Frigid Waters (Janaya's search)

Xanadu Weyr - Shore of Lake Caspian
The cliffs that run along the shore come and go, various weyrs nestled along the tops of them or dug into the walls, but eventually they recede enough to expose a beach. The white sand echoes the rise and fall of the cliffs with a multitude of sandy dunes, endlessly creating tiny valleys that are constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of dragons. The dunes smooth out as the gentle slope approaches the edge of the deep blue water. The sand darkens, and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect.
The beach narrows to the southwest, leaving a path barely wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to a smaller, more sheltered cove. The sands are the same white, the waters the same blue, but they're calmer and more tranquil, more protected from the winds that ruffle Lake Caspian and the currents that tug beneath the surface.
Rough, wide stairs lead up to the meadow above and the road that runs along the top of the cliffs, passing through the fields and heading for the river mouth that can be just barely seen from here. The largest of the staircases up the cliff is located near the docks that jut out onto the peaceful blue waters.

Spring has managed to break through the freezing gloom of Winter at Xanadu, young shoots of green appearing where ever you can look. The remains of Winter are still about, still melting piles of snow in the shade dwindle more and more each day. The lake is still on the frigid side for Kera's taste, but it's just fine to a certain green dragon that insist it is bath time. Moncerath circles down to land with a sand-lifting backwing before waddles right into the water. The green is without her straps or rider, the latter appearing along the path before too much time passes. She carries a bucket with several instruments of dragon bathing sticking out and her pair flitters chitter happily to each other in their aerial game of tag.

Janaya skips her way down to the shore with Kori flying overhead in circling swoops and occasional dives as he explores the thermals. She tilts her head to look up at him, and laughs, whistling for his attention before throwing him a little piece of dried meat. Kori swoops… and catches it! Which means he promptly wings off to perch on a rock and gnaw it down, while Janaya heads on down the shore. Oh look, there's her firelizard's mama's human! Kori eyes those firelizards and gnaws on his snack, while Janaya grins and waves to Kera, heading over that way. "Heya!"

Food flying through the air and Minimur isn't gonna make a try for it, not likely. He doesn't succeed, but that doesn't stop him from flying close by the small blue in an attempt to steal the treat. He's lucky Kera didn't see, her steps slowing as she drop the bucket in the sand and starts trying to kick her sandals off. Half turning at the greeting, she smiles and sends the young girl a wave. "Hi there Janaya." Polgara has perched on a tall boulder not far off and chitters a greeting to the young blue.

Kori cheeps. His! See, this is him gnawing on it, grr! His tail lashes, and then he lifts his head to chirp to Polgara politely. Hi! See, he does have manners. It's just… food! That needs to be defended from those rascally browns. Janaya grins, taking a look at Kera's supplies… and then glancing to the dragon in the lake. Two plus two equals… "Want some help?"

Kera looks around and chuckles at the young blue defending his meal "Minimur, you know better than that." Kera gives an amused eye roll and mutters "Pudgy brat." The brown seems to be on the plump side and it's most likely Kera's fault. Waving Janaya over, she's already shaking her head to refuse the offer, but a soft warble from Moncerath, who dips her snout and blows out a jet of bubbles seems to disagree with the greenrider. Kera falls silent, head canted to her dragonmate. A slight brow lift, twitch of a cheek or headshake seems to wrap up some private conversation between the pair then Kera nods to Janaya. "Moncerath tells me I'd be delighted for the help today. Thanks Janaya." A good natured wink and she bends, taking up two scrubby brushes and handing one over. "Have you helped scrub a dragon before?"

Janaya giggles at Kera's scolding of her brown. "Kori'd eat snacks all day long if I let him. So I make him work for it!" With arduous challenges like… catching treats… or looking especially cute. She starts to nod to Kera's dismissal, but then there's that dragon-rider chat look, and Janaya looks between the two of them, then grins. "Is it you that's delighted, or her?" she asks, then giggles. "Either way, I'm delighted back!" She takes the brush from Kera, then nods. "Yeah… when Vesukith's in a good mood." She grins. "So, like, once a turn maybe. But I have!"

Kera nods agreeably "They are all rather good at that trick, looking cute and adorable I mean." Shuffling closer to the green, she pretends the water isn't still wintery frigid, and bends to scoops up some handfuls of wet sand that gets smeared over the greenhide. "Both." Kera responds with a little smirk about 'who' is delighted. "Means less time with cold feet for me if you help. And she gets to meet someone new. Thanks for the help, as long as you've nothing pressing your time." Grinning as Moncerath lifts her head, and her underwater bubbles changing to a watery snort before the dragon stops. "Ah good, so you sort of already know how to go about it then. And that ya can't really hurt her hide." The greenrider gives a couple of smart smacks on Moncerath's neck, demonstrating her point, before she begins scrubbing in brisk circular motions "She does prefer little circles instead of back and forth sweeps though."

"Uh-huh… especially when they're yours," Janaya says of those firelizards, then grins, kicking off her shoes and wading into the water. "Oooh, it is cold!" Not that she lets that stop her! She pauses by Moncerath's head, grinning, to curtsy to the green. "A pleasure to meet you, m'lady!" …then giggles and splashes her way deeper into the water, nodding to Kera. "Round and round and round, got it!" She dips her brush in the water, swishes it around a bit… and then starts scrubbing in those circles, along the green's side. "She's a lot smaller than Vesukith… it's nice, I can actually mostly reach!"

Kera nods agreeably "That's true, even helps to overlook their bad habits." Her gaze cuts to the shore where her little gold is still perched and Minimur has settled not far away from her. Smirking in their direction her attention goes back to task quickly enough. "Yea, gonna take another sevenday for the frigid bite to ease out of the water." More sand is grabbed from under the water and spread over the green hide before brush resumes little circles. Moncerath's warble to Janaya is full of amusement, the dragon's head dipping as she seems to return the curtsy gesture. "Vesukith..hmm." Kera's hand stills a moment before glancing to her dragonmate and nodding "Ahh, old bronzer. Yea, she's much smaller than many some colors, but her wings try to make up the difference." Kera winks and points out the slightly larger proportion wings compared to her body size. "She may be smaller than browns and bronzers, but she can out flight most any of them in a speedy sprint." She steps back and splashes water up on the hide, swiping with her hand to check for rough patches. Stepping back, sidles around to watch Janaya work, maybe she just wanted to micromanage her dragonmate's scrub time. "What have you been up to lately Janaya? Besides spoiling your cutey flitter." She grins suddenly "Did you see the new clutch yet?"

Janaya giggles, and nods. "And probably another couple months before it's warm enough for N'talya and Gerazal… 'cause they're still used to Ista." She grins, scrubbing around in those circles. Scrubbadubdub… Janaya nods to Kera about the bronze, then crouches to peer up at one of those wings from below, getting the full effect… and also getting her clothes a bit more wet, but oh well. She was already planning to be soaked, and at least Rukbat is out and bright today! "Ooh… I bet she's really good at acrobatics, too." She stands up again, copying Kera with a splash and a pet of her hand along Moncerath's hide before stepping a bit further around and doing more of those scrubby circles. See? She's totally got the idea! She grins to Kera, then shakes her head. "Nooo, not yet! I heard Kairoikyriath was being grumpy and… I didn't know if that meant she would bite heads off or something." That's probably an exaggeration. Probably. "But I wrote a letter to the techcraft to see about apprenticing, and they sent back this… practical test thing, like, it's a bunch of wires and bulbs and stuff and some instructions that look like they were written in firelizard scratch." She makes a face, then grins wide. "So I've been working on that!"

Kera laughs head nodding quickly "Ya know, I didn't even think about that. Might take them a whole turn to acclimate. Glad to have Nat back around Xanadu though. Makes it a tad easier to spoil my goddaughter Nikita." The girl's casual mention of Kairo being grumpy gets an amused snort "Nothing unusual there." Kera works to keep a very serious expression as she goes on "Hmm, bite heads off huh..that would explain the sudden disappearance of candidates for her last cycle.." The greenrider trails off and sneaks a little peek over to Janaya and her reaction. Unable to maintain her seriousness, Kera cracks into a little fit of snickering, that is only made worse as Janaya goes on about a techhall test and firelizard scratch. "I'm so glad you said that. It does sorta resemble jibberish to me to." With a shrug, she smiles, getting some control over her humor. She seems silent for a few seconds longer before nodding at some comment Janaya didn't seem to hear and peers back to the girl. "Well, if the techhall doesn't work out, maybe you can keep yourself busy scrubbing dragonhide." Canting her head slightly "Ya know Janaya, you could get a close look at the eggs as a candidate for Kairo's clutch." Tossing that penny in the air, Kera observes Janaya, waiting for the penny to drop with an amused grin.

"Oh, I didn't know she was from here originally!" Janaya says, thoughtful for a moment, then grins. "Nikita's cute, though." Scrub-a-scrub the dragon, and she hmms for Kera's dismissal of Kairo's mood before shaking her head sadly. "Poor candidates!" Poor, poor candidates that… "But at least it kept her fed on the sands, right?" Gotta think of the dragons here! And… gotta giggle, because Janaya can't keep her own straight face that much longer. As for those tech schematics… "It's kinda fun, actually, like deciphering a secret code! But… it's total nonsense, until you do." Which… she's only sorta done! Hence why she's still working on that test instead of being shipped off to Landing to join the technicians. While Kera holds her own conversation in secret code - or maybe just silently - she keeps scrubbing her way down along Moncerath, working those circles all over the green's hide. Keeping busy scrubbing hide? She laughs, because it's a fun enough thing to do when the riders are friendly - and even better, when the water's warm - but… from dragons to eggs, from eggs to candidacy, there's this bouncing penny that… "If she didn't eat me!" …waaait. The scrub-brush stops, and Janaya turns to look at Kera with hopeful anticipation. "Do you actually mean, like, an actual candidate for real?" Because there are jokes and those are all very well and good but then there are Actual Things that are better!

Kera nods about N'talya "Aye she is. Was a dolpineer apprentice when I was first posted here from the Hall. One of the first people to help me learn my way around Xanadu." Kera winces and shakes her head at some memories "I kept getting so lost and turned around my first sevenday at my posting." And then the conversation moves on, the greenrider grinning to Janaya as she plays along and keeps the joke going a bit. "She still may make a meal out of people that aren't dressed properly to be near her eggs." Kairo being the /she/ in question at the moment. And proper dress being a poofy white knot. Still observing Janaya, Kera spots the exact moment the penny drops on Janaya's head and grins while nodding. "Certainly. Moncerath likes the way you use the scrubby, and thinks some young dragon might be waiting for you to scrub their hide." Kera nods again without amusement to show she isn't joking about the offer at all, but very serious. "It may interfere with your attempt to join Techcraft Hall for now though." Moncerath warbles and lowers her muzzle below the water. There's no stopping the green when she does one of her fvorite things, blows a stream of bubbles. But her enthusiam is directed towards Janaya, who may or may not end up drenched from the dragon's playing. "So what'd'ya say Janaya? Would you like to be Moncerath's candidate and stand for Kairo and Saburath's clutch?"

The bit about N'talya is filed away in Janaya's head for later, but for now, there are massive carnivorous beasts to be discussed! Janaya shivers with playful 'fear' at the prospect of Kairo's chomping down, grinning with the joke even so… and then her head spins around to adjust to the NON-joke part of it. "I /do/ like the scrubbing…" she muses, letting it sink in and then grinning wide… only to splutter and laugh as Moncerath sends dragon-bubbles toward her, splashing the green back with her non-scrubby hand. It's a part of washing, right? That all-important 'fun' part, if nothing else! "Hee!" She bounces in the water, grinning to Kera. "Oh, yes, definitely yes!" Janaya beams. "I can go apply to techcraft after, I'm not even done with the test yet anyway, and being a candidate would be awesome even if Kairoikyriath /does/ eat me it'd be totally worth it!"

Kera steps back out of Mon's splash zone, already knowing what her dragonmate is planning. Watching the green play with Janaya, and the girl enjoying the soggy game. When the water settles, and the new candidate accepts, Kera nods "Great!" patting down the pockets of her shorts, she sighs and rolls her eyes skyward "If only I knew where I put…" the healer's words turn into a mutter to herself and she seems to think for a few seconds then snaps her fingers "Shells! Left'm in my satchel." Turning her attention back to Janaya "How about we go get ourselves dry and warm, then we can get you settled in the barracks." She gives a little conspiratory wink "And I'll have my hands on a white knot for ya by the time you have your things gathered to move."

Soon enough Janaya's soaked through, which probably means Moncerath won that game… or maybe that they both won, because Janaya is most definitely gleeful about it… or maybe just about her new knot, wherever it's gotten itself off to. But here she is, beaming and ready and… wet, yes, also very wet. Also it's cold out, though she's excited enough to only sort of be noticing that. "Oh…" she says, then nods. "Okay! I… probably oughta get on dry clothes or else the headwoman'll be mad." And quite possibly bite her head off. "So… I'll do that and get my stuff -" or whatever of it she actually thinks to grab in her excitement, which may or may not match what she actually needs "- and meet you at the barracks? Or the caverns? Or…?" Somewhere! And she'll probably even remember to wait for a 'where' before she zooms off… but she won't remember to actually return the scrubby brush until that meeting. Or maybe she's keeping it hostage until she actually gets that white knot? Either way!

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Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in its own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as have walls hung with numerous tapestries that provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt. The stone is carefully leveled but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area is the one near the Kitchens, where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. It's plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr, instead feeding people in shifts as they come off duty. On occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are borrowed from all the other areas.
//There's also a big fireplace set into the western wall, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, the largest an archway to the northeast that leads outside. Near it there's an alcove with hooks for coats and shelves for muddy boots. A tunnel to the east goes to the infirmary, and a set of stairs just a little south of that lead up to the offices and administration area. To the south, a long and sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs. The kitchen is off to the southwest, while the residents' quarters are reached by tunnels going west, deeper into the cliff.

After a record breaking change into dry clothes, and a super fast dragon oiling, Kera jogs from the forest all the way across the Weyr til she slows her pace crossing into the cavern. Her hair is still damp and worked into a messy braid that drips still at the tail end. Patting her pocket as if double-checking, Kera then rubs her hands together and starts towards the food tables. She'll pause and have a few words here or there with other riders or residents as her gaze constantly scans the caverns as if looking for someone, which she is. There is still the matter of getting a certain white knot to a certain new Xanadian candidate.

Dry clothes on Janaya… check! Some other clothes shoved into a rucksack… check! A scrubby-brush… er… check. She probably should have given that back before, but better late than never, right? With that sack over her shoulder, the scrubby-brush tucked into the top like a trophy, she makes her way back to the caverns. Here she is! See her triumphant beam… oh, wait, none of them know the reason why yet. Okay, not quite none, but the only one who does is the one she's meeting here, who… there she is! Janaya ducks around a table, dodges a hurrying crafter, and heads for Kera. "Hi!" She's here! She's ready! Kera didn't change her mind, right?

Kera eyes the soup pots, but not that she's dry and warmed back up, the roasted wherry seems more appealing. Taking a plate and adding this and that, she finishes the meal off with a handfull of crispy bacon on top. The greeting has her half turning and grinning to the satchel carrying candidate. "Hi right back atcha!" Still grinning she shoves a strip of bacon in her mouth and of holds her plate to Janaya if she wants some bacon too. "Whan shum?" Kera can't help but smirk around her bacon, thinking it doubtful Janaya wants bacon when there is a knot to be had still.

See, if Kera were really going to be fair about this, she'd have put the bacon on top of one plate and the knot on top of another… though knot drenched in wherry grease is maybe not the perfect delivery method either. Janaya blinks at the offer, looking from full-mouth rider to plate. "Uhm." Is this a test? Like, does she need to prove she can think like a dragon? Well… if it is… she can at least think like a firelizard, and she knows one of those wouldn't turn down food, soooo… "Sure." She snags a piece, eyes it and then Kera. "Thanks." Besides, bacon is tasty, so she has a bite… "Uhm." Nom, swallow, and… "So, we should find a table! So you can sit down and have your hands free!" For reaching for knots, yes/yes.

Kera nods as Janaya crunches bacon as well. "Welcome." Gesturing to the food, Kera "Make yourself a plate and I'll find a seat." That is if the girl is even hungry. Kera grabs a tall glass of orange juice and weaves among the tables. Finding one that's mostly open, she takes a gulp of her juice and plops into the seat. She'll shove another bit of bacon into her mouth before swiping her fingers clean and searching though her pocket with a couple of fingers. It's midafternoon, early spring at Xanadu. Janaya is carrying a satchel that may have been hurriedly packed.

"Okaaay." Janaya supposes she can go about actually getting some food. If she has to! Uh, let's see… a couple rolls, a few slices of wherry to go on top of them, a scoop of mashed roots… which means she should have a fork, and… okay, a piece of bacon on top of the roots. There, done! She starts away from the table, then doubles back to… hmm, drinks are going to be awkward with this bag over her shoulder. She hoists it a bit, adjusting the grip, then sets her plate on the table while she half-fills a mug with milk and adds a splash of klah. Okay. Fork's stabbed in the roots, plate's perched on top of the mug, pack is hefted and she is ready to go! Just as long as she doesn't trip over anything on her way over to… aha, there's Kera. On her way over /there/.

Gerazal comes in from the clearing and he spots Kera and Janaya. He heads over towards them, "Hello you two. How has your day been?" He goes to get some food and drink before he goes over to the table, "Can I sit here? Are you heading out Janaya?"

Kera looks around for Janaya, keeping her eye out to flag the girl over when she has her food. In the meantime, she takes the bacon in hand, tearing strips into a small pile of 'lizard' bites. Every so often a bite finds it's way into her mouth instead of the pile. That done, she waits, since it's just a matter of time before one of her flitters swoop in for a snack. Janaya is spotted with food and she wags a hand to get the candidate's attention. There looks to be a little white flicker fluttering about in Kera's bacon-greasy fingers, a white-knotted beacon to guide the candidate's way through the maze of tables. Grinning she nods Gerazal when he gets closer "Hi Gerazal. Join us, there's plenty of room." A quick flicker around to the open seats around the table.

Noooo, the poor knot! It's going to get bacon bits all over it! Janaya has to come rescue it, and she quickens her pace toward that table. "You found one!" Now then, mug goes down and plate slides off and… oops, the pack's sliding off her shoulder, but whatever. She shoves it in against the bench quickly and slides herself into place on it. See? She's here and ready and extending an eager hand. Knot goes here! Well, okay, technically it goes on her shoulder, but still. She beams to Gerazal. "I'm not going anywhere!" Not until she gets that knot, and once she does… well… she's not going anywhere until those eggs hatch!

Gerazal smiles, "Thank you." He goes to sit down and he starts to eat, "So who's that white knot for?" He asks curiously, "Oh you aren't, what's in the satchel?" He asks curiously as he starts to eat, "Mmm good bacon."

Kera doesn't know whether to wince or chuckle as Janaya seems to loose her grip on the satchel, as well as the plate of food that was balanced on it. She's sooo glad it's not her mess to clean up. Flicking Gerazal a quick glance she holds her hand just a little bit higher as if trying to play /keep the white knot away from Janaya/, "It's for Candidate Janaya here. I left it at the cottage earlier when Moncerath wanted her bath." Handing it over, it's perfectly fine, just bacon approved now.

Who indeed. Janaya grins, looking to Kera for the answer to Gerazal's question. It's got to come from the rider to be official! She nudges food back onto her plate - the table's mostly clean, right? - and keeps her eyes on the knot. The being-lifted-away knot!? Don't you want to be her friend, knot? She gives it the puppy eyes. Wait, no, it's inanimate. She gives Kera the puppy eyes, only to beam as Kera speaks the magic words, and follows it with the magic handing over of the knot. "Yay!" Hers now, including bonus bacony goodness! She grins, applying it post-haste to her shoulder where it can be bonus official. "Probably for the best, anyhow, 'cause if you'd had it then it would have been pretty wet by now… oh!" She leans back from her seat to pull out the scrubby-brush she forgot to return. "Do you want this, or does it go in the stores or… what?" She'll put it wherever! Candidate duty number one: return objects to places. As for her sack - aka candidate duty number zero - now that's it's super official, she grins to Gerazal. "It's for moving to the barracks! To be a candidate!" Did she mention the candidate part? Because candidate!

Gerazal hmms, "Well she isn't a candidate til she gets her knot right?" He plays along as he continues to eat and he smiles as he watches Janaya get her knot, "Well congratulations Candidate Janaya I hope your dragon is out there on the sands."

Inevitably, candidates are drawn by the smell of bacon. They appear from all corners, like Maorin over there. Though his corner is more the..whole entrance to the caverns. And while the scarred teen is just a tad damp, and smelling vaguely of fish, he looks to be in a pleasant mood. He pauses to inhale, mouth quirked upward just slightly. Oh, the scents of delicious, delicious food. Onward he walks, though he edges himself to a halt next to the occupied table, leaning just a bit toward it to take a look. "Hey, another one, huh? We're going to be packed in there wall to wall at this rate. Not an awful outcome, I guess. If you think about it, anyway." One hand emerges from Maorin's pocket then, dropping down onto the table to aid him in leaning there. He's in no rush! Though there is a quick look around after a moment, before blinking. "Ah! I haven't even said hi yet, have I? That's rude. Name's Maorin!"

Kera can't seem to stop chuckling at Janaya's expression when she teases the candidate for a few very long torturous seconds. Finally, white knot is out of her bacony fingers and she flashes an amused smirk to Gerazal while Janaya puts white fluff in place. "I don't think she really wants it. Did ya see how much I had to twist her arm?" Flipping attention back to the new candidate Kera takes a couple of bites of bacon, peering up at the sudden appearance of another candidate, who points out his own rudeness before introducing himself. How weird is that Mon? Kera is amused by it though and grins "Nice to meet ya Maorin. I'm Kera, Moncerath's App Healer." Another bite of bacon vanishes before she takes her juice in hand.

Ha! Janaya is official now, and she eyes Gerazal a moment for that teasing. It may be Kera's job to tort- er, /test/ candidates, but's what's his excuse? But, that look only lasts a moment, and then she grins. "Thanks!" She pats her knot lightly, making sure it's nicely secured, then hmphs to Kera. "Just try and take it…" she says. Is that a threat? Of course not! At least, not from her… "And see what Moncerath has to say!" Ha! Just try to counter /that/. She beams, taking a sip of her klah, then looks up at Maorin as he approaches, gaze lingering curiously on those scars. "Are there a lot already, then?" she asks about those candidates, then giggles a little at his rudeness or the mention of it. "I'm Janaya. Hello!"

Gerazal gives Janaya a smile as he takes a drink of his klah, "Oh I see how you will probably have to drag her out to the sands." He says as he's just teasing and having some fun, "But seriously congratulations again to both of you." He says as Maorin joins them, "I've never been searched, but it's my destiny to be a weaver. I'm Jounreyman weaver Gerazal, if you need help with your white robes I can show you how to sew them."

Maorin does tilt his head just a bit, peering at Gerazal for a moment or two. "Destiny? Heh, things can change real quick when it all comes down to it, but I'll keep that in mind. I'm not at all handy with a needle so if there's sewing to be done, I might just come knocking." He pushes free of the table then, nodding at Janaya. "I haven't been counting, but the baggage is piling up. That, or someone just has /way/ too much stuff they brought with them. It could happen." There's a slight hand waved, throwing a grin back over his shoulder as he scoots off toward the food. "If anyone needs me, I'll be just over here."

Kera tries not grin, but fails when Gerazal reminds her of how she'll have to drag the candidate to the sands "I bet she'll be kicking and screaming too." Arching a brow to Janaya "You're not a biter are ya?" She looks between Gerazal and Maorin "I should find some extra-thick hide gloves just in case, shouldn't I?" An amused nod to the 'rude' candidate as he heads just over there. "Okie, we'll be right about here til something changes."

Janaya rolls her eyes at Gerazal and Kera. "Well I'd better be! How else am I going to avoid getting eaten?" she protests. "Really, you should get full suits of armor made… for all of us!" Speaking of that 'us', she nods to Maorin's report of the barracks status. "Well… long as there's still a cot free for me, we're all good! Otherwise… I'll have to kick someone out." …says the petite teenaged girl, with a grin, before waving to him as he heads off toward that food. "See, if I bite first… she'll be too surprised to bite back," she explains to Kera with a sage nod.

Gerazal smiles, "Well I'll be up there cheering for you. I doubt you'll want full armor out there I hear it's pretty hot down there." He hmms, "I can work up some extra hide gloves."

Kera snorts and flashes a look to Janaya while scarfing down some of her food. "Only for a second, then I'll have to slap you for the hysterical patient you may end up being. I've seen several instances of Journeyman Healers using that method to snap a patient back to reality." She considers Gerazal's comments and gives a shake of his head "Yea, you're right, they'd be like hobbled wherry flailing about while the hatchlings hunt for their riders and first meals." An amused wink to the others at het table "Hopefully in that order." After a moment, she pushes up from the table, gathering up her plate and juice in the process "And speaking of orders, Seems I missed a couple of spots during Moncerath's oiling." An apologetic shrug given "I'll catch up with ya soon candidate. Just follow the rules and your won't disappoint Moncerath." Kera gives Janaya a little grin and turns to Gerazal "And I've got a couple of presents for Niki, I'll bring them by later." Waving to weaver and candidate, Kera hurries out of the cavern to finish oiling her dragonmate.

"…hmm." Being a hysterical patient doesn't actually sound like fun. "Well, anyway, I've got time to figure out my strategy. Kicking, screaming, biting… they're all options!" As are the more traditionally popular ones like 'being quiet and respectful', but… oh, where's the fun in that? Janaya hmms again to Gerazal's opinion of the temperatures, nodding to him and then to Kera. "Well… okay, so maybe I'll just stick with the white robe when the time comes. Classic and ever-fashionable!" Janaya grins, then laughs a bit to Kera. "Hopefully." She tilts her head as the greenrider rises up, then grins. "Oh. Okay! I'll… hee, well, I'll find out where I'm going to be! And you can too." It's almost /exciting/ to think about getting assigned chores, when they're /candidate/ chores. This probably won't last, but hey, she can enjoy it while it does. Janaya waves farewell to Kera, then applies herself to actually eating that meal she got for herself.

Gerazal winces, "Ouch, that might be pretty funny to see candidates tromping around in full armor. I'm sure the smiths would love it." He waves to Kera, "See you later, do stop by and see how the rabbits are doing. Nikita's becoming quiet the little beastcrafter." He nods, "A good choice, nothing looks better on a candidate than classic white, although you can add some flourishes on the edge and around the sleeves." He continues to eat, "Well from what I have seen living at Ista and Monaco Bay they are pretty much drudge chores."

"Probably everyone would love it, 'cept the ones tripping over their own armored feet." Janaya snickers a bit, thinking about it, then nods decisively. "White robes it is!" She grins, making sandwiches of her rolls and wherry and eating them. Gotta be nourished in case she has to kick someone out of a cot! …oh, wait. That'd probably be against the rules. Er… in case she has to nicely ask someone to move? Yeah, that'll do! As for those drudge chores… she shrugs. "Well, that's pretty much what I was gonna get /anyhow/ until I apprenticed, so that's not so bad." Her tone's matter of fact. "Besides, it's not like I'll actually /be/ a drudge!" Not her. She's a candidate! See the fluffy white knot?

Gerazal nods a little bit, "Yah it's be a sit to see, maybe some armored gloves and boots." He teases a little more, "Very true and maybe one day you'll be a rider, even if you don't impress now you could impress in another clutch. At least until you are 25 or so. I'm just about too old."

Janaya just tosses her head and grins at Gerazal's teasing, giving it a shake before she bounces a little in her seat. "Oooh, I'm going to go see the barracks!" she says, shoving the last oversized bite into her mouth and chew-chew… chew… swallow with the help of her drink… there, now she can talk again. "I can't wait to meet everyone and find things out and… yeah!" Janaya grins, picking up her sack again and stacking her plates to drop off on her way out. "I'll see you later!"

Gerazal nods, "You'll want to get a good cot before they are all taken all ready. Have fun Janaya." He says with a smile and waves to her, "See you later."

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