Sleep is for the Weak

Xanadu Weyr Region – Foothills

The smooth ground of the plains gives way to the foothills of the Southern Barrier range, slowly working their way up into gentle hills, and then larger ones that break up the horizon. The grass of the plains gives way to low shrubbery, which in turn give way to a mixture of trees, and the an abundancy of evergreens.
Here and there the ground levels out, creating ideal camping spots along the slopes here and there. At one such camping spot, under the boughs of a large tree, a section of earth is freshly disturbed, patted back into place, while an oddly shaped rock sits against the tree trunk. Here and there, groups of bushes and low plants sprout up, though while most have small, waxy leaves, there's one that has palm sized, smooth leaves.

Early morning out in the forest, dragons here, riders there, an a few teens thrown into the mix. One of the teens is wide awake, which is actual normal for Idrissa but she really didn't want to miss anything so here she is, awake and ready to go! Her bright gaze flicks about taking in everything as people are moving about getting reading to go exploring an what not. With a mug of what she thinks is cider an a plate of morning food stuffs she has wandered back towards the tent Soriana and her put up th night before to look for her friend. "Hey Soriana, got you some breakfast." Well she thinks her friend is still asleep.

Sleeping in is an important part of life! …sometimes. Being out on an adventure is not one of those times. Not even after staying up late the night before on account of being too excited to slee- er. On account of having a guard shift. Regardless, Soriana emerged from that tent not long after Idrissa did. She's just been gone in the opposite direction, visiting the newly dug privy ditch and adding her own shovelful of dirt. She rounds another tent to catch sight of Rissa, and grins from this unexpected direction. "I like breakfast!"

Darsce … hasn't been asleep long. Or nearly long enough, thanks to the night-watch Kimmila signed her up for. Add to that it's not noon yet, which is 'crack of dawn' for her, normally. Yet here she is, hairbrush in hand flail-stumbling her way out of a tent - not her own tent at that. Did she even put one up? Likely not. Snoring behind her issues from said tent and despite the makeup-free face etched with fatigue, she's looking a touch like a cat that got the cream. "Mrrrgnnnmph!" is her greeting with a wan, lopsided, pale smile for the two as she heads straight for the fire in search of the klah-pot.

Idrissa blinks at the voice and looks around and grins while nodding and offers over the plate and mug for Soriana. "Well good thing I brought you some then!" This said with an amused tone. As for sleep she did get some in just not alot after the watch the two pulled. Things moving about in the night, other things making coughing noises and then everything going quiet. Strange forest.. Or maybe its just normal sounds. "I think some of the riders are going to go check out a cave or somthin' soon. Think maybe we can tag along?" Oh what she can hear from just hanging around the cooking fire as people talk. She peers over as Darsce appears and blinks. "Morning Darsce.." She stayed, but did she put that tent up? Heck if she knows, does she care? Nope!

What forest isn't strange? That's the exciting part! Soriana grins wide. "Well, of course we'll go," she says as she snags a meatroll to chomp down on. Meatrolls, the food for every meal! "I didn't come all this way just to nap in a tent!" Or to… Oh, hi Darsce! Where Idrissa's just confused, the combination of the snore and the way Darsce is practically purring makes Sori smirk. "Heyo!"

Both the confusion as well as the amusement are what Darsce's likely aiming for with her behavior. Whether anything more than making out occurred inside that tent is unlikely, not that Darsce will set anyone straight for assuming otherwise! The young woman gives a little backward wave in response to the both of them in reply to their greetings. Klah! Must have klah to speak coherently. It's with the sort of oilcan! desperation Tinman might have used, but she can at least get it herself. Pouring a mug, she finds a log and flops down only to wince. Seat hard. Tush still tender. Ow!

Idrissa grins and nods as she hears Soriana. "Great!" As if she thought Sori would hang back and sleep all day, hah. A glance is offered back to Soriana and shrugs a moment as her friend seems to know all and doesn't look confused! "I'm gona go get some something to drink." With her friend's breakfast and drink taken care of she is free to go back to the fire. Another mug found and while the isn't any cider left there is plenty of klah and with a soft grumble she goes about pouring herself some.

Soriana sees all! Knows all! She is Sori, the Great and Terrible! …okay, maybe not, but she has figured out a thing or two Rissa hasn't. She takes a sip from that cider her friend brought, and her eyes widen somewhat. Cider, yes, definitely cider… but this isn't morning sippy cider. Try leftover from a small impromptu party last night cider. It has a kick to it! Sori peers into the mug consideringly, then strolls after Idrissa… while taking another sip.

As long as she doesn't tell her father, they're good. Darsce may be old enough to make out and more, but try telling her father that she isn't still ten turns old. The fingers of both hands are wrapped around that mug, leaching all the warmth they can from it while she lifts it, eyes closed to inhale the steam. Then it's a long, long sip, a swallow and a groaned, "I need a nap."

Idrissa had some of that cider, an she was well rather surprized at it herself but she didn't finsh it as she was busy listening to the talk of going exploreing! So with hot klah in hand she wanders over and takes a seat next to Darsce. She peers over at Darsce at the nap comment. "But.. you just woke up." Leave it to Rissa to point that out.

Darsce cracks one eyelid at Idrissa and smirks slightly. "So? And your point is?" Awake is really debatable. At this point she is upright and that's about it. Thus far she's barely managed to say hello, ears and voice barely functioning. So she has no idea there is exploration to be had. Though from the hacksaw sounds coming the tent she'd vacated, a nap isn't going to be had anytime soon. So instead, she rises and is seen later with her backpack headed for a spot with a rock-seat and handy stump-for-table busily applying makeup.

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