Fort's Craft Fair Begins

Fort Weyr - Trader and Crafter's Square
The massive rock face that makes up the outer walls of Fort Weyr looms, ever present even here where a large space has been cleared among the trees. A well tended and worn path threads its way from the Entrance Square, broad and wide enough for even the largest and most cumbersome of Trader's wagons. It continues on some distance, running parallel to the outer walls of the Weyr until veering subtly towards the forests again where it will expand again into a circular clearing. The ground is hard packed and scarcely any grass grows, save for along the edges a few patches here and there where folk are known to sit and relax rather than tread. In the center of this clearing is a stone well, ringed by a swath of wild grasses but accessible to all.
Branching in multiple directions are more paths, another large and broad one leading to a secondary clearing that is clearly designed for the Traders benefit, offering several choice locations, most of them sheltered by trees, for their wagons to be set up and ample room for their beasts to be properly penned. Firepits, large and small, are arranged and set at safe distances.
Another path, still wide but meant more for small wagon or foot travel, leads to a third clearing which holds several wooden stalls, all simple of build but well cared for. They are set up in a horseshoe loop, allowing most visitors to glimpse each of the Craft-related signs that mark each one. During the warmer months, this half is meant to be a Crafter's market and the stalls are often manned by posted Journeymen and any Apprentices under their wings.
Other paths lead away from all these clearings and both the Trader square and Crafter square. Some wind their way towards Fort's Forests, while others disappear up towards the Mountain Pass or loop back around to return either to the Entrance Square or towards the tunnels leading back into the Weyr itself.

The afternoon air is cool and crisp, the skies clear and the sun just beginning to set over the trees which are still brilliant with their changing leaves. The square, a large clearing in the forests, has been decked out for this occasion. Trader wagons off to one side, the main area has been smoothed out and decorated with tall poles and strings of lanterns and glow baskets, lighting the entire area as the sun sets. Crafter stalls are open for business and people are beginning to mingle, the scent of food on the air, the clink of mugs and the laughter of folks ready to have a good time. Harpers tune their instruments by the wooden dance floor, and dragons are directed to land in a clear space down another pathway into the woods.

Nyalle is mingling, the Senior weyrwoman walking through the crowds with a glass of wine in hand. White. She has learned not to drink red at events. Moving from person to person, group to group, she stops to chat and mingle and then moves on, making herself visible and welcoming folks in her quiet, unobtrusive way.

One of those dragons - among what will surely be a vast number - is Luraoth, come from Xanadu with Soriana. The gold has taken herself off to chat and enjoy herself with the Fortian dragons, and Soriana herself is coming down along the path. She's dressed in a fitted russet tunic and a pair of dark brown trousers, nice without being fancy, and she's carrying her son - who's dressed in the baby version of nice, a loose pullover and trousers that don't have any stains yet and a brown knitted cap with teddybear ears (because autumn can be cold, and if it's not, then between is). He's looking about curiously, smiling widely at anyone and everyone, and Soriana… well, she's pretty much doing the same.

Th'ero arrived moments ago, well before the sun began to set. The Weyrleader is doing his usual rounds, with his weyrmate by his side, while Nyalle is off mingling as well through the crowds. His greetings are kept polite and welcoming and he too seems to be sampling the white wine tonight rather than his ale. Granted, he may touch into that later in the night, when being a little more than tipsy won't be a hinderance. "Good turnout," he whispers to the one beside him, before offering a respectful nod in passing to the Weyrwoman and what could be a reassuring and warm smile. "Heard M'icha may let the weyrlings off their leash a bit too. Might be good for them, to get out." he muses, only to blink in surprise when Velokraeth informs him of Luraoth's arrival. No doubt the pale bronze is certainly paying her some attention! Too much attention. "Fort Weyr's duties to Xanadu and her queens," Th'ero greets as he slowly approaches Soriana, his eyes drifting with curiosity to the little one she carries. Less formally, he adds: "It's good to see you again, Soriana. How're you?"

Kimmila moves along with Th'ero, her arm through his, and smiles. "It is a good turnout, yes! Oh, I hope they can get out here. The dragons are still small enough to go through the tunnel and I think they'd like it. "Soriana! Oooh, is this Skyler? He is adorable, congratulations! How's motherhood and Senioring treating you?"

Abigail is making her way out to be part of the Festival, she's a bit more at ease then she has been for the last few days, namely because Niumdreoth is finally able to get up and moving without some fear of there being some lasting damage to his wing. The Wingleader is at the moment looking over some of the wares at a nearby stall, the merchant is speaking to another so she's able to expect the little trinkets without getting hassled to try and by something just yet.

According to Luraoth, Velokraeth's probably just being friendly. She's certainly being it back to the Fortian bronze. After all, these visits only happen so often! She has to take the chance to socialize while she can. Soriana smiles back to Th'ero and Kimmila, but Skyler is the first to answer them. "Za!" …whatever that means, but the boy is beaming proudly as he says it. Soriana's smile widens a bit. "…and Xanadu's to Fort and hers," she says, then glances down to her son. He just grins at her. Apparently he's willing to let that stand… this time. Soriana looks back up to Th'ero. "It's good to be here," she says, then nods to Kimmila and laughs. "This is Skyler, yes." She gives him a little bounce, and asks the boy, "You want to say hi to Th'ero and Kimmila?" He… giggles and waves at them, but apparently he's not interested in using more actual words right now, and so after a moment, Soriana continues. "I'm doing well. Life is… well, I think I'm getting used to it all, which probably means it's about to throw something else at me." She laughs a little. "How about you two?"

Nyalle's mingling takes her over towards Abigail, the weyrwoman offering her a smile as she steps up beside her. "Looking for anything in particular, Wingleader?" she asks softly.

"So long as none of the weyrling dragons cause mayhem… I'd have thought it'd be only the weyrling riders attending," Th'ero drawls low to Kimmila, before turning his attention back to their guest and one of many. He chuckles softly for Skyler's greeting and he will smile in return for the wave, having always been a little reserved and that apparently applies to children as well. Give him a moment, he'll mellow out! "Hello, little Skyler. If I had known, I'd have had Tlazio bring Elladyr and Aranthi. How old is he?" As for being a Weyrwoman, Th'ero can only shake his head. "If it's anything like I've learned being Weyrleader, it's always the quiet, easy times you want to be worried about." How… helpful? "We've been well! The Weyr prospers, the weyrlings are growing…" There's still the issue of a renegade evading capture but — hey, he's not going to ruin the evening!

Kimmila finger wiggles at Skyler, chuckling. "Hi there, Skyler, it's nice to meet you." She laughs. "Isn't that how it always goes, though? Soon as things seem to settle, something new crops up." To Th'ero, she chuckles. "I'm sure they'll cause mayhem. They're weyrlings. I think they're going to work in the fields. And how is Xanadu faring?"

Abigail blinks at the voice and looks to Nyalle, a soft smile and nod of her head is seem. "Weyrwoman." Is offered with a polite tone. "Not really, just browsing I suppose one would say. How are ye?" A glance is sent over the area before she looks back to Nyalle smiling once more. "Seems like it is a hit, lovely time for a festival." Though she has always enjoyed the colder months.

It's okay, Soriana's got Skyler safely contained. He won't be rampaging over to take away Th'ero's distance anytime soon! …or rampaging around the craft fair, either. "He's nearly a turn," she answers Th'ero's question, then smiles at the mention of the Weyrleader's own children. "We'll be having a turnday party for him when the time comes - I could send an invitation, if you want to bring yours?" To a place where babies (human-style) can be let to rampage and cause mayhem because the place has been prepared for them! Soriana grins crookedly for Th'ero's mention of the dangers of quiet. "True enough, sometimes it's quiet because you haven't seen the problems… yet." Until they explode all over everything! But she nods to his recounting of Fort's prosperity and good times - minor details aside (and unsaid) - then smiles to Kimmila. "Xanadu's doing well. Our new camelid herds have taken to the change of hemisphere well, and the farmers have a few new varietals to try." Because, back in Xanadu… it's springtime and the crops are being planted, not harvested. Speaking of… "Are you going to teach your weyrlings haymaking?" That's one way to interpret 'work in the fields', right?

Nyalle sighs happily. "I love the autumn. It's a perfect time for a festival." Her eyes travel among the trees, seeing their colors changing, and there's another happy sigh. "So I am doing /very/ well. This is shaping up to be an excellent festival and I am very excited to see the crafters show off their skills."

Th'ero turns his head to give Kimmila a look but his mouth quirks into a small smile, "If they do cause mayhem, then you're in charge of reigning them in, Wingmate." he informs her. Surely he's teasing, right? Maybe, maybe not. The Weyrleader can be difficult to read. "Ahh, so the twins are just a little older than he is." Which judging by his tone isn't a troublesome factor at all. He seems surprised at the mention of a party. "When would it be?" he asks politely and looks to Kimmila for her input. "Do you think the twins are capable of travel? I know Kyzen wouldn't mind and he gets along well enough with his cousins…" In case they need to stash him with Kiena's girls. He chuckles again, "Haymaking? Not quite. Harvesting — at least helping with the carrying of the goods. A basket or two," Or many more. "shouldn't strain them too much."

Kimmila snickers, winking at Th'ero. "Yes, sir," she teases. "Oh! I'd love to try and make it, depending on when it is. We haven't taken the twins between yet…this seems like a nice occasion to do it for. They're over a turn, I'm comfortable taking them between." There's another nod, and a laugh. "Harvesting, yes, and just getting /out/. Teambuilding, doing something with their dragon and their rider, a task to complete that's true and not contrived."

Abigail smiles and nods to Nyalle. "Aye, autumn is indeed the perfect time of the turn I must say." She seems a bit amused. "Though I have to admit I did not like it as much before impressing Niumdreoth." Her dragon does love the wintery months that are just around the corner, the snow, and the way the forest looks. "There are many new crafters from the last time so it is good to see what they have to offer. Nice to check for new things."

Mayhem? Soriana knows nothing of the sort, which is why she has an amused little smile as she listens. "We've still got a month to prepare for it," she says, and grins. "Skyler doesn't seem to mind between - our healers say it's fine as long as they're kept warm." But… sometimes healers have differing opinions about these things. For that matter, sometimes so do parents! "If you can make it, we'd love to see you and the youngsters. It's just a casual thing, really." Which is why she's inviting people from across Pern, right? "But I think it'll be nice for all us parents with kids to get to know each other." …his especially for those meetings ten turns down the road when fosters or nannies fall through. She laughs at their answers about the harvest dragons (and Skyler flails and babbles a reply of own), then nods. "Makes sense. And the dragons can get a sense of what it feels like to carry a load…"

Nyalle chuckles. "Why do you say that?" Her eyes scan the stalls and she nods. "Yes, lots of new faces…" She seems both pleased by this and apprehensive. "I for one would like to check out some of the Weaver stalls. I'm in need of a new sturdy cloak…"

Speaking of new faces….here's Feyran! She was here for the winter games, but the eccentric trader girl hasn't been around since, nor does she recognize any faces. That doesn't stop her from wandering up to a group though. Looking younger than her years, Feyran also comes off as a bit frumpy. Leggings, a dress, and an oversized jacket seems to be her usual attire and today is no different. "Hey there folks, lovely little party you've got going on here." She says that to the entirety of the group and accompanies the greeting with a wide grin.

Th'ero looks a little relieved that he hadn't partially agreed to something and put his foot into his mouth. Not that that'd be the first time! The Weyrleader smiles warmly to his weyrmate, then to Soriana as well. "We'll do our best. A month, you said? That should be more than enough time to prepare…" At least for the expected. It's the unexpected that generally throws a wrench into things. "I agree. Couldn't hurt, right Kimmila? We'll make sure Kyzen understands to be on his best behaviour too." No promises. "Exactly. Though I'm sure the weyrlings would rather ride their dragons but… M'icha says this lot are pretty eager and fast to learn. I'm wondering if we're in for trouble later when they become a little more independent." And have much more freedom! Feyran's broad greeting earns her a respectful nod from the Weyrleader. "Thank you! Many have devoted long hours to making this festival possible. Do enjoy yourself!"

Kimmila nods. "My mother always said it was best to wait until they were at least a turn old, but." She shrugs. Differences. "Exactly. And really tire them out. Some of them, I swear, they have more energy than young dragons are supposed to have. So. Might as well put it to our advantage." Smirk. Turning, she also notices Feyran's approach and grins. "Wouldn't say it was little, but thank you. Fort's duties and welcomes to you, please enjoy."

Abigail shrugs a moment and smiles. "Niumdreoth loves winter, before that I only remember winter being months of searching for people lost in mounds of snow, and how it made life hard. Now I see it in a different manner." A soft ah escapes at the talk of a cloak and she glances up before pointing towards a stall not to far off. "They had some rather lovely clocks. Perhaps ye might like one?"

Nyalle ohs, nodding in understanding to Abigail. "I see. Yes, before Kayeth my favorite season was summer, when the weather was warm and food was plentiful." A ghost of a smile plays on her lips. "Now, it's autumn, without question. Though you do still search for people lost in the snow." Her gaze seeks the stall to which Abigail points, and she nods. "Perhaps! Would you like to walk with me?"

"I'll send an invite," Soriana says with a warm smile. "No worries if you can't make it - things do come up!" As well she knows. Pesky unexpecteds! She nods to Kimmila, unconcerned by the difference of opinion. It's not like she hasn't heard a variety of opinions before! Learning to accept uncertainty is part of being both Weyrwoman and mother. Tiring out youngsters… well, that can be part of it too, depending on whether the young things are draconic or human, and she nods to the explanation. "Well, that's why you start now, right? So they're well-trained before they're old enough to cause trouble." …really, with some weyrlings, that should have started back when they were in the egg, but oh well. Soriana turns to look at Feyran as the trader greets them, smiling and nodding her head. "Thank them," she says with a tilt of her head toward the Fortian couple - and then Th'ero goes and spreads out the thanks, and Soriana grins. "It does seem a fun occasion," she tells Th'ero and Kimmila. "Anything in particular we should keep out an eye for?"

"You're welcome!" Feyran grins and sticks her hands into her pockets before looking from Th'ero to Kimmila and then back again. "Oh right…uh…from the River Traders so, hope your dragons are healthy and something like that!" This is her reply to the more formal of all the greetings. "I'm sure it probably took ages to set up…good luck cleaning up afterwards." The trader glances around a bit, but her attention is eventually drawn to a food stall. Looks good, but her ears are perked for the answer to Soriana's question on anything to take note of. So many stalls to visit!

"Thank you," Th'ero murmurs to Soriana. "We look forwards to it. As Kimmila said, it's about time the twins go outside of Fort Weyr." What better timing than right into another party? Lucky offspring. "Speaking of swapping… Luraoth and Kanekith recently had a clutch hatch, did they not?" he inquires with the best neutral but curious look possible. What is the Weyrleader plotting now? As for keeping an eye out for, Th'ero only chuckles. "That would depend on what is to your fancy, Soriana. There are the Crafter stalls, most of which will be opened even well into the night tonight. The bakers and vintners have been at it too, plenty to sample or bring home. And, of course, there is dancing! If you need someone to tend to Skyler, I know of a few respectful and trustworthy caretakers who can help you?" he offers, only to blink and glance about the crowds. "Speaking of dancing… I best excuse myself for the moment. I've a Weyrwoman to find, so that we can properly get this festival underway." And the dancing and feasting! Before there is a riot, or something.

Kimmila laughs. "It's usually 'duties', but I'll take that. Mine is, thank you," she says with a crooked smile for Feyran. "Personally I'm excited to hit up the Baker stalls from all over Pern. Taste some of their regional dishes and specialties. Drinks, too." Then she grins. "That's something the Weyrlings could help with too. Cleanup." How mean. "Oh yes, I'm looking forward to dancing. And I wouldn't mind holding Skyler for a bit if you wanted to find a partner and take a turn around the floor." She slides her arm from Th'ero's, giving him a small smile. "Good luck…"

Life's a big party! …sometimes. Soriana nods to Th'ero, then grins to Feyran's greeting. "Healthy, happy, and may they not sit on your trade goods." Thero's curious question to her about Xanadu's hatchlings gets a curious of Soriana's own as she nods to him again. "They did. Only a couple sevens apart from Kayeth and Velokraeth's." And he was inquiring because…? Aw. Apparently her curiosity will go unsatisfied (for now), because Th'ero's got official duties. Those always do seem to crop up at the worst of times! But she grins as Th'ero explains the many possibilities for her enjoyment, nodding to him. "It's always nice to see what the crafters elsewhere-" or should that be elseWeyr? "-are up to." She laughs. "Have the dragons carry the garbage pails?" Poor weyrlings. But anyway… "Ka'el's intending to drop by later if he can, but for now, it's just Skyler and me enjoying ourselves." She grins, then regards her son consideringly. "…I've no idea what this will do to his bedtime, though."

"Right, duties! I'll remember that next time." Or so one hopes. Feyran grins at Kimmila before nodding in agreement, "Some of the stuff looks /great/. I'm…mostly here for the food really. And to have a bit of fun." She's kind of shameless really, but she does have enough sense not to say much more than that on the reason she showed up. Soriana's words earn a bark of laughter from the trader girl and soon a smile is turned to the Weyrwoman from Xanadu, "Thanks, I'm sure the caravan would appreciate the sentiments." There /might/ be a tad more excitement than necessary in Fey's gaze when Th'ero says he's going to start getting things started (because…food!) but the Weyrleader earns a wave for his departure in the end.

Abigail smiles and nods to Nyalle once more at the comment on the seasons. "Indeed, amazing how things change once a dragon is in the picture." This said with a teasing tone. There is a pause and she ahs softly before smiling. "Sure, shall we go?"

Nyalle nods at Abigail and begins to walk in that direction before she spots Th'ero looking for her. "Oh." She looks disappointed, her cheeks flushing a bit. "Perhaps in a few minutes? I believe Th'ero and I need to get things started. I'll find you after?" she asks, before she's lifting a hand to try and catch the Weyrleader's attention.

Cliffhangers! Not at all Th'ero's intention, but he had allowed time to slip away on him in favour of good conversation, swept into the casual atmosphere of the festival. Even a Weyrleader can forget he is one and the duties that come with it for a short while! Soriana may learn the rest soon enough, Th'ero won't forget. "Thank you, Wingmate. I'll be back shortly. Excuse me," he dips his head to the Xanadian Weyrwoman and then promptly strides to where Nyalle is now lifting her hand to catch his attention. "Weyrwoman," he greets with a small smile, also extending it to Abigail. "We won't be long." He informs the Wingleader and then offering his arm to Nyalle, he will whisk her away to the dance floor where a small stage has been raised for this very purpose. The Harpers will play a few cords to gain the crowds attentions and clearing his throat, Th'ero will begin, speaking in a loud but level tone that carries well over the square so long as the winds stay down. "Welcome, everyone, to Fort's autumn festival! We're delighted to have so many here on this occasion and many thanks to those who put all the time and effort into organizing this event. Without them…" And he goes on for a short while, keeping it respectful but not too heavy on the flourish and praise. When he finishes, he turns to Nyalle for the Weyrwoman to have her turn to speak and officially start the evening's festivities.

Kimmila can satisfy Soriana's curiosity. "Perhaps we could get them together for a visit, once one of them is able to between." Then, a chuckle. "If he's anything like Kyzen, he'll be wide awake until he passes out, and there's nothing you can do to change either of those times." The bluerider winks at Feyran with a laugh. "Perfect! That's what most people are here for, I think." Then she's quiet while the Weyrleaders speak.

Nyalle listens to Th'ero, her arm respectfully looped around his, and when it's her turn to speak she also says a few words, thanking all the Crafters who are there, and encouraging everyone to go check out the wonderful stalls…really talking up the Crafts. Then with another chord from the Harpers, Fort's Weyrleaders move back to officially open the gathering with the first dance. Once those formalities are complete, Nyalle curtseys to Th'ero and makes her way off the floor as other couples move forward to enjoy the music.
Abigail smiles to Nyalle and nods to her. "Aye, of course Weyrwoman." She looks to Th'ero and nods to him now as well. "Of course Weyrleader." She will listen into the speech while getting herself a drink, speeches are always better with drinks after all.

"Do your duties?" Soriana suggests to Feyran, because mnemonics always help, then grins and nods to her. "You're welcome." She waves (and so does Skyler) to Th'ero as he departs, letting him to start those festivities and leave her to wonder… but not for long, because Kimmila's there to fill in the gap! Xanadu's Senior smiles and nods to that proposal. "Oh, of course. I've always liked getting them to see other Weyrs and get to know people there." Even back before she had the authority to arrange it! Soriana chuckles and pats at Skyler's head. "He's been fairly good about sleeping lately. Every kid's different, I guess?" She grins, then goes quiet to listen to the official opening speeches. They're… yep, definitely official. Also formal!

Feyran fidgets a bit while the Weyrleaders go through formalities. Being quiet has never been easy from her and as soon as it's all done she sighs as if it'd been three hours and not just a handful of minutes. "I hitched a ride from some of the Monaco riders…we made bets on which Weyr has the best food." The trader girl grins at Kimmila before considering Soriana's mnemonic for a moment and nodding, "Good one, I think I'll remember it!"

Indeed, the opening ceremonies always have a formal-toned speech and dance but with the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader taking their leave now the note takes on a casual flare again and the Harpers play a livelier tune for dancing. Conversation picks up all over the square and there is laughter mingling in among the calls of greeting and the general chaos of noise that comes with any large gathering. Murmuring a few quick words to Nyalle before they part ways, Th'ero will weave his way back to where Kimmila and Soriana are and manages only to be delayed once or twice along the way. "Now, hopefully, I can enjoy the rest of the evening without interruption," he muses with a crooked smirk. "Would you ladies be interested in a drink and some food? How is Skyler handling the evening so far?" he asks Soriana as he slips closer to Kimmila's side.

Kimmila grins at Feyran, gesturing. "Well, you'll have lots of different regions to taste, here! We're just hosting, there's folks from all over. I'm curious what conclusions you'll come to though!" When Th'ero returns she slips her arm back through his and grins. "I'd love some drink and some food. I think you," she points to Feyran, "should choose our first stall." Smiling back to Soriana, Kimmila nods. "Oh yes, every kid is different that's for sure. Glad he's sleeping though, that's always a plus. I know my brother appreciate it a lot when Kyzen started sleeping through the night."
Nyalle returns to the crowd once the dance is over, seeking out Abigail once more by heading for that Weaver's stall she'd mentioned earlier.

The moment permission had been given to go further outside the walls, Kainaesyth had been on top of it. Some of his old vigor had asserted itself and the bronze had been the first to volunteer Ha'ze and himself for participation in every once of harvesting possible and had only reluctantly returned to other lessons- even the ones which involved mounting up. All of this extra activity though leaves him tired sooner than normal. Thus, with Kainaesyth asleep in the barracks Ha'ze has slipped out for some time away from his lifemate. He hovers, right on the edge of the fair, not moving into the crowds, but also not keeping himself without.

Soriana knows how to be quiet. Skyler… well, at least she manages to keep him from being too loud about his, uh, 'contributions' to the occasion. She laughs a little as Th'ero returns. "With luck!" she says of those (hopefully nonexistent) interruptions. As for the food… "Really, the Gather stuff is never quite the same as home cooking, but I'm sure it's still good." She starts to open her mouth to agree about going to get something for themselves, but then takes a second look at Skyler and changes her mind. "You know what, why don't you go on ahead. We'll catch up with you!" And so they will, but first… it's baby-tending time! So she slips off through the crowd to do that.

Abigail is waiting on Nyalle not to far from the stall they was at moments before Th'ero came to find her. "Lovely start for the festival Weyrwoman." She offers with a soft smile to the other before they are off to look at the Weaver's stall she saw a few booths back.

"Yeah? I'll pick a good one, fear not." Feyran grins at Kimmila and Th'ero in turn, though Soriana's departure has the trader nodding a bit, "It was nice to meet you…see in a little while?" Not that she's actually introduced herself to anyone. "The name's Feyran by the way and I'm thinking…that one." The stall she points is run by a tiny elderly couple. The man is dipping fruit in some sort of candied syrup that hardens and is then packed into tiny bags by the woman to sell. There's nothing like dessert before dinner? They look almost painfully sweet and come in a variety of colors that somehow still manage to look appealing to both kids and some adults too.

Nyalle dips her head to Abigail with a slight blush. "Thank you. Oh, look, is that Ha'ze?" she asks, peering through the crowd to where she thinks she's spotted the Weyrling. "You should go say hello. I'm going to look at the cloaks."

Th'ero gives Soriana an understanding look and dips his head in a low nod as she excuses herself. "We'll be here in the square! And if you need anything, anything at all, Weyrwoman, do not hesitate to ask!" Hearing Kimmila recruiting Feyran into being their culinary guide, the Weyrleader chuckles low in his throat. "Now what are you up to, Wingmate?" he teases her, offering a small smile to Feyran as he does. "Well met, Feyran. Oh, which stall?" His gaze then wanders the crowds and he will see Ha'ze lurking there on the edges before spotting the sweet stall. He's about to call out to the weyrling, but settles instead for a nod of greeting and then a meaningful tilt and motion of his head over to where Abigail and Nyalle have gone to browse. Later, he will round the poor weyrlings up for proper greetings. For now, if they're wise, they'll flee and try to enjoy themselves. For now, he will lead Kimmila along to the stall Feyran has selected as their starting point. Dessert before dinner? Th'ero doesn't seem so sure. "Looks…" Uh. "Sweet! We should pick some up for Kyzen, maybe?"

Kimmila laughs. "Kimmila," she introduces herself, peering at the sweets stall. She grins up at Th'ero. "What say you, wingmate? That one first?" Her voice is lightly teasing, since she knows he's not terribly fond of sweets. "Getting some for Kyzen sounds like a good idea." As Soriana leaves, Kimmila waves.

"Ok Jaicoureth. Now we practiced all this stuff. There are going to be lots of people at this gather and things will probably be a bit tight. So if you get uncomfortable just tell me and we'll find a way to excuse ourselves for a bit until you feel better…" C'rus can be heard to say as and his blue lifemate make their way into the area of the party. «Ok.» the dragon replies in his soft baritone voice. «I will let you know.» he adds still sounding more than a bit incredulous but he's willing to give it a shot, "There is going to be lots of stuff to see. You'll love it." the rider ressures the young dragon. Upon arriving in the square they immediately take a look around and spy all sorts of interesting things and people. "Wow. Quite the party."

"Nice to meet ya both." Feyran shoots at grin at both Kimmila and Th'ero. And then she'll march right up to the stall and pull out some coins. There are already some prepackaged candied fruits that the weyrmated pair can pick from, but the old man also seems to be making custom combinations. Pick your fruit and pick your syrup flavor! The trader, however, is not patient enough to wait for that and so she picks up some dipped redfruit and adds a thank you with her payment. "Any flavors we can interest you in maybe?" The question comes from the little old lady and is directed towards Kimmila and Th'ero. "Heyyy…mini dragon!" Feyran, mistress of random interjections, points at C'rus and his lifemate…which might be considered rude by normal people.

Ha'ze has no intention of being herded anywhere by anyone, and the look he returns to Th'ero is cool at best, though not particuarly disrespectful. When C'rus apears with Jiacoureth in tow, Ha'ze drifts away from him and finally actually cuts into the crowd itself. A jewlery seller catches his eye and he pauses to look, though his hands remain firmly behind his back.

Abigail glances to Nyalle as she catches the name and there is a curious look around. Ha'ze? Though yse she does catch sight of the weyrling. A soft smile seen and she nods to Nyalle. "Of course." Is offered to her before she moves off to catch up with Ha'ze. "Ha'ze." She calls out to try and get his attention.

"I suppose there is no harm in it," Th'ero says after another hesitant pause but he knows any further balking may be viewed as rude and the Weyrleader isn't looking to cause offence THIS early into the festival. "Do you see any flavours you're keen on, Wingmate? Go ahead and choose. I can't seem to make up my mind." Yeah, right. He does offer a smile to the old lady, but before he can offer any more pleasantries, Feyran's pointing and random interjection has him looking over curiously. "Ah, so the weyrlings make their way here at last! That "mini" dragon is a growing one, Feyran." he corrects with a low chuckle and then gestures for C'rus to join them, though he may have to have Jaicoureth stay back, with the crowds pressing a bit thicker among the stalls.

Kimmila peers curiously at the stall and then grins, making a selection of a combo that seems like it'll be more tart than sweet. She selects a similar tart one for Th'ero, and then a few sweet ones for Kyzen. "These, please," she says. And she looks to Th'ero to pay. "Ah! Yes, that's C'rus and Jaicoureth."

That voice calling out draws Ha'ze's attention backwards, and he pauses for a moment turning to look through the crowd. An almost smile makes it on to his lips- "Wingleader."

«There are many people here.» Jaicoureth says to his rider, as if to say that this might just be a bit much for him to handle, "We can do this." he replies softly to his lifemate, "You practiced this so well this week. Remember I'm always with you. I can always hear you." he says gently patting the dragon on the neck. The pair make their way closer to the stalls where Th'ero, Kimm, and a stranger stand. When they reach a certain point Jaicoureth can't come any closer and so he stops, keeping his eyes peeled on his rider, though doing his best to make it work. C'rus makes his way through the crowd to the group and salutes them all, better safe than sorry, "Hello."

Abigail glances towards the items at the booth that Ha'ze seems to be looking over. "How are ye this evening?" She questions before looking back to him, a soft smile seen once more. "How is Kai?" She assumes the bronze is sleeping.

"That…makes more sense." Feyran laughs a little at her own idea of it being a mini dragon and then grins at Th'ero, "I hadn't seen one so small before." Which means the trader either hasn't been to Weyrs when there are young dragonets, or her caravan doesn't usually go to Weyrs. The little old lady smiles against at Th'ero and Kimmila before putting together their selection. The packages are wrapped up with tiny bows and offered over. "Hey there!" Feyran: loud, sometimes obnoxious, but…friendly. So when C'rus greets them, he gets a reply and Jaicoureth gets a tiny wave too.

The stall is given one last look before Ha'ze is turning away from it, this time to put his attention fully on the wingleader. "Well. Kainaesyth has been helpin' with the harvest. Carryin' everythin' they been pickin'. He's sleepin' now. Figured…" He looks around a shrugs slightly. Maybe this wasn't a good idea.

Th'ero smirks when Kimmila looks at him to pay but pay the Weyrleader does and generously at that. He will stash away the package meant for Kyzen, while opening the one for themselves, allowing the bluerider to take the first piece before he's sampling one as well. Good thing Kimmila knows him well, as the tartness works and Th'ero seems to enjoy it. "I've never seen sweets like this before," he admits both to Kimmila and Feyran, "Any of you catch which region this is from?" Hopefully not local, or will he ever be embarrassed! "You've never seen a weyrling dragon before, Feyran? They'll be much bigger soon, though they're only a few months out of the shell now. Evening, C'rus! Jaicoureth is looking well. M'icha has softened enough to let you weyrlings escape awhile, I see!"

Kimmila turns with a smile for C'rus, returning his salute as she takes the piece from the offered package, and she grins, nose wrinkling. "This is very interesting! I like it. Good pick, Feyran. Can we have non-sweets next time though? Hello, C'rus. How is Jaicoureth handling the crowds?" She also spots Ha'ze, but in this crowd…all she can do is smile in his direction.

Abigail nods at this. "Aye.. Niumdreoth often helps out with such things. Suppose he gets a pass this season it would seem." She glances back over the area. "It is rather nice this turn, everything down to the weather even." She sends a slight glances over to Ha'ze once more. "I saw some rather nice quivers a few booths over. Want to go look at 'em?"

C'rus smiles in return to the trio that seems to be eating some sort of thing that he too has not ever seen before, "He is doing quite well." he replies to Th'ero, "And yes we have been allowed to wander out to see what sort of things we can see. I think it will be good for all of us." he says, mostly for Jaicoureth's benefit since he knows that the young dragon is listening in, "He doesn't care for them too much to be honest, but he's doing really well." The dragon for his part stays where he is and keeps his eye on C'rus, making sure that he rider is both ok. He does spare a glance around though to see if there are any other dragons that he knows. Not seeing any he fixes his gaze back on C'rus.

"Hmmm…I don't know, maybe from somewhere farther South? Kind of seemed like the type." What /is/ the Souther type? Who knows! Feyran tears open her package and starts chewing on one of the sweets before shaking her head to Th'ero. "They're usually a turn or something like that when I've seen I thought they all kind of started out that big." Her gaze turns to Kimmila then and the woman gets and easy grin, "Definitely…no dessert for the next stall. Do you want to pick this time?" Feyran /might/ lead them all to the strangest stalls around if things are left up to her. "Glad they're letting you have some fun, then." This is again for C'rus and said with a smile.

Ha'ze hesitates, sending his gaze over the large gathering, and glancing once back at the weyr and the relative solitude which it provides. "I ain't sure…" But looking back at Abigail the teen seems to make up his mind. "Aye, for just a bit. How be Niumdreoth doin?"

Th'ero would have no idea of what the Southern type of cuisine or sweets could be, so he accepts Feyran's answer as a plausible one. He'll help himself to another piece before stashing the package away. Kimmila's suggestion for a non-sweet based stall earns a chuckle from him and he will pull the bluerider a little closer. "Your turn, it seems, Wingmate! What's your choice?" Will they all regret it? "Good to hear, C'rus. Ahh, the crowds unsettle him? He's young yet, that may change when he matures." he murmurs by way of reassurance to the weyrling. "Were you out with the others, helping with the harvest earlier as well?"

Kimmila laughs. "The eggs would be /huge/ then. No, no, you go ahead and pick, Feyran. This was a good one." She just wants /real/ food. She studies the blue for a moment and nods. "This is good for him then. The distance, the other people. Good for you." Have a piece of candy.

A pear would be better.

Abigail nods slightly as she hears Ha'ze. "If ye would rather not it's alright." She offers with a soft tone not wanting to push him into it at the moment. Though once he agrees she smiles a moment and soon nods. "Not that long how's that?" This questioned with a soft tone and turns to move that way. "He is good, lounging at the lake at the moment. His wing is still on the mend so not flying for a few days still."

C'rus nods his head to Feyran with a smile, "I always find a way to have fun one way or another…" he pauses for a moment as his eyes glaze a bit before returning to the conversation with a, "And no I'm not having any sort of fun without you. I'm just talking." that is clearly meant for the dragon even though he is a bit away at this point, "Sorry this is his biggest crowd yet." he says to Kimm and Th'ero, "Yes. We were out for a bit earlier this afternoon. He enjoyed being outside of the weyr, he has many questions about how everything works." Kimm gets a smile and a nods, "I think so too." He politely declines the candy, never one for sweets.

Walking beside Abigail Ha'ze will allow her to direct them towards the stall which holds the quivers, keeping a weather eye on the rest of those around them. There is more than a hint of jumpy in the way he moves, though he tries to keep it hidden. He just hasn't been in this large of a group in… well, a while. "Good to be hearin' he's healin."

"They would, wouldn't they?" Feyran laughs at the comment about the eggs…and then seems all too happy about being able to choose the next stall. Hopefully their idea of real food is flexible because she's now pointing to a place that is making..well, it /looks/ like steak, but it most certainly isn't. "That one." That onse is making some sort of strange mash of tunnel snake meat and spider claws…cooking it and slathering it with some sort of sauce. No wonder people seem to be avoiding that one…but Fey is apparently adventurous. "Fun's important. Too much work and everything goes badly."

Abigail has picked up on those bits of jumpyness with Ha'ze's movement, though she keeps calm on the thought of it, not bring up what she has caught. "Aye, it be a good thing indeed." They get to the booth that has the quivers and other items one may need to go along with a bow. "There not bad looking. What do ye think?" This is questioned to Ha'ze while she looks one over.

"And the golds would have to be even larger in order to clutch eggs of that girth and size!" Th'ero adds in a light drawl, amused to Feyran's naiveness to dragon kind. At least it isn't fear or apprehension? Following along to the next stall, now the Weyrleader does look apprehensive. Not because of the tunnel snake, but the spiderclaw. "Ahh… interesting combination…?" he murmurs low, likely meant to be whispered to Kimmila. Is she as adventurous as Feyran? "No need to apologize, C'rus. It's good to hear that weyrlinghood so far has been working out for you. And Jaicoureth as well." Is there a hint of something more to his tone or the way he looks at the weyrling? Perhaps. It could be too that Th'ero is trying not to look too uncomfortable over the idea of taking a bite of the next dish.

Kimmila laughs at the sight of this. "Okay next time I pick the stall," she murmurs. Still, she's going to at least try it as she steps forward to order one. "You want one, C'rus?"

The distraction of the quivers is good, because it gives Ha'ze a chance to look at something other then the crowd surrounding him. Eyes only though, are being used for viewing, as Ha'ze keeps his hands behind his back. "They be well made, though a bit too flashy for use outside of the practice yard…"

"I don't believe that I'm that brave." C'rus says as he glances at the…strange…food that is found in the stall, "If you'd caught me right after hatching I'm sure that I would have eaten almost everything here." he can't help but smile, "I have no complaints. My life here so far has been good. Jaicoureth is a wonderful little soul and I love him." And he really does, and no one is more surprised than he is, "I couldn't agree with you more." he says to Feyran.

"They're huge already…sometimes I wonder how they actually manage to get up in the air!" Feyran grins a bit before getting one of the 'steak' things. Her's and Kimmila's both arrive and are quickly handed over and the pleasant young man running the stall looks to both of them with anticipation. It's not just anticipating it's…hope. Are they good? Please tell me they're good! It's like the validation of his entire existence rests on this mysterious slab of meat. And…Feyran promptly puts a hole in that dream by taking a bite and making a face. Nope. Not for her. Kimmila and Th'ero are his only hopes now if they both decide to take a bite!

"Well that is true." Abigail offers softly to Ha'ze at the talk of them being to flashy. She tilts her head as she glances over the quivers. "Ever try making one yerself?" She quetions with a look to him.

The stall maker takes one of the quivers off and holds it out to the weyrling. With a shake of his head Ha'ze refuses it, keeping his hands firmly wraped around one another behind his back. "Aye ma'am. The one I have now I made myself. Ain't nothin' flashy, but it be gettin' the job done."

Are the textures even close? That'll be the make or break deal for Th'ero, along with the taste. He keeps a wary eye on Feyran when she takes the first bite, waiting until Kimmila has bitten into hers before going in as well. And…? It's a no go for him too. Texture or taste, it may just be too unusual for him. At least he swallows it and may even try to finish it, just to take some of the sting out of the young man's failure. "Unusual, but bound to be to someone's tastes…" he murmurs and tries not to grimace. Ugh. "Maybe some wine next?" Glancing to C'rus, Th'ero chuckles softly. "Hopefully it remains as good as it is now. Weyrlinghood won't always be so smooth and easy…" he explains, before clearing his throat to Feyran's claim. "Well, now… the gold aren't that large. They can be surprisingly nimble fliers." Nyalle isn't in earshot, is she?

Kimmila takes a bite and tilts her head. "Huh. It's…interesting. I don't…quite know how I feel about it yet," she says, looking apologetically to the man behind the counter. "Wine sounds great, and I think I see a bread stall over there. I can smell meat pies…" With identifiable meats. That's a bonus.

"I wouldn't say that its been smooth or easy, but it has been good." C'rus replies to the weyrleader, "Things can be difficult and still be good, especially when you have a good lifemate by your side." says the rider. At least that is his feeling on the matter. The looks on the faces of those trying the food don't offer a great deal of encouragement to try it himself.

Abigail nods as she ehars Ha'ze. "Aye, that is true indeed." She offers softly. A soft smile is sent to the stall owner to show her thanks as he was showing the qiver to Ha'ze. "I was given a quiver when I graduated from being a Weyrling. Though I have to admit I don't use it that much, far to pretty and I would certainly hate to ruin it." This said with an amused tone at the thought.

The young man running the 'steak' stall does indeed look sad when his food doesn't go with anyone's taste. But a little spark of hope picks up again at Th'ero's words. Sure…maybe someone will like it. Feyran doesn't finish her steak. Nope, that is going straight into the garbage pile. "They're bigger than a lot of things, some trees even!" Oh Fey and her ideas of dragons. At least it's entertaining sometimes. At the mention of wine, she perks up just a little bit. "That sounds great." And she'll just follow along wherever people lead.

Ha'ze steps backwards from the stall, and shifts his gaze back onto the crowd. It almost looks as if he is searching for familiar faces, though who that might be cannot be sure. "Aye," there is an air of distraction as Ha'ze answers Abigail. "I'm one for things what be functional over pretty."

R'en would mix into the crowd a little better if he weren't decently tall, or blond, and well.. he really is trying not to be obvious. He's heard Feyran is here, and that's reason enough to attempt to be just another a face in the crowd, at least for him. So far, he's not run into her, but luck is a fickle beast and surely it's bound to run out. He's checking out, strangely enough, a stall with jewelry in it. Though he looks over a few items, he doesn't part with any money before moving on to look at the next stall that catches his eye which has bits and baubles for stargazers.

Th'ero will likely wish to put a bit of distance between them and the "steak" stall, since he's already feeling awkward for bursting the man's bubble of hope. "Wine, bread and meat pies…" Check, check and check! The Weyrleader is eager to be away and he will chuckle when Feyran perks up at the mention of alcohol. "White or red or do you drink stronger things?" Is she even of age to have it? Maybe he assumes so. There's a snort, "Most dragons grow to be as big as trees or close to it in height!" he drawls, before nodding to C'rus. "Perhaps." It's a simple answer, but Th'ero is distracted in leading them through the crowds again and he will find the next stalls. Food first, starting with the bread though he passes on the offer. The meat pies though seem to gain favour from the Weyrleader. Wine comes last and he purchase another glass of white for himself and pay for Kimmila's share too and generously offer the same to Feyran. C'rus receives an apology, as the weyrlings are still barred from alcohol consumption… at least with so many eyes upon them. M'icha may allow a little sip back in the barracks for a "home celebration", but only under his eyes and under his knowledge and nothing more. Th'ero will have just enough time to enjoy a little more food and some of that wine before he's called away again, muttering his apologies to Kimmila, Feyran and C'rus before excusing himself and he will remain gone until the Harper's begin to play their music and dancing takes full swing (literally).

Abigail nods a moment as she hears Ha'ze and moves away from the stall, a glance sent around the area and then back to Ha'ze. "Hope I'm not keeping ye from meeting others." Maybe he and the weyrlings are meeting up? Well it is a nice thought. "Why don't ye go on and catch up with C'rus?" She did catch sight of the other weyrling a few moments ago.

C'rus waves to the weyrleader as he departs, "I hope you have a wonderful evening." he says with a smile, Th'ero's less than enthusiastic answer aside he plans to do his best over the next few days to have a really good time. His remaining attention is focused on Kimm and Feyran.

Kimmila pouts a bit when Th'ero leaves, but hey, she's got (good) food and wine now, and she grins at the others. "So I take it you've not spent much time in weyrs," she remarks to Fey.

Ha'ze blinks when Abigail asks if he's being kept. "No, I ain't meetin' no one. Jus'…" He manages to look a bit chagrined. "Ain't comfortable with lots of people." When he mentions his fellow weyrling Ha'ze's expression closes slightly. "No ma'am. He looks to be havin' a fine time."

Let it be noted that Feyran doesn't follow R'en around. He just happens to show up sometimes where she is. And…too bad for him that he gets spotted immediately. "R'EN!" She yell the name out over the crowds, which makes it kind of hard to miss. For the wine, Th'ero gets a thank you and a departing wave but she's soon grinning at Kimmila and nodding. "Not very much…though right now we've settled not far from Monaco so I've been going there a lot. It's pretty fun." C'rus's tiny blue gets another glance. "Still…I haven't seen the young ones. They look fun."

Abigail watches Ha'ze curious like for a few moments, a soft smile seen and she nods a moment. "That's alright. I can understand that feeling." She use to not be to crazy about it herself. "I was going to go check on Niumdreoth though, yer welcome to come along if ye don't want to head back to the Barracks yet I suppose." The snoozing brown isn't to far away.

Ha'ze casts one last gaze around the fair before shaking his head. "I ought to probably be gettin' back to Kainaesyth. He was fallin' asleep afore I could be gettin' him to eat. Is it normal for them to be sleepin' more after they be gettin' as large as he has?"

Kimmila sips her wine and chuckles, wincing at the yell. "Yeah, I always liked the weyrs…but there's something to be said for the wilderness too. What do you think, C'rus? Wild or civilization?"
Abigail nods at this while looking to Ha'ze. "It can be. Especially with how much they are growing. As long he has been feeling alright, any concerns?" She pauses a moment and tilts her head glance towards the lake and then looks back to Ha'ze. "Sleep can be alright, but if he seems to not feel well let one of the dragonhealers know? Better safe then sorry." Especially at his age. "I'll see ye later then?" A soft smile seen and she nods a moment before a soft murmur of 'im coming' is heard before she can catch herself as Niumdreoth wants her it would seem.

With Abigail seeking Niumdreoth's side, Ha'ze's slips away from from the fair also. His shadow can be seen disappearing upwards and into the weyr again.

"Oh I think I prefer civilization. I always have. It's good to be near an archive with good books, and after the camping trip I think that just set that more firmly in my mind." he replies to Kimm with ease. The young blue seems to be growing a bit impatient at all this talk away from him and begins to do his best to make his way through the crowd. One of the nice things about a weyr is that most in the crowd simply make way for him as he begins to make his way through the crowd, «I'm coming.» he says to C'rus.

No, he's not followed, R'en's just cursed. It shows with how he stops when his name is called and tries to ignore it. Just keep cool, and she'll get distracted and forget, certainly. He glances to see what other people are around nearby, Abigail and Ha'ze wandering off, and the others.. Well, he doesn't know them very well at all. Steeling himself for wandering closer, he doesn't say anything to Feyran, just looks at the stall with the steaks that they'd eaten earlier and shaking his head as the person running it offer a special deal. Even a deal won't make him bite.

"R'en! R'en! R'EN!" Is she gonna keep this up until he decides to acknowledge her? Quite possibly. People are starting to stare. "Come over here!" The poor poor healer. He really has the worst luck. "We went to the holds, and I'd see some people when they come for business…and we've gone to Ista before, but…never really stuck around for long. You've got so many things already that business isn't as good here as it is out there." Kimmila earns a lop sided grin before the trader takes another sip of wine. Feyran turns to C'rus then and shoots him a little wave as he wanders off. "Remember to have fun!"

Kimmila glances over at R'en, grinning crookedly at him. "Hey there. Fort's duties, welcome." To C'rus, the bluerider grins. "I was much the same when I was younger. But then…there's something captivating about the wild. Perhaps you'll discover that too." For Feyran, the bluerider just shrugs. "Such is the nature of tithes I suppose."

C'rus isn't leaving, so much as his dragon is slowly making his way toward the group. At long last Jaicoureth finally has arrived at C'rus's side through the gauntlet of people, «There is lots to see here, but there are too many people. Too many people I've never seen before.» the dragon emotes to C'rus. For this part C'rus just lays a hand on his lifemate and smiles, "It's a big party. I know how you feel believe me. There was a time in my life where I didn't go to things like this either, but things change. But you did really good." he compliments the young blue. His attention then returns to Kimm, "Well..I'm not exactly young anymore." Because 25 turns or so is old, "But after Jaicoureth…anything can happen…and I mean anything." All bets are off.

R'en gives Kimmila a nod, even if Feyran is practically shouting at him. "Monaco Bay's duties.." He offers lightly, even giving C'rus a bit of a grin as he wanders around with his small blue. "Age is only a number, doesn't mean anything really.. Some people never grow up." Like Feyran, who is darted a glower and he makes his way over towards where she is so he doesn't actually have to raise his voice. "Do you /have/ to do that every time? It's embarrassing." He even tries to thwap her against the back of the head if there's a moment that seems like it's promising.

"I do, and it's your own fault for not saying hello the first time." Feyran grins at R'en. He /might/ be able to get in a thwap while she's taking a sip of wine. But of course, that risks her spilling it all over who is closest…so…her and him. HA. "You don't look that old." The trader girl looks to C'rus and says this with a slightly raised eyebrow. Not that she's really paying attention to the conversation. Now she's digging for that candied fruit to nibble on again.

Kimmila smiles at C'rus, quiet through their private conversation, and then she grins. "Yes, anything can happen now." She sips her wine and laughs. "I'm going to mingle, see you guys later. C'rus, you're free to head back whenever you wish." It's not far to the weyr, along very well lit, well traveled pathways.

C'rus gives his head a quick shake, "I'm old enough…" he replies to the remaining pair as he waves to Kimm as she moves off to mingle in the crowd, "Old enough to know I'm old enough I suppose." he says with a grin. No need to not have a good time tonight. There is a part going on, his lifemate by his side, only one thing could make the evening more pleasant, "So you all are from somewhere else I take it?" he hadn't really caught where they said they were from.

…how is it that babies can make even the briefest of trips take forever? Soriana… should know this by now, but as it is, she's still being amazed by Skyler on a regular basis. But! She has (finally) finished things and returned. In fact, she's returned without the baby - probably because she foisted him off on Ka'el or something - and is strolling between the stalls taking a look at what the various traders have for sale.

R'en doesn't even care if he makes Feyran spill her wine, he probably thinks she shouldn't have it in the first place. Look at that baby face, she is too young, surely. "I'm probably older than you, not that it makes a difference in the grand scheme of things until you're /really/ old." He decides, then shrugs his shoulders a little. Yep, he's not concerned about age in the least. "I'm from Monaco Bay, she's.. something a foul wind brought in to settle close to Monaco Bay." He suggests, though there's plenty of time for Feyran to correct him. He glances towards the stalls, looking to see if there's anything that catches his eye so he can squirm away from the trader kid.

"I'm from a trader caravan…we're settled not far from Monaco right now." If R'en makes her spill her wine, it'll be getting on him too! Even if she has a baby face…she's definitely old enough to drink! "Age doesn't matter unless you're very young. And then when you get old everything's about the same so it isn't a big deal. The middle years are the same." So she's got a bit of a different view on the subject. Foul wind? She laughs at that remark, "He's just annoyed cause I bug him all the time. The guy doesn't have very many friends." Let's just talk about him like he's not here!

C'rus listens politely to the pair as they appear to bicker back and forth for a moment before settling on explaining how things work between them. He'll file that bit of knowledge away for a later time. What Feyran says gets his attention. He has been /that guy/ who has few friends before and its a lonely place to be. And it causes him to want to speak up on the other healers behalf, yes he can see the knot, "I'm sure that isn't true. Sometimes having a few close friends is just right." he says before his gaze is caught by another person he knows. He shouldn't be surprised to see her but he is, "Hello weyrwoman." he calls out offering her a salute, no harm in being polite. Jaicoureth stays happily by his side, more willing to take a deeper look around now that he is where he is more comfortable.

Hmm. This trader has leather tooled with a variety of designs, shaped into belts and bracers. Interesting - and so Soriana looks it over, nodding to the tanner when he attempts to engage her and then drifting on without actually buying anything or even being seriously tempted. Next, there's… no, none of that for her. But oh, here's one with drinks, she can have some of that! A spiced cider, sure, that sounds good… and so fortified, she continues on, looking from the traders to the crowds… which also include some traders, and she waves to a set of faces that seem vaguely familiar for some reason or other. …when you're Senior of a Weyr, there are a lot of faces that seem familiar for some reason. Some of them even say hello! So she lifts her cider in a half-salute back. "Good evening."

"She likes me. Thinks I'm the most handsome thing ever." R'en quips, and wipes at the wine that gets spilled on him. It doesn't seem to phase him much at all, in fact he doesn't appear to care in the least. He sighs a little at the insinuation that he has no friends and rolls his eyes, "You hardly know me. I have just the right number of friends." He says, and giving a salute to, then tucks his hands into his pockets as the Weyrwoman comes closer. Seems every time he meets her, there's a new stain on him - so why should this time be any different than last time. Sindrieth isn't anywhere near the party, far too large to be intermingling in the crowd.

"I wouldn't say you're the most handsome thing I've ever met." Feyran wrinkles her nose at R'en and smirks before glancing at her now empty wine cup…and stained jacket. That poor poor jacket. But it's seen worse at least. "You're never hanging out with anyone like friends when I see you." This to R'en before her gaze turns to C'rus. "It's true…he really isn't." Not that she really seems to mind if anyone believes her or not. There's a wave to the arriving Soriana then, and a grin since she half kind of met her earlier. "No baby?"

C'rus doesn't have it in him to let it go just like that, "It's me. Cyrus." he says simply. That should be sufficent enough to get the weyrwoman's attention, and if not, thats just fine too. He turns his head back toward Feyran and R'en, "I see." he says to R'en, incredibly thankful that he doesn't have someone like that following him around, "Good luck with that…" he replies. After all what else can a person do, "Maybe you are just catching him during quiet moments?" he says to Feyran.

It's much better than having the same stains on R'en every time Soriana meets him. That would imply he doesn't care about them. Variety? Well, that just means he's good at getting stains on him, and that is a skill. Maybe not as useful a skill as some, but who is Soriana to discount a talent? Cyru- no, wait, that's not her, that's the one who's talking to her. Cyrus Ryrus Bobyrus, the one who… uh… she presumably knows, or at least, he knows her! So she smiles to him, nodding in greeting, and then looks to Feyran and laughs. "He's with his grandmother. She wanted to show him… something." Does Soriana remember what? Maybe. Does it matter? …not really. Skyler is in good hands, and that's good enough for her! And, being as how she's coming into the conversation late, she adds without much context, "It doesn't seem particularly quiet here…"

"I'm just busy a lot. I have things to do, unlike you who seems to just lie in the shadows waiting to annoy people." R'en says, though he isn't going to defend his friendships or lack thereof to Feyran. He lifts a hand to run through his hair, and just sighs. Yes, C'rus, you should be glad you don't have a pet Feyran, it's going to cause him to go grey faster than having kids of his own. Trying to make the best use of a distraction with Soriana arriving and starting to chat, he takes a few steps away from the group to see if he can get a better look at one of the jewelry booths from where he's standing, without actually going over there. Nothing worse than sales pitches, which is the point of this kind of event - but he might just have a hard time saying no too often.

"Hmmmm, maybe. But I kinda doubt it." Feyran says this to Cyrus as if it's some sort of secret, not that it is. She waggles her empty glass absently and then turns to grin at Soriana. "Quiet would be boring, and we wouldn't want that. Good that you got some time to yourself though!" Really R'en? Of course there's no way that Feyran wouldn't notice him sneaking over to look at a /jewelry/ section. After all, her parents trade in that business. "Did you get a girlfriend?" Because this is the logical conclusion. And the next logical conclusion? "Oh! It's Vanessa, isn't it? I could tell she liked you. She wanted to go have a swim with you the other day."

C'rus glances over to the young blue by his side, and his eyes once more glaze a bit as he recieves the question from the young dragon, "I'll tell you later." he replies to him softly, trying not to interrupt the conversation overly much between Feyran and the other healer. He sort of winces on the mans behalf. He wouldn't want other people poking their nose into his life like that, but he doesn't see how he can really effectively stop it so he turns to Soriana, "I don't believe you've met my lifemate…this is Jaicoureth." he says with a great deal of pride. Because he is so proud of his little baby…ok not baby anymore but still. He isn't even phased by her seeming lack of recognition. It may even be a blessing.

That's right, Soriana is… a pretty terrible diversion, apparently. She can't even keep Feyran distracted for a few moments while R'en investigates his options! And this, even when she smiles and nods to the trader. "It's nice every so often!" she agrees, but then… fails to distract. Maybe it's because she's being distracted back by C'rus, to whom she looks - and to the dragon by his side. Jaicoureth… she nods to the blue. "Nice to meet you," she says, and the wheels that had begun turning continue to do so. Jaicoureth… Cyrus… oh. Right. "How are the two of you doing?" she asks with a polite smile. "Adjusting well to your new life together?"

R'en seems less than pleased at Feyran's continuing questions, taking a deep breath before he gets too far towards the fact he'd really like to try smacking her again. "No. Vanessa is /not/ my girlfriend." He tries to say it pointedly, so there can be no mistake that he's just saying it to dodge attention. "Do you mind? Honestly, Feyran.. This is a public place and you're just trying to rile me. I don't appreciate it." He says, and the tone would suggest that there actually -is- a limit to what he can take of her poking and prodding. "I just thought it'd be nice to get her something small for a shell of one of the eggs, when they hatch. Just being -nice-, nothing more." So far nothing's really stuck him as appropriate though, so he might just leave empty handed. C'rus and Soriana get a bit of a smile, though he doesn't say anything to them directly, talk about embarrassing.

That seals the deal! R'en can deny it however much he wants but Feyran is going to believe that he's in love with Vanessa. "Oh really? Good luck with that!" And there's this terrible moment where she winks at the poor healer. Does she seem bothered that he's annoyed at her? Not in the least. Feyran brought him to the boiling point and got her amusement so now she turns back to the others with an almost satisfied air about her. "I'm one of nine…I know my mom was always glad to have some time away from us. Not that she loved us any less for it." This said to Soriana.

C'rus can certainly understand the man's predicament and if he was here by himself and his young dragon were sleeping he might try to intervene a bit more to help, but with young ears nearby there is no way he's going to get involved in that domestic disupte. Jaicoureth though has taken an interest in the conversation and wuffs to them not speaking to their minds as he has learned that is rude, but he does cause C'rus to chime in, "Jaicoureth has asked me to tell you that it isn't nice to fight like Ha'ze and Kai do." C'rus gives them a look that says 'please don't ask.' With that he is able to turn his full attention back to Sori, "We are both doing very well thank you." he says with a smile, "He's honestly wonderful." In C'rus's mind there is no dragon on Pern that is better. Though he is certainly biased.

Nine. Soriana is left without words for a moment, because she can't even imagine that. "…Luraoth's had clutches smaller." Okay, so she can imagine it, but picturing baby dragons rampaging through her house is probably not very accurate. Right. She gives her head a little shake. "I… only have the one." And at the moment, she doesn't even have him! C'rus's statement from Jaicoureth has Soriana looking down at the blue dragon, but she doesn't comment directly. She does look back up at the weyrling as he speaks to her again, and nods. "Well. That's good, then," she says to him. "Apparently, he's part of your healing process." She glances back down to the weyrling blue.

R'en doesn't feel like arguing anymore, in fact, he doesn't particularly feel like hanging out around the trader fair anymore. He just sighs, looks off towards where presumably Sindrieth is waiting for him, and then lifts a hand to wave at the bluerider and weyrwoman before he excuses himself. The trip was an apparent bust, nothing bought and only frustration and a wine covered shirt to be had. He isn't Feyran's ride, and even if he was - he'd probably just leave her behind anyways.

"I'm not fighting with him…I'm…" Feyran doesn't really have a good way of putting it, but there's a cheeky grin in the end. As R'en heads off she winces /just/ a little bit, but it's almost gone by the time anyone might notice. "MHm, I had lots of siblings running around. Kind of learn to make yourself useful pretty quickly." Not that anyone would think the trader could do anything just by looking at her. Really…she's standing there in a frumpy wine-stained outfit looking too young for her age and chasing people away! She doesn't comment on the healing process thing, for once staying out of a conversation that seems a bit serious.

C'rus is a bit relieved that, whatever the heck that was, is over. For the sake of the little ears that are present and ever so sensitive to conflict in any form. He offers a wave to R'en as he departs for wherever and looks from Feyran back to Soriana. He wants to choose his words carefully lest the young one pick up on things he isn't quite ready to know yet, for there are memories C'rus cannot share. Jaicoureth deserves to be a child for as long as he can, "He has helped me in so many ways. Haven't you?" he grins over to the dragon, who apparently offers some kind of unheard response because C'rus replies, "Yes. The man did fly here." He glances between the two women, "He really likes the idea of flying."

Soriana waves to R'en as he departs, watching him go for a moment. "…he probably doesn't have siblings," she murmurs - mostly to herself - before looking back to the trader and bluerider who chose to stick around. "Being useful's a good skill. You do enough of it, and people will even keep you around." She smiles crookedly to Feyran, then looks back to… C'rus, and the dragon who has - apparently - helped him. "And you," she says to the weyrling bluerider, "will be there to help him." It's said with a smile, but there's still the force of an imperative there, an implied or-else that… well, really, what could Soriana actually do about it? (Don't find out.) "He'll get to fly eventually." Her lips quirk. "And even get tired enough that he'll want to land again."

"He said he does…but I don't know if I believe him. He acts like he doesn't…" Feyran glances back in the direction R'en disappeared before shrugging and offering them both a smile. "Well it was nice to meet you both…I should probably be heading back too. The rider that brought me here seems like she's ready to leave." And indeed, there's a woman not far off waving at the little group. "If you come near Monaco, look up our caravan!" And with a wave, she's disappeared!

C'rus waves to the strange young lady from Monaco. What else can he do really since she is off like a shot. This leaves him alone with the weyrwoman, but not really alone because he is never alone now. Not for a single instant, "That goes without saying. I love him." he says earnestly. Thats what you do when you are in love is it not? The dragon watches the young lady go and apparently loses interest rather quickly. It's then that C'rus is hit with a barrage of questions from the young mind which he tries to answer as simply as possible, "Pardon me for one moment." he turns to face his lifemate, "Yes. I do know her." he says with a smile, "And yes she flew here." the final question gets a very quick answer, "No. You can't. Not yet. But soon you will be able to." he offers as some kind of encouragement. It may shock Sori to know but the pair has become probably the most inseparable pair of weyrlings, so much so that the weyrwoman had to tell them to work on being apart.

Soriana glances to Feyran at her comment and nods slightly. She follows it with a shrug, and then she's waving to the Monaco trader's departure before returning her attention to the C'rus that's been left behind with her. "It should, yes," Soriana says to the thing that should go without saying, and smiles slightly. "You haven't always been one to believe in things just because some people think that's the way they should be. In fact, you've had some strong words about people making assumptions."

"I suppose thats true enough. I still don't I suppose. But regardless of other people's experience I know my own. And that is enough for me." he says with a smile, "Falling in love will do that to a person." And sometimes its just that simple. The healing power of love, "I've had alot of strong words…its true, but I have none of them with me today. Only soft ones, for young ears." Jaicoureth looks between the 'grownups' as they talk. They aren't making much sense, and he has found that this is the case often.

Soriana nods to C'rus. "I might suggest you think about those words you did have, at some point… and about whether - from your new experience - you'd like to go back and change any of them." She smiles a little. "You have time to think about it. It'll be a while before Jaicoureth is ready to fly." And perhaps even longer still before he'll understand these things… but while the blue may be a baby, C'rus is a grown man, old enough to think about these things (even if only while his dragon is sleeping) and make decisions. "After all… the two of you have a life to live together. You should make it a good one."

C'rus isn't going to allow himself to slip back into that place, not while the baby is sitting right here next to him. This conversation is skirting a line as is so he chooses to not respond verbally to that first part of what she said, but he does feel more comfortable responding to her last train of thought, "Oh we fully intend to make our life a good one." The past he can't do much about, but the future…there is where the choices can be made. The dragon does understand Sori's comment about flight which causes C'rus to have to clarify a bit, "When she says a little while it doesn't mean forever. You'll be flying before you know it. You are growing so fast." Gotta keep up the encouragement.

Soriana raises her brows slightly as C'rus avoids most of the issue. "…ask Jaicoureth what someone should do after they fight with someone," she suggests mildly, then lifts a hand to give the weyrling a salute. "I'm off to check on my son. Enjoy the rest of the fair," she says, and the salute turns into a wave as she heads off through the crowd.

C'rus gives her a salute as well as she heads off to find her son, "Good night weyrwoman." he says as he looks down to the young dragon who answers the question the other woman has fairly quickly and easily, "Yes I know they should both apologize." he response to his little lifemate, "And its good of you to say that, and no she wans't talking about Ha'ze and Kai." He quickly moves off through the crowd headed back toward the barracks.

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