Danzleith's Flight in Western

Western Weyr - Center of the Bowl
This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.

A bugle of greeting hails Xeosoth's arrival as he spirals downwards to land in the bowl. Dismounting, the dark straps looking fairly new, is M'kal with a look around to unfamiliar weyr. Which direction is which here?!

Mur'dah has decided to come to Western to, ironically, clear his head and think about flights. Oh, the irony. Wandering around, the brownrider blinks in surprise when he sees…"M'kal?" Approaching, the brownrider snorts. "What are you guys doing here?" Kalsuoth is off exploring, watching, perched on an empty ledge to survey all that is below.

Xeosoth lingers, stretching his neck out as high as he can to perhaps taste the air? With Xeosoth anything is possible really. "Duty." M'kal's surprised response is reflexive as he takes in the familiar figure of Mur'dah. "Ers'lan wanted a couple riders to fan out and chat with other riders for different Weuyrs in the Search and Rescue wing. Get a feel of what the other wings have to do as opposed to what we do." he looks around again then back to Mur'dah. "I was told to try Western." a pause. "What are /you/ doing here?"

Mur'dah ahhs with a nod, hands in his pockets. "That's a good idea, actually," he says with a smile. "Good to learn from other folks. Me? I just…wanted to get away for a bit. Tossed a dart at a map and here I am." Maybe throwing things in his weyr isn't the best idea… "Kalsuoth's up there if Xeosoth wants to go hang out. He's watching."

Doubtful a dart could do too much more damage though with the brown rider's luck it would fly out a hole in the wall or something and strike someone passing by. Possibly in the middle of their forehead. Then he'd had Healer's bills to pay in attention to the weyr renovation. Pausing a moment to discuss with the blue evidently Xeosoth concurs and he leaps up to go join the blue in watching. Why? Because watching is what he does. Totally. "Huh..well then.." he shrugs, unsure of what else to add to that really. Last time these two spoke Mur'dah wasn't too please at the goofy grin M'kal was wearing. And he needed to get away and Mur'dah gets away and finds the one sleeping with his twin. Awkward much? "Ever been here before?"

Mur'dah shakes his head. "No," he says, looking around. "It's nice, though… you?" He looks back at the bluerider and runs fingers through his hair. "Look. I…it's none of my business, but…I don't know. She's my twin and I feel like she and I are growing apart and…" Shrug. He doesn't like it. "I tried to go see her today but you were there and I guess I just got a little irritated."

M'kal snorts. He can't help it really. "You could have knocked. Talking is all we were doing. In the kitchen over some tea." he says earnestly. Geesh, it's not like they jump each other's bones all the time! Marel's shy ya know. "Just talk to her soon then okay?" he says hastily. "I..er..we talked. I finally got her to open up a bit. Now you must too. She's your twin. There's /no/ way I'll be any closer to her than you." that said quickly he once more looks around. "Yeah, seems nice. No, never been here. Not sure which way is which."

Mur'dah exhales a bit and shrugs. "Well I didn't know, and I didn't want to…hear anything…" Because the sound of your twin sister having sex is just…no. "I know. I will," he promises. "I will." Looking around, he nods and then shakes his head. "Yeah, me neither…"

Kalsuoth> Danzleith is sure to be noticed as the green barrels towards the corrals from the sky, snatching a small herd beast between her talons with a cry of victory. Yes, indeed, today is her day, and she will have what she wants. And, right now, that's this beast in her talons. Her green hide shimmers lightly, a cue to the males that she is likely to rise anytime no matter if they're ready or not. Of course, unfortunately, this also means no matter if her lifemate is ready or not.

Zu'to comes out of the living caverns with a bit of a bothered expression, looking towards the corrals with a frown. The cup of klah in his hand is loosely held, and he looks to the pair that're already in the bowl. "Uh, hey there." He says with a forced smile and takes a drink from the klah before setting it wherever he can just leave it. "Western's duties?" He asks, figuring the pair must be foreign if he doesn't recognize them fairly quickly. Just try and be smooth, and not noticed, right?

Kalsuoth> Xeosoth 's head snaps quickly in the direction of the green as she barrels towards the corrals. The content blue-green swirls quickly change to something different and with a faster spin to them. Aroo? From wherever he's at beside the brown from Xanadu he leaps up and soars quickly over to land in the pens. He can do this. He knows just what to do! With hardly a look over the selection available to him he lunges, barely leaving the ground, and snags down a beast who was just running /away/ from the green. Lucky for Xeosoth it seems and unlucky for the animal. Quickly he slashes the beast open. There's no question in Xeosoth's mind what to do and he's not even paused to consult with his suddenly pale life mate.

Kalsuoth> Kalsuoth is up on an empty ledge with Xeosoth, watching the goings on below. So, of course he's going to notice when the glowing green zips in, his head lifting and a rumble sounding in his throat. Now /this/ is interesting. Tipping forward, the darkly hued brown fans his wings and then soars down to the feeding pens. Hopping forward once he's landed with his awkward gait before he snatches a beast of his own with a quick dart of his head. Pinning it down, he begins to drink, eyes fastened on Danzleith with a gleaming curiosity.

M'kal tenses suddenly and his head snaps up with a glazed look to his eyes. "I…" quickly he looks down as he hears Zu'to's words presumably to them. "Xanadu's duty to..um Western and her queens." they are still in Western, right? For a moment he stammers. Seems his task that he's hardly started is finished all too soon. Xeosoth's first kill reverberates though his mind and he brings the back of his hand against his suddenly sweaty brow. "M..mm'kal and Xeosoth." he offers his name to the thus far unnamed rider he's chatting with from Western.

Mur'dah suddenly jerks a bit, body twitching. "Oh…nooooo," he says, wide eyes swiveling around to pin M'kal in their sights. "What in Faranth's balls is this?" he hisses, hands gripping tightly into fists. "This is /so/ unfair." That's right, Mur'dah. Start the flight off with a little temper tantrum. Looking around, he spots Zu'to, and goes pale. "Hey. Uh. Xanadu's duties isthatyourgreen?"

Sundari is making her way into the area, a yawn escaping her as she goes, she looks a bit dust and dirt covered, flight jacket undone and gloves are getting pulled off. A blue dragon was with her, but it didn't hang around long as it zipped off towards the corrals to catch a meal, or perhaps something else was up that he caught wind of and didn't feel the need to fill in his rider /just/ yet. A glance is sent towards the voices and she lifts her head a bit before waving at them. "Hello!" Is offered with a friendly tone, which could change at any moment it seems.

Kalsuoth> Danzleith doesn't appear to notice any male attention on her, she's completely invested in what she's doing. The green makes no bones about slurping out all the blood she can squeeze out of the carcass, and then her swirling gaze meets the males that claim their own meals. Grasping at the hide, Danz gives them as much of a glower as a dragon could. This is /hers/ and they can't have any. She knows she'll want the energy to give them as much of a chase as she can manage. Her tail twitches as she watches them, taunting.

Kalsuoth> There is another dragon inbound, a nice sized blue from the looks of it. Wings spread wide as he settles down in the pen with his swirling gaze sent around. There is tension already picked up and his shoulders roll while wings flick down to his sides. A set of well scorched looking herdbeast take off in the other direction looking rather fearful of the blue that has entered into the pen. Though his attention is quickly towards a certain green that has caught his attention. Well, seems he joined in at the right moment.

Zu'to is pretty distracted as he keeps glancing towards the corrals, much like the penned beasts themselves, he pauses and has a look that could be construed as utter terror. "Uh.. Yeah.. I.." He utters, wringing his hands and looking like he's about ready to go bolt into whatever direction might have the least number of people. "Sunny?" He asks, and it pauses his quick retreat, at least for a moment.

Takapola emerges from the caverns with a cheerful whistle. He's a happy Takapola! (Also an oblivious one.) Oh, hey, and there's people here. Takapolas like people, though these people are acting… weird. So he comes to a stop, looking around at the various people. Sundari looks normal! He wiggles fingers to her. And nods to Zu'to, and then… eyes the strange strangers.

Kalsuoth> Kalsuoth is oblivious (or heartless or heedless) to his rider's turmoil, the brown simply rumbling in curiosity at the green, opening his mind a little bit to her so she can see the depths of his old growth forest. If she wishes, that is. Pinning another beast under his talons as they stampeede in terror, he uses a talon to slice the neck and then drinks from it, licking blood across his shadowed muzzle. His tail twitches right back, but the Xanadu brown does not ris to her taunting. Not yet.

Kalsuoth> Xeosoth finishes his first kill with no daintiness as he tosses aside the creature. With his forked tongue flickering out he radiate confidence that says he's got this. Oh yeah. He does. Fast whirling eyes lock on the green with intensity that radiate outwards in waves of frozen waters. He projects soothing thoughts towards the glowing beauty. The sound of rainfall on the ocean waters. There's plenty of beasts for her and him both. Without looking he lashes out a talon to snatch a second kill and after a moment he slowly lowers his head to drink deeply.

Mur'dah shifts his weight a bit, clearing his throat. "Uh. She's going to rise." No kidding. "Just…stay calm…it'll be okay." A lie. It's all a LIE STUPID FLIGHTS. Gripping his hands tighter, Mur'dah yanks fingers through his hair and stares at the ground, scowling. Certainly doesn't look like he's following his own advice, does it?

M'kal's gaze snaps to Mur'dah quickly. "Dart went wrong." he says cryptically. Back to Zu'ro he looks in question then nods to confirm that the rider is THE RIDER. Swallowing quickly he stands awkwardly next to Mur'dah. "He looks more calm than you, Mur." he nudges his friend to try to get him to calm. Honeslty, not all Xanadu riders are like this. Never mind that he's pale and sweaty and looks like he just swallowed a live chicken's head.

Sundari pauses as there is her name, and then there is a showering of images and quick talking's from Irkevalath that hit her all at once. "Dammit.." Is grumbled out, mostly to herself on the short trip towards the greenrider's side and gives his arm a slight pat, as if that would help calm him down. She catches sight of Takapola and sends him a quick wave back, wondering how, or what to fill him in on. "Flight.." Is about all she can offer to him, because that would just explain everything in one little word.

Kalsuoth> Danzleith is a small green, though not the smallest. She relinquishes the carcass she has in her talons and gives a creel of greeting towards the newest blue, the one that despite all the hormones, she recognizes. It doesn't last long, as she quickly darts to grab another herd beast that strays too close, and allows the males to get a glimpse of her delight in tones of night alit with bright stars. Her whipcord muscles tense as though she's about to spring into the air at any given moment, her gaze fixed on her potential chasers. « I hope you're ready. » She teases, much to the disdain of her rider.

Zu'to is definitely /the rider/, as he shifts from foot to foot and then starts off towards where they were told to go when things like this happen. You know, the place he's never had to be, that he had hoped that he would never have to go. "Sorry… I really am." He says with a frown, though is it for himself - or for them that he is sorry? Hard to tell. "Sunny, you too?" He sighs, having hoped that she'd be spared from having to chase after her own dragon's clutchmate.

And then Sundari isn't being normal either, and Takapola takes a moment for Staring Time. Hmm. This is… definitely something. He looks between Mur'dah and M'kal inquisitively, then tilts his head back to Sundari. "…flight," he repeats, consideringly. Of fancy? But it doesn't much seem any of these riders are, uh, fancying it. Takapola's not exactly oblivious, anymore. More just confused.

Kalsuoth> Irkevalath isn't about to let the visiting males jump in without a say, there is a low rumble from the blue and he is taking down a beast that is attempting to escape the others. The animal basically ran right into him and thus easy meal it found. With talons gripping he works on taking in the meal which leaves his maw a red mess. He doesn't wait long before moving onwards to snag himself another smaller beast and his mind is full of musical notes drifting across the wind, some low and some high as if playing his own tune which is sent towards the dear glowing Danzleith. At the taunting he rumbles low, of course he is up for the chase, and he'll indeed prove it if given the chance.

Western Weyr - Ground Level Guest Weyr(#1967RJs$)

This spaceous ground level weyr was hand hewn from the volcanic rock of the island, leaving the black walls and floor somewhat rough and uneven. Softening the darkness of the weyr are many small glows placed in alcoves just above eye level which cast a warm, yellow light.

Defined by a large, plush rug from the weavercraft is the living area for the riders. Several chairs, a writing desk, a large bed and a wardrobe are scattered in a pleasing fashion upon the blue-green rug. On the walls are several tapistries showing scenes of dragon's cavorting in Western's lagoon, dolphins at play on the sea and a dragon's eye view of Western Weyr as seen from the lookout point at the top of the crater.

Kalsuoth> Xeosoth is content with the second beast he finishes. With a half jump he clears the carcass and lands on his haunches and sits, eyes on his goal. He tenses his muscles and waits.

Mur'dah looks back at M'kal, hissing something under his breath. "Well good because I'm freaking out," he mutters, a bit more loudly. "What…what do you even /do/ with that?" he asks, rather insensitively, gesturing to the poor greenrider. Harsh, man! But, alas…Mur'dah is a virgin in all ways. Especially this way.

You whisper "No shit." to M'kal.

Kalsuoth> Kalsuoth crouches when he's finished his second beast, watching the green with an intense and curious gaze. She is a gleaming treasure, and he means to have her. The nightscape of his mind widens to accept her night and stars, letting them bathe his old growth trees with their silvery light, only barely tainted with hues of the red blood which will fuel this flight. Rumbling softly, he shifts his weight, flexing his sun baked wings. « I am, » he answers, voice low and rumbling, distant and almost amused.

M'kal follows with only a few stumbles as he struggles to keep his mind /here/ and his mind with XEosoth separate and so therefor somethings like walking aren't as well done. "Sunny…" he's momentarily confused. Is it sunny out? Is that what The Rider means? Then he gets a clue as he sees Zu'to is looking to Sundari. "Ah…" he murmurs. Once they go across the bowl and into the empty weyr he looks around a moment with a 'now' what kind of expression. He's still pale and sweaty but he's slowing his breathing to keep from hyperventilating. Belatedly he looks over to Mur'dah. "Shh..!" he hisses at the brown riders hiss. Poor Mur'dah…his mutter from earlier may still remain true after today? Time will tell.

Zu'to is not exactly prepared for this, he thought he would have far more time, or that perhaps his green would be nice and just continue not to rise. That isn't the case though, and her needs must be met. He fumbles his way towards the weyr on the ground, glancing to see who is following and glowering at the fact that there are far more males than females. "What do I even do with /you/." He retorts to Mur'dah, a sharp tone denoting he wouldn't have the foggiest. He lingers closer to Sundari, the one person he actually knows.

Kalsuoth> Danzleith springs to the air, her powerful wings taking her to the sky and with her knowledge of the thermals of the area - she uses them to her advantage to gain some speed. They better be ready, because she certainly is - and her lithe form is quick and agile, she has worked hard to train herself, more than some greens would. Despite her size, she is definitely going to give even the blues a run for their marks. Her effort is put into flight, though her mind does offer the promise of dreams fulfilled should they be able to keep up with her.

Mur'dah blinks at M'kal, shaking his head. "Just remember what Ka'el said," he mutters under his breath as he takes a spot by the door. Near the exit, yup, so he can flee. "Think about V'dim…" Looking up at Zu'to, the brownrider at least has the grace to look abashed. "I have /no/ idea, man…I really, really don't. This wasn't in our flight lesson…maybe…uh…" Nope, he's got nothing. Especially not as Kalsuoth begins to pull on him more, yanking his mind briefly away. So for a moment Mur'dah goes glassy-eyed until he struggles his way back into his own body with a hiss.

Kalsuoth> Kalsuoth springs aloft after the green with only a moment's pause. Probably to let the smaller dragons go ahead of him so he doesn't smack anyone. He, alas, has know knowledge of the local thermals so he has to push himself a bit harder in order to rise. But he's a brown, so he's got that added stamina. Reaching out again, he touches her mind with a misty haze, a calming and soothing caress, swirls of half formed shapes and half formed thoughts before they're whisked away again. He watches her, mind and body, and pursues.

Sundari isn't really that eager to follow after, though she doesn't have a choice in the matter thanks to a certain blue dragon that is make it clear that he is going to chase. A glance is sent after Takapola before she follows after the three other riders. She grumbling a bit as she goes. At the Sunny part a glance is sent over to M'kal, a faint smile seen. "Nickname.." Is offered with a soft tone as she attempts to keep herself calm. At the forward question from Zu'to to the others she looks amused, a sly grin seen and she can't help herself as she giggles a few moments.

Kalsuoth> Xeosoth launches upwards as fast as he can using those strongly muscled legs that's developed over the last two and a half turns. Still in his youth he's excitable and pushes forward for the fast speed with little attention paid to endurance. Gogogogogo. That's all that's on his mind. A single focus as he arrows upwards after the glowing beacon,

M'kal gulps and finds a place to stand. Arms cross over his chest. "V'dim…right." he mutters. It makes one wonder about what the WLM from Xanadu these two are talking about. In his underwear. "Just be calm." he mutters again. All this muttering. All too quickly he tenses as he feels Xeosoth aloft. They've flown together before but there's nothing that could prepare him for /this/ feeling. It may be the greens first flight but from the looks of things the pair from Xanadu are experiencing /their/ first as well. Good times?

Kalsuoth> Irkevalath tosses his second kill to the side and is following up and after Danzleith with a quick flap of his wings, muscles tensing and wings spreading once he reaches a point in the air. He turns with a deep warble escaping him, show time for certain. Another blue and brown in the game and his swirling gaze follows after them a moment before his attention is back upon the greens glowing hide. That there is the prize and he pulls his wings close a moment as he catches the edge of a thermal to help push him upwards without using much energy at first.

Kalsuoth> Danzleith is happy to lead her pursuers on a merry chase, darting quickly as high as she can before folding her wings in close to dive towards the ground. She knows her limits for this feat, but do her chasers? Her wings flare out moments before it becomes too dangerous for her, catching the thermal she was hoping for and barely managing to skim past a tree. Only the best, most honed flyers will catch her - she's certain of that. However, her stamina is not that of a blue or brown, and it seems despite her best efforts, she is starting to slow.

Zu'to will be one winner of the flight, that much is certain, but who will the other be? His gaze flickers between the riders in the room, dark brown eyes lingering over them each for a moment before he tries to not think about it. His arms cross over his chest, though he gasps a bit when his green dares a fast dive in the air to surprise her chasers. For all the horrors of uncertainty of what follows, there's definitely a thrill in the air for him. "Oh.." He murmurs, not expecting it to feel quite like this.

Mur'dah squirms a bit against the wall of the guest weyr. "V'dim," he says with a nod, and a grimace. This is /so/ confusing, but he struggles against it. As Kalsuoth pulls him back in again, he fights his way back, cursing his dragon under his breath and gritting his teeth. Glancing up, he focuses on Zu'to for a moment, seeing him - briefly - in a different light. Before he shakes his head firmly, trying to keep a grip on himself.

Kalsuoth> Kalsuoth watches her plummet with a rumble of pleasure and praise. « Very good! » he applauds her, dipping down to follow - but at a more shallow angle. What goes down must come up, right? And he's betting on that, because he's a nimble brown but he's not going to follow after her to that extent. So for the moment he remains above, admiring from afar. Let the others duck and dodge and be led in her merry chase.

Kalsuoth> After the first spurt of speed to launch him into the air, Xeosoth finally slows the speed that will have him tiring way too soon as he snaps out his wings to catch thermals seen but those that he's unfamiliar with. For the first time visiting Western this is one strange way to learn quickly. Or at least strange for him as this is indeed the first time he's flying and he wishes to win! Silently he sends ahead soothing thoughts of waterfalls to make the green aware of his presence. Aware of his masculinity. The dive catches him off guard as he sees her diving from far ahead of him. He dives too but it's no where near as quickly as he also studies her patterns with the hasty guess of trying to figure out /where/ she'll go /next/. He zips forward, for the moment paying little attention to anyone else in the sky around him. He's on the larger end of the blues so his stamina holds. For now.

M'kal draws in a hiss of a breath. "Nononono…." he murmurs. He can't keep his eyes closed forever though, try as he might and they snap open to latch upon Zu'to, taking in the green rider's shape and form briefly. He falls silent, keeping his breathing coming in slow and steady breaths.

Sundari is quiet as her gaze rests on the sky more than the ones of which are near her, she's following her dragon as he dips and dives this way and that. While the others may have not be in a flight before she's already had at least one and her dragon took a dive into the water as he wasn't able to keep up, so perhaps she is a bit fearful of it happening again, only this time there not over the Lagoon for stop an abrupt fall. At the dive from the green she catches her breath and sends a glance towards Zu'to.

Kalsuoth> Danzleith is obviously tiring, her speed isn't what it was and she's new to this kind of chase. She finds herself too close to her chasers, too quickly, and she creels her disappointment - mostly in herself. She pushes herself farther, harder, and it will be in her winner's care that she will have to trust herself when she's exhausted. A twist away from the blues brings her close to the brown, which she attempts to dodge away from. She's agile, but with her weariness she starts making mistakes.

Kalsuoth> Irkevalath settles out in about the 'middle' of the chasers it seems, there is brown higher up, and then the other blue some distance off and slightly lower. His wings stretch out gliding slightly before his zipping forward with a few quick flaps of his wings to work on closing the distance between him and that glowing hide. Just when he seems to be getting a bit closer is when the green dives downwards and a slight startled croon escapes him. His body twists and his wings tuck slightly as he turns to the side to follow after her.

Zu'to groans as he realizes that his green is tiring, that the end is nigh and he shifts closer towards the other riders. When one of their dragons claim their prize, he too will be caught in a position he would much much rather avoid. However, he's new to this flight thing, and Danz really didn't given him an opportunity to prepare himself. Suddenly, she took to the skies without nary a word to him about it.

Kalsuoth> Kalsuoth sees his chance when she twists, and he drops down with sun baked wings flaring, talons extending as he seeks to snare her in his loving embrace. He wants to know more about this green - he wants to know everything about her, and as his body reaches to her so does his mind. Opening up to her, widening and coaxing with the depths of his forested thoughts, sparkling above with her night and her stars. « To me, » he whispers.

Mur'dah gasps softly when Kalsuoth makes his move, the brownrider's heart hammering in his chest as he looks up sharply when Zu'to groans. Desire. That's what's in Mur'dah's eyes even as he tries to cling to one shred of himself. Why is he thinking about V'dim? A sharp shake of his head and he growls quietly, hands clenching and then relaxing. Another head shake as he stands on the edge, waiting to find out the outcome.

Kalsuoth> As the flight goes on further across the sky, young Xeosoth from Xanadu is still in the running, perhaps to the dismay to his rider! Or perhaps not since this means the first is done and over with. There's no more attempts from Xeosoth to touch the fleeing green's mind. Instead he focuses on the speed and agility he's been training within the Search and Rescue wing these last months. He can do this…. Suddenly he's a lot closer than expected. So close…how close? As she twists away he folds one wing close to his body and he veers sideways and downwards as he attempts to approach her from the side and above.

M'kal's eyes widen as he watches the chase through Xeosoth's eyes. Oh the exhilaration this is! He's so alive. He's so…close! "Googogogo." he chants, fists clenched with tension now. Whatever happens he's ready for it. Bracing himself he'll accept the finish and simply go from there.

Sundari closes her eyes now, a slight bit of caught breath escaping her as she sees what is happening without having to watch. Emotions run thick and she quivers while letting her arms fold in front of her, fingers gripping at her jacket. She hears the others, though she doesn't toss in her own comments just yet.. Though in the back of her mind she is chanting on her dragon, knowing if he truly wants to win that he can.

Kalsuoth> Danzleith creels in dismay as she finds herself being surrounded by her chasers, she doesn't fight them - just tries to dart and move so she won't be so easily caught. She ends up so close to Xeosoth, his training and agility certainly giving him an edge that is certainly noticed by her. Her clutchmate is also within a talon's reach of victory, but she ends up focusing so much energy darting from the more agile blues that she seems to have nearly forgotten about the brown that looms over. A rookie mistake, and one that she's sure to lament about later. Kalsuoth ends up with a glowing green darting straight for him, right into his clutches.

Kalsuoth> Irkevalath lets his gaze lock on the green, watching her twist away from him and the other blue and then push her closer towards the brown. There is a deep rumble heard and his wings tuck close as he twists about to make a dive right when Danzleith turns to dodge away from one of the others. His mind opening up, strong breezes felt and the music depends with stronger notes while he tries to coax the green to just turn towards him. He isn't that far off, and she would merely have to turn one way and he could perhaps make a quick grab for her. His forelegs stretching out slightly even to prove this.

Kalsuoth> Xeosoth nearly stumbles in his flight but then both wings are snapping out once more and he glides down slowly, tiredly. Time to go home but perhaps first he can rest a minute. From below the touch of his life mate's mind is reassuring. It's a lose but it's also experience for the pair.

Kalsuoth> Kalsuoth won! And even though his rider is freaking out, the brown at least follows his instinct and knows what to do. So he does just that, flaring his wings to slow their descent, accepting the green into his loving embrace. His full focus is on /her/. Forget his rider.

M'kal's arms reach out…he was close. He knows it. Just…no. He looks once to Mur'dah, rubbing his eyes with the knuckles before he looks away and to..Sundari next. Swallowing tightly he moves to stumble out of the weyr.

Zu'to is sure he could have glued his clothing on if he had known that Danzleith was going to rise, though that's far in the back of his mind at the moment that his green is caught. He shudders a little as he looks to see who is the winner, who is the one that is going to be advancing on him. WAtching M'kal leave the weyr, certainly that wasn't the one, however - is Sundari? No, unfortunately not, and he moves closer to Mur'dah for their certain to be awkward experience together.

Unfortunately not indeed, as it's Mur'dah who steps forward with long, stumbling strides towards the greenrider. "I'll try not to hurt you," he whispers hoarsely before he embraces the greenrider and…let the awkward begin. And if he cries out V'dim's name, well…it's probably for the best.

Sundari isn't going to wait around that's for sure.. The moment Irke missed and that green passed him she was darting out the door it seems. A faint glance is sent towards Zu'to though, and she hopes all will be alright with her friend.

** Time passes **

No matter if he was prepared or not, the link with Danzleith made whatever Zu'to went through enjoyable when it was happening. He ended up falling asleep afterwards, just as exhausted as his dragon who is happily curled up with the burly brown that managed to luck out. Hours pass, and clothes are sprawled out everywhere. Unfortunately, none are within easy reach, as Zu'to was about as far from comfortable bedding as he could manage to be. A soft groan escapes him as he starts to wake, shifting and snuggling up against whomever he ended up with.

Kalsuoth slumbers happily with his treasured prize, reveling in and relishing every part of her, every breath, every thought as his mind linked as closely to her as his body did. And inside the weyr, Mur'dah also fell asleep, exhausted and overwhelmed. Maybe he just passed out and has stayed out this whole time. He stirs a little bit when Zu'to snuggles up against him, the brownrider's brows furrowing a bit at the unfamiliar sensation. Still, his body reacts when his mind does not, shifting to snuggle right back with a soft groan.

Danzleith slumbers deeply, her mind wafting close and then drifting far from Kalsuoth's, though it's obvious she enjoyed her maiden flight from the hues in her mind. Having a brown win certainly made things last longer than it might have with a blue, which she enjoyed but her lifemate, well, he's probably all the more sore from it. "Mmph.." Zu'to complains a little, though he presses himself closer to the warm presence he's in bed with, much like his dragon snuggles closer to Kalsuoth.

Kalsuoth welcomes her into his mind and his dreams, lingering in the sleepy after glow just like his rider is…not. Mur'dah's eyes blink open and the teen stretches his lithe body before exhaling heavily. And then, only then, does it filter in that he's not alone. And like a crashing of bricks, he sits bolt upright and swears. Looking down at Zu'to, he might not react in the most natural way. No, rather than springing out of bed the brownrider grabs the covers and /yanks/ them back, exposing them both. Eyes stare at the greenrider's body /intently/, and perhaps a bit creepily. He's looking for marks. Bruises, cuts, scrapes - anything. He's looking to see if he caused harm.

Danzleith is oblivious to her rider's surprise, curling into a small ball of green next to the much larger brown she's with. She led them back to their ledge before falling asleep, once enough energy was restored so she could do that. Zu'to blinks his dark brown eyes open, looking up at the brownrider with a surprised expression as his blanket is yanked off of him. He has some marks on him, a small thumb shaped bruise on his hip and a couple scrapes on his chest, but nothing terrible looking. But, the thing that Zu'to is most concerned about is, "Hey! Give me some blanket back, I'm naked!" He realizes, and then blushes bright pink.

Mur'dah stares at those scrapes and that bruise with a stricken look, before he drops the blanket and rubs hands over his face. "Did I hurt you?" he asks, voice muffled behind his lifted hands. "That didn't look too bad. Was it bad? I…don't remember…"

Zu'to looks down at himself to try and see whatever it is that's making Mur'dah have that stricken look. "Oh.. ah.. No.. It doesn't hurt much." He assures, reaching for the blanket to try and regain some modesty. "It.. felt better than I thought it would." He admits with a blush, and adds, "It was my first time with a guy… I'm not sure I would have tried it on my own." He says, looking to see if he can figure out which of the clothing on the floor is his.

Mur'dah exhales a heavy sigh of relief, peeking out from between his fingers. "I'm glad I didn't hurt you," he says heavily. "It, uh, was my first time…with anyone." Congratulations? Shifting a bit, Mur'dah blushes and gets up. "Here, I'll…let me get your clothes," he offers awkwardly, sorting through the piles. "Do you remember much?"

Zu'to wasn't expecting that, though he gives a quick smile anyways. "I haven't been with many people, just one.. and it was brief." He admits, furrowing his brows as he looks to see where his clothes all ended up. Hopefully they're still in one piece, he doesn't remember much of that part. "Brief moments, not much. Danz was exhausted and I think I was too. I didn't expect her to go up that quickly, she surprised me.." He says, and frowns. "It was her first flight.."

Mur'dah nods as he holds up a pair of pants, and then tosses them to the greenrider. "I have…flashes of things too, I think. It was…I was totally caught up in Kalsuoth. I'm glad he wasn't rough…" He's afraid that he would be, if his dragon was. Perhaps that's the key. "Flights are…so strange," he mutters a bit darkly, holding up a tunic that he also discovers belongs to the greenrider. "This was our second flight. First win though," and despite the awkwardness of it all, Mur'dah can't help but smile with pride for his lifemate. "She flew well. Kalsuoth was impressed."

Zu'to catches the pants as they're tossed to him, and shifts so he can slide them on and then stands up to do them up. That certainly makes him feel a little better. "They are.. .and I'm glad he wasn't either." He admits, wondering if he'd end up with more bruises next time, possibly. "I guess I'm glad I won't have to deal with another for a while…" Unlike males, she'll only rise when it's her time to do so. "She trains a lot, and is proud of it. Maybe she flew into Kalsuoth because she liked the compliment." He says with a smirk, and then adds, "I'm glad I didn't end up with Sundari, that'd be even more awkward. You're from…?"

Mur'dah finds his underwear first. And…yeah. They're his blue dragon ones. The ones from when he was younger but still fit because he's not very bulky. Staring at them, he blushes crimson before pulling them on and then hastily tugging on his pants. But he trips and falls with a grunt in his haste, before swearing. "Mur'dah. From Xanadu," he mutters.

Zu'to isn't as wiry as Mur'dah, in fact, he doesn't look like your average green riding male - he's muscular and looks like he works out a fair amount. He sighs and sits on the edge of the bed, lifting a hand to rub at his face, and smirking a little at the blue dragon underwear and the tripping. "I'm Zu'to, Danzleith's." He muses though the introduction seems a little late considering. "Going to head back right away?"

Mur'dah freezes, looking up at Zu'to and staring. "I…don't know?" Should he? Should he stay? Is there something he's supposed to do after the flight that he wasn't told about? "Are…do we have breakfast?" Why didn't he ask more questions! Pants on, the brownrider stands and brushes some dirt off of them and looks at the greenrider. Then away.

Zu'to can't help but snicker a little, if he thought he was unprepared, it seems there's someone even less prepared than he is. "Shards, I'm not going to bite you." He says and shuffles around to look for his shirt. "You can grab some breakfast in the living cavern if you want, they don't keep this room prepared for… that sort of thing." You know, it's for flights. "Didn't they tell you to get some experience before you ended up in a flight? I .. should have, but I was reluctant to be with a guy. You know?" He says, and then adds after a moment, "It wasn't bad. I hope you didn't mind either."

Mur'dah squirms a bit as he finds his own tunic to put on, and then sits on the floor for his socks and his boots. "I know you're not going to bite me," he says with a frown. "And…kind of? They did but they didn't. I wish I'd asked more questions. I'm just glad I didn't hurt you. That was my biggest fear…but, uh. No, I…I'm - was? - a virgin." Is he still a virgin? Shards, this is confusing. "I don't have a girlfriend, so…and I didn't want to just go…do someone…and I never even considered being with a guy," he adds with a blush. "Mind? I, uh. Well. I'm not…I mean." Cough. "I didn't have a choice?" Nice. "I'm not disgusted or anything. I don't really remember much of it…" Way to make friends, Mur'dah.

Zu'to finds the remainders of his clothing here and there, putting it on and then shrugging his shoulders. "I don't think it's that common that people get hurt… At least, not badly." He says, though how many stories does he /really/ know. He shrugs his shoulders, "If you find someone willing, then it's not a problem. If you don't have a girlfriend, that's even less of a problem. I just found a .. nice greenrider to give me some tips." He admits, though he wasn't expecting this experience to be his first with a win - though maybe he should have. "Yeah.. sorry. Not either of our choice." He says, and falls quiet.

Mur'dah clears his throat, putting on his riding jacket and straightening it. "Well, you know. I kind of wanted…" He trails off with a sigh. "Doesn't matter what I want. It's for the dragons, right?" Right. "Uh, so. I'm going to go…if that's not rude or anything…but." Thin laugh. "Don't think you want to cuddle…"

Zu'to picks up his own jacket and sits on the edge of the bed. Certainly, he's not going to stop the youth from leaving if he wants to. "What they wanted is over. Tell me what you want?" He asks, and then arches a brow at the question. "Ah.. You kind of jumped a lot when you woke up, or I would have cuddled for a while." He admits with a bit of a blush, seems he wasn't against the idea, though who knows how much he really knew.

Mur'dah blinks a few times, shifting on his feet. "I, uh. I don't want to be rude…" That's what he wants. "I'm sorry I jumped," he adds. "I was just…scared. And I was afraid I'd hurt you. My friend's first flight didn't, uh, go well."

Zu'to pats a spot beside him on the bed, inviting but not forcing. "It's alright.. I didn't know what to expect, waking up next to someone I've never met before." He says, frowning a little but then he shrugs his shoulders. "You seem nice enough though, and it's just a flight. Can't be avoided."

Mur'dah hesitates, but then walks over to sit stiffly on the bed. Don't panic don't panic don't panic. "Thanks," he says with a little grin. "I'm…glad I seem nice and not," insane, crazy, stressed, "neurotic."

Zu'to doesn't move any closer, lest he scare the young man away. Instead, he just tries to relax. Despite the fact that this experience is pretty traumatic for him as well, he seems to be trying to take it in stride. "I'm not either, so don't worry." He muses.

Mur'dah glances over at the greenrider, head tilting a bit. "You're not what?" he asks, tucking his hands between his knees.

"Neurotic." Zu'to says, looking at the hand that's tucked between the brownrider's knees. He doesn't reach over and touch though, lest he frighten him away. "Are you alright? If you want, I can try and coax Danz away so you can leave?"

Oh. That's right. He needs his dragon in order to leave. Mur'dah blinks, and then laughs, shoulders going limp as the teen simply flops back onto the bed and rubs hands over his face. "No, no, let them sleep," he says. "Kalsuoth is happy, and relaxed, and I don't want to…I want him to enjoy this."

Zu'to tosses his jacket on the floor, rather than wearing it. He flops on the bed as well, luckily there's plenty of room on it so that they don't have to be too close to do the same thing. "Thanks. Danz is quite happy, and I think she'll be unhappy when you guys have to leave." He admits, since the green seems to be quite pleased to snuggle up with the brown and leave herself in his protection. "Danz will probably want to visit Xanadu to see him, until she forgets."

Kalsuoth is all about protection, shifting a bit to move his wing over the sweet little green, his mind twining with hers as they sleep. Curious - ever curious - about her, wanting to know more. The ultimate listener. Tell me about yourself, tell me your dreams, your hopes, your fears. I'm here, I'll listen. Mur'dah rubs his hand over his face again, caught up in his dragon's euphoric afterglow. Is this normal? "I'm glad she's happy," he says, turning his head to smile at the older teen. "Visit? Oh, sure. We'll probably be here too, we're in the transport wing…we can swing by if we've got deliveries in the area?"

Danzleith is all about discipline and training, despite the fact that right now she's basking in the afterglow of the flight. She realizes that with training there has to be rest, and this is the moment that she is taking to rest. Right next to the one smart enough to catch her, even if he could never be as fast. The green shifts a little closer, her muzzle brushing against the hide of his side before she sighs and drifts off again. "She's very happy." Zu'to muses, sighing a bit when his green does, stretching a little as well. "If you want to, you could. I know it's just a flight and all.." He says, lest the brownrider want to disappear and never return.

Kalsuoth shifts, turning his head to nuzzle against Danzleith's neck, and as he does, Mur'dah also turns and finds himself nuzzling Zu'to's shoulder. With a sharp blush the brownrider freezes. "Sorry," he mutters, drawing back. "Sometimes I can't…tell us apart…" Cough. "Sure, we can do that. He…this is going to sound bad but he loves collecting things. Little treasures. Right now, uh, she's his biggest treasure. So I'm sure he'll want to come see her until, yeah, he forgets."

Zu'to doesn't appear to mind, he doesn't jerk away or anything of the sort. Instead, he lets the brownrider do as he will. "No problem, don't have to stop if you don't want to.." He offers, though he doesn't force himself on the brownrider either. He just gives a quick smile, as a little blush rises on his own cheeks. "I don't mind, and she loves it. It's not often that she lets herself be protected by anyone but me. She thinks she's strong enough to take on the world."

Mur'dah doesn't nuzzle him again, blinking to try and clear his eyes and get his own brain back from the Mur'dah/Kalsuoth mix. "Do you like guys?" he asks curiously. "Or is it just…lingering flight affection right now? Because that's what I'm feeling." Then he smiles. "That's really sweet. He is a great protector. Not that he thinks she's weak. He's, like I said, he was really impressed by her flying. So he's thrilled that one as strong and independent as she is is letting him take care of her." Or maybe he's reading into his dragon's post-coital bliss a bit too much.

Zu'to shrugs his shoulders a little to the question, "I don't think I mind them… I never really thought about it before though." He admits, though it doesn't seem to bother him at all. "I don't know what it is, it's both of our first times…" He reaffirms, even though he's older than the young brownrider. "She likes a male that can give a compliment without being fake about it. She really does try to be the best she can be, but she is a green - she's not got the stamina that the larger dragons have." Though it doesn't hold her back, in fact, she's more of a daredevil for it. "She enjoys his presence, that much I can tell. Usually she's not one to snuggle up like that."

Mur'dah nods a bit. "I…don't think I like guys like that," he admits. "I mean, I never have before, but right now…" he glances at the greenrider with a little blush. "I think it's just because Kalsuoth is so attracted to her, it's like…leaking through." How nice. I'm not really attracted to you, my dragon is making me do it? Then he laughs. "The blind leading the blind, we are," he says with dry amusement, reaching out to thump Zu'to's arm in a playful little nudge, but then seemingly unable to pull his hand back as Kalsuoth curls around the green. "He's never fake about anything," he murmurs.

~~ Scene on pause, hopefully to be continued! ~~

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