Night Watches

Xanadu Weyr Region - Foothills
The smooth ground of the plains gives way to the foothills of the Southern Barrier range, slowly working their way up into gentle hills, and then larger ones that break up the horizon. The grass of the plains gives way to low shrubbery, which in turn give way to a mixture of trees, and the an abundancy of evergreens.
Here and there the ground levels out, creating ideal camping spots along the slopes here and there. At one such camping spot, under the boughs of a large tree, a section of earth is freshly disturbed, patted back into place, while an oddly shaped rock sits against the tree trunk. Here and there, groups of bushes and low plants sprout up, though while most have small, waxy leaves, there's one that has palm sized, smooth leaves.

Check list, tent set up? Yes! Bed rolls somewhat fluffy and unrolled? Yes! Two teens unable to sleep? Yes! Idrissa is waiting for Soriana so they can get to there watch an all. She is chewing on a piece of jerky which she grabed a bunch before leaving the Weyr. "Did you bring Toral or Inkfoot with you?" This questioned once Soriana has caught up, her bright gaze flicking over to her friend. "I bet Asher is howling up a storm back at the kennels." She would have loved to bring the canine, but doesn'tt hink it would be a good idea, or allowed to riding on a dragon an all.

All the essentials! Soriana's been off at the camp kitchen, helping out. Not so much with the cooking - more with the breaking up kindling and helping start the cookfires. In exchange for that, she bears a rough wooden plate with little round griddle-cakes. Flomp goes Sori on the ground near their tent, and she shares. "Toral's here. Well, right now he's-" her eyes close for a moment, "-up in a tree near Velokraeth." Even if she hadn't brought him, what sort of firelizard can't pop between to find his person? "Not Inkfoot, though. He'd have fun, but he'd probably get in way too much trouble." She hehs. "Same's Asher, if he caught an interesting scent." Even assuming the canine got here. Maybe a large crate?

Idrissa eyes the plate and oos while thanking her and takes one which she happly munches on. "Oh that is what I figured. An the least thing I need is him wandering the forest getting in trouble.. Or tackling certain weyrleaders.." You know like Velokraeth's rider whom seems rather grumpy since starting out on the trip.

Certain weyrleaders, nothing! There's only one along on this trip, and that's Th'ero… unless there's another in disguise somewhere. Hmm. Soriana grins, and nibbles on a griddlecake of her own. "Maybe if he was a tracking dog, but… he's not." She leans back, looking up at the sky. "So I guess it's just us, huh?" Well, and all the dragons, and the riders, and all the other people who came along… "Where do you think we should watch from, when that starts?"

Yes totally just /them/, two teens out on her own in the evil forest to combat evil with a firelizard and whatever else they have in her pockets! Idrissa chuckles. "Ya I guess you have a point. He is sorta like a little runner.." Just without hooves, same amount of food though at times. She hums while looking over the area, pondering before pointing towards a small rise. "Maybe up high, like there or a tree or somethin'?"

Soriana looks over at the rise there, and hmms. "I'm not gonna climb a tree in the dark." She stands up, stretching, and looks around. If they're not supposed to leave the circle of dragons, how are they going to keep an eye out on the universe past those bulky shapes? Even that rise would barely let them see over a green… in a ditch… let alone a gold or bronze.

Idrissa nods slightly. "Well I wouldn't suggest climbing trees now either.. But we're not suppose to leave teh circle of dragons." She points out to her trouble causing friend. She brushes her hands off across her jeans while she stands up. "What might you suggest then?" Sori is always full of ideas!

Soriana ponders on that question for a few moments, then shrugs. "We'll figure something out!" she declares, and picks up another griddlecake to nibble. "Maybe we'll just do circuits around. That's one of the things sentries do, right?" Fairly nearby, a wild wherry squawks to the rest of its herd.

Idrissa eyes the plate of griddle cakes and goes about snagging another one which she eats. She soon nods while rolling her shoulder. "Alright, sound like a plan." She pauses and pers out towards the forest at the sqawk and hehs softly.

The sound's perfectly clear, but… there's no sign visible of the wherries. If today was an exercise in looking, this now is an exercise in listening, because night makes sight all but impossible. Well, for humans, at least. Dragonriders have an advantage, and so do those with firelizards to a lesser extent, but still. Sori looks around, then grins. "C'mon. Let's do a circuit, test it out." She picks up the plate of cakes to eat along the way.

Idrissa tilts her head while she shifts and nods while following after Soriana after a moment of thought. She is good at listening, and watching, an so forth. She pulls her vest around her a bit more while they go searching, no watching they are indeed watching! "I bet Kale is gona wish he came out with us." Or did he come and they just haven't bumped into him yet?

Past the dragons they go, all the colors of the draconic rainbow. It's rather strange, as rainbows go. Anyway. Soriana nibbles on the cakes, peering out between the dragons at the darkness with trees and rocks and such in it, and hmms as she listens to the night sounds. All normal? She hopes? "Last I saw Kale, he was still in trouble from missing chores," she says. "I bet he'd wish he was /anywhere/ else."

Idrissa follows along at Soriana's side, her bright gaze flicking from one dragon to another as she ponders if they are all asleep. She watches one green curiously as it wiggles a few times seeming to be dreaming in her sleep. "Oh that's right.. I had forgotten about that." She offers with a shake of her head doing her best not to snicker at the thought. "I don't think I've ever been late to getting my chores done." Well who would have thought that!

"Yeah, well, you show up at the stables on at least half the /rest/days," says Soriana with a grin. As she continues along, a shape flutters in the darkness ahead, wings beating against the shadows. What's that? It's - a Toral, coming in to land on Sori's outstretched hand. As she's transferring him to her shoulder, there's a deep coughing sound from somewhere out in the forest.

Idrissa shrugs at this and lets her arms fold in front of her while the walk along. "Yes well.. It keeps me outa trouble I suppose?" She has this fear that if she gets into too much trouble she could get sent back to the colthold. Her gaze flicks up to Toral and she blinks before turning her gaze towards the forest. "What was that..?" Is questioned with a soft tone to Sori.

"I dunno," says Sori, turning to look out through the gap between a brown and blue. There's nothing visible, really - apparently not even when she closes her eyes and focuses on Toral's improved night-vision, because all that gets her is a frown.

Idrissa frowns as she shifts to peer around them a moment. There is a pause as she slowly shifts forward, moving closer towards the brown and blue dragon so she can try and peer out into the forest. Darn darkness, and darn whimpy human eyes. "Hello..?" Yes because a bad guy is going to be polite an answer back!

There's no answer from the darkness. Soriana comes closer to the edge as well, her own eyes open again. "That… didn't really sound like a person, I don't think. Not… really." And it wasn't a snore, 'cause it definitely came from outside the camp!

"Was worth a try.." Idrissa offeres to her friend while she peers one way and then another while half leaning against the blue dragon. "I don't see anything." Is murmured to Soriana. An she hasn't heard anything else since that coughing noise.

Soriana shakes her head a little. She really shouldn't be surprised. After all, Idrissa talks to the runners. Why should the darkness be any different? "It's really quiet out there." Maybe… too quiet? After that one noise, the other sounds of the night seem to have stopped.

Idrissa she shifts back from the dragons and shrugs while she lifts her hand to scratch at her neck. "Ya.. your right.." Is murmured out softly, pondering. Her gaze flicks over the area, towards the trees and then back to Sori.

Soriana keeps her eyes out on the darkness, considering. "Was it this direction, do you think, or…?" This would all be so much easier if they could see! Or knew what it was they were looking and listening for!

Idrissa looks in the direction Sori is and then peers the other way pondering. "Maybe?.. To bad we don't have some glows tha we can throw out there." She pauses. "Not that we could see alot unless whatever it is was right there near it.." She pauses, pondering and then shrugs. "Toral can't say anything?"

Aww yeah! If saying hullo to the sound in the dark doesn't help… throw glows at it! That'll work for sure. Soriana frowns, thinking about it. Hmm. Well, short of climbing out past the dragons, which they totally won't do… "Not really." The firelizard can tell her all about the bugs on that tree there, or that funny-smelling bush. The coughing sound? Yeah, he's got nothing.

Idrissa is only offering up her ideas! An she isn't going to go wandering past the dragons either.. No thank you! "Well, it hasn't happend against, maybe it was just some animal and it wadnered off?" Well it is a thought.

Hurm. Soriana frowns at the dark another moment, then nods. "We'll keep listening," she says, and starts to continue around again. Patrolling! That's what they're doing here. Like proper keepers of the watch. More or less.

Idrissa nods and ponders before following after Soriana. "Sure.." She will be listening closely that is for sure! Her gaze flicks around over the area while they wander onwards to continue along with the watch!

The camp is relatively quiet, with guards and riders patrolling but the majority of folks sleeping in their tents or on mats scattered throughout the clearing. Dragons slumber on the outskirts, some occasionally opening jeweled eyes to cast faint lights across the scene. Torches add illumination, along with glow baskets placed in various areas. It's before midnight, but Kimmila can not sleep. Slipping out of the tent she's sharing with Th'ero, the bluerider fastens her dagger onto her hip and gathers her bow and arrows, and goes to meander through the camp.

Other's can not sleep, an one of them is Idrissa. After doing a 'watch' Soriana and Rissa made there way back to the tent they put up and the thought of sleep was a good one but it doesn't seem to be working for one of them. Rissa is sitting upon a one tree stump, peering out at the forest and merely watching and listening, an as anyone could see /not/ getting in trouble. Her bright gaze drifts now and then towards the movements of a dragon nearby and she soon catches sight of said bluerider up and wandering it seems. A smile is seen and she offers a slight wave once Kimmila is closer. "Hi." Her voice soft, not wanting to bother anyone that may be sleeping nearby.

Kimmila tilts her head at the greeting and alters course so she comes up beside Idrissa. "Hi," she says, crouching down beside the girl on the stump. "What news?" she queries, green eyes peering into the darkness on the outskirts of the camp, a thoughtful frown on her lips.

Idrissa keeps her smile as she looks back towards the dark forest. "Well.. Nothing much. Soriana an I heard some animal a bit about, bout it." She offers, a slight shrug seen an her arms settling losely upon her knees. Whatever it was didn't hang around long as she hasn't heard it since.

Kimmila shifts her weight onto the balls of her feet, resting her bow across her knees. "Why did you come, anyway?" she asks the girl, turning to regard her for a long moment. "Do you even know what we're doing out here?"

Idrissa is a bit surprized at the question, her bright gaze turns back to Kimmila as she watches her a few moments as if pondering the answer. "Yes I know why we're out here. Looking for that man whom hurt people, and the others that could be with him." As to why she came. "They needed help with stuff, looking an so forth so I wanted to help." She may be a stablehand, but with friends like Soriana she has been filled in on a few things more dealing with Laris.

Kimmila nods with that same frown on her face, her shoulders shifting and back turning, stretching out muscles. "And if you saw him?" she asks, her voice pitched low, "what would you do?"

Idrissa hadn't thought that far ahead, she didn't think she'd actually see the guy either. "Tell you, or one of the other riders whom I'd be with at the time. An't suppose to leave the camp an all." An she isn't going anywhere unless able to do so. "Why did you come?" Time to turn the question around. Her gaze drifts towards the other's bow which she looks at for a moment.

Kimmila's initial response of 'To kill him' seems a bit too grim, even for Kimmila's standards, so she hesitates before answering, twisting her grasp on her bow. "I saw what Laris did at Stonehaven," she says quietly. "And then I saw him and his men fighting against Fort. I saw him hurt someone I-" The word 'love' does not come easily to the bluerider's lips, and she falters a moment, "care about," she finishes. "And his men sent an arrow into my spine." She shifts again. "I am here for revenge. And to rid Pern of this man."

Idrissa watches Kimmila closely, perhaps a bit curious of the answer though she wasn't expecting anything that was just told to her. She's quiet, thoughtful on the matter and a faint frown rests upon her lips. A nod soon seen. "I'm… Sorry for your pain." For a moment she pauses. "An I hope you are able to find a way to ease it."

Kimmila snorts softly, staring into the darkness. "It'll ease when he's dead," she says flatly. Someone's feeling rather dramatic tonight.

Idrissa lifts a hand to scratch at her neck a moment, her gaze settles on the ground an she kicks her boot into the dirt a few times. "I dono about that. One can still feel pain after someone is dead. Just because that person is gone doesn't mean things are fixed so easily." She pauses a moment and soon shrugs.

Kimmila chuckles, but it's not a sound that carries much humor with it. "For this, they will be," she says with confidence. Perhaps it's misplaced confidence, but she believes this at least.

A slight nod is seen from Idrissa while she continues to eye the ground. Its time to change subjects, her bright gaze drifts over the area, dragons here, dragon's there and she soon looks back to Kimmila a soft smile seen. "Your dragon is very handsome, what is his name?" Yes Rissa turns to talking about dragons to get off the talk of death and revenge, its better right?

Kimmila tilts her head, a bit surprised at the change in topic. But she doesn't seem opposed to it, lifting her head a bit to find her lifemate among the dozing dragons. He's near Velokraeth, sleeping while the pale bronze watches. She smiles a bit, amused at the adjective used. "Varmiroth," she supplies. "And thanks. You been at Xanadu long?"

Idrissa would rather talk about dragons, or runner then evil people creeping around in the forest. She's a teen, perhaps a short attention span? Or perhaps she was thinking of things that was painful for herself and wanted something different. She catches sight of the blue and nods. "Ah.. Well, about two months now I think." No that long in the least. "I'm from a colthold near the Irene Weyr."

Kimmila nods, turning to watch the girl for a moment. "And what brought you to Xanadu?" It's typical 'small talk' questions, and while she might be a tad awkward at it, she's at least trying. "Boyfriend?" she guesses.

Idrissa blinks at this and shakes her head. "Um.. No.." Boyfriend..really?.. "I came with Junior Weyrwoman Sorrin and her daughter Soriana to work with the runners they brought to the Weyr, and was able to get into the beastcraft to be an apprentice." Ah small talk, an't it fun? Maybe they should go back to talking about creepy things in the forst.

Kimmila ohs. "That's good. Never move anywhere for a boy." Advice gained from experience? "Where'd they get the runners?" she asks, curiosity audible in her tone as she continues to peer into the darkness.
Idrissa ponders that and peers at Kimmila, though she nods and will remember that. "The runners are from Sorrin's herd. She breed them and brought them when we came to Xanadu as something happened to the last herd that was here." She never found out fully what that was.

Kimmila nods a bit, "It's difficult to find good runners," she muses thoughtfully. "Where is Sorrin's herd kept? Not at Xanadu?"

Idrissa nods and grins a moment. "True.. But Sorrin's herd is among the best I've seen." She hums softly. "As far pretty much all of them was brought to Xanadu. I suppose some was left back at Irene that for one reason or another would have been better to leave there."

Kimmila ahs, "Right. You were at Irene." She's piecing it together, promise. "Did you take care of the runners when they were at Irene? And then just moved with them here?" Her grip tightens briefly on her bow when something rustles in the underbrush, but it turns out to be nothing more than a small tunnelsnake, and Kimm relaxes a bit.

Idrissa pauses at the rustling, eyeing the underbrush quietly to see what may appear, at the tunnelsnake she can't help but smirk knowing Inkfoot would have loved to get it if he was around. "I helped at times. Was how I got to be friends with Soriana. Mostly I worked with my aunt and uncle's runners on the colthold." A slight shrug seen. "When they was talking of leaving I asked if I could go along an was allowed to come to Xanadu." Rissa really isn't the most forthcoming with some information so Kimmila may have trouble trying to piece somethings together.

Kimmila nods a little bit. "I see," she says, and then she's lapsing into silence, peering hard into the shadows as if they could be intimidated into giving up their secrets.

Something moves in the shadows! Not only that, it's already inside the camp. That's because it's supposed to be in the camp. Soriana moves quietly between the tents, pausing to peer at other shadows among the shadows. Does she recognize those two?

Idrissa is quiet for a moment while picking at a nail. "I've been told I'm not very taktive, so I'm sorry. This is all most likely very boring huh?" Well she knows she isn't talktive, and at times she rambles once she /does/ start to talk which her friends she is pretty sure just put up with. Hey movement, her gaze drifts up and she peers one way then another and tilts her head. "What was that?" Someone trying to be sneaky and move around, sure that works.

Kimmila chuckles softly, "I'm hardly social," she says with a bit of dryness to her tone. "Don't worry about it." Turning her head, she squints to try and identify te approaching person. "Wingmate?"

Voices! They are the opposite of sneaky, and after a moment, another one joins them. "Heya," it calls back, and after a moment, identifies itself. "It's Sori," says the girl, and comes closer until she's visible despite the dimness.

Idrissa smiles slightly to Kimmila and nods. "Alright.." Is offered softly. Her gaze turns back towards the approaching person. A wave seen once hearing her friend. "Hey Soriana." Her gaze flicks around to see if anyone else is around before she glances back towards the darkness. "Wonder what time it is.."

Kimmila squints and then nods, making a soft noise when the person is identified. "Probably time for me to report for my watch," she says, pushing to her feet with a soft grunt. "See you around." And with a nod to both girls, the grim bluerider is fading into the darkness to go find the guards.

Soriana smiles to Idrissa as she gets close enough, and takes a curious look over Kimmila, giving the bluerider a slight nod. "See you," she echoes, and stays near Idrissa with her head tilted to the side. "Found anything?" The thing they don't mention about watch is… it's boring!

Idrissa glances after Kimmila and waves after her. "Have a good watch." She offers before looking back to Soriana. "Missed a giant tunnelsnake.. It was huge.. Inkfoot would have loved it." Alright it wasn't huge but anyway. It's now something for the two to talk about at least.

Soriana hehs. "Was it big enough to swallow you?" she asks, one eyebrow arched. What, it's totally a serious question. Just as serious as this report of a giant tunnelsnake.

Idrissa pauses at this and peers at Soriana and ums while scratching at her neck a moment. "Well.. No.. I suppose not." She pouts slightly. "It was still /HUGE/.."

…but not huge enough to eat her. Soriana could start asking about other animals, see if she can narrow this down! Ovines? Avians? Maybe spiderclaws or rollybugs? Maybe dust-motes? She just grins instead. "What were you talking about?" She indicates the direction of the departed Kimmila.

Idrissa folds her arms in front of her and eyes Soriana wondering what is rolling through her friends head. A soft oh escapes her. "She wanted to know why I came along, and then we got to talking about how long I've been here an why." She waves a hand slightly. "Was telling her about the runners.." Cause doesn't it always come back to runners in some way with Rissa?

Soriana nods at the answer she gets… and grins at the bit about the runners. Of course it does. "She looks like she's pretty prepared… for if things get rough and all."

Idrissa nods slightly, a soft ah escapes her. "Seems.. she's seen a lot of what Laris has done." This murmured out softly. "He hurt someone she cares about, and then hurt her. She well..she wants him dead." WHich with everything that Laris has done it is a fitting thing really.

Soriana nods again, this time without the grin. "Can't say as how I'd blame her. I mean…" She trails off a moment, and shakes her head. "He didn't do much at Xanadu, but… I saw how scared Laurali was, and what she said."

Idrissa frowns slightly and nods. "I know.. An I can't blame her either. But she is looking for it for revenge, which doesn't always end the way someone wishes." For a girl that spends a lot of time in the stables she tends to have a good amount on her mind of other things. "I just want her and Laurali to find peace if that's possible after all this mess."

Soriana shrugs. "If it ends up with him dead, it's good no matter why she wants it." A small smile. "If that doesn't make her happy, well. She'll have plenty of time to figure out something that does, once he's gone."

Idrissa nods slightly at this and leans back a moment. "True.." She offers before a faint sigh escapes her. "Anyway.. Enough on that subject." No she would rather not talk about it anymore. Her gaze flicks back towards the forest and then up towards the sky before a yawn escapes her. "Maybe we should try an actually sleep.." Ha that's an idea.

Sleep? That's crazytalk. And what's Idrissa got to go and yawn for? Soriana looks staunchly out at the darkness… okay, okay. "Yeah. Probably. Tomorrow we'll have to take a good look all around this place!" But, for now… sleep.

Idrissa nods at this and is up moving on towards where the tent is to be found. "That is the idea!" She offers with an amused tone at the thought of checking everything out once day light is a helpful for sure things.

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