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Xanadu Weyr - Feeding Grounds
A large portion of the eastern edge of the meadow has been fenced off, the corralling on three sides is located on the rolling meadow, while the fourth is located a short way up on the eastern hills. Within the large corral are a variety of beasts - ovines, bovines, and wherries - milling around, though the appearance of a dragon may send them one way or the other to try and escape. A small pond is set near one corner of the enclosure, and at times it reflects the low, bordering mountains.
Just at the forest's edge set under the tree line is a guest weyr for use in mating flights, a simple cottage made of weathered planking and grey stones.

A slight rain has started to fall across the weyr, not that this keeps everyone inside hiding from it. The weather is nice otherwise, and there are still some people running about to finish jobs, or to escape the rain as best they can. Idrissa is leaning against the fence while Tahryth is off in the pen working on a meal. The green having just taken down a wherry, her hide holds a light glow that has darkened slightly since she started too fed. A soft breath escapes Rissa and her eyes close so much on her mind at the moment that for once she is thankful for Tahryth being busy eating so it frees her for a few moments of silly thoughts from the moody green.

Lately, when Luraoth's hungry, she's hungry… now. It's almost like having a hatchling all over again. Of course, Luraoth's a grown dragon. Perfectly capable of hunting for herself, except… she's just a little unwieldy. Not that she thinks it's a problem, and nore does Soriana - but some of the senior dragonhealers are fussing, and while they haven't managed to actually keep the young queen from hunting, they have made it so that when she goes to hunt, Soriana comes along. Even when it's raining. Even when it means leaving her paperwork. (Okay, so that part she doesn't mind as much.) Here they come now, Soriana on foot and Luraoth gliding overhead on stretched wings.

Idrissa pulls her jacket around her a bit more and lets her head settle into her arms with her eyes closing. Tahryth lifts her head at the approaching gold, there is a moment of her wiggling about to get her feet back under her and she curiously watches before a warble is offered out in greeting to the gold. Well at least the green isn't moody towards the gold, other dragons could be in for a surprize though. Hearing her dragon she lifts her head a bit and catches sight of Soriana. A slight wave is offered over.

Summer air wafts toward Tahryth, directed there by Luraoth's wings and mind alike - but the gold is hungry, and her primary focus is on her hunting. She circles above the herd, casting her shadow over them as she determines her prey. Soriana's gaze is up on the gold, watching her with a slightly distant gaze. Reminding her, perhaps, to be careful on the hunt, because if she's not (and gets hurt), D'ren will be justifified in grounding her, and neither of them wants that. Luraoth's wings flick, and Soriana looks down for a moment at motion nearer the ground, waving to Idrissa and heading over near her - while glancing up to the skies again, watching as Luraoth prepares to swoop.

Idrissa watches as the gold moves overhead, her gaze following her a few moments before she turns her attention back to Soriana. A soft smile offered to her friend before she glances back to the pen. Tahryth slips quiet so the other can go about hunting it seems, easier when she isn't making noise after all. "She looks good." Rissa offers once Soriana is near her.

Soriana smiles slightly to Idrissa's words, though her gaze remains on Luraoth as the gold picks her target and dives, aimed for one of the smaller herdbeasts. Not as fast as she might have on another day. Not quite so graceful, either - but good enough. The beast squeals and falls, and Luraoth folds her wings and settles in to enjoy her meal as Soriana lets out a sigh of relief and looks over to Idrissa. "Yeah?" she says, and smiles before looking back to the pen. "How's Tahryth?"

Idrissa nods with a smile seen. "Yeah.. Honest." She offer softly while glancing into the pen while Luraoth goes about taking out and getting a meal. "She's… Moody.." That is one way to put it. "Making me about the same I have to admit." A soft sigh escapes her and she shakes her head at the thought. "I hope she isn't like this everytime.."

Luraoth eats eagerly. She's been taking her meals more frequently - the need for materials and fuel to build eggs inside her, and those same eggs compressing things, making her stomach less commodious than it once was. Soriana watches her tear into the 'beast, crunching and rending with enthusiasm. At this rate, there won't be any left for the insectile myrmidons that come creeping around to clean up the feeding grounds after the dragons hunt. Fortunately, Soriana has a strong stomach, and she simply watches, nodding to Idrissa. "Moody, huh." A glance to Tahryth. "At least you know it's her and not you?"

Idrissa doesn't watch Luraoth eat for long, her green gaze closing while she keeps quiet for a few moments. "I hope it's her affects on me.." If not, well she'll deal with it then. Tahryth shifts to eye the gold as she eats and glances down to what is left of her kill. Speaking of moody, she is rather well behaved, to the point that she picks up that wherry and drags it on over to Luraoth.. Well there isn't much left but perhaps the gold wants a snack? Sure!

Soriana looks over to Idrissa, and frowns slightly. "What do you mean?" she asks. Her look's a concerned one, though… not entirely surprised. Idrissa does have the occasional predilection to moodiness. And maybe Soriana hasn't been keeping up with things as much as she should, lately? She's just been so busy… With Junior Weyrwoman duties. With Luraoth. The gold crunches away, and Tahryth's offer makes her chirp and take a bite. It's nice to share.

Idrissa does indeed have a past for being a moody person, well everyone does have there moments right? "Oh nothing.. I didn't do anything. Just been thinking a lot I guess." Which her thinking a lot can be a problem on it's own at times. She lifts a hand to scratch at her neck a moment, and then pushes some hair out from her face. "Mur'dah came by today. We talked for a bit." Tahryth warbles out, glad to help it seems.. Though she doesn't linger along long, soon moving off to settle down in a spot while her rider talks. For a normally outgoing and eager dragon the green isn't herself for sure.

Idrissa, thinking a lot. That… never ends badly. Nope. "Oh," Soriana says, watching the other for a few long moments. The mention of Mur'dah makes her nod, unsurprised but seeming… pleased, maybe? She doesn't inquire, though, instead looking to the pens again where Luraoth's eager eating is beginning to slow as she encounters the new limits of her stomach. Looking there, instead of Idrissa, Soriana asks, "What've you been thinking about?"

"About home." Idrissa offers with a soft tone while watching as Tahryth settles down. "Mur'dah asked if I wanted him around when Tahryth took to the skies.. I told him I'd be fine with it. Might be alright to have someone around I know for sure." She really rather not be around a bunch of strangers if she has a choice on the matter.

Soriana turns her head, looking back at Idrissa curiously. She nods, her expression a calm one. Not frowning, not really smiling either. Just… listening. "I guess I can see how that might be…" What's the word she's looking for? "…hard." So far as Mur'dah goes, Soriana just nods.

Idrissa finds it hard, finds it to be a few many different things. "I'm.. Going to go see my mother after Tahryt's flight." It's only taken how many turns for her to come up with that all on her own? She's brought up going to see her before but not it seems like she really intends to do it. A glance is sent over to Soriana, onwards though in the conversation. "I asked Mur'dah about Ka'el.." There is a pause. "Are you two alright..?" Such a small question to such a huge problem most likely.

Genuine surprise crosses Soriana's face at that. Idrissa, actually volunteering the idea of going to see her family. On her own! Once the moment of being struck silent has passed, Sori nods. "Seems like a good idea." Hasn't she said so before? Even said she'd go with, only… she glances to the pregnant Luraoth, and briefly frowns. Or it was meant to be brief, anyhow. Idrissa's question makes it linger. It's not much of a frown, but it is there. "We're…" She trails off, then sighs. "We've got a lot to work through."

Idrissa had made up her mind during this time perhaps.. So Soriana couldn't go?.. She feels it's something she needs to do on her own it seems. "Figure.. It's something I need to go and do or I'll never be able to get past it." A slight nod is seen about Ka'el. "Good luck.. Foryou both on that.." She truely wants them to do well, wants them to fix things.. "I haven't talked to him since before graduation. Figure with everything I should just stay away." Everything would be /everything/ indeed.

It's not like Idrissa would have had to tell Soriana if she was going at a different time! It could have been a secret. Or she could have just told Sori not to come! As it is, Soriana just nods, and glances back to Tahryth. "It… probably won't be long, now." Not according to what she's read, but… there's a certain skepticism to her tone that wasn't there before she started discovering the things that dragonhealing texts leave out. She shrugs a little, then returns her attention to Idrissa and… sighs. "We're working on it." But there's a lot. Soriana's gaze lingers on Idrissa, and then she frowns. "You haven't?" That's the thing about being full riders and not weyrlings. Well, one of them. They're not all forced together anymore. Soriana's mouth moves like she might be about to say something more… and then she shuts it.

Sure, see that would be /easy/.. When has Idrissa ever done something easy? She likes to make things hard on herself, oh so hard. She glances over towards Tahryth. "That's what I figure.." This is murmured softly. At the question to Ka'el a slight shake of her head is seen and she glancs to her hands picking at her nails. "He made it pretty clear that he didn't want to talk much after that conversation we had on the beach.. About Zi'on.." There is a pause and she sighs a moment. "Whatever you was going to say just say it Soriana." Caught you..

The conversation on the beach. Zi'on. Ka'el. … Bronzers. Soriana frowns, but then she tilts her head up to Idrissa and… smiles. Just a smile. "So who've you been hanging out with, lately?" Since it evidently isn't Ka'el, and Soriana knows she hasn't seen the greenrider all that much herself.

Idrissa watches Soriana a few moments, pondering but doesn't pick at her for an answer. "Zi'on came over the other day, after I hurt my arm. There was that time at the stables with Kera.." She pauses slightly and shrugs. "Spent time with Rin and one of the BeastCraft Journymen from Fort working on some class stuff.." Oh yes she is beating around the bush it seems to get at the point that she really hasn't been hanging out with anyone that much lately. Everyone is busy, so she's made herself busy with things.

The other day. That time. Once at band camp. The thing Soriana isn't hearing is any sort of consistency. She glances briefly to Tahryth at the mention of Zi'on, then returns her gaze to Idrissa and keeps listening. "So…" what will she ask? Decisions, decisions, and the winner is… "You're still working on the beastcraft stuff, even with being on Comet?" That definitely counts as keeping busy.

Idrissa isn't known for such things as being consistent, neverever in her life.. "Somewhat.. They asked me to help with a class the day when WildBuck kicked out of his stall. Since Tahryth was all moody and they figured she was going to be taking to the skies soon I was told to stick around here." Now well.. She'll just have to wait until after the flight before getting back into full work with Comet.

"Oh," Soriana says, and nods consideringly. She turns her head a little, looking back in the general direction of the stables, then toward Tahryth again. "Probably be soon." She's repeating herself, but… that's really all she has to offer! "But… yeah. Not a good idea to have greens rising away from the Weyr."
Idrissa nods slightly at that. "Yeah.." This is said softly. "So.. What all do they have you doing. Paperwork and all I take it?" She questions while peering over at Soriana curiously. Because.. They need something to talk about!

Soriana smiles. "Well, there's paperwork, there's radio duties… I'd be coming on some of the diplomatic visits, but not with Luraoth how she is. Maybe if we were more experienced…" but they aren't. Soriana shrugs, and continues to smile. "It's sort of a lot of little things. Keeping an eye on all the parts of the Weyr."
Idrissa smiles at that and nods. "Well.. At least she doesn't go around licking people like Tahryth does.." A soft eh escapes her at that. "She licked this holder kid and sent him running off screaming. I don't think I'm allowed to go back there for a while." It was amusing, really.

Soriana hehs at the screaming holder kid, and shakes her head. "Nah, it's not because of any of that. Just, the dragonhealers keep fussing over her." Probably because she had those wing problems and she's still rather small (and rose early). "I still get some of the diplomacy, anyhow, when people visit here. There's lots of meetings with… well, all sorts of people. Mostly I just sit and listen and take notes."

Idrissa hadn't even thought about Luraoth's wings, or the fact that she is small, an well the rest. She's quiet for a moment, a nod seen. "Of course.. Your the best note taker out there that is for sure." A soft smile is seen. "At some point the dragonhealers will figure out she is fine tone and stop fussing over her."

Soriana laughs. "I'm really not," she says. "I get bored and start doodling, or talking to Luraoth because she's asking me questions… or else I get interested and forget to take notes. But I'm working on it." And it makes a good task to give the junior who's not expected to have much to contribute to the conversation but should learn what's going on. Just as long as they don't have to actually rely on those notes! As far as Luraoth, well.. Soriana smiles as she looks back to the gold, who's finishing the rest of her meal rather more sedately than she started, trying to fill her stomach as much as she can. "Maybe by the time the eggs have hatched." Y'know. The ones that haven't even been laid, yet.

Idrissa cuhckles softly. "Hey.. You took good notes in the past." Totally what she is going on. A smile is seen and she nods while looking back to to Luraoth and then over to Tahryth whom seems to be dozing. "She'll be fine, your see." Everything will work out just fine.. At least that is what Rissa keeps telling herself.

Good notes… or good doodles? Soriana just laughs again and shrugs. "It'll work out." Hopefully. She turns her head to look to Idrissa again, searchingly. "Of course she will. I'm not worried about her. Just, some of the senior dragonhealers are fussing." She shrugs. "You'd think they'd never seen a broody queen before."

Idrissa glances back to Soriana curiously. "Maybe.. There just this way about all the queen with there first time?" Well it is a thought. "Normally the first time is the hardest for animals, Runners, herdbead and so forth.." Well that's how she figures a dragonhealer could act over a first time dragon mama too.

"I dunno, maybe." Soriana shrugs, and looks back to Luraoth. "She'll be fine, though. She's doing well, she's happy…" Good appetite… but, well, Soriana's saving her arguments for the important stuff. "So… are you and Zi'on still dating?"

Idrissa nods at that, a smile see. "Course." Is offered softly. There is a pause and she glances to Soriana a moment, pondering. "Yeah.. We are…" She's a bit unsure what Soriana will say at this. Seems she's a bit gun-shy so to speak after the whole telling Ka'el about Zi'on.
Soriana nods. What can she say, really? Other than what she's already said. It's not like she's got much of a leg to stand on, given the recent history of her and Ka'el. Not to mention their current state… whatever that is. "Okay," she says after a few moments of silence. "Just wondering."

"I know what people think of him, and what people say about him. Perhaps some of it is true, but until a person gets to know someone I don't see why those things should stick to them." Idrissa offers softly. She's the one that has talked to Zi'on, spent time with him. "He listens to what I have to say an doesn't push anything.. I'm happy with him." Happy is the word of the day with this as she talked to Mur'dah about it as well.

Soriana tilts her head, watching Idrissa. The corner of her mouth twitches. "I didn't say anything, did I?" she asks, voice quiet. "I'm not going to tell you who to date." Though Soriana certainly ends up seeing Zi'on for occasional inter-weyr related reasons… just not like Idrissa does. Luraoth finishes her meal, and pads over to the edge of the fence to lean her head down at Soriana. She's not hungry anymore, but it's wet. And, according to her, cold.

Idrissa peers back at Soriana a moment. "No you didn't.." She's quiet for a moment, a faint sigh escapes her. "I'm sorry.." Is said before she lets her hands settle in the pockets of her jacket and is quiet for a moment as she looks off. Tahryth is making her way along the fence line, pausing next to the pair, a faint nosing is sent to Soriana's shoulder before a harder one is sent to her rider's back. "I should go." Though anywhere but home at the moment. "I'll see you around Soriana, you too Luraoth." With that said she and Tahryth are off, heading towards the beach for a long walk it would seem.

Soriana offers a smile to Idrissa, but once again, she doesn't say anything. Not about that, anyhow. She brushes Tahryth's muzzle, then says, "See you later." Luraoth hops over the fence and the two of them head off as well - to the hatching arena, where Luraoth will find the sands dry and warm to her satisfaction and let the rain bake off her as she digests the meal and turns it, slowly but surely, into eggs. And Soriana will go back to the office and finish whatever it is she was doing before Luraoth got hungry and she was interrupted for what is, right now, her primary duty as a weyrwoman: taking care of her dragon.

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