Never can get away from 'em." The girl giggles faintly, then flashes a smirk at Thea. "Oh yeah. Not sharp and pointy. Got a few bruises from that one, but no cuts." She actually sounds proud? This is sad. The girl watches what might well be the only sanity — other than a certain healer around her age — leave with a wistful look. However, soon it's time to eye K'avu again wearily. "I'm a shardin' Weyrling. Our job to get knocked around. Who's torturing you, again?" The girl sighs, then giggles towards Phy, awarding her with a bright grin. "See? Like the good healer says." Smile! "Hey, Jess."

Sigam has the good graces to look polie through his confusion. "Love… letters? Nevermind, I don't want to know. Thanks, but we're holding up, right, K'avu?" A smile as sweet and sour as marmalade is flashed towards the greenrider in question, and ohdamn, there's that flicker of almost-sympathy again, with a dash of cruelty. "The pot's calling the kettle black on the easily-knockable count, but as for the staircase thing, well, take it as an act of mercy. It's not slang. Yet." Sigam's too busy waving a half-hearted farewell to the departing Thea to notice the sudden case of Mad Blush Epidemic going on down there, but he dutifully hauls Jessamin to her feet. "Good, Tali. You'd better keep that one-dragon-rocket in line. Heaven forbid he ever get hurt, we'll need a queen to keep him down," Sig laughs over at Tali before spying the gold that's currently trying to nestle herself against Ontali's cheek. "Saoirse likes you, I see. Ham," he accuses the orange-gold, though she seems unbothered, crooning in response to the bluerider's praise.

M'nol eyes K'avu appraisingly. Yeah, the man was bigger, but… M'nol shrugs, "Sta- I mean K'avu… I'm pretty sure if you pick a fight with any of us, we'll win." His stare is level and it's clear he's not implying a solo match, "Especially in your current condition." There's a bugle outside, causing him to chuckle, "Faraeth just threatened to nose you so hard you fell over." He glances back to Phy, still offering a hand-up, "You can't stay down there forever, Phy…" he eyes her bruise, "And you should have that looked at, I think." Finally, his attention turns back to Siggy, "Someone's been leaving the sharding things in my bunk. And it's definitely not anyone whose handwriting I recognize. Nearly skewerd myself on some roses last night."

"Ain't it been lookin' like I've been /wanting/ to get out? Yer all crazy wimmin here as Healers, ain'tcha?" Probably not the best thing to say to the Healer teen, but K'avu never claimed to be smart, too. He eyes the girl in all her threats and then turns back to Sigam, slumping back on his pillows. "Damn straight we are. 'Cept I see /ya/ got out nice and fine." His tummy gives a hard loud rumble in a brief pause in the noise, making him groan. Probably the main reason he's been stuck in the infirmary. Once it passes he shakes his head quickly. "I don't get knocked down by nothing like—" M'nol's threats cut him off, and he just rolls his eyes of them. "Ya can't talk big when ya can't even pick a fight fer yerself, kid. Kickin' a man when he's down, makin' an uneven fight. That's coward talk!"

"Yes I can!" Phylicia says into her skirts, before she drags her eyes upwards enough to look at the hands still being offered. She probably has a touch of a concussion, seeing as how her pupils are dilating funny. "It's easier down here. Dun gotta worry about keeping my feet under me." One could say she's being a bit PMS-y with how easily her moods are swinging, but eventually she take's Morl's offered hand anyways. Eventually someone will drag her off the floor. Might as well be a friend. "'Crazy wimmin' indeed…" Phy murmurs in a poor immitation of K'avu's accent. "Just wait 'til they let /me/ change your dressings…" Oh yes, the little healer apprentice is mumbling darkly if mostly incoherently. If a person were actually listening, the sentances she's stringing together might not exactly make much sense. And now Morl gets another look. "Roses in your bed? Shells, that's … kinda dangerous, isn't it?"

Jessamin eyes the men warily, the interchange between K'avu and M'nol in particular. She sidles away, sticking as close to one wall as she can. Her two little flits, meantime, fly back to her, chittering softly. The tiny blue decides to plop down on her right shoulder, making a toy of her now-messy hair, while the bronze thinks the best perch might be her head. Oh goody, a firelizard hat! "Wha… Bahrain, do you -mind-?" He drapes his neck right down the center of her face, trilling as if laughing at her. Poor Jess is going cross-eyed trying to look at him, reaching up slowly to try and take hold of the little minx and remove him from his newest perch.

Ontali winces and mutters darkly to herself. "I think he's learning to be careful, least. He's a pretty smart guy. Still a boy, though." The trio of males are offered a bland grin, as she continues to scritch at little Saoirse. "Of course she does. We can commiserate. We both have to put up with you." This is teased with a bright grin for the older man. "Don't we, Saoirse, is it? Nice, sweet." The girl coos in an utterly un-Tali fashion — clearly, she bumped her head pretty hard! "Aw, Morl, don't worry. I don't think he can go too far right now. He looks kinda pitiful to me. Do you think I should call somebody to get him some fellis or something? Or maybe some tea. They make some really good tea." Maybe the fellis was meant to be reassuring — but the look on her face when she says 'tea' is downright malicious. "Skewered? Shells." Wince. "Hey, I'm a Weyrling. We've got rights to be crazy. What's your excuse?" To her credit, the grin she flashes K'avu isn't exactly mean-spirited. "Seems better to be down there to me too." Muttered for Phy as she's helped up, with a nosewrinkle. "They don't come after you so quickly with sharp things. Not that I'm not shardin' used to it at this point." Mutter sigh. "Where you goin', Jess?"

"Oh, be nice, guys." The words are out of Sigam's mouth before he can think twice, and he does his best to pretend it wasn't him who'd just said that. "Thea will kill you if you try anything. She's already mad at me for being a trouble-maker." There. That's what he meant. Dropping Jess's hand, the Dragonhealer shrugs a bit lopsidedly, eyes fixed on K'av. "There's perks to having a job that needs doing around here. They'll let you out soon enough and then you can go- do whatever it is you do," he finishes lamely with a flick of his hand, eyeing M'nol sharply. "Sure it's not a joke or something?," he asks puzzled, as if it's beyond his comprehension that someone would be crushing on M'nol. No offense, but the brownie was still a pup in his eyes. "Oh, ha-ha," is his droll remark for Tali, shooting right past talk of Cidheoth to glare between his gold and his weyrling friend. "Don't go educating her in the ways all of your female wiles. I need some stability in this world, since the rest of you seem to have gone bonkers." The cooing girl, woozy Phy, and cross-eyed Jessamin are eyed pointedly before he rolls his eyes. Saints preserve… whatever saints are.

M'nol scoffs at K'avu, "Who said I was pickin' anything. Yer the one who threatened me and my frien's." return of the accent. He must be mad… "Someone my size doesn't start a fight, greenrider. An' y' c'n call me a coward when y've survived a cave in an' not b'fore." The undersized boy would probably be craning up into K'avu's eyes if the rider was standing, after all. He helps Phy up, moving an arm to support her should she slip again and escorts her to a cot before rubbing his rump, "Wasn't my idea of pleasant. Faraeth thought it was funny." He eyes her bruise more closely, "That looks pretty bad." He spares Tali a grin at her own needling of K'avu and says, "Still wouldn't want him to try to hurt any of ya… you already look like y've been through a wreck." He nods to Sigam, "Won't do anything if he doesn't…" He rubs his bum again, "I wish I was kidding."

K'avu's color drains all out of his face at Phylicia, now. Forget glaring, he looks downright terrified. "Yer not someone that'd handle things like these," he finally says with a finger at his chest. "Yer jus' an apprentice so… so yeah!" He's safe from her "healing" touch, right? Nervous flickering of his amber eyes between one girl and the next. There's definitely more wariness for /them/ than Sigam and M'nol there. Whom he happily turns to again, so that he has someone to glare all nastily too. Like the brownling. "What's caveins gotta do with bring brave?" he snorts, rolls his eyes, and crosses his arms 'gainst his chest. "Sounds like yer up next fer being taught a lesson, if yer lookin' ta pick a fight. Cause it sounds like yer lookin' fer one, brat."

Keziah was hoping to slip quietly into the infirmary and right back out again. No one would have to know after all, but alas, just her luck of wanting to get a few bandages and some numbweed and the place is packed full. What the? Kezi stands there at the opening, her eyes wide, her hand (which is held close to her) is forgotten. She blinks and then there's an eye at K'avu and his words and she blinks again, and then as is typical of Kezi, she leaps right into it, and with Alosynth snoozing at the moment, no one to help her keep her mouth shut "Now watch out who you're calling brat!" she snaps as she stomps on into the infirmary and points a finger at him, with the hand she was holding, a few drops of blood go splattering, it's only a bit of a cut after all. "And don't you be threaten' 'im none either you vermin infested dung of a thousand mangy canines."

Phylicia giggles as she's escorted to a cot, smiling thankfully at M'nol though the laughter isn't meant for him. No, the slightly worrisome-sounding giggle is likely aimed for the noisy patient called K'avu. "They let me change bandages!" She near-chirps in gleeful response before her hands cup her head carefully with a soft whimper. "Wha's with your accent, M'nol?" She asks, really starting to sound a bit out of it, though she'd much rather have a glass of fellis-laced juice right now, and a good drill to relieve the pressure from her forehead. "C'n I just … respectfully ask now… that insults be thrown at a whisper?" She gets out as Kez enters the infirmary to promptly enter the mud-slinging. "'Fore my head explodes?"

Jessamin gives up on trying to remove the flit from her head, muttering softly, "Fine. Stay there. Getting funny ideas in the lagoon… going to nip this in the bud right quick." She smiles a little to Tali, taking a moment to answer her. "Just looking for something for sunburn, and I'll be on my way to get some rest." Otherwise, she does her best to keep out of the way, a low noise of worry sounding in her throat. Men… why do they always have to be so porcine-headed? And… "Keziah, careful…"

Ontali flashes Sig an endearing look, and even flutters her eyelashes playfully. "That's why she needs to learn 'em, Siggy." The girl answers in a honeyed, reasoning tone. "Ain't that right, Saoirse. We've gotta stick together. Get him straightened out. Think he's losing fights with dolphins again. I thought we'd kicked that habit." She tsks lightly as she tickles the little orange-gold, giggling. Then, she's stuck staring at the ongoing conflict which has suddenly got entirely too busy for her brain to keep up with, mouth gaping a little. "Don't make me go fetch my healer friend there, bet she can fellis all've you." The girl says weakly, giggling. "Then you'll sleep for a few sevendays and I'll graduate first." Beaaam! "Kez! You're bleeding!" Ding ding ding, we have a winner! "Good plan." Muttered to Phy, before the girl is grinning towards Jess. "Oooh. You look like you need it. Ouch. Shells!"

Sigam's eyes toss in a great, surrender-Dorothy eyeroll. Allowing the word jousting to preoccupy everyone else's thoughts, the Dragonhealer moves to intercept the apprentice that had been helping Tali earlier. A quiet conversation ends after a moment, the girl carefully takes inventory of the sores, nods, and trots off to shuffle through paperwork - hopefully his. "Hello to you too," Sigam mutters darkly towards the newly-arriving Keziah, dark eyes scruitinizing… but he does keep his voice low as per Phy's request as he adds, "Who asked you, anyways? I don't recall any of us askin' your opinion." Hands fold over his chest with a visible wince, but Sig's chin is jutting - good think Tali's there to make that solid mouth quirk. "I like my firelizards sane. None for you," he quips, giving a cheery whistle. Eyelids fall open and Saoirse nudges Ontali's cheek before taking another awkward dive across the room, hooking claws into Sig's ear to keep her balance on the return landing. "Ow," he grimaces, helping the wobbly orange being balance before glancing around. Business complete, he could probably leave now, right? Ninja back out like he'd intended in the first place. Cough.

M'nol chuckles more warmly than one might expect, "When you've faced death like that. Known that your life rests in the ability of a wher and its handler to find you, you're not afraid of much. And I don't have any desire to fight you. Not worth V'dim's wrath." M'nol might've said more, but Kez blithely interrupts him and leaves him quite flabbergasted, not really sure what to say to the raging Kez-monster, but glad she was standing up for him, at least. Grateful for the distraction, M'nol pours Phy a glass of water from a nearby table and hands it to her, "Drink this. I picked it up in the mines. It's mostly gone now because of Faraeth except when I'm upset." He lowers his tone throughout his explanation, trying to heed her request.

K'avu makes a hasty shuffly back on his cot, pulling some sheets up for protection while he's at it as Keziah comes in blazing and wielding a sword. Or something. "Gaah! What the shards, woman; ya come in 'ere an'— would someone get all these wimmin off my back already?" Woops, was he supposed to be quiet? He eyes Phy warily, waiting for her to freak out again and then kill him, holding the sheet up just a little bit higher. Eeep. "Hey, man, don' leave me 'ere 'lone with all these crazies!" he calls, pleading, to Sigam. Just look what the poor greenrider's last resort has turned out to be? But for the Healer apprentice's sake and his own painful bruises, he holds his tongue from shouting more.

"Crazy? CRAZY?!" Keziah exclaims before she drops her voice down real low. "Boy. You ain't seen crazy yet." she voices in an almost deadly calm. And then she smiles almost in evil gleeful delight. "And trust me. You. Don't. Want. To. I'd advise you to keep yer mouth shut and not be threatenin any of mine again. You understand, boy. Or do I need to carve it into your brains?" she eyes K'avu again a moment and then she's blinking at Ontali and then she nods "Yeah, knife slipped a bit." she notes as she eyes her hand.

Phylicia doesn't freak out again, mainly because she's too tired to freak out again. Most voices have been dropped, which is a blessing that reflects slightly on the young girl's face as she takes the glass from M'nol, looking at it blankly for a few moments. "It's prolly too much to hope that it's been laced with /something/?" She croaks before drinking it anyways. Hydration is always a good thing! "But don' be upset, 'Nol. He's just being a thorny li'l tunnelsnake." Do tunnelsnakes even have thorns? Man, Phy's getting tired. "Think I'm just gonna lay down here for a bit, kay?" And without further ado the girl does carefully lay herself on her non-tree-abused side and closes her eyes. Whether or not she's asleep right off the bat is up for debate, but her breathing at least is slow and easy. Maybe that water /was/ laced…

Jessamin grins ruefully at Tali, nodding. "Yeah, I was never great about keeping sunblock on, even when I was a kidlet in Ista." With that, she turns to find the nearest (nameless) Healer; a few gestures towards her face and neck, a low-voiced request, and she soon has the necessary numbweed-laced lotion, along with a sponge for application. She manages to look appropriately sheepish as she is admonished for not wearing sunblock, and better to keep that with you if you're going to be so foolish. A sigh of relief escapes her as she makes use of said lotion. "Much better." With that, she thanks the Healer, and makes her way out the door, hopefully before she can get caught up in the fight—verbal or otherwise.

Ontali offers the dragonhealer a flashed none-too-polite finger-gesture that might get her in trouble if Thea was still around — but the poor goldrider has fled! So she's safe! Muhaha! "Pfffffft." She offers intelligently, inching backwards. "Whatever." The girl giggles, shaking her head at the others. "Shells, you've all gone mad. I'm gonna get out've here, it's not a happy place, is it? Y'all should get out so you're happy again. And. Well. After you stop bleeding, Kez." Nodded warily for the poor greenriding Weyrling with a wince. "I think they like to let us lose all our blood so we're tired." This is muttered wearily, with a pluck at her blood-covered shirt. "I need a bath." At this point, she's whining again. "If you don't see me in an hour you should probably come make sure I'm not passed out in the bath and drowned and stuff. Awfully sleepy. Gotta see you 'bout Cid. Think he's got a strained toe. Or maybe he's just being a baby." Smiling vaguely, the girl weaves on out. Erm. That's not dangerous at all!

Sigam has his smirk all prepared, his glimmering mischief-eyes on, and he might even have a playfully rude gesture for K'avu going on, but Keziah? Holy Faranth on a popsicle stick. "Yeah," the Dragonhealer says unintelligently, eyeing the greenriding weyrling as though she'd just sprouted an extra head. "Yeah, I'm definitely not leaving you with /her/ around." Funny, and he'd always thought of Keziah as a nice person. Instead, she's being discreetly re-filed in the 'crazy' subfolder of his mind. "Don't whatever me, Miss Tali," the Dragonhealer attempts a smile, returning the finger motion in kind. "Take care of that over-sized baby. If you need anything, let me know," he waves after the departing bluerider, glances around at the passed out Phy and the departing Jess, and then settles himself awkwardly into a spare chair. wriggle. Shift. Nuzzle from his flit. The comfier he gets, the more the man's eyes seem to droop, but he smirks pointedly over at K'avu before saying, "You can stop hiding now. The big scary girlie's asleep."

M'nol blinks again, watching Kez go 100 times more ballistic than he had, "Uh… Kez… um…." He really doesn't know what to say… this is a side of her he hasn't seen before. He smiles, watching Phy drink then sleep. It had just been water, but she clearly needed the sleep. He pulls the blanket up over her head, then is shooed away from the bed by healers wanting to verify the severity of her injuries. He rolls his eyes, but backs off to let them work. He waves as Jessa makes her retreat, understanding fully. Following her lead, he stands and stretches, mentally planning to check up on the girls in the morning, then waves, giving K'avu a particularly loving good bye, both hands and everything, then heads out the door.

K'avu watches Phylicia carefully out of the corner of his eye, as if she might jump up any moment from pretending to be drowsy… "I ain't a thorny…" comes a few mumbles from him, and then that sheet is jerked up to the point where his amber eyes are peeking over the rim. "That's sharding crazy ta me! An' people wonder why I don' like wimmin 'round. Shardin' out of their minds… S'why I ran away from home…" Mumble, grumble… the greenrider is mostly talking to himself now, keeping a wary glare on Keziah. "Who I sharding threaten ain't any of yer business!" And he winces right after those words come out as if he already took the blow from the woman that might or might not come. Yet. One hand drops the sheet and he points purposefully at Keziah, eyes on Sigam. "/She's/ still there," he says, matter-of-factly in a voice that cracks out of fear. Sigam might need to hold his hand, too.

Keziah ignores K'avu for the moment as she gets her hand seen too "Ah can do it." she tells one of the healers, who ignores her and just grabs her wrist and tells her to hold still. They've learned to ignore her protests. Course, she does turn to slowly glare at K'avu and smiles "I do hope you're a deep sleeper." she notes ever so sweetly. "I know just what to do with overly aggressive males." she remarks and makes a little snipping motion with her fingers. She glances over at M'nol "What?" she asks sweetly.

"Wouldn't /ya/ have?" retorts K'avu about that running away from home question, eyes going from Sigam and then pointedly jerking towards the women-section of the infirmary. "Ma was close ta killing me, an' let's not even start on those crazy sis's of mine." Somehow Kav finds a way of squishing his whole body up together, staring at Keziah with big wide eyes. "Yer… yer kidding, ya… ya…" He doesn't want to say it, because he's protecting his body, though the movement did catch up to him, making him groan from bruises and an achy tummy. Those leaving weren't really spared much of a look, but he does gain courage enough to look to Sigam with big pleading eyes. "Ya gotta get me outta 'ere, man." Yes, he's begging. They had this connection afterall from beating each other to a bloody pulp… right?

Keziah glances over at Sigam "He shouldn't have threatened M'nol. He's just a kid. Someone's gotta watch out for him." she states as she watches the small little gold and then she's eyeing K'avu. She's silent for a moment "Maybe I am." she says finally "I don't like bullies and I don't like whiners." she frowns a little at his groaning "Oh relax yerself, for you really do hurt something. Shards, don't be such a baby." she rolls her eyes and then plops into a seat as soon as the healer was done with her.

"Well, when you put it like that," Sigam has to concede, brow all scrunched up now. "I suppose I can't blame ya for it. Just wasn't expecting that," the Dragonhealer comments gruffly with a rise and fall of his shoulders. Keziah he eyes with far less seriousness and far more chagrin. "M'nol was the one threatening him in the first place by saying we were all going to gang up on him, so really, the person you're defending is just as guilty of both those things. 'Sides, K'av's not that much older than M'nol." An appraising look is given to the greenrider. "Two years older, tops? If they're old enough to drink, they're both old enough to pick their own fights, anyways." That particular area might just be a sore spot for the Dragonhealer, but he could whine about it if he wanted. Cough. "Anyways. Uhm. Heard you guys are about done with weyrlinghood. Truth?" He's trying to be nice, honest.

K'avu just rolls his eyes and shakes his head as if it was no big deal. "Don't really matter now anyway," he tells the Dragonhealer. His amber eyes turn from Dragonhealer to greenling, trying to decide whether he should be glaring at them both, looking thankful, or still scared out of his mind. "Yeaah," he goes for, instead. "What he said! I coulda told 'er that!" Pause. "I ain't a baby," he grunts, and then finally drops that sheet back down where it belongs, crossing his arms. "An' I ain't a sharding kid like that weyrling. Nearly eighteen now, and don't say that's shardin' young." He turns a little, wincing, and starts punching his pillow to fluff it up before flopping down stubbornly.
Keziah hmms a little at Sigam 'Did he now? Honestly. That ain't no way to treat someone. He'll be lucky if someone doesn't say somethin to V'dim. He's already deep enough in it as it is." she snorts a little. "We're bout done. Flyin with 'em an all now. Still some time and all though." she notes and then eyes K'avu a moment "Well, I suppose iffen you were threatened first, I suppose. Still shouldn't sink down in levels an all. Iffen you ain't a kid an all. Don't act like one."

"Don't it?" Sigam's eyes have been sliding shut without him asking to, and it's obvious he's struggling to keep them aloft now. Saoirse's already curled up against his neck, eyelids firmly shut, and it's almost too much to bear. Being awake, that is. "'Course you could'a," the Dragonhealer agrees for the sake of it, but he flips one thumb up in a sign of approval. Black haze is certainly threatening the corners of his mind. "Meh. I won't tell V'dim if you won't. Just needs to pick his battles." K'avu's stubborn 'not a kid' words earn a vaguely amused smirk from the man. "Almost eighteen? Yes, then, you're definitely a crotchety old man. I expect to see you using a cane the next time I see you." Nod, nod. "Flying? That's exciting. Heard they were doing that but I haven't gotten to see for myself. I'm… envious." His words have gotten progressively slower, and finally they stop. Yep. He's definitely asleep. Pff. Leave him there. He'll wake up in quite a state in the morning, bwaha.

"Naah," is what K'avu says as far as his past, letting that slide for now. He snorts and rolls his eyes one last time to Sigam's joking. "Hah. Hah," he states, very amused indeed by it all. "Damn right I will, if these shardin' Healers keep pokin' at me 'till I can't walk anymore. Torture, I say." And he starts to stretch out and relax some, though keeping a few glances at Keziah, still not feeling completely safe with her there. "Haven't been… acting like a sharding kid." And with those words still being mumbled, he eventually falls asleep.

Keziah hmmphs a little "How they can sleep in here?" she asks of no one in particular. She eyes K'avu a moment and then shakes her head a little "Stubborn fool." she murmurs and then snags a blanket and covers up Sigam "Shoulda gone to yer own bed." she remarks and then slips out before someone slips her something to make her sleep in the forsaken infirmary.

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