Siebith Scores

Somewhere in the Southern Sea

The Zephyr

This sleek sailing craft has been made by a craftsman who took loving pride in his creations. Though small and narrow in width, it does have a small inside cabin and an area outside to seat a couple of people. The wood has been left unpainted, its natural color under the finish is a rich reddish gold, the grains adding depth to its luster. The mast is of newer wood, having been replaced at some point in the resent past. Unseen under the waterline there is a long, though now-mended crack running the length of the keel.

It’s been a few days since they left on the boat, sailing past Rubicon and out into the open waters of the ocean. After so long on open water direction can become confusing, bearings lost, but D'had's grown up on the ocean and he's certain of where he is and he's spent some time in the evening trying to teach Thea about tracking by stars. It’s late in the evening of the third day and there on the horizon is a hint of land, though it could be hard to say for certain just yet if it's real or just a mirage. The Weyrsecond is at the wheel, though it's propped to keep course without having to pay complete attention to steering at the moment.

For someone used to mountain vistas days with nothing but water to see could be monotonous, although it's just this sort of timelessness that Thea has needed after the past stressful months they've both been through. The simple ease with which meals are taken from the sea, the wind in her hair, the tang of salt in the air, the grace with which the craft rides the waves, all serving to draw her to a place she hasn't been in a very long time. She's utterly and completely relaxed. Tonight she's lying atop the flat cabin area, staring at the starry canopy overhead, unaware of the land on the horizon. With a profound sigh of contentment, she drops one leg over the edge, allowing her bare toes to trace a glittering trail in the water. Her words are dreamily spoken, "I'm so glad we came."

"Good," D'had replies. So simple that word. He could have easily said more, but the sound of his voice seems somehow distant, distracted even as he stares off ahead of them, hands gripping the wheel even though he's not having to steer.

Attuned to his moods as much as she can be, although much of the time it's guesswork and she guesses wrong more than half the time, there's something about the quality of his voice that gains her attention. Turning her head where it's pillowed on her arm to peer at him through the darkness, she gives what she can see of his face a long study. Something about his stance, the line of his jaw against the starry backdrop causes her to frown. "Something wrong?"

D'had blinks at that question, shaking his head and clearing that hazed look from his eyes before he replies. "Nah, 'sall good," he says, lifting that half smile of his up and over towards her. There's still something distracted about his expression though. Something in the shadows of his mind that's keeping him from giving 100% of his attention to anything.

Sea green is silvered by the stars as Thea's stare lingers on D'had for a few moments longer, an unsure smile returned to him finally. "Alright…" Hard to see in the half-light, but she doesn't press right now. It's with reluctance she gives up her study of him to return to the stars with a shrug that is far from nonchalant. But worrying at him won't help matters. Idly she flicks her foot, kicking up a spray sending droplets in a playful arc towards the so-quiet man at the wheel. "Well, how about you? Glad you came too?"

D'had nods first, then realizes there wasn't a vocal part to that answer. Given the lighting, words might help. "Yeah," he adds, tossing another of the smirks towards her. "Come 'ere?" not quite a question, but neither is it a demand. A request more than anything.

Maybe it's that non-response to her playing, not even an irritated grunt as water droplets sprinkle him that has Thea's half peek back there turning to a full-on stare once again. At his request, she sits up, swings her leg over the gunwale and peers around at the dark waters as if there might be some danger lurking he's concerned about, but there's nothing she can see. Puzzled, she rises and heads his way, her steps along the deck sure, her movements easily swaying in tune to the craft's movement on the waves. Reaching D'had's side, she tilts her head to see him better, but it's useless in the dark. Concerned, "What is it? I can't see anything." Her head turns to scan the way ahead.

D'had doesn't answer that right away either. Yes, there's definitely something distracting him from giving her, or anything else for that matter, his full attention. As she comes up beside him though he slips a hand around her waist, sliding a little further than his usual casualness. "Nothin'," he finally replies, taking a deep breath as he leans pulling in the scent of her hair.

Sun and fresh salty sea air with a tang of seaweed, maybe a hint of fish she fried for dinner is what he'll be pulling from Thea's hair, nothing like her usual. It's been so long with D'had dead-dog tired and withdrawn inside himself with his worry that the arm sliding 'round her draws a bit of a blink, but she's not objecting, instead laughs quietly with a slight head-shake of bemusement. "You could have come sat up there by me, you know."

Maybe not her usual, but still her and that's what matters. D'had steps around in front of her, his other hand slipping from the wheel to catch her chin and pull her in for a deep kiss. "I know," he murmurs around her lips, "Wanted ya here," he adds, stepping her back up against the wall behind them.

"You-" Thea doesn't have time to draw a breath, so that kiss leaves her quite breathless for more than one reason. More blinking as she finds herself backed up against that wall, a peek over his shoulder at that wheel and then the still-unfurled sails and the dark seas they're skimming. Without a pilot, now. "D'had, are you sure-"

D'had's tongue seeks hers invading her mouth if she'll let it while his hands slide upwards. It should certainly be clear by now what he's after from her tonight. While the words filter in, they go mostly unheard, unanswered at least. Much like the ship, he's on autopilot now and rather determined to get it given wandering hands. At least she has the benefit of Seryth in finding out just what's 'wrong'.

Thea didn't see him set the wheel, and thus her concern. Perhaps deciding they're unlikely to smack into anything way out here and he'll likely find their way by the stars again later should they lose course, she gives in to the moment with a shrug and a sigh, melting into him. Thanks to a much-amused message from Seryth, she knows what Siebith is up to. "Donn, you're-" He's making it hard for her to concentrate, that's what he's doing! He manages to invade, all right, there's not much dodging to be done (if she even wanted to) while pressed against the cabin door. But when she lifts her arms to twine about him, tickling at the hair on the back of his neck, her elbow hits the doorlatch, sending that support flying inward. Oops!

And she's making it that much harder for him to try and concentrate on anything else. D'had knows what he is, that doesn't mean he particularly cares at the moment. Later maybe, but now? Not so much. Lost in that flight and lost in her even when they go tumbling through that now open door it does little to faze him.

It wouldn't cross Thea's mind that he'd care later, either. This has been part of his life for how long? She's caught up in the flight as much as a person can be with Seryth picking up on the green's broadcast and smugly sharing, which has her rider responding to D'had with a passion he likely hasn't seen from her in - ever! At least the fall is only a step or two, but it's enough to have her totally lose her footing, grab at him instinctively and hang on tight while they're falling. She lands half on the cabin floor, half on the berth. Thankfully unhurt, though the force of them landing is enough to rock the craft wildly. Hopefully that wheel is set firmly?

Unhurt is a good thing. There's a split second of hesitation as they hit the floor, but then he's right back after her. Clothing? Well that's just wrapping paper. Hopefully that wheel is set firmly enough, yes, but it won't be for a good while that he'll be able to check. That flight has to end sooner or later and after a while longer he's finished as well, falling deep asleep while Siebith shares the aerobatics of his conquest with Seryth. Yes, the blue is more about his tricks of flight than the fact that he might have caught the prize at the end.

Thea didn't want those pesky clothes anyway. If they're not wearable any longer after this, she won't quibble. She'll just drag him shopping to Ierne. She's forgotten such trivial things as wheels and the boat's track through the water, islands to bump into, perhaps raiders who might happen upon them while they are thusly preoccupied. Everything - whoosh! Gone. Entwined within D'had's arms afterwards, her hair damply tumbled about the two of them, she's limp and spent, and it's while catching her breath that her lids grow heavy, asleep when she meant to climb back out and keep watch for him…

D'had sleeps deeper than he has for a good while. Its full dark when he finally wakes with a start, the fact that they're still out there on the ship, that he's been out for.. well he's not sure how long now, and that he's not sure how he'd left the wheel hitting him all at once. "Thea?!" a hint of panic in his voice, uncertain as to how things were left or what might have transpired in the meantime.

"Hmm?" Dark lashes refuse to open at first and Thea's snuggling her face against his chest, her hands twitch on the skin of his back, arms still curved around him tighten and she's burrowing in even as she's trying to answer him with a sleep-husky, "Whut?" Still unused to her name on his lips, so when his use of it sinks in, it's enough to rouse her further, "S'wrong?"

"Mmm.." D'had sighs, settling back as her arms tighten around him. One hand lifts to brush fingers though her hair. There's a smirk of a smile for her as he leans to steal a quick kiss. "How long've I been out?" He's just assuming she knows. "Should check our course.." But that would mean getting up and apparently he's comfortable in bed for once in months.

The hairs of his chest are tickling her nose, so she lifts her head, lips part to answer, but his mouth find hers, forestalling any words she might have said. She returns his kiss warmly, snuggles her head back down beside his, nuzzling the stubble of his jaw as she thinks. Finally she shrugs, "I have no clue." In the dark her mouth curves impishly, "You wore me out. I… fell asleep." Beside their heads the gurgle and swish on the other side of the prow marks their course through the sea. Idly unconcerned, she runs a toe down his calf, "What's to hit out here?"

D'had chuckles, a smirk finding its way to his lips again as he turns a glance to her, fingers lacing through her hair again. "Suppose I should get up and check then, hmm?" But that toe right there… No, he doesn't particularly want to get out of bed, but someone should. "Might be nothin' ta hit, but enough ta keep an eye out for."

Thea will let him go if she has to. Reluctantly, resigned to her fate, "If you must." Her eyes close as his fingers slide through her hair and she's lazy enough to stay right where she is. She's not in any hurry to leap out and see the view; she'll leave that to him. She is thoughtful enough to unwind herself enough that he won't trip over her leg getting out.

"Won't be long," D'had comments, rolling reluctantly out of bed and reaching in search of his pants. Pulling then on he then heads out onto the deck. There's some noise from him, moving around, checking their course, but true to his word he's back sooner rather than later. "Should reach the island by morning," he comments.

A finger snags his belt loop, tugs playfully. "Whatcha need those for?" Vastly amused that he even bothered, Thea snickers and ducks under what bedding they haven't managed to displace before he can retaliate. She allows him to head on up to have his check, managing to straighten the tangle of sheets, pillows and blankets in the brief time he's up there so that he can get back in with a minimum of fuss. "Everything set then-?" Blink. Island, he said. "I thought we were following the Vega's last route?" And staying out to sea. "Which island exactly?"

D'had chuckles, amusement evident, but he still does go make that check. When he returns that question is answered with a nod as he settles back onto the edge of the bed. "If they were on the route I'da found 'em already," he notes. Which island comes a second later. "My island," which should be clear enough to her as to which.

Thea is still snickering about the need for pants when he gets back. Thoughtful after he gives that answer, she props herself up on one elbow to consider this. "I suppose you would have." Silence from her for a few beats. "You're not giving it up are you?" Concern edges her voice as she leans to see his face in the dimness.

"Do the same for you," D'had replies, leaning in to meet her with a kiss. "Get some sleep," he adds, "Tomorrow's gonna be a long day." Since she's insisting on helping and not staying put. "If I'm right, they're there. If not… hopefully there'll be some clues in the wreckage." Of the ship that washed up while they were there the last time.

"I know you would-" Thea breathes against his lips, returning his kiss absently in light of what he's just said. "But that wasn't the Vega Run. How-?" She stifles her questions. Now isn't the time if they're going to be tramping around the island tomorrow. They will definitely need more rest. Obediently she slides back down, curling on her side to face where he's still sitting on the edge, pats the mattress. "You too. You haven't gotten enough of that lately."

"I'm not sure," D'had admits, but he's certain that there will be something there to help on his search - their search. "I know," another thing he might not normally admit to, but they both know he does so there's no point in trying to deny it. Sliding down beside her he leaves a wry smile for her. "Need ta be up early, don't wanna hit the reef." But he's not arguing on sleep, so apparently he does have time yet for some.

Yes, avoiding that sort of wake up would be a good thing to do. It's likely a very good thing neither of them are late sleepers and the open hatch will allow the dawn's light to enter. With a small, pleased smile Thea flips the light coverlet over him, wrapping him in both her arms and her love, curls into him, snuggling her head in that space between his shoulder and neck. "We'll find something, Donn." It's not long before the gentle motion of the waves have her drowsing off, leaving him with her barely audible, "Love you…"

Yes, that is a good thing. And while it might take him significantly longer to actually fall asleep, at least he's resting. "You too.." he murmurs softly in reply, turning to leave a light kiss on her forehead before laying back to stare off at the ceiling until he too finally falls asleep.

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