This is Gonna Sting

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

It's early on Xanadu. Breakfast is still being served in the caverns which makes the air thick with the smell of bacon, eggs, and other breakfast-like aromas. Ka'el, unfortunately, is not eating breakfast now. Unfortunately, he had breakfast way before the kitchens were even serving it, which means his was a cold pto of oatmeal and bread. And then he and his other Galaxy brethren were off for more practice drills, this one consisting of rock-face climbing. Jagged peaks, unstable surfaces, crumbling hand and footholds. It's one big accident waiting to happen! And one did, albeit nothing tragic, and Ka'el is escorted into the infirmary without his riding jacket and sporting a bloody arm that's been wrapped, though blood can be seen seeping through the gauze. He doesn't look panicked. Pained, yes, though freaking out, no as a slightly older Galaxy rider searches for a healer.

And there does happen to be a healer present in the infirmary. Imagine that! c-rus has been busying himself with his ongoing efforts to read all the files that he can read in his ongoing effort to destroy the filing system that Kera seems to care so much about. After reading through another chunk of them he took cumpling up little bits of paper and seeing how far he could manage to get his trash can away from his desk. He has managed to get it a good five feet or so away from his desk. There are also bits of paper strewn about the floor but that doesn't really bother him to much. Kera will pick them up later. His attention is captured by the arrival of Ka'el and his buddies. It seems that there will be some useful work to do after all. He springs up from his desk and makes his way over to Ka'el, "Someone has been busy this morning…" he says as he gestures for those who wish to, to follow him down the hall and into one of the rooms.

The guy who escorts Ka'el is a sandy blonde haired fellow, still geared up to ride. He holds Ka'el's uninjured arm to steady him and soon notices Cyrus. He heads towards him, bringing Ka'el along of course. The younger bronze rider grimaces a little as he moves though manages a smirk in response to the man. "Aye sir. A bit." His escort goes about informing Cyrus of what happened: "Was a bloody grand attempt, jumpin' the way he did. Would've landed it if the surface were a bit more stable. No one could've judged it wasn't, and the hand-hold gave out on'm. Fell a good ten, fifteen feet. Landed on a rock. Stabbed in the arm, right to the meat've it. We pulled it out in the field, and got'm wrapped up."

Kera returns from gathering all the patient's breakfast dishes and rolled them back to the kitchen on a squeaky trolley. Without the squeaking to announce her arrival, the apprentice walks into the infirmary from the front clearing entrance. Stopping abruptly as she eyes the balled paper minefield surrounding the trashcan, she can't help but snort out "You missed." again. She proceeds to crouch and pick up all the trash, mumbling as she does "Only gone a half candlemark. Not even gonna look on the desk." She knows already her poor precious files are decimated, papery hearts ripped out and scattered about. The horror! Tossing the last paperball into the trash and gently kicking it next to the desk, where it belongs, Kera cants her head when she hears voices where she shouldn't. The apprentice starts towards the rooms, peeking her head in a few til she arrives at one Cyrus and riders occupy. REmaining silent, she steps in and gives a polite dip of her head as she observes and waits til see how she's needed.

Cyrus listens as the man explains what had happened. It seems to be a simple enough problem. One that could have happened to anyone. If Cyrus has known that this was Ka'el he would have had a different thought on things, but he doesn't so Ka'el gets off with a freebie this time. Cyrus looks over to Kera and grins. This will be the perfect chance for her to do something, "Kera. Why don't you take care of this. You'll be wanting to take the bandage off, clean the wound, dress it and send him on his way provided there are no major issues. I will be poking around if you need me.." he says as he turns back toward Ka'el, "You are in perfectly capable hands, so long as you don't profess your undying love to her."

Ka'el's escort beams as he hears Cyrus' directions, and he claps Ka'el on his shoulder. "See? In and out in no time, as I suspected," he says, masking his relief. If the injury had been really bad, the new recruit might've had to be out of commission from the heavy work to recover. And then he himself would've been in hot water for not taking proper precautions before their little training exercise! Once Ka'el is seated, he takes a step back. "Report to me when you're done here, eh? I'll check up on Kanekith for you." Another grin and he turns and strides out, tipping his head to Kera in the process.

Ka'el grins a bit, he himself relieved. He looks at Kera, grinning crookedly. "So, healer Kera, is it possible that I'll lose my arm? You'll cut it off and use it for science?" he says, glancing to his bloody bandages. At least he isn't paling at the sight. Blood shy he is not!

Kera steps out of the way after Cyrus gives her instructions. "Yes sir." A nod and polite smile is offered to Ka'el's escort as she sets about rewashing her hands and gathering items she'll need and places them on a tray. Pulling a shelf trolley closer she then gently unwraps the soaked through field bandage. "Sorry Ka'el, this will most likely sting." 'Alot' could almost be heard. Pulling the bloody scrap away, she keeps her face expressionless, except for a hint of wince. "We need to get your shirt off. It can still be repaired at this point." Grabbing up a clean swab she adds a generous amount of numbweed and swipes it on gently over all the angry spots she sees. "That should start easing it up though." Hurriedly wiping the numbweed from her fingers, she steps back and offers Ka'el help getting his shirt off.

"Y'know, this is the first time I think I've seen you in action," Ka'el remarks as he watches her gather necessary items to put on that tray. "I don't remember much about the last time. With the mushrooms?" A vague smirk, then grimace as the bandages are unwound from his arm, revealing a tear in his arm where the jagged edge of a large rock did in fact puncture through. It's still trying to bleed, but the clotting process has started. The scrapes around it are minor in comparison and have been hastily cleaned, though still sport dirt and small bits of rock. Oh yeah, it hurts, but he doesn't say a word as she works, his face giving a twitch every now and then. He doesn't protest his shirt coming off, and the numbweed indeed starts to take the edge off the pain. "Miracle stuff," he says with a half grin, and he slowly eases his shirt off over his head, with her help. "Thanks, Kera. Eh, sorry to be a bother. I hate comin' here. I could've taken care've this myself maybe."

Kera sets the shirt aside and focuses her attention on the injury. What clotting had started is undone by the actions of removing the shirt. Which is just as well, she doesn't have to encourage it to start bleeding again. "Yea, most of you probably don't recall that evening." The apprentice can't help but chuckle at some of the antics she herself recalls from that night. Grabbing a basin and placing it on the table under Ka'el's arm, "Lean forward a bit please. I'm gonna clean it." Giving her head a shake as she grabs a bottle "Nah, you're not bothering me. Tis what I do afterall." A little grin is offered as she begins to pour the sterile liquid over the injury. Gently dabbing or prodding as she works. bloody solution rolls down Ka'el's arm and into the basin. "Does it feel like anything is stuck in the wounds?"

"S'funny," remarks Ka'el, "Nobody remembers what happened that night .. but everyone remembers that night." He smirks at the irony and shrugs the shoulder of his uninjured arm, then follows directions and leans forward as asked. He watches the process. Look at his blood! The numbweed is doing a good job numbing the pain, taking off the edge, but he can still feel an ache and slight sting as she squirts the contents of the bottle onto the open wound. "Guess this isn't the type've work for someone with a weak stomach, eh?" he says, eyeing the blood-colored liquid that runs down his arm, elbow, and into the basin. "Uh…I don't think I feel anything in there," he says, sounding a little unsure. "Can't feel it a whole lot anymore, to be honest. … This isn't going to take long to heal, is it? I can still use my arm to lift and things?

Kera chuckles softly "Oh, I remember well enough." A little smirk slip on her face before she finishes rinsing the wound. Dabbing it gently the bleeding is slowly. "It's the little punctures that will give you the most problems. They will take longer to heal than the cuts. I would go easy on it, but that's just me. You riders don't seem to follow aftercare instructions very well." She flashes a wink and dabs the area clean before applying more numbweed. "I don't think there is anything in the puctures, but if it looks to be getting infected over the next day or so you should come back." His mention of a weak stomach causes her to chuckle and shrug. "There have been a few injuries that unsettled my stomach before." She pauses and is looking over the tray and frowning, before she spots the bandage square she needs and applies it gently before starting to roll a wrap around it. "Sometimes there are days where I skip meals, but not as much as I used to."

Riders don't follow after care instructions well? Ka'el pretends to look offended. "Sure we do. We follow them, word for word. … It's just that, at times, we get those words mixed up or forget them with all that we have happening in our minds," he says, tapping at his temple with a forefinger. He smiles afterward, lowering his hand down and looking back at the cleaning and wrapping process. She's so much neater with it than the guys out in the field! Perhaps that's why he was brought here to begin with. To make sure what's a nasty but minor wound doesn't end up being a nasty and infected one. He keeps his arm still as she dresses it. "Now you've gotten me curious," he says, eyes flitting to her. "What sort've injuries have turned your stomach? Have you ever had to split anyone open? Seen someone lose a leg? An eye?" Bring on the gore!

Kera snorts and rolls her eyes at Ka'el. "Uh huh. Funny that. I bet you would be able to repeat after care instructions perfectly word for word if it was your dragon that needed the care." Sending an arched look the rider's way that practically dares him to say otherwise, Kera finishes wrapping the arm. Grabbing the basin, she sets it out of the way and grabs Ka'el's shirt. Holding it to help him back into it, Kera consider's the question "It was my first turn at the hall. Anatomy class." Considering her next words "Let's just say I like it when everything stays in there where it should be. Better inside than out."

All done! Ka'el peers at his neatly wrapped arm and gives it a tentative roll. The numbweed is still doing its job and the bandage stays in place. He grins though soon a sheepish look is tossed to Kera as she mentioned dragon care. Well .. he can't exactly deny that! And so he coughs and mumbles something incomprehensible while getting back into his shirt, careful of his arm. "Everything stays in where it should be?" he echoes her, making a face after. Spilled guts? Gross! .. but cool. "I'll agree with you there." He stands up once his shirt is in place, giving his arm another test roll. "Isn't it customary that a good patient is rewarded with a treat?" he asks with hopeful eyes. He, he's heard that little children get candy pieces for good behavior! Why should they be the only ones?

Kera grins as she helps Ka'el into the shirt, leaning forward and mocking just a bit. "What was that Ka'el? I'm absolutely right? People should pay attention when I say things?" Kera smirks and nods "I agree with you completely Ka'el." She starts laughing even more when he begins fishing for a treat. "See. I knew ya were still a weyrbrat. Cheating at kickball, now angling for sweets." Reaching into a cabinet, she does pull out a small jar with the numbweed mark on it.. "I suppose this is what you be wanting." Offering it over "Be sure to go easy on the arm a couple of days. Not saying dont use it, just don't over use it. Keep it clean and use the numbweed as you need it. And if it looks like it's getting infected don't be stupid and stubborn. Come back so it can be tended." Kera's nose twitches before she adds "Or else you arm will begin to rott then fall off."

"Puttin' words in my mouth, are you Kera?" tsks Ka'el, shaking his head. "And here I was just about to compliment you on your bedside manner!" He laughs teasingly, looking innocent throughout all of her accusations, true as they may be. But oh, is he going to get a treat, really? He looks eagerly to the cabinent…but aws when the numbweed is pulled out. Ok, so he definitely needs that, but it isn't candy either! Grinning, he takes the jar and nods at the directions (which he'll definitely remember). "Alright. No gettin' infected or it'll turn black and rot an' fall off…" He eyes his arm consideringly. She's joking about that..right? "Got it. Thanks Kera," he says with a genuine smile now. "I'll be off then. It's feeling better already! And don't worry, I'll take it easy." Ish. He bobs his head to her in thanks before he heads out to report back to his superior officer.

Kera chuckles and sets about cleaning the mess she made. "My mom was fond of quoting my grandmother, who would say 'Sometimes you have to start the conversation with a slap to the head to get someone's full attention'." Draining the bowl in the sink, she begins washing it. "Alright. Do be careful with that arm." A nod over her shoulder since her hands are full "See you around."

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