A Coca-Cola Clastic

Xanadu Weyr - Beach


The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Q: What do you call a can of pop found in a conglomerate?
A: A Coca-Cola Clastic!

Cachucha is by her clutch as she has been for awhile now, and she's got a new tune outside of her usual protective hisses and growls. It's a very lovely humming coming from deep in her throat. Down along the beach comes F'yr, looking rather soaked through in a long shirt and a towel thrown over her shoulder, a brown dragon slowly floating along after her from the ocean. "S'bout bloody time!" growls the brownrider as she nears, the girl definitely looking under the weather even if there is a little bit of excitement underlying it from the hatching eggs.

M'nol approaches, bickering with Hyrlon as he does so, "You should've written before you came! I would've let Satoris know you were coming." He glances up as his own fair of flits take up the welcoming humm, "Oh, flits, now at least you'll have a chance at one. These eggs're really nice."

Jessamin settles down on the beach with her usual basket full of sewing, a short distance away from the sandbox. She takes out her current work in progress, a quilt comprised of elongated hexagon patches in a startling array of colors and patterns, and begins adding on some new ones.

Hyrlon just shakes his head as his younger brother rails on and on. He does glance up as the flits begin to sing, though, with a quiet "hmmm…"

M'tri kicks his way out onto the beach with a growly looking bronze on his heels. The pair aren't form this area but they seem to know it well enough. "I say she's down here, not out there ya hulking lump. I know more then you do no matter what ya say." Onward they go, moving on towards the water until F'yr's voice pulls Mit another direction. "Hey F'yr!" is yelled out as the young rider jogs towards the former Istan brownrider.

Aoriya enters the beach, walking along it with Omasuth. A bronze firelizard has landed on her shoulder, and the concieted birdlike Kujaku begins to echo Cachucha's hum. "Huh? Kujaku what is it?" Kujaku flies towards the clutch marm, and begins to hum charmingly at Cachucha. Hi there beautiful, mind if I take a seat? Aoriya snorts. "Silly little flirt of a…" She mumbles.

Kire is out sunbathing a bit of a ways away and he hears people comes tromping down onto the beach. He sits up to see what is going. "Oh great a hatching." He watches as the beach gets swarmed and he gets up to get his beach towel.

Vora is startled on her daily walk to the beach by a crowd of people around… are those flit eggs? Oh, hoo-rah! Vora is surprised by her own enthusiasm, Slip was h-e-double hockey sticks enough to raise up into the obnoxious, beloved brown boy he is now. But… surely he'd calm down with a companion? Surely. Seeing Jessamin, Vora raises her arm in happy greeting, picking up her pace more than a bit. Slip is startled from her shoulder and flies after her, quite disgruntled. The fair-skinned girl begins chattering happily, "Jess! Nobody told me there'd be a flit hatching today! Oh, good thing I always carry around a container of meat! Do you plan on getting one?" She plops down beside the quieter girl, watching her with her sewing kit.

All My Faults Are Normal gives a little wiggle in its nest, bumping along with the other eggs. Let me out!

Kerys wades in from the shallows, still dripping. Curiosity piqued by the gathering in the distance, she grabs her towel and pats herself dry. Albeit a little sandy now, she wraps it around herself like a toga and walks over.

Phylicia /was/ at the infirmary, until she noted the small stream of people headed down towards the beach. So of course, her curiosity got peaked, which is evident from the slightly perplexed expression on her face as she follows the people down to the sandy area - after excusing herself of course, to make sure nothing is wrong down here of course. Old enough to be riding on her shoulder, a blue peeks out from under her loose hair. "Wait, wha?" And the blue starts to hum as she gets closer. "Oh. Right." Is she talking to herself again? "Hey, M'nol!" She calls out with a slight wave, taking a few hurried steps to put her closer to one of the few people she knows. "Who's your friend?"

M'nol chuckles, his focus mostly on the eggs, "This is my older brother Hyrlon, Journeyman miner."

Hyrlon smiles at the young lady, "Just transferred from Crom. Pleasure to meet you miss…?" Compared to M'nol, Hyrlon is tall and ramrod straight.

A Little Wacke isn't moving. No, it's /vibrating/, as if the occupant inside just cannot wait to get out.

"Not again." Sigam seriously looks as though he's about to cry. Honestly. What had started as a casual walk on the beach was once again going to end up in eggs, wasn't it? He's growing all-too-perceptive about clusters of people gathering on beaches these days - they either mean a hatching or a flight. Grump. "M'nol, F'yr… Chu," the Dragonhealer greets the few he knows personally, smiling down at the gold before eyeing her owner. "Eggs, hm? Lucky you, Fy." Perking up from his shirt pocket is a drowsy-looking Koenig, whose glittering brown nose twitches, throat vibrating with his welcoming hum. Towards M'nol he offers a quiet, "Sorry about the other day, by the way. I hope I didn't offend Farry." A small smile curls up the corner of one lip, a lip that looks like it's been recently busted… In fact, the Dragonhealer's whole face looks as if it's seen better days. Hmm. At the introduction, Sig nods towards Hyrlon, one hand extending. "Sigam, nice to meet you."

Jessamin waves to Vora, her quilt top in progress waving about like a flag—though her overly sun-kissed face is a better beacon still! Her usual faire is off sunning somewhere well out of sight, not there this day to add their note to the welcoming chorus. She smiles at the other girl and pats the ground beside her. "Well, come on and take a seat… oh. Looks like you already did." She chuckles softly, shaking her head and glancing at the eggs, stitching away. "Had a feeling these would start rocking soon. I might try, who knows?" She glances between her sewing and the eggs, smiling. "How have you been, anyways? I've been keeping myself to Western for a little while now."

Kire moves over to where everyone else is gathering. He might as well try to be sociable, "Good day all, what's going on here?" He asks as he looks around and he spots the eggs that are rocking, "Ah another firelizard hatching. Well good luck to everyone." His two browns pop in and land on his shoulder to watch the hatching as well.

M'nol nods to Sigam, "He was a little miffed, but glad you took it off the beach… uh…" he eyes Sigam's face with a critical eye, "Did that rider do that to you? Looks pretty bad and I know it couldn't've been Cen, she's up in South Boll."

Orventa wakes up from her napping spot amongst the dunes. Meh? Where'd all these… oh! She looks at the eggs then the people. Maybe she should get out of the way.

M'tri keeps on moving closer, waving again to F'yr before noting the firelizard clutch and the hum of the bronze that rests on his own shoulder. "Ahh anotehr clutch to watch, well Colt my boy lets see what's gonna happen." The bronzer settles himself with the others, watching the eggs and still trying to get F'yrs attention now and then at the same time.

"Phylicia." The healer apprentice chirps merrily to Hyrlon, craning her head upwards a bit to look at M'nol's brother. And Phylicia props her hands on her slight hips, 'glaring' upwards at Sigam. "What am I? Invisible?" She asks tartly, but without too much sass as she looks towards the eggs. "Hello again, by the way." She finishes off addressing Sigam.

Vora laughs, bubbling over with the zeal and happiness of the moment, a hatching, and a welcoming friend. She cocks her head and pulls at a strand of hair, "Western? Why there?" Then, seeing her working at the cloth, adds, "I was just thinking about how I must get some new clothes. I should really commission some from you, sometime." Slip, realizing belatedly what his instincts told him much too long ago, begins to hum, his head tilted toward the eggs as he clambers up Vora's chest and onto her shoulder, propping his front claws against her ear. Vora pretends it doesn't hurt.

Aoriya walks over to the eggs to have a look. "I don't want one. I've got three of the buggers already. But I'd love to watch, especially to indulge Kujaku. He's a bit of a fluff head. Odds are he'll keep bugging me until I stand and watch with him." Omasuth snorts in amusement. "Oma wants to see them too actually."

F'yr watches the eggs shake for a moment, shifting on her bare feet before her head snaps up in surprise. Anyone looking closely can see the red to her eyes, though coming out of the water… "Mit? Shells! It's been…" Her spirits are momentarily lifted by the familiar face, but it doesn't last too long, falling again into a sad frown as she turns back towards her gold firelizard and the hatching eggs. Sigam gets a tired little wave that soon turns into her hair, pushing soggy blond locks away. "Lucky that they're /hatching/. Now I can get my Chu back. And… What the shards happened to you?" She stares at the dragonhealer's face for a long moment, completely missing a hatching egg.

All My Faults Are Normal hatches, revealing a egg-wet hatchling.

The Brown Side Of Life Hatchling
Syrupy goodness smothers this thickly built brown firelizard. A deep brown, almost near black, runs over his rounded barrel and flows into his stumpy limbs, ending in ebony-dipped talons that look too dull to be of any danger. Lighter rounded spots fizzle up his broad chest, twisting around his sturdy short neck and floating their way over his eyeridges to the tip of his muzzle. His neckridges and headknobs are just as blunt and rounded as the rest of him, head crowned by a crimson cap, a color that is only repeated in streaks over his large black wingsails.

Hyrlon gawps at the hatclhling… the first he'd ever seen, then stuttered, "What… what would I do?"

Jessamin smiles at Vora, setting down her quilting. Big mistake—a tiny bronze comes crawling out of her sewing basket where it rested in a nest of her fabric scraps, and into her lap. It chirrups curiously, and then begins a high-pitched thrumming sound. "It's really beautiful there, and very inspirational for my work. Have to admit, the place is growing on me." She chuckles as she looks down at the bronze in her lap. "Oh, there you are, Bahrain." She looks back to Vora and inclines her head. "I wouldn't mind trying. I might be just an apprentice, but the whole idea's to learn, right?"

Kire nods in agreement, "The two browns I have are enough for me, if you don't have one and want one step right up and get one, it would be a shame if any of these went wild." He looks over towards Hyrlon, "Well someone will probably want to get to the kitchen and get some raw meat to feed to the firelizards."

Too Sexy For My Chert gives a shudder and a twitch and then gets knocked down to one side. Look at its cracking shell!

As Kerys gets closer, her eyes light up as she spots Kire. A wave is given in his direction, "Kire? Hello!" It's been awhile since she last saw the starcrafter, and she hopes he recognizes her. The towel toga around her begins to slip, and she does a shrug to put it back in place.

M'nol gasps a little when the pancake-brown hatches. He was pretty, but… M'nol already had two browns and there were plenty of others here who didn't have any… He would have answered Hyrlon, but Kire beat him to it. Then he gasps again, louder, that egg had fallen ove.

Sigam looks blankly at M'nol, then F'yr. "Do what to me? I fell down the stairs." Wicked mischief dances in his eyes, but he doesn't seem to have anything else to say in the matter. Not yet. "Still. Give the great brown lump my sincerest apologies." Phylicia is eyed with a bit of surprise, then given a twisting smile. "Sorry, Phylicia. I'm a bit of a space-case today. How are you?" Koenig chee's his happiness and whirls his eyes quickly down at the first hatchling, but the Dragonhealer hushes him softly. "Don't go getting any ideas. Yeah, I bet it is a relief. Eggs are a hassel to take care of." He, at least, gets to use the Annex's incubator for his…

M'tri ponders the brown for a bit, grining some as something his bronze must have said to him. "Right handsome." he whispers before planting his elbows on his knees to watch.

Vora smiles at the itsy bitsy bronze, then glances over at the newly hatched brown. Slip looks curious, as well, but as Vora envisions herself with a brown on each shoulder, she shakes her head. I can has more variety? She chuckles to herself, then turns back to Jess, only to be distracted again by the twitching egg. Again, back to Jess. "Well, it'd be better than what I've got!" She gestures at her trousers.

Kire hears a familiar voice and he moves over towards Kerys when he spots her wave. He steps back and heads over towards her, "Hello Kerys, how are you and your dragon doing? I haven't seen much of you since the hatching so they must be keeping you very busy. I've been very busy myself."

Vora waves over at Kire, pausing in her conversation with Jessamin for a moment. "I've got some right here!" She gestures down to the large meat container near her lap, which she always keeps handy, since she's always near the kitchens anyway.
Hyrlon blinks at Kire, "Meat…? Oh, for the hatchling… isn't there some here somewhere?"

The Brown Side Of Life Hatchling just flops onto the warm sands right out of his egg, taking a moment to lay there all lazy-like with slowly whirling eyes before he decides that, maybe, that pain in his tummy better be fixed. So it's up to his legs he goes, giving a wide sleepy yawn as he tries one wobbly step… two wobbly steps. Onward!

Kerys smiles, "We've been doing very well. Just stopped here to pay a few visits and spiffy up my wagon before I ship it to Ista. I'm hoping to start a puppet theatre in it for the kidlets… How've you been?" She flicks hair from her eyes, hoping she doesn't spray any wayward droplets on anyone.

Jessamin oo's softly as she sees the little brown; her bronze creels a greeting as well. She looks back to Vora for a moment, though, eyeing her with a Weaver's look. "Hmmm… well, you were on the right track, wearing green. Your eyes really are a beautiful shade, and green brings them right out." She hums to herself, thinking for a moment. "What do you think you'd wear more of—pants, or skirts?"

"Stairs?" F'yr echoes, looking just a little disbelieving with a raised brow, and then glancing towards M'nol. He seems to know more about this. "Was it a bunch of girlies throwing bottles at your face this time?" she asks, turning back to the dragonhealer with a curious look to her swollen eyes. But then she darts her eyes away, back to the eggs, and taking a step back to make room for anyone else that wants to crouch there. She's not getting near any of those hungry mouths afterall.

Hyrlon takes a small handful of meat from the bucket, watching for a while, not certain if he should act or wait.

M'nol eyes Sigam, "That reeks like week-old meat, but I won't push now… too many people around."

Kire nods to Vora, "Well there you go, anyone that needs meat go see Vora. I've only got stale ovine meatrolls that my firelizards like I don't think the hatchings would like them." He nods, "Well there is no better place for spiffying up a wagon then here. Just be careful you don't mention that you have been from Xanadu, apparently from what I know Ista doesn't like Xanadu for whatever reason. I've been all right, the construction of the Observatory has begun so I've been very very busy with that."

Don't Take This Egg For Granite shivers, shudders, and does a good job at trying to break free. But not yet.

Too Sexy For My Chert hatches, revealing a egg-wet hatchling.

The Hottest of Green Hatchlings
Quite the curvy firelizard, with long neck arched gracefully and a rounded body that is pinched a little more slender in the belly. Grassy green with added swirls of lighter patches decorate her body, following the direction of her larger rounded sections and flooding into the large wing sails. Whirling multi-faceted eyes are lined in a thin red line, highlighting her best features on her face and seductively tracing its way down her belly to the underside of her delicately long tail, and matching the crimson sharp claws at the end of her feet.

Phylicia smiles, shaking her head at Sigam. "S'alright … Sigam, yeah?" She pauses for a moment. "I'm just teasing anyhow." And she follows the gaze of others to the little brown and grins. "I forget how tiny these guys are when they hatch!" She half-coo's as one hand rubs Ciaran's head idly. She stays near M'nol and Hyrlon, though a little closer to Hyrlon as he crouches down, wondering idly if she wants to do the same sometime soon. "So, miner hmm?" She asks of Hyrlon. "Did M'nol follow you, then? Or am I missing some family history somewhere?" Family History. Dangerous words from a healer. Erk.

Aoriya giggles at the brown, "I like him Omasuth. Don't you?" She asks with a smirk. Omasuth croons in amusement. "Yeah, you like anything baby and brown." She tells the brown. Omasuth leans down and Aoriya reaches up to hug the brown's muzzle. She catches the green's entrance. "Beautiful, little girl."

Hyrlon chuckles, "I suppose you could say we both followed dad, phylicia… family business of a sort. But I followed Morla down here, can't leave the scamp alone too long or he'll get into the flour." There's a hint of inside joke there, but all M'nol's response is is a soft glower and a "Feed a flit, willya?"

M'tri eyes the little green, tipping his head this way and that before patting himself down, searching for something better then the ratty looking pieces of jerky he comes up with. "Poor offerings for a lady like that." he mutters before dropping his hands back to his knees.

Vora smiles her thanks of the mention to Kire, then has to hide a chuckle at Jessamin's suddenly critical Weaver expression, but manages to say, "Well, I'd have to say skirts… oh, certainly. I just don't own any!" Her expression is only rueful until the new little flit hatches. Pretty little thing! In fact, there's just something about the liner around her eyes that Vora can't escape.
Vora offers her meat container to M'tri, laughing. "One for all!"

The Hottest of Green Hatchlings comes barreling out of her egg, giving a saucy pose for all around before she turns her head this way and that. Where was her audience? She takes a moment to figure out where all her parts are, making sure it's all in place, before striding out into the world, passing by her brother brown with a snort and a flick of her tail. Move aside.

M'nol watches the green, then glances at Tourmaline who gives a little hiss, a definite 'no' for all the boys seemed interested.

"Stairs," Sigam verifies with a deep nod. "No bottle-hurling girlies and certainly no pyromaniac greenriders." M'nol is given a pointed glance that plainly dares him to disagree, despite his words. "Smells about like your socks, then?," the man teases before shaking his head. "Just had a disagreement, that's all." He trails off slowly, eyeing the newest green with amused interest. Koenig couldn't possibly be louder about his approval, giving off a noise that sounds amazingly like a wolf-whistle. Wonder where he learned that? Cough! "Yeah, it's Sigam," the man hazards a single glance towards Phylicia, accompanied by a shrug. "Tease away. I'm not bothered."

Jessamin grins as she looks at the green, then back to Vora; she nudges the other girl a little, chuckling. "There you go. Green like your eyes. She -is- a striking one, isn't she?" She looks over to see if there is another container of meat, putting her sewing away for now. "Skirts… okay, now that's relatively simple. What about shirts, though? Do you like something more fitted, or something loose and flowing like a tunic style?"

Orventa scampers to the side as the eggs start rocking, thinking she should probably get back. But she wouldn't be expected for a few more hours. A wistful look is given to the hatchlings before she digs in her jacket pockets for the leavings of her breakfast, a fish tartlet.

The Brown Side Of Life Hatchling makes sure to go in the opposite direction of his sister, since following her looked like too much trouble at the end. Then his nose sticks up in the air and soon enough catches that juicy scent of meat. Off he goes towards food, maw already gaping open as if he could taste it. Now just what to choose?

Phylicia looks over her shoulder at M'nol, head canted to the side a little bit before she grins. "At least you look out for him." She says as she hikes her skirts up a little bit, crouching down in the sand as she rustles through a special container on a loose belt, which holds scraps of shredded beasty. Treats for Ciaran, but also works as bribery for new 'lizards too. She doesn't actively hold it out at this time. "Oh, but what's the fun in teasing if I don't get a rise out of you?" She half-pout asks Sigam, eyes darting to the older man before returning to dancing between the brown and the green. Yes, cue the 'oh it's a baby, it's so cuuuute!' reaction.

Vora makes a sweeping gesture across her tunic. "I like soft, billowy things. I realize I'm too…" She smiles wryly at her wrists, peeking out from the tunic sleeves, "…bony for tight things. My ribs would show! But a nice corset would be pleasant…" Cue dreamy eyes, until the little hatchling catches scent of her meat. She laughs and opens the container, offering to all those around her, "He looks hungry, friends! Someone better give him something to eat!" She smiles down at her own jealous brown. "Oh, you'll get yours later!"

Kerys nods to Kire, "Good to hear you're doing well then. As for coming back to Ista from Xanadu, I'll be careful. Aye. If Quvi and I get turned away… well, It'd be saddening for sure. Not for us, but we'd miss the folk and the youngsters especially." An admiring glance is swept over the first flits to hatch, "Lovely pair."

M'nol chuckles to Phy, "I look out for everyone who looks out for me. I have to."

F'yr squints her eyes a bit more at Sigam and then snorts. "Riiight," she says, shaking her head slightly. She turns down to the other familiar face in the crowd, sighing as she spots where M'tri went off to and then slowly rocks back on her heels as she quietly watches the proceedings. Cachucha is definitely happy about each and everyone one of her hatchlings, crooning encouragements and poking gently at eggs that were trying to crack open.

Kire nods a little bit, "One of our weyrwomen spent some time in Ista's jails for giving some unwanted help. I don't know what's going on, but it seems to me that it's not a good thing if the two weyr's are going at each other like that."

Jessamin plucks out a handful of meat from the container, with a smile of thanks to Vora. "Hmmm. I've yet to make a corset, but I'm sure I could ask Loeashia about the details. Though if you're really all that thin and bony, maybe a nice tunic would work for starters." She taps her little bronze lightly on the snout, chiding him.

"Greedy. This meat's not yours. You'll have your chance."
Hyrlon continues to hold out his small handful of meat, closer to the brown now.

Sigam chuckles and sticks his tongue out part-way at F'yr before turning to answer Phylicia. "I'm slowly learning my lesson about letting people get me fired up. I'm totally zen from now on." He nods sagely, but he's definitely kidding under that vaguely aloof exterior. "Remind me and I'll tell you all about it later, F'yr. I'll even show you the offending staircase. It's quite beaten up as well. I have a hard noggin." This he taps with one long finger.

M'nol cocks an eyebrow at Sigam, "Do I get to see what's left of th' staircase too?"

The Hottest of Green Hatchlings lifts her feet up high from the sand, but that doesn't stop her gooey hide from getting sand stuck to it. She gives them a shake, snorting, and then continues on, looking more and more frustrated as she continues. Or maybe that's hunger whirling through her eyes.

M'tri watches quietly, now and then casting dark looks over his shoulder at the chuffing bronze. "Wherry head." is muttered as he lifts one hand to scratch his head which knocks some of the jerky off his leg.

Vora considers Jessamin's suggestion for a moment, her eye on the green, "I do believe you're right on both counts. She certainly does match my eyes," A moment to preen, please, "And a tunic would be more suited until I get enough rest to gain some weight." She chuckles, for even as she says this, Slip graps a slice of meat from the container and approaches the little green, his posture coy and flighty, wings half-spread. His neck arches and he offers the meat, all gentleman. Oh, you dog you.

Jessamin holds back on the meat for now, seeing as Vora is trying for the green, and Hyrlon the brown. She smiles, though, silently cheering both on as they make their attempt for a little friend. Her eyes sparkle and her shoulders shake with mirth as she watches Vora's little brown. "Oh my, what a flirt."

"My brothers might argue with you about that." Phylicia says over her shoulder with a smile to M'nol. The looking out bit, that is. But Phy seems to be in a slightly fiesty mood today, compared to what her temperment has been like in the past. But she's not sure she'd like a 'lizard who's as zesty as the green is. "Zen. Riiight." She murmurs to herself then, grinning at Sigam once more. Ah, why does she feel like she's missing so much sometimes?

The Brown Side Of Life Hatchling is not really in any mood to go too far. He's starving! He looks up with big eyes at the people, little tongue flicking out to taste the air. And then, with little warning, he pounces at the first thing he sees, landing right by Orventa. Is that fish for him?

Hyrlon chuckles, watching the interplay of the weyrfolk with his brother for a moment, "You've made more friends here than you ever had at home, Morla."

Kerys asks Kire, "How is the observatory now? Still more work to be done?" One foot absently scratches the sand from her ankle.

Kire nods, "Yep, the outside is about half way done, but then we have to do the inside and make the telescope and the mount it, then do all the wiring and computer work to get it fully functional. So about another turn or so of working to do on it."

F'yr throws the towel more firmly around her shoulders, snuggling into the warmth of the dry thing as she looks from hatchlings back to the banged up Sigam. "I'll definitely remind you, cause that staircase sure does sound interesting. Does it need anymore beating, cause you know who to call." Mercenary Fy, that's who. She snorts lightly and studies his beat up face some more. "So was it an even match between you and the stairs or did the stairs do most of the knocking 'bout like they normally tend to do?"

The Hottest of Green Hatchlings can't really decline an offer like the one being given by the handsome brown, tossing her wings back with a flutter and then striding forward to steal the meat away. Well, where's the rest? She doesn't really pay him that much more attention, following the trail right back to the source with a needy creel.

The Hottest of Green Hatchlings looks into Vora's eyes. Impression!

Don't Take This Egg For Granite hatches, revealing a egg-wet hatchling.

Awaken The Spirit Bronze Hatchling
Were it not for the large build of this firelizard, his dark hide could easily pass for a chromatic color instead. Thick in face, neck, and body overall with short muscular legs and a stubby yet strong tail, the metallic tinge can still be picked out here and there. Golden streaks are reflected under light, hidden in the dark among the rest of this shady guy; yet marring his face and speckling his back, covering a trail down legs and tail are his true metallic nature. His wings, large sails to keep his heavy build aloft, are a shade paler with a touch of burgundy.

M'nol gives Hyrlon a dark glare, "Stop calling me that… I'm not 8 anymore." He glances up, then smiles, "Congrats Vora, she's a beauty that one is."

Vora watches at Jessamin contains her laughter, her own wide grin hardly holding back a good laugh, herself. "You bet." She sighs dramatically, "I don't know what I'll do with that little flitbrat." Then, startled, she looks down at the little green, creeling for MORE. Vora can hardly spare the beautiful bronze a second glance as she happily stuffs her new friend. Well, if the definition of friend is a greedy little beauty that wants to use anyone with food.

Jessamin cheers as she sees the little green make a beeline for Vora. "Well-done!" The next hatchling catches her eye, though, and she nearly drops the meat from her hand. One piece does make it to the sand, fair game for any hatchling who happens by. "Oh wow, now he's a handsome one…."

Aoriya exclaims. "Now thats a beautiful bronze. He's quite an elegant fellow."

Hyrlon ignores M'nol's jibe, but his eyes open wide at the bronze, shifting his attention there with a definite intent. Holding the meat out before him and whistling softly.

Slip looks on in disappointment as the little beaut passes him right by after seeming to take him on in his offer. Oh, but she's headed for the big lump of a love, Vora. Does this mean she'll be around, always, now? Oh happy day!

"Oh, naturally. Come by the infirmary with me tomorrow, I'll be glad to introduce you," Sigam says to M'nol. This staircase is sounding more and more personified by the minute… "Why does no one believe me?," the Dragonhealer sighs then, eyes lifting heavenwards before he rolls them back down at Phylicia. "I'm feeling very, very out of the loop of trust tonight. It's totally hurting my feelings." Smirk. F'yr's offer is actually contemplated, dark brown eyes going distant before he finally shrugs. "It was an equal beating, I believe. As for that, I'll let you meet him - it - and then you can decide if you want to kick the snot out of it or not. A mark says you will, though."

"When it's done, I'd like to pay it a visit!" Kerys grins. If she had time of course. "I've always wanted to see what the stars were like truly."

M'nol nods to Sigam, "Good. I may not be able to hurt it until after I graduate, but I make no promises about Faraeth. He kind of likes you, after all." He gives a surprised whistle at the bronze and almost reaches for some meat, but sees that his brother is trying for him and doesn't want to compete.

Kire smiles, "Well I'll be glad to give you a tour once it's all done. Well there is an observatory at the main craft hall, you can always go visit there if you want to see the stars up close."

Vora smiles knowingly, seeing the look in everyone's eyes at the bronze emerges. Oh, it'll be a contest for this one. Cheerfully, she holds out the meat container to all, then turns to Jessamin. "Oh, I know you want him. You'd better go for it, or I'll, ahem, bronze your hide." She chuckles at her own joke, teasing. Then, back down to the little green. "Oh, you need a name, don't you?" She tries to pet the pretty head with a finger, but the frisky thing latches on with tiny, sharp teeth. Food? "Yow!" Vora exclaims, then hurriedly hands her more meat. "Well, I never! You'll lose your figure, you know!" she adds, fondly.

Jessamin smiles, tilting her head to one side. "He really is a tempting one, isn't he?" A second piece of meat drops to the sand near the first, as Jess seems entranced by the little bronze. The little one in her lap raises his head, crooning a greeting to the newest of the hatchlings.

Kerys uses the trailing eng of her towel to wring out her hair. "Hope you don't mind. Last time we met, I think I was fresh from the water too." She blushes.

Phylicia shifts enough, tucking her skirts around her legs so she's sitting on the sands now instead of croutching. She may be young, but croutching for long still hurts after awhile. "What?" She asks, looking up and over her shoulder at Sigam. "Would you like me t'give you a nice big hug or something?" Her grin says it all: she's still teasing. But if the older dragonhealer needed a hug, she'd give it to him. She's all caring like that, even for a little 15 turn old. The bronze is eyed, and Hyrlon too as he grows even more intent. Phy giggles, still dangling her meat out, now resting her forearm on her knee.

Vora smiles at her friend's enchanted state, even as she continues to stuff the little one's face. "What a divine little love. Oh! That's perfect for you!" The flit looks up at her, all beautiful eyes and bold persona. Vora's voice is a breath of whisper as she speaks the word again, "Divine…" She nods satisfactorily. "That's just the name." She waves to Enka, a latecomer.

Kire laughs a little bit, "It seems that we keep meeting on the beach." He chuckles, "I don't mind, well I'm not trying for a firelizard if you want to go someplace dry."

F'yr's eyes actually light up for a moment as she waits on Sigam's answer, just a little disappointed at his reply. "Oh, well, I guess I'll have to go see for myself there. But if it deserves a good beating, I'll be happy to give it as well." She needs to hurt something apparently. She cracks her knuckles, but her feelings aren't completely backing up her words that day as she turns her attention back to the eggs. Haatch.

M'tri watches, cheering quietly for the bronze that hatches. "Relax Rix, he ain't gonna match up to you." The bronzer rolls his eyes, scritches Colt then begins his watching again.

Awaken The Spirit Bronze Hatchling gives a shudder to shake off all the goo and egg shards. Can't go around walking with that on his shoulders… And then, standing tall, he starts a path around the other rocking eggs and away from the nest, looking for something tasty to fill his belly.

Jessamin grins at Vora and little Divine, bursting out with laughter as the other girl's finger is nearly taken off. "Heh, had one do that to me once. Must be something about the greens." She turns her gaze back to the bronze, while still watching the other eggs yet un-hatched.

Hyrlon leans forward a little further, holding his handful of meat even closer to the bronze, emitting yet another soft whistle, like calling a runner.

The Brown Side Of Life Hatchling finds no food still offered down at him, so the brown must move on for something more at eyelevel. Snuffling around he searches the ground for anything discarded, turning his big whirling pleading eyes on anyone he passes by. Feeeed me?

Kerys's blush fades. "Aye, that might be nice." She looks to the sparkling bits of shell on the sand, "I think I might want to stay abit though. It may sound funny, but I'm thinking of asking F'yr if I can keep some of the shell pieces later. They'd make great earrings I think."

The sand near Jessamin seems to be littered with a couple pieces of meat; the young Weaver is distracted for the moment, and not really watching them. She instead seems taken with Vora's new little friend, and watching the unhatched eggs.

M'nol finds it harder and harder to resist the little brown's siren call. Hopefully someone would feed him soon, he didn't need a third brown. Well, fourth if you count Faraeth…

Vora looks down at the bronze, pointing emphatically at the meat Jessamin offers, and the little bit she's dropped. "Lookie here, little one!" She smiles at Jess. "Well, I can't help but cheer for you."

Orventa leaps back as one of the flizzards approaches her. Lost in her own world she was. "Jays! Give a girl a heart attack!"

Sigam sniffles, loud and teasingly, one finger wiping at his eyes. "Thanks for your support, guys. I'm really touched." Someone's in a really weird mood tonight, guys. For realz. "Tell Farry that particular staircase isn't worth his time, however. It's too much of a pansy." A flick of his eyes catches F'yr's mild disappointment, and he reaches out to pat her shoulder, if she'll let him. "There, there. I actually have a bit of respect for those stairs, but… Oh shardit, it's too hard to keep this up. Just beat the shit outta the guy any time you darn well please. He's the loud, noisy, obnoxious one up there. You really can't miss him." With his dropped pretenses seems to go his act, and the Dragonhealer visibly relaxes, lifting his arms to tuck behind his head comfortably.

Enka has been here all along … or has she? There's something non-obstrusive about the way the young girl is drawn towards the gathered crowd, whisping along the at the fringes of the assembled before — as they say, curiousity killed the feline — and she takes the plunge, squirming her way between a couple of people. There's an advantage to being thin, one might say, and she squeaks past an adult, and then hovers somewhere in the vincinity of the gathered center. "Oh," a bit of an exclaimation then. "Interesting." Gray eyes glint with interest, and, she leans forward a bit. Was that someone who just waved to her? Or was the gesture meant for someone else? Nonetheless, Enka returns the greeting with a wave of her own.

Kire nods to Kerys, "As you wish. The hatching looks like it's getting interesting, I wonder how many more will hatch tonight." He ahs, "Well I'm sure he'll let you keep some shell pieces."

Bloodstone gives a happy *cheep* and flits over to Sigam and, if allowed to land, strokes his cheek. See… wasn't that easier?

Awaken The Spirit Bronze Hatchling gives one mighty SNIFF. What's that over there? He suddenly turns his attention another way, looking for all the world like he knew just where he was going.

Hyrlon gasps, leaning a little too far and slipping to his hands and knees next to Phylicia, meat still outstretched, but now wearing a sheepish smile. Had he really just knocked himself over over a bronze nuisance?

Jessamin looks a little startled as Vora starts trying to draw the bronze's attention towards the meat that's dropped from her hand down to the sand in front of her. "Vora… what do you think you're doing?!" She smiles, bemused, and chuckles. "Gaah… this should be interesting, wonder which way the little darling will go?"

The Brown Side Of Life Hatchling stops dead in front of Phylicia, head swiveling about as he catches the scent of her meat. Near the ground, too! It doesn't take him long to jump out and then in one quick chomp he steals away the piece, already eager for more.

The Brown Side Of Life Hatchling looks into Phylicia's eyes. Impression!

Kerys finishes rubbing out her hair and steps from the crowd for a moment to bend over and wrap up her long hair turban-style. "Sorry, pardon me," Given her hair is very long, much of it still poke out in places.

F'yr's shoulder is patted without any complaint really. Once upon a time she might have tensed, but she seems to accept the added comfort. "Well, if you say—" And then she perks up a little bit, and there's actually the faint sound of a giggle in there. "Really? Well, shells, now I definitely am gonna have to do that. He sounds like it." What a way to lift a girl's spirits! Her blue eyes trail back to the eggs, but only for a moment, before she reaches to give Sigam a poke at his side if he doesn't move away. It doesn't look that gentle. "You taking home a Chu baby?" And that question seems to go to M'nol as well, or anyone else nearby. Take them away!

Phylicia squeaks in surprise as Hyrlon comes tumbling to his knees right next to her, which is coupled with the brown coming up next to her hand and steal the piece out of her hand. "For crying out loud!" She sqwuaks, her non-meat hand flying to her heart. For a moment her head goes to rest on her knees, and she looks at the little brown, who is eagerly looking for more. "I want to say 'oh bugger,' but you're too cute." And another piece of meat is produced without lifting her head from her knees as she puts her heart back into her chest, instead of her throat.

Lost My Apatite hatches, revealing a egg-wet hatchling.

Obey Your Green Hatchling
Sprite-like in spirit and form, slim and aerodynamic, a green of the skies has never been painted more perfectly. Azure drapes itself over her head like a hood, melting into a deep emerald that sinks down into the bottom half of her body and slowly fading into a paler stripe running down her belly and the inside of her legs. Eyeridges are sprinkled with lemon rind, dipped in headknobs and speckled on the top of all her ridges; yellow-green wings mimic the rest of her body, curved and pointed for quick flight.

M'nol emits a soft whistle, "She's pretty," but he continues to stand back, letting his brother have the glory.

Kire smiles, "I always wondered how you women do that. I could never do it when I tried." He looks over as an impression is made and he smiles, "Congratulations."

M'tri fiddles with the jerky, just watching the hatching going on. THe new green is eyed, the meat still played with as the Westerner seems to ponder offering what he has to her.

Kerys now neatly turbaned, does her best to sneak into the crowd, giggling at Kire's remarks. "Now you know our secret. Shh…." Her voice lowers dramatically. "Oh a green, she's a dainty one isn't she?"

Vora laughs quietly, taking care that should the bronze come this way, after all, her loud mouth doesn't scare it away. "Oh, you know you want him! Don't blame me for… nudging things along." She grins. "Anyway, if he does Impress you, he'll have a nice place to sleep!" Vora turns her glance to the sewing basket, where the newly-dubbed Divine was curling up.

Sigam gives a low laugh in response, eyes dancing. "Yeah, he's the real deserving sort, so don't you go holding back either." The Dragonhealer doesn't move out of the way of the poke, definitely wincing and hitching his breath with a soft, pained noise. "Ow," is all he says, however, eyes dancing. Look at him, trying to take his bruises like a man! Pffffff. "I-" Hesitation, a glance towards the shimmering brown in his pocket. "-plan to, yeah, if one will have me." The words tumble out a bit quickly, as if, should he say it to slow, he might change the direction of his words. What? For all that the brown was cute and cheeky, he was still a handful! "How could I resist? They're all so adorable." He pats the pockets that aren't filled with brown firelizard, looking for an offering. He knew he'd stuffed a meatroll around here somewhere…

Enka's eyebrows rise slightly in surprise as she regards the little green. "Nice colors to her," the girl comments, doing her best to look and sound appreciative although she's not particularly … skilled in the way of good compliments. "Bet she'd be fast." A hand darts towards her belt pouch, and seconds later, Enka's rummaging through it, trying to find something. And finding nothing at all of any reasonable value to a firelizard hatchling she asks plaintively, "don't suppose anyone's got any spare meat on hand?"

Jessamin looks up at the ooh'ing and aah'ing, espying the little green. A smile curls her lips upwards, but she makes no move for the dainty beauty. Not yet. She waits to see which way the little one will go. At just that moment, though, her attention is drawn back to her sewing basket by Vora; she shakes her head, laughing. "Gaah. It took me long enough to get the rest out of that habit, it'll take me forever to break Bahrain of it, and now I'm going to have to worry about finding your little Divine in there?" She grins unrepentantly, seeming to love every minute of it all the same.

Awaken The Spirit Bronze Hatchling strides his way over towards some decent offerings, poking his head foward to give a little curious sniff at the meat. Well, it's definitely edible, and decent enough, and it /was/ being honestly offered. He snaps up what Hyrlon's been holding out to him, looking up at the miner. You'll do.

Awaken The Spirit Bronze Hatchling looks into Hyrlon's eyes. Impression!

Gneiss Egg slowly melts apart to reveal an egg-wet hatchling.

Be A Pepper Blue Hatchling
This little hatchling is a bright sky blue in colour from tip to tail, with paler swirls that tend to look almost white over the shoulders and haunches. Upon his chest is a darker patch of bright blue that really stands out on his breastbone. His limbs are delicate seeming like a green, with those palest of blues puddling over its little talons. His wingsails seem overly long for this body but perhaps that will change with time, the bright sky blue on top, with that pale ice blue beneath.

Hyrlon gasps as the bronze takes the meat from him, scrabbling to his feet for more meat, offering that to the bronze as well until the big little one finally allows himself to be picked up and fed by hand. Like so many on their first time, the grin his wears looks just a little stupid as he feeds the tiny bronze.

Jessamin 's jaw drops at the sight of the little blue. This time, she does hold out a piece of meat, in addition to the ones fallen to the sand. "What a handsome one you are, yes…" Which way will he go?

M'nol's jaw drops some as well, finally actually grabbing some meat and approach the circle. That little blue was stunning, almost so much so that he couldn't resist, but for the time, he stood his ground, meat in hand, until he could be sure no one else was trying too hard.

Kire smiles as Kerys, "I've seen it done lots of times, but I still don't know how to wrap it up. Must be some women's secret."

M'nol did gives his brother a soft clap on the back, though, and a significant look.

As much as Phylicia knows she could just scoop the brown up and haul him off, she convinces him onto her lap first, before slipping him onto the palm of one hand with a fat piece of shredded beasty on it, using the other to push herself off the ground. "As cute as they are," She says moving a few steps away, next to Sigam and the freshly-moved M'nol "Having more than one hatchling at a time would be murder." A look goes to the not-quite-so-old blue on her shoulder, who seems to be glaring at the brown who is hugged to her chest, being fed /his/ food.

Orventa fingers the stale fish tarlet, her heart still racing from her recent surprise. The nanny looks down at the flaky bit, Would it be enough for theese wee ones? She dips into a meat bucket, "Here we are, a bit more fresh I say, don't ya?" She smiles at one of her own firelizards-a blue, then turns back to the nest. The blue bobs his head then utters a warble as the green breaks out of her shell. "You like her hmm?" She smiles and stretches out her litle tarlet and meat bit. "Here wee dearie dearie…."

Vora leans back, content with her tiny green, albeit a greedy, unaffectionate one. Ah, well, that may change in time. She smiles fondly at the little one in the basket. "Ah yes, well, at least if I can't find her, I'll know where she is!" Vora brushes a strand of hair away from her cheek, then looks on as the bronze impresses. She shakes her fist, laughing, at Hyrlon. "Congrats, and I hope he gives you a sharding time of it!" Slip finally makes his way over to the girl, peering around as if looking for something, then spies it in the basket. He chitters at the green, who eyes him with a glare in her little red-lined eyes. He ignores this look and badgers her with chitters and chatter about what seems to be nothing. His good coy graces seem to be gone. Vora smiles at this interlude, then turns to Jessamin. "I see you have your eye on another one, now. He would have been a beast to feed, anyway," she adds in her way of consolation.

F'yr winces herself as she realizes just what her poke did. "Uh… sorry," she says, trying to sound very sincere about that at the moment. "Did you end up getting anything broken?" She looks the older man up and down quickly as if she actually were a Healer, but seeing that her attention shifts away she definitely wasn't interested in healing anyone at the end. "Just a few more and she'll be free," she mutters, glaring at the eggs that still refused to hatch. "They ain't just any hatchlings, though. They're /Chu's/," says Fy, very particular about her best friend's eggs. She looks to Sigam again as he searches, then to the others around, resting on Enka that was meatless as well. "Anyone got spare food?" she calls out more loudly.

Hyrlon continues to stuff food into the bronze's tiny maw, nodding to Vora, "I think he will. He's mostly bronze, but look here and here," he points to a few golder lines, "Like veins of gold in the rock. I think I'll call him Vein." Vein in turn gives a demanding chirrup, where's my food?

Jessamin bursts out laughing at the interlude in her sewing basket, chuckling. "Well, at least that was only a bit of muslin on the top, it can be replaced. I'd keep it for a sling for Divine, if I were you. She's adopted it anyways." Her attention goes right back to the little blue; she wiggles the meat in her fingers as if it were a little fish. Too, the little bronze seems to trill, calling out to the newest hatchling.

Be a Pepper Blue Hatchling squeaks a little in surprise at the bright new world around him, his wings flailing behind him as if he were already trying to make a run for it. But the goo weighs him down, and he pauses as something more enticing suddenly catches his attention. Right, food… After a moment's consideration he crawls out of the egg remains and goes in search.

M'tri leans back some, stretching his back and shifting in the sand. Watching still.

Obey Your Green Hatchling remains quiet and still for a long moment, almost looking like she might be dead afterall. But then the little girl gives a shudder and streeetches all the way out, opening her mouth wide in a yawn.

Kerys winks at Kire, "Aye, it's a skill you have to develop. All in the wrists." She slides a look at the green, then slips a hand into her beltpouch- A spiced meatroll bun is drawn out and she crouches to offer it. Wriggling her wrist just so.

Dark blue skirts rustle as Enka does her best to crouch as low to the ground as she can — finally abandoning all decorum and just plopping herself down on the sand as best she can, her dress pooled about her. "Haven't got so much as a finger of a meatroll," she remarks, glancing up at the nearest person. "Wasn't planned at all." Ok, fine, she's trying to garner sympthay, isn't she? And then the blue is spied. "Oh, lovely one him," the girl remarks, nodding slightly, once more doing her best to act like she knows anything she's talking about.

M'nol absently passes a meat bucket to Enka

Vora pushes her meat container toward Enka. "Here, looks like Divine has finished her bit."

Kire nods, "I guess so, I'll just have to practice." He watches Kerys, "That's a handsome blue one. Good luck to you for getting it."

Vora looks up in surprise at Jessamin, "Are you sure? Wouldn't you like payment of some sort?" She considers for a moment, "But yes, I will need a sling for this ickle one. If you like, drop by the kitchens here sometime and I'll make you something special." Divine gives a great, indelicate yawn before drifting into almost narcoleptic sleep, Slip standing guard.

Sigam wriggles his ribcage experiementally, seems to discern that indeed nothing's broke, and then shakes his head at F'yr. "Don't worry about it, it's just ugly under there. Bruises all over, but thankfully, nothing's too serious." He bites back the childish desire to 'flash' her and cry 'Wanna see?!', but only just. Maturity strikes like lightning, they say. "Eh, sometimes murder's worth it, right Ko?" Sig spares a disgustingly adoring look for his brown before tossing Enka a sideways grin. "He is a pretty one, isn't he? Definitely came from a lovely momma." That's said more to placate Fy, but the girl doesn't need to know that. Seeing meat being given to her, he doesn't fork over his prize when he finds it. The meatroll's a bit rumbled and squished, but at least it's fresh.
M'nol glances down at Enka with a smile, but doesn't say anything just yet. Now was not the time for introductions.

Jessamin smiles to Vora, nodding. "The sling's a gift, but Crafthall rules, I can't let the outfit go. Fair enough, though… I'll stop by the kitchens. Just nothing with pecans, hmm?" She turns her attention back to the little blue, extending the choice scrap of meat. "There you are, little one, food for a hungry belly…."

Enka turns a broad grinning smile towards M'nol as the bucket of meat swims into her vision, and an equally grateful look is cast in Vora's direction. "Thank you!" comes the cheerfully chirrup of glee from the girl as she reaches forwards, fingers digging into the proffered containers and coming up with a good-sized handful of chopped up meat products. And thus armed with dripping bits of what can only be termed as 'bribes', the girl surveys her surroundings, gaze darting between green and blue, and then back towards M'nol. "'M Enka," she says by way of greeting, proferring a hand, only to stop short at the sight of the meat juice dripping down along her elbow — oops.. wrong hand.

Phylicia just randomly decides to stick close to Sigam, seeing as how the small group of people she's been talking to is still more or less clumped together by the edge of the circle. But she's also doing this to get a view of the hatchlings as they break free of their shells. "Vein, hmm?" She asks, looking over to Hyrlon. "I don't know what to call this little man." She says, lifting the brown's chin with her index finger for a moment before another peice of meat is produced and gobbled down.

M'nol just sort of stops, eyes on Enka, hand partially outstretched in greeting. He stays frozen for a moment, examining the girl for similarity to the missing records keeper. Then shakes his head violently before taking a deep breath and saying, "M'nol, Faraeth's rider. It's a…" he pauses, then blurts, glad Thea isn't present, "Do you know Enkavir?"

Hyrlon examines Phy's brown for a moment, then is distracted by his brother's outburst, blinking twice before the bronze nips his hand again, demanding food.

F'yr's attention, once again, is diverted from the eggs and the hatchlings to Sigam, brows arched high over her eyes. "Ugly, huh? Really?" Then her eyes hover around his middle in honest morbid curiosity. She was probably one of those type of weyrbrats that poked dead things on the side of the road. She stands a little straighter, shoulders tossed back under the towel and a smile slowly twitching up her features. "Damn striaght. They come from one of the best golds 'round here," she says with a very fond tone to her voice.

Obey Your Green Hatchling makes sure her lazy walk is taking her directly towards the ones with food, and especially those with food right down by the ground for her to easily pick things out. Where are the yummies and who wants to give her plenty of it?

Orventa shows off the tartlet in an almost comical manner, making little clucking noises to the green. What was she a wherry? Well, she's trying. "Dearie oeee dearie, dearie o! Heere lil miss!"

Enka blinks, shaking her head briefly. "Umm … who?" There's a fair bit of confusion on her face right now. "Don't know anybody by that name at all. My da named me for my grandmother. And she's worse than a broody dragon her; all cranky and cross and downright grumpy about everything." she grimaces. "But better than me ma, you know. Her, I can't stand much." And with that, Enka glances away briefly, gaze turning towards both green and blue hatchlings as her brow furrows in thought. And then she seems to realize she's got a handful of meat, and begins to pick through it with her other hand, trying to find a nice juicy big bit to toss out … well, somewhere.

M'nol nods sadly, "I could hope… don't worry about it…"

Sigam smirks and ducks his head in a nod, using his free hand to hook up the end of his shirt and lift it to let F'yr see the lovely mottling of angry purple, green, and red on his ribcage. "Uglier than a momma wher, isn' it?," he asks, amused as he bends his knees and lowers himself to the sand. What? He wasn't going to get a wee little thing's attention clear up there. Lowering his shirt again, the Dragonhealer rests his meatroll on his knee and beams up at F'yr. "If not /the/ best. Come now, don't be modest." It's part tease, part honesty as he flicks a glance towards M'nol, hearing a familiar name. One brow hikes way, way up, but as Enka dispells his hopes, the man's attentions wander again. "What does he remind you of?," Sig asks of Phylicia, eyeing the little brown in question. "That's a place to start, at least."

Kerys nods to Kire, still trying to make the bun dance. "Practice makes perfect, at least that's what my gran used to tell me." The sand's really making her want to itch, but she's resisting the urge. Instead she tries to discreetly rub the side of her hip against a rock. Ah… Wiggle waggle.

Kire sits down in the sand to watch to see if Kerys gets the blue firelizard, "I guess you are right about that, the wisdom from our elders, in this case your gran, shouldn't be ignored."

Vora waves her hand, "Oh no, I'll certainly pay for that! And, as I said, I don't mind paying for the muslin, but I'll gladly take it as a gift." She wraps a corner of the material around the little green, tucking her in, as it were. Smile softly, "Yes, she certainly has claimed it. I just hope she doesn't come up missing, only to be found in your sewing basket on the daily."

Jessamin chortles softly, nodding. "Ah well, it'll give me an excuse to drop by more often if she does." Wiggle, wiggle, goes the meat in her fingers, held out in offering towards the little blue. Her eyes twinkle merrily as she watches the little darling make his way across the sands. "There you go, who's the handsome little man, hmmm? You'll make all the ladies jealous one day, yes you will!"

F'yr ducks her head down a little to get a good peek, and then 'oohs' and 'aaahs' and winces appropriately. "Well, I gotta say that I've seen /worse/," she admits, smirking at the Dragonhealer, which turns into a more honest grin. "Alright, alright, the best. Definitely." Just rub her ego a little bit more and she might actually get an honest smile that reaches those tired eyes that day.

Phylicia is in a good enough spot to glance at Sigam's collection of bruises, and the young girl winces, her face staying in a grimace for a few moments. But, since the man himself is a healer of sorts, she stays silent until his question half-startles her. "He's well…" She pauses, looking down at the brown happily guzzling down piece after piece set before him. "He's a 'lizard." She finishes lamely with a little bit of a laugh, tickling the bubbles of fizz running up the brown's neck after depositing more meat in the palm of her hand, starting to run out from her treat-pouch. "It took me a good day or three to name Ciaran…" She half-mumbles.

Obey Your Green Hatchling hesitates in another step forward. What in Faranth's name is that sound? She is tilting her head this way and that, looking thoroughly annoyed, and then follows the source all the way to Orventa with a loud screech. What a weird noise! And then the screech turns into a creeling, mouth open for the food.

Obey Your Green Hatchling looks into Orventa's eyes. Impression!

Dylon sees the group gathered on the beach and sees the hatchlings and trots down to see the activity up close. "Hi everyone! Oh, darn, I didn't bring any meat with me…"

Vora does a fake sulky number, "Well, I hope so, since you'll be in Western now." She mock-sighs. "It figures, a girl around here that I can actually have a full conversation with, and she leaves." She pokes Jess in the collarbone. "You'd better come visit, missy, so I can fatten you up."

M'nol points mutely to a bucket of meat, eyeing Sigams bruise with a trained eye.

Be a Pepper Blue Hatchling keeps making his shy way around the crowd, wandering this way and that, and finally gives a soft little creel, wondering just which way to go, since there was meat everywhere.

Schist Happens hatches, revealing a egg-wet hatchling.

Bronze Hatchling Has Bite
Majestic in stature is only amplified by this firelizard's brassy hide, polished to perfection. Sinewy muscles quiver under the stretched hide, lithe yet powerful over his graceful features, strong legs with a whipping tail that stretches long behind him. A sharp muzzle sweeps back into a regal arch, delicately etched with green to highlight his handsome angles. Green pales into silver tracks that lead down his back to the sterling sails of his large wings, a ghostly shimmering cape always held partly open.

Dylon smiles as he scoops up a few pieces of meat from the nearby bucket. He approaches the small firelizards and dangles a piece in from of the new hatched bronze.

Kerys sighs and gives in to her urge, allowing herself a good scratch to the hip and bum. Proprieties be damned! She was desparate. The bun is waggled, along with her bum. "Seems she's taken then," she brings the bun back in as the green Impresses.

M'nol finally gives in to his desires and crouches down closer to the clutch, holding his meat out as well.

Enka's grin is wry, cast towards the newly aquired green and the clucking woman who'd gotten her. "Does that work?" she asks, brow still furrowed in thought. "Making noise?" And maybe throwing food, right? Given that she's found a couple of sizeable meat scraps in her hand, she's got some well … ammunition so to speak. Or maybe good bribes. Or something. Her lips twist slightly, gaze flickering towards the blue, and then towards the new-hatched bronze. "There a trick to it?" she asks nobody in particular, before tossing out a couple pieces of meat, which was probably not the best thing to do in the first place.

Jessamin waves her free hand a bit, grinning at Vora. "Worst case scenario, we could always write via flits. And from what I've heard about you cooking, a trip to the Kitchens would be well worth it. But I haven't up and moved yet. Though I admit… it's tempting. Very tempting." She looks back to the hatchlings, continuing to entice the little blue with the meat between her fingers. Where would he go?

"Oh, so have I, but it still hurts. Been a while since I actually went lookin' for a fight so." Sigam shrugs at F'yr, but seems to be put in a generally good mood talking about it. Kindred souls, in a manner of speaking? A quirky smile is aimed at Phylicia. "Aw, really? I wouldn't worry about it, then. Take your time and come up with something appropriate. Not like you don't have plenty of time." His brownriding friend is given another look, amusement flashing in his eyes as he says, "There you go, that's more like it! When all else fails, kill them with ego." Wait, isn't it kill them with kindness? Not in Sigam's book! A chirrup from Koenig reminds the Dragonhealer that he /is/ at a hatching, and that he should probably pay attention sometime. Giving a low cough, he tears open the meat roll and holds a bit of it out, keeping well away from the little blue that Jessamin and Enka were paying attention to. Didn't wanna interfere, but he was interested in the bronze. In his own way. Come to mention it, Sig was rather awkward about expressing interest in flits. Hm.

Dylon chuckles. "I think you need to make it look like a fish." Dylon dangles the piece of meat in front of him to show how it can be 'fish-like'.

Bronze Hatchling Has Bite stretches his silvery wings out and out until they're at their limit, keeping them there for all to see. Aaaah, space! And it feels good. But then he gives a mighty creel, hunger striking him almost immediately, and his legs pick him up off the ground steadily and start a quick-paced stride out of the nest towards the food.

Orventa coddles her new dearie green, whisking her fingers away when she chomps eagerly. "Aiee! Oh dearie, there's more don' you worry Greenie." She grabs for more meat, trying to keep up.
Kire nods a little bit, "It seems so, but there are still other ones if you want to try for them."

Be a Pepper Blue Hatchling zeroes in on some wiggling piece of meat, voice a very gentle creel as he covers the distance some. That looks interesting, though he stops cautiously nearby Dylon, looking to see if it'll be offered.

Dylon chuckles and triumphantly lowers the meat down to the beautiful blue hatchling. "See…", the young lad says and he is convinced his strategy worked.

Be a Pepper Blue Hatchling leaps up the short distance towards the dangling meat, swallowing it nearly whole before he's creeling for more and covering the rest of the distance towards this newfound friend.

Be a Pepper Blue Hatchling looks into Dylon's eyes. Impression!

Enka tosses out a few more pieces of meat, which only serves to empty her hands of any potential offerings, and sprinkle the sand in a rough half-circle about her with grit-covered bits of meat, which surely are not appaetizing to even the most pickiest of 'lizards. She pauses a moment, turning her head to regard the others about her who are engaged in their own enticements of fresh young firelizard minds (and stomachs) and then her expression brightens suddenly. "Ah!" comes the girl's exclamation before reaching forward to pilfer through the nearest meat containers for more squishy juicy bits of meat. "Tossing 'em all off does no good. Gotta wiggle." And there she goes, practicing her finger twitching with the meat held between her thumb and forefinger until she's sure she's got the motions down pat.

Dylon beams proudly and tosses a few more pieces down to the starving blue.

M'tri watches on, cheering on this person and that as hatchlings go to them, not knowing that Rix has slowly been moving up to watch until he's just behind his rider with his head down low over all things happening.

Dylon snuggles the blue hatching and says, "So… your name is Zirith? Works for me!"

Vora stands up and shakes the sand from her baggy trousers. She gives Jessamin her best smile, then says, "Speaking of the kitchens, I've got duty soon. So many pastries to bake!" She smiles wryly. "I hope things go well for you at Western, you'll certainly be missed." Vora picks up the corners of the muslin, effectively pocketing the little flit inside. There's a soft rustle, then silence as the flit wakes, then settles back into comfortable slumber. Slip flies his way to Vora's shoulder, looking a bit sleepy himself. "Thank you dear."

Phylicia lifts her shoulders in a little bit of a shrug and smiles, settling the now-stuffed brown in the crook of her arm, as she makes her way back towards the front-ish lines of the circle. "I suppose so." She says simply, trailing one finger down the blunt brown's spine and ridges, earning a drowsy coo. Belatedly she twists, looking at the 'stock' levels of her treat-pouch. "Eugh. I forgot how much these things can eat!" And instead of standing, she decides that she does want to sit again, so sit at a small opening in the 'circle' she does.

"Went looking for it, huh?" F'yr says with a hint of laughter in her voice. She stays standing by the dragonhealer, since sitting might attract the firelizards she's trying to find good homes for. "Can't say /I/ actually went looking for a fight, or anything else. 'Course, it seems to always find me." That awkward rubbing at her wrists starts up as she trails off into a thoughtful silence, eyes a little hazy and unfocused. And then she's looking back down to Sigam, smirking. "Works for me."

Kerys peeks at the remaining eggs, then looks down at the bun. "Maybe I should have unwrapped it hmm?" Nimble smith fingers strip the meatroll down to the piquant ground core. Voila! She crouches and waits, trying not to squirrrrrm…

A Pyrite's Life For Me hatches, revealing a egg-wet hatchling.

Feel All Orange Inside Gold Hatchling
Swathed in sweetness, bright unmetallic orange molds itself into every pore of this little queen. Her small and compact in body clashes with long ungraceful legs and a sweeping tail that ends in a double kink; a regally arched neck proves her true nature, with a bursting aura of sunshine that starts from a point at the top of her head and stretches over a thin face, sweeping eyeridges, and delicate features that betray the rest of her clumsy disproportional form. Overly large wings stretch, equally as orange-y with some stray traces of lighter bubbles caught in the sails, dancing throughout the thin membrane.

Jessamin smiles to the departing Vora. "You're welcome." But then, her attention is taken by the gold. "Ohhhh!" Immediately, she wriggles a choice bit of meat between her fingers, cooing and trilling softly. Even Bahrain trumpets a little greeting, extending his wings to the new-hatched gold. "Here you go, dearie… yes, you beautiful, come on…"

Dylon scoops up another handful of meat and sits on the beach to fill Zirith up. The hungry little firelizard barely takes a second to breath as it gulps down bites.

M'tri wiggles about, looking at the hatchlings again as the bronze chuffs, "ALl I got is jerky. Not something to really offer any of them." the rider points out even as he fingers the jerky and holds it outwards. The stuff isn't the best but it's food and it's wiggled around as much as it will.

Vora laughs and begins to walk away, turning only to see the new queen. She chuckles and adds before leaving, "And I expect to see a queen on your shoulder next time I see you."

Bronze Hatchling Has Bite gives a deep chirping sound, the sound of a thinking firelizard as he looks one way and then another, analyzing each different piece of meat that is wavering before his eyes when some movement makes his head jerk. Something seems to have caught his attention, legs powering that way.

Enka keeps wiggling the meat, watching as she seems to master the motions enough to be willing to try it for the sole purpose of hatchling enticement. And there she goes, wiggle wiggle with the meat somewhere wavering between gold and bronze, never quite able to settle for properly attempt to coax either one over. At least until she realizes she's now got meat juice dripping down her arm and sleeve. "Eeeyah!" the girl yelps, waving her hand — still conveniently holding the meat — rather dramatically, with splatters of meat juice flying about her. "This is gonna stain," she mutters, perhaps decising such far too late to do anything about it. After all, she could have kept her mitts out of the meat bowls. But once more, she leans forwards, doing her level best to wiggle the meat hard enough to attract some kind of attention.

Dylon snuggles the now full blue hatchling as it dozes off in his lap. "I didn't expect this to happen today."

Itchy sandy bum is all but forgotten when orangey gold is revealed. Should she? Well, she could try and hope. The neatly picked meatroll is reverently offered to the queen, "Hello," she offers simply. Kerys tries to stay still so as not to frighten her.

Jessamin trills softly, leaning forward to extend her offering to the new little queen. The offering is held daintily between her two fingers, wriggled about in a very piscine manner. "Sweet little one… you really are the queen of all you survey, aren't you?" Her tones are hushed, as if she is half-holding her breath, not daring to hope.

Kire wows softly, "I didn't imagine seeing one of those, this is two hatchings that I've been at that has had a gold." He stays where he is, "Well congrats to whoever gets it."

"Yeaaaah, you know me," Sigam drawls, bruise-y cheeks all scrunched up as he grins. "Always gotta be pickin' a fight with someone, but occasionally, I just gotta take it too far." Fingers are still absently wriggling the hunk'a meatroll as he glances up at Phylicia, the Dragonhealer laughs. "They're absolutely voracious!," he agrees, head shaking. "But you just have to love them. I dunno what I'd do without Ko, Cal and Sab sometimes. Sab's a canine, though." This doesn't seem to demote her in his eyes, however - he's all-around fond of his pets. D'aww. "Are you a trouble-magnet, Fy?" He's teasing, honest, even as he turns back to the hatchlings. Huh? Orange? Head canting, Sig peers at the little gold, strangely bright, even in comparison to Dylon's new little friend. Intriguing! But he doesn't go out of his way to really smother the poor goldling, just keeps next to F'yr and waggles his food. It's here for the taking, for any of them. Don't make him coo! That's a sight no one wants to see, bwaha!

M'tri doesn't really speak to the gold just holds out what he has, as simple as it is and watches both her and the bronze. "Hey F'yr how's Xanadu treating you? We're fnding out that Western hasn't changed much since you searched me for Ista." Another glance to the hatchlings and there's a wiggle of his jerky, "Aint much at all, wish I had something more but well simple is as good as anything."

Feel All Orange Inside Gold Hatchling thinks that maybe, if she curls up in the remains of her egg long enough, all that noise around her might pretend she still /was/ the egg. Even though Chu is crooning loud enough for the whole Weyr to hear at her hatching, she still still. Shh, she's not here.

Phylicia's inner-self almost wants to join on the 'OMG Gold!' bandwagon of meat-wiggling, but the healer apprentice contains herself, as she half-curls up in a sitting position, careful not to squish the newly hatched brown in the crook of her arm, taking one of the few remaining pieces of her treat pouch and feeding it to Ciaran, the blue perched - and glowering - upon her shoulder. "You do have to." She nods in agreement, apparently starting to get tired as her eyes lazily droop dispite the noise. "They're wonderful little creatures."

Jessamin lets out a low noise of sympathy in her throat for the little gold. "Shhh… easy there. I know how you feel sometimes." Slowly, almost hesitantly, she reaches out towards a spot halfway between her and the little queen, resting her hand on the sand with the meat just barely out of reach. She holds very still and very quiet, only wriggling the meat around a little bit from time to time, as if it were a delightful little edible toy to be pounced.

M'tri sighs, leaning forward towards the little hatchling, "I know how ya feel girlie." he whispers, knowing she more then likely can't hear him at all with all the noise. "I felt that way when I was a stable lad, just wanted to hide and often with that lunk of dragonhide I feel that way still." the jerky is offered again with a quick glance to the bronze. "It's okay Darlhin, come on out."

Kerys is now desparately trying not to to tip forward and onto her face. She tries not to laugh, thinking how absurd she must look, turbaned, wet suited and sandy. The blush comes over her again, but she ignores it. She's like a statue now, so careful not to make any sudden movements, but her lips move, calling coaxingly, soothingly. "This is for you, if you should want it. Right here. S'alright…"

Wiggle wiggle goes that bit of meat that Enka is holding, the squishy raw bit of meat hardly looking appetizing the girl, so she really fails to see what a hatchling firelizard would really find enticing about it. But then everyone seems to be wiggling meat and whatnot, so … well, she's gonna do the same. At least until she grows bored of the action, and settles once more for picking out nice juicy bits of meat again. The gold is eyed thoughtfully. "She doesn't want to move much, does she?" Enka asks — once again, that comment made to nobody in particular. "Hungry though, I bet."And there Enka goes, tossing a bit of meat somewhere in the little hatchling's vincinity. She might give up all her meat in the process if she keeps that up, and never have a means of luring any hatchling close. But hey, at least someone'll get to eat, right?

F'yr tilts her head down curiously at Sigam, though she's grinning a little. "Picking a fight? You haven't picked a fight with me, yet. 'Course, I bet you're one of those that fight with stairs and boys instead." And then she actually catches sight of that egg breaking apart, and the little thing nestled inside. "Chu!" she says, for the first time her face really lighting up. "Look at what you made there!" And she seems awed by the little thing, all proud for the real Chu and the mini-Chu when her name suddenly makes her jump a little in surprise, having been too focused on waiting for the gold to move. "Yeah?" she asks, turning to Mit curiously now, blinking at the bronzerider. "I didn't think it would've changed." She clasps a hand to her wrist and drops her chin a little. "Well, been treating me as it'd treat any other guest." And back to some gawking at the hatchlings, though she does answer Sigam with a, "Not lately, no, though I don't mind it at all. More like a trouble-starter when I can."

Bronze Hatchling Has Bite stomps his way through, taking advantage of the crowd not looking at him to snag something off the ground. Was it meat? It was! And then there's that moving thing that attracted him to begin with, his low creel the only warning before he goes pouncing at Enka for a full course meal.

Bronze Hatchling Has Bite looks into Enka's eyes. Impression!

A Little Wacke hatches, revealing a egg-wet hatchling.

Blue Hatchling Gives You Wings
Palest of blues fall over the majority of this delicate little firelizard, longer than he stands tall with thin features all around. A long pointed snout ends in a speckling of silvery freckles, fading up his 'rides and knobs. A narrow spot down his belly is a clear blue that, caught in the sunlight, appears to be a near-metallic sterling, following down into the underside of his tail to the spade; a clean division of the darker azure of his backside. Its pallid silver hue echoes again in the thin aerodynamic wings, made for quick flying and sharp turns.

Jessamin croons low and soft, wriggling the bit of meat between her fingers. There are no words now, just simple song, a universal language as she keeps her eyes fixed on the little gold.

Enka lets out a surprised yelp when she realizes that someone — namely that bronzeling — has gone and snatched up some of the meat she'd tossed out. And then when he'd homed in on her, and pounced. "Oh my," comes the remark of surprise from the girl, faced full on with hungry hatchling in need of some sustinence. "Well, little guy," she says, scooping up the 'caped' bronze, and grinning broadly from ear to ear. "Here's some more meat," and there's her offering, the meat juice stains across the sleeve of her chemise ignored in favor of stuffing her new little friend to his heart's content.

Sigam's mouth is open, and he's about to say something really rather quite brilliant to Phylicia, surely, when something about the scene before him triggers something way back in the vaults of his memory, something he'd been sure alcohol had blurred away from his first flit hatching. "Faranth," he mutters, free hand slapping against his forehead, but if he's actually annoyed, he tries his best not to show it. One eye peeks up and over at F'yr, lip quirking. "I don't pick fights with people I actually like. Unless they deserve it," he qualifies, half pretending the folks around him didn't exist. It was sort of embarassing that he was still waving his own offering to and fro, tempted beyond rationality, but at least he was keeping his dignity about it. Thankfully F'yr's excitement is contageous, and after a moment, he has to lower his hand to glance over towards the shocking orange firelizard again, smirking. "See! Told you Chu was the best goldie in the weyr." Nevermind that Fy had implied it first, pshhhh. "Trouble-starter. That sounds much more exciting. We should cause a ruckus sometime." Nod, nod. Oh dear, seems like Calelir was rubbing off on his master a bit!

Kerys remains stationary with her offering, not wanting to miss anything. No blinking, barely any breathing and certainly no itching. One even might expect a flock of wherries to perch on her. Her mind can't help but compare the queen's effervescent coloring to a piece of amber she had once fashioned. Sweat beads down her nose as she coaxes.

Blue Hatchling Gives You Wings leaps forward as soon as his egg is broken apart, his little body already out of the nest before he stops and actually tries to pay attention to his surroundings. Quite the opposite of his sister Orange—er, Gold, he's ready to face the world!

M'tri looks over at the blue, pondering him for a bit before turning a concerned eye back on the gold. So hard for him to figure out just what to do, he really feels for the little gold but the blue is rather handsome as well. He actually gives a chuckle at the little blue, "Lively is that one, very lively."

Aoriya gawks at the gold appropriately, but she refuses to give in to the "attempt to woo the gold" dance being performed by the others on the beach right then. "Now she's… pretty. Orange, but pretty."

Jessamin trills and coos softly to the little marmalade gold, moving the meat between her fingers in a 'come hither' gesture. She gets as close to the ground as she can to seem less threatening, and continues her soft siren's song.

Phylicia blinks slowly, turning her head to Sigam as he seems to be in the middle of wanting to say something, but never getting there. "Everything okay?" She asks softly and simply, brows furrowed slightly in light concern.

Feel All Orange Inside Gold Hatchling is doomed to move! She's got an itch, and it's way up on her back, and finally she gives in and lifts a leg to get rid of it. Seeing that her cover is blown, she reluctantly starts to set off, stretching each one of her legs separately which causes her to stumble each time. Finally, she starts forward, glancing nervously up to the loud crooning mama just once.

Kire smiles, "Well here she comes get ready the little queen is going to make her choice." He leans forward in anticipation to see who the gold picks.

Kerys 's nose starts to twitch. Oh no. She squinches her eyes, blindly holding the meatroll center out now. Sniffle. She whimpers.

M'tri watches as the little queen moves, "There ya go lil'one, see no one wants to hurt ya." he whispers encouraginly while for once RIx watches on in silence, though his gaze is on the energetic blue. Jerky still held out in thick fingers, Mit offers it quietly, not wanting to add any more stress to the hatchlings then the noise of the hatching may already have put upon them.

Jessamin croons softly to the little queen, wisps of her own golden hair escaping its runnertail as she holds close to the ground, with her hand out upon the sand, palm-upwards. The meat is held just away from the sand, waving hypnotically back and forth as the young Weaver's song continues.

F'yr rocks a little back on her heels, the excitement showing through as the little queen starts her move. "You don't? I suppose that's good to know at the end. Ain't really been in much of a mood to fight with people that actually don't have it coming to them. Not that I ever did before." All innocent, this short brownrider. She nods her head slowly and gives a low little chuckle this time. "Her first, though all her babies are just as good." She does look to the blue, shaking her head a little at the hyperactive thing. Away from the hatchlings her eyes go, a little spark showing back into them that hadn't been there for awhile. "I definitely won't say no to that, if you got something in mind."

Kerys opens her eyes again as the sneezing urge abates. She full of urges today isn't she? Her hands dip lower, "Nummy meah" sniff. "For youh," Sniff.

Blue Hatchling Gives You Wings is on the move again! He does not really even wait around to really study those things offering the food, all he knows is that he wants to movemovemove towards it! And then his legs finally seem to catch up, tripping up on air as he goes nose-first into the warm sands.

"Huh?" Sigam glances over at Phylicia, eyes going distant as he tries to remember. "Sorry, yeah, everything's fine. I just got a really bad case of what I hope was deja vu." He chuckles a little and shrugs. "Can't remember what we were talking about though. He asleep yet?" He attempts to peek up at the girls' brown, but he's too far down to have a good vantage point anymore. Poo. This was why he liked being tall. Pouting, he turns his head to face F'yr. "Uh huh, suuuure," he drawls with a smirk canting up the corner of his mouth. "And I'm a goldrider." Which he obviously was not, no gender jokes plz. "Of course they are. I don't know how you're keeping from wanting to hog them all." He winks playfully as her eyes finally shift to him, and as if taking that as his cue, the Dragonhealer turns his own gaze down towards the bouncy blue and the scritching orange (not gold! nope!). "Awwww!" What? He can't help it. The scritching and the wobbling and the tripping and Sig's in cuteness overload. It takes him a moment to compose enough to respond to Fy again. "Not currently, but I'm sure a little plotting will fix that nicely. I live with an embodiment of a trickster, I swear. Calelir," he explains.

Aoriya giggles at the blue hatchling, much more interested in him than the gold. "Awww, how cute. A hyperactive little blue. I'm not taking that one home with me though. He'd likely be the shiny stealing blue with his attention span."

Enka continues to stuff as much meat into the little bronze's gullet as he can possibly hold without going *pop* and at last, when he's settled drowsily into the crook of her arm, and her skirts tucked neatly up about her, does the girl spare a glance for the rest of the festivities. She can't help but giggle at the little gold, blowing her cover by satisfying the itch that plagues her, and there's defnitely something amusing about the nose dive of the little blue. "Kinda rough and tumble that one," she comments aloud.

M'tri chuckles at the blue, "That one would be trouble in the making, would have to keep him real busy." there's a thoughtfulness to Mits words as he considers the blue then the gold again. "So very different are these two but then again, they're all so different." Yup Mit's a bundle of tumbling words and more.

"Out cold." Phylicia supplies with a grin before she sighs. "And I should find my cot before /I'm/ out cold too." She says with a small laugh as she gets her legs under her and stands once more. Up 'nd down, up 'nd down. Well, the next down Phy takes will likely be her cot. She pats the sand off the back of her skirts and gives a wave with her free hand/arm. "Maybe next time I see you, this little guy'll have a name." And with that, she starts back up towards the weyr, and its craft complex.

Aoriya nods. "Exactly, I have jewelery to make. My firelizards know better than to mess with my gems. I don't want to have to train another not to mess with my work."

Kerys is nearly cross eyed at this point. No sneezing, no sneezing n-. Her towel turban starts to slip and shes forced to move it out of her face, still dreading that her movement may have scared the gold. She holds her breath, offering still at the ready.

F'yr can't really help it. She just /has/ to. Her eyes go all wide, and she stares at Sigam with disbelief. "You definitely had me fooled this entire time! I guess you /do/ look like a girl when you turn your head to the left a bit and tilt it up. Just at that angle. My apologies, ma'am." And she even offers a little bow as well since she was still standing and all. A glance between the hatchlings (a wince for the blue) and then she's looking back to Sigam with a shake of her head. "Shells, no. I got 'nough with Chu. Me and her… we go everywhere together. 'Cept when she's here with…" And there's a wave to the eggshells and the hatchlings. Chu still doesn't move until she knew all her babies were safe. "I'll hold you to that," Fy says seriously, with renewed mischief on her face. "I think I've been guest long 'nough 'ere at Xanadu and gotta make my claim on it with… well, something." Some trouble, obviously.

Jessamin trills, croons, and warbles softly, in vague mimicry of a firelizard's song. The first piece of meat between her fingers is joined by one in her palm, the Weaver moving slowly so as not to startle the little marmalade gold. "Shhh… here you are, dearie. It's alright, you'll be safe and loved here. Nobody will ever hurt you."

M'tri settles back, holding his spot, watching blue and gold with equal interest. The jerky is held in his fingers lightly, really a pour offering but it's all he's got on hand at the moment. "F'yr which bronze did she tangle with? Dont think I've seen a blue bounce with that much energy before."

Blue Hatchling Gives You Wings spits out a mouthfull of sand. Definitely not what he wanted! But he's got to get his feet back under him now, ready to try this speed thing again. First, he's got to point his muzzle towards something good.

Feel All Orange Inside Gold Hatchling wibblewobbles her way on her legs, getting the feel of them, and staring at the ground as if it was the sand's fault that she wasn't as steady as she wanted to be. There's a strange sickly squelching noise, followed by a creel, obviously her tummy giving some protest. Her eyes snap upwards and she stumbles foward, towards some food just at the right level. She plops down in an orange heap by Sigam. Feeed me.

Feel All Orange Inside Gold Hatchling looks into Sigam's eyes. Impression!

Jessamin smiles to herself as the little marmalade gold makes Impression. "Good, little one. You'll be loved, you'll be safe." Her attention turns now to the little blue, and she does not withdraw her offering.

M'tri claps his hands, nodding as the gold picks the one that's right for her. Turning back he offers his jerky to the bouncing blue. "I know that sand don't taste good buddy, wanna try this instead?" it's offered, not waggled just help out there.

Kire smiles as the impression is made, "Congratulations. Enjoy your new queen."

She would have clapped, Enka would, but with a satiated bronze firelizard snoozing blissfully in the crook of her arm, well, she's really not able to make much use of that particular limb. With a grin of felicitations cast in Sigam's direction, the girl clambers to her feet, carefully so as not to startle her new little friend into wakefulness. And with that, brushing absently at her sandy skirts, she wanders off, mumbling something too faint to hear.

Aoriya claps, "Good on you!" She tells Sigam without really knowing him. "She'll be quite the beautiful little lady you've got there."

*CHOO!* goes Kerys, and her meat falls in a plop to the side. She rubs her nose on her shoulder. Oh Faranth that felt good.

"Sounds like a good idea. G'night!" Sigam calls after Phylicia, and he only has time to turn around before his face goes flat, eyes hard and beady as he glares comically over at his brownriding so-called-friend. "Oh, ha-ha, very funny." To emphasize the joke, however, he reaches up and tosses one lock of hair in a very feminine gesture. "Ah, I see. Understand how why it's sucked to have her missing, even if it was to hatch her babies." His tone is understanding, but appreciative as he eyes the spluttering blue. Poor thing, that couldn't possibly taste good. "You do that," Sigam nods, returning the mischevious look with the air of a siamese cat. Uh oh. "You might as well be a resident, you've been a guest so long. Your christening is long overdue," he nods glancing down just in time to see a little bolt of awkward orange settle at his feet. "Well, hey there. Here, want some?" The idea of impression doesn't really sink in until everyone's eyes suddenly are on him. Oh. … OH. "Wait, what? Er, uh, thanks guys, I guess, uhm…" Embarrassed and not too bright, our Sig. Sigh. At least he picks her up and drapes her over one knee, up off that stupid tripping sand where he can better offer her chunks of meatroll. A peek and wry smile is given to Fy.

Jessamin grins as she watches the little blue, a soft chuckle escaping her as she watches him try to get his legs beneath him. "Oh, you really are a cutie. Come on, now, get those legs under you, there's food over here." She wriggles the meat in her hand enticingly, making it seem almost alive. "Come on now, handsome, eat up!"

"Honestly… I got no idea who the bronze was," F'yr answers M'tri, eyeing up that hyper little silver-blue as well. "She was kinda in and out of the weyr for once while she was proddy. But hopefully none of her own siblings." Inbreeding with firelizards might make for the weird hatchlings, right? She smirks at Sigam's hard look, not at all bothered by it, and then there's some actually laughter bubbling out of her as he plays along. It only dies away after a short moment, hands reaching up to tighten the towel around her as she turns to look at the hatchlings. Wait, one was actually coming in her direction too? She seems to side-step away for the moment, making sure the gold doesn't dare look /her/ way, before she steps back to Sigam's side. "Would you look at that? Chu's baby definitely knows how to pick 'em."

Kerys pulls the towel from her head and wipes her hands with it. She topples, but thankfully onto a rock behind her. Or unfortunately… ow. She straightens up slowly, looking bashfully around her.

M'tri keeps his jerky out there for the blue, not knowing if the little guy will want it or now but hey it's out tere for the taking.

Jessamin trills and croons a lively little tune to the tiny, hyperactive blue. The meat in her fingers goes wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, in time with the beat. "Here, now, come on… that's it, you can do it, get those feet moving… one right after the other!"

Blue Hatchling Gives You Wings passes by something that looked really good, his feet taking a moment to actually brake in the sand, sending a little bit of it flying. His tiny body doesn't take long to twist around and retrace his steps, eyes wilding whirling and mouth gaping open as he charges! And it's M'tri's food (hand) that's the target.

Blue Hatchling Gives You Wings looks into M'tri's eyes. Impression!

Zafirah has 'snuck' away from Anadine, well her and a couple of the older kids and a couple younger ones. Course Anadine is watching from afar, but it never hurts the littles to feel the touch of freedom before it's yanked away. Zafirah's laughing and giggling until she see's the crowd and what looks to be a lone firelizard left out there. "Awww, we missed 'em all." she states with quite the pout. She looks from one person to another and nudges Gilly. "You see what happend. You had to go and cry and we missed our chance." Hmmph.

Sigam likely would have gone further with the joke, too, if he hadn't become completely enraptured with the orange-gold resting in his lap. Or, gobbling in his lap. Whichever. "Does she?," the Dragonhealer jests, smirking at the brownrider, eyes dancing through the warmth. "I guess so…" Koenig squeaks joyfully and attempts to wriggle and jerk out from Sig's pocket. Eventually he succeeds, tumbling down so he can croon and nose his new sister. "Be nice," the man cautions, glancing up just in time to spy Kerys's fall. "Ack, are you alright?" He flinches to help her up, but alas, lap full of babies. Dilemma!

Jessamin grins, and finally straightens, popping the meat instead into Bahrain's mouth. "Well, at least you get to eat well tonight, hmm?" She calls out to M'tri, "Congratulations!" Her smile never fades, even as she finally gives in to her bronze and begins to fill his ever-hungry belly.

Aoriya giggles at first Sigam's reaction to the queen, and the blue's sudden interest in M'tri. "How cuuuuuuteee!" Omasuth snorts, nudging Aoriya gently. "But they /are/ cute! Cute isn't just something for greens and golds its a man thing too." Omasuth huffs, leaning down to try and sniff at the broken pieces of shell. "It /is/ cute definately applies to men too. I thought /you/ were cute after all!"

M'tri yelps, earning a draconic laugh of sorts from Rix as the blue takes more then just the jerky when he charges. "Hey now Buddy, that be fingers that I need. Fingers are friends Not Food." he mutters as the blue is scooped up with a shake of his head. "Thank you…I think." he's not exactly sure what to think of this new blue but Colt seems taken with his new buddy.

Kerys nods to Sigam, "Aye, I'm ok. Think I'm going to wash off one last time." She looks to the waves longingly.

Kire spots the little girl and waves to her, "Hey Zaffi, how are you and your friends doing? Yah you just missed the hatching, there was a whole range of colors here, there was even a gold."

Zafirah watches with a bit of jealousy at everyone and their new little 'pets', never realizing that Anadine has a tendency to make things work out that way. She perks up at the sound of her name and then grins as she sees Kire and bounces over his way "Really? A gold? Wow. I saw the little blue. He was cute. Twas Gilly's fault I missed it all. He had to be a cry baby." she states and turns to glare at one of her best friends who just happens to be not listening and looking as he's digging up under some rocks. She hmmphs at being denied that bit of pique and then glances back at Kire "You get one?"

Kerys gives a wave to Kire as she begins a jaunt to the waves. "It was nice seeing you again!" she calls out.

With no eggs left to hatch and no hatchlings still roaming or in any danger, Chu finally stops her humming and crooning and takes to the skies! And she doesn't really travel far, coming to rest on F'yr's shoulder and rubbing her head on the girl's cheek. The brownrider happily rubs back, looking for all the world like a part of her returned. Or well, some part, others still missing. "'Cept now you got /two/ hatchlings to care for at the end. Think it's still gonna be murder like they say? Though if I hear you mistreat any of Chu's babies, I'll hunt you down." And that also goes to those still around that might have one of her hatchlings.

Kire waves to Kerys, "See you later. It was nice seeing you too." He looks over to Zaffi and he shakes his head, "Nope I have two browns and they are enough for me. I'd be greedy to have more then 2 anyway when some people don't have any. Besides I work all day on the construction I just can't stop to feed a new baby firelizard."

Jessamin double-checks her sewing basket to make sure that no more flits have taken up residence; finding this to be the case, she closes it tightly, standing and holding Bahrain in the crook of her arm; he snores rather loudly, having just gone to sleep after a good meal.

Zafirah hmms a little as she thinks that over. "Guess, would be hard takin' care of 'un." she states and then grins "Woulda been funny though" theres a thoughful look "too bads you couldn't feed ones like a real baby."

Sigam watches Chu's flight, amused, regarding her interaction with F'yr with some level of fondness. He shrugs. "It's not too much of a bother, in the end. Flits are always coming and going in the Annex, so they don't get in the way… And who needs sleep? Really. Psh." He smirks, fingers trailing over the orange's (hee) sunkissed forehead. "Ha! I wouldn't dare in the first place, but now I'm just scared!" Chuckling low, the Dragonhealer shakes his head before waving to the departing Kerys, glad she's alright. "I guess it's that time again." Sig stands almost reluctantly, juggling his babies in his arms. "I almost don't wanna go," he snickers.

Kire nods a little bit to Zaffi, "It's very tough work to take care of anything that is living. Have you ever had a pet before or a plant?"

Zafirah shakes her head, tossing her hair back and forth "Uh uh. Why's I want a plant though? I still wanna puppy." she pouts a little and then she grins "If I getta puppy, I'm gonna name him Rascal." she states most adamantly.

"Most of 'em can sort of take care of themselves anyway, at least after the initial first days," F'yr says with a bob og her head, watching the dragonhealer with the mini-Chu, though she's mostly focused on giving her own firelizard some loving. "'Cept Chu, she's needy all the time." Though Fy doesn't seem to mind at all, being equally as needy of her best friend. With Sigam standing, the girl plops down on the sand instead, glancing to those remaining there. "Good, just making sure you know and all that. I'll be keeping an eye on /all/ of you," she says in her best threatening voice.

Kire smiles, "Well a plant is easy to take care of and if you take care of that it would prove that you can take care of something else like a puppy. That's a cute puppy."

Jessamin ambles a short way down the beach, sewing basket and Bahrain in hand. She looks wistfully out over the waves, her hair caught glimmering softly in the light of the moons. A bit of a smile touches her lips as, for the moment, she seems lost in thought.

Zafirah squeaks a little as F'yr's voice reaches her ears and she ducks around behind Kire a little and then she peers up at Kire "A plant huh. What kinda plant? Should I just digs one up maybe?" she asks curiously.
Kire hmms and he rubs his chin, "Well why don't you ask Cenlai. She's a gardener, I bet she can help you pick out a plant that would be easy to take care of."

"Yeah, but it's those initial days…," Sigam drawls, lips curled into a smile that shows just how much he really minds - not at all. "Is she now? Maybe it'll be mother like daughter," Sigam ponders, watching as the little orangie-gold stretches and yawns, toddling awkwardly on his arm before picking a nice spot in the crook of his elbow to drape herself. "I didn't know you were omnipresent, there, Fy. Gonna haunt us all like a ghost?," he teases, but there's an undertone of tiredness. His gaze flicks from the brownrider to the weyr and back before he finally seems to come to some conclusion. "I'd better get back and get some food ready for when they wake up in the night." He still seems as though he wants to linger, but somewhere in that head of his, his mind's made up. "Yeah. That sounds good. G'night F'yr, and thanks, as usual. You, me, plotting some mischief in the future." He points his index and middle fingers of one hand first at his eyes, then at hers before he smiles a great big, goofy smile and heads back towards home.

Zafirah tilts her head a little and then nibbles on the tip of some of her hair "Cenlai?" she asks and hmms. "I'll do's that." she states brightly and then giggles "I'll take the bested care of the plant and then I'll have my puppy!"

Kire nods, "Yep, she's the one you want to see for plants, she knows all about them she's an apprentice in the farm craft I believe."

F'yr's eyes dart from the hatchling to the bigger gold on her shoulder, back and forth. "Well… I'll definitely like to see if it is like that. She'll definitely be a mini-Chu that way! Gotta see if she likes her fried fritters like Chu does." And said gold actually perks up a little at those words, looking like she expected the treats anytime. But she settles back, curling around the brownrider's neck as Fy settles into the sand. She leans back on her arms, tilts her chin up, and gives Sigam her best serious-face. "Oh, I am. Definitely. Gotta be extra careful and all." She tilts her head up to him for a moment and then bobs it slowly. "Sounds like a good plan. Night, Sigam." And before he goes there's that light in her eyes again, and her lips quirking upwards. "I'll hold you to that! Remember, I'll be watching you." And she repeats the gesture with a giggle before waving him off.

Zafirah hmms a little and nods and looks thoughtful "Maybe's she can get me a real purdy flower." she murmurs and then sighs "But wont it costs me?" she asks after a moment. "She wouldn't just gives me one. Would she?"

Kire smiles, "I'm sure if you ask her nicely you two can work out a deal, maybe you'll just have to help her in the garden for a day or two."

Zafirah hmms a little and nods "I can helps in the garden. I've helped pick peas and picked buggies off and dug up tubers." she grins "I's can help. I'm good at helpin."

Jessamin nudges a small, pink-ish shell in the sand with her sandal, andfinding it quite looseleans down to pick it up. She turns it over in her hands, allowing herself a small smile. She glances back over her shoulder towards the Weyr, then out across the waves once more, humming a soft, lilting little tune.

Kire nods a little bit, "Well there you go I'm sure that you'll get your plant to take care of in no time flat."

Zafirah gives a big nod "I'm gonna go find her!" she exclaims and then yells for Gilly "Come on! We's gonna go gets some plants!" she calls to the boy and then is off racing uptowards the meadows.

Kire waves to Zaffi, "See you later Zaffi."

After everyone has left, awhile later

Jessamin smiles as Bahrain wakes in her arms, stroking his gleaming bronze hide idly. "You're going to get too big to carry like this soon. Maybe Turquoise will have to teach you how to fish." Does the little flit seem to care? Nope! He just drapes his head over her arm as he shifts about, prompting the Weaver to roll her eyes and chuckle. "At least you didn't claim some cloth like Divine did. Ah, well." With one more look out at the waves, she turns her steps back towards the Weyr, her path taking her in the vicinity of the sandbox….

In the nest, well after all the other firelizards found homes, still remains one boring little white egg that finally gives a little shake and a shiver. It's aliive!

Jessamin looks a little startled as, inexplicably, her little bronze starts humming! "What the…?" She glances down at the box, frowning as she sees one little egg remaining. "Shards… how did Chu miss this one?" She kneels down in the sand by the box, searching for any scraps of meat that might be left over. Here, a chunk, there a sliver, all with sand on them. Grimacing, she picks a few up, standing and hurrying down to the water to wash them.

Watch It Or Albite is an easily missed egg, being the boring white color as the white sand that it rests in. All dull, all forgetful. Someone cry and sing a lonely ballard about the forgotten egg! But it did have life, and it was actually moving, and little cracks start forming. Soon enough a hole emerges, and out of it comes a hungry creeling sound after being cooped up so long.

Jessamin runs back towards the box, the soft sand nearly tripping her up as she races to keep a forgotten egg from going wild. She settles down by the box once more, setting Bahrain down on the sands next to her. The few bits of meat she was able to gather drip with salty water—not likely too appetizing, but all she can think of at the moment. A smile curls her lips upwards as she watches the egg twitch and start to crack. "I know what it's like to be left behind… you won't be. I promise."

The egg stops its rocking, the hatchling inside tiring from trying to manage an escape, though he is quite satisfied to gulp air from his little hole. And then his energy is renewed by the strange sounds coming from outside, and with one great *SHAKE* the eggshells explode out and the dark beast inside remains standing tall, limbs a-quiver with anticipation.

Unleash The Beast Blue Hatchling
Fathomless depths hide the true nature of this dark creature, near-black hide wrapping around sinewy muscles and giving the broad face a bestial appearance. Electric blue bolts slice out of the shadows, making a ragged path on each side of his snout, over eyeridges and lightening the tips of his headknobs in a bright silvery beacon. Streaks flash their way down throughout his lean body, highlighting edges of powerful muscles— taut, ready for action— and finally tracing jagged cuts down whip-thin tail with an ebony-dipped spade. Matching narrow sails are drowned out in the same deep dusky blue, spidery veins of argent flaring out from each 'spar.

Jessamin smiles softly as the deep, dusky blue finally bursts free of his shell, managing to stand tall despite even his own dam leaving him behind. "Hey there, little one…" She extends her hand with a salty, meaty offering, clucking and trilling softly. "Come on, no sense going out there… come where you'll be loved, hmmm?"

Unleash The Beast Blue Hatchling doesn't waste that much time at the end. His whole body gives an extra shake now that starts from his snout and ends at his black-tipped tail, throwing goo and shell off before he bounds forward once, all full of energy! He hops again to one side, eyeing up that offered meat right before him. Was it safe? Cue Jaws music as the dark firelizard starts stalking it, or more like hopping from one side the other before he finally allows his hunger to win and leaps the remaining distance to Jessamin and the food. Salty or not, the beastlike blue is happy to have something filling his tummy up and trilling in return with gratitude. Or perhaps begging for more.

Unleash The Beast Blue Hatchling looks into Jessamin's eyes. Impression!

Jessamin plucks the little blue hatchling from the sands, cradling him in one arm. The other, she holds out to Bahrain; he crawls up it and perches on her shoulder, chirruping a welcome to his new faire mate. "Come on, let's get you some better meat from the kitchens." With that, she hurries on back to the Weyr, where better food than the few pieces she could gather from the beach is sure to be waiting.

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