Message Received

A brown lizard that wearing Kera's band, Minimur for those that would recognize him on sight. Flaps and wings his way from one location to another around Xanadu til he finds who he's been sent to. Stationing himself near Ka'el, the brown proceeds to squawk, hiss, flap his wings and just plain make a nuisance of himself til he delivers his messege. He normally behaves very well, even when delivering notes. His little leg is stuck up for Ka'el to get, the lizard bracing himself with wings and limb as he leans.

Messege reads:
Events today took a turn. One case of plague has reached the Hall. We've been exposed and are under quarantine til further notice. Recommend IMMEDIATE precautions be taken concerning anyone incoming and outgoing. Will inform you when I know more. Kera.

Like a cold front rolling in, a cool breeze threads through the mind of Moncerath. Soft grey clouds roll in on the horizon of a spring day. Kanekith's rich voice swirls through the mind from a far off place. « Xanadu's daughter. Are you ill? Mine worries. »

Like whispy fog creepy ever onward through a morning forest, thoughts tendrils of thought cling towards Kanekith « Mine is irritated, but healthy. Not like the coughing man. Mine said I should go hunt » Kanekith may pick up a bit of indecision about going off to hunt and being too far from her rider, even for a short time.

The rush of air that next is felt like a rush of an exhaled breath. A sigh of relief? Perhaps. One that pushes against the leaves within the forest of the mind and swirls the soft beginnings of a rainshower. « Ours are healthy. Sickness stays away from here. I will keep it so! » A rumble of thunder rolls in the distance in soft punctuation. « Mine will meet with others here. His mind troubles. Hunting will keep you well. Hunt. Eat. Stay strong, » he encourages. « If you are strong, yours will be strong. »

hThoughts ebb to and fro, shuffling among worry for her rider and confidance that her rider can and will handle anything that rears up in her path. « I will hunt, and I will share with mine. We stay strong. » One might picture the green bringing a carcass to lay at Kera's feet, much like a giant feline. « Maybe Kayeth won't mind if I hunt? She asked me to hunt for her before. »

« If you stay, then hunt you must. The significance of Kayeth is slight to us. » The clouds gather and the temperature drops more. But gradually, the rain recedes to a sprinkle, and the droplets that fall from broad leaves resemble tiny jewels that fall and get lost in the dark brush below. « Rest. Watch yours. Mine wishes to know if yours feels ill and when you will return to us here. » The clouds begin to roll back, clearing the sky as Kanekith’s reach pulls away. « Stay well. »

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