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Xanadu Weyr - Forest


In sharp contrast to the treeless, carefully manicured look of the main clearing, the forest is full of trees, and maintains most of its natural look. Wild flowers grow in their seasons, bordering the road leading from the main clearing as weaves its way between the stands of trees - wide enough for traffic of all types, even draconic. Leading off are several smaller, less worn trails, which branch outwards, making their way to private residences and other attractions - the theater for example. The road, though, continues on eastward, to the feeding grounds and the mine, and beyond that, to the coastal road out of Xanadu's territory.

Amongst the normal weyrs scattered amongst the trees, there is one that is undergoing construction. A large, four-sided structure is protruding, supported by thick wood beams, bearing a ledge, and four large clock faces. It towers over the trees, creating quite a sight for arriving riders.

T'burk and Ch'en come walking up, striding purposefully, actually.

A stiff-backed Sigam finally halts when he reaches the forest, having ignored all proceedings until this moment. Turning slowly, he looks almost reasonable, as if he's about to comment on the nice night or perhaps ask the time of day. Instead, he spies T'burk and Ch'en hot in their wake, and he bristles. "Shards above." An irritated look is shot K'avu's way, but anyone with sense can see that it's not because he's ticked off at the boy anymore. "May I help you, gentleman?," he finally asks, a little tiredly, eyes shifting back to them.

K'avu's long legs carry him swiftly after Sigam, making sure not to show any sign of hesitation in following him to the proper grounds. Or maybe he's just that stupid at the end. His fists are clenched the entire way through, and the moment that the dragonhealer stops so does he. Kind enough to give him a moment to gather his wits instead of hitting him with his back turned, or maybe it's because Kav wants to say something else that's annoying. His mouth opens, and then shuts automatically as he catches the look, glaring over his shoulder at the two riders.

Ch'en leans back against a tree, a few paces away from the boys. "Us? No, no. We're just watching. Please, pretend like we're not here and do whatever you need to do." he motions for them to go on.

T'burk just pats his Healer's bag. "Just in case someone needs to clean up."

"What if I refuse?," Sigam spits at Ch'en, dark eyes narrowing. "I know I did a lot of yelling back there, but I'm quite sure I wasn't out of my mind enough to invite you two along." Arms fold over his chest, jaw stiffening, lips pursing. Words boil in his mind, seethe, and finally come to rest without him voicing any of them. "I appreciate your concern, but we're both grown adults by any weyr's standards, and I think we can handle ourselves as such, don't you, K'av?" The words come out sickly sweet, the politest smile on the Dragonhealer's face before he once again turns on his heel, this time striding off the beaten path and deep into the woods where the trees grow thick - too thick, indeed, for the likes of dragons or humans unfamiliar with the territory. K'avu had better hurry up if he intended to give Sig that wholloping!

Take two!, only this time, with a longer journey. Thoroughly awash with anger, Sigam seems content to lead K'avu on a long march over the terrain, though whether this is to throw off their shadows or prolong the inevitable smackdown, it's hard to tell. Nevertheless, it is at lengthy journey filled with bristling silence before the Dragonhealer even shows signs of slowing, eyeing various trails as if trying to find the right one. A crack in a wall of rock is eyed, then wedged into, an entire cave opening up on the other side. There's a dull rush of water in the background, and a lazy glow from openings in the ceiling overhead. "You'd think people would know to mind their own sharding business," Sig finally grumbles as he pulls to a halt, turning to see if K'avu's been able to keep up. Or was willing to, as well. That wasn't a pansy frollick through the trees.

Awkward! For a moment, just a brief moment, Sigam and K'avu were agreeing on something back there. But somehow that only seems to have built up the greenrider's annoyance at having been in equal annoyance at their intruders. Now he's down to grumbling to himself, growling out and cussing the riders and Healers and anything else that passes his mind. It's obvious that he's been out in the wild before, since he doesn't only keep up but he doesn't seem to be bothered at all by the long trek, stomping away after the dragonhealer. "This sharding good 'nough fer ya? I'd almost think ya were trying ta lose /me/, too," he huffs as soon as he stops. "If those sharding idiots try that 'gain, I'll wipe the ground with /their/ faces instead."

Sigam almost smiles at that - almost, for that trace of smirk is quickly schooled into a neutral, if not vaguely annoyed, glance. "Only if you leave enough for me to kick into next week when you're done," he notes gruffly, fingers flexing and clenching. "And who knows. Maybe I was trying to lose you. Would save the trouble of having to haul your ass back to the weyr." There's a certain sense that he doesn't mean his words but… maybe that's just yesterday's lunch coming to disagreement with stomach tissues. He couldn't actually /enjoy/ the verbal sparring with K'avu. Nope. No way.

"Maybe I would. Teach 'em ta come wandering into shit that ain't their business." K'avu glares over his shoulder again through the crack that they moved through, as if expecting two dragonriders to just fly right on in at any time. Satisfied that none show, he turns back and bristles all over again at Sigam. "It won't be my ass that needs ta be dragged, an' I'll be kind 'nough ta leave ya ta rot here instead." See, Kav is being all sweet! "Let's see if yer jus' all talk now that ya ain't behind any bars."
"Indeed. Shame that's a lesson that takes people so long to learn." Sigam's eyes follow K'avu's but much more idly; few people knew this place existed, much less knew how to get in. "Aren't you ever so kind." Sarcasm drips from Sigam's voice as he snorts, arms draping across his chest with relaxed alertness. "Me all talk? What about you, firestarter? Thought it was you that was all bluff and no business." The Dragonhealer takes a challenging step forwards, canting his head to offer his cheek towards the greenrider. "First shot's all yours."

"If they ever learn it," comes K'avu's grunted reply to that as well. His amber eyes don't stray from Sigam anymore, hands fisting and unfisting and then he bares his teeth. "I ain't the one that's been putting it off, wuss." And he doesn't really need to be told anymore. He barely lets Sigam finish that offer before charging forward with fist pulled back, swinging quickly at the dragonhealer! What, thought he was going to stand around and exchange verbal blows? This greenrider's not that witty, unfortunately, and seems to act first and think later. Anyway, he had probably been imagining his fist connecting with Sigam's face for a very long time now.

Sigam didn't really expect the courtesy to be returned, no - the cheek was an honest offering, as well as a distraction. K'avu gets the satisfaction of a solid connection with the side of the Dragonhealer's face, a grunt accompanying it, but he also gets a hook aimed towards exposed ribs. The other hand is already arching up to hover in front of his face, hopefully to forestall further blows straight to the kisser. "'Zat all you got?" Taunting an already irritated dragonrider. Smaaaart!

K'avu's momentary happiness at feeling Dragonhealer face under his fist is taken away along with all the breath in his lungs as he gets the blow just as Sigam had hoped for with a pained and angry animalistic snarl. He doubles over a little as he gets sent back a step or two, one of his arms wrapping around his middle for a moment. "Ya jus' don't shut up, do ya?" he shouts, and seconds later is running towards Sigam, fist out again only for his knee to go up last minute towards the gut.

Maybe it's the adrenaline, maybe he finds the look on K'avu's face hilarious, but either way, Sigam is laughing through a bloody lip, both fists finding residence in front of his face. "Nope," he growls, turning to take the first blow to his shoulder… and subsequently missing the knee. Coughing out his air painfully, the man staggers for a moment, refusing to back away. Instead, he rolls his free arm up from underneath, preferrably to connect with the greenrider's jaw, though it is admittedly a sloppy job. "Not 'til you make me," he grates with a loud inhale.

The Dragonhealer's stubbornness only seems to fuel K'avu on. Or perhaps it was all that laughing now that has him putting all his weight behind those blows. "I'll shut ya up if I gotta beat yer face up till it swells shut!" He is ready to take another swing only for his head to snap back hard. He stops completely, eyes swimming, as the fist connects under his jaw, knocking him pretty hard for a moment but this time he stands his ground. Another spastic punch from the dragonrider, not entirely aimed right, and then he's aiming to hook a foot behind Sigam's leg to bring him down.

"Screw you," is Sigam's very, super intelligent reply, grinning crookedly as the kid eats his words. As for that foot, oh, it hooks alright. He might have slid to the side far enough to avoid the wayward punch, but it left Sigam's balance tenuous at best for that one second. Surprise comes and goes in Sigam's eyes fleetingly - he should have expected something like this - and even as his shoulders make impact with the ground with a muffled 'oof' and a crick of his neck, he's curling his spine to shove both bootheels at each of K'avu's kneecaps with the hope of bringing the rider down with him, accuracy rather questionable.

K'avu is running on adrenaline, and there might be some gruff cusses to the Dragonhealer that are missed in the louder scuffle. Either way he has about a few seconds of satisfaction of seeing Sigam go down, foot ready to connect to his ribs. "Taste dirt ya sunna—Shit!" he yelps, cut off, as his legs buckle under him and he goes down to the ground, making sure to try to roll (sloppily) to prevent too hard of an impact. No time to waste, even with his knees aching, the boy's stubborn enough to crawl across the distance towards Sigam, fists looking for some soft flesh to pound down on.

Sigam's laughing again, though rather wheezily, rolling to his hands and knees and backing up a few feet, even as K'avu comes crawling after him. "I'll admit it, kid… you pack a good whallop." The side of his hand comes up to wipe away the blood on his lip with a mild wince, eyes darting from it to the greenrider and back. "Well I'll be." An irritated look is tossed the boy's way, followed by a backwards swing of his hand that's part slap, part karatayyyyy chop! "Just give up already."

"Call me… kid 'gain… an' I'll break yer nose… this time…" puffs out K'avu as he glares at Sigam while trying to keep up, not quite managing to move that fast with the pain of his knees. SMACK. Grunt. He takes the blow hard, not quite having expected it, and seems to stop him for a moment. "Who the shards said 'nything 'bout giving up! I ain't finished with ya, 'less ya can't take anymore… /ya/ giving up, wuss?" He's still got his fists ready, this time smart enough to have one hovering around his face.

Sigam's shoulders bunch suddenly at something K'avu's said, and with a noise that can only be termed as a roar, the Dragonhealer bunches his legs and bodily launches himself at the younger man. Fists swing haphazardly, not really taking any care as to if they land or not. Brooklyn raaaaaag- Er. Xanadian raaaaage! "Go 'head 'n break it, y' piece a' shit," Sig all but screams, dropping out of his usual tones into his old Istan slang that usually only appears when he's drunk. "Go 'head so's I c'n shove that ego'a yours so far up y'r ass, it makes your brain stem scream." At least he's inventive about it? Sheesh.

K'avu curls his arm up to protect his face, grunting as the blows hit hard all around instead. And then he's following with a loud worldless yell as well, dropping his guard so he can return the favor. There's one blow that does connect to his face almost immediately, but none of it seems to stop him from throwing his fists out, aiming towards the dragonhealer's face. He'll break that nose if he's got to die trying! (or be beaten to a pulp himself). "Like ta see ya try," he huffs out between blows. Hard to see where you're aiming if one of your eyes is swelling shut, but the young greenrider's going a bit out of control, trying to gain the upper hand somehow.

Well. It's certainly not the predicted slap-fight, is it? "Sharding'a." A slue of harsh curses tumble out of the Dragonhealer's mouth, accompanying the rush of blood from his nose that's accompanying the various splits and reddened bruises on the Dragonhealer's face. All of his flailing's left the targeted head wide open for hits, and finally, one of many landed on his nose. It isn't broken, bless Faranth - Sigam likely couldn't handle another one of those - but it's certainly bleeding. A final half-heartedly-aimed punch is angled at K'av's jaw before the man surges backwards again, landing on his butt and sitting there for a second, mouth open to haul in some badly needed air. Insert another string of pretty oaths here, ending with, "Y'r looks match y'r personality now, /kid/ - fugly." O no he didn't!

No time to be proud of his hits. Nope, that's not what is going through K'avu's mind. It's most likely along the lines of: Punchpunchgrapplepunchowowpunch. Though his own rather plain simple cussing escapes him nearly everytime one of Sigam's own punches land painfully somewhere. Dirty, clothes probably ripped from the ground, and definitely looking more bloody than he should with all his boasting, but it isn't until his teeth clatter together as his already sore jaw gets struck again that he pauses as well. He pants heavily, dragging himself into a sitting position and rubbing at his tender jaw before spitting blood onto the ground. "All that blood actually manages ta make yer face decent ta look at. Too bad it won't stay that way when ya heal up." Pause, more spitting. "Give up yet?"

If his cheeks weren't aching so bad, Sigam might try for laughter again - as it is, he can only give a low, shuddering noise in imitation. "If i' heals, a' this rate." One dusty sleeve is used to carefully wipe at the twin torrents (well, they /feel/ like torrents) of blood beneath his nose, the rest of him looking equally worse for wear, if not sans a few red stains. Bruising knuckles are flexed, more out of need than threat, but the Dragonhealer does level a nasty glare towards K'avu. "Nope." Despite the vehemence behind the word, he doesn't make any motion to jump back into the fray either. "You?"

K'avu closes his fists tightly, knuckles stretching, and there's a very little wince that follows that before he glares over at Sigam and his weird-making sounds. "I'll make sure it stays that way fer ya," he growls, waving his fist to get a breeze on the tender flesh instead. "I don't give up," he states, loud and defiant, and then makes a show of spitting out another bit of blood in the dragonhealer's direction. "I'll keep goin' till yer dead on the ground, with only the snakes ta keep ya company." But no, he doesn't move either, just more glaring and threat making and tossing out curses.

"Yeah, you do that," Sigam mutters as he slowly picks himself up off the ground. Old habits die hard, and he begins to dust himself off before realizing the futility of it. "Shards, and these were clean, too. I hate washing clothes… Yeah, yeah, I believe you," the Dragonhealer comments with a roll of his eyes, scuffing dirt over the bloody spit with a slight smirk tweaking up his lips. "Alright, say you did kill me. Then what would you do? I'll be found eventually, and the last person seen with me was you. Feel like having murder pegged on your back?" Arms fold carefully over his sore solar plexus, one brow quirking, rational speech coming back to him at last. Who knows for how long, though - he is tensed as though he's ready to springboard into action at the first sign of returning threat.

K'avu tenses up all warily as soon as Sigam moves, still seated on the ground himself. "What are ya, a woman? Worrying 'bout yer clothes an' yer nose," snorts Kav, legs lifting up so that his feet are placed on the ground, ready to spring up at any moment. "Who says I haven't murdered 'fore? Anyway, I never said 'nything 'bout murdering ya. If that's what happens cause no one finds yer broken body—" He cuts himself off pretty fast, leaving just a moment pause before his hand comes up with a handful of dirt, aiming for Sigam's face. Playing dirty! Then the greenrider's up on his feet, trying to shoulder-tackle the dragonhealer back to the ground.

Sigam gives K'avu the most condescending, arch look he can manage. It ends up being completely fubar, face all clotted up as it is, but at least it looks a little scary? "/Some/ of us care about our appearance in the presence of others. Some of us also hate doing laundry." His sniff is either disdainful or painful, judging by the look on his face, but it's there nevertheless. "Your lack of finesse hints that you've never murdered before. That or else you cut your victims in their sleep, in which case you're just a cowar- Ack!" Taken by surprise, the Dragonhealer coughs and spits out a mouthful of dirt, eyes clenched shut against the foreign matter so that K'avu's tackle goes over spectacularly. The man doesn't so much fall as he is pounded to the ground, skull bopping off with a sharp flash to his vision. "Owshardingf-" Well. Two can play the dirty game, Sig decides, leading with his cranium as he curls his upper body forwards, aiming for a classic butting of heads.

"Yer soundin' more like a girl to me," huffs K'avu with a roll of his eyes, not being put down at all by Sigam's looks. "I ain't a shardin' coward!" he grunts out just as his body connects with the dragonhealer and they both go down heavily, K'avu taking advantage of getting some punches in to uncovered spots, not entirely the best placed punches. And then— THUNK. See, his head is hollow. Well, not really. But Kav goes reeling off the older man, onto the ground now, eyes crossing from the pain in his head. "Bastard," comes his gurgling voice as he lifts a hand to his head. Ow.

Sigam's response to that isn't PG-13 enough for this pose, but you can bet that it was nasty and filled with f's and c's and other such merry cursewords. "Are too!," the 'healer manages through K'avu's punches, taking each one, no matter how bad they are thrown or placed. He's gonna feel this in the morning. "HaHA!" Continuing on his intelligent string of replies, Sigam attemps to ignore the growing goose-egg (wherry-egg? uhm…) on his forehead. It hurts, and something deep inside him would love to curl up and just sleep right now, but the idea of having even a scrap of advantage is only too inviting. Scrabbling and turning, the Sig's hands reach for the dragonrider's shoulders, attempting to slam him back on the dirt and hold him there. "As a matter of fact, I /am/."

K'avu has a pretty bad mouth on him, himself, which is nearly always running when he isn't getting knocked about so much. Or hit in the face. He is definitely not trying to show any signs of weakness, you know, like passing out. He's definitely holding out as much as he can. "Oof!" Down into the ground he goes, wiggling but not quite managing to have enough energy to escape. "Well ain't that perfect. Fine then, asshole," he snarls out next, trying to throw Sigam off.

"Yep, got one of those, too," Sigam growls as he tries to elbow the throwing hands away. He's like a pit bull - you'll never throw him off now! Well. Sorta. Kinda. Not really. He is wobbling a little unsteadily, now that he thinks about it. Wouldn't it just be poetic justice if they both passed out in the cave in the middle of nowhere? Shaking his head against such vacant, unhelpful thoughts, the Dragonhealer lifts up and moves to shove the greenrider down again. The gesture is more feeble this time, and likely provides a large enough window of opportunity for K'avu to wriggle out of the hold if he tries. "Got any more for me, kid? Hm?"

K'avu just couldn't insult the man without it being side-stepped! So he goes with just wordless yelling instead. The wobbling seems to encourage him a little, but he's weak enough for another loud grunt as his back connects hard against the ground, but he doesn't stay still for too long this time. Instead he places his palms up and flat against the dragonhealer and then PUSHES, aiming to get him off. "Got plenty, wuss. Anytime, anywhere." Not only pushing, but he does actually try to wiggle backwards some to put some distance, still remaining on the ground.

Triumph flirts with Sigam's face, one brief look amongst many. There's irritation there too, and defiance in spades, though most of his expressions are directly related to his concentrating on keeping a stable hold on K'avu. Leaning in to snarl in the boy's face probably isn't going to help. "You must not be trying very hard then." Yep, definitely didn't help - K'avu's push forces the Dragonhealer back onto his ass with a surprised grunt, elbows gritting into the cavern floor none-too-happily. Instead of getting up again, he remains where he is, eyes narrowed at the scrambling K'avu. For once, he's at a loss of words.

K'avu bares his teeth at Sigam, looking quite feral with his hair in a disarray and all the bruises and blood on his face, one eye completely swollen shut by now. When he's just getting enough room away from Sigam, his reply comes. By pulling his head back and spitting blood out at the dragonhealer. "Go rot, wuss," comes his grumbled words, and then he goes straight into grunting and shoving cave-debris at the other man, not quite making much of a move anymore. He's happy to sit there for the moment, throwing glares and kicking stuff.

Disgust manages to twist Sigam's features in a way laughter couldn't, hiking the corners of his mouth down as he wipes one sleeve against the newest bloody spot on his shirt. As if that wasn't enough, dirt and dust and rocks are coating him liberally from K'avu's antics, choking up the air with smog. "Agh, stop that! What are you, sharding five?!" With a vexed roaring noise and a harsh cough, the Dragonhealer surges unsteadily to his feet and stalks (read: hobbles) away from the greenrider, moving as if he's going to head deeper into the cave towards the sound of rushing water. "Go between yourself into nonexistance or something. If you're gonna be that childish, I'm /done/." It would be much more impressive if he wasn't wheezing and lisping a bit. Thanks, swelling nasal passages - good to know you got his back.

K'avu's lips twist up in a snarl and there's something like a growl that escapes him, or maybe it was a snort. Who knows. "I ain't givin' up, that's what. 'Course I see that ya are. I knew it." His amber eyes follow, not quite managing to get up himself. All that getting knocked to the ground and head banged around doesn't allow him right now. "I wouldn't be doin' ya that favor anytime soon. Guess it proves that ya give up at the end of it all." The greenrider gets up (painfully) and stands there trying to get a grip with his aching body. And then he trudges along, actually following, panting and wheezing himself at the effort.

Sigam's back stiffens, but he doesn't turn back to confront K'avu - not yet. For now, he's content to let the boy yammer away, drawing further and further into the cavern before rounding a corner. A great waterfall thunders down in the distance, but it's one of the smaller pools of dripping water that the Dragonhealer targets. Creaking to his knees with a vocalized wince, he scoops up a handful of it and splashes it across his face, making a sorry attempt at clearing his head and washing away some of the blood that is still insistently leaking from his nose. "Maybe I'm finally sick of your petulant whining, twerp," Sigam finally grouses towards the fresh wave of nagging, hand again cupping water, but this time it's so he can fling it all up at the greenrider. "Grow up - then you can try again."

K'avu tries to move in as far away from the dragonhealer as he can possibly manage, crouching at one of those pools as well. He's not going to take Sigam's advice and wash his wounds first, though. Oh no… all that cussing and whining makes a rider thirsty! So he's taking big gulps of water, which actually might be pretty nasty mixing with the grime from his face but he doesn't seem to notice. "Whatever makes ya sleep easier at night, man," grunts out the greenrider as he looks that way. "I ain't the one that gave up."

Brown eyes toss in an eyeroll, head shaking as Sigam mutters some dark oath to himself. He gulps his own mouthful after a couple more facial rinses, but after giving it a swirl or two in his mouth, he spits it back out - no swallowing for him. Does he know something K'avu doesn't? Dun dun dun! "Sharding shut up about it, or I'll happily toss your ass off the ledge over there," the Dragonhealer snaps, one thumb jerking over his shoulder at the edge where the cave ends and the roaring cascade begins. His best 'serious' face is on. Be afraid! "Wouldn't gulp too much water, by the way, unless you're looking for an agonizing case of the runs." Sigam blinks, looking for a second as if he wished he had kept that information to himself so he could laugh at the greenrider later, but then he shrugs. Too late now.

K'avu keeps drinking water as if he were a dying man in a desert. Yes, he even drinks noisily, all big gulps and everything. "I'd like ta see ya try. Can't even manage ta keep on yer out two feet." Again, Kav is either not afraid at all or too stupid to be bothered by a threat like that. And it's very likely that it is the latter. The next mouthful of water is nearly gulped down when he suddenly spits it back out instead and starts hacking. "What the flamin' Faranth do ya mean by that?" He stares down at the water warily. "What's in the water?" Probably too late to have beenn warned, anyway, by the amount he's taken in, and then he's back to glaring at Sigam as if he were to blame (likely for not being told sooner).

"I think I can summon up enough extra strength to haul a kid like you over there. You're not so hot yourself." Sigam yawns fantastically in the middle of that, hating every bruised muscle that such a simple gesture used. It's obviously been a while since he actually got a decent fight out of anybody. "I meant what I said," the Dragonhealer chuckles a moment later, eyes twinkling mischeviously. "The water sits stagnant for so long 'round here that bacteria grows in it, stupid. It's enough to make you sick as a dog." A judicious nod is given - he's definitely overplaying the illness, even if it is true. "Though uh… it might be just that bit too late for you." This seems to please the Sigam greatly. He may yet let you live.

K'avu seems to bounce back easily enough, probably having been in one too many scrapes over the turns. Even recently with all those fights he got with the guards back in Ista. "Don't look to me like ya can summon up anything. I ain't even gotten started with ya, yet, 'fore ya gave up." Yes, he's holding true to that story! While he's standing all straight now, looking like he can continue for who knew how long, his eyes were no longer focused on the dragonhealer. Instead they were on the water, and his face is starting to turn a strange green color. "Shit," he mutters, and then clamps a hand to his mouth, looking for all the world like he was about to hurl. And the greenrider goes a-tottering towards the entrance, not quite managing to make it far before there's some hacking.

"I call bullshit," Sigam all but chirps, eyeing K'avu's various bumps and bruises and wondering how bad the kid had roughed him up in return. Judging by his full-bodied ache, it wasn't gonna be good. Preoccupied for the moment, he doesn't notice the dragonrider's shift in attention until- "Shit?" Brows knit, the man glances up just in time to see K'avu drag himself back in the other direction. It would be an understatement to say he was Supremely Amused. Too bad his damn conscience gets in the way. "Aw, shards," the Dragonhealer mutters as the unsavory noises echo back his way, and with a certain sense of unwillingness, he gets to his feet and traces the greenrider's path. "C'mon, kiddo. Let's get you to a healer." Don't be fooled - his eyes are still latently mocking - but at least he's resisting the urge to give Kav a hard time, instead offering a shoulder, or at least a guide back to the weyr. Aww. It'll be sweet until he makes fun of him for the rest of his life.

K'avu would have had a smart remark to that. Or probably not, but the boy at least tries to look strong and ready for more before he started looking sick instead. He leans heavily against the rock wall, head bent low as he dry heaves some first before the water comes up again. And… is that corn? "I don't need *hurk* yer shardin' sympathy *gag*." He seems to consider the idea of making his way back to the Weyr, but at the end he's got to. He glares over at Sigam with his one good eye, turns his head downwards to hurl once more, and then trudges out in the right direction. If he actually does lean up against Sigam with his banged up and now weak and heaving body, it would always be known as 'accidental.'

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