Two If By Sea

The Zephyr

This sleek sailing craft has been made by a craftsman who took loving pride in his creations. Though small and narrow in width, it does have a small inside cabin and an area outside to seat a couple of people. The wood has been left unpainted, its natural color under the finish is a rich reddish gold, the grains adding depth to its luster. The mast is of newer wood, having been replaced at some point in the resent past. Unseen under the waterline there is a long, though now-mended crack running the length of the keel.

It has been a perfect day for sailing, the warm Spring winds blowing from the south, helpfully pushing the light craft north down the Rubicon river. The sun has tracked across the sky as the Zephyr made its way down the watercourse, D'had and Thea having packed and outfitted the sailing boat for this trip quickly before the Weyrwoman might re-think her decision and decide to withdraw her permission for them to leave the Weyr. In the West, Rukbat sinks across the shimmering sea towards the far horizon as they enter the Southern sea from the mouth of the Rubicon.

D'had has been maintaining course, but really it doesn't matter what he does. She's only going to go as fast as the wind will take them. Plenty fast as it happens today, but still he'd be happier if they were further along already. Then again, he hasn't ever been the most patient of people either. He draws in a deep breath, letting eyes close for a few seconds, as the breeze brings that distinct scent of the sea.

Thea has, in spite of current tensions, been enjoying the sail. Lulled by the wind, the sunlight off the river and the peace, she's been fairly quiet for the most part, occasional glances flickered D'had's way when brief comments have been exchanged have noted his mood whether he thinks to hide it or not - she's been with him long enough to read him. Sometime during the afternoon she's scooted down from her place beside the man to sit in the bottom of the craft and drowsed off, her head resting against his thigh. It's a change in currents as the boat enters tidal waters that rouses her with a yawn to ask, "Where are we?"

"Just hit the ocean," D'had replies to that question when it comes, eyes opening once again as he tosses that lop-sided smile down to her. The afternoon for him was restless, he kept it in check compared to the complaining and pacing that came with the last weeks of being grounded, but it was there. Now though, some of that tension has left. "Sleep well?"

Thea's head moves against his leg, her head tipping back to rest on the seat behind it and squints, lashes veiling the sharp scrutiny she gives him. Hmm, yes, he does look better. A slow smile grows in return to that one-sided smile of his, "Hmm, yeah." But then it sinks in just where they are. "Already?" To her it's amazing the distance they've covered. She stretches, lazily remaining reclined right where she is. "Where are we going, anyway?" Because he's not said much other than a vacation on the boat.

D'had chuckles. "Already," he repeats that comment of hers, though there's a teasing sort of quality to the word that only works to show that he'd rather be further along. As for where they're going… "To sea," is the answer she gets as he tosses a half smirk down to her again.

"To Sea." Thea narrows her eyes just a bit further at that non-answer, not buying that smirk, or perhaps recognizing dissembling when she sees it. She pushes up to sit on the seat beside him, peering out to see which direction he's taking them in - west? East? Back to him with a bit of a look askance and a hint of suspicion in that sea-green gaze. "We're vacationing on the open waters then? I'd assumed you had a coastal spot in mind." Just how they're going to sleep without anchoring, she has no idea. "And what about those raiders you were worried about?"

D'had has been plotting, yes. And he's used her to get what he wanted. But that's all beside the point now. Right? Right. They're already past Rubicon and the open ocean is waiting for them. As long as Seryth doesn't say anything there's little that can be done now. Direction? Northeast. "You'll like it," he assures of the open waters. That has yet to be seen of course, but here's hoping. As for raiders, "I told ya I wasn't gonna sit and do nothin'." Which should be just enough to tell her what he's had in mind the whole time without actually saying it.

In his mind maybe. It comes together for Thea that he misled her. All she can think to say at first is a disbelieving, "You were supposed to be resting!" It's to those open waters she turns her head to ask quietly, with a coldness that would hide from him the hurt she's wrestling with, "Why couldn't you have told me?"

Back at Xanadu it's another story. Seryth's question is a hissing rain that beats upon Siebith's cove, « Why is she angry? She will not talk to me. » Frustration laces the words in her inability to simply launch and find her rider, sweep her away.

"How am I supposed ta rest?!" D'had turns back on her. "With them out there. Not knowing?" She should know by now that's just not going to work. They've been grounded long enough and he still hasn't been sleeping. As for why, "You wouldn'ta let me go." Simple. To the point. Misleading, perhaps, but he could have gone about it in worse ways.

Back at the weyr, Siebith's waves are steady, gently lapping at an invisible shore even as they're stung through by Seryth's rain. « He is still looking. » The reply simple and straightforward. Though the comment that follows is more pressing. « But You must not tell Her. » 'Her' of course being Niva and Kilaueth.

"I know!" is Thea's sharp reply as she turns back to him, eyes flashing words tumbling from her lips, "Don't you think I know it eats at you? But you have a team now and.. and I went to Niva and she… Oh, Donn. Why couldn't you trust me?" Her eyes close as she breathes out a long sigh. "You're right, I wouldn't have let you go." Her eyes open to pin him with a long, disappointed look, "I would have made you take me along, but I wouldn't have gone to Niva for you."

Back at the Weyr Seryth's rains pause then resume in a softer, more thoughtful beat after pressing at her lifemate, « No, that's not what's bothering her. She remains distant. But I will not tell 'them' unless mine wishes it. » Her rains soften further, retaining contact; lonely.

"You had to think it or we wouldn't have gotten here," D'had continues, words equally as sharp. "You think she woulda approved it if I'da asked?" That answer, as far as he's concerned, is a hard no. "I know I got people ta help, but if I'm right and its raiders, we ain't gonna find 'em with dragons. You saw how they acted with Sie around on the island." Scatter and hide. Sweeps might find something, but they aren't going to find what they're really looking for.

« They will be okay. » is the blue's reassurance.

Thea winces at the continued sharpness between them, dropping her eyes, she lowers her head, allowing her hair to sweep forward while her mute answer is a miserable shake of her head, allowing it to answer both his first comment and his question. Silent for a time, she finally mutters, "Just too worried about you, about them, avoiding Niva to think everything through." She lifts a hand to rub tiredly at her face. "I'm sorry… "

D'had props the wheel to keep it from turning too much one way or the other and then turns his attention more fully on his weyrmate. There's not much that threatens trouble now that they're out on the open sea. "Look," he starts, his voice dropping to something softer. "I'm sorry. I just couldn't sit there doin' nothin'." She should understand that. "Did mean it ta be a vacation too…" And for him at least just being out there seems to be relaxing, much of the tension that stuck to him day in and day out over the past weeks having melted off.

Thea nods, although she's still busy studying her feet. Quietly, "Yes, I know, Donn. I made this a mess for you and it's really my fault you couldn't do anything." And her fault he couldn't tell her his plans. Humbly, "I'm surprised you wanted me along."

D'had lifts a hand, wrapping his arm across her shoulders and pulling her over to him to press a kiss to her temple. "Ain't your fault babe. Ain't no one's fault." Shit happens. He knows that and this just happens to be one of those times. "Course I wanted ya here." Okay, so he'd rather know she was at the weyr and safe from any trouble that might come up on this trip, but at least here he knows exactly where she is and what she's getting herself into. "

Thea doesn't argue the point further, whether she agrees or not, instead she gives in to that pull. Reassured by that kiss, she slips her arms around him to give back a hug. Her head drops onto the hollow of his shoulder, letting the tension drain out of her for a long moment while the waves soothe with their gentle motion. "I hate fighting with you," she finally admits. His last assurance surprises her and thus she's lifting her head to eye him. "So if we find them, it could be dangerous. I hope you don't expect me to sit on the boat while you go off." She means it.

"So do I," D'had replies, letting out a breath slowly as she finally relaxes into him. Fighting that is. Yet it always seems to come down to that. "We'll see," he replies about any danger they encounter.

At least lately it does anyway, but at least they have each other's best interests at heart? But that evasive 'we'll see' draws a firm headshake, eyes flashing. "Uh, uh. No. I'm here, I'm helping! You can forget that." She knows how his mind works on that score! And perhaps hoping to stifle any protest he might make, she pounces him and smothers any words to the contrary with her lips and soft laughter. If she can't hear him, she won't argue back!

D'had will still see about that. Its not like he's ready to let her at a band of raiders with knives, but at least he's not saying no, she's not gettin off the boat until they return to Xanadu. That pounce sufficiently keeps him from commenting beyond the "We'll.." that she cuts him off from with that kiss. At least he's not arguing THAT.

Thea doesn't end things with that kiss, either, if he is agreeable to it. Who knows, maybe by now she's given him a headache? She is here to help him relax. After all, she did promise the Weyrwoman she'd do what she could to help him sleep better and it's a promise she intends to keep! And since the wind has carried them far from shore by now, she's not going to worry about being seen, either. Maybe she's hoping he remains glad he brought her along?

Agreeable… Well he's not pushing her away so that's always a good sign. The fact that he's pulling her closer and following that lead she sets, that should be answer enough to that. The ship's course is set as well as it can be. They're headed out to sea, it'll be awhile before he as to worry about islands so when she does finally wear him out they should still be okay.

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