Shell Shocked Experience (Egg Touching)

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
A domed ceiling stretches high above the sands, enough open air for a queen and her mate to be comfortable with their clutch. Thin slits of windows around the edges let in a little light, though more of the illumination comes from electric lamps diffused off the dome. The sands are ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, the first third exposed to the sweltering heat of the sands but those in the back glassed off for the comfort of those watching.
The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

After lunch, according to the schedule, there's a class in woodworking for some of the candidates. Any of them who arrive late to it today are going to be very confused, because what the ones who got there on time today found was - instead of a usual crafter to give instruction - an AWLM waiting for them. He gathered them up and led them right back out of the classroom, across the meadow and into the hatching arena.

There's a brief pause in the foyer, while he explains. "We're going to let you touch the eggs. No running or roughhousing." That part comes with a glare at a few of the candidates, including the twins Lenny and Bear from Black Rock who'd done a couple pranks… and more to the point, gotten caught at them. "Bow to Luraoth when you get in, then go up and… touch the eggs." He smiles. "Not much point to trying to explain; you'll see." He looks over them, then… opens the door and lets them into the sands! Luraoth is lying curved in a half-circle just a bit back from loose ring of six eggs near the center of the sands, her eyes swirling a slow green as she watches the candidates.

So many twins or part twins in this bunch it seems, The Black rock ones, Theroux and of course himself, Tealonie. Freaky if you ask him. Course he's one of the ones rushing in even later than the others as he was told to get his butt to the sands if he knew what was good for him. Thus, Teal gets there just in time to hear the no running part and skitters to a halt, sliding a little on the sand. There's a glance that is cast teh golds way, he does hope she won't eat him for this major fauz paus. He hurries in a bow and nearly over topples in his haste to make admends to his entrance. "Sorry, I'm sorry." Squeak? And then he's looking around and around and oh, the eggs look so much different being this close to them. He looks at the other's and then he tentatively sidles along towards the Galactic Experiment Egg. Just one of the ones that has been catching his eyes.

Calisiya is never late; she's also never been much interested in pranks. She is fast cultivating the reputation as the 'straight laced' one who's doing her best to survive the experience. Not to say she isn't doing well, she's been relatively good at navigating Candidate politics and has more or less kept herself out of the limelight by letting others take the spotlight for various reasons and still others take their falls. In other words? She's been trying really; really hard to not be the worst or the best, the smartest or the dumbest, do what she needs to do and walk the line and stay invisible. It's a harder thing to do and requires more skill and concentration than one would think!

At the moment? She's not frightened; but intimidated is perhaps a better word? It comes from not knowing what to expect. You can hear these things told your entire life but doing is better than hearing. On stepping out into the sands? Her eyebrows raise almost too far. /Hot/. And she takes a moment to adjust her clothing to make sure that she appears presentable and makes a neat; careful bow. Along with a salute to any ranking people visible there, and ambles on to stand in front of an egg. Six? Didn't she hear there were supposed to be more than that? Either way, she hesitantly reaches otu a hand; single finger first and then the whole palm to touch it.

Luraoth lifts her nead a bit as Tealonie makes his entrance, with a flicker of yellow in her eyes… followed by a snort that seems almost amused, her gaze shifting more placid again as she lowers her muzzle to her forelegs once more. Her eyes move between the candidates, both the ones who try to draw attention to themselves, the ones who do it without trying… and even the ones who do their best to not be seen. They're all here to meet her babies, so she's going to keep an eye on them while they do. The AWLM - as the other one keeping an eye on this bunch - sighs, mutters something about "Careful!" and goes over to nudge the furrows in the sand out with his boot.

Tealonie's eyes widen and there's a fascinated look on his face even as he repeats the "Ooooooo" He's looking around quickly though casting a glance over both his shoulders and then back to teh egg. Thoughts of the gold, being late and everything else is gone. He's absolutely fascinated by this egg. It's his first egg he's ever touched. He'll remember this moment always.

Calisiya is not in any hurry; the single finger and then actual hand on it showing at least a little bit of trepidation. She finally ends up doing it though! And when she does her expression changes from a carefully forced neutral to a look of clear open mouthed shock. It must be nice to have a front row seat to that; 'Candidate Smile' they could call it. The first time touching an egg. She comes away from it slowly, and as though it might make a difference; runs a hand to tuck her hair behind her ear and places this opposite one on the shell again.

Tealonie almost very nearly yelps, actually he does a little but it's cut off quickly. There's a sheepish look to his face. He can't help but giggling a little "Hey, that tickles!" he squeaks, but he seems quite happy with this new experiance. He startles a little and seems to almost fall, but he's still supported by the egg.

Calisiya isn't as expressive as some others, maybe. It keeps with the whole idea of wanting to fly smoothly under the radar. Something seems to be relaxing her or at least making her feel more welcome and accomodated; a growing level of comfort with what she's doing. If anything? There's the slightest bit of something like a smile on her face. Don't tell anyone she might be enjoying this though. Totally a secret. Both hands this time. Touch.

Tealonie actually looks a little sad there a moment "I'll remember you, though." he says simply as he runs a hand once again along the surface of the egg. He looks around and takes a look at the others touching the eggs. He's relutant at first to step away from the egg but step away he does and moves over towards the Marshmallow Egg.

Calisiya stays the course; lingering. Experiencing. Waiting. She's got the hang of this now. Don't try and see the sands around you or the people. Shut those out and focus on the inward. Because it's the inward that matters. Focus on what one is being shown. Logical to a fault, she knows there isn't any point in talking a thank you, so she thinks it as hard as she can and with a slightly burned knee pats the egg one last time and steps sideways to another. Touch!

Is 'cross eyed' a new addition to 'Candidate Smile?' Well, it might be after Calisiya makes contact with this one. Cross eyed; and her free hand on her head like something hurts. Or judging by the look that cross eyed evolves into perhaps a little bit of nausea. That's what happens though when you can't get your eyes to work properly. The experience is fascinating; but the journey is a rough one. Still though, she doesn't feel done. *touch*

Tealonie once again looks startled "HEy! Wait! I…" Whatever he's about to say is cut off as he's suddenly fascinated and then a look of such awe and wonder crosses his face. "Hey, that's…" Then his eyes are widining "Noooo!!!" he does yelp and then he blinks, and blinks again, looking just a tad sheepish. "No, I guess you wouldn't, I mean you couldn't this couldn't oh, this is just… wow."

Calisiya is distracted from the early bit of the experience a little by Tealonie, whom she blinks at with a kind of startlement at the force of his words. And still, not fear. She might be nauseated; slightly headachy and hot but this has brought nothing but good things so far. She is dragged back into the experience willingly; giving of herself as freely as she is able. This one wants to learn? She is a teacher, and though she might pay for it later with a headache she paitently thinks all that she can remember. Pausing for just a breather; she reaches out a third time. Calisiya even remembers to switch knees so she isn't burned on this time too.

Tealonie is a little confused by all that's being plucked from his head and he's murmuring a little "But, he's not all that.. no, that can't be right. Huh?" He then grins and shrugs a little "Well, yeah." He says as if there could be any doubt.

Information. It keeps going back and forth between Calisiya and the unknown one just as fast as she can tell it; and you can think a whole lot faster than you can tell or write. All of the questions, though? It's tiring to say the least. And yet when this one goes away too, Calisiya is smiling. Not a little one either. This is sort of what teaching Tealonie feels like. Not that she'd ever tell him that. She rises to take a breather for a moment and see what the others are doing.

Calisiya eventually gets herself togeather. It's like being tired; using muscles that you havent used before. When she moves to the next egg it's with a little bit of a respectful air. These things are strong!

Calisiya pauses. She just stops everything that she's doing with an incredibly perplexed look written from one end of her face to the other. Nothing to say; nothing much done really except the most confused look in the world. Eggs aern't supposed to be creepy are they?

Tealonie is quiet as the voice starts to fade he looks a little thoughful at things that were brought up and the images provided. Even if he is still a little confused about it and all. "Yeah, until then." he murmurs and steps back from the egg. He looks between this and the first and hmm a little "So different." he murmurs and then he's wondering again, looking for the next one.and he steps up to the Sticking in the Sand egg.

Tealonie thought he was back and forth on things, this little mind certainly seems to have hum topped on that. Then there's a shrug, it's there because it's there. Course he never gave much thought on how he has compartmentalized various thoughts and all, and then he's looking around at the sound "Hey, wait."

Calisiya looks … alarmed? Something like that. Concerned; not quite frightened but like something very unusual is happening to her and she has no idea what that thing is. There's no frame of rference for being stalked by an invisible thing that you can't quite infulence. In the real world, something has her grabbing at the back of her head; and her hair even as she maintains contact.

Tealonie is mmm's softly and even licking his lips here and there as if enjoying some little treat. There's carefree grin as if he's exploring, certainly a vast difference from before, and he's actually starting to enjoy himself now.

Tealonie can't help but grin a little "Know how you feel." he says and then shakes his head a little "But you're making me tired now. And I don't wanna be tired." he then tilts his head and shakes his head some ."Well, maybe after your nap, we'll have some then. Kay?" he steps back and just looks at the egg a bit and then hmms some and moves on to another one. He's looking thoughful now, wondering just what will come next.

Turns out, Calisiya is stuck on that egg for an extra long time. She's not quite able to draw her hand away from it. It's probably the sensation of being … she can't even describe it. Just goes cross eyed again; looking around in alarm. Is this supposed to happen? Does this even make sense? She hasn't yet taken her hand away either.

Tealonie is sucked away into the spiraling miasma of color, and he's looking left, right, all around as he tries to make sense of things. His brow furrows as he frowns then slowly that furrow clears as his face smooth's out again as he finally focuses on what he's seeing. "Huh." he murmurs and just sort of stands there until he's blinking and looking around.

Calisiya is crossing to another egg as she passes by Tealonie. "Hey." She says, and points. "Visit that one." She points at the round egg. "I think you and it might have some similarities." She attempts to pat him on the head encouragingly. It's a new experience; candidates can support each other! Before moving on to the next herself.

Tealonie blinks a moment at Calisi and then looks back over to the egg she just came back from and he grins brightly "I did! Isn't it great!" he exclaims and then he's focused back in on .the egg he's currently at and he's sighing softly at the coolness and then he's looking curious. "I don't know how long? A long time?" he ponders that and then he's hmming a little

Calisiya goes into this one edgy. The last one very much has her wierded out; a little on edge and the headache just keeps getting worse. As positive of an experience as this wonderfulness seems to be; she might end up being grumpy afterwards at this rate! She settles down to one knee and makes herself breathe. The thing isn't going to get her. Right? Right. Boldly, she touches it and stiffens sharply; only to become a bit more gentle relaxed touch. She might actually be petting it.

Tealonie is bombared by so many questions at once, so this is what it feels like to be on the recieving end. Still, he tries to formulate an answer for each one and they all sorta start merging in with each other and then suddenly he's left standing there with his thoughts half finished. "Well." he murmurs and then he's shaking his head some as he steps back. He looks around, there's a couple more eggs to see, his eyes drift to one other that had caught his eyes, but not yet. He instead heads over to the Sinensi Tim Tam egg.

Calisiya might well find this traumatizing as all get out once she's had a chance to think about it all. The reassurances are helpful after the admittedly creepy job the last egg did on her; but still. She has a difficult time taking this one a value. Perhaps it just hits too close to home? She hesitates again then touches it a third, and final time. Is it wrong to hope for more positive reinforcement?

Tealonie is enveloped and surrounded and well, this is quite different indeed. He cocks his head as if listening, and then his nostrils flare as he sniffs "This must be what bread feels like as it cooks." he murmurs.

Tealonie floats along and could almost swear that he's elsewhere. What sands, right? He's shiftinh, looking. "Where are you?" he murmurs and then there's a yelp as he stumbles some and then he's relaxing once more. There's another nostril flare. "Man, you smell almost good enough to eat." Gasp. And then he's turning again, hands lifting and dropping back onto the egg and the blinks. Yeah, just an egg. Right?

It starts when she's most of the way through dealing with this last egg, but Calisiya is developing a splitting migrane. It doesn't detract from her work with this one; it doesn't keep her from concentrating on it. But it's a growing thing. Really? The only thing that keeps her hand there is how darn comforting and reassuring this egg is. It keeps her there longer than she otherwise might and she's smiling pretty hard by the end of it. That wasn't so bad? Only to have a wave of nausea crest and she sits back on her butt in the hot sand with one hand on her head. Frantically, she waves an assistant over and grabs onto them to get back to her feet. Some words are exchanged; something about her head hurting so bad she can't see and she's led away with a final look back at both the Walking Marshmallow Egg and the Mirth and Laughter egg. She'll see the rest soon enough, but not before she has a rest.

This is hardly the first time a candidate's been so overwhelmed by the experience - the mindtouches, the heat of the sands - that they've needed some painkillers and rehydration… and time in a dark room /without/ intruding minds filling it up with visions. It likely won't be the last, either.

There's a quietness from Teal as the questions are posed to him. Questions he's often asked himself. Questions he's not yet found an answer too since he doesn't really know. And most certainly there are more answers left with him, for one how does it ask the questions that he asks himself? Not that he's eer had a laid back approach to the questions he asks himself, but they do seem a little less urgent and less frenzied, just something to thing about. And think about he does as he steps back from the egg and meanders his way over to the Mirth and laughter egg

Tealonie is awonder with all the imagery and he's grining brightly finding it all rather grand. This one is quite nice, no wonder Calisi gave it a parting glance. It is quite the rush after all.

Again with the wonderful smells! There's a slight growl of a stomach coming from Tealonie's direction. Not that he notices and thus can't be embarassed by it as his mind is otherwise occupied. So many new things to discover afer all.

Tealonie is smiling as he steps away from the egg. Such a wonder the emotions and feelings they can evoke. "How do they do it?" he wonders yet again "So vivid, it's like not being here but elsewhere." he says as he moves off to the side and looks around. "Where'd Calisi go?" he asks as it dawns on him that she's not longer there. And then his eyes gaze around the eggs again. "Is it normal to want to spend more time with a certain egg, than another?" he asks after a moment.

Bear, coming off the sands at a similar time as Tealonie, shakes his head a bit. "Is it like that all the time, with a dragon?" he asks back - no answers, at least not from him. "Always being… /there/." Wherever there is, according to which egg it was. "Don't see why you wouldn't have favorites. I mean… you can have a favorite anything else, can't you?" He shrugs. "I know I did." He looks back to the sands, over the ring of eggs.

It's not long before an AWLM comes around, making a circuit to collect candidates. "You're free until dinner… but I did hear a rumor the barracks were a bit of a mess. You might want to look into that." He smiles slightly, ushering them out to give Luraoth some peace and quiet… or whatever passes for it among all those eggs with those active minds inside.

Tealonie hmms a little at Bear and nods "I guess that does make sense." he murmurs and as they're ushered out, he can't just help but run a hand along the Galactic egg once last time as he passes by it. "Still good." he murmurs and then he's following the others out. "A mess? I didn't leave a mess." He looks at Bear "You guys didn't, did you?" he asks as starts heading out.

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