Searching for Laris

Xanadu Weyr – Clearing

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.

The word has gone out that a wing is required for a special mission patrol. Since search and Rescue has been doing double-sweeps for awhile, this time even though it is led by Galaxy's Wingleader Ers'lan, the riders assembled are from every wing so that the more fatigued of Search and Rescue wing may get some rest. Since the heightened security has kept most of the young people out of the woods, well it's predictable that many are also here. Even Nebula and Asteroid, the technology wings, have shown up with volunteers. So it's a hodge-podge of dragons and riders assembled in the clearing. Not only that but the Weyrleadership has asked for volunteers of the non-rider sort as well. All people have been told is to expect to be gone for several days and to pack warm clothes for rough terrain. The briefing will begin when the arrival subsides and the hubhub of activity dies down. Right now though, the clearing is a v'tol-hive of activity with dragons being loaded with supplies/ The Weyrwoman drifts through the area, dressed in leathers, a rebellious gleam in her eye. If the Weyrsecond isn't looking, she may just sneak away on this little trip!

Mikal is one of those non-rider folk. In fact he's a wanna be healer apprentice! Sliding around from the various knots of people awaiting he chats to them all to get their opinion of the special mission patrol coming up.

Idrissa caught word of such traveling things, an it shouldn't be a surprize as the call went out to everyone at the Weyr. As for her normal canine sidekick Asher has been left at the kennel for the amount of time she will be gone, which she has no idea about, but there will be one howling canine that does not like his new digs for at least the night, and most likely evil glares for Rissa when she does return. At the moment she is busy doing whatever she possible can to help get items loaded and what not. She also has warmer type clothing on, hair pulled back as at the moment she is busy carrying a box to a spot where he needed to go. Her gaze drifts over the area as she tries to find Soriana or Kale too see if her friends have made it or are even coming.

Of course Soriana's heard about this! Not only that, she convinced her mother it was okay for her to come - if she was careful, and stayed away (or a-dragonback) if there was actual trouble, and… well, and a few other worries besides, all of which the girl of fourteen turns carefully assured Sorrin were nothing at all to actually worry about. That's why she's here now! She has her riding clothes, a backpack with her personal supplies, friends asked to see to Inkfoot while she's gone, and her brown firelizard perched on one shoulder as she trots in to join the chaos.

Throw one extremely nosy, dragon-obsessed girl in a weyr, and you're bound to find her popping up in the most exciting places. "It's a good thing I hadn't unpacked yet!" Altrea gushes to someone who could really care less. In fact, he's not even looking at her, but she continues to chatter, "And of course when I heard, well, I had to be here! /Dragons/." Yah, there aren't a whole lot of those anywhere, right? "And adventure! I wonder if we'll get /lost/."

Fl'ynn is in the midst of the chaos, fully immersed in the hive of activity, the thick of the storm, the swirl of the vortex… and whatever other metaphors would work here. Kagenaith? He is the near toe-dancing blue whose attention lasts as long as those beforementioned vtols. Flick. Flick. Flick. Fl'ynn literally reaches up, hooks fingers around the blue's lower teeth and jaw to yank the dragon's head back to eyelevel. "Focus, buddy. Focus. You're gonna pee yourself." That get a grunt of derision, then a laugh from Comet's wingleader. "Mindspeak the others, make sure a couple of 'em showed up."

To add to the already large number of Wingriders and just dragonrider's in general are the number of Fortian riders among the Xanadu ones. Weyrleader Th’ero seems to be at the head of the small group, followed with a brownrider sporting a Wingleader's knot, her badge the equivalent of Fort's Search and Rescue Wing. A bluerider follows closely at her side, his knot bearing the loops and weaving of a Wingsecond. Two other Wingseconds are present and then a small assortment of Wingriders all bearing Fort's colors but varying badges. Most have gone off to work alongside with Xanadu riders or simply quietly hang back along the fringes and prepare their own dragons, looking calm but anxious and maybe just a touch uncomfortable. Th'ero, having visited Xanadu enough in the past to be reasonably at ease, stands by Velokraeth, the pale bronze swiveling his oversized and ugly head to observe and likely keeping a constant dialogue with as many dragon's as he can. The Weyrleader's arms are crossed and he's frowning, but it's mostly in distracted thought. His Wingleader, the female brownrider is at one side and there is another rider, a female bluerider at his other and quite close. What makes her interesting though is the Western Weyr knot she wears. Who is she?

Kimmila is that bluerider standing beside Th'ero, and she's come armed to the teeth. A blue and silver hilted dagger at her waist, another knife on her opposite side, a quiver strapped to her back and she holds a bow in her hands, her fingers wrapped so tightly around the wood that her knuckles are white. She says nothing for the moment, green eyes scanning the crowd, nodding to people that she knows, all from different weyrs. World traveler, this one.

With the arrival of Fort's complement Thea has slipped through the crowd to welcome them. She thanks for them joining in a simple but heartfelt way with an easy smile and an ever-growing gleam of determination dancing in her pale green eyes. Apparently the Weyrsecond, so bent on keeping her like glass on a shelf is sleeping off his double shift so hah! He's not here to glower and demand she remain behind. "Well-met Fort," this she says to Th'ero as she stops before the trio. Her head tips towards Kimmila, dark brows lift and her smile grows wider at the weaponry the bluerider is packing. Her own crossbow is slung in it's case on her back, so there's naught but appreciation in the look. "I'm Thea," is the casually-tossed introduction to her, a merry twinkle of conspiracy in her manner.

Across the way, the leader of this expedition uses his 'outside voice' to say, "Listen up!" When it's quiet he'll go on to outline the basics, "We're going into remote territory to look for signs of human activity where there should be none. We need fresh eyes so you'll all need to keep them peeled and scanning the ground as we go. Listen to the rider you're partnered with and tell him or her if you see anything unusual like smoke, flashes of light from metal objects or movement on the ground." After a pause he simply says, "Pick a rider and mount up!"

Mikal scuffs his feet a bit, ending up standing right behind Idrissa as he stands on tiptoes to see and hear Thea. Then as the leader's outside voice carries to him he gets a worried look. Clearly he's not gotten to know that many riders yet since coming here. He's usually hanging with the kids his age. He cranes his neck around to see if he can find a rider to pair with.

Fl'ynn leaves off grabbing his dragon by the jaw to look over at the command to mount up. Instead, the young man gives the blue a push to his chest, a chuck to his shoulder, and the finger to the guy over there who he had drinks with the night previous because that is just how he rolls. Back to wing tending, Fl'ynn waves his arm around, signalling to the rest of his wing to follow suit as well and mount up. Comet, well versed in speed being of the essence, are all up and ready just like that -it is their wingleader that lags behind (purposely). Honestly.

Altrea gets perhaps a little too close to a dragon and backs up hastily when it turns to snort curiously at her. "Sorry! Sorry!" she appologizes hastily, going a bit red in the face. However, the man in charge is hollering. She bites her lip and glances around. Just…pick? For once, quite timid, the bushy haired woman stands waiting and watching everyone else pick partners.

Idrissa drops the box off where it belongs and brushes her hands off while she peers around once more. Her attention though is drawn over to Fl'ynn, an why? Well she hasn't met his dragon even though she met him what twice now? She moves over that'a way and offers him a smile and slight wave. "Hey, how goes?" Her bright green gaze drifts up to Kagenaith, whom gets a smile and wave as well. She hasn't caught sight of Soriana running nto the scene and once she hears Thea she lets her attention turn over to the Weyrwoman to pay attention to what is said. At the talk of picking a rider and getting mounted up she peers around slightly looking utterly unsure on the matter while tugging at the strap for her pack. An while she may live at the Weyr she hasn't actually went flying on a dragon mind you, it should be sorta like riding a runner.. Right? As riders an the like go mounting up she steps back and peers up at different riders and dragons around.

Soriana catches a line tossed to her and helps secure a load on one of the greens, then moves on. She finally catches a glimpse of Idrissa through the crowd, and waves as she makes her way in that direction - well, after pausing for a crate to be carried by. "Heya!" she says once she gets there, looking about with a grin. There's Mikal, who gets a brief nod… and Altrea's around here somewhere, because Sori can hear her babbling. "Oh!" she says as she notices the riders with Th'ero. "Fort's here! I wonder if…" Whatever it is she's wondering will have to wait for now, because the expedition leader is shouting for their attention, which she gives! After which, she looks around for her ride. Idrissa gets a nudge toward Fl'ynn - what, she saw her looking! - before Sori heads for her own target.

Darsce strolls in, after the important stuff is all over with. The girl has practiced the art of late arrivals but really in her book, she's right on time. Dressed in eye-fetching black jeans that hug the curve of her hip and long thighs, black leather flight jacket and a ruffly hot pink shirt that is parted at the neck far lower than her protective father would allow were he here, she sashays right on by Ers'lan, telling the wingleader with a sultry, "Take care of my knot. I'm letting you wear it today only because it doesn't match my outfit." Manicured fingertips trail his chest as she drifts by (probably leaving him grinding his teeth), her backpack on one shoulder as she looks for a ride. Her iceblue eyes are coyly shaded by lashes hiding the shrewd assessment in them as they slide over Fl'ynn. She's not hesitant in the slightest but boldly asks, "Do you have room for another?"

The Fortian riders all greet Thea with polite respect, some showing eagerness in joining in the hunt, as well as teaming up with other riders, while others are a little more reserved. It's to be expected in such a large group. Th'ero is dressed in his sturdiest flight gear, all blacks and somber neutral hues and he, like Kimmila next to him, is armed. A sword on one side, a dagger on the other and likely a few extra hidden blades if he needs them though the Weyrleader is hoping none have to draw weapons save to cut through thick foliage or from some other tame task. "We're here to offer what help we can for Xanadu," he replies in a low tone to Thea as she stops to greet her. The Wingleader at his side also dips her head to the Weyrwoman in way of greeting. As the expedition leader speaks up, Th'ero remains quietly attentive until the rider is finished and then he's straightening his shoulders, standing a little taller as his arms uncross to fall a bit stiffly to his sides. Nerves? Probably. He pitches his voice, much like the other, as the Fortian Weyrleader adds in his own words… but they're words of caution. "If any do find signs of human activity, especially /recent/ or worse yet… actual folk in a camp, do /not/ approach them or engage them. That goes for riders and non-riders alike. Tag their location, notify and fall back." Warning given, he steps back and then signals his riders to begin preparing. He may be Weyrleader, but most are directing their focus now to the expedition leader rather then him. Th'ero busies himself by turning to Velokraeth and checking his straps, the same heavy frown knitting his brows.

Kimmila watches Thea approach, and the daughter-of-Elara shifts her bow to her left hand so she can offer her right out for a shake. "Kimmila. Nice crossbow," she says, her own look mirroring the goldrider's. Nothing more awesome than a couple of highly armed babes, is there? "Ready to find Laris and send an arrow through his throat," she says, her voice low and rather vicious (and maybe with a nice curse word adjective thrown in there too). Someone's come to the party with a grudge, it seems, and she shifts her shoulders and twists her back, stretching out muscles that have healed up well since her last bout with Laris and his gang sent an arrow near her spine. Glancing at Th'ero, the bluerider then turns to listen to the leader, and nods. "See you in the sky," she murmurs to Th'ero, turning to weave her way to the outskirts where her small but bulky blue awaits. A kid comes up and asks her for a ride, and she gives him such a long, incredulous look that he slinks off to ask someone else.

Fl'ynn curls fingers around Kagenaith's straps, ready to pounce upwards when a voice catches him short. The young man twists his head around, dusky features, goggles magnifying dark-irised eyes to bug-eyed proportions. "I always have room for more. Come. Come." Gloved fingers waggle before interlacing and offering Darsce a boost up. Kagenaith? He near to wiggles in place. Antsy! Maybe a little drool that adds just that delightful shine of glistening periwinkle. But damn, he sure is pretty in the light.

Altrea probably missed the kid slinking away from Kimmila. Deciding the blue rider looks 'less important' than anyone else still unpartnered, she bounces up, flyaway hair bouncing with her. "Excuse me ma'am," she says breathlessly. "You look quite well prepared. I happen to be quite the explorer, and keen-eyed-" okay, so she wears glasses! "-if you wouldn't mind a second pair of eyes." Please? She flutters her eyelashes even, for good measure.

Darsce brought perfume and nail polish! Formidable weapons those, if used correctly. That would mean dis-obeying the Fort Weyrleader's instructions though, which Darsce totally would do if it suited her, regardless of whether the man is awesome-studly and all. Yes, she has a knack for noticing things like that, but subtly. She helps that nudge of Soriana's by linking her arm in Idrissa's and hauling her along towards Fl'ynn as she steps that way, flashing the rider a cocky grin as she adds, "Or two?" The flying slobber, well she just edges away from that, but steps easily into the offered hand-boost, well-used to mounting. She takes the backseat and leaves Idrissa to the front, if that's how Fl'ynn does things. What? She's a flirt but matchmaking is MUCH more fun.

Idrissa is pushed forward by Soriana and catches herself, hand raised and she is about to ask and thus swoops in Darsce, whom she offers a glance over. Well there went that one, she is in midturn to go hunt down another rider, or well ask, or perhaps hide.. Yes hide works and then is grabbed by Darsce and thus turned back around and she peers back up at Fl'ynn and now Darsce. "Ah.. If.. Its alright?" As if she knows how many people a dragon can carry..

Soriana comes through the crowd of people mounting up, and gets herself to a place beside Thea. "Are you going?" she asks. Her grin is almost confidential - with her mother one of the juniors here, Sori knows something about what weyrwomen should be doing. She can also see the look of someone for whom that respectability and safety is chafing, and who has the urge to run off and do things they oughtn't. Well, don't let her stop you, but she'd love to come along!

Fl'ynn wants the middle. He is totally going to be in the middle. Got it? I mean, what self-respecting hot-blooded young bluerider/wingleader wouldn't want to be in the middle of… Anyway, yeah. Boosting Darsce up. Hands available for Idrissa as well. "Absolutely. You get front seat." He flashes her a wink. Kagenaith? Still near to twitching in place. Every so often there is a wiggle to his hindquarters. It goes well with the sort of honking noise he makes every so often, eager to be off.

Thea shakes Kimmila's hand, all her turns of life spent on High Reaches trails for her father easily felt in the firm grip before dropping hers to listen to Th'ero. She nods agreement; they've got teenagers and weyrfolk unaccustomed to dangerous confrontations so falling back is A-ok with her. Only for now, though says the glint flashing in her eye at some thought as she makes her way over to Seryth, who has already been sneakily-loaded and set to lounge in the forest rather than on the coastal road. Soriana's question almost draws a guilty wince. Almost, but not quite as she lifts a finger to her lips and says, "Shhh!" But her eyes are dancing as she headtilts towards Seryth. "You want a lift?" Because she's totally going your way. Playing hooky while the juniors watch the Weyr. Tsk.

"See you in the sky," Th'ero murmurs back to Kimmila, but just before the bluerider can turn away, he reaches out to grasp her just above her elbow. He tilts his head down then, lowering his voice so that only she can hear. "Stay close." And then she's free and gone and the Weyrleader is left to murmur a few words to some of his riders who come up for last minute reports. Wingleader Nishka has moved off to oversee a few last minute preparations and also check on her brown Azath in the process. So it's by luck or chance that she overhears Altrea's approach to Kimmila. The brownrider has to mask a smile for the girl's obvious enthusiasm, but she won't leave the bluerider unaided. "I'm afraid Kimmila has some tasks to do that may take her away from the rest of the group," Nishka informs her in a friendly enough tone, even offering a smile. "Might be best if you chose another. There's myself or… well, there's Th'ero too. I'm sure he won't mind a keen-eyed explorer such as yourself. Your choice though!"

Kimmila turns around and is about to give Altrea the same treatment she gave the last poor kid who asked, when Nishka is stepping in. Giving the Wingleader a brief nod of thanks, Kimmila turns and mounts up without a second glance given to Altrea, and then Varmiroth is stepping back and leaping into the sky.

Altrea might look like she's going to have a heart attack right there on the spot with Nishka's kind words. She looks at Th'ero, and back at her, and gets a little pale. "Well of course if the bluerider is busy," she begins dubiously, but of course she is already gone, leave Trea to wring her hands uncertainly. "Neither of you would mind?" she asks shyly. "You're just so—" Important? High ranking? Neither of them makes it past her lips, but it's certainly implied. Poor Holder. "If you're sure…."

Fortunately, those around weyrwoman and weyrteen are quite busy with their own mounting and leaps into the air, and if anyone of them actually heard that little exchange, they were disinclined to betray the secret of Thea's daring escape. We know this, because there are no weyrseconds barreling out from a dead sleep to drag Thea back to paperwork. Soriana's grin widens as she's shushed, because that in itself is an admission, and at the offer for a ride she nods. Adventure calls! Who are they to deny it?

Idrissa offers Fl'ynn a warm smile and nods while she takes hold of the offer hand up and is thus sitting there at the front. "Alrighty, thanks." A curious glance is sent to Kagenaith, whom is honking? So this is what it's like sitting up on at dragon, her bright gaze flicks this way and that, peering down at the ground and at least is totally fine with that. Its just like a runner in a sense just way off the ground she is noting but not paying it any attention.

"Hot is the word you're looking for," drawls Darsce to Altrea from atop Kagenaith's back. There's an impudent and very unabashed grin on her lips. The girl may have a goldrider mother, goldrider step-mom and Weyrsecond father, but she has not one bone of protocol in her body. Her fingertips are idly brushing the blue's back, fascinated with the hide and she says the first thing that comes to her mind. "I need some sheets this color." Really, color. Fashion. That's all she's thinking of. Right?

Away from Seryth, Th'ero is still busily going over a few last minute details, though the Weyrleader is now stepping closer to Velokraeth's side and the pale bronze is lifting himself to his stunted limbs, wings unfurling a little as he rumbles low in this throat. Even he's tired of the waiting and has observed enough that eagerness begins to overrule his calm. Nishka can't help but grin a little at Altrea's reaction, but for the poor Holder's benefit, the Fortian Wingleader doesn't laugh. "Of course not. We're all in this, one way or another and everyone's got to do their part. So yes, we're sure. Choose fast!" Not that the older woman means to rush the younger girl, but with the Weyrleader about to mount up, her decision may be made for her!

Away from Seryth, Kagenaith honks. He hoots. He bugles. He makes all kinds of noises at various times during the day. So yes, he may be honking about now. At least the noise is coming from that part of him and not the hind area. Fl'ynn gives the dragon a pat, takes a breath and then mounts up between the girls. He does make sure they are strapped in. "Cozy?" he drawls, an unmistakable chuckle to his voice. "Be sure to hang on."

Away from Seryth, Altrea looks furiously back and forth and then says shrilly, "Well, fardles, how many times in my life am I ever going to get to ride a bronze, right?" She shoots Nishka an apologetic look and darts towards Fort's Weyrleader. "Excuse me, sir, do you have room for one more?" Big smile, so big! Scary big. Oh my. Darsce's comment on the hotness of the kind Fortian pair goes uncommented upon. How indecent!

Who are they indeed? There may have been a little something extra in D'had's klah to help him sleep a little more deeply, and so Thea is, for the moment, safe from an over-protective weyrmate. And Darsce - luckily for you - he's not here to be glowering, growling at Fl'ynn and whisking you onto Siebith instead. Thea sees though, but she's merely amused and the girl's comments garner a long-suffering headshake. Buckles are snapped and after a, "Here we go," to warn Soriana, Seryth leaps, lifted wings stoke the air in mighty sweeps as she seeks the sky.

The leader is doing his all-important last minute things, making sure people lagging are assigned riders and mounted up before he's swinging aboard his dragon and giving the signal to rise. He's watching everyone and everything as they rise to the skies and once they are in formation guides the wings to the southeast, away from Xanadu Weyr, the Sea of Azov to their backs and the distant Southern Barrier Range gleaming white before them afar off in the harsh sunlight.

Away from Seryth, Velokraeth's neck> There are no hard feelings, Nishka simply laughing when the girl darts past her and for the Fortian Weyrleader. She mounts up, buckling in and joining the others while Th'ero pauses just before climbing the straps on Velokraeth's side. Stepping back down, he gives Altrea a long, lingering look as if considering, his frown likely not to make things any less awkward. "I do," he finally drawls and it's obvious he has no other passengers. There's no broad smile like hers, just a small one and rather reserved. Of all the Weyrleader's, her luck she gets the most uptight, stiff necked and stick-in-the-mud lot of them all. He's taking this adventure oh-so seriously, to judge from his ever present frown. "Ever fly before?" he asks, offering her his hand and regardless going to help her up into those straps and get her buckled in, seated in front of him rather then behind. Then Th'ero secures himself and before Altrea likely has time to really enjoy the experience, Velokraeth is leaping up with the rest, wings unfurling and taking powerful sweeps as he takes his place among the formations.

Soriana gives Seryth a polite nod, then hops onto the gold with familiar motions. She handles her own buckles and straps, holding on with a light grip. Thea's warning gets a nod and a, "Ready." And… leap! Ahh, she grins wide at that, for the bunching of draconic muscles and the launch up into the air never manages to get old, no matter how many times she's a part of it. The wind is in Sori's hair, and they're on their way!


Xanadu Weyr Region - Sky Over the Coastline

Land stretches out beneath you as the Sea of Azov disappears onto the horizon - streams weaving through the forests and marsh.

Away from Seryth, Velokraeth's back> "Nope!" announces Altrea cheerfully, not even barely put off by the man's dour attitude. She allows him to help her up, all sparkly and new and possibly a little drooly. Even the obvious ugliness of the dragon she's getting onto can't dampen her excitement. She fidgets and leans and cranes and turns and keeps on grinning while getting buckled in. She pats the dragon below her, doing everything short of bouncing and then they're off and she's shrieking gleefully into the wind in her face. Oh, lucky Th'ero. Maybe he would have been better off with Darsce. "THIS IS SO GREAT!" She shouts over the whipping wind, her bushy hair standing straight up around her delighted face.

Away from Seryth, Kagenaith's back> Idrissa is totally fine with holding on tight, and she is very happy to be strapped in as well. She catches sight of the other riders and dragons and isn't sure what to expect. Once Kagenaith is leaping upwards a faint squeal escape her and she slaps a hand over her mouth while the other hand holds onto a strap tightly. Eeeee! Escapes her muffled like. At least she isn't scared and after the moment she relaxes enough to let her gaze flick over the area looking about in awe of everything.

Away from Seryth, Kagenaith's back> What? Stern Weyrleader-y men ARE hot. Darsce hasn't got much time to look unrepentant at Altrea's look of horror. Indecent is her middle name. Nono, Altrea, she'll just… worship from afar, thanks. Men like that don't notice her. Or they do and don't ever let on. Because they could be mauled by Kimmila-types. Fl'ynn asks if they are cozy and so she leans to purr in his ear a deliberately suggestive, "Very." Thankfully she's taken the time to wrap her silver-blonde hair in a bun, helmet still dangling from her fingers, but at least Fl'ynn doesn't get it whipping in his face as she props her chin on his shoulder so she can better peer over it at Idrissa. "How about you?"

Away from Seryth, Velokraeth's neck> Well, at least Altrea isn't put off by his attitude, but Th'ero is certainly wondering over his choice of passengers when her excitement and enthusiasm have the Fortian Weyrleader literally staring at her at one point, incredulous at her behavior. Oh sweet Faranth, who'd he agree to have come with him! Could be worse, right? At least she isn't a terrified mess and at least it's not Darsce. He'd notice those comments and then it'd just be bad. Awkward bad and maulings too, to name the least of the worries. Velokraeth is finding this amusing too, chuffing in as close to draconic laughter as he can, though it's likely lost over the sound of the wind. But then the pale bronze is sobering and focusing on keeping up with the rest of the group, eventually leveling off and settling into a steady pace, gliding when he can to conserve strength. Th'ero doesn't remain distracted for long either, turning his head a little to scan the skies and observe the other riders above, around and below them.

Away from Seryth, Kagenaith is at least a smooth flier once he is in the air, all smooth lines with wings wide to either side, cutting along upon a fair thermal or three. The land opening up below, the skies larger than ever about, the periwinkle blue finds his line in the midst of the other dragons. Fl'ynn chuckles as he finds his place between the girls, physics and the winds causing him to press back into Darsce while arms move around to either side of Idrissa. "Okay there?" he queries after Idrissa, leaning a little to the side to try to catch sight of her face. It'd be a pity if she gets sick.

Away from Seryth, Varmiroth joins the group after being gone for a short time - who knows what he was doing - but now he soars up to take his spot on Velokraeth's right wingtip. Crouched on his neck like a jockey is Kimmila, bow drawn and arrow notched as she surveys the ground below while they fly. She wears her goggles but not her helmet, a frown of concentration stern on her lips. No, she wouldn't have been a fun person to hitch a ride with.

Away from Seryth, Kagenaith's back> Idrissa isn't paying a bit of attention to Darsce and Fl'ynn at the moment, an her hair is tucked back enough that it doesn't smack anyone in the face at least. As for Darsce's comment she nods while her gaze drifting all over the place as she is taking everything in. At the question from Fl'ynn an the touch brings her back to the present she looks back to him and nods with a grin, yes she is actually grinning. "I'm fine, this is great!" She's not looking sick at all either.

Away from Seryth, Kagenaith's back> Yeah, it’s a very good thing Idrissa’s not getting sick because Darsce would be skewing as faaaaar away from Fl'ynn's back as she could leaving him to be splattered by the contents of Idrissa's stomach and not so cozy besides. Don't lose your lunch, K 'Drissa? They're flying, the sun is warm, the guys are ho- cute! Cute. And… what were they doing? Oh right. Looking. For bad guys. You know she's hoping they find some. But she's likely not much help because while she does give the far below ground some attention, her eyes keep wandering back to the riders all around them. Heaven. Sigh.

Away from Seryth, Velokraeth's back> Altrea comments offhandedly, "He's faster than he looks, eh?" before returning her attention to what actually has her up here. She leans just a bit to be able to see past the dragon's neck and down below. They are looking for signs, right?

It takes Seryth awhile to reach their designated spot in formation, the gold slower to gain altitude than the zippy greens and blues. When they are there and the leader has them spread out and arrowing towards those distant mountains, Seryth stretches out to do some steady flying, careful to glide every several beats so she doesn't pull ahead of smaller wingbeats. Thea doesn't have a helmet on either - it probably runs in the family that aversion to helmet hair or something. She does have goggles on though and her gloved hand sweeps out to her right, indicating Soriana to watch that side while she leans left and peers down over and ahead of Seryth's shoulder.

Below them the coastline recedes further away as sand and marsh, ribboned with tiny streams gives way to low coastal plains, the sere sea grass undulating in the breezes. Low rises, not quite hills can be seen rippling the ground as it fades to drier earth and the stubby bushes of the high plains. It is long, boring and not much to be seen but nature below them. Not a track, not a trail, not a trace of anything but something that looks like half-eaten feline kills now and then.


Xanadu Weyr Region - Sky Over the Plains

The forests have turned into plains, and while occasional groups of trees stick up now and then along with the occassional rocky outcropping, the ground is mostly flat as it slopes up to the southern mountains.

Helmet what? Soriana's fourteen, she's invincible. She's just got her hair tied back and her wherhide jacket and pants, because it gets cold on a dragon sometimes, even if you don't go between. It's the wind. Toral flutters his wings for a moment, but Soriana manages to convince him the proper place for a brown firelizard is to be tucked down between her and Thea where he won't get blown away. That done, she nods to Thea's instruction, and leans over to the right to peer in that direction. Hmm. There's swampy bits, mostly. Lots of green stuff, lots of… is that a glint? She stares at it for a long moment. No, that's just part of one of those streams, water gleaming in the sunlight. Back to sweeping her gaze back and forth! There's a reason they call it sweepriding.

Away from Seryth, Velokraeth's neck> Th'ero almost misses Altrea's comment, focused as he is on the task and likely distracted by his observations and incoming reports fed to him from Velokraeth. And it's the bronze who gives him the mental nudge. Hey! She paid him a compliment! "He can be when the time is needed for him to be," the Weyrleader replies, raising his voice just enough to be heard over the wind. He's even so stiff and proper with his words! As Varmiroth wings up next to the bronze, Th'ero turns his head and there's a nod of approval (and perhaps relief) when he see's Kimmila at the ready. As the coastline recedes, the ground below seems to pass by at a steady rate, Velokraeth keeping himself just a bit behind of the main pack but it makes for a great view of everything, land below and skies above and all the riders in between.

Away from Seryth, Varmiroth shifts a bit so that he's able to coast on the air currents of some other dragons, the small blue using those to his advantage so he does not tire himself out too fast. On his neck, Kimm is all business, scanning the ground below and trusting completely in her straps as she leans way out one side or the other, squinting below.

Away from Seryth, Velokraeth's back> Altrea chuckles, "Like when it's time to catch a queen?" she teases lightly. She pats the bronze's neck. "I bet you know just what drives the ladies wild." I guess if she could wink at the dragon, she would. "Kinda bleek, isn't it?" she natters to herself, waiting patiently to see anything.

Away from Seryth, Kagenaith's back> Idrissa goes back to taking in this and that until she remember just why she was able to come along. She turns her attention down to the ground. Her bright gaze drifing here and there as she goes about searching for anything that might stand out and go 'someone's there'. So far she hasn't seen anything that catches her attention. An no worries to Fl'ynn and Darsce, she won't be getting sick!

Thea is off to the side and a few dragonlenths behind Varmiroth, leaning into the hold of her harness. This isn't something she's used to really, but having settled her crossbow on her thigh, loaded and yet trigger finger free at the moment to point at something below. she's forgotten that Soriana is looking the other way and so leans over to raise her voice so the wind doesn't snatch the words, "Check that out." Seryth banks, tilting a wing so they can see them more easily. On the left, far below on the dry ground where the grass gives way to dirt and broken ground is a series of large craters. Heat waves radiate distorting the ground beyond. A few are smoking and flickering guttered flame.

Velokraeth, Kagenaith and Varmiroth sense that Seryth passes on Thea's comment, her words cool rain that carry a hint of sadness and somber remembrance, « The renegade Kate had her Luciath clutch in one of those hot craters. None survived. We did not find Luciath either. »

The raised voice gets Soriana's attention for sure, and she turns from her view of water, grass, and gently rolling hills to see - "Huh." That's probably too quiet to be heard, but her interest is obvious from how she's leaning against the straps, tilted right into that veer of Seryth's and all-but-dangling. Those aren't campfires. No way are those campfires. So what could they be? "Dragonflame?" she shouts in question over the wind.

Kagenaith, Varmiroth and Seryth sense that Velokraeth's mind responds in gentle and golden waves, as soothing, cool and sweet as any wine and just as comforting. His words are honeyed, his tone mellow and respectful. «A pity for the loss,» he intones gravely, but there is confusion there too and likely on his rider's part. «Forgive our ignorance, but who is this renegade Kate and Luciath?» Because the concept of a renegade rider intrigues the bronze but unsettles the rider, that much can be glimpsed vaguely through the link.

Velokraeth, Kagenaith and Seryth sense that Varmiroth is confused, and it projects on a nighttime sky with swirls of paint in dizzying hues. « We do not understand. »

Away from Seryth, Kagenaith draws in his wings, allowing gravity to have its way with him. Lower they fall, shy of the reaching limbs of any of the trees 'til they by tickle he blue's tummy and wingtips slice foliage with every pinion drop. Fl'ynn's head comes up some, only to angle to the side to look down and along. His voice lifts, a smile seeming almost to imbue his voice as he speaks over the rush of the wind, "We'll follow the others." It is barely mentioned before Kagenaith and the rest of Comet trail to the starboard of the rest of the explorers, looking where the others are.

Away from Seryth, Velokraeth's neck> Th'ero is drawn from his observations this time just as Velokraeth rumbles deep enough to be felt as the bronze finds obvious amusement in Altrea's comments. The Weyrleader however looks shocked, awkward and incredulous again. /Not/ what he's expecting to be discussing. "Well… yes. I suppose that would be one time." He says, coughing slightly and not making comment about the ladies part. Spoil sport! At the comment of the land below, Th'ero all bit leaps at the chance to change the conversation. "It is. Bleak and likely not easy to survive in…" But then Seryth is banking and Velokraeth is slowing, catching on to the gold's interest quick enough. What is below them has Th'ero frowning heavily, eyes unfocused as it's obvious there are messages being relayed silently. "Those," he says outloud for Altrea's sake and points with his hand to the large craters, "However are not usual."

Velokraeth, Kagenaith and Varmiroth sense that Seryth struggles with the barely-remembered, now that hers had mentioned it, incident. Helped by her rider, she clarifies, « It was long ago. Her rider was taken from a band of renegades led by a man called Kefai. She impressed to Luciath but did not remain at the Weyr. She slipped away to rejoin her father. » There's a long pause before, again aided by Thea, her rains are a gentle beat, « She would not hear or answer us. Kilaueth said they think they escaped *Between Times* for they were never found. »


Xanadu Weyr Region - Sky Over the Mountains

As the plains turn to hills, the hills to foothills, and the foothills to mountains, the ground suddenly seems much closer. The mountains below you stretch in either direction, a small pass barely visible somewhere to the south east.

Away from Seryth, Varmiroth dips his wing when the gold and Velokraeth do, following their lead as Kimm leans up in the straps and peers, shading her eyes with her free hand and squinting into the distance.

Velokraeth, Kagenaith and Seryth sense that Varmiroth's mind gives a little jolt of stars vanishing at the mention of between times, remembered fear gripping him for a brief moment before the skies once again are filled with points of light. His understanding is felt rather than spoken, the blue's mind twined with his rider's with little attention given to the other dragons at the moment.

Away from Seryth, Velokraeth's back> Altrea is a clever girl! Look at that, she got Th'ero to talk. She practically gloats with her face. "Well, someone certainly is," she says glumly, looking at the craters and squinting for lack of understanding. "What could have caused such large … surely nothing man-made. Meteorites, perhaps?" She tips her head back to see what passes on the older man's face. And then her hand shoots out to point. "There! On the edge of that hole. Do you see it?"

Varmiroth, Kagenaith and Seryth sense that Velokraeth's mind ripples, golden hues darkening with hints of red to a rose, though still laying smooth and mellow and ever comforting like a well aged wine. «How ironic,» the bronze almost muses as he absorbs all that Seryth's shares with hardly a flinch, the only hints of his growing discomfort or his riders being the darkening of color. «That we also look for a renegade man. But that is not the point. Shame she vanished and larger shame still that she was lost as a rogue.» The bronze seems satisfied though with the answers given, even if his rider is not. There will be another time, perhaps, where he can find more answers.

Away from Seryth, Kagenaith's back> Idrissa notices the trees are getting bigger as they go along? No, not bigger they are getting /closer/ to the trees. Her eyes widen slightly and she ums softly to herself while gripping onto a strap before everything is just fine an there is no crashing. Well of coruse no, why would something like that happen? Once she is rather sure the trees are staying in there places and they are staying in the air she goes back to searching. Once catching sight of the areas that others on other dragons have she points towards the bare spot of ground that are crater like. "What are those?" The question loud enough to be heard by Fl'ynn an Darsce.

Thea headshakes at Soriana, then ammends to a shrug of shoulders that causes the leather jacket to bunch then smooth. "Volcanic, the miners said. Though the gasses escaping them were probably set aflame by the renegades that camped out there while Luciath clutched in them." She eyes the sight below, her gaze troubled, than adds, "Long story," in a sort of half-explanation. She is silent then, watching as the leader sends a half wing - several of the smaller dragons to dive and sweep the area at a lower level. "I don't see any new signs down there - at least from here," she says uneasily.

Away from Seryth, Kagenaith's back> Darsce has been a passenger on her father's daredevil prone-to-divebomb Siebith many a time but she enjoys the plunge with a grin nevertheless. Though they're here on business, it's hard to feel subdued as leaves and trunks flash by right underneath them and she leans to peer down into the understory when little openings allow it. Back into the sky, she too stares at the holes in the barren landscape. "They're… ugly. That's what they are," the Iernian says with distaste. "And hot and dirty and somewhere I really hope we're not camping!"

Away from Seryth, Velokraeth's neck> Th'ero doesn't talk much though or for very long! Altrea's glum reply is met only with something almost grunted from the Weyrleader, the words lost to the wind. Probably didn't matter. But the bronzerider is distracted; mind pulled all which ways as he tries to keep tabs on both riders and land below. So when the girl's hand suddenly shoots out, Th'ero is instantly following to where she points. Then the explanation reaches him and the Weyrleader relaxes a little, having tensed almost unconsciously at the thought that some sign may have been found so early on. "I do," he tells Altrea, "It's natural. Volcanic, but the flame was set by some who camped here long ago… There must be gases that keep it aflame." Velokraeth rumbles deep and low and then the bronze is slowly ascending again, taking his usual vantage point among the ranks. Th'ero's head turns, likely to follow Varmiroth's path among the skies to see if the bluerider follows or goes with the others for a lower sweep.

Away from Seryth, Varmiroth swoops down to follow the others for a lower sweep, the blue staying at the back of the more formal formation, since he's just a tag-along. Circling the craters, he skims them and lets his rider get a good long look, both of them holding their breaths to avoid inhaling any dangerous fumes, and Varmiroth keeps his eyes first-lidded. Bow at the ready, Kimmila scans the grounds, looking for any signs of a recent camp being made. Though it's hardly an inconspicuous place to camp - not really Laris' style, but who knows what that man has rattling around in his head.
Away from Seryth, Velokraeth's back> Altrea nods, now recognizing the glint she saw as sand heated so hot by the gas vents that it has turned glassy. "Well, at least we know my eyes are working!" she offers cheerfully and slumps a little with a sigh. "So these people we're looking for, who are they?" Sweet, oblivious Trea, signing on for a mission she doesn't even understand.

Nothing seems to be found down there in that crater field as the dragons return to the formation with the 'all clear' signal given. They sweep on, straight towards those mountains, which rise to meet them as they wing on. The snow-clad peaks, brilliant white in the sun seem closer, looming above the foothills finally below them. The time that has passed by now long enough that the smaller dragons surely must need to rest. The leader gives the 'land' signal, passed along bespeaking the others with, « We will make camp below on the ridge and rest before sweeping the foothills. »

Away from Seryth, Kagenaith is certainly not a daredevil. That would require purposeful thought. To be honest, there isn't a whole lot of thought that goes on in this dragon's head. The blue flows as the land, rising and falling, smooth as a spring's savored breeze. Fl'ynn's chin lifts some, frowning while looking to where the rest of the attention is focused, "I'm not…" There is a pause though, a lost of focus to his eyes as information is relayed, "I think it may have something to do with what we are looking for."


Xanadu Weyr Region – Foothills

The smooth ground of the plains gives way to the foothills of the Southern Barrier range, slowly working their way up into gentle hills, and then larger ones that break up the horizon. The grass of the plains gives way to low shrubbery, which in turn give way to a mixture of trees, and the an abundancy of evergreens.
Here and there the ground levels out, creating ideal camping spots along the slopes here and there. At one such camping spot, under the boughs of a large tree, a section of earth is freshly disturbed, patted back into place, while an oddly shaped rock sits against the tree trunk. Here and there, groups of bushes and low plants sprout up, though while most have small, waxy leaves, there's one that has palm sized, smooth leaves.

Velokraeth's neck> Th'ero blinks a little, taken off guard by Altrea's obliviousness and rather innocent sounding question. "I guess they could be considered renegades. Though truthfully it's just the one man we hunt for in earnest. He's a wanted fugitive." But for what crimes, the Weyrleader doesn't elaborate on. Instead, he's tightening his hold on the straps and warning his passenger, "Hold on. We're landing to make camp." Indeed, the 'all clear' signal is passing from rider to rider and then Velokraeth is folding his wings and dropping into a controlled, but steep dive. The pale bronze is likely eager to rest as he is to discuss things with the rest of his kin. Th'ero catches sight of Varmiroth investigating the craters and then they're out of sight as Velokraeth wings down to land, angling away to find a clear spot large enough for him so that his wings don't run afoul. Once settled, the bronze rumbles again and Th'ero begins to unbuckle Altrea from the straps before carefully helping her down, dismounting shortly after her.

Kagenaith's back> Idrissa hears Darsce and tilts her head to look back at her curiously a moment. "Well… we're not going back for a few days so I imagen to some degree we are?" She hears Fl'ynn and nods slightly. Perhaps it is indeed why they are all out here. She leans against Kagenaith a bit as she looks over the ground once more, pondering the areas of bareness that is to be seen across the area, an perhaps clinging a bit to the straps as it seems they might be landing soon as the others are going down.

Varmiroth follows the others and lands after making a broad sweep of the area, landing on the edges of the gathering. Swinging a leg over, Kimmila slides down her blue's side on her rear, landing with a thump. She keeps her bow with her, but tucks her arrow back into its quiver before loosening Varmiroth's straps - but she does not remove them. You never know when a quick getaway might be required. Paranoid? Yes, but given her history with the man they're looking for, it's warranted. Once the blue is resting, she walks over towards Th'ero, giving Altrea a little nod as she does so.

Kagenaith flares his wings as he finds the ground, landing in tandem with the others of the explorers. The dragon barely touches feet to ground before he is turning about, swinging around to look about him. "Waaaaaaaait," calls out Fl'ynn, reminding his 'mate that yes, there are still people on his back. "Let 'em off first." With a chuckle, the young man unlatches the girls and offers them a hand down if needed, "Ever need another ride… or a hug, look us up," he drawls with a chuckle, smiling first to Darsce then to Idrissa.

Kagenaith's back> Darsce will DIE if she has to sleep on - or even near - dirt! Augh!!! But they wing on and she relaxes. By now she's bored though because it's really hard to flirt with a man who has his back to you and that h- stern-faced Weyrleader might frown on her trying that out on him anyway. Ho hum. How does her father do this sort of thing for days, hours at a time, years on end?!! It's no small relief when they do land - FINALLY!! She slides off to stand and both hands massage her backside. "Seriously? You Riders need softer seats on those beasts." Pause. "And a few pillows too."

Altrea shrugs in response. "Wanted fugitive. Cool." She seems to really believe that. Swashbuckling adventure, what a glamorous life she's stumbled onto. She tightens her grip on the straps, takes a deep breath and tips her face into the wind, pure exhileration coursing through her veins as they swoop and dive to land. Once on the ground she can't help but gush, "That was fantastic. Thank you so much!" This more for the dragon than his rider, but he's included in her gratitude as well.

Volcanic. Huh. Soriana stares at the craters as they're inspected. Kinda brings new meaning to those records of the eruption at Landing, way back in the ancientest of ancient history. Eventually, though, they move on, and she drags her attention back to sweeping the landscape. Right, that. She's on that. Looking for signs, something, anything… nothing. She's got nothing. Everyone has nothing, nobody has something, and so it goes until they're landing. Once Seryth's on the ground, she undoes her straps and hops off, grinning. "Thanks, Seryth!" she says to the gold, then glances up, adding, "And Thea."

Idrissa looks a might bit sad as they do land, flying was fun! An now they have to get off and go searching stuff. Using her skills at riding runners for a good amount of her life she is able to hop down to the ground rather easily and smiles to Fl'ynn and then Kagenaith. "Thank you Fl'ynn, an Kagenaith. It was great!" Rissa is thrilled to say the least and it overrides that shy part of her it seems. She reaches up to gives Kagenaith's neck a quick rubbing before he can get too far and sends a glance over to Darsce. "I thought it was fine.." Well of course she would she rides runners everyday.

Velokraeth is quick to settle himself, the pale bronze waddling off in his awkward gait on stunted limbs that make his movement on land almost comical. He chooses the best spot for doing what he does best: (mostly) silent observation. Arranging himself so that he can oversee most of the movement, he settles with a groan to his belly, likely glad to be off his feet and resting, though he should not be so tired from the flight. Th'ero manages to unbuckle the supplies laden to the straps before his lifemate ventures off, the Weyrleader is momentarily distracted again as a few of his rider's come in to report in person. It's quick work though, but it does leave him stern-faced, frowning and just downright serious looking. As Kimmila approaches, it eases a little but not by much as Th'ero nods to her. "Nothing?" he asks the bluerider. To Altrea, he only fixes her with another long look, still baffled by the girl as though she's some unsolvable puzzle. Cool? That does not translate in his vocabulary. "He says that it was his pleasure," Th'ero replies, not trusting to make his own comments. He's likely to make the poor girl cry — and not tears of happiness.

Kimmila turns a bit to eye Darsce, blinking at the girl's comment about softer seats and pillows. "Maybe it's your as- backside that needs more padding," she says with a faint smirk, and then she's rolling her eyes at Fl'ynn, twirling her bow idly in her hand. "Are we making camp for the night?" she asks Th'ero, a hand on her hip as she looks around the area. "They'll set up a perimeter and watches, right? I'm going to go volunteer for a watch, want me to volunteer you too?" They'll do their watch together - how romantic. Eyes flick to Altrea and she frowns. "It's not cool," she says sternly. "The man is dangerous. Do you have a knife? Get one if you don't, and sleep with it." How reassuring, as the bluerider then turns to Th'ero, waiting his reply. What does he see in her? For reals.

Thea too, is relived to reach the end, not that she'll let onto that. She waits for Soriana to slide down, tosses a casual, "Anytime!" Then with twinkle of mischief, takes the flight line, swings a leg over Seryth and… swings down and around the gold's chest to dismount catwoman-style. The patient queen keeps her head raised - no sense getting kicked in the chops now is there? The Weyrwoman lands lightly on her feet with a laugh that is more like a little girl's than a middle-aged woman but hey! She's free from the office. For once.

Altrea is made of tougher things than that… Maybe. She shrugs at Kimmila. "It's cooler than reading about it after the fact." Unless she gets killed. That would be decidedly less cool. She pulls up the end of one tattered pant leg and shows the bluerider the handle of a knife hidden in her well-worn boots, an eyebrow lifted in a 'satisfied?' type look. She flounces away after that, determined to be young and stupid, but at least not crazy.

Darsce's backside is curved just right and the merchant/model knows it. Kimmila's comment draws a smirk and a drawled, "My ass is perfect, thanks." Okay so she isn't Miss Manners but she's not at all riled or anything. She has her bag over her shoulder as she turns to eye the area. "So," this is a touch flippant, "show me the way to the hot baths and beds." Because you know, setting up camp is so yesterday. And she knows they thought to build her shelters and lug beds out here.

"Seems both logical and the safest thing to do," Th'ero murmurs in a low voice to Kimmila, glancing up and past the bluerider for a moment as Wingleader Nishka beings to approach. There's a wordless agreement between the two and a nod from the Weyrleader before the brownrider is moving off. Likely she's gone to confer with the Xanadu leader or the S&R riders from both Weyrs to try and organize some form of perimeter and watches. "Of course," he drawls, agreeing to the volunteering as though it was never something to debate. Yeah, sure… romantic. The sterness from the bluerider to Altrea has him lifting a hand to rest it on her shoulder, but it seems his concerns are uncessary, as the young girl handles herself well enough. There's a quirked brow for the show of the hidden knife and then Th'ero is simply shaking his head. "That covers that then…" he mutters, watching her flounce away with that same confused and baffled look. Yes, he's probably suspecting she'll get herself killed. Isn't he so nice? "Shall we?" Th'ero asks Kimmila, gesturing towards the supplies and to where some are already beginning to set up the makeshift camp, watching her with a questioning look.

Kimmila scowls after Altrea, turning to stare up at Th'ero. "Why did they bring kids along?" she hisses under her breath. "They're a liability." Green eyes flick to Darsce, "and some adults are a liability and just downright annoying. You find us a tent or a mat or whatever, I'll go sign us up for watch. Hey, Pillow-Ass!" That's Darsce's nickname now. "Want to join us on a watch? Good for your skin!" She laughs, and not kindly, as she passes by to go sign up.

Soriana grins as Thea shows off her utter dignity and grace in the dismount, and soon she's darting off to check out the rest of her surroundings. She doesn't go far, just wandering past various dragons and getting her bearings from the ground level instead of the air. Along the way, she runs into Kagenaith and his unloading passengers, and grins to Idrissa as she comes up beside the other girl. "Have fun?"

Idrissa smirks as she hears Darsce and peers up at her curious like. "If you mean sleeping bags and tents? Sure." She offers with an amused tone an goes about helping unload items and the like before she was planning on finding Soriana. Her friends finds her first though. "Sori! Yes, it was great!" She is basicly beaming after getting to ride a dragon. Yup, someone is rather happy she came along now. Hearing Kimmila's nickname for Darsce she has to hold back a laugh and her bright green gaze flicks to Darsce, clearly looking amused.

Altrea is, technically, not a kid, though her size could certainly give that impression. She seems content to wander their chosen camp ground, picking up rocks and debris, tossing them back down. "I guess it's a good thing we're probably alone out here… all the noise everyone's making, anyone out here will hear us." Never one to be afraid of the dark, or lonely work, Trea opts for unofficial watch… which is to say, exploring, snooping while there's still a bit of light, and scouting out a good place for her sleeping roll. She settles on one that looks likely, having been already cleared by somebody else at some point. Well, except this odd bit here.. She's trying to dig it out with her toe when she groans, "Oh, gross…who put that there?" obviously offended by a nearby rock.

"I'm not sure, but it's not my place to question that decision," Th'ero growls back to Kimmila, when truthfully it is. Maybe he doesn't want to cause a scene? It's likely something the Weyrleader will ask Thea, if he ever does corner the Weyrwoman alone for a bit of a talk. He's got plenty of questions! But for now, he's focused on other tasks. Namely, staring at Kimmila again for the nickname she tosses as Darsce. There's a low sigh from Th'ero and whatever he was about to say is lost as another rider approaches him and he turns to deal with that issue before striding off to the supplies and aiding with the camp setup. He'll claim a tent along the way, just some simple thing and then he's off to secure a decent spot of dirt to "claim" for it. Kimmila will likely have to sign for him too, as the Weyrleader doesn't seem to be heading over anytime soon.

Darsce simply shakes it for Kimmila, not one bit insulted, shimmying as she turns her backside towards the bluerider. Hard in some ways the Ierne weyrholder is, well-used to the give-and-take of teenaged insult-throwing. She foregoes tossing one back however because, "Watch? Watch sounds good." Because hey - she can watch guys - er stuff. No problem. What happens if they get attacked? Maybe scream. Or be their secret weapon. She can er, smooch them to death. Or strip tease. Or something!

Kimmila watches Th'ero move off to get a tent for the two of them, and then she's smirking at Darsce. Standing in line, she signs all three of them up for night watches. And she tries to sign them up for different time slots, but since she wasted time with insults, she, Th'ero and Darsce are all signed up for the same watch. Joy. "PA," she says as she passes by, heading back towards where Th'ero is pitching a tent for them, "we've got midnight watch. I'll come wake you up, alright?"

Thea, for all her lightheartedness simply nods in answer to Soriana and then she's prowling amongst the teenagers (likely partly to keep from collaring Darsce who is THANKFULLY not her child!!!). "You're all to remain within the camp perimeters and inside the circle of dragons." The pale green of her eyes, usually so warm is icy in the stern she adopts while giving that order. She for her part, helps set up camp but most of her attention is focused on making sure they remain close by.

Soriana grins, and nods to Idrissa. Dragonriding is definitely great. The experience may be a familiar one to Sori, but that doesn't mean it's not still fun! From there, her attention goes to Darsce, and… well, she's torn between laughing and rolling her eyes. Which, with Darsce, is kinda business as usual! Ah, and here's Thea! Saying more or less what her her mother would say if Sorrin was here. So, having already had tht lecture, Soriana just nods. "Okay." She turns to Idrissa. "We should pick a watch. I mean, not by ourselves-" A brief glance to Thea for that part. "-but extra eyes and all."

Idrissa shakes her head an then peers up at Thea as the weyrleader has hunted Sori and her down it seems. She meeps softly and nods. "Of course.." Is offered quickly. Rissa isn't normally a rule breaking, that falls on Sori's shoulders and she tends to follow along! She hums at Sori and soon ohs. "Yes, sound like a good thing to do. Let's go see what one we can sign up with?" She questions to her friend before turning to do just that. Maybe they can sign up with Darsce an her new friend there?

Th'ero makes short work of setting up the tent, as this sort of task is something he's not entirely unfamiliar with. Might have been Turns since he was a Guard, but some training just never leaves. Having no idea that he's been slotted midnight shift, the Weyrleader is pulled away for one matter or another. Otherwise he'd be trying to get some rest, but alas… Eventually he'll be able to escape, maybe with just a few hours to spare. Who knows what sort of mood he'll be in then, but it's likely not to be very good. If folk thought he was uptight now, just wait until he's exhausted on top of it all! Velokraeth hardly moves from where he's settled himself, a pale bronze sentry who watches over all and when he's not watching, he's listening and listening very carefully.

Soriana? Breaking rules? Why, would she ever do such a thing? Don't answer that. Regardless, she seems inclined to behave at present. After the two girls check out the watch schedule and find a good slot, the next step is finding a tent. And the next step after that is figuring out how to set up that tent of theirs! All said, there's a fair bit to keep them busy without needing to be tempted to stick their noses out past that circle of dragons. Lucky, that. Not that they'd misbehave, not them. Nope.

Darsce golf-claps in slow-motion as Kimmila passes her, the expression on her face is one of utter boredom. Really? Is that the best you can do? seems to be the look. Still, she has no idea what night watch means but hey - as long as she gets to sleep in, she doesn't care. For now though, she has a realllllly important question. Semi-serious really. "So who brought the bathroom? And where are they?" Because really. Toilet aside? Mirrors and sinks people.!!!

"Get a shovel!" comes Kimmila's reply to Darsce before she's off to try and find Th'ero, and hopefully assist him with whatever task(s) he has, so the two of them can get at least a little sleep.

Idrissa goes about signing up with Soriana on the time where they are allowed, you know being teens an all. She points over to where some tents are. "I think there some tents over there." Hearing Darsce and hen Kimmila she lets out a laugh not able to hold that back. She clears her throat and peers around. "We.. should find a place to put the tent up Sori.." Is offered quickly to her friend.

Soriana grins, watching Darsce and Kimmila. "What'cha think the odds are that she's cajoled someone to take her back to the Weyr before morning?" she asks Idrissa quietly before looking around for a place to set up that tent of theirs. Hmm. Seems a lot of the good spots have been taken already.

Unless she winds up in a hot someone's tent. Then Darsce's totally staying! Daddy darling is sleeping off whatever stepmama put in his klah so she's safe until at least tomorrow morning. Probably. Maybe.

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