Hissin' and a Kissin'

Xanadu Weyr - Shore of Lake Caspian
The cliffs that run along the shore come and go, various weyrs nestled along the tops of them or dug into the walls, but eventually they recede enough to expose a beach. The white sand echoes the rise and fall of the cliffs with a multitude of sandy dunes, endlessly creating tiny valleys that are constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of dragons. The dunes smooth out as the gentle slope approaches the edge of the deep blue water. The sand darkens, and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect.
The beach narrows to the southwest, leaving a path barely wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to a smaller, more sheltered cove. The sands are the same white, the waters the same blue, but they're calmer and more tranquil, more protected from the winds that ruffle Lake Caspian and the currents that tug beneath the surface.
Rough, wide stairs lead up to the meadow above and the road that runs along the top of the cliffs, passing through the fields and heading for the river mouth that can be just barely seen from here. The largest of the staircases up the cliff is located near the docks that jut out onto the peaceful blue waters.

Late mornings are Xanadu are rarely quiet affairs, especially if the weyrlings are out and about, but some days small pockets of quiet manage to be found or at the very least to be created. Down on the beach sits Faeth, the little weyrling green lying near the waterline but just far enough away that the waves can't quite reach her - almost as if she's tempting them to come close enough, one forefoot outstretched towards the sea. Her rider is further away fron the water, shoeless, trousers rolled up to above her knees, and a look on her face that could only be descibed as frustrated.

Ahhhh the joy of tempting things to come close enough! S'ndri knows it well! He loves to tempt things…mostly of the female variety to come closer! Though in this instance he is the one moving up the beach toward Cara. S'ndri is carefully surveying the beach and with a smile on his face notes that Risali is not anywhere in sight which means it is safe. S'ndri is dressed in his swim shorts with towel round his neck and judging by his dampness its likely that he's been swimming. Cenvath the blue is resting on the beach and has not been swimming, just sitting and thinking, as he tends to do. S'ndri approaches Cara noting the frustrated look upon her face and decides he must brighten her day S'ndri style, "A woman as beautiful as should never have to frown like that." Yeah. Thats S'ndri. He's going there.

Faeth's foot moves slightly, slapping at a wave that dared to get a little too close. Though she doesn't actually speak there's an air of 'Ha! Take that wave!' projected along the beach to any nearby dragons, threaded through with what might once have been the scent of roses but now has a little grouchy staleness to it. Cara gets partly through a snappish reply of, "Look could you just…" before realising that this isn't a person she's seen before, nor is there any way of figuring out who it is. Some little partof her brain kicks in bringing back the manners that should have been in place regardless of who the speaker was. "I mean… um… I'm sorry things are a little… not that that's any excuse for my bad manners. I…." She breaks off, breathes, tries again, "I'm sorry you took me by surprise."

S'ndri has been given far /worse/ replies to his silly little flirts. Slaps, cussing, all sorts of things. Why on this very beach Risali assaulted him not all that long ago! The scandal! The smile never leaves S'ndri's face and he just brushes off her first greeting. Brush brush! "A woman as beautiful as yourself should also never have to apologize." he says laying it on as thick as he can, "Things are a little what?" he asks. No sense in just letting it drop, especially if there is a way to turn it into a full conversation. Cenvath does get the little mental wave that the green sense out and sends back a vision of sand dunes shifting in the wind, « I'm afraid the water will not move back for you. It's part of the nature of things. »

Cara just blinks. There's something between confusion and shock on her face that she tries her best to hide, "A… what?" Blink blink. Maybe some unseen wind stirred the sand up and into her eyes, there's certainly a lot of blinking going on. "I'm sorry, do I know you? I think you maybe have me mistaken for someone else. Oh shells, that sounded so rude. I'm sorry she's a bit grumpy today and it's rubbing off on me. I really should have learned to control it properly by now, but she's being a little more grumpy than usual and it's bleeding through. I… um…." How does one address an unknown man in swim shorts? She eventually offers a hand over, "Cara." If all else fails, revert to politeness. Faeth on the other hand is nowhere near as polite. « Well I don't like it. » Her mindtouch is not gentle, threaded with the rough prickle of nettles. « And who asked you anyway? »

No alas Cara has not had the great joy to meet S'ndri, but she is getting the pleasure now! The man will just smile at her confusion and brush it off as he does so many things. Brush brush! "I don't have you confused for anyone else, and no you don't yet know me. Thats fixable though." he'll say with no small amount of glee. He takes her offered hand and if she doesn't yank it from him he'll kiss it, "I'm S'ndri. It is very good to meet you." Cenvath hadn't expected a polite reaction so he is unbothered by her non-gentle response. The blue will haul himself to his feet and begin to walk toward her, « Your mind bled through to others and invited a response. » he says blandly. « Are you well? » A polite enough question.

Whooosh. Blush Factor 10! Cara's hand is indeed not snatched away, though by the openly stunned look on her face she clearly was not expecting it or in any way prepared to react to it. "I… it's nice to meet you too S'ndri." Just ignore the little squeak in her voice, it's totally supposed to be there. "Wha…what brings you to Xanadu? I'm fairly sure I would have remembered meeting you before if you lived here. Not that visiting is a bad thing!" Her smile is a little shaky, but she's forgotten to retrieve her hand. Further down the beach Faeth slaps at another wave, stubby little tail lashing grumpily. « I'm fine. Root and branch, what is it with the questions today. Why does everyone need to pry. »

S'ndri will just keep the hand then if she doesn't want it back! Though he will lower it from his lips and just hold it. The blush is like a big neon sign that says 'KEEP GOING'. The smile that was on his face will grow just a touch bigger. "I came to visit the beach." he says. Which should be obvious given his dampness and attire, "Though if I had known a creature such as yourself lived here I'd have come sooner." He'll give her hand a gentle squeeze. Cenvath has met his share of grumpy dragons. The last time he was here that Garouth was sort of rude and grumpy. Maybe its a Xanadu thing? « They pry because they are curious. Curiosity is not a bad thing. » It's the root of all knowledge advancement. The blue will come to a halt near her.

Cara will not look at his chest. Nope. Watch her carefully looking away from it, though that does mean she ends up staring at his face so that doesn't last long either. Eventually her gaze settles on their hands. Their joined hands. Her eyes widen and though there's the slightest movement towards tugging her hand back, there's no real effort behind it. "Such a creature as… are you sure you're talking to the right person here?" Her blush? It just reached 11! "You are, of course, very welcome. To the beach and… and the weyr." Her gaze bounces around - chest, eyes, hands, where can it land permanently that won't just increase the redness of her face. Swimming… NO NOT THERE!! "Would it be rude to ask where you call home?" Her gazes settles on his lips. Surely that's safe. Faeth's rear end shuffles slightly backwards away from the water, stretching her body out a little more before the front decides to move too - if anything it only emphasises the oddness in her construction. « Says you. It's not your life they're prodding their noses into. Who are you anyway? »

The tugging on her hand is not unnoticed by S'ndri though it may produce the opposite of what she wants. OR MAYBE EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTS! S'ndri will just take a half step closer. The smile will continue as if its plastered on his face, "I'm from Ierne. And it isn't rude to ask." Yes those lips. Those kissable lips! S'ndri will let his fingers gently move against her hand. That blush of hers urging him on. Not that he ever needs much urging! Though this time his advances seem welcome. Cenvath is unworried about Faeth and the odd look of her body. Oddness is unique and not ugly. He seems to have no concerns about prod prodding into her life, « I'm Cenvath. Have you noticed a change in your mood? » he asks. Cenvath is a scientist after all and he has a hypothesis to test.

« A change in my… how DARE you. » Faeth may be small but she is feisty, for now anyway. Her wings flare just to make an attempt at making her look bigger than she really is. « You know nothing about me and you think you can judge me? » Perhaps it's a good thing that Cara's distracted by S'ndri because this behaviour is not polite, and definitely not in character for Faeth. "Ierne. I… haven't ever been there. Never really been away fom here to be honest. I mean my whole family are here, well except my Grandma she retired and left, but the rest are here and I suppose I can travel on my own soon so maybe Ierne can be on the list. I'm babbling, I'm sorry." Oh look, some sand. Sand is safe. Her gaze drops down and away. Still not retrieved that hand though.

S'ndri will stay latched onto her had like it's a life line. The babbling is also a very good sign in S'ndri's mind. It means she likes this! S'ndri will lean in closer almost as if he is going to kiss her but doesn't and instead says, "Ierne would be made more lovely by you being there." He'll pull back only slightly and add, "If you need a place to stay while you are there my weyr is open to you." And he'll wink, "In fact I'd love it if you stayed while you visited." He'll hold his smile and add, "I told you a beautiful woman like you shouldn't have to apologize." Cenvath has his guesses and as a good scientist he shares them with her to help verify the results, « You appear to be mature. It is possible you are proddy. » Cause ya know. Why not?

"I have a boyfriend." It's out before Cara really has time to think about what she's saying, or why she's saying it. Or the truth in the matter either, but perhaps it's only a way to cover up the face her blush can't possibly get any redder (though it's definitely spread further). "I'm not sure staying with… I mean it's not that I don't appreciate the offer, and you're very lovely, but… oh shells. I'm sorry, I'm making such a mess of this." While one half babbles, the other… bristles. « Appear to be mature? Appear to be?!? Possible I'm… you know what, screw you! »

A perfectly relevant statement given the hard core flirtation S'ndri is throwing out there. Though if she was reeeeaallly into this boyfriend she'd probably have pulled away by now so S'ndri just brushes it off. Brush brush! There is only one way to test just how serious a boyfriend is and S'ndri knows the perfect test. This time he'll lean forward again and go in for the kiss and not stop. If she moves away then he knows. If she doesn't…then she's gonna get kissed! Cenvath appears to have found the answer to his question. Moodiness is a symptom. And her age appears to be correct. He'll reach out to see if he can sense any sign in her. His mind brushes up against hers. « There is no need for upset. It is not an insult. »

Maybe it's the boyfriend that's not serious about Cara, but either way she's still not pulling away. Not even immediately when those lips she'd been staring at meet hers. Her eyes widen for a second, then drift closed, and there's maybe just a hint (or six) of kissing him back. Reality reasserts itself quickly, however, and she does move away, even going so far as to pull her hand back, though it lifts to her lips as if she expects them to have fallen off or suddenly gone on fire or something. "Why did you do that?" At least she's not shouting at him, or trying to punch him, that seems to be the four-legged half of the pairing that is tending towards that reaction. « Just because someone doesn't like something they have to be proddy. Is that all you males think about? I can't believe you. » Stab, stab, the prickle of the nettles gets stronger.

Score! She didn't pull away and she didn't slap him directly afterward. Which means she's into him! At least sort of!? Side effects of S'ndri kisses are as follows: Sweating, Warmness in the extremities, Severe Focus on S'ndri, and of course weakness in the knees. S'ndri thankfully has an easy explaination for it, "Because you are beautiful and you looked like you needed it." And because S'ndri wanted too but we'll just brush that off. Brush brush! "I hope you aren't offended." Cenvath can be prickly himself sometimes and responds with the sound of metal scraping on mental, « Who said I even care? » Unlike his human lifemate Cenvath's drive to chase is much less depending on many factors. « I was attempting to be nice and inquire about your health. »

Cara's laugh is slightly too loud, slightly too fake, and entirely filled with embarassment. "You're just being nice." It's almost a whisper, but enough that the words would carry to him. Louder she adds, "I… no… I'm not offended. Surprise maybe, but… no. I really do have a… actually that's a lie, I had a boyfriend I don't know what we are now but I'm not… I'm not looking to…." She trails off, taking a deep breath. "I think maybe I should leave. We should leave. She's a bit… off at the minute." Off is perhaps a polite way of describing things. « Oh you care. » Faeth replies bluntly, « Otherwise you would never have asked. It's never just an enquiry. You males are all the same. »

S'ndri couldn't be happier when he hears that she in fact /doesn't/ have a boyfriend. Not that he's looking to be the new one. He's S'ndri and that means he's just out to have fun! "It's fine. I'll stick around for the next few days. Should be easy to find when you are ready." The man will glance over to the dragon and back to the lady, "Just as a heads up. I think your lifemate might be proddy. At least Cenvath thinks so." The blue will fall silent. He really doesn't care if she is or she isn't. It's all academic in the end.

« Hah. Can't even come up with a smart reply. » Faeth is on her feet and almost ready to charge him by the looks of her posture, or that could just be because her rear end is so much shorter than the front, either way it's only through Cara's "Oh no, we're just weyrlings, she's just grumpy. We should go." that the little green backs down. Both dragon and rider back off from their respective conversation partners, though it's only Cara that's polite with her, "It was lovely to meet you S'ndri." First one, then the other, literally runs off, though Faeth adds a blunt, « I'll be watching you. » before she disappears back towards the safety of the weyrling barracks.

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