A Turn Well Spent

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves. The meadow continues with gentle rolls and dips, grass tall and short waving in the slightest of breezes, and eventually those hills grow higher and steeper, ending in a large rige that provides a fine view of that meadow and the rest of the Weyr, gazing out over the multicolored roofs of the houses and the cliff that holds the caverns.
Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, and a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing. Trees border the northern side of the meadow, and more of those low, rolling hills can be seen to the northwest. A road passes through the meadow, coming from the east and used by traders and crafters alike. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests or ore from the mountains are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

The cake's been baked, the food prepared, and benches have been set up on the grass. (Hm. Does the wood have a slight pinkish hue to you?) The wide expanse of a meadow is a good place to have a get together! There are trees dotted here and there for shade and the summer months of Xanadu have fragrant meadow flowers in bloom. But the smell of flowers may be overshadowed by the aroma of fingerfoods that have been placed upon those (vaguely pink) tables. Little sandwiches. Fried sausage pieces. Cheese. Bread. Fruit. Food that's appropriate for both young and old … well. As long as the young have at least a few teeth. Ka'el is busy. The Weyrleader dons casual clothing today, everything colored in a light hue with his knot still placed on his shoulder. He's surveying the filling of the tubs! Or, rather, the filling of the plastic kiddie pools that are being set out for children. Bcukets of water are benng dumped within with Ka'el overseeing the filling process. "Not too deep for this one," he reminds. "The larger one can be more full, but this one's for the young ones. Did someone remember to bring the bouncy balls?" he asks, glancing for signs of the multi-colored toys which look suspiciously absent! "I think more balloons are needed. Doesn't that table look empty? Will you fasten more balloons there, please?" he asks a passing kitchenmaid. One can never have too few balloons!

Today is a very special day. A super special day. A super baby day! …oh wait, that might require him to have a cape. Anyway, it's still a super special day for a special baby, which is why they've cleverly arranged for a horde of other babies to disguise him among. …actually, it's probably not going to be as much of a horde as it could be. There's approaching babies, sure - complete with the parents or guardians they've chosen to bring along - but the pavilion set up in the meadow is maybe a bit larger than the crowd. Well, it's early yet. Maybe some of the people who've been kept away by fear of plague (or actual quarantines) will show up. The people who are arriving seem healthy. They're not coughing… okay, that one kid in the green onesie is, but that's from drool. They're hale, hearty, and happy! …okay, those two over there aren't, but that's because they both want the same rattle. The point is, it's going to be a party! …even if the tablecloths holding those fingerfoods have some splotches of pink… which probably won't be the worst of the stains by the time this party is over. There's food be be spilled on them, water and juice to be splashed, and also… cake! Because really, what's a party without cake? It's totally a fingerfood… or at least… fingers can be dug into the frosting. Or could be, but they haven't… yet! The cake remains pristine… so far!

And what more does this special day need? Why… nothing more nor less than the special guest of super special honor! That song that the harper in the corner is playing is clearly not just a nursery rhyme but in fact the Baby March, the one and only suitable to be played as Skyler toddles here in front of Soriana, his hands held by hers for support. Yes, he's late for his own party. Yes, it's because he insisted on walking here himself. Babies! What can you do?

What do some four turn olds do when they see babies everywhere? They find them annoying. What does LYRIA do when shed sees babies? And the one that is supposedly Skyler? She squees in delight and runs over as fast as her little legs can carry her. Of course…this means that Miyan is bobbing through the crowd with a couple of presents in her arms and looking just the slightest bit distressed. "Lyria!" The name doesn't stop her little girl. Nope, the teeny tiny Lyria marches right up to where Soriana and Skyler are before starting to clap. "He's walking! He's walking!" Who is she declaring this to? Anyone near enough to listen apparently. Miyan on the other hand sighs and ends up spotting Ka'el who gets a smile as well as a wave. "Everything looks nice!" And of course Soriana and Skyler get a brilliant smile too, perhaps just a bit /more/ brilliant because Skyler looks so cute.

Okay, more balloons are being delivered. Ka'el is settled. The food is here. The harpers are here. The guests are arriving! Anyone looking green? Plague surely is on the back of his mind, but on the forefront of it is the party! Grins are given to those who come with gifts. "Oh, they can be set there," he directs, pointing to a table that's been designated for presents, eyeing a tall toddler who is reaching for a present. Hey now kid, that isn't yours! But Ka'el is distracted from the gift snatcher by the sound of music. The baby march! He knows this song. Shards, he knows every nursery rhyme and baby song there ever was, now! Skyler has arrived, and he grins upon seeing the boy taking his own sweet time to walk in. "Way to make an entrance," he calls to the Weyrwoman, looking highly amused as he heads towards her, snagging a balloon on the way. He's not the only one gravitating towards the two. An unfamiliar little girl beats him to it, and he smiles at her, glancing around for the adult attachment which probably isn't too far away. Ah ha! Spied her. A familiar face. "Monaco Bay!" he grins in remembrance. "Welcome! I hadn't known you were coming."

Soriana laughs. "How else?" she calls back to Ka'el. Here she is, here's Skyler, and… here's the moment of truth! What will Skyler do when faced with not only other babies - many of whom he's seen before, at least in passing - but a four turn old coming to meet him? The boy stops walking (which means Soriana stops too) in order to focus on Lyria - doing multiple things at once is hard - and then… he beams at her, a face-splitting smile that shows baby teeth and gums. "Wanu!" he declares with… well, enthusiasm at least. "Wa nubu loa!" Soriana… laughs. "How about hi, Skyler? Can you say hello?" The toddler gives his mother a blank look, then resumes his beaming at Lyria. Hello new person! He's never met you before! This means you're his friend. Soriana looks back up from that to grin to Ka'el and Miyan and say, on behalf of Skyler, "Hi!"

Miyan drops off the presents, giving the little toddler there a pat on the head before moving back into the conversation circle. "Soriana came down to Monaco and invited me after we met on the beach…you two should visit Monaco together sometime, really." The glasscrafter grins at Ka'el and then begins to laugh softly because Skyler's beaming smile is practically throwing Lyria into fits. The little girl squees again (cover your ears folks!) and hops up and down a few times before waltzing right up and Faranth it looks like she wants to wrap him in a tiny toddler hug, but she restrains herself. "Hi!" Teeny fingers wave at him from her close distance before there's a glance upwards to Soriana, "He's CUTE! Hi? Hi…hello!" Hopefully no one expects formalities here because for once Miyan doesn't go through with them. "Congratulations to you both, she's right though…he's absolutely wonderful."

Touche, Soriana. Ka'el laughs and puts his hands on his hips as he surveys the interaction between toddler and child. Skyler is .. just everyone's friend, isn't he? And Lyria! What an adorable girl. "I like Skyler's version of hello better, to be honest. It should be the new Xanadu way. Wanu! Wanu, everyone!" he boasts, spreading his arms as he announces his welcome. A little girl giggles. A little boy is more interested in the pool and tries to climb in, fully clothed! Luckily, he's snatched up by the arms of a nanny. Ka'el drops his arms back to his sides. "The tablecloths are pink," he informs his Weyrmate with just the vaguest of nosewrinkles. To Miyan, he oohs and the explanation to how she came to be invited and grins happily afterwards. "Well then we were all definitely fated to meet then, weren't we? I didn't know you had a child! She's.." Loud! "lovely," he finishes, still amused by the interaction between boy and girl. "Thank you. Skyler has a way of making friends wherever he goes. As do I," he says, looking to Lyria. "Would you like a balloon? There's plenty, but the one I have here is extra special."

Soriana shakes her head to Ka'el. "In ten minutes, it'll mean something else entirely." Wa(y to k)n(ow the f)u(ture)! She nods to Miyan's tale of how she came to actually be at this party - "Lyria was making a sandcastle." And the rest was history! As for the future… "Someday we will!" She laughs, and adds, "…and maybe even not get dragged off into a meeting together." That's the hazard of showing up at… well, anywhere, really, but especially other Weyrs. Soriana smiles to Lyria, "He is," she says then adds a, "Hello," just for good measure. Because modeling proper behavior and manners! Skyler bounces a little as Lyria comes closer, tugging one hand out of his mother's grasp and… ah, heck with it, she lets go of the other one too. Proper behavior is all well and good - sometimes - but… better brace yourself, Lyria, because you're getting a Skyler hug attack! …complete with drool. "Hi! He he hi!" So… either he's figured out the word… he's repeating syllables… or he's laughing. Place your bets! …Soriana keeps an eye on this to make sure it's kept fair and that Skyler doesn't get rough. He's still learning that whole concept where sometimes people are squishy and don't want his elbows cuddled there.

There's food on tableclothed tables (somewhat pink, but pink is the new blue don't you know?) And there are people milling about. Big people! And…little people. Children type people of the baby to toddler sort, with a sprinkling of six or seven turn olds who look a little lost as to what they're supposed to do. But oh, here comes a harper with those bouncy balls Ka'el wondered about! They will soon find about fifteen uses for them in the next two minutes. Especially now that those rubber pools are filled and ready to go.

Ka'el himself is near the boy of the hour. Skyler! And Soriana. And Miyan. And her little girl, Lyria, who is about to be attack hug-drooled on by a very friendly turnday boy. Ka'el is armed with a balloon, which he ties loosely around Lyria's wrist. "This is from me to you. A sign that we're friends! Even when it goes flat with no air, you'll remember this party. My name is Ka'el, and it's a pleasure to meet you." He smiles at the little girl then straightens up. The harpers continue to play songs appropriate for small children. Hokey Pokey, anyone?

This place will probably look like a disaster once this party is done with it. …which is why it's being held out in the meadow, not in Ka'el and Soriana's weyr. They'll get someone to clean up that isn't them. Skyler… proves his attack-snuggle skills with Lyria, and Soriana takes the fraction of her attention that's left to look back to Ka'el. "So… pink?" And now that she squints at those tablecloths, she can sort of see it, and so she grins crookedly as she exhales. "Better safe than sorry." And better pink and disease free than… "We're going to go through so much bleach when this is over." And so much work for the weavers! It'll be a good time to be handy with a needle in the Xanadu area… or to be a transport rider. …okay, that's probably enough drooling for now, and that right there might qualify as an excessive use of knees. "Hey Skyler, let's go see who else is here, okay?" she says as she bends down and reaches for wrist and shoulder to provide an extraction for her son. It's time for the grand tour of big people who know why today is special and little ones that… have no clue that this is anything unusual.

The last couple of sevendays have been trying for many people, more so for the ones the plague took. But the Quarantine was lifted a few days ago, Kera staying on a bit longer at the Hall to help with cleaning the place up and removing the tent city that popped up around the grounds. She didn't get sick, but was more than a little exposed to the plague, thanks to a couple of well placed cough to her face. Back at home now, Kera approaches the meadow, face mask in place and a pair of rubber on her hands. Clutched in her hands is a slatted crate containing her gifts for the Weyr's youngest 'Weyrleader in Training.' Approaching the meadow, she watches a few moments, grinning as the children enjoy themselves with sand weyr's and other games. Some faces she doesn't know, others she got to know very recently and wasn't expecting to see again quite so soon. From where she stands a little ways off, she watches Skyler,chuckling to herself at his enthusiam in greeting his young friend. Well, gifts are in hand, but she's a bit hesitant about mingling too closely with anyone, particularly the smaller party goers. But she's probably already been spotted, so she juggles the rates around to free a hand and sends a wave towards those she spots. "Hello, afternoon."

"Uh huh. Pink. Like a girl.." Ka'el gives a faint glare to the tablecloths. "But….a very clean, sterile, healthy girl, so … I suppose I'll take it. If every child leaves here with a case of the coughs, then Skyler will be hard-pressed to have anyone show up for any future turndays." So the pink tablecloths can stay! Not that Skyler could care any less about the coloring of his party. He's here to mingle! And drool. And eat! And be gifted. Ka'el laughs as the turnday boy is peeled off of his newest friend by his attentive mother. "There's plenty. Look! It's Tej. Remember him from the forges, Ky? When we…." Er. A glance to Soriana, "..never went together?" Because who brings a baby to the forges, right? Not Ka'el! Heh, heh. He should go check on the cake. Or, better yet, go check on that strange masked person over there who is sort of waving. His eyes squint a bit as he peers her way, walking towards…and finally recognizing. His face lights up. "Kera? Kera is that you behind all that?? HEre, let me give you a hand with that," he says, reaching for the crate and eyeing those gloved hands of hers.

"Besides, Skyler doesn't mind having girls show up to his party." …by which we mean 'doesn't know the difference', at this stage in his life. Some day he'll actually like it, probably after a middle stage where he considers them icky. The future awaits! As does the rest of this party, and so… they go to encounter it! "Hi, Tej," Soriana says to the smith as Skyler beam-giggles to him. Ka'el's lack of ever having taken their son to the forges gets her arched eyebrows, but no comment. Oh no, that's saved for Tej after her weyrmate slinks off to cake and attendees. "I'm sure you kept a good eye on him." Ka'el, well… at least the baby's still in one piece? And hey, fire kills germs. "Things are going well for you, I hope?" Skyler hangs off his mother's arm and looks at the other babies. Wow. There are a lot of people here. "Banu… wa," he notes contemplatively, eyes drifting over the crowd until he too notes the… mask and glove creature! Who is obviously something entirely new, and as such, receives a considering baby-stare. What are yooou?

Kera grins as she watches the crowd for a moment, peek around when Ka'el calls out her name. Nodding to his question. "Yes sir, tis me. I wasn't sure if I should come and be around a large crowd, particularly such a young one right now, but couldn't let him go without his presents now could I. Hope he likes them…and they are HIS presents right?" Chuckling as she passes over the crate, which happens to have a pinkish towel over covering the top to keep the presents a surprise for a few moments longer. "Thanks…the little man seems to be enjoying himself quite a bit so far." Still grinning, even if it can't be seen behind the surgical mask. Soriana sent a wave and Skyler too.

"Yes'm, sure did!" Answers Tej with a beaming grin to Soriana. "Always do when he comes by. Gotta start'm out early, y'know? Build up 'dem muscles, right Skyler boy?" He grins cheerily to the Weyrwoman's son, who apparently is a frequent flyer at the forges, and reaches out to give his arm a tiny squeeze. "Woooo man! Watch out now! Lookit 'dem muscles!" Tej himself has more than a few to spare for Skyler, whose muscle mass .. well…Size: Baby. But Tej is entertaining, as he always is! He gets some good laughs before the strange masked crusader gets the whole of his attention. "You doin' alright?" Tej asks Soriana while Ka'el is busy with Kera, who is not a masked monster at all! "I heard that Healer Hall was letting people go who were healthy. I'm glad you've been let out! Are… these only precautions, then?" he asks with a gesture to her mask and gloved attire. "Or a fashion statement of the turn?" He adjusts the weight of the crate, giving it a little shake. "You're staying, right? If you're been released, then you've a clean bill of health?"

Idrissa isn't fully sure why she is here, one she doesn't have a kid, and two, well she's not gotten out that much to actually speak with people of the Weyr as of late. Then there was the whole plague scare, perhaps she should have stayed away just in case? Still she's here, perhaps just to drop a gift off and sneak away before caught, well that was the thought that rolled through her head anyway. Still she is moving along, a curious look sent over the area as she checks the place out, it's all very cute looking. She has a wrapped box in her hand, and it's wrapped in a blue ribbon, the item instead is left to guess seeing how the box isn't see through. At the moment she is looking for a place to set the gift, perhaps before anyone spots her if she can drop it off nice and easy like.

Tej is a familiar creature, even without his apron and goggles. Skyler is happy to see him! So is Soriana, who has a smile even as she shakes her head. "If he starts hammering on Alloy, I'll know who's to blame." Which is to say… Ka'el! Or maybe Tej, who probably has as much muscle mass in a single arm as Skyler does in his entire body. The mask creature, on the other hand… waved! "Wabanu!" declares Skyler and tugs at Soriana's arm. She looks up, and waves back. "Hello," Soriana calls, with a three second delay before she concludes, "…Kera." She smiles warmly. "I'm glad to see you here again… safe and sound?" That bit of a questioning tone at the end is because of that mask and glove combo, which is… not exactly a standard fashion statement, but Ka'el's got those questions covered. Skyler regards Kera curiously before treating her to a slow-dawning smile. He's figured it out! She's a person. Ooooh. While he grinshis approval, Soriana looks back to Tej and nods. "I'm doing alright, yeah. Things have been busy, but…" She laughs lightly. "When are they not?" Especially not with things like… "Ua!" demands Skyler with a tug at her arm, and Soriana bends down to scoop him up. "…yeah, you have done a lot of walking today, haven't you?" she asks as she lifts her son, rising to find… "Idrissa!" Who hasn't yet found the table where Skyler's store of gifts are being placed, but has been found by Soriana… and also Skyler. "Hey there!"

Kera nods quickly to reassure Ka'el she isn't sick. "I'm fine really! Wasn't sick myself, but was working with a couple of patients that were. I just thought it wouldn't hurt to be overly cautious considering most of the party goers are on the young side of things." After a second or two, she adds "If you think this makes everyone feel uncomfortable, then I can slip them off I suppose." A quick glance to her gloved hands before her gaze slips around and doesn't miss the color theme, nor Idrissa sneaking about like she's trying to not be seen, too late, Soriana got her. "Those table clothes look very much like some of my laundry when I picked it up this morning." Shaking her head in slight amusement, perhaps she has a suspicion what caused the color theme across the Weyr. Seeing Skyler focused on her, she lifts her hands to cover her eyes for a few seconds. She comes out of hiding by peering around her hands and then wiggling them to the Turnday boy. She dips her head gently to Soriana "G'afternoon Weyrwoman." Soon Skyler's being picked up and she looks back to Ka'el "He'll be running circles around you both soon enough."

"Good deal," says Tej to Soriana, smiling at her broadly. And oh, there are many people who want to speak to the birthday boy's parents and see the birthday boy! Tej will excuse himself, though not before giving Skyler a mock arm-punch. "See ya soon, bud! Keep workin' out!" He nods his head to everyone, then heads to one of the pools to check on a little one. His poofy-haired niece who is splashing…a bit too wildly.
"Wanu!" Ka'el greets to the newest arrivals, grinning as if everyone would know the meaning of that word. Pft, who doesn't? He's still holding on to that crate. "Uh…Sori, should he open these now? Or later? .. What's the protocol for gift opening?" And is it Skyler or Ka'el that's more interested in knowing what Kera brought? He snickers at the mentioning of tablecloths and is in the process of trying to peek beneath the blanket that covers the gifts when Idrissa catches his attention. He lowers the crate down a little, grinning slowly, but broadly. "Idrissa. You came. Good to see you!"

Idrissa finds a place to set the box down and nearly jumps as someone calls out her name. Luckily the box was set down before she was caught off guard. She glances up, a smile seen and she nods to Soriana. "Ah.. Hey Soriana." She points at the box. "Um, present for Skyler." Cause why else would she be here? She glances up as her name is said once more and she peers curiously at Ka'el at the warm greeting she gets. It catches her a touch off guard honestly. "Yeah, thanks for letting everyone come by. Big day for the little guy and all."

…not just a person, the mask creature is the no-face person! Skyler knows all about this, and also giggles all about this. And now he has an up-high perch from which to survey his party, which… wow, it's just full of people, isn't it? This is pretty awesome! Soriana waves a farewell to Tej, though Skyler… heh, he might be too distracted to even know that the smith is gone. There are new people here! People like… "Iha!" It's kinda like the beginning and end of this 'Idrissa' word people are saying… or maybe like a variant of hiya… or maybe just a syllable he likes the sound of right now. Either way, he beams to her happily, and Soriana smiles. "You didn't have to," she says, and grins, "but thank you." And then she glances over to Ka'el who has… a crate worth from Kera, and a question about… protocol! She should know this, she's a Senior who spends her days figuring out matters of protocol. "Uh…" are her words of wisdom, which means Skyler fills in the blank with a giggle. "We… could let him open things?" Maybe? Who is there to say they're doing it wrong, anyway? Certainly not Skyler, who… she grins as she bounces him a bit in her arms. "Not nearly so little as he used to be." Buuuut still pretty tiny by any other measure, let's be honest.

Kera chuckles as Ka'el defers to Soriana, while they are decussing the very important issue of to open, or not to open, Kera waves to her fellow greenrider. After a moment, she reaches to pull the mask off since Idrissa isn't wearing one. Grinning at the little one's greeting to the other greenrider. "Hi Idrissa, Tahryth isn't going to 'greet' anyone today is she?" Making a funny face to Skyler, now that the mask isn't in the way, Kera spots the food and starts sidling that way to fill a plate. "Wow, the cooks must have been been at it for the last couple of days."
Where /did/ Miyan disappear to? First Lyria wanted to jump in the pool, and then she was running around playing with some children and all those balloons, and then the little girl needed to be fed. But finally, /finally/ the pair is returning to the birthday boy and tiny group around him. Course…little four turn old Lyria hasn't met a couple of them before so her first reaction is to rush over and declare her presence, "Hi!" And behind her trails Miyan with a soft smile for the group, "Opening presents already? Maybe I should pull our out from the pile."

"It is," agrees Ka'el to Idrissa. "And it's been a … task to plan! But it's all come out all right. No one's stuffed sausage up their nose or anything. Yet." He hopes. He glances to the table just in case. Any sausages in noses over there? Nope. Just a kid with jelly in his hair. Nothing tragic! "I'm glad you were able to come." The crate is set carefully on the ground and he brushes his hands off on his trousers. "Ready for gifts?" he asks the ever-vocal Skyler, ruffling his hair. "Iha! Nono!" Which certainly means yes. Yes means no and no means yes! In Skyler's case, no doesn't really mean anything at all yet, but the timing of the answer causes Ka'el to laugh. "Alright, we've already got Kera's gift here. Idrissa, is that one yours? And.. oh, hey!" Lyria is back from kidland! And with her, her mother, to whom he nods. "Yes, please. We'll see how many he'll actually open before he loses his focus. My bet's two."

Idrissa smiles to Soriana and nods a moment. "yeah I know Just figure it would be something nice." She ponders while eyeing it. "Though honestly the more I think about it one of them isn't too kidlet okey." Don't worry it is something sharp! Just breakable in a sense. A glance is sent to Kera and she chuckles softly. "Naw, she knows everyone here. Anyway, she's off dozing in the sun somewhere." Well she knows where but that isn't the point. She scratches at her neck a moment while nodding to the box with the blue ribbon on it. "Yeah. I'm sure he'll like one bit of it at least." She glances over to another voice, a soft smile and nod sent to Miyan and Lyria.

Children running around and playing is a good sign of success for this party! So really, Lyria's distraction is a compliment. Besides, it's not like Skyler's had any lack of things to amuse him, from the funny-faced Kera to the perennial favorite of Dad, who has important questions and recieves important answers for them. Soriana nods to Idrissa, then pauses with an arch of eyebrows. "Well… we can always keep it on the mantel until he's ready for it?" Or, well, someplace else so the firelizards won't knock it over. They'll figure it out! And, to give Idrissa a chance to figure out what bits to expose (or not) to the toddler, Soriana will have him start with other gifts. She grins to Ka'el. "Let's give it a try!" she says. "Besides, if we start now, that means we can try again for the rest sometime later." Once Skyler has had time to replenish his urge to tear things apart! …wait, so why are they worried about this? That's like a toddler expertise right there! So, it's time for Miyan - and whoever else has been listening in - to go snag their gifts to present them to Skyler, while Soriana brings him over to see this crate Ka'el's carrying with a towel over it. Okay, so, this is 'grab things and pull them'. Skyler is a master at this. There was that tablecloth… and the nanny's skirts… and… the boy beams at Ka'el. "Da!" he declares proudly, which does mean something… but still isn't unwrapping the crate-present. "Go on, then…" Soriana encourages, nudging one of his hands to that towel. "Give it a pull!"

Kera doesn't take very long to get a plate with a few things tossed on then rejoining the little gathering. Plonking down on a seat, she tips her head to Miyan and the little girl with her. "Hi again. Starting to wonder if the quarantine was actually lifted, or was it just moved to Xanadu." Flashing an amused wink as people start moving to get their gifts for presentation to the little man of the candlemark. Scooching her seat over to make room for someone else to sit if they want, she turns a grin to Skyler as he is about to start tearing things up. Her gaze slips between Ka'el and Soriana, half expecting one of her gifts to be grumbled about if Skyler decides he's an artist, who wants to decorated the pretty pink walls. Then with a chuckle, she throws her encouragements out too. "Go ahead little man."

"I'll put my marks on three gifts then," Miyan says with a smile to Ka'el. "He seems like he's having fun though, presents or no." Lyria doesn't listen to grown up talk. No, she's busy introducing herself to the people she's not exactly familiar with. "Lyria!" The four turn old points to herself with one finger and looks to anyone that doesn't know her, and then points to her mother. "Miyan!" And that is apparently enough of introductions because she's soon helping her mother fetch their gifts from the table. There's one little box a bout the size of Lyria's hands and a larger one in Miyan's when they return. Ohhh! What's in the crate? Lyria hangs back with her mother, neck craning to look at whatever the present might be! "I /think/ I left R'en at Monaco, so let's hope it isn't a migration." The greenie's words are obviously meant for Kera and accompanied with a smile.

Ka'el nods in agreement with Soriana in regards to Idrissa's possibly non baby proof gift. "No worries. He's pretty resilient. He'll bounce back from whatever you have in there," he assures with a grin while situating gifts around young Skyler. There, let's get this show on the road! Other kidlet guests are being drawn towards the gifts. Oooh, presents! "Mine?" says one who's at /that/ lovely stage of life. Luckily she's appeased with food while Skyler gets busy! Ka'el beams at the proclamation of Da (hey, that's him!) and watches as the boy's hand is guided to that cloth. Oooh. Grabbing is definitely his forte! And he even has his own cheerleading squad to encourage him! His fingers grasp and his first yank doesn't move the blanket much. The second though? Yoink! He pulls the blanket to himself and promptly stuffs the edge into his mouth. Nomnom! In the process, the gift is revealed!

Three plastic sand pails in descending sizes. Red, blue and yellow. Great for building Sand Weyrs. The largest one is filled with small wooden blocks with colorful numbers and letters painted neatly on all sides. The next little pail is full of wax sticks in a bunch of bright and dark colors. The smallest sand pail has a fuzzy light brown and green Egg stuffy. Along the seam, the egg 'peels' away to turn the stuffy inside out, transforming the egg into a small fuzzy firelizard.

"Nice gifts, Kera!" Even those wax sticks, which..may…possibly end up on the walls! "Hey, do you want to help him open yours?" he asks Lyria. "He might need a buddy for those."

Idrissa smiles a bit and nods while she curiously watches once Skyler goes about opening the gifts. She looks a bit amused while watching. "Funny how they get all excited about open gifts an't it?" She questions with an amused tone while smiling once more. She snags a drink and sips at it while slipping quiet to watch the fun so to speak. Her gift can wait.. Though when it is open there is two boxes in the one medium sized box. One is a suncatcher made up of seaglass that makes up the forms of a gold and bronze dragon all in a circle of metal so it can be hung up upon a window. The other is a bronze dragon 'action' figure with movable wings, tail and little chompy jaws! "When he gets to mine just let him open the silvery box one first, most likely keep him amused for a few moments. The other is the breakable bit."

"If we're under quarantine I expect to get chicken soup daily. I like mine with dumplings!" Soriana retorts to Kera with a grin. Really, if they were actually under quarantine Soriana'd expect to know that first thing and be getting regular and serious meetings about it, but… fortunately, they aren't! Which is why there are people like Miyan and the ever-helpful Lyria here. Skyler can be very proud of his success at pulling on things, and… he is, beaming around his mouthful of towel. "…I think he likes it," Soriana says as the kid gnaws. But what about the part that isn't the wrapping? She leans over to get a look at that, and… grins, nodding to Ka'el's pronouncement of their worth. "He likes the beach… and knocking down towers!" Building them, well, he'll get there eventually. Sooner if he has appropriate things to knock over, right? …definitely. Soriana nods to Idrissa. "Silvery one for him, the other's for looking not touching. Got it." Oh, look but don't touch. It's yet another of those concepts that… well, they're working on, but it's likely to be a multi-turn process. Some things take time to perfect! But that's what practice is for, and Soriana grins for Ka'el's suggestion to Lyria. "That would be helpful," she agrees, then takes a moment to coax the towel away from Skyler before crouching down onto one knee to put him at four-turn-old height in order to share the present-opening. "You can tear the paper…" she says to him, unlike every other occasion where she goes noooo, don't tear the book/paperwork/letter! No wonder it takes toddlers time to figure these things out!

Kera grins when Skyler rips the little blanket off and promptly gives it a taste test. That hadn't meant to be part of the gift, but if the kid likes it….Looking over and waving to the little girl introducing herself and Miyan proudly, "Hello Lyria, welcome to Xanadu." Figuring the young girl wouldn't remember her name in five minutes time, she leaves off giving her own. Particularly since her attention is already diverted. A nod to Miyan "Yea, I think he was still there when I left this morning." Referring to the previously mention R'en. And then Ka'el remarks on her gifts and she grins to the Weyrleader "I hope he likes them, and that you'll let him use the sandbuilding pails 'some'." Since the WL's like of playing with sandy creations is no real secret. She looks curiously to Idrissa and gestures to the seat nearby if she wants to use it. "what is it that he can't open?" that's asked at a lower voice and hoping that the little ones are too distracted to pay attention to the bigger ones right now cause he's about to rip into something else.

"Yes!" Lyria immediately jumps at the chance to help Skyler when Ka'el mentions it. There's actually a moment of silence when Skyler opens up the pails and a loud "Ooooooooo!" from the tiny girl. She applauds a few times, nearly dropping her gift in the process, but eventually the four turn old gets her balance again. She holds it out to Skyler, waiting for him to make the first tear before she helps with the rest of the paper. Lyria's present is well….it appears to be a small clay menagerie. It's supposed to be ovines, and bovines, and the horned things that Soriana had told her about…but they were obviously made by Lyria's hands and so the shapes are quite deformed. Miyan will also crouch down with her present, though hers isn't animals but instead a little set of bowls with fire lizards painted on the sides. By the colors it's dishware meant for children!

"Mine?" hopefully asks a two-turn old who looks reeeeeally interested in those blocks. So much so that he's marching on over there to claim them! He's scooped up before he gets too close though, which ignites a crying fit. "WAAAAAAAH! I WAAANT!" Heh. Here's something to look forward to, Weyrleaders! A blushing nanny carries the child away to calm him, excusing herself. Skyler doesn't seem to mind crying guests. This is party and … anybody can cry if they want to! He's not in a crying mood. This is a goooood blanket snack! Gnaw gnaw..eh. But mooom! It's soon pried out of his mouth, which makes for the barest of lib wobbles. A half second of 'I think I might cry now' but hey! Now there's something new and pretty to occupy himself with! Settled on his mothers knee, he grins a drool filled grin at Lyria. "Mbar. Muh pbbt.. Pbbbt!" He claps his hands together as he laughs. He saw Lyria do it. Clapping is fun. Yaaay! Everybody clap now! Half a second later, his attention is on presents again. Oh he knows whatto do. He slaps his hands down on the gift. Smack! Giggle laugh, applaud! And likely, he'd have a ball just smacking and clapping, but with Lyria's guidance, he does in fact rip that paper with satisfying tearing sounds. Rip! Rip! Teeear. Miraculously, none of it ends in his mouth.

"Did you make those?" asks Ka'el, who is on clean up and present round-up duty, eyeing those…um…creatures of clay. "They're excellent! They can go right on his bookshelf to keep watch over his books, right Sori?" Because those clay creatures are obviously guard dragons…right? He grins at the bowl sets, nodding to Miyan. "Thank you. The boy needs to learn the meaning of keeping his food in his bowl. That'll be grand practice!" He smiles to Idrissa. "Which one of those was the knife set again?" he jokes.

Idrissa glances to Kera and moves on over to where she is sitting down as well. "It's a sun catcher that I made out of sea glass that I've been collecting for a while. Of a certain gold and bronze dragon. The other is better suited for him, little chomping bronze action figure thing I picked up over at Ista during a trip." There is a pause while she glances to Ka'el, a slight pause caught and she ponders. "Ah.. well… One knows that is given on the /third/ turn birthday. So don't go spoiling the surprise for next turn now." She points out with a slight joking tone. "But it's the silvery one that he can open."

Maybe that's why they invited all these kids older that Skyler, for fair warning about what's coming next. Not that they can do anything about it, of course. It's too late, they've already got the kid! But they could maybe… kinda… sorta… prepare… ish? For a future that could include a wailing two turn old… or a helpful four turn old… or both! Skyler manages (with help) to get the thing unwrapped, though he may or may not actually get the idea, and Soriana grins. It's… Lumpy, Bumpy and Glob! The best clay pets a toddler could have. …and, in fact, Skyler's reaching for one, because while adults may think they're closer to abstract art, his keen eyes can tell that this is definitely something that can be thumped against other things… and thus awesome! "Thank you," Soriana says to Lyria on his behalf (Mbar iha no!), then nods to Ka'el. "Or he can make a barn out of blocks." …or, well, his parents can make a barn for him. Close enough! She helps Skyler a bit with Miyan's half… which is similar, but maybe made with a nit more experience. "Those are lovely. Uhm… how sturdy are they?" Because Skyler is not always so good at keeping his bowl on the table, let alone his food in the bowl. And as far as knives go… Tej isn't listening, right? The smiths do not need to be given ideas! But Soriana laughs a bit and shakes her head as the two of them move on to… the silvery one! Which… Skyler… shakes by the ribbon? So close. Soriana lets him play with it for a bit (hey, it rattles! and he can thump it with Lumpy) before she takes it from him to unwrap and offer.

Kera glances over to Idrissa when she drops down nearby, nodding at the gifts she got "I bet he'll get alot of fun from that." Kera ducks slightly and looks around as one little boy begins crying up a storm and a nanny begins to quiet him down. When it seems safe enough she stretches her neck a bit to get a better look at the little figurines. "Those are really nice." Leaning to Idrissa, she chuckles "She'll probably have her own shop in about fifteen turns." Catching snipets concerning Skyler's table manners, her gaze is drawn to the little bowls "Oh, those are cute."

"I did! I made them all by myself!" Lyria puts her hands on her hips and puffs out her chest, looking quite proud at all the comments she's getting on her little clay figurines. But well…when Skyler actually takes them in hand the girl practically beams and claps her hands together again. "He likes them!" At least, that's what her little eyes see. "They /should/ hold up to as much banging and throwing he might have in him, but if they don't…just let me know and I can fix them." She's still a glasscrafter despite the dragon and position. Ka'el and Soriana both earn a grin before Miyan and motioning Lyria to step back so they can get to the other presents. The pair slide into an empty standing space next to Kera and Idrissa, though moments later Lyria is just pushing back up to the front to keep watching. So much cuteness! "Let's hope in fifteen turns her work's a little better than that." This is said to Kera and accompanied by a wink.

"Third turnday, got it," says Ka'el with a fingersnap of remembrance. "The party of Sharp Things." He grins at both she and Kera as he collects the shredded paper and unwrapped gifts, putting the latter in a little group on a table. He gently knocks his knuckles against the pottery, as if testing for sturdiness. They seem sturdy enough to him! "What was…what, three gifts? Does he have it in him for another?" That was the wager! Ka'el had him at two. Miyan, at three. What does Skyler think? … Bring on the shinies! The ribbon is the gift, right? He seems to think so, with as much as he's playing with it and ignoring the actual gift itself. Soriana has the honors of actually unwrapping his new chompy toy. Oooo. It looks like the firelizards! But not. He leans forward to grasp at it, to examine…and chew on. "You have his drool of approval, Idrissa." He snickers at his own joke, slapstick as it is. "You all are grand. Thank you for the gifts," he says, taking Idrissa's other gift in hand himself to peel open while Skyler chews on the baby appropriate toy. He lifts the suncatcher up, brows raising as the item catches the rays, causing it to gleam impressively.

Idrissa hums osftly as she hears Kera and glances to her curiously. "What shop?" Wait what did she miss now? She was off in lala land for a moment is seems. She grins a bit and nods to Ka'el. "Yep, sharp and pointy things indeed." A glance is sne to Miyan and Lyria both getting a smile before she glances over to Skyler and she chuckles while he goes about chewing on it. "What I figured. Glad that he enjoys it so." She offers happly, soon smiling once the suncatcher is held up and gleaming in the light. "It can cast the colors out onto the walls when hung up on a window." Maybe it can be like a laser light toy with a feline?

Sturdy (and attractive) plates, good. Sturdy and attractive plates with a promise of repairs? Even better! Soriana grins and nods to Miyan. "Thank you!" she says, even as Skyler claps his hands… which doesn't work so well as clapping now that he has one of Lyria's statuettes held, but that just means that he's playing with it. Which also works! Skyler's… a little confused, honestly. Usually the grownups are taking things away from him! Or giving him the same toys over again even after he threw them out of his crib. This thing where they keep offering new ones and everyone's happy when he takes them is… different. Not bad, mind! Everyone's happy and so is he… but… if he could ask questions, the questions he might ask. Of course, if he could ask questions, he'd already have had all this explained to him. Oh well! For now, he has a little bronze toy that doesn't protest being chewed, and Soriana laughs. "I'm sure Nugget will be very grateful for that one," she says to Idrissa. "He's running out of places to hide." Since the other gift isn't so suitable for the youngling, she stays where she is… back away from it and out of Skyler's reach. She watches, though! "That's pretty… and… I can see why you didn't want him-" a tilt of Soriana's head to her son "-opening it." Look but don't touch, indeed!

Kera turns a knowing grin to Miyan. "Most definitely better by then. Or most likely will have decided on half a dozen ohre things to do and come back to this." She gestures towards the figurines Skyler is playing with. Then to Idrissa "Oh, a shop making hand molded figurines. And speaking of shops, where did you get that suncatcher? Bet N'talya would like that." Ka'el thanks to everyone sounds out and she pretends to confer with her fellow Xanadu greeny, then looks between Ka'el and Soriana "So we don't need to be expecting extra dutys then? There /may/ have been a bit of talk around the Weyr." Kera chuckles to the Weyrs leaders of the gossip that was flying around.

"That's /beautiful/." Miyan whistles appreciately when the sun catcher is pulled out, though that doesn't mean she misses the thanks from Ka'el. Eventually, after she's pulled her attention away from the pretty little ornament, there's a smile for both him and Soriana. "You two have thrown a wonderful party, really. Skyler looks like he's having a great tme, and so are the other kids." Like Lyria who is ooo'ing and ahhh'ing at the sun catcher. And now she's apparently trying to teach Skyler how to say pretty because she keeps looking between him and the thing and repeating the word. "I'm afraid of what she'll be like in two turns much less ten…thankfully that's a long ways away!" Again for Kera!

"We'll have to hide the toy every once in a while then," says Ka'el to Soriana, still carefully holding the suncatcher. "Nugget needs the run-around." He moves to put it away, but, noticing that Lyria is on a mission with it, he smirks and keeps it aloft. Is Skyler paying attention to his vocabulary lesson? … Eh. In ways! He finds Lyria very interesting and stares at her with his mouth full of dragontoy. Not too much talking is coming from him due to his mouth being busy, but he does find room enough to giggle around the object. It's been a very eventful day! And a fun one! Why can't every day be like this, huh mom and dad? The word 'no' hasn't come out of their mouths almost all day! A kid could get used to such pampering. To Idrissa, he says, "He has a window in his room that'd be perfect for this. It catches the sunrise. Thank you for thinking of him." A small smile follows before he looks over to Kera, brow arching. "Extra duties? … Oooh. Heh, well I don't think you have anything to worry about, Kera. You've given your offering. You've passed the test." He laughs, glad for the friends. Glad for no tantrums from Skyler (knock on wood). "Thank you, Miyan. We all appreciate the time you both took from your day to come all the way out here to share the day with us."

Idrissa smiles to Soriana and nods. "Yeah.. Sorta what I thought after well… Seeing him again. His all little and the like." Well he is a kid! Not like she has any to compare such things too. "I made it Kera. Been collected seaglass for a while now." The dragons are made up of different peices of yellow, and orange bits of glass that are all different shapes. "Have a lot of free time and the like." Well when she isn't hiding out somewhere or during deliveries. She smiles to Soriana. "Hey they all need a break every now and then." Meaning Nugget it seems. A nod is sent to Ka'el. "Welcome." With her drink done, and the presents open though she needs to slip off. "I'll see you all around." Maybe, most likely, possibly.. Either way she is up and moving off, heading towards the beach to look for more glass bits perhaps.

Soriana grins crookedly and nods to Idrissa. "I'm sure he'll appreciate it, though." She nods to Ka'el as he mentions the window that catches the sunrise - maybe the pretty colors will help keep Skyler amused and quiet for another five minutes in the morning and let his parents sleep! They can hope. Just like Nugget can hope that the chompy toy proves so much more amusing that Skyler doesn't want to gnaw on firelizard tail ever again. …ha! Not likely, but Skyler certainly does seem to be enjoying his new toys. Just wait until he's old enough to ask for bribes! …yeah, there's yet another thing for his parents to look forward to, but… it's all part of the adventure, right? Soriana smiles, and nods her agreement to Ka'el as he thanks people for coming. "It's really been great to have everyone here!" She grins. "I'm sure Skyler appreciates it too… in his way." Which may or may not understand the concept in the same way his parents do, but he certainly does seem to be enjoying the experience. "We've got cake, too…" She hmms, glances to Ka'el. "What kind is it, again?" There were so many options! And (despite being tempted) she knows they didn't actually go for 'all of the above'… did they?

Kera is assured of no extra dutys and relaxes in her seat a bit. "Ah good. I think I'll try to wrangle a few days off then." A quick smile flashes around, settling on Idrissa, thoughtful nod. "Hmm, maybe you could help me with a little idea I had. We can talk about it later. When little people aren't around to be bored by the grownup chatter when there are better things to be doing." She looks around to Laria and all the other little ones clambering around the Turnday boy. before slapping her thigh. "Like chow down on as much cake as we can." At the question what kind, "Does it matter?" As long as the little ones can have a food fight with, all is right on Pern. That isn't said though, she shrugs. "I thought I saw a couple differant ones and a bunch of bubblies." She waves to Idrissa when her fellow greeny has to go.

"Skyler! CAKE!" Lyria squeals again and looks back and forth between the adults now. You just said cake, you DID, there's not taking that back now. "Cake is good!" She needs to tell SKyler this, juuust in case he's never had cake before. "Can he eat cake?" There's a hopeful glance between Ka'el and Soriana from the tiny child while Miyan just laughs softly and shakes her head. "Cake sounds like a wonderful idea." Idrissa's departure earns a tiny bit of a wave, but now the greenie from Monaco is glancing around as well. "I think cake might be the only thing that would get this group of children in order." Because really…cake is a magical word for children and if they have to listen to get it…they usually listen!

Cake! "Oh, yes we do have cake! And it's …" Ka'el furrows his brow in thought. What did they decide on? "I think it was that berry sort of .. fruit one." Because it was sort of healthy, maybe? Despite the 'cake' part. And the icing part. The bits of fruit is where the 'health' can be found! The fruit that's embedded within the icing of sugar and yum. "Aaaay!" Skyler glees to Lyria, smacking his new toys together. Yes, he wants cake! Probably. She sounds so excited that he can't help but to be excited too! The poor kid is going to crash when this is over! He's been nothing but excited for candlemarks. "Yes, he can eat cake," Ka'el assures Lyria, smiling as he nods. "And since it's his turnday, he can eat as much of it as he likes!" Within reason. Within the pice they give him. "And you can eat cake too. Unless you don't like cake…" he says as he plucks Skyler up, giving a nod to Idrissa as she makes her leave. Luckily for everyone, the kitchenhelpers who have a rein on the food already have cake slices ready for hte taking! With one larger piece set aside for Skyler himself. "To the cake!" Hoorah! … To Miyan. "Is every turnday this exhausting?"

That's right. Soriana said the C-word. C-ake! She pauses to stare at Lyria as the little girl reacts. Oh… right. That's how kids are when sweets are involved. She knew this, on some level. She knows how Skyler responds when there's actual physical cake on the line! She just didn't think about her use of that word, because while Skyler knows cake, he doesn't connect it to the word… yet. He will. For now… Aaaay is right! "Oh, right. With the creamy… stuff…" Soriana hands the excited boy over to his father (he's going to sleep well tonight! …she hopes!) and grins. "I think everyone here likes cake." Probably. If they don't, well, that's more for the rest of them, not that there isn't plenty to go around in the first place. Soriana takes a moment to make sure the presents are in order - the ones Skyler's not carrying around, that is. There's more to be opened, but… that will happen later, once the people who gave them are around to see… or have missed out on their chance. Either way, it's cake-time!

Kera gets to her feet, though her steps are slow to let the rush of rush of kids that are suddenly screaming for cake, stampede towards the mini army of sweet weilding cooks. Overhearing the comment about Skyler eating as much as he likes she smirks and murmurs "Or wear it as a hat if he prefers." When the line shortens she steps up for a big ole slice that she'll have to spend a few extra candlemarks working off. She'll chat with Ka'el, Soriana and her newest acquaintance Miyan among others before finding her way back to her cottage.

"I like cake! I do!" Lyria is raising one hand excitedly and practically following on Ka'el's heels wherever he goes. He is the Cake Lord? Dun dun duuun! Miyan laughs again before waving as Kera moves over to the line. The greenie doesn't seem quite inclined to go that way yet. Or well…she is, but it's a slow process for her. Too many children! "If either of us have any luck, they'll both sleep through the night and let us wake up a bit later tomorrow morning." Because isn't that always the issue? Not enough sleep and too much energy with the little ones! "Only the /big/ ones are this exhausting. It's easier while they're younger though…they don't have a clue about turndays. But once they hit the age where they associated that with a party? Faranth, you're in trouble." She grins over at Ka'el and brings him doom-type news. Whoops!

A cake hat? Ka'el holds Skyler out at arm's length, considering him. "You'll be neat, right?" Ha! That's a joke. The boy can't be neat when given a single grape to eat. A whole cake slice? They might as well get a wash bucket out now! "Eh. that's alright. Lyria will help clean him up if needed, right?" he says to his new little cake mooching sidekick. Skyler is tucked beneath his arm (yup, as if he were a ball or something) and carried over to the sweets. "Turnday boy, coming through!" He snags a plate of cake to give to Lyria before claiming Skyler's. He turns eyes to Miran as he picks his way out of the mass of cake wanting children. "Uh. So that gives us…what? Three more turns? … Two? …. Please say it's three more turns of peace." He can hope! And pray.. if praying were a thing to do. With cake in hand and Skyler dangling beneath arm, he looks ready to go! Release the Kraken! Or..rather, release Skyler upon the cake. "After this rush of sweets, he'd better sleep til noon! That'd be the best turnday gift ever," he laughs, setting down the cake. Preparing the battlefield.

Uh… that's why they have the wading pools, right? To wash these kids off afterward! Soriana and Ka'el thought ahead! "…he'd better sleep," Soriana says as she eyes Skyler being carried away to his sweet turnday treat. "I know I'm going to be sleeping until…" Yup, noon. Like Ka'el said! …ha! As if Skyler would ever actually let them sleep that late. She listens to Miyan's report on upcoming turndays, then looks at Ka'el. "So… next year, a quiet little thing?" she suggests. "No more than five, six people tops?" She's probably joking. Then again, once she sees the cleaning bill for this one… she might not be! They only have so many chances before the kid will know (think) he deserves a big party… like, say… "When's your turnday, Lyria?"

"I'd say maybe two…enjoy it while it lasts." Miyan laughs softly while Lyria snags her cake and promptly starts into it. She is /not/ a little lady when it comes to cake. She is a MONSTER. It's amazing that the little girl doesn't choke really…and she's already asking for seconds. Miyan however is more interested in dawing at Skyler for a moment. So cute! "Here's hoping to a late morning wake up call." Miyan tips her head at Soriana, but now Lyria is pulling her /back/ to the table. "I…think she'd like a little more." And gasp, Miyan is actually giving it to her. "Excuse us for a moment!" And there can be heard a little girl squealing, "Cake cake cake cake!"

It doesn't take long for Skyler to figure out, once he's set upon his father's lap with cake in front of him, that the treat is his. Even if it wasn't his, he'd assume it was. Hand, SQUISH! Apparently he and Lyria have the same sort of tablemanners! Cake will get into his mouth, yes. And also into his hair. And onto his cheeks. And smeared on his forehead. And likely on Ka'el too since he's the human highchair. Mmmm! He (Skyler…not Ka'el) sucks his hand blissfully while Ka'el just laughs fondly and shakes his head. "Wow, she inhaled that.." he remarks of Lyria, laughing again and waving a hand to Miyan as she heads off for seconds for her daughter. "Good luck!" he calls in her wake. Getting cake is like going through a sea of monsters! Happy little monsters, but still…monsters! He looks to Soriana now, both brows lifting. "Noon," he says with a definitive nod. "When he's done, he's playing. Then opening more presents. Then getting in the pool. We're wearing him out. … Noon" That's the goal! And if they can somehow manage that, then this first turnday party really is a success!

"…I think you might be right," Soriana says to Miyan, because yup, Lyria is giving some definite signs of cake-desiring. "Enjoy!" she calls, before going to sit down next to Ka'el. "Table manners look like they're more of a… four or five turns thing," she says, and then she puts her arm around Ka'el while Skyler enjoys his cake. He doesn't need the sugar of a whole slice anyway! So really, it's for the best that it's ending up on his face… and shirt… and father… and mother… and the ground. Still, he's enjoying himself, it's nothing that can't be cleaned, and Soriana smiles as she leans in against Ka'el. "Noon." And if they get really extra lucky, the results of this party might be cleaned up by then… the day after. Maybe? Nah. Let's not get crazy. People are here and happy, and their son is an entire turn old. It's enough. Everything else… well, everything else is just cake.

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