Presents Delivered

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach

With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

Rukbat is sinking low in the sky, casting a gorgeous sunset over the Weyrling Beach. Near the nesting are sits M'nol, leaned up against Faraeth's bulk, seemingly asleep. Agate, Bloodstone, Tourmaline, and Jasper are split up, brooding over the egg clutches. Turning an egg over here, rearranging one there.

Jessamin waddles down onto the largely unfamiliar beach, a smile touching her face as she espies the brooding flits and seemingly somnolent dragon and rider. Her four flits follow behind her, wheeling about in an aerial game of tag, with no clear idea on who's 'it'. Her arms are quite full of two boxes, stacked precariously on top of one another and full of who knows what. By the depth of her prints in the sand, her load is not heavy, yet she carries it with great care, peering around the boxes every so often so as not to take a misstep.

R'owan is without Nyunath on this particular evening, although it's likely that the bronze isn't too far off. Hands shoved into his pockets, he seems to be out and about enjoying the warmth as spring starts to settle into the weyr. "Busy little guys, aren't they?" He asks, amused, his own little green lifting from her usual place on his shoulder to peek down at the other lizards, trilling a greeting to them. "Hey Fareth. You keeping this lot in line?" He talks to dragons, even if they don't talk back. His eyes scan down the sands to spot an overloaded Jessamin. "Hey Jess, need a hand?" He offers, stepping forward towards her.

M'nol's eyes perk open, then he smiles as Faraeth gently nudges R'owan, "He says he is, though they're fine." He was about to say more when Ro's question to Jess catches his attention. He turns and rushes to Jess, relieving her of one of the boxes, asking excitedly, "They're done?"

Jessamin nods, looking relieved as first one box is taken from her, and she passes the second to R'owan. "They took a few late nights, but they were worth it." Indeed, inside the boxes are several stuffed toy dragons, running the gamut from bronze to green—with each one bearing an uncanny resemblance to a member of the current Weyrling class. Each seems to have been stitched by more than one person, with varying levels of skill; the wings, at least, are attached with nearly invisible stitching, each standing out proudly and making the toys look as if they were ready to fly. "I hope these work out, I really do."

Balancing himself carefully with the second of the boxes, R'owan looks down at the toy dragons with an appraising look. "I think these are even nicer than those firelizard toys we found. The wings really are wonderful, Jess." He says, trying to scan over his box and pick out which of the stuffed dragons might belong to which of the weyrling class. "Thea did seem a bit better when she came back from Ista, did you notice?" He asks M'nol, lifting his eyebrows a bit.

M'nol nods, "She did seem less sad, or at least focused on other problems." He examines the plushies, smiling like a feline amongst wherries, "They're amazing, Jess. I never could've done wings this realistic on my own." He held the faux-Faraeth up for Faraeth to see. Faraeth wuffles at the tiny brown and it takes a slow, gliding flight before M'nol catches it again, chuckling happily. "They're perfect!"

Jessamin grins at M'nol, taking a little bow. "Thanks, but you did most of the initial work on the wings. I just filled out the right parts and attached them to the bodies." There is a smile for R'owan, and she blushes. "Bah, I'm not the only one who worked on these." She holds her hand out to Faraeth, offering scritches. "Do you approve as well?"

R'owan chuckles a bit, and then turns to M'nol as well. "Great job on them." He adds in the brownrider, moving to set the box of dragons down onto a nearby flattish rock. He plucks up the one he picks out as Nyunath, mostly due to recognosing the cloth. "Bet if Nyu was here he'd be asking you tons of questions on how you put them together." He flips the dragon over, and then set him back into the box with the others, beaming to himself. "So, how're you going to give them to her? Got something planned?"

Faraeth gives a happy rumble, submitting himself to Jessamin's scritches with a happy sigh. M'nol chuckles, "He says they look just like the others and are very nice." He shrugs for Ro, "No idea… knowing my luck Faraeth's already told Seryth she should come see and she'll be along any minute now." He grins, seemingly not upset by this thought.

Jessamin grins and happily gives scritches to the rumbling, almost purring brown dragon. "Well, thank you for that, but just remember that your rider did most of the work. I just helped finish them." She leans in as if to whisper conspiratorally to Faraeth. "He doesn't really give himself enough credit sometimes, you know. Keep him on his toes, hmm?" Jess chuckles softly as she catches R'owan's remark about Nyunath. "He'd have to ask M'nol as much as he would me, really."

"Oh no worries there. I'm sure once he sees these, you'll both get questions." The only exception being that the questions for Jessamin will have to go through R'owan. Chirping, Kialio stretches as she makes her way down the boy's arm, approaching the box of lizards with a curious look. However, she seems more interested in the other firelizards and their brood of eggs. "Go on, you know you want to look." The green preens slightly, and then takes off from his arm only to land a bit away from M'nol's group, chirping curiously. "I'm sure she's going to love them." He nods once, settling his hands into the pockets of his riding jacket and looking out at the sunset.

M'nol grins, flexing the wings on the faux-Faraeth before setting it back in the box with a gentle pat. He chuckles at Jessa's conspiratorial whisper to his dragon even as Faraeth chuckled draconically, nosing Jessa in the chest gently. M'nol nods to Ro, "I know she will."

Jessamin meeps a little as she's nudged in the chest, taking an awkward step backwards—but not out of reach, still keeping on with the scritches. "You know, I think you'll keep everyone you meet on their toes." She laughs softly, turning her gaze towards the two riders. "So now the question is, how are we going to get these to her?"

"Just let me know what she says, okay?" R'owan says, having to shift his eyes away from the sunset that seems to take up most of his vision. "Nyunath is insisting on a bath and a good oiling. He's jsut made a mess of himself hunting." The young bronzerider sighs a bit and claps a hand to his forehead, groaning a little. "I'll see you two later." He trudges off towards the weyrling grounds, dragging his feet a bit.

Jessamin blinks, grinning as for just one instant, she hears a voice in her mind not her own. "If anyone can, you can." She looks both honored that he chose to speak to her, even as her eyes mist over ever so faintly. Her concentration is broken by R'owan's abrupt departure, and she can't help laughing at his predicament. "Huh. I never did mind dragon duty. Usually was one of my favorite chores when we were Candidates." She looks back to M'nol then, tilting her head. "Okay, I guess R'owan's out of this one. What's the plan, then?"

M'nol shrugs, "I'm sure an opportunity will present itself." He examines the little things again, then carefully closes the boxes to protect them from the sand, waving goodbye to Ro, then he turns back to Jess, "I just turned 14. I think I'm gonna sit on the beach with a friend and talk." He smiles honestly, "How's your apprenticeship treating you? Learning a lot?"

Jessamin arcs an eyebrow, and slaps her hand against her forehead. "Shards, why didn't you say your Turnday was coming up? I'd have loved to make you something special!" She draws M'nol into a hug then, only that getting her to leave off the scritches. "Happy turnday, M'nol." She grins widely, before stepping back. "So far, so good. It's been wonderful, filling in some of the gaps. My mother might have been one good seamstress, but she never formally apprenticed. So she could only teach me so much."

M'nol returns the hug, smiling, "Thanks. I didn't want to make a big deal about it, especially with these beauties in the work." He gestures generally towards the boxes. Inexplicably, his voice cracks in the middle of his statement, causing him to frown slightly, before smiling again, "That's good. I'd hate to think you were bored. They teach you how to make really cool designs yet?"

Jessamin says "Well, I've got a really simple quilt I'm working on as an apprentice piece. At least, it -looks- simple. I just hate Y-seams, though… they are a great big nuisance!" She chuckles softly, and shakes her head. "It was on one of those scrolls we tracked down in the storage cavern that day we were hunting for our robes. Then, too, T'burk was really kind to me, and I just wanted to make a simple thank-you gift. I guess you have to walk before you can run… or learn to flap your wings, before you can even fly."

The crunching of sand and pebbles heralds the arrival of someone and the pattern of sound indicates it is human, not draconic. Rounding the bend of the beach is Thea not really seeming to have a purpose in mind. She's sand-gazing today (not watching where she's going in other words). The sound of voices has her lifting her head. Oops. "Hi guys," she's turning around as she say that, to head back the way she came.

M'nol grins, "You'll have to show me next time I stop through to craft quarters to visit my brother, they sound really nice." He nods, "Yeah, lots of exercise before they let the big kids fly for the first time." Faraeth blinks hugely, perhaps saying something, then glances up at Thea with a happy wuffle, catching M'nol's attention. M'nol, in turn, smiles, "Hey, Thea. How're you doing?"

Jessamin says "Well, so much for needing a plan." Jessamin winks at M'nol, and nudges one of the boxes with her toes. "What do you think—do we spring this on her now or later?" She waves at Thea then, chortling softly. "Hello there! Speak of the egg and it will hatch, eh?""

Thea stops her retreat reluctantly, turns round and smiles at the pair, answering M'nol, "Um, fine?" Se sounds cautiously optimistic at best. Green eyes slide to Jessamin and a brow quirks at that toed box and back up to the girl. "Spring?" There's a tad bit of wariness on her face as she glances between the pair of them. "M'not sure I like being compared to an egg though." Cue weak grin.

M'nol grins, carefully shifting one of the two medium-sized boxes towards Thea, "We… uh… we made you a present. The Weyrlings with Jessa's help." There's a light blush on his face, but not too much, mostly expectant. Faraeth's eyes whirl a happy blue-green and he seems to almost grin at Thea."

Now it's Jessamin's turn to blush, and she looks down at her toes. "Well, M'nol did most of the work, I just helped assemble the pieces. The credit should really go to him." She grins as she looks up, picking up one of the boxes and bringing it over to Thea. "It's no secret you'd been kind of down lately and, well… we all hope these cheer you up."

"A present?" Thea's looking bewildered as she glances at M'nol before tilting her head at Jessamin's statement. A -little- down? More like devastated, but… But she steps closer, "You really shouldn't have you guys." Her smile is a little worn as she accepts the box. Her fingers begin lifting the lid, "Really, it's just going to take me awhile working through, you know?" She adds a smile to that to soften the edges of truth before looking into that box. "Aww, so cute."

M'nol grins, "I know it'll take a while to move on if you end up havin' to. But I thought these might at least make you smile. Most of the weyrlings pitched in on the stitching and I got Jessa involved on final construction." Faraeth wuffles again, nudging the box near where the faux-faraeth stands as M'nol continues, "They should all stand up on their own."

Jessamin nods, and smiles. "If they don't, then it's my fault. Anyways… I hope these help, even if it's just a little bit." She reaches out to squeeze Thea's hand briefly, offering what bit of unspoken support she can before letting go. "You're not alone, and don't forget it."

T'burk unbuckles and slides from Vinteth's back. He waves to the folks and walks the yards from where Vinteth touched down. "Western's Duties!" he calls out.

Thea is smiling as she looks both to M'nol and Jessamin, "Aw, you guys. That's really sweet of you." She says it tenderly, opening her arm to give a hug should either of them wish one. "Thank you, both of you." She is misty-eyed as she includes the pair in her thanks, a hand delving into the box to lift out one of the dragons. "You all worked on these?" Her voice is full of wonder as she examines the workmanship. Her eyes flash towards both in turn, "You did a fine job, thank you." the landing of Vinteth has her stepping back to give the dragon room. "Xanadu's duties to you and your Queens!" Thea rejoins the traditional greeting.

M'nol nods, accepting the hug, "Yup, everyone who could, anyway. Ro jabbed himself on a strap needle, but he got us all the wool." He grins, then suddenly T'burk is there, he turns, saluting as well, "Duty to Western's Queens."

Jessamin hugs Thea tightly and smiles. "Your smile is thanks enough. Try not to lose it this time, okay?" Then she, too, has to step back as Vinteth wings her way to the ground, to deposit her rider on the sands of the Weyrling beach. She lets go of Thea, and waves to T'burk. "Hello there! Odd hour to be out… what brings you out this way tonight?"

"Just being sociable!" he calls out. Though he does have that black healer's bag hanging from his shoulder ."How is everyone this evening? What is the occasion?" he asks.

Thea nods as she hugs the pair, one after the other. "About smiles, I make no promises I cannot keep." She strives for lightness, but it comes out rather broken and she clears her throat. She takes a quick indrawn breath after Jessamin's comment about losing her smile, hastening to amend, "But I can smile for this moment in time, eh?" She pats Jessamin on the shoulder as she withdraws her arm. "Seryth is calling. I must go." She backs away, lifting a hand to T'burk, including him as well as the others in her farewell, a smile including them all, then she turns and jogs back down the beach.

M'nol waves as Thea retreats before turning back to Jessa and T'burk, "That went as well as could be expected." He nods to T'burk, "I don't believe we've met, M'nol, Faraeth's rider." He gestures, indicating the mountainous brown by the eggmound on the beach.

Jessamin lets out a warbling trill that draws her largest and eldest brown, Madder to her. She holds out her arm as a perch, wincing just a little bit as those talons prick her lightly. "Okay, Madder… you know that little thing I've been working on…" There is a chirruping in reply, and Madder bobs his head up and down. "Yes. Right here." She points to her eyes, keeping them fixed on her flit's. "You see it. Now go get it." And off Madder goes, winging his way into the air before popping *between* with a little squeak. She turns to T'burk again and smiles. "Just M'nol's Turnday, and giving a gift to a friend who needed it."

T'burk smiles and offers a hand to the other rider. "Many happy reTurns!" he says and extends his hand to M'tol. "T'burk, rider of the ovbiously green Vinteth over there…Western Weyr. Please to meet you! Is that what you were celebrating?"

Without warning, there is another little squeak, and Madder pops out of *between*, carrying something large, puffy, and very colorful gingerly in his talons. He swoops down upon the trio, dropping the thing roughly between T'burk and Jessamin. She just grins, nudging her hair to one side so Madder can perch upon her shoulder. She scritches the side of his neck, cooing soft praise. "Good job there. Extra treat for you later."

T'burk accepts the beautiful pillow. "Oh, my….Jessamine, this is beautiful!" he says as he turns the pillow around, admiring it. "Look at how clever you did this! Thank you so much!" He reaches out to give the young lady a hug. "This is so thoughtful off you. " He's clearly touched and delighted with the gift.

Jessamin hugs T'burk right back, turning beet red. "The design is the flowers you gave me. It's the first time anybody's done that… I wanted to thank you for that, and doing such a good job stitching me up. Are you sure you're not a Weaver at heart?" She teases a little bit as she grins at the older rider.

T'burk nods. "Yes, I did recognize the vase and flowers. Well, I'm an artist at heart, so I do appreciate the work that went into it. I can do some sewing, patch my own clothes. I at least know the basics. he hand is coming along better now?"

M'nol chuckles as the two before him exchange pleasantries, then turns to T'burk, "Is it true that there'll be a clutch at Western soon? I had heard…"

Jessamin smiles and lets go of T'burk, stepping back to listen to the two riders 'talk shop', as it were. She idly strokes Madder's hide—much to his vocal delight, a warbling sort of purr emanating from the little brown.

T'burk keeps looking at the pillow, smiling. "This will look very nice in my weyr. I got the same colors in the drapes between my room and Vinteth's area. She's got a much larger area than I have, understandably. How long before you graduate, M'nol?"

M'nol shrugs, not entirely certain of the answer to T'burk's question, "8 or 9 months, I think… I've kind of lost track of time between taking care of Faraeth and trying to keep up with my friends who didn't impress."

T'burk says "Oh, so you are still relatively new at being a rider-in-training. Everything boggling your mind yet?"

M'nol shrugs, not entirely certain of the answer to T'burk's question, "8 or 9 months, I think… I've kind of lost track of time between taking care of Faraeth and trying to keep up with my friends who didn't impress."
T'burk says "Oh, so you are still relatively new at being a rider-in-training. Everything boggling your mind yet?"

M'nol nods, "Yeah, relatively. Impressed Faraeth from Avaeth's last clutch…" He trailed off, watching Jess wander, wondering if she would leave, too.

T'burk smiles at the young man looking at the young girl.

Jessamin remains quiet, letting the two talk as she wanders

M'nol blinks, wondering where the silence came from, then, with a nod to T'burk, approaches Jessamin, "Jessa… If… If the asked you to go to western, would you? Could you leave Xanadu? It… I'd miss you."

Jessamin looks up, a little confused at M'nol's question. "I don't even know if they'd ask. There's no doubt plenty of others within their own Weyr who'd jump at the chance." A small smile touches her lips. "Would I go? If I were asked, maybe. But I haven't been, and frankly, don't see it as too likely." She hugs M'nol tightly. "If it did happen, I'd miss you too, but don't forget, I'm just a flit message away, and you'll be able to fly soon enough."

T'burk says "Once you can fly the planet gets a whole lot smaller!"

M'nol nods solemnly after Jess hugs him, a slight grin playing on his lips, "Would you come back after you were done with your weyrling training? Even once I can fly, it'll be even longer before I can go /between/, then duties. But I'd find time to come visit you. I just know you'll impress and I want to be there to see it."

Jessamin lets out a short, quick laugh, shaking her head. "I'd love that. IF I'm even Searched." She smiles softly, tilting her head to one side. "There's one thing I've learned the hard way in the few short years of my life, and that is that plans can change as quickly as a green in a mating flight. All you can do is enjoy the journey, and learn and grow from it."

T'burk chuckles. "For a non rider you have the analogies down pretty well! Look, any time either of you has a qestion about being a rider, I'd be glad to answer it for you.

Jessamin shrugs, chuckling softly to herself. "I might not be a rider, but I was raised in a Weyr." And that is all she says on that score!

M'nol chuckles as well, "That's certainly true. Faranth knows I didn't expect to meet this lug when I moved here," He pats Faraeth affectionately and gets a stony wuffle in return, "Not that I'd ever give him up, but it was completely unexpected. Didn't even know someone my age coul' be searched then." He glances back at T'burk, then at Jessa again, then shrugs, "How do you fly a dragonback. What's important for goin' up the first time?"

T'burk says "The first time I was on dragonback was when I ran off with the Search Rider, even though my Father kept turning them away. I was just so glad to be out of the Hold I din't know any fear. The first time I was up with Vinteth…well, it was like I had wings myself and didn't realize how I missed them. But the first time she did a steep dive…That is when you have to tighten up your stomach muscles!"

M'nol nods, listening carefully, "Yeah… my first time was Seryth. Thea took Cen, Sigam, and I up to the Yoko." His eyes unfocus for a moment, remembering that moment, then he shakes his head, "But… what's important to remember the first time. The big dos and don'ts?

Jessamin stifles a chuckle at the mention of steep dives, eyes twinkling with unexpected, inexplicable mirth, as she listens to the pair talk.

T'burk says "Above all, make sure every singe buckle on your straps and your dragons straps are completely fastened correctly! When you hok the straps into the loops on your flight jacket, make sure, double check, that they are secure. Alsways check your riding straps!" He says this with the greatest seriousness in his voice. "No matter how tired you are, this is your lifeline. Remember that."

Even Jessamin takes notice and listens to this piece of advice, fixing her gaze intently on T'burk as he speaks. "So noted."

T'burk says "Riders of old should have. I suppose they didn't think of it till too many accidents. Then again, too, the dragons have been bred up in size. Theyr dragons were not near so big as ours. Well, maybe the greens and some blues. But we have the largest dragons."

Jessamin eyes Vinteth and Faraeth, canting her head. "No doubt we do. I wonder how our greens compare to the queens of old in size?" She smiles, reaching up to scritch Vinteth. "And that is simple curiosity, Beautiful."

M'nol taps his chin again, "I suppose I still have a lot to learn… or all the other crap they've been sticking in my brain has pushed out the useful knowledge."

Vinteth struts around. We are superior, of course! Thenshe raises her head and starts a warbling songe, complete with melodious croons.

T'burk chuckles at his dragon. "She's always been like that, happy and flirty. She's I think, maybe bigger than the queens of old, but I don't think by much. She is one of the largest greens on Pern."

Jessamin says "Certainly one of the most beautiful… and she knows it!" Laughing softly, she steps back from the warbling green. "I'll say this, she's definitely not modest." She then reaches out to scritch Faraeth, grinning. "You'd fly by Western if I were to wind up there, wouldn't you? And you'd bring your M'nol with you?""

Faraeth gives a happy sigh as Jess strokes his eyeridges, relaxing completely under her scritches. M'nol chuckles, stroking Faraeth gently, "She is large for a green. Much bigger than Jhaineth or even Kelioth will be." He seemed about to say more when another Weyrling strode onto the beach, "Hey, M'nol, curfew and you know it!" M'nol blushed and stammered a little, "Uhhh… sorry, T'burk, Jessamin, but I have to go… we have exams in the morning…" He trailed off, Faraeth glumly separating from Jessa to follow his rider to the Weyrling barracks.

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