Turnday for Phylicia

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

After dinner can be a busy time in the Caverns as tables are cleared and the kitchen is cleaned, the evening shift begins and the afternoon shift leaves. Folks heading in both directions pass by the Infirmary, perhaps the entrance triggers the memories of passersby that they had some sort of need, and they turn in. Among several people, Thea enters, hanging back until most have been taken care of. She has a clipboard which she studies, making a notation here and there, muttering to herself under her breath. It appears she's here on business.

Phylicia is already a part of the infirmary's scenery as the hustle and bustle of post-dinner traffic breezes by the entry way. The young girl is standing at one of the counters, a few bottles of things such pulled down out of a cabnet and she seems to be rather intent on them. Spring cleaning is it? Or inventory rather. She lets the other healers present take care of the actual patients, but when Thea pauses near the doorway with clipboard in hand, she pauses, one finger dipped into a jar. "Ma'am?" She queries, head canting slightly to one side. "Anything I can help y'with?"

Thea lifts her head from her clipboard, glancing about with an air that can almost be seen as wary. Seeing most folks have headed out, she steps towards Phylcica, a faint smile on her lips. For all that the smile is not enthusiastic, her eyes are warm. "Well," She interrupts herself with a grimace, drops her eyes to mutter, "All right, all right I'll ask!" Her mouth quirks in a wry half-smile as she raises her green eyes back to the girl, "Sorry, Seryth's been pushing me." She sighs. "What have you got that will help me get some sleep?"

Phylicia's head cants a little further to the side, making the side of her head almost touch her shoulder for a moment before she straightens her neck out smiling with something near glee. "Oo! I could actually /help/ with this!" She blurts out, her cheeks reddening afterwards as the resident healer just gives her a /look/. "Ahm. I mean… is there a /reason/ you can't sleep, ma'am? Like, are you just restless, or are you stressed out?" She waves Thea closer to the table, forgetting that one of her fingers on her other hand is sitting in a pot of numbweed. "D'you have any pains at all, or is it just … general trouble falling asleep?"

Thea's half-smile widens in amusement at the Healer's glee and she murmurs, "I hope you can." The question has her merely shrugging, "Just… can't sleep." She repeats it firmly, her eyes wander towards that little pot on the counter and one brow raises slightly. Not knowing what it is… she merely blinks before there's a slight frown as she answers more fully, "Tired but can't sleep. When I do sleep, I wake up a lot. No pain." She pauses before adding, "And if you tell that shrimpy Mindhealer Chaton, I will…" She can't seem to come up with a dire enough consequence. She just shakes her head, "Not a word."

Phylicia's eyes follow Thea's to the pot, and her honeyed cheeks grow even redder, turning the slight flush into rosy cheeks as she takes her finger out of the pot and begins prodding her finger with a dulled but clean scapel, poking the tip of her finger. "Ooop! Bad pot." She mumbles, marking the container with a big 'X' and replacing the lid. And she looks at Thea, and has the audacity to snort, a little rudely. "Tell a mindhealer about this? /Hardly/, ma'am." She shakes her head, pursing her lips in thought. "It kind of just sounds like you're restless is all." She takes a near by towel and wipes off her finger, before going to a cabnet, and coming back with a few different things. "There's this pillow here, which has lavender and hops and all sorts of other perserved herbs in it, which should help you get some sleep, yah?" And she holds up her other item, which is a small container of tea bags. "And there's also camomile tea. It's a good relaxant."

Thea relaxes only after that snort, "He's nosy, persistent and convinced we're all in need of his-" She stops, her face contorts briefly as she searches for the right words, "-expertise." And by the sarcastic way she says it, she questions his capability. She eyes that scalpel prodding, "That thing sharp?" She doesn't confirm or deny restlessness, merely accepts the items while nodding. "Thanks." She holds the pillow up, "Sleep on this and," her other hand lifts the tea bags, "drink the tea at bedtime then?" After a moment's pause, "Seryth will get off my back now, anyway." Her head tilts as she regards Phylicia, "Have you gotten settled in all right so far?"

"Not sharp enough to draw any blood unless I press /really/ hard, ma'am." Phylicia chirps merrily as she grabs another jar from her little stockpile. This one smells more like numbweed does as she opens it, and she again, dips her finger half-way in. "Maybe not /on/, but it should be near your head so you get some good wiffs. 'Tween the combination of all the herbs in that pack you should get all nice 'nd relaxed 'nd ready for bed." She says with a cheerful little smile. "And an hour to half an hour before bed for the tea, so it has a little time to work." She shakes her head with a small sigh and an even smaller smile. "Daddy was that way too. Always trying to analyze everyone whether we needed or wanted it. But I'm doing pretty good here." She says with a bigger smile. "I've met .. some-" read like, a very small handful "-people here." And without warning, a fullgrown brown firelizard pops out from *between* depositing a small package with an envelope attached to it that plainly reads 'For Phylicia; Happy Turnday!' and disappears again without waiting for any response, which -by the way- is a slightly bewildered look from the girl. "… Really? Already?"

Thea laughs. "Hope you don't press really hard, then." She watches with a little bit of perplexity as Phylicia dips her finger in yet another jar, "You're testing them, then?" A slight chintilt towards the pots. "But then they aren't sterile now?" The instructions are nodded to, but she focuses on the girl's comments about her father. "I'll bet though, that your da wasn't as obnoxious as Chaton can be. Have you met him?" Her nose wrinkles as she says the lad's name. "'Already' what?" The note-dropping firelizard has barely gotten a glance, common occurrence, that is around the weyr.

Phylicia lifts her finger out of the pot and wiggles it with a grin. "S'alright, the towel was treated in redwort - which also means my finger isn't getting as numb as it should. Plus all the stuff I'm using is sterile 'nd I'm not touching anything other than jars." She prods her finger with the tool again and sighs. "Anyhow, after finding a good pot I gotta wait a while for the numbweed to wear off. But even if the container isn't /totally/ sterile anymore, it mostly is which is what matters. It would suck so much more to be treated with a jar of dead numbweed." Which is a valid point there, especially since she isn't sticking her finger too far into the jar. But she heads breifly to a sink to wash her hands in a stream of water, using a regular towel for the moment to dry off. "'M fifteen." She supplies, looking at the package. "Momma 'nd Daddy sent something, I guess. But I didn't tell them I needed anything.." And she shakes her head. "I haven't personally met this Chaton guy yet. By the sounds of it I dunno if I wanna."

Thea laughs briefly, "I guess it would be at that." She lifts that small pillow to sniff appreciatively at its scent. "Fifteen turns, huh? Well Happy Turnday, do you have any speacial plans?" She ponders something, then adds, "I must introduce you to our gardener, Cenlia. She's close to your age. And likes to party." Putting it mildly. There's a soft swoosh of air through her nose then, "Chaton works here, but must be on a different shift." She considers something, then adds, "He's annoyingly convinced he's found a gold mine of psychologically needy folks and nothing you say can sway him. He'll try forcing his 'therapy' if you get my drift. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten a black eye yet."

Phylicia giggles, putting the jar of 'live' numbweed back on the shelf. "I uh … kind of … /forgot/ … it was my turnday today." She half-mumbles with a grin as she perches on a stool. "So no plans, really. And thank you, ma'am." She shakes her head on the comments about the mindhealer. "I really hopes for his own good he backs off, or someday I might /have/ to meet him when some bloke clocks him one!" Injury might occur if he tries analyzing her, infact. But she picks up the small package anyways and turns it around in her hands idly. "I don't think the healer would mind if I took the rest of the evening off. Since three of my fingers're all sorts of numb."

Thea leans against the counter, bracing an elbow on the counter. "Can always celebrate it late," she suggests lightly. "Plenty of folks glad to join you for a bubbly at the Tavern." She can't help but chuckle, the sparkle returns to her eyes as she does. "You'll meet Chaton eventually. He's made it his business to seek out and find everyone he can, like a canine on scent." She rolls her eyes, "He's convinced that -all- the Weyrlings are in need of his help. He told them so. Can you imagine?" She shakes her head at that folly, then slides a glance towards the Healers, "Couldn't hurt to ask them." She straightens, "I need to see to Seryth, but tomorrow if you like, I can introduce you to Cenlia if I can find her." She tosses that little pillow in the air and catches it with a jaunty flip of the hand. "Thanks Phylicia, I appreciate the help. And the confidentiality." She winks and heads for the door.

Phylicia smiles widely at Thea, giving her a wave as the older woman heads to the door. "Yeah, we'll just see about y'know, taking a day off from studies." She has to giggle at that, starting to clean up her mess as Thea leaves. "Like Masters ever give days off!" She shakes her head, more or less to herself. "Enjoy your evening, ma'am." She shoots off cheerily, as she continues to put jars away.

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