New Territory

Xanadu Weyr - Garden
An arch woven from the tendrils of a willow tree stretches overhead lightly creeping with ivy as one steps in from the meadow into this sanctuary of green. Cool gray flagstone carefully spaced enables a soft velvety moss to thrive within the cracks, and creates a single wide pathway that fluidly breaks off into two paths of stone once free of the natural arbor. It is a wonder this place, and meticulously tended from the way it seems not a single leaf is out of place.
On either side of the main path expansive grassy patches are trimmed short and edged behind with natural tan colored stone selectively chosen to stack just right. Beyond these are a line of fine puffed shrubberies in vibrant green intermingled with flowering bushes of brilliant pinks varying in hue from the very light to the very dark, which causes the occasional snowy white blossoms of other scattered here and there without worry to simply pop out of the scenery.
Directly in the center of the garden is another wall of intricately stacked stone, this of muted grays, creating what from the air would prove to be a perfect circle. It's been set high for safety, but not so much as one would not be able to lean over it to admire what lies beyond, either standing or sitting at the smattering of benches whose backs are set every four feet along it. Flush to the ground inside it's protective stone outcropping, is an enormous twenty foot wide fish pond. Within one can glean the metallic glint of playful goldfish, the unhurried cruise of fat koi, and even a frog or three among pale yellow and white flowering water lilies and their thick green pads.
The trees surrounding the entire garden were planted to give the impression that they had always been here, not only lending to a rustic look, but also alluding to the beauty that can be found among the wilds if only one might just look for it. Species vary from the ordinary Birch and Pine, but the flaming red capsules of the Indian Shot to the robust orange spokes of the Firewheel tree suggest the spice of the exotic.

SO. It's a day. And what a day it is! It's the kind of day that finds Risali and Leirith in the garden, where the massive queen really does not belong, but forces herself to be anyway because she is Leirith. And being Leirith means that there is one FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH about her: SHE CAN HAVE NO DAUNTS. What do you mean she can't fit? SURELY NOBODY WILL MISS A TREE OR FIVE. Or that bush, or those flowers, or THIS ENTIRE BEAUTIFUL SPOT OF LAND. Okay, so Leirith isn't that big, but you get the point. The queen is nestled with her wings tucked in close because there's not much space in which she can move, whirling blue eyes taking in the world at large through her own eyes and making sure that Risali can see it too. But Risali is doing her hardest to ignore her lifemate, perched on a bench with her legs tucked beneath her while she reads a book. Or maybe she's studying; either way, she's paying just enough attention to sigh, "You can't eat that one, Leirith," but not enough attention to look up. And Leirith? Well, she's all BASS AND DRUMS AND PROJECTED EXCITEMENT TO EVERYBODY, isn't she? « But it looks DELICIOUS MINION. What if all the herdbeasts got eaten and then all that was left was this? Eating it makes you a badass. » Sigh.

It is far easier for a much smaller green dragon to fit herself into the garden. And Samiryth is far more dainty about it. There will be less property damage as a result of her being there. The garden is a lovely place. One of the prettiest that Serena has seen so far in her visit to Xanadu. Which is still going on! She didn't have to run home in disgrace and sadness. Instead she gets to be here with Leirith and Risali. Serena makes her way toward Risali with a smile, not entirely sure she wants to interrupt her, but saying hello can't hurt right. "Hello Risali." she says softly with a wave of her hand, "I'm not distrubing you am I?" she asks. It's hard for weyrlings and all those silly exams and projects. Sami will also greet her dragon counterpart, « Hello Leirith. » she says with a twinkle of light refracted from her gems. It's just a wee bit embarassing since the last time she saw the gold she'd been crying but things are better now and Garouth had said he would explain everything to her and she does trust him to keep his word.

Risali's hair is, as it always is, up. So when Serena approaches and says her name, pulling Risali out of her reverie, she will be privy to the way the weyrling's annoyance lances across her features as brows pull in, and grey eyes come up in a scowl, and her lips part to say something assuredly scathing except - she stops. One, two, three, and as Risali realizes who is standing before her, she dog-ears a page and closes her book, and slowly gives Serena a smile that's more grimace and apology than happiness. It's not that she's unhappy to see Serena. It's just that she almost snapped at her and that would have been bad. "Serena," she breathes out instead, moving to make more room for the pregnant greenrider to sit (though there was already plenty enough room) as she settles her book in her lap. "No, you're not disturbing me at all. Please, have a sit." And the smile is becoming something more genuine now, if a little reserved. Serena is new territory for Risali after all. She has inherit reservations, and the last time she saw the Half Moonian, things did Not End Well. BUT THEN THERE IS LEIRITH. Leirith who meets the twinkle of gem lights with bass and drums that swell to a crescendo as she pushes back at Samiryth's mind with all that unencumbered joy, and delight, and enthusiasm that is just… Leirith. « Samiryth! » And perhaps, if she were more mobile, she would be flumping her much larger bottom and the considerably smaller green. But she cannot, so she does not, instead extending her head for NOSEBOOPS when and if the older dragon gets close enough. « LOOK AT THIS FLOWER. It has little tiny color bugs on it and they are all beautiful. But Risali says that I may not eat it, because she is disappointing and doesn't know how to have fun. » A beat, and then laughter.

Risali is new territory for Serena too. While she generally makes new friends easily enough this situation is special. Risali is important to D'lei and D'lei is clearly important to Risali. Not to mention all those pesky feelings she has for D'lei in general aaaaannnnnnnddddd being pregnant. It probably pays to be a bit reserved! She too will smile to Risali, though the emotions that went across Risali's face don't go without notice. It didn't end well but it wasn't Risali's fault at all. Leirith and Risali had been nothing but lovely! Serena will move over and sit herself down on the bench with a quiet little oomfff. "Thanks." she says warmly. "How are you doing?" The question is genuine. She doesn't want to see Risali all upset or things to get weird between them. And the danger is there so all the more reason to head it off at the pass. Samiryth will accept the boop and boop the gold back in return and creep closer to take a peek at the flower that Leirith is indicating. « Flowers are very pretty. » she says approvingly and after she gets close enough she can behold this flower in all its buggy glory! It is a lovely flower and the bugs only make it more pretty, « I'm afraid it wouldn't be much more than a bite for us and probably wouldn't taste as good as it looks. » Though that does bring to mind food art for dragons! Different colors of meat arranged in beautiful patterns. Sami's mind has been drawn to food so much of late, « What do you like to eat? »

Risali holds out one hand for Serena to take while she sits, an attempt to help alleviate some of the awkward processes involved with growing another human and trying to take a seat when your entire center of gravity starts shifting and also BABIES. Whether or not the greenrider takes the help, grey eyes remain on her face with an equally warm, albeit quiet smile as the greenrider does what any decent human being might do and asks after her well-being. SWEET HALF MOONIAN GREENIE. How is Risali doing indeed. "I'm fine. I think the better question is how are you doing?" A pause, as grey eyes drop to Serena's stomach, then slowly move away to settle on Samiryth with a softer, "How is she doing?" And Leirith? Well, she's just as much energy as ever, wuffling as she gets noseboops, then nosebooping the flower, and then laughing when Samiryth AGREES WITH HER HUMAN about a lack of EDIBILITY when it comes to flowers - for different reasons. « I ate the sky yesterday! Today, I will eat the ground! » But she doesn't actually do it. Instead, she tilts her head to take in Sami with those whirling blue eyes as she asks what she likes to eat, and the answer comes readily enough: « Herdbeasts! It's not a very fair fight, but it still makes me feel like a badass. What do you like to eat? »

Serena is always happy to accept help and so she does so without any hesitation at all! That center of gravity thing is a pain in the butt. Sometimes in the literal sense. Though she makes it to the sitting position safely and is then freed up to answer any and all questions! The simple ones are easiest to start with, "I'm fine." she says quickly wanting to make sure there are no doubts about her fine'ness. "I won't lie that the night after was rough, but everything is ok now. D'lei and I are on the same page again." Just what that page is seems to be in a constant state of flux but for now is sitting still. "We got to talk it all out." Serena will follow Risali's gaze as she looks to Samiryth, "She's doing ok too. She and Garouth are back to how things were." Though she feels that some explaination is required so she'll look from Sami to Risa and smiles, "She was just upset is all." Maybe an understatement but true, "I'm not sure how much D'lei has told you about us…" she begins cautiously. She knows Risali and D'lei are close so she may know lots and may know very little. "Samiryth fell in love with Garouth after her flight. It's only natural I suppose. He's a sweet bronze. So she took it really hard when he said what he said." though it didn't end there thankfully, "She was able to hash it out with him and things are ok again. The situation is sort of complex. Garouth doesn't always understand what she means." Isn't that the truth for everyone! Samiryth's own eyes will flash a similar blue back to her, « I eat herdbeasts from the pen too. I like to eat alot of them. » She'd imagine though that Leirith being that much bigger can pack it in way more than she ever could, « Sometimes they have other things in the pens too and then I'll eat those. I try not to be too picky about it. »

And there's that grimace again, as grey eyes leave Serena's face to look out at the gardens, beyond the dragons, seeing something in the distance that isn't actually there before she shifts back again and tucks her hands under her thighs. Her shoulders tuck up towards her mouth, Risali leans forward and tilts her head as grey eyes find brown, and her smile is back, but muted. It's not sadness, or any kind of emotion with a negative connotation. It's more… hesitation, as if Risali isn't exactly sure what she should do or what she should say… and that's because she's not. Risali is not very good at people. IT'S A THING. She just doesn't have one of those COME ONE, COME ALL personalities, and more often than not, it's a hindrance. Still, she tries. "I'm glad to hear it." And she means that, there's relief that races across her expression and eases her brow, giving the smile a little more warmth and her shoulders a little less tension when grey eyes chase to Samiryth and Leirith instead and settle there. And she listens, nodding her head at proper intervals, making soft sounds of acknowledgement in her throat, and then… silence. Risali lets it sit between them somewhere between 'awkward' and 'is this really happening?' as she chooses words, and tries to make sure she has the right ones, and only then does she finally speaks. "I'm glad that they were able to figure it all out. Garouth spoke to Leirith, but… Leirith doesn't understand." There's another pause, as Risali weighs her words, and then… changes gears as grey eyes blink back to the greenrider and settle on her stomach. "Are you hoping for a girl, or a boy?" And Leirith is all amusement at Samiryth's words, approving of her eating a lot of them because it's KIND OF LIKE A PARTY IN AND OF ITSELF, RIGHT? It's like… It's like a FEAST. And a feast can definitely be a party. « My minion tells me that I cannot eat the runners, but I want to. She also tells me that we cannot set the barracks on fire, but I want to do that too. » SHE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND. WHY DOES NOBODY WANT FIRE?! « I am starting to question her judgement. She is very disappointing. » But the words are not cruel. The gold is laughing. And Risali is probably doing her best to ignore her.

Serena has that vibe that there is a whole lot not being said and that causes apprehension. There is the danger of weirdness forming despite her best attempt to dispell it. She doesn't know exactly how to proceed and thats the difficulty in choosing what to talk about and not to talk about, "It'll work out. Really it will." she assures Risali even if she isn't completely sure herself, but she has to be optimistic because the alternative is just scary. "I'm not surprised she doesn't. I don't think Garouth understands either, but maybe some day. Sami is the patient sort and as long as she doesn't feel he's rejecting her she can work with almost anything." Dragon relationships can be such complicated things at times. And so simple in others. In that respect very human. The shift in questions will bring a smile to Serena's face as she shrugs, "I've been getting that question alot. As long as the baby is healthy I don't care one way or the other." As Risali looks down at her belly Serena will ask the question, "Do you want to touch it?" she asks. Since people just seem to do it anyway she's gotten used to it and Risali has been nothing but respectful so far. Samiryth pauses and considers the runner issue, « I've never had one. But maybe if you come to visit in Half Moon the man who works at the pens can get you some of that. He's been very helpful so far and I'm sure he'd be willing to help you out. » Sami is nothing if not helpful, though when it comes to the burning of things she does shake her head from side to side, « I think that might cause some problems for the people dear. » And for the dragons too though the impulse to set things ablaze isn't in and of itself bad, « Maybe we could find you something to set on fire that wouldn't be upsetting? »

Risali gets vibes too, like the apprehension that permeates the conversation, that perhaps her very lacking personality is giving rise to unintentionally, and she hesitates. Risali hesitates because she senses it, and her shoulders tense up once more as she shifts (because she doesn't want to ruin anything), and Serena says, 'It'll work out. It really will,' with all the optimism she can muster. And there's nothing wrong with it, except that Risali doesn't know how to respond to it. So they are back on the dragons, Risali's eyes fixed on her own booted feet as she listens, but also thinks, and finally, softly, she says, "Serena, I am… not very good at people." Grey eyes come back up to catch brown as hands come up from where she's tucked them away, fingers splayed as she makes a sweeping motion to wordlessly gesture her own helplessness. "D'lei is… he's the best of us. He's patient, and he's kind, and he's funny, and he's good. He's a very, very good man, who is strong, and who is capable, and fearless, and who tries to do the right things." A beat, a moment's hesitation, and then Risali's shoulders sink. "I can tell you what I think about him, Serena, but I can't speak for him." Or she won't speak for him. "Whatever happens between you and D'lei is between you and D'lei." And brows furrow, as if she's trying to find the right words, and still failing, but clarity is needed and so she says, "He is good," again. As if that can clear up anything. It probably doesn't, but she's giving her a quiet smile, and then saying, "Maybe someday." She knows Garouth through Leirith; she is not the expert here - on either man or beast in question. But then the invitation comes for Risali to touch that baby (or rather, Serena's stomach), and Risali's pulling her lips in between her teeth to keep them from trembling and wordlessly nodding her head yes. And she moves forward, to press her hand against the greenrider's stomach with gentle pressure and maybe she's crying but she tries really hard to pretend that she's not. "They are going to be beautiful." And her second hand joins her first, attention on that small point of contact with complete joy. Leirith? She is excited about bonfires and runners. « If you have to ask, that takes the fun out of it, » Leirith informs Sami, laughing. « And the will only be upset for a little bit, but then they will be dancing! And then they will laugh. » A beat, and… « My minion has said we will build a bonfire on the beach! We have not done it yet, but she tells me that we will, and that it will be for me, and we can dance, and sing, and watch it burn. » SHE IS SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. « What is it that you want to do, Samiryth? » If not catch things on FIRE, of course.

If nothing else the two women could bond over their mutual thoughts on D'lei's qualities. Each and every one of them that she mentions is true. Serena will nod her head in agreement, "He is good. Very good." It's the thing she probably loves about him the most. Yes LOVES. Though she sometimes has a hard time admitting that to herself and also to D'lei. "We don't need to speak for him. He speaks for himself just fine." she says with a smile. She might not be good with people but she's doing just fine right now! About the only other person who has had a similar reaction to touching her stomach has been D'lei himself! Though Serena certainly doens't mind that Risa seems to be so happy on her behalf, "They will be." she affirms quietly. Since they have a chance to bond here over the baby and D'lei she'll take the opportunity, "I care about D'lei alot too. Just like you do." she says. Thats probably a safe thing to say right? It's obvious Risa cares for him and there is no harm in letting her know that she's with her on that. "Even if there were no baby I'd feel that way." Though obviously the baby takes it up about 20 notches. Sami might be a bit skeptical about the burn first ask questions later philosophy but the desire for fun is something she can bond with Leirith about, « I like to dance too. » Maybe a bit more refined sorts of dancing that Leirith might like but the same IDEA, « I also like to make things in my mind. » She'll go so far as to create a mental image of Leirith in a nice frilly coral colored scarf that will accent her gold hide well, « It would make you look even more pretty than you do now. »

They could certainly bond over D'lei! And the baby! BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. And when Serena concedes with Risali's point about D'lei being good, the weyrling smiles. And when Serena says that D'lei can speak for himself, Risali concedes with, "He can." Because he is strong, and he is capable. So she soaks up the moment of touching the oven baking precious little buns, and when Serena speaks about D'lei again, Risali is tucking her cheek into her own shoulder, grabbing her sleeve, and using it to to dab at her eyes because Serena is saying something that is important. Serena cares for D'lei like Risali does, and the weyrling takes a moment to gather herself, and her thoughts as she shifts and - "D'lei is my person." But the way that Risali says it is not… possessive. Still, the possibility for miscommunication is there in the word, because this is also how she refers to K'vir; she clarifies. "If I murdered somebody in my weyr, and needed somebody to help me drag the body across the room and get rid of it, I would call him. He is my person." And maybe it's a rather uncouth way to describe the level of trust between Xanaduian goldrider and Monacoan (HOW DO YOU EVEN SAY THAT) bronzerider, but it's no less true. Risali isn't sure why it's important that she clarifies, but she knows that it is. And there's a soft smile, muted, as Risali looks away from Serena and back down to her feet, studying her boots. "He's going to be a really, really amazing father." She KNOWS it. And Serena probably does too, but now it's just one more thing they can bond over. Like Leirith and Samiryth try to bond in their own way, with Samiryth a refined, dignified woman, and Leirith… well… Leirith. How do you even classify that dragon? « Dancing is the best kind of fun. » Leirith agrees - and then her attention is on the image projected, of the beautiful scarf, and all the awkward bits and pieces that make up her wrapped up in it. And while it is clear that Leirith appreciates the thought, and finds the creation itself beautiful, the young queen finds the humor in Samiryth's words instead. « Are you saying that I am not pretty enough? » But she's laughing, teasing, as if challenging Samiryth's wit.

Serena does care about D'lei a great deal! Why wouldn't she? He is the father of her child. "Ahhhh." Serena responds to the 'my person' comment. "I suppose he's my person too." At least she'd want him to be more of her person all the time! So it counts right? And then the comments turn murdery. Serena's smile will falter a bit at that, "Hopefully that would never happen." Cause murder is bad folks! Though Serena suspects that it's just a story to indicate the extreme level of confidence Risali has in D'lei, "I trust him too." Which is good since he is going to be a part of her life forever, "And I think I love him too. Ya know in that way." Because there is the general human person love and then there is a plethora of other 'loves'. Though this confession will shortly be walked back a bit, "But he has Quinn so ya know. Probably nothing going to happen there." Though the statement isn't phrased in the absolute negative. There are always possibilities. She'll nod effusively when she says he's going to be a good father, "He will be. I'm sure of it. He could have told me he didn't want to be a dad and stuff but he seems really happy about it." Which pleases Serena a great deal. Samiryth is finding all sorts of points of agreement, « It is the best kind of fun. » She says as she remembers back to her dance with Garouth with a little sigh, « I'm glad you like it too. » Samiryth will pull her head back just slightly when Leirith asks if she doesn't think she's pretty enough, though the gold is probably just playing with her, « Hardly darling. You can be beautiful and enhance your beauty by various means. » She'll project for her images of hats, scarves, capes, all sorts of things, « You just have to find the right thing for the moment. » She'll put her nose back toward the flower, « Just like the bugs on the flower add to the beauty of the flower. »

And, well. He's D'lei. If you were to ask Leirith, that makes him a badass, and Leirith is clearly the go-to one for opinions when it comes to badassery. EXPERT OPINION ADVICE. SHE'S GOT IT. Risali lifts her gaze, eyes going from boots to greenrider when Serena calls D'lei her person too, and the smile she gives her is quiet, soft, lingering even as she shifts her book to settle it beside herself and pulls her legs up to her chest. Arms come around them, chin goes to her knees, and Risali laughs. Hopefully murder never happens? WELL. "Well, you never know," she whispers. "What's a little murder between friends? It's always good to know who you can count on to help you hide a body." Her Dad was a RENEGADE. It's IN HER BLOOD. But this is Risali, this is just her sense of humor, and it dissipates when the conversation turns to trust (which earns concession in the form of a nod) and then love. She listens, but she doesn't speak, waiting until Serena has finished her thoughts before she turns grey eyes back onto her and… brows furrow, then Risali looks away again. CONVERSATIONS. She is not so good at them. "I'm sorry," she settles on, because it seems like the appropriate thing to say, and then they are back on babies and Risali is smiling as she nods her head again. Then she leans and gently shoulderbumps the greenrider. "Are you enjoying your time in Xanadu?" LEIRITH IS. I mean, not that she is visiting, she lives here, but she is enjoying it. Like she is enjoying Samiryth's company! And she looks at all the images given to her, joyful and mirthful as she listens to the green and then laughs again. « You cannot fix my headknobs, or my legs! But it's okay, Samiryth. I would rather be a badass than pretty. » Another bunt to the green, as she makes a croon. « And I do like dancing. My Risali loves to dance, and it was one of the reason why I knew that she would be mine! Well, that and she is the fiercest, toughest minion around. What does your minion do? »

Serena has never really wanted to kill anyone! Though she did get pretty peeved at Garouth the other evening! But no murder required there, "Probably a prison sentence?" she says with a little laugh. She's joking. She knows Risa would never actually murder someone. That would be a bit too far. The 'I'm sorry' earns her a nod in return, "Me too." See Risali is good at conversations! "I think she's mad at me for being pregnant." She doesn't /know know/ that since D'lei only metioned things to her in passing but she guesses, "I didn't do this on purpose. I really didn't." She'd have never done that to anyone on purpose, "It's my fault because I didn't take any precautions. Sami had never risen and wasn't going to ever they said. And I'd not ever had a boyfriend so I figured ya know why does it matter?" She's never confessed that to D'lei but he obviously knows now just by the results, "I don't regret it though. I don't regret the baby." Serena will hold her stomach in her hands, the baby is NOT a mistake. Serena is confident Risa will have her back on this. "Then I went and fell in love with him I guess." She shrugs with a sigh. So many complex feelings. Then she will shift to a much happier topic, "Yes. It's lovely here. Though I suppose I'll have to go home soon." She doesn't want too, but you can only stay away from your job for a short time. Samiryth will pull her head back to consider those legs and headknobs. It's true they aren't 'normal' but that doesn't mean you can't accesorize, « It isn't about fixing things. It's about making what works work better. » she assures her, « I think you can be pretty and be a badass. » Though she is't sure what being a 'badass' means exactly. See! Dancing! All the bonding! « My minion? » she asks before understanding dawns on her mind. « When she is not with child we deliver things around Pern and travel. »

And Risali listens, leaning back as Serena explains what led to the making of a little miracle with eyes focused on the greenrider the entire time. And then… Risali rubs her brow as she looks away, out to the gardens, past dragons once more as she weighs words and attempts to find the right words to say. "I don't think you have anything to be sorry for, Serena," she says slowly, softly, "and I don't think you've done anything wrong. People have children because of flights all of the time. I am sure K'vir has children he doesn't know about, but if he did know, I think that he would want to be involved with them too - because he is a good man, and he tries to do the right things. And I would encourage him to be involved." A beat, and then a nod as she breathes, "Unexpected, maybe. But definitely not a mistake." Because… well… That baby is going to be well loved and PRECIOUS, ISN'T IT? Still, they are back on topics of Half Moon Bay, and Risali's tugging lightly on the laces of her boots as she says, "Are you in Atoll for the pregnancy? My Dad - his name is Ila'den - he's part of Atoll too. You probably know him. One eye, really mean, looks bedraggled at the best of times." But she clearly feels a fondness for the bronzerider, because there's a soft smile despite the scathing implications in her words. Leirith? Well… « Yes! You can be both. And that sounds exciting. So you have been to all of the places? Garouth showed me the sun in Half Moon Bay. Someday, I will go there and see it for myself! »

Serena didn't think she'd done anything wrong either, but in the face of some things you do begin to doubt yourself a little bit, "He might." she concedes. It's possible, though not knowing K'vir she doesn't have any thoughts on the specificity of the claim. Though given that Risali seems to have good taste in men she sees no reason not to echo her words, "I'm sure he is a good man." She smiles broadly when once more the baby is declared not a mistake! Yes. Loved and Precious. Though it does beg the question given Risali's emotion about the baby, "Have you ever been pregnant or do you want kids in the future?" Risali seems like she'd be a good mom too! She nods, "Yeah. I'm in Atoll." Though when she mentions Ila'den her eyes go just a bit wider, "I didn't know he's your dad." How could she? "I've seen him around but never spoken to him directly." She just knows his weyrmate. Samiryth might have found something that they agree on again! Even MORE bonding! « I've been to all the weyrs and many of the holds. We fly everywhere to deliver things. » When the gold mentions that she will come to Half Moon the green head bobs, « You should! It's a lovely place. I'd show you all the beautiful places! »

Indeed not! And K'vir definitely may have children; the man has been a dragonrider since he was 13, after all. That leaves a lot of time for a lot of flights and a lot of possibilities for BABIES. Still, the conversation about K'vir, and singing his praises, has Risali laughing, looking at ease, and breathing out, "He's stupid, is what he is. The absolute worst." But the words are said with a fondness that belies the meaning of 'stupid' and 'worst'. "D'lei is too. They're both stupid, stupid bronzeriders." WHO DESERVE TO GET BEATEN. Speaking of taking beatings, this is usually the point in the conversation where Risali would punch somebody. Given that this is Serena, and Serena is pregnant, Risali merely chokes on her own laughter and waves a hand between them as if to DISMISS THE QUESTION ASKED. "Pregnant? Faranth no. K'vir and I - we…" How do you explain that you… WELP. YOU BROKE HER. There's a strained, "Maybe in the future?" FATHERS. FATHERS ARE SAFE TOPICS. And she nods vigorously to the realization of that man being her Dad. "Yeah. That's… that's my dad." IT EXPLAINS SO MUCH, DOESN'T IT? A laugh, a little strained, and then Risali is shifting as she lowers her feet back to the ground and… "Do you want to go get some food?" Because eating is GOOD. And Risali is already getting to her feet with a hand extended for Serena to take. Leirith is all whimsy, paying attention while also looking at a thousand different things. But she does rise, trying to make her way back out of places that she just DOESN'T FIT. « I will! And you will! My minion is from there. She misses it. Like I also miss food. BEST IDEA, MINION! FIRST A HERDBEAST FOR ME. » And she's already… going.

Serena is understanding Risali a good deal better than she was before. She might be blustery sometimes, but she's just a really nice lady underneath it all, "Which is exactly why you love him." K'vir that is! Lets not go getting too confusing otherwise weirdness might return. And that isn't necessary! Life is better with only a small level of weirdness. Serena will not know that she dodged the punching from Risali but she will grin at her statement about the future, "I think you should. I think K'vir sounds like a great dad too." When asked if she wants to get some food she will simply nod her agreement and then take Risali's hand to help her up off the bench. And she's only going to get bigger! Samiryth will say nothing but will follow Leirith because food is always a good thing. Especially with all the crazy hormones. Fooooooooood!

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