Trust Game

Xanadu Weyr – Meadow


A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

This is a game sort of like Blindman's bluff and Marco Polo combined. It is also sometimes called the Trust Game. The object is for each Rider to find their lifemate by mindtouch only. The dragons are supposedly able to vaguely 'sense' when their Riders are coming in their direction and may be able to tell them to 'move right, left, back or forwards' BUT they also can be totally off. The residents without dragons are in there to add to the confusion and chaos. The dragons should remain fixed in place so there are no squished folks (don't want to mess up the meadow with smooshed goo).

The residents can be moving or standing still. They will also be blindfolded - for fun and chaos-making mainly. Also…once the Weyrlings have found their spot and donned their blindfolds, the AWLMs will be spinning them around and walking them to different spots in the meadow.

Firelizards could try to help - although the results may be more chaos because likely they won't know what you're really trying to do.

Also I threw in pages emits of random things/people they could encounter just to change things up a little.

Early spring has the meadow nicely greened with a short carpet of fresh grown still-tender grass. For once the rains and raw winds have cleared, leaving the sky a pale blue and the air balmy. The Weyrlings, the Assitant Weyrling Managers and any Weyr Residents lucky, or unlucky enough to have been roped in have gathered in the meadow for a game. The AWLMs walk through the crowd handing out blindfolds. Each Weyrling also gets a giant blindfold for their lifemates. One of the AWLMs directs the game, "Please spead out in the meadow, blindfold your lifemate, then move to a different spot across the meadow before donning your own blindfold." He gestures to the residents. "You may stand anywhere you wish. Please scatter amongst the meadow and don your blindfolds also."

Keziah hmmms a little as she eyes the large blinfold and then eyes Alosynth a little. The green seems quite pleased to playing and her tail is swishing back and forth. "All right, lets find a place." she notes to the green who launches up into the air and then glides down over towards the forest. Keziah snorts. "Brat, could given me a lift." she calls out towards her green and trots on over. "And if you say I'm getting fat. Okay, so you weren't gonna say that, but. That's not what I mean. Would let me… oh fine here." she catches up to Alo and then puts the blindfold on the green and then heads off to another area and lands herself over by the smiths and puts her own blindfold on.

M'nol listens, nodding carefully, then ties the blindfold around Faraeth's eyes, giving the brown a grateful pat before wandering over near where Kez stood, blindfolded, and blindfolded himself. When they are both blind, Faraeth emits an odd whimper and M'nol calls out, "It'll be okay. We'll find eachother."

Janelle mingles about the gathering, taking a blindfold when offerd. She's quiet for the moment, watching and waiting, before selecting a spot for herself. She's ended up near to M'nol, glancing around once more before tying the blindfold about her head.

Thea and Seryth have come to watch, but are also approached with blindfold. "Nono! Just spectating. No really! But..but…!! Ohhhh okaaaay." She finds herself with two blindfolds dumped upon her and the AWLM running off. "Shards." It's a quiet mutter of dismay. Seryth has no such reservations, however as she lowers her head ever-so-helpfully. Theres a muttermutter going on as Thea secures the cloth over the young queen's head, then ambles across the meadow, eyes those assembled and with visible reluctance, don her own. Now blinded, she mutters, "Vulnerble. Lovely."

Games? Cidheoth is /always/ up for a game. And this game is particularly relevant to his interests — the blue is cheerfully sneaking around, never mind that that's not the point, yet. "Hold still, Wherry. Gimme your head." Ontali laughs, then swiftly blindfolds the blue, who promptly prances off, blindfolded or no. Hopefully he doesn't brain himself! The Weyrling watches him go with a fond grin, then turns to the others around, waving cheerfully before blinding herself as well. "Thea?" The girl calls at the sound of the familiar voice, laughing and trying to glance around — quite uselessly, might I add. "This is going to be fun!" Oh, dear. That's entirely too much enthusiasm. Might as well give her a pugil stick and let her go crazy!

Chaton laughs at Thea, and her unwillingness. He walks somewhere faaar away from any dragons and potential smushings, and blindfolds himself. "Awesome. Now, to see how many concussions we end up with today." he mumbles.

"Weyrlings, please have your lifemates remain stationary." The Assistant calls loud enough to be heard across the meadow. The AWLMs do their work, finding the Weyrlings, turning them around several times then leading them to new spots on the meadow. They then step back to watch the fun.

Keziah is spun around and around and around and "Hey!! I'm dizzy enough" she squeaks as she gets spun one more time and then she's let go and she staggers a bit and squeals. Alosynth trumpets loudly, her whole body quivering since she's been told to not move. "I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm wooo. Dizzy." She wobbles a little as she stands there, trying to get her bearings. Actually she's listening for sounds. Course, she's frowning a little as well. Lots of sounds, but blindfolded it's hard to pinpoint. "Okay lovey, where are you?" she asks as she strides off in a direction, trying to 'feel' for her green. She's not doing too bad, she's only going directly opposite Alosynth. The green rumbles softly and shakes her head a bit and then she goes still and Kezi stops in her tracks and frowns.

M'nol giggles as he's spun around and around. When he starts to walk, however, he gives an odd little squeak and falls to the ground, flailing for a moment before slowly climbing to his feet, calling out, "Farry? Where are ya?" The brown gives a soft rumble and M'nol starts in that general direction, but bumps into someone and is sent sprawling again.
Chaton is knocked down by an errant Weyrling, and he oofs as he hits the ground. "Well, I'm not Farry." he says, standing up, and feeling out with his hands, doing his job of creating chaos.

Jessamin ambles on down to the meadow, a protective arm curled about a squirming, indigo-hued bundle. She almost doesn't see what is happening—until, that is, she nearly runs into Faraenth! "Ooof! Sorry about that!" With a respectful bow, she meanders on to a different edge of the meadow, taking a moment to eye the current situation. When the game becomes apparent, and the rules explained to her, she smiles. "One question. Are residents meant to be silent or noisy?"

The Awlm near Jessamin answers, "Silent would be best, but don't worry if you can't be." There's a chuckle in his voice as he says that. Across the meadow there are various exclamations and squeals.

Cidheoth doesn't precisely look entirely pleased with having to stand still. I mean, it's not like he's going to stomp on anybody! Honest! He's a good dragon, after all. He does manage to contain himself, though, fanning those long wings out and lounging. Tali spins and marches along, blinking blearily behind her blindfold. "Oof." The girl laughs, stumbling a little before setting out purposefully. "Lessee…" Muttered contemplatively as she strides along, nearly bowling over some burly smith-type. "Whoops!" The girl laughs, then bounces off in a different dirction entirely, pausing and squinting. Something occurs to her — the wind! Ha. Now smirking, she heads into the wind, since that seems to be the direction Cidheoth's in.

Thea turns her head towards the voice calling her name, "Tali?" There's a slight grin on her lips, which vanishes as finds her arm grasped and she is led who-knows-where, the path is circuitous and wandering, she is turned around several times in the course of the walk, then her shoulders grasped and she is spun slowly in place, then let go. the hand steadying her for a moment is withdrawn when she doesn't fall. She remains perfectly still for a moment, save for her arms, which she lifts to fend off, well everything. She takes one step, pauses, take another, pauses, then stops completely, "Nono, Seryth, it doesn't feel right." Beat. "You're sure, are you?" Her words are loaded with skepticism. "Alright, if you say so." She's headed directly away from the gold towards the river.

Janelle waits, listening to hear the chatter of people around her moving and walking. Unfortunately, she waits to loong, an dis suddenly bounced off of! "Oh, sorry.." the miner apprentice grins. Unable to see who it is she's bumped into, she'll instead turn and start walking in the opposite direction.

Keziah turns around a little and then a little more and then she's turning back the other way and then back the other and then she squeals "Enough!" she pants a little and then starts heading off in a direction when all of a sudden Eirwyn comes sweeping down to see whats going on. Kezi sqeaks again and takes a step back as the gold startles her and then she oomphs as she lands on her butt. At the soft creel Kezi sighs "Eirywn…' she groans a little and then she hmms thoughfully. "Alo, find Alosynth." she murmurs softly to the gold firelizard and things about her green. THe gold chirrups and then is flying off towards Alosynth creeling happily." Kezi smiles and shifts herself so that she's heading towards the noise and then oops again as she walks right into someone. "Acck! Sorry!" and loses the direction she was going without realizing it. "I've got it now." Alosynth is crooning at the gold, distracted for the moment.

M'nol grumbles, "Chaton? Of all the options I ran into Chaton?" He sounds torn between disgust and humor. He slowly rises to his feet, dusting his rump, then stops, trying to concentrate on his dragon. In the meantime, Faraeth turns to Jessa with a happy wuffle, nosing her gently. M'nol seems about to start walking then stops, his face contorted, "Faraeth! Stop imagining that! It's rude!"

Janelle grins again, as she bumps into something.. This time, though, it's a little more substantial! Jan's finding herself face to blindfolded-face with one of the weyrling dragons, her hands little to stop her before something so solid she'd not been expecting. "Oh, hullo there!"

Jessamin nods, as she is passed a blindfold from someone, setting her squirming little blue bundle atop her shoulder long enough to tie the band of fabric around her eyes. When she is certain she can't see, she cradles the little squirming thing in the crook of her left arm, stumbling out towards the center of the Meadow with her right hand held out protectively. She can't help giggling softly at how silly she must look. For now, she mills about with the other residents, not running into anybody in particular quite yet.

Jessamin nods, as she is passed a blindfold from someone, setting her squirming little blue bundle atop her shoulder long enough to tie the band of fabric around her eyes. When she is certain she can't see, she cradles the little squirming thing in the crook of her left arm, stumbling out towards the center of the Meadow with her right hand held out protectively. She can't help giggling softly at how silly she must look. For now, she mills about with the other residents, not running into anybody in particular quite yet.
Janelle grins again, as she bumps into something.. This time, though, it's a little more substantial! Jan's finding herself face to blindfolded-face with one of the weyrling dragons, her hands little to stop her before something so solid she'd not been expecting. "Oh, hullo there!"

"Thea, did you have to do this?" To her credit, Tali doesn't shout *too* loud, though she's prancing across the meadow like a half-stunned colt. Half stunned because she's also weaving drunkenly, path not in the least bit steady. For her sanity's sake, the girl is glad that nobody sees her spectacular feat as she goes just a *bit* too fast and encounters a rough little pothole where some dragon got bored recently and dug into the meadow with its' claws. She goes *flying* a full two meters, and lands with a dull *thud* and groan. "Oof." Cidheoth, meanwhile, chuffs in an amused fashion at the creature who's at his nose — Janelle? Chuffchuffchuffwarble!

Thea is at the riverbank, but she has no way of knowing that. One foot steps carefully out into thin air. As she tries to place her weight on it, but there is nothing to step -on-. Her arms windmill frantically, she wobbles for balance before simply surrendering to the inevitable and pitch-sliding into the muddy bank. Then it's a turn around and scramble-climb back up that bank, providing the rich mud with a new destination - Thea's laundry basket. Across the meadow there is a warble that sounds suspiciously like a laugh, causing a grumbled, "Yeah, yeah, really funny, Seryth." There's her name being called. Can't be the river, right? So she heads towards Ontali.

Keziah listens to the various sounds, yells and what not and then adds in her own when she discovers a Tali on the ground "Awwww!" she screams and falls face first with a bit of a thud and then there's silence, but lots of scrambling and then she's screaming "Get it off of me!!" seems Kezi found something else by that dragon claw mark… Poop. Baby dragon poop.

Jessamin picks her way carefully onwards through the Meadow, swivelling about towards the sound of whuffling, warbling, and general hilarity. That is, until a surprisingly explosive, "Shards!!!" is torn from the young Weaver's lips. The cause becomes apparent as she attempts to backpedal, a prickly shrub clinging to her skirt and working its way beneath to scrape at her shins. "Ow ow ow ow ow!!!"

Ruin is here, wandering around, cackling his joy at the spills, chills and thrills. He's not really paying attention to where he is or who is around him. He's peering in that hole Ontali fell in and chittering diabolical laughter.

Janelle patpatpats, sure enough, as Cidheoth chuffs at her. Of course, dust from the mines, ever present on the apprentice, might not be so friendly to a deep dragons breath! She grins, and giggles, "Sorry, dragon." she can't see, even if she could keep them all straight.

And to make it all even more awesome? That mound that Tali lands on isn't grass or a little pile of pebbles. Nope. It's somebody's nasty, canine-chewed shoe. And it's gross. At least it's not runner dung? The girl rolls to the side and groans again, while Cid casts an amused glance in his rider's direction — or, you know, thereabouts. So much for worried. The blue doesn't seem to mind any dust on his nose, and rumbles pleasantly, almost inquiringly. "What've you got on you?" Tali calls towards Kez, before blinking at the chorus of 'ows', and…was that the sound of squishy mud? "You know, they could've just told us they wanted us to entertain 'em for an afternoon." The girl laughs weakly, and stands, staggering off in a fashion that is now more drunken and less coltish.

Janelle makes nice with Cid once more with a grin, before turning to head in a different direction. She has no goal, no dragon to find, and so she wanders. Something's afoot, however, and whatever it might be causes her to trip and tumble, loose hair flying as Jan falls to the ground, not far from that prickly bush.

Whatever it is that falls to the ground, happens to be right in Jessamin's path as she attempts to free herself of the prickly shrub. She has just enough time to curl both arms around the little squirming blue bundle before she hits the ground on her side, shielding the wee mite from the worst of the fall. In addition to her startled cry now comes the indignant squawking of a firelizard hatchling! "Oh shards… sorry about that, Indigo… you okay?" She cautiously reaches out then to see what made her fall, coming into contact with loose… hair? "Oh dear… sorry about that, whoever you are!"

M'nol stumbles a few more times, then jumps as Ruin nips at his ear, waving his hands frantically at the tiny bronze, or where he used to be, as Faraeth gives a matching bellow of pain.

Thea nears the sound Ontali is making and in the process, Keziah. She pauses, nose wrinkling just a bit. "What -is- that awful smell?" No way she's heading forward. She turns and sidles to her left, arms still out in front to ward off unwanted contact or any sort. No, really, wait. Erm. To hopefully find Seryth, yeah. When M'nol is bitten Thea knows without having to look just who the culprit is, used as she is to the surge of unholy glee the nasty bronze radiates. She grits her teeth, "I am -so- gonna backhand him one of these days."

A yelp is let out, or maybe it was a squeal? Either way, it's the sound of pain that emits from Janelle when she tries to roll away from what happens to be Jessamin. That hair (Y'know, that's attached to the miner?) well, it's now caught in the pricklies that are clinging to Jessamine's skirts! And as one tries to move from the other, the hair is yanked. Owowow!!!

Keziah is wiping her face and mutters and spitting and cursing some very colorful explecitives and names the poo in a variety of manners for both Tali and Thea's benefit. She gets up and stomps off muttering and snarling and goes right at M'nol. Let's spread the wealth? Err.. fertilizer?
M'nol smells the approaching fertilizer and gives another tiny yelp, turning and darting in his bets estimate of Faraeth's direction. Only to run smack into Jessamin.

Jessamin tries one more time to roll away from the now-squealing Janelle. But, much to her surprise, someone's gone and left the remains of a picnic right in her path. And M'nol tripping into her doesn't help matters any, rolling her back right onto a pile of something… cold? Wet? Oh, shards… ice! She lets out a high-pitched squeal, pinned down on one side by Janelle's entanglement with the prickly shrub on her skirt, and M'nol on the other side. "Eeeeeeeeeek!" Indigo, meantime, seems to be taking surprising delight in the foibles of the humans about, particularly his bonded one, chittering and creeling with amusement. "Oh, sure… nobody else around to feed you, and -this- is how you repay me?" Almost apologetically, he butts his little head up beneath her chin. Don't you still love me?

At this point, Tali's brain is a little scrambled — so her progress is a little slow. She bumbles along in circles, listening to Kez's cursing with a dazed expression. "Right. Exactly." The girl mumbles happily, but stumbles a moment later — careening into Thea with a shout, arms flailing. Thank *Faranth* that her hand misses the young woman's nose and only grazes the outside of her left nostril. Because really. Ew. Still, there is alarm in the girl's expression as she flails a little, backpedalling wildly. "Who — who is it? Eep!"

Janelle squirms, and tugs, hand trying to hold her hair to her head, while attempting to yank it free of it's entrapment. In her squirming, however, her blind-fold ends up off, and finally she separates, leaving a rather large chunk of said hair behind, and still attached with Jessamin's skirt.

Thea says a silent 'Ohhhh' of enlightenment at Keziah's descriptive language and it's clear she's just learned a few new vocabulary words today, too. The screeches and screams have her side-stepping to egde awaaaaaaaay from the mayhem (hopefully) only to have her nose enjoy a close encounter with the tip of Ontali's finger. Said finger skims the outside of Thea's nose (how lucky for both), but what was that bit of goo on the tip of the Weyrling's little finger? "OH! Ooh! Shards!" The weyrwoman is snorting out a small chunk of brown gunk. "Faugh! That -smells-!" Fortunatley she has wandered so much closer to Seryth in the process, that her churr of amusement draws the goldie to her side. Off comes that blindfold, then Seryth's. "Didn't miss having to do this when I was a Weyrling." For now, she'll just watch the fun. And wipe at her nose some more.

Jessamin finds herself freed of whatever it is that was tugging and pulling at her skirt. But, with her blindfold still on, she cannot see who or what it is, or was. All she knows is cold, wet, and get me off the ground NOW. So it is that somehow, she gets to her feet, kicking the prickly shrub aside to the tune of much cursing, and tries to stomp off. That is, until log meets shins, sending Jessamin head over heels onto her back on the other side, with a loud THUD.

M'nol turns from Jessamin, thinking himself free, then "oof!" and a tumbling he goes. He stands, grumbling, "Who left their sharding baby carriage here?" The he reaches out to try to find his way again and feels the soft hide of a dragon… but it's not Faraeth…

Keziah manages to find her way closer to the stables. Now there's a smell she knows, loves adores and if she remembers right… "Ack!" Splash! Ooops, someone's moved it slightly. Head in the trough, Kezi is furiously scrubbing at her face and burbing and gagging and ignoring the laughs and snickers of the stablehands. THen there's an "Oh, Kezi…." That from Yina herself who then shoo's at the hands and tells them to get the trough scrubbed out but good. "Thanks Yina." she murmurs and then she's tilting her head and lays her hand on the fence railing that she finds and then there's a frown and she's lifting her hand with a piece of candy still attached. "Alosynth! Pay attention and stop playing with Eirywn" she yells and then she sighs "Sorry love." The green croons softly and then Kezi is carefully inching her way towards her green, finally.

Jessamin groans softly as she pushes herself up to sitting, one hand coming down on something soft, squishy, and… wriggling? She goes stock still for a moment, lifting her hand up from the half-eaten sandwich she seems to have discovered. From between the slices of bread and meat comes something wriggling, hissing, and none too pleasant—and it starts crawling right across Jessamin's lap! She has just -got- to nudge her blindfold up at this one. But when she does, a bloodcurdling scream erupts from her. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Tunnel snake!!!! Get it off of me, get it OUT OF HERE!!!!" She scrambles backwards, thumping right into the log again, while the little baby tunnel snake decides to make a home of her lap. Her flit hatchling is none to pleased either, hissing, spitting, and trumpeting his defiance with surprising volume for one so small.

Janelle , now able to see, finds herself thumping back to the gorund, in relative peace and quiet corner of the meadow. Al other trouble having wandered off to wreak more havoc at the moment, Jan takes a breath, and sighs. Fingers comb through her hair, holding a moment where the one piece has gone missing. then, something's spotted under that blasted thorn bush that is the current bane of her day. and covered in grass stains, mining dust and mud, Jan rolls to her knees, carefully reaches under the bush (scratching her hand in the process), and pulls out a small egg - A firelizard egg! The shell is withered and worn, however, and quite obviously not the home of a soon-to-be-living creature. Whatever was in the shell, won't be hatching."Oh, my."

"Gross. Gross!" Tali is apparently not above the antics of the young, and pitches a flail-fit when the goop is discovered on the end of her finger. Never mind what it might or might not be, she makes an awesome idiot of herself, bouncing around and making obscene noises. Cidheoth is still quite far away indeed, and at this point though he can't see, the dragon is almost roaring in draconic laughter, head canted primly. And as his weyrling blunders off, there is another YELP to join Jess's shout, as the canine who's been bunking with a certain Trader goes skittering away. He has awful luck with those big feet of his, the poor thing! At this point, said blue weyrling flops down on her rump and crosses her arms, groaning. "Cid can find /me/."

Dylanth lands at the edge of the field and his rider drops from his shoulders. The blue dragon nudges his rider a bit. G'len, however, hesitates. "I don't know. I did something like this as a weyrling but…this is madness!" He tells his dragon. G'len sees a familiar figure. "Hey, Jessamin!" he calls out.

M'nol's fair of flits come to Jessa's rescue as well, previously doing their best not to get stepped upon, diving at the tunnel snake, hissing loudly. M'nol doesn't seem to notice at first, instead trying to figure out who's dragon he's touching. After not being yelled at and receiving a peromptory wuffle from the dragon in question, he turns in a different direction, trying again to find his way to his brown.

Jessamin finally manages to dislodge the tunnel snake from her skirt, by dint of picking it up by its middle and throwing it away from her, hard. What she doesn't realize in time is that a washer-woman with a basket full of clean laundry is heading that way—and the tunnel snake lands right on top of the basket! More screams erupt, this time from the washer-woman. "Oh dear…" Jess can't help but chuckle, just glad it's no longer her with the blasted little beastie!

G'len sees someone helping helping his friend and he immediately thinks of her tiny firelizards. Does she have the little bronze Berring with her? He dashes over to help but misses seeing the bucket of water that is in the way since someone has just stepped in front of it. By the time he gets that far the other person has passed and you guessed it, G'len kicks the bucket! Water and dirt make mud and of course, he gets a good helping of that, too.

Dylanth stands there and makes a rumbling draconic laugh deep down in his chest.

Keziah is making steady progress across the meadow and is concentrating hard on following Alo's senses that she doesn't notice the commotion coming from the stables and then there's a nudge in her back, one hard enough to send her sprawling forward since she wasn't expecting it. She reaches up and meets course hair and then there's a distinctive sound that only a caprine can make. There's a thoughtful look and her hand moves along and finds the neck, a collar and a roundish tag. "Nugget!!" she exclaims and wraps her arms around the caprine and burbles happily at him. He's looking for treats himself. He knows her pockets.

M'nol's fair go diving after the flying tunnel snake, sending the washer-woman fleeing in screaming horror. A flying tunnel snake is a truly dangerous prey. M'nol continues to wander, more carefully now, generally making his way towards Faraeth, when he trips again, this time on a pile of rocks, going rolling right into Faraeth's nose. The dragon gives a happy rumble as M'nol whips off his blindfold and hugs the giant brown's nose before removing his larger blindfold

With the tunnel snake finally out of her skirt, Jessamin is finally able to get to her feet, arms still full of tiny blue hatchling. She calls out an apology to the washer-woman. "Sorry about that!" The poor woman just stomps off, after disposing of the tunnel snake elsewhere. Jess finally is able to respond to someone calling out to her; a look of surprise, then amusement crosses her face. "G'len? Hi there! What brings you all the way out here from Wes.. oh my." She stifles her laughter at his current predicament, shaking her head.

G'len pulls himself up. And looks down at his clothes. He flicks his hands about and tries to wipe off his shirt. Then he looks around at everybody else. "You know," he replies to Jessamin, "I have no idea. Are you all right?" He turns his head to hear his own dragon laughing at him. "Laugh it up, fuzzball," he says to him and then turns back to Jessamin. He goes to take a step towards her and his foot slips in the mud, sending him craching down on his backside.

Jessamin bursts out laughing as G'len goes crashing onto his rear in the mud; the little blue in the crook of her left arm seems to cackle and creel his amusement as well. "Oh dear…" She reaches out with her other hand to try and help him to his feet. "I'm okay, but what about you?"

Keziah is quite happy to be meeting with Nougat and fishes out a few bits for the caprine just before one of the stableboys comes to collect the caprine "Be nice now." she says and then makes her way back to Alosynth who was experiancing the exchange on a different level. "I don't think Nougat wants to cuddle with a dragon, though he certainly doesn't seem to fear them very much. Just wary of 'em." she murmurs and then there's an oof and a whuffle and a happy squeal "Alo!" she's ripping of blindfolds and then cuddling her dragon.

G'len says "I came to see how you and your nre little firelizard were doing and…what is this?" He looks around as he tries to rub the soreness out of his backside. "Carefull that you don't slip!""

Jessamin says "Seems I went and found another one. The dam even left the egg behind. It was really surprising." She helps G'len back over to Dylanth, the little blue quieting down and now regarding this new human with a more critical eye. An eye which starts to whirl red with hunger. He looks back towards his bonded human, creeling and chirruping softly. Feed me? She shakes her head and laughs, especially when an only slightly larger bronze flit wings its way to her shoulder from the clearing, his eyes also red with hunger. Feed me, too? "Oh dear…" She has a silly grin on her face, though, apparently loving every minute of it. "All set for the feeding frenzy? There should be something in the living caverns."

M'nol chuckles, recovering from his happy reunion with Faraeth to see Jessamin and G'len talking. Waving to them both, he calls, "Hey, Jessa, I have a meatroll in my pocket if you need it."

G'len looks down at himself. "I really don't want to track mud anywhere…Whatever is going on here? Is this your new firelizard? Good color!" Talk fast…babble! Do anything! Keep attaention anywhere but on yourself!

The faint scent of food in the air has both hatchlings' heads turning towards M'nol, trilling an inquiry. "Uh-oh… now you've done it!" She laughs softly, shaking her head. "Your call, but look out!"

M'nol chuckles as Fossil joins in the demanding food group, unwrapping himself from M'nol's shoulder and daintily accepting the gobbet of meatroll he's offered, "Better to feed 'em some and save that one," he indicates G'len, "From the kitchen workers' wrath."

G'len smiles woefully at M'nol. "Not as wrathful as that washerwoman though, I take it. May be a good thing for me I do my own laundry?" He looks down at himself then he notices that others have dirt and various matter on their clothes, too. "Training exercise, I take it?" He tries to wipe his hands clean on his trousers. This is an exercise in futility.

Indigo and Bahrain both start plucking at her hair, creeling insistently. Feed us NOW! Jessamin meeps, and bursts out laughing. "Okay, okay, you two… a bite or two before we head back on to Western? Or do you like the thought of good, fresh fish better?" There's only a pause, before the hunger song renews itself. "Okay, I think that answers that. Food. Now." She turns to smile at G'len, nodding in the direction of the Weyr. "What about you? Would you like something as well?"

G'len thinks for only a moment. "A fresh busket of water?"

M'nol nods to G'len, "Making us find our dragons without being able to see 'em… I think most of us only found pain."

Jessamin chuckles, and smiles to G'len. "Well, there's the hot springs, if that helps." To both, she adds, "Come on, at least some food before I get eaten to baldness here!"

G'len nods to Jessamin. "Better wet than dirty and wet. But better fat than famine! Lets feed your firelizards then if I can get washed that would be much appreciated…by all!"

M'nol hffs a little, watching Jess wander off with G'len, then turns, leading Faraeth back to the barracks, to tired and cramped to bother just now to fly the 20 feet.

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