Forensic Flits and Fistfights

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach

With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

Jessamin ambles slowly down onto the beach, picking each step carefully as she goes along in the darkness. A lightweight cotton tunic flutters in the breeze, acting as a lone beacon for its wearer. The usual colorful patchwork seems to have been replaced by red, red, and more red. Four flits follow along behind her, playing their favorite aerial game of 'tag'. Jessamin stops just shy of the egg mound and sand box, then steps around them, keeping a respectful distance from their dam.

Tourmaline roosts on the nest and box, but seems more interested in sleep than in brooding. Agate, Jasper, and Bloodstone wink out of /between/ and join in the game of tag as Faraeth opens one giant eye and peers at the approaching weaver, his eyes whirling green-blue and he gives a happy wuffle.

Jessamin's faire trill and chirrup happily at their playmates, engaging in ever more daring and elaborate aerial maneuvers as the game progresses. Jessamin looks over as she hears that familiar, happy whuffle and grins. "Hello there, Faraeth. Hmmm… where you are, I'm guessing your rider is pretty close by." She sashays over, holding out her hand to offer scritches.

Faraeth extends his nose to Jessamin as M'nol mutters a curse from somewhere in the dark distance, "They hatching already?" He scrambles to his feet, then realizes that there's no humming going on, then notices Jessamin and smiles, "Hey there, what's the cloth?"

Espenetta walks, its just a stroll along the beach, but the sight of Weyrlings, riders, and firelizards catches her attention. "Heyla!" she calls waving and arm, though trying to make sure she doesn't loose fingers in the process.

Jessamin chortles softly as she scritches the young brown dragon's eyeridges, shaking her head lightly. "You little attention seeker. Ah well, you're a handsome one and you know it, don't you?" Both M'nol's and Espenetta's voices cause her to look up, smiling and waving with her free hand to both; the bandage is gone from around her left hand. "Hello there! Nope, they're not hatching yet. Just had a feeling I'd find dragon and rider down here. How's everyone doing?"

M'nol yawns, and, trying not to be too mean mutters, "I *was* sleeping… but it's good to see you Jess," he nods to Jess, and then to Espenetta, smiling, "I don't believe we've met…"

Espenetta Smiles. "A pleasure. Espennetta." she says swiftly smiling at M'nol and nodding to Jessamin. "Hey… a pleasure." she looks at the dragon and then at the eggs. "Pretty," she looks at them. "Kinda hope they start their rocking and the dragons start singing…"

Jessamin chuckles softly, looking up into the air at her faire. "That lot seems to be a pretty good hatching barometer. Get them within a klick of one happening, and they'll sing like a Harper." Jess smiles at Espenetta, inclining her head—while not letting up one bit on the scritches. "Jessamin, apprentice Weaver. Pleasure to meet you!"

M'nol chuckles, "Do they ever not sing like harpers, Jess?" He nods again to Espenetta, "A pleasure for me as well. Faraeth says that Tourmaline thinks they'll crack any day now, 'swhy I'm sleepin' out here."

Espenetta nods politely. "You're sleeping out here?" she ask M'nol surprised. "Well I guess there can be nothing done for a desire'd little friend."

Jessamin settles down on the sand next to the young brown, turned to face the eggs on the beach. One by one, her flits give up the game of 'tag', and float down to the sand to land around her. All of them seem to want scritches at once, and Jess does her best to oblige each one—dragon included. "I'm just sorry coming down here woke you up, M'nol. I can imagine sleep is a rare commodity as a Weyrling."

M'nol shrugs, "I sleep better out here than I do in the barracks so long as V'dim doesn't catch me. And I get more sleep now than I did 6 months ago." M'nol's flits join Jessa's in the circle of scritches as he nods to Espenetta, "We're mostly making sure someone's here when they hatch so they don't go wild. Farry here could wake the whole Weyr if he wanted to."

Kerys hums quietly to herself as she treks across the beach, a bulging rucksack slung casually over her shoulder. Peeking out of the opening of the sack is tall, slender plant weeping with brightly colored blossoms.

Tourmaline, Jasper, Agate, and Bloodstone lift their throats in a hum Faraeth joins into as the first of the eggs begins to twitch

M'nol jumps, glancing at the eggs, then pulls out the small insulated case he'd stashed near Faraeth and opens it to reveal two buckets full of meat for anyone interested in having a go. He, himself, steps back, closer to his dragon, content to watch.

Orventa ambles along the water's edge, letting her feet drag slightly in the wet sand and enjoying the cool wetness at her ankles. She smiles, to no one and nothing in particular, simply happy to be free from her normal duties for today at least. A day to herself. No fussy lady holders and no stubbon heirs to chase around. Just herself, a beautiful beach, and… her sandwich.

Cazai's a rare sight, reclusive Techcrafter usually holed up until the wee hours in workshop tinkering, sneaking out to filch food, sneaking back again to her gadgets. When not doing that, she has a tendency to vanish on hiking trips. Today, however, she's apparently burned her fingers and put an end to the day's work; one distraction led to another, and the meandering of people's pulled her along to the beachside, still toying with fingertip wrappings.

Properly Pristine Egg shakes quickly along its axis, then stills. A fluke?

The Pretty Pisiform Egg shudders suddenly, then rolls out of the little cluster of eggs, landing a foot away, still uncracked.

Xhaine is most likely known by sight at every Weyr and most holds for being one of the Terrible Twins at the Harper Hall. He's been all around Pern due to the task of being a Journeyman Harper, so it's not unusual to find him at one Weyr one day and an entirely different Weyr the next. That is how he ended up here on the beach, even though the Weyrling beach is slightly off the beaten track. Like always, he has a gitar slung across his back, ready to whip it out at a moment's notice. Noticing a fuss going on, he moseys on over to see what's up.

Jessamin grins as she watches the egg wobble, and then grow still. She plucks a few pieces of meat from one of the chilled buckets, not at all squeamish about holding on to the stuff till one of the little ones hatches.

Espenetta watches the egg roll away. "Escaping egg!" she calls cheerfully, smiling as she moves to keep an eye on the rest of the egg while looking at the one that escapped the nest.

Daneira isn't just a rare sight, she's a new one. The rather quite tiny woman walking down the beach is new, and out exploring. Just, wandering where her feet decide to take her. And so, probably not fully aware of where she is, just noticing that there's quite a crowd gathering further along, her feet decide to head over thataway. Being, well, as short as she is, she has to ask as she gets closer to actual human beings, "What's going on?"

"Bit of a fluff," Cazai responds idly, still hanging back a bit. She gives Daneira a looking-over, then a wry smile as she returns attention to the gathering crowd. "Going by the loud beasties, eggs cracking."

Kerys lengthens her stride as she notices a gathering of folk and wanders in closer, hefting from her shoulder and onto the ground. What's this? Eggs then, quite active little oned too. She tries not to jump as one of the eggs rolls past. She shakes her head, smiling and waves to the people assembled.

The Calcaneal Angle Egg twitches, then gives a convulsive shudder, splitting with tiny cracks.

M'ori is walking down the beach with Uluameth and his two blue firelizards Oculus and Hiri. He sees the crowd, blinking in surprise. Then when his firelizards start to hum and chirp a welcome he chuckles. "So I'm assuming you two are asking me for a sibling to play with?" Hiri croons, chewing on his wooden toy the way the squirrels of old would knaw on a nut. Uluameth rumbles in amusement, settling himself down on the beach to watch at the edge of the crowd. He digs into his pocket for something to tempt the hatchlings with and comes up with some spiced jerky. "Not perfect, but it will do." he starts breaking the jerky up into chunks.

Orventa takes a large bite from her long awaited sandwich…only to have a slice of wherry meat sploot out the end and into the sand. The young nanny let's out a whimper not unlike those uttered by her young charges. She looks at the meat mournfully. She bends down to get a closer look. Maybe it wouldn't be too sandy, she hopes. She picks the escaped piece of meat between thumb and forefinger. Still good! But would she eat it?

Daneira glances over curiously at Cazai, "Fluff?" Then, craning her neck and going on tiptoes, she minces sideways slightly to try to get a view. "Oh, firelizards?" As if it might be another kind of egg, or something. Maybe tunnelsnakes. "They're kind of cute when they're real tiny. Can be a bit pesky when they grow up though, don't you think?" Asked maybe of Cazai, or anyone else who might be in hearing range.

The Artist's Fire Egg spins on its end, making it's odd designs swish and swirl in the evening light.

Espenetta chuckles. "Perhaps, but I find them a bit theivish if the mood strikes. I've had them more than once trying to make off with my -cast offs and necklaces I've put together in the hopes of selling them." she states. "More than once has a firelizard seen a jewel shine and swipped it…lost more than few that way, here in the Weyr." she tells Daneira.

Cazai answers briefly with a, "Wouldn't know," though she watches the gathering crowd and the almost-hidden rocking of the eggs with an engineer's intent interest. "The untrained ones, sure, they're a pain in the ruddy arse." Knowing faces but not names, she sticks to the conversation casually, and tips a nod to Espenetta that has more than a little annoyance in it. "I figure that's where half our lost bits go," she says. "I've thought, though," the crafter adds, glancing again at Daneira before wandering in a few paces to hunker with the rest, watchful, "that a guard to keep the other ones off might have its points. Ma-aybe, anyway." Skepticism.

The Calcaneal Angle Egg shudders, one claw finally forcing its way through, then another, until finally its bejeweled brown occupant spills onto the sands.

Trying Triquetral Brown Hatchling
This brown's neck and tail meet his body at oddly sharp angles, but it doesn't diminish the beauty of his hide. The hide might at first seem mottled, but on closer inspection, it is actually covered with millions of tiny facets, each a slightly different shade of brown.

Xhaine has several firelizards himself, but they're off enjoying the delightful weather rather than hang around with him just to ogle some firelizard eggs. "Well can't say I'd say no if one decided to take a liking to me, although if I actively go for another one my brother'll naturally have to try for one more. We're even." the harper snickers to himself, then devotes the next few minutes to scanning the crowd to see if there's any familiar faces. Jessamin gets a small wave and a wink, and a firelizard egg hatching distracts him from further scrutiny. "Ah… what color's that?" he asks with a faint blink. "It's hard to tell sometimes."

Kerys rummages past the potted plant in her rucksack and draws out well wrapped spider claw hand pie. She breaks of a corner of the crust to expose the savory bits of meat inside. One knee is lowered into the sand, it's balancing time.

Jessamin 's cheeks turn a lovely, pale shade of garnet, and she offers a smile and a wave to Xhaine. Her eyes are twinkling lightly in the evening light, as her attention is turned back to the clutch of eggs. Her smile widens when she sees the bejeweled little brown. "Oh, now aren't you the handsome one…"

Espenetta watches, the little brown lizard intruiged her but not enough to go getting something from her waist pouch, jerky, though she'd managed to nick a bit of fish too.

The Awkward Egg manages to live up to its name, it gives a spastic lurch, then falls to its side, crackless.

Daneira offers a bright smile over towards Espenetta, "Thievish, pesky… amounts to the same thing, in the end." A light, airy laugh. "Back at the Hall, it was always someone's yarn basket getting tangled up, or spools of thread going missing. I think they like bright colours as much as sparkly things." And a nod for Cazai, "If you have the time to train them, I suppose. Might be interesting to try…. Never actually considered it before." Everyone else seems prepared, and the weaver? Well, she has a pretty jacket? So she'll have to sidle around folks and watch. For now.

Espenetta nods to Daneira. "And gems are brightly colored when the suns in them, and sparkely harder to resist."

"What a way to interfere with getting projects done for a while," Cazai mutters, but wiggles her bandaged fingers thoughtfully in front of her, contemplative. She cranes a bit, spying the buckets, but remains visibly indecisive and settles back on her heels. "I think they like anything they can use to get in trouble."

Orventa is still hungry and decides to polish off her sandwich, sans meat. Instead, she carries the meat at arms' length towards the grouping of people. She pauses, only to offer a rather awkward curtsey to everyone and the clutch mother. "'Allo. Quite the number of folks here ya?"

Daneira, something of an odd duck, makes widewide eyes at Espenetta, "Are they /really?/ Gee, I never knew that!" She actually sounds genuine, except that her mouth is twitching with the effort to hold back her grin. The effort fails completely when Cazai's comment about trouble makes her laugh, "Indeed."

M'ori is still breaking sticks of jerky into small pieces, crouching at the edge of the crowd of people. He eyes the brown, but Oculus sticks up his nose. "So you're being picky about what you want your new sibling to be, is that it?" M'ori asks the blue. The stuck up dark blue chirps cheerfully. "I seeeeeee. Alright, if you don't want the brown I won't try to get him, but what do you want?" Hiri bobs his head up and down, fluting joyfully. Though his posture is more like a terran buzzard.

The Awkward Egg shudders again, managing to fling itself from the mound of eggs, landing with a sickening crunch.

The Akward Egg tips slightly, first left, then right, then suddenly forward, cracking on impact before its tiny brown occupant crawls from the wreckage, looking more than a little shaken.

Graduate Student Brown Hatchling
This brown is a little off, one leg a tad shorter than the others, his tail a bit stubby, but at the same time he has a cute, innocent charm. His dark brown hide is interrupted only briefly here and there with lighter patches. One at the neck and one at each ankle.

Jessamin has a momentary look of panic as the egg lands with that sickening -crunch-, but breathes a sigh of relief as the hatchling emerges, unharmed. "Whew. Now that was a close one…" Thus far, the meat in her hands remains there, as she glances between hatchlings, Harper, and the rest.

The Cuneiform Boot Egg appears to walk across the beach, tiny cracks appearing along its sharper edges.

Ethne walks up onto the weyrling beach. It's been some time since she's been there… well since her lifemate's last clutch at Xanadu before she transferred back to Ierne Weyrhold to dedicate herself more fully to Dragonhealing. She looks around quietly with a yawn as she looks back at Mellonath on the other beach relaxing.

Xhaine sidles forward to claim some meat, although he doesn't hold it forward to lure the hatchlings his way. He's regarding both hatchlings with an expression that's a mixture of puzzled and unsure, comparing the two colors. They seem about the same size, so they're probably the same color, but…. what color is that?

Cazai gives Daneira and Espenetta a rather arch-browed look, dry smile curling, but keeps her commentary to herself. Instead, she abruptly rocks to her feet, dusting off the knees of pants that barely show sand anyway, and saunters around the crowd to get a look at the buckets. "Free for all, is it?" she asks more or less in general, checking this or that face in search of an obvious owner— or, at least, organizer.

Kerys hmms and settles on sitting in the sand cross-legged style, much more secure and safer that way. Wouldn't want to fall on the poor things now. Her eyes train on the eggs admiringly as her fingers work steadily to pluck the chunks of meat from the pie.

M'nol is still leans against Faraeth's rocky hide, watching the goings on.

The Inviting Insect Egg twists and squirms, its insecty exterior seeming to move and writhe. Are they… moving?

Espenetta watches. She adjusts herself. "Another brown?" she seems surprised by this. "Early on, good sign I'd say."

Calelir has tried everything - dancing on the papers, clinging to Sigam's nose, gnawing on his shoulder, but still, nothing! The man remains undeterred and dedicated to his work. He hardly even reacts, just lifts the blue and plonks him back on the bed with a muttered, "No." … It's obviously time for desperate measures. Eyes whirling with sudden colors of alarm and fright, Calelir /screeches/ and darts from the room, fighting back a firelizard-y smirk at the sound of footsteps behind him. Hook, line, and sinker! "What is it, Cal?" The flit usually only makes this much ruckus when real trouble was on the rise, so it's logical that Sig follows the blue clear to the beach. A gathering of people! Was someone hurt? His mouth opens, a call prepared when… "I'm going to kill you," the Dragonhealer grumps, spying the teeny firelizards in the midst of a very relaxed group of humans. This wasn't an emergency at all! But… well, if he was here, he might as well stay, right? A wave is tossed at the overseeing M'nol as the man dumps himself onto the sand.

The Pretty Pisiform Egg rolls again, coming to rest a foot from where it began… again…

The Pointy Red Egg twitches back and forth, seeming to contemplate exit, then deciding against it

Orventa gnaws on her lower lip as she looks between the new hatchlings. The slightly sandy wherry cutlet is clutched indecisively.

Graduate Student Brown Hatchling looks up at the onlookers, somewhere between terror and love… could… could someone love me? his eyes say.

Daneira chooses to chase after Cazai, carefully. Who knows why. She just does, stepping lightly around the edges until she appears somewhere near the Techcrafter's elbow again. "Aw, see? They're cute when they're this tiny," she repeats, crossing her arms and waiting to see who's lucky enough to lure the baby browns over.

M'ori grins and eyes the two browns with a chuckle. He spots Ethne and grins. "Heeeey! Ethne!" He's finished breaking the jerky up into bite sized pieces, but Oculus is still jeering at the browns, making his disinterest in either of them clear, and Hiri is butting at his hands for the jerky pieces. "OYE! Hiri you can have whatever's left." He eyes the remaining eggs, looking for one that catches the attention of his two blues.

The Pretty Pisiform Egg gives one last convulsive shudder, then shatters, showering its green occupant and those around her with little shards of egg. She lifts her silver wings and creels, feeeeeeeeeeeeed meeeeeeeeeee.

Lunar Green Hatchling
This dainty little green is covered in light and pale green stars and moons across her forest green skin. Her wings shimmer with the silvery light of the moons on a dark night and even her headknobs and neckridges are vaguely crescent shaped.

M'ori grins hugely as Oculus' jaw drops at the sight of the green. Oculus starts to croon and preen, and even Hiri's short attentionspan is grabbed by her beauty. "okay, I'll try for her." He reaches out with a handfull of jerky pieces, waggling them for the little green.

"Ah, thank you." Xhiane's expression clears when Jessamin drops that little nugget of wisdom his way, and he nods approvingly at the two hatchlings. "Like my Mac." he mutters to himself. And then there's another one that is clearly tinier than the two browns. "Ah, green." he knows the blues on sight, that's for sure, so this midget can't be anything other than a green. "Look at her hide, that's interesting."

Trying Triquetral Brown Hatchling creels again, more loudly this time, and begins to wander around the other hatchlings, searching for food, his hide sparkling in the light.

Espenetta awws, the little green in a splash of brown catches her attention, but she holds off just sort of watching the little green at first, making guesses and taking a few breaths before trying to decide on meet or fish for her attempt.

Jessamin begins to look mildly concerned as none seem inclined to feed either of the two browns. She looks between them, and then at the rest of the eggs, still holding back for just a little while longer herself.

A fresh new creel has Sigam glancing over towards the pretty little hatchling, but a defiant quasi-pout still arches down the corners of his lips. Stubborn! Despite the return of Calelir, who is tugging hard on his ears to make him move towards the lunar-flecked green, the Dragonhealer folds his arms and harrumphs, refusing to budge. Calelir looks almost surprised, then sets his jaw and darts off, returning after a moment with his claws full of meat slices. These he dumps on Sigam's knee before waddling off to greet a few of the hatchlings. Hi! Don't give up! You'll find a nice human!

Orventa dangles the wherry in front of her, trying to make it dance enticingly for the brown with the funny looking leg. "Come on little one, dearie dear," she coos, as sweetly as she's coddled any lord's heir.

Lunar Green Hatchling creels, turning to M'ori with an excited creel, food!

Graduate Student Brown Hatchling perks up, food? He turns towards Orventa, eyeing her dubiously… could she love him?

Properly Pristine Egg gives another shudder, beginning to crack and split. Its occupant can be heard inside demanding to joing its siblings.

Orventa taps at the sand with her finger tips, the wherry cutlet still hanging loosely in her grasp. Was it too sandy for the little mite?

Trying Triquetral Brown Hatchling continues to wander the sands, then his nose perks… he smelled meat. His search was renewed in earnest.

Cazai wanders back to a relatively open spot, having liberated one of the buckets of a decent handful of stuff. Said stuff she may be giving wary looks and the occasional dubious sniff— what else but leftovers would one use for firelizards, anyway?— but manages not to drip too extensively on herself before she settles down, crosslegged. "He doesn't look so good," she remarks, brow quirked at the limpish 'lizard, a pensive glance for the other squallers. "Lucky he's not a wild-born."

After all this observation, it's not until someone's blue goes raiding that Daneira finally notices that those buckets contain meat bits. What? She's been trying to see the babies, who cares about buckets! She worries at her lower lip with her teeth, consideringly. "Oh, shard it!" she mutters, and edges over to crouch down nearby. The slimy stuff gets eyed with definite distaste, and she's not quite prepared to stick her hand into the glop just yet.

The Rounded Head Egg turns, then twists, rolling an entire 360 degres befoer settling

Espenetta watches curiously. She watches lizards and eggs, though now her eyes are squarly on eggs, the pristine egg curiously mostly because its a little ways away, but she keeps her eyes passing between the two sets.

The Properly Pristine Egg splits cleanly, almost as if it's occupant had simply slit it open. And since the little bronze strides out of it as if he'd just opened a door, it's entirely possible. He glances at the assembled, giving a mighty cheep.

Making Service Fun Bronze Hatchling
This large bronze is a fine example of his species. Each dimension, each angle make him more and more the quintessential fire lizard. Pale bronze spatters down his deep bronze hide in a gorgeous array of speckles, interrupted only at the neck and feet. At the base of his neck is a ring of bronze so pale as to be nearly white and stretching from that down his chest is a series of stripes of light yellowish-gold and dark coppery bronze. These same stripes find their place again at his feet, forming little multi-colored sox for the bronze.

Kerys absently sucks the herbed gravy from one of her fingers, then let's out a surprised pfft! Her hair had got caught in her mouth. The empty pie crust is balanced on one knee, it's contents now in a dripping mound in the palm of her hand. The hair is pushed out with her tongue, still tasting of spiderclaw.

Jessamin 's mouth opens in a little 'o'. "Ohhh, now aren't you a handsome one…" She reaches out with one choice piece of meat towards the little bronze, dangling it temptingly. "There you are, you little precious… come on, now…."

Lunar Green Hatchling dives on the proffered Jerky, then looks to M'ori, expecting another.

The Navicular Egg gives a shudder, splitting itself with huge cracks.

M'ori grins, scooping up the little green and feeding her pieces of jerky one by one. Oculus croons triumphantly, hopping up and down in excitement. Hiri sways, fluttering his wings a little and croons, then looks around for any unattended food bowls.

Sigam glances over towards Cazai, giving her a nod past his frown. "Yeah, he is lucky. It's a shame to see them suffer because they're inadequate in the wild. Leastways, if he gets a human to take care of him, he should survive alright." Finally observing the leg in question, the Dragonhealer quirks a brow before shrugging. He'd be willing to help the brown out later, but not when the risk of impression was nigh. /SCREECH./ Dark eyes return to Calelir, pout back on Sigam's face. "What?" The meat is eyed, then the new hatchling, and finally the man rolls his eyes. "Fine, but it's not like I need another with /you/ around." Not entirely reluctant, however, he takes a piece of slimy meat and offers it out to the bronze. "Brat," he tacks on, just for good measure.

Trying Triquetral Brown Hatchling continues to wander and finding the unprotected meat on Sigam's knee, begins to eat.

"Suffer?" Cazai asks with a snort. "I doubt he'd suffer long. Wherries love a tasty bit of firelizard. He'd be lunch." Ferreting out a bit of the scrap, she shakes it off and eyes the still-wobbling eggs dubiously, already halfway to committed with her hands all bloody, and still having doubts.

Orventa leans in, her lips pursing as she tries an approximation of a comforting croon to the little limping brown. "S'alright dearie, Nan Orventa will take mighty good care o' ya."

Graduate Student Brown Hatchling gives a happy creel and pounces Orventa's hand.

Orventa smiles and cradles the new brown to her chest, letting him chomp at the wherry.

Daneira's eyes chase after the bitty green as she finds someone to feed her, a smile touching her lips. At the newest arrival, and the sudden eagerness of the gathered people, the smile turns a bit sour. Hmph. She herself makes no moves in that direction, though she has finally worked up the necessary nerve to touch /raw meat!/ EW! Ew ew ew! Carefully, and trying for as little of her hands to actually touch the disgusting stuff as possibly, she starts plucking slimy slices out of the bucket.

With one final heave, The Navicular egg pops open like a chest, revealing it's blue occupant. He sits there for a moment, simply looking at the attending hopefuls. Who will he choose?

Scaphoidal Blue Hatchling
This blobby blue is covered in shades and sparkles all along his body with now discernible pattern. A burst here, a sparkle there. The only definite pattern is three dark splotches along his spine, all around the same size.

Jessamin tries to approximate a flit's welcoming warble as she holds the meat out for the little bronze, wriggling it back and forth in her fingertips. "There you are, handsome one…" Her faire seem to be picking up on the general jovial mood, their crowhopping little steps almost seeming like a welcoming dance.

Eyebrows dart up to flirt with Sigam's hairline when the little brown traipses up and promptly starts eating out of his lap. "Uh. Hey? Help yourself, yeah?" The little facets of the baby's hide are eyed with amusement, and it's all Sig can do not to coo. He was supposed to be upset! Grumpy face, grumpy face! Never the less, he nudges the meat closer to him, other hand drooping, even though it's still held out in offering towards the bronze. "Hm?" Cazai is eyed, then frowned at a little sadly. "Yeah, that's sorta what I meant. I guess being eaten is a merciful way to go, but. Still not high on my list." He grins half-heartedly.

Xhaine nudges Jessamin with his elbow. "And what's that?" he whispers to her. "Another brown?" he points to the bronze that just hatched. "I can see the blue."

Jessamin whispers briefly to Xhaine, "Bronze." She smiles, and turns her attention back to the little hatchling.

Making Service Fun Bronze Hatchling looks around at all the other interest at all of the hopefuls. There's one far away with meat… but ooo, there's one right here, too. He waddles up to Jessamin and takes a giant bite of the meat in her hand.

Espenetta watches. She passes looks between the groups of people and the lizards hatching and calling food food finding their humans, and well the eggs. She passes lookd between all of them. "Well I'll be." she says, She moves a little bit to allow Daneira into the circle a bit.

Jessamin meeps as her fingers nearly get taken off by the little hatchling. "Yipes… alright, I knew you were hungry, but… ahhh, what the hey…" She chuckles softly, gathering the little hatchling into her lap and going for a little more meat. "Easy there now… go for the meat, not my hand!"

Kerys cranes her neck to check on her rucksack. That flower was mighty valuable. Noting that it was still safely behind her, she returns to the rocking eggs. She grins as she watches the bronze Impress, oh he was handsome, and was that brown still wandering around?

Luscinth doesn't make much of an entrance, but the crowd seems to catch the green dragon's attention and in turn K'avu's long legs start running after her. "Oi! where the shards are ya going? We can't be 'round 'ere fer long if we wanna keep comin' 'round." Amber eyes dart back and forth nervously as he tries to reach his dragon, ending just at the outer edge of the crowd where the green can hover curiously.

Scaphoidal Blue Hatchling looks up at those around him and gives a peremptory chirp. Surely his would feed him.

Trying Triquetral Brown Hatchling looks up at Sigam and cheeps before crawling up into the lad's lap for a better angle on the meat.

Orventa drifts away from the crowd to focus on feeding her new 'baby'. Hushed whisperings of "…there now, slowly.. chew, yes there ya go dear."

Jessamin smiles softly, idly stroking the hatchling's hide in between bits of meat. "I know just what to call you, too… Bahrain. Just like the Dawn Sister… easy there, now, that's the way." She pops another piece of meat into that creeling maw, humming a soft, lilting little tune.

"Oh, congratulations." Xhaine adds when the bronze goes to Jessamin literally right after he finds out it /is/ a bronze. Then he looks at the group again, considering. "Hmm…." he looks at the meat he's holding in his hand and offers it to the girl. "Here, give him that." he feels a song coming on!

The Artist's Fire Egg shatters inexplicably, leaving it's sleek, egg-wet green occupant coated in little shards of egg.

The Artist's Desire Green Hatchling
This Tiny green is sleek and sensual, each proportion perfectly attractive. Her entire body is patterned with flames and swirls in all shades of green and yellow-green, making her, if possible, even sleeker.

M'ori backs away with his green, the firelizard has eaten her fill. "I think i'll call you Ongu." Ongu hiccups she's eaten so much, and falls asleep in his arms. Uluameth croons at the lunar green Ongu. "Pretty isn't she. I guess Oculus would rather have had a sister."

Daneira is preoccupied, carefully laying each plucked up strip of gloppy meat /just so/ across her flattened palm. Nudging now and then with her finger tip so that the appropriate line is reached. The next batch is placed crosswise, meticulously focused. And such it will go until she has a nice, tidy little pile in her tiny hand. Lifting her eyes to check on what's happening with the hatchlings, she gasps softly. "Oh, she's /gorgeous!/"

M'nol claps for Jessamin when she impresses the bronze, "Congrats, Jess!" and even Faraeth gives a happy croon for the girl.

Espenetta Watches as another green appears. She smiles. "Here." she offers a bit of fish to Daneira. "She is pretty." she smiles. " also begins to arranged her meet.

After a few violent shudders, the Gargantuan Greater Multangular Blue hatchling forces his head, and then the rest of his body out of the egg, hissing challengingly at the onlookers.

Gargantuan Greater Multangular Blue Hatchling
This pale blue hatchling has faded, almost grey, wingsails. His nose, wingtips, and tailfork look like they were dipped in a vat of brown dye, then allowed to drip dry, leaving some areas brown, some lightly coated in brown, and some still blue. He has sharp, angular features, his nose and tail coming down to narrow points.

Jessamin smiles warmly to Xhaine, accepting just a small piece of meat from his hands. "Thank you. Don't give up yet, though, not all the eggs have hatched. Ooo… a green!" Looking over to M'nol, she grins wide. "Thanks! Ack!" The bold-as-brass little bronze nabs the meat from her fingers as she is a bit too slow in feeding him. "I'm going to have to teach you some manners somewhere along the line, Bahrain."

Well. This time, Sigam can't help it - he's smiling in spite of himself. "It's good, isn't it," he murmurs quietly to the little brown, attention to anything else forsaken to run his fingers along the angular baby's back ridges. A little trill accompanies the motion, shoulders raising into the touch even as he gobbles. "Take your time now. Wouldn't want you to choke so soon." Lips twist wryly as his advice goes practically unheeded, but Calelir's quick to chirp and hustle back to welcome his brother, the newest greenie quickly forgotten. "Koenig," Sig decides after a moment, nodding. It would do. Eventually, slowly, his attention moves elsewhere, only to catch on the green dragon moving their way… or, more specifically, their rider. "K'avu?" Insert disbelieving bristle here. Catfight?

Cazai meanwhile, muttering to herself, takes occasional glances at the cracking shells and staggering hatchlings. Finally conceding to denial (or the other way around?), she worries off a fingernail's bit of the meat and considers several more moments before giving it a flick toward the newest of the hatchlings, eyeing the grey hide and bony build with interest. "Isn't that one daydreaming he's a brown?" she asks of no one in particular, half to herself, picking off another bit in case the first gets any attention.

"Thanks, but I've already got this mess," Daneira replies to Espenetta at the offer of fish. And she carefully selects a strip of meat from the top of her tidy pile. "Oh, and isn't he a fierce one!" for the hissing just-hatched blue. Her eyes flick between them, but her gaze lingers longer each time on the little green. "C'mon sweetling, look over this way…." She twitches her fingers, much the way she's observed many others do over the Turns, hoping to make the bloody strip wiggle enticingly.

Espenetta nods she puts hte meat away swiftly just kind of watching she brushes the dried fish from her hands.. her eyes lingering on the little green curious and happy for a moment. She's never actually seen this many eggs but each one makes her smile more and more, her dried fish is making her want to pull it and use it but she holds off.

"Bahrain? You named him already?" Xhaine raises his eyebrows at Jessamin, then shrugs and continues holding the meat out towards the firelizards. What's here still? Ah, blues and a green. "Hmm…. well I guess I can keep trying."

"Firelizards," K'avu says in a very matter-of-fact tone of voice. Nothing exciting about that. "An' they sharding ain't shiny so there's no need ta be starin' at 'em, Lus," he grumbles, eaching for a wing tip and giving a light tug. The green doesn't seem to be paying any attention, whuffling at someone's hair as she scoots a bit closer for inspection. Or maybe it's something shiny she saw on someone, instead? K'avu doesn't really argue that much with his lifemate when his name suddenly makes him stand up straight, fists raised, head swiveling. "Aww…. Shit. It's you," he announces, catching sight of Sigam and glaring right back at him from across the crowd. Dun dun dun.

Espenetta watches the lizards again. She keeps look at the other eggs those yet un hatching hoping against hope perhaps.

Kerys examines her palmful of gravy drenched 'claw bits, care…fully. No time for dropping it now. Would that be enough? Should she add more? More was always good, at least when it came to feeling hatchlings. Big or small. She hmms and reaches into a bucket for a blody tidbit, crowning the whole lump like a good meaty sundae of sorts.

The Artist's Desire Green Hatchling creels loudly, sasheying around the hatching area, waiting for someone to feed her.

Cazai's blatantly disinterested in the green - given her declared desire for a guardian for her 'stuff,' it's hardly a wonder the big, hissy blue is the one that has her eye. The various interchanges, though, keep catching her attention for ear-tipped moments; maybe she really does need to get out of the workshop more, because they're obviously entertaining her.

Gargantuan Greater Multangular Blue Hatchling gives another creeling hiss, looking at the gathered expectantly.

Espenetta looks at the others she wavers a moment tone between just plucking a hatchling. What could she need one for? She run her hands locking them together watching the eggs and the green firelizard curiously.

Sigam smirks as Koenig finally topples over with a quiet 'urp,' belly bulging wide. That boy over the way is eyed defiantly - he's shiny, harrumph! - before lids begin to slide shut, one after another. The Dragonhealer laughs low before following the brown's gaze over to K'avu. "Who were you expecting, Faranth? 'Course it's me. You /are/ at Xanadu." A petulant tongue is flashed across the way, Ko's discarded meat scraps being pushed to the ground with a dismissive hand. "Did you finally bust out?" Well, the answer was obvious, right? "Should we be sending aid to Ista to put out more fires?" Daggers were flying out of those eyes. Duck!

Daneira dares to edge just an inch nearer, one knee touching ground as she leans. "C'mon darling one…." She's utterly enchanted by the flame-kissed green, yes she is. Her fingers twitch again, a slimy sludge of bloody mucus-looking stuff oozing down the side of the strip of meat on offer.

Jessamin breathes a sigh of relief as Bahrain's feeding begins to slow, for this round at least. He lets out a contented little -meep-, settling down into her lap. She gathers him up into her arms, cradling him gently, and looking back to Xhaine with a smile. "If you only had any idea of what I saw, you would know why I had a name for him on the tip of my tongue."

Well, nobody else seems to be paying him mind. Maybe it's the attitude. Cazai notes to the blue, pinging another bitty chunk of worried-off flesh his way, "You, mouthy. No nose to go with that cussing?" She cocks a sideways look at Sigam and K'avu, the one vaguely familiar face, the other not so much, and blots off bandaged fingers on her trousers— they're definitely going to have to be re-bound after this.

"Interesting. You'll have to explain it to me then." Xhaine treats Jessamin with his Smile of +1000 Charm(TM) in the hopes of wheedling it out of her. Insatiable harper curiosity: Check. Xhaine vaguely waves a piece of meat towards the blues, though he doesn't get any closer to them.

Gargantuan Greater Multangular Blue Hatchling gives a happy chirrup to see someone paying attention to him and waddles towards Cazai, creeling for food.

The Artist's Desire Green Hatchling turns on her rounds, spotting Daneira and with a happy cheep begins to slowly step towards the girl.

"Oh, good, there is half a brain in there," Cazai mutters at the hatchling in good humor, way past committed now. She plonks a couple of additional bits down in front of him, the proverbial path of roses to her figurative doorstep. Or knee, as it were. "You were startin' to worry me some, big lunk."

Daneira's bright smile makes an appearance, delight causes an extra bit of shine to appear in her green eyes. "That's right, pretty one," she continues to murmur softly, her voice sweet and low. "Just step on over this way." Twitch twitch go her fingers, wiggle wiggle goes the meat. Nummy nomnoms this way!

Kerys tries not to let her mood darken as the conversation around her takes on an agitated tone. Happy place, happy place. Baby flitlings! Her meat mountain masterpiece is nearly complete.. a flag maybe?

Jessamin smiles to Xhaine as she gets to her feet, the youngest member of her faire quickly falling asleep in her arms. "Try to imagine, then, being up there, on the Dawn Sisters, and seeing your home from so far away. Try to think of what it must feel like, thinking of your place on a world that suddenly grew so much smaller than even a dragon's flight could ever make it seem. It's pretty near overwhelming. So yes, I'd name this handsome little one after the place where I saw that view." She steps backward from the main group then, crooning softly to the little hatchling and watching the remaining eggs, people, and hatchlings. "Ohh… congratulations!", she calls out to Daneira.

Espenetta turns to look at Daneira. "Congradulations. She's pretty and adorable." She settles on the sand kneeling, digging her knees in watching the eggs with a curious glance. Eggs and lizards, she touches her small pounches full of smoked and dried meats.

The cuneiform Boot Egg shudders a few more times, the splits cleanly like the unzipping of the boot as it's brown occupant noses through and creels hungrily to the sky.

Hammy Hamate Symbol Brown Hatchling
This gorgeous brown is very light in color, but odd symbols trail down his sides and along his wingsails in a darker brown. Blue highlights grace his wingsails, making them seem to glow from within. This brown's body seems cut from a rough stone and poorly ground. An odd angle here and there making him appear like a little boulder.

"Maybe I was hopin' ya got dropped off :between:," comes K'avu's quick reply this time while his eyes go a little narrower in a glare. Firelizards? What firelizards? Luscinth's the only one that's sort of focused on them, starting to side-step away from her lifemate now that he's getting all his feathers ruffled. The green is happy to save her own hide before being part of a fight, afterall. "No, still trapped in that shardin' cell. Yer only jus' imagining me. Kinda flatterin'." The greenrider finally spares a glance away from Sigam towards the recent people finding little 'lizards to take home with them, but it doesn't last long when he turns his eyes back up to Sigam. Good thing there's a whole crowd of people in between them, since his fists were balling up. "Maybe it ain't Ista that's gonna be in help next. I ain't in Ista right now, am I?"

Gargantuan Greater Multangular Blue Hatchling gives another crooning leap and makes the rest of his way to Cazai, cheeping happily.

Xhaine looks thoughtful at Jessamin's words. Forgetting for the moment that he's got a hunk of bloody meat in his hand, he digs a piece of paper out of his pocket and starts scribbling something down, meat squishing in his hand as he does so. It's a curse being a composer, I tell ya! A SHARDIN' CURSE!

"Oh, there you go my lovely," Daneira is truly beaming now, as the little spit of flame nabs that first bite of meat. While she's busy tryin to gulp it down, the weaver deftly scoops her up and redeposits her in her lap. "Thank you," the young woman responds, her gaze flicking to take in both Espenetta and Jessamin. Back towards Espenetta, "You should really go for one. You look like you want to." Settling in to carefully feed her new companion, already insisting that the baby take small, neat bites and eat slowly, for all her hunger.

Scaphoidal Blue Hatchling looks up at Xhaine's outburst and gives an inquisitive cheep… can I help?

Sigam tucks the dozing Koenig into a divvet in the sand gently, plopping Calelir less gently onto his butt beside him. "Stay. Watch him," the Dragonhealer orders before rising to his feet. Run! Flee! To the hills! For crowd or no crowd, Sig is blustering through, intent on K'avu. "Try it, punk. I just dare you!," he growls, finally gritting to a halt next to the greenrider. The man looks for all the world as if he's about to sock K'avu across the jaw - he even draws back his fist - but then his hand relaxes into a spade-like position and is thrust reluctantly out in an offer for a shake. Surprised? Sigam is too. "Good to see you outta that mess," he mutters irritably, looking anywhere else in a pointed fashion.

Sigam tucks the dozing Koenig into a divvet in the sand gently, plopping Calelir less gently onto his butt beside him. "Stay. Watch him," the Dragonhealer orders before rising to his feet. Run! Flee! To the hills! For crowd or no crowd, Sig is blustering through, intent on K'avu. "Try it, punk. I just dare you!," he growls, finally gritting to a halt next to the greenrider. The man looks for all the world as if he's about to sock K'avu across the jaw - he even draws back his fist - but then his hand relaxes into a spade-like position and is thrust reluctantly out in an offer for a shake. Surprised? Sigam is too. "Good to see you outta that mess," he mutters irritably, looking anywhere else in a pointed fashion.

Espenetta grins. "I want to, but I worry. I mean I work with small easily 'lost bits sometimes, do I want a baby around me.. as adorable as they are, who could swallow one?"

T'burk comes along the beach with his dragon. Either there's free food or a firelizard hatching. He looks around to find folks he knows but they all seem busy. He just stands there watching, smiling. He cranes his neck and stands up on tiptoes a bit to get a glimps of the new little hatchlings.

Hammy Hamate Symbol Brown Hatchling looks around at the gathered, stroking his own head in an odd way and giving a happy 'i'm awesome' trill.

With one final shudder, the top of the egg peels open like a yellow-fruit, revealing a mewling, egg wet brown.

Crowning Capitate Brown Hatchling
This gorgeous brown fire lizard's base color is a deep brown so dark it's almost black, criss-crossed with lighter shades of brown shaped like trapezoids and circles, a soft dusting of beige-white along his back. His neck and back ridges are a series of smooth, rounded dome-shapes colored a light beige-brown from his headknobs to the fork of his tail.

Kerys stands to stretch out her lower back. Oof, pins and needles galore. She turns left, right, *criiik* goes her spine. Oi that was better. She spots T'burk and his dragon, and gives a respectful nod. She would have saluted, but her hand is full of lumped spiderclaw mountainy goodness.

Thankfully it doesn't take long for the baby green to wind up with a bulging tummy, leaving Daneira looking a bit bemused as she stares at the remainder of messy meat bits in her palm. As if just realising that this, /this/ with all it's yuckiness, is going to be a fairly regular thing. "Oh dear," she erps softly. She idly brushes the backs of her fingers along the sleepy little curl in her lap, glancing upwards to Espenetta again, "Well, I expect they'll be like most babies are at first. Eat a lot and sleep a lot. And it's probably easier to start teaching them young what not to play with, yes?" Encouraging, yes she is. After all, she was hesitant at first, too.

Jessamin grins as she hears the thrumming, sauntering over towards its source, Vinteth. She calls out a cheery greeting to dragon and rider alike. "T'burk! Hello there! You're just in time for the fun!" She chuckles softly. "I'd give you a hug, but I've got my hands full. Went looking for you at Western yesterday. Came back for some sewing things, took a walk on the beach, and wound up with this."

"S'pose it teaches one good habits about locking up loose bits," Cazai says, lounging back on an elbow with the hatchling blue supported, still giving the snoozing beastie odd looks from time to time. "I -should- keep my workbench a whole lot more tidy than I do. Guess there'll be habit-fixing for a bit."

K'avu had actually been quite secure with the crowd in between them. He even spared the firelizards a glance while he was sure that Sigam was /all the way over there/, mildly curious at what was still keeping Luscinth's attention. But then the movement out of the corner of his eye puts him on alerty, and wen Sigam approaches he lifts his fists up, all ready for a fight! "Ya wouldn't wanna tempt me or Lus! We've been in an' out of prison already." He raises his arms a bit more and then just… stares at the older man's hand, unsure what to do with it now. "What?" Color Kav confused, who is still ready for a fight.

Crowning Capitate Brown Hatchling sniffs the air, then notices Kerys' pile of meat and eyes it dubiously… to eat or not to eat…

The Inviting Insect Egg twitches, it's insect coating seeming to twitch and shiver, to crawl across its surface. A crack appears, and then another, then, with a mighty slither, a brown hatchling emerges from the confines, tossing the shards of egg away as if they were naught to him.

Enlightening Entomologist Brown Hatchling
The faint outlines of tunnel-snakes criss-cross this mud-brown's hide. Even his neck and tail seem more insect-like than normal, narrow and wriggly. His dark brown, near black, ridges splay out in odd directions, giving him an unfinished and unfocused look.

"So have I," Sigam replies with startling rationality, dark eyes flicking over to look up at the 'Lus' in question. "Ah, so this is the pyromaniac I've heard so much about," he murmurs, giving her a once over. "She doesn't look so scary," he comments with a particular tone of aloofness before twitching his gaze back to K'avu. The hand jerks irritably up and down. "It's a hand, you twit! You shake it." Well, he might be offering a truce, but he doesn't seem to be all that interested in playing nice yet. "Didn't your mother teach you anything?"

T'burk moves closer and takes a look at the tiny bronze in Jessamine's hands. "Well, well! What a lucky impresson…for both parties concerned! He's very handsome, Jessamin. Have you thought of a name for him yet?

T'burk moves closer and takes a look at the tiny bronze in Jessamine's hands. "Well, well! What a lucky impresson…for both parties concerned! He's very handsome, Jessamin. Have you thought of a name for him yet?

Jessamin nods, and smiles broadly. "He was an easy one to name. Bahrain, like the Dawn Sister." The little bronze is snoring away in her arms, his belly bulging. "I wonder when it will be safe to travel with him, though. He's such a little dear…."

Xhaine looks up as he finishes jotting down Jessamin's words, then blinks at T'burk. "Oh, hi." he tells the man cheerfully. After all, he's a Harper too, if a rather old one. Wait, isn't he also a healer? Whatever, the two halls are in the same place anyway, have been for thousands of Turns. Xhaine turns to look at the firelizards again, surprised. "Oh… they're almost finished hatching."

T'burk says "Wrap him up and keep him warm and he should be fine. I'm sorry that I wasn't hime when you came to call. I'm verry sorry that I missed you." He reaches out to gently stroke Bahrain. "He's precious." He looks up to see Xhaine, there, fellow Harper. "Greetings, Xhaine! Did you inpress a firelizard, too?"

The Spine Spiral Egg finishes slowly unraveling itself, leaving its creeling green occupant sitting daintily amongst the remains of the spine, examining the onlookers.

Amazing Anthropologist Green Hatchling
This dainty green hatchling has a fine, slim form, built for speed and agility. Her hide bears a striking similarity to her egg. It seems a simple dark green at first glance, but closer inspection reveals criss-crossing patterns of spirals and shapes. At first they seem to have no direct meaning, but long contemplation shows that they resolve themselves into the faint outlines of bones, arranged generally as they would be within.

Xhaine shakes his head at T'burk. "Nah, not me. I've got three already, one isn't even six months old yet. Thought I'd wait a bit longer before inflicting another flying stomach on me. I need to train my youngest to be a troublemaker just like the rest of us. She behaves too well still." is his cheerful reply to the rider.

Espenetta pauses that last little green. The last egg she nodded. "No more indecisve ness." she said to herself in a soft voice. She pulled out meat, and then a little fish watchin the dainty green. "My aren't you pretty." she says sweetly. She extended a hand. "Kinda like me."

Kerys 's eyes go wide as she turns again to her potted flower. She plicks a teeny tiny blossom and pokes it on top of the pile. Flag, check. Now it was ready, but for whom? She gazes at the remaining hatchlings, which little one would appreciate this offering? It was intricate, and she didn't want to muss it. She looks at the newly hatched green, would she like it? She lowers her palm to sand level, careful, careful. There.

Luscinth's attention finally turns away from the hatching firelizards back towards her lifemate, eyes focusing on Sigam now. There's a very low growl that's felt more than heard through the sands and her eyes start bleeding into an irritated red. "Go on over an' tell her that ta her face. She'd appreciate it. Jus' give her time ta find some firestone 'gain." K'avu goes from looking confused to outright glaring again, and his hand comes down sharply to the older man's, with a slap, but his hand closes over the offered hand to shake. Not that he doesn't put some stregnth behind squeezing it. "Ma taught me plenty of things, so don't ya go talkin' 'bout her like that if ya don't want me ta put ya in the infirmary."

After a few more moments contemplation, Daneira dumps the few remaining hunks of meat back into the bucket, where they land with a wet *plop* of sound. A little bit of careful nudging finally rolls the firmly sleeping green 'lizard into a lounging flop across her wrist - and no meat goop on her skirt, yay! Shifting to hold her thusly burdened arm close to her stomach, the tiny weaver clambers carefully to her feet. With a vaguely sort of pleasant nod and smile for everyone in the general vicinity, she turns to step down towards the waters edge to wash off her hands.

Crowning Capitate Brown Hatchling gives a happy little chirrup when Kerys added the flower. *She* knew how to please him. He waddles over to her pile and sits at it, looking very much like a puppy.

Jessamin chuckles, an utterly adoring look spared for her little bronze charge. "I'll have to remember that, then. Because you haven't gotten rid of me that easily." She smiles to herself, tracing the delicate little wingsails and spars. "Have to admit, the place was starting to grow on me. I wouldn't mind exploring it a little bit more."

Kerys gazes down as the brown waddles over to her pile. "Hello there. You like it then hmm? Have at it then little guy."

Amazing Anthropologist Green Hatchling looks around for proffered food, or even a scritch. Espenetta seems to be at least offering that, so the green starts slowly towards her.

Sigam returns the shake with nearly bone-crushing force, lips lifting away from his teeth in a grin that can only be described as feral. The growl goes rather ignored - years of dragonhealing's left him rather numb to such threats - but K'avu's words do have him arching an eyebrow. "I wasn't implying anything about your mother, I was talking about /you/. She has to have been a saint, to put up with an ugly mug like yours." Just as abruptly as the hand was shoved out, it is withdrawn. Good deed done, so to speak, Sig finds no reason to stick around. "Just watch what you burn around here. We don't have a prison at Xanadu - just an underwater cave that slowly fills up around your ears." Leaving the threat hang, the Dragonhealer marches back to his firelizards. Relieved, Calelir immediately fetches up the leftover meat and dumps it unceremoniously before the remaining hatchling. There, eat up, they didn't need it anymore. "Get back here," Sigam chides, clapping a hand on his knee. Thankfully, the blue listens before he goes causing any more trouble.

Enlightening Entomologist Brown Hatchling creels hungrily, glancing around quickly, back and forth, food? food?

M'nol eyes Sigam and K'avu with growing concern as they seem to get hotter and hotter.

Hammy Hamate Symbol Brown Hatchling creels piteously, looking first one way, then another, making his symbols flash in the light.

Cazai, firelizard acquired— for better or worse— is left with idle observation of hatchlings, and not-so-idle observation of people. The latter is now far more interesting to a typical recluse, and even more entertaining. "So what I was hearing about folks in prison, that actually happened?" she asks, glancing sideways toward whoever happens to be near and not looking too distracted (as by attacking firelizards).

Scaphoidal Blue Hatchling continues to eye Xhaine… did he have food? He looked… interesting…

Xhaine belatedly notices he's being stared at. Looking around, he then realizes it's the blue firelizard that's staring at him. "Oh… hello." hopefully the firelizard doesn't mind if the meat he's being offered was squished in Xhaine's hand for the past five or ten minutes.

Espenetta watches the green she offers the food a little closer to the green curiously smiling. "Little girl."

Daneira, safely over here, remains happily oblivious to growly males and other such drama. Careful shifting about has seen both her hands washed, and the tiny flame-touched green resettled more securely in the crook of her arm. "Hmm… what should I call you, pretty one?" Wandering away, off up the beach, completely oblivious. "Kapoia? Yes, yes I think that suits you."

Scaphoidal Blue Hatchling gives a happy chirp-creel and half-flies, half-jumps over to Xhaine with a happy trill.

Amazing Anthropologist Green Hatchling gives a matching creel to the blue's and dives for Espenetta's proffered meat.

Jessamin turns her gaze back towards the flits still seeking a home, frowning slightly. "Shards… I hope those don't go wild…."

Espenetta smiles she tries not to flinch, a diving green has her a bit startled..

K'avu's response is to keep squeezing the life out of Sigam's hand, though there's no grin or smile or anything on his face. It's pulled together into a fierce scowl still. "An adoring Ma. While yer family probably can't bear ta have a wuss like ya 'round. Probably ya tried playin' hero in Ista, huh, not that that worked out ta yer advantage." The minute the hand is taken away, he pulls his away as if it was burned. "It's obvious ya Xanadu folk can't catch a 'brat stealing from the kitchens. Y'all jus' know how to get caught is all." He glares after Sigam's back before a more audible rumble catches his attention. Luscinth huffs after Sigam herself, but still settles in the sand. Kav kicks at some scraps in the sand towards the firelizards still wandering, shoving his hands into his pockets. "Jus' let 'em try. Ain't anything worth 'ere at Xanadu anyway."

Amazing Anthropologist Green Hatchling cheeps, looking up at Espenetta with great big puppy dog eyes, don't you love me?

Xhaine exclaims slightly when the blue leaps for him, and he catches the firelizard. "Well that makes one firelizard whose color I appreciate." he grins, then considers the blue. "Hmm, there's a word I found in a dictionary once. How about Terpsichorean? That's a word that makes me sound smart, don't you think?" he winks at Jessamin again, blatantly flirting with her. Harmless flirting, of course.

Jessamin laughs, her cheeks turning coral at the flirting. "The name's totally up to you. Me, I'd go with something like Sonata. But that's an interesting-sounding name." She sidles back towards the group, the look of concern returning as she watches the two browns.

T'burk says "So he's going to be a dancer, Xhaine? Is he light on his feet?"

Enlightening Entomologist Brown Hatchling begins nosing the dirt. First over here, then over there. Searching for something, he is.

Espenetta blinks at the little lizard finds her fingers and her eyes and mosti mportantly her heart. "Aww.. you need a name.." she runs her fingers across the swirls of the firelizard, the little green that had taken food from her.

Hammy Hamate Symbol Brown Hatchling sits back on his rump, creeling piteously.

"Well he's light on the wing, at any rate." Xhaine replies dryly, grabbing more meat to feed him with. "Did you see that leap towards me? If this guy isn't acrobatic, I'll eat my gitar."

T'burk says "Just as long as he doesn't take a fancy to it and eat it for you."

Kerys still has some meat in between her fingers, she holds her hand out for Tamino to peck at. The new brown chirples and bounds over to eat the scraps, with a head bob to Flaim. Foood?

"There's a plus to this name, too… if he annoys me, I can call him twerp." Xhaine sniggers. "That was apparently slang from Terra. Don't ask me what /that/ means though, it's been lost in time."

Flaim flies over to land on T'burk's shoulder and croons to Tamino. «Yes! You want food? I can get you some. Watch this….» He started chittering excitedly in T'burk's ear.

Sigam tickles a finger along Koenig's back, attempting to wake the bulge-bellied flit. He receives only a murmur in response and, eyes rolling, the Dragonhealer finally just picks him up and tucks him into one elbow. "I see it served you well too. Why /did/ they let you go? It certainly wasn't for good behavior." The man pauses, brow kitting. "You talk awful big, but I don't see any action to back that up," Sigam finally snarks at K'avu, dark eyes narrowed and full of needles. "So unless wanna do something about it, I offer the suggestion that you shut up. Mere talk of that stuff around here will get you in trouble."

T'burk cringes. "Ouch! Not so loud! Jessamin, is yours hungry again?"

Jessamin glances down at Bahrain, still snoring away quite happily in her arms. She shakes her head to T'burk and smiles. "No, he's out for the count, I think. Going to be a long night, though, if I remember my experiences with this lot."

T'burk looks around. "Kerys, is your new firelizard hungry still?"

Kerys blinks and looks up as her name is mentioned, "Think so, all I had was that bit of spider claw pie…" She skritches Tamino under the chin, "Sorry there bubby, don't mean to deprive you."

Hammy Hamate Symbol Brown Hatchling continues to wander, looking around. The tension from K'avu seems to attract him and he flies over there, nudging the rider's hand with an inquisitive chirp.

M'nol grabs a handful of meat, approaching slowly and holding it out to the little brown, "C'mere little one, we can't let ya run off, can we?"

K'avu snags a bit of discarded meat on his boot, kicking it up and out before reaching down to pick up some more sandy meat to waggle around. Not really in any general direction, but maybe because he was bored. And the fact that Luscinth is still hovering nearby curious about the flitterbugs. Though Kav is just not getting any breaks, turning to waggle the meat in Sigam's direction. "Now that ain't any of yer business why they did." His chest puffs out, and he jabs the meat and a finger in Sigam's direction. "Ya wanna see some action? Ya an' me, out in the open away from this and I'll have ya eating sand 'fore ya can thinking up of any more smart replies! /That/ doin' something good 'nough fer ya?" Obviously this greenrider just wasn't scared or was just plain stupid. The latter, most likely. But his rising anger is momentarily doused when he feels something, fingers dropping the meat onto the brown hatchling at his feet now. "If ya wanted food ya only had to ask."

Enlightening Entomologist Brown Hatchling gives a happy creel and lunges for the proffered meat.

Jessamin smiles to T'burk, gently stroking the hide of her little bronze. "I'd better go get a quilt to wrap this one up in, then, and a proper pair of shoes. Hopefully, he'll sleep right through the trip." She turns her steps back towards the Weyr, and the apprentice dorms.

Sigam visibly bristles, mouth opening wide to snarl a retort, but when one of the little browns wriggles closer to the greenrider, his jaw snaps shut and an unholily amused look glows on his face. "Looks like you're not gonna be following up on that threat," the Dragonhealer growls, dark eyes dancing. "You've got a mouth to feed. But if you're ever actually /free/ and up for a toussel, you just let me know, kid. I welcome the opportunity to dump you on your ass." Calelir, eyes whorling angrily, sneezes in K'avu's direction as if to say 'yeaaaaah, kid!'

K'avu digs through his pockets to pull out some very old looking meatrolls, probably snack food while escaping where ever he came from. That's tossed down next to the little brown before he crouches to scoop him up. "'Course he ain't shiny," he snaps, but instead of Sigam it's a glare up to Luscinth. "Ya can't have a shiny thing all the time, and they're sharding useful anyway." So he's happy to stuff the brown's mouth. But look at this, he can multitask! Because he's back to glaring over at Sigam. "I ain't a shardin kid! Yer trying to make excuses, wuss? Ya ain't gonna be able to run away /that/ easily."

Mobeth flies in lazily, making big circles as he comes in to land a decent distance away from everyone else. He bugles a greeting to the other dragons as his rider climbs down.

Thea walks the beach today as she does many time when she wants a bit of solitude. Today the crowd doesn't have her fleeing up the beach in the opposite direction. Today the crowd draws her since she's spotting familiar faces. She wends her way through the crowd's perimeter, "How'd you manage to get out of prison?" This is asked of K'avu. "Hello Kerys. How fares Ista?" She keeps well back from the firelizard fray, a faint smile of amusement curves her lips.

Sigam's all smiles at M'nol impresses the last brown, offering the rider a thumbs up. "He's cute! This is Koenig," he says, raising his elbow to show off the little beastie. "You aren't? Well, you sure look like one, and you act like one, and you yell and get flustered like one. Where I come from, we call a spade a spade." Sand is dusted off his pants, though dark eyes never leave K'avu's face. "Fine! You, me, the woods over there. Name a time." Thea is eyed as she approaches, and a nod is given. "Hey, Thee." Then he's back to shooting laser beams out of his EYES!!! Or, well, he wishes he could. Would make things much easier, really. Yep.

M'nol continues to stuff the face of the tiny creeling brown. He hadn't really *intended* to, but he couldn't leave the poor thing there all alone, either. He glances up as Thea approaches and would wave except that his other four are perched about on his shoulders and clinging to his arms, examining their new brother with piqued interest. He glances at Sigam and manages somehow to indicate the brown's patterning, "Fossil."

Ch'en steps aeway from his dragon and walks over to the group. "Ierene Weyrhold's duties to Xanadu and her Queens. I'm looking for Healer T'burk?"

Kerys salutes Thea, "Ista fares well. And what of yourself, if you don't mind my asking?" She smiles warmly, "I hope you weren't ill-treated in those cells. I'd a mind to visit, but I didn't want to endanger Ierne's relations with Ista… I hope you understand." She dusts her hands in the sand.

Espenetta leans in and trokes the greens. "Swirls, spirals… you need a name little girl, but what to call you?"

T'burk raises his hand. "Over here!" he calls and gives friendly wave to his hand. "Is there a medical emergency?" He's got his ever present Healer's bag with him.

K'avu nearly gets his finger bit when he tries to stuff some more food into the brown's mouth, not paying particular attention how close the food is to those teeth and his fingers. The queenrider's arrival gets a wary eye, and even Luscinth seems to start slinking away from the crowd. Just in case and all. Now that there weren't anymore shiny or plain hatchlings to look at, the green was free to run off and leave her lifemate behind. "What does it matter how? 'm 'ere is all," he huffs, turning back on Sigam. Yes, glaring match still going on. They would probably be things exploding by the way both of them are shooting daggers and lasers and all. "Stop tryin' ta weasel yer way out. No time. Right now."

Vinteth croons over to the handsome Blue some more. She takes a few steps, strolling casually over to meet him.

M'nol glances up at Ch'en, then does a double take before looking at Sigam, "Uhh… when'd he impress?" Even his fair of firellizards give an inquisitive chirrup at Ch'en. He was the same, but not the same.

"Do men fight with boys? Oh, really, please." Thea can't help but tsk at Sigam with a headshake. She nods at M'nol with a bit more of a smile, before turning to Kerys warmth in her green eyes. "We were all treated as any prisoner would be." There's a small smile, "Ierne has good relations with Xanadu." A gentle reminder, perhaps where loyalties ought lie. K'avu just gets a shrug. "Glad you're out of that rotten place. Was curious is all. Fellow felons and all." She flips a hand, dismissing the subject.

Ch'en trots over to T'burk and smiles. "So, you're T'burk? No, no. No medical emergency that I know of. If I could have a word with you for a moment, though, Sir, I happen to be looking for someone. I heard about that you knew where I could find him…"

Mobeth looks inquizitivly at the Green prancing towards him, and he sits up a little straighter and fans out his wings.

T'burk does a double take at Chaton…. "Wait….. Let me guess…you have a twin brother and you are looking for…Chaton?" He raises his eyebrows.

Xhaine had finished feeding the blue he had just Impressed, and was distracted again by the lyrics Jessamin inspired him with. Although that reminds him of something…. the smile he used to wangle the information from her did wonders. He should try it again with more girls! Or guys, he's not picky. Then he notices Jessamin left. Oh… phooey.

Sigam squints, but his eyes are old (cough) and he cannot quite make out the markings, Spill, he admires the name with a smile and nod. Further conversation puzzles the Dragonhealer, who follows M'nol's gaze. Cue record screech! "Oh my Faranth, I don't sharding know." There's an undertone of something unfriendly there, but that could be leftovers from K'avu as the man shrinks closer to the brownrider. No sense drawing attention to himself, just in case. Thea is eyed again, brow knitting sharply. "Doesn't stop you from making snide remarks." Isn't he in just a lovely mood? Finally, a puzzled Koenig is sat down and arms fly wide. "Bring it, then." Ruh roh, Raggy!

Kerys inclines her head to Thea, "Aye, that it does," is simply said. For her, loyalties are spread: family at Ista, mentoring at Xanadu, and a posting at Ierne. It's a balance she needs to keep. At least to keep her sane.

Ch'en blinks at the old man. "You, my friend, are good." he laughs. "So, has the little brat been running around here? Let me guess, I just need to follow the smell of annoyance and the mob with the torches, eh?" he laughs good naturedly.

Faraeth gives an unhappy wuffle and extends his head over to where Sigam and K'avu stand, one eye on each of them. He gives another unhappy wuffle, blowing on them both.

T'burk shakes his head. "He's no annoyance, really. In fact, he's been quite helpful. He's helping over at Ista now, as a MindHealer." He takes another good look at the rider. "You two do look amazingly alike!"

"I am not making snide remarks." Thea looks at Sigam like he's grown two heads and she's not a little hurt as she just shuts her mouth, forming a flat, unhappy line. She nods at Kerys, not being privy to the woman's thoughts and just gives her a half-smile. "You must do what you must do. Choose your alliances carefully." The fight looks like it will commence then and there so she's just sidling away.

Just a little bit more food and then K'avu's got one very sleepy brown firelizard. Surprise that he's able to relax and curl up in the greenrider's hand with all that tension flying about. Luscinth turns her head towards the brownling, huffing back herself, but then starts sliding further away. Kav's problem, not hers! Greenrider drops the firelizard into a pocket of his flight jacket where he can curl up and sleep before he jerks his head sharply away. "Out of this sharding mess. Time ta taste dirt, wuss." Twenty paces north, turn, and shoot?

Jessamin returns from the apprentice dorms, a sturdier pair of shoes on her feet, a warm quilt wrapped around her little bronze hatchling, and a sack in tow. What she walks in on, she does not look too pleased to see; she sidles well out of the way of what looks to be a nasty fight.

Ch'en gives T'burk a look that might ask if the old man was blind. "We're still talking about the same Chaton, right? The one who hates tunnelsnakes and dirt? The one who makes people cringe when he walks into a room? Wait… mindhealer? Ah… boy went off and became a shrink…" but then he's distracted by the tension in the air, and he frowns. "What on Pern?"

M'nol scoffs slightly at Ch'en, then, seeing Sigam and K'avu about to come to blows tries to mentally drag Faraeth away, but the brown is stubborn.

T'burk is about to say something to Ch'en then sees him get distracted. He looks over, too. "Now what…?" he says softly to himself. "Gentlemen!" he calls out in as authoritative voice he can, like what he used when he was Acting WeyrLeader at Western. "There are better ways. Let's not spoil the fun over a disagreement!"

"Will you all butt out of my problem?!," Sigam finally shouts, eyes scrunched tight for a moment before they fly open, fingers pointing every which way. "I don't need baby-sitting, or told what to do, or remarked upon as if you think I'm wrong. Some of you are even younger than me! So quit telling me what to do!" Wicked eyes finally land on K'avu. "You. Me. Forest. Now." The rest of them are finally ignored as he takes Calelir and Koenig and leaves without further ado.

Thea just continues backing away from the melee, dips her head, her hair swinging forward to hide her face, but perhaps that flash of disappointment towards Sigam can be seen by those who know her well enough. K'avu doesn't rate even a second tought. She's got her hands shoved into her jacket pockets and she's off down the beach.

Xhaine notices Jessamin coming back out and waves to her. And now that his new firelizard is asleep curled up on his lap, Xhaine leans backwards, propping himself up with his hands. "Whew, what a day. Came to spell a fellow Journeyman who caught laryngitis, ended up with a firelizard!"

Ch'en looks at T'burk "Well, do you think I should follow Sir?"

M'nol glances after Sigam, and sighs, catching the look on Thea's face far too late to do anything before she too flees. He strokes the tiny brown absently for a moment, then glances sidelong at Xhaine as he flirts with Jessamin… was that… jealousy?

K'avu doesn't seem to be paying any attention to anyone else. He's all happy to square his shoulders and then nods sharply at Sigam. "Don't have ta tell me twice." And then he's off, leaving behind Luscinth where she'll happily curl in a spot so that he can settle the score with the dragonhealer.

Jessamin sets her sack down, a safe distance away from the melee, cradling the quilt-swaddled Bahrain gently to her. She waves over to Xhaine, smiling a bit. "Sort of happened that way with Madder. I was fresh off the Sands my first few days here, and was just working on some sewing in the Caverns. Wouldn't it figure there was a hatching, and out came little Madder." She chuckles a bit, and turns her attention to M'nol. The look on his face causes her to frown a bit in concern; she looks between rider and dragon with a querying glance, but says nothing outright.

Mobeth looks up at an unspoken bid from his rider, and nods. He spreads his large cobalt wings and takes to the sky.

T'burk looks at Ch'en. "Maybe we should follow them…in case we need to pull them apart and bandage and splint them," he says watching K'avu and Sigam set off.

Ch'en nods. "Lead the way." he says, starting off after T'burk. "Brat's a shrink. How do you like that?"

M'nol chuckles at T'burk, "Most likely they'll just bruise eachother a tad." He glances back at Jessa and Xhaine, then sighs, sliding to the ground against Faraeth's side as the confused dragon turns his neck to envelop M'nol and the flits. He glances at the pair again, then shakes his head… why did he always have to become attached to people who thought him too young… not that he wasn't… and this was a friendly jealousy…

Xhaine catches Jessamin's look and turns to see what she's looking at, then raises an eyebrow queryingly at her. "Something wrong?" he asks. "Yeah, all my firelizards showed up similarly. I don't TRY for firelizards, they just sorta latch on to me. That's how I got my green, Melody. Although I was playing my gitar at the time and she approached and started singing along." he shakes his head ruefully.

Jessamin shakes her head. "I'm not sure." She does make her way over to M'nol and Faraeth, offering her free hand to give the brown dragon scritchies. To M'nol, she smiles, and offers softly, "If you ever want to talk, I'll listen."

Faraeth gives an odd rumble until M'nol gently strokes his eyeridges, "It's nothin', Jess… just don't want to see you get hurt is all."

Jessamin smiles warmly, touched by M'nol's concern. She leans in a little bit, her tones low and hushed.

Xhaine watches Jessamin whispering to M'nol and smirks faintly, then looks down at the blue on his lap, clearly not bothered in the slightest. What, it's not like he was flirting with her for REAL. "So what am I going to do with you then? No doubt Khaine'll want another one just to keep up with me now." he smirks again.

Jessamin nods, and smiles. "Rest well. Faraeth… keep him out of trouble, hmmm? His heart's in the right place…"

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