Castles in the Air

Xanadu Weyr - The Firelizard Theatre


There are many different things to look at here. In the northern part of this field lies a massive fort made out of wood. About 10 feet to the right of the fort, there are wooden sit-toys carved in the likeness of dragons and even painted as such. In the middle of the field are two sets of swings suspended from a wooden beam, held up by two wooden beams on either side. To the left of the swings is a 5 by 6 rectangular box filled not quite to the top with sand from Xanadu Weyr's Beach. To the right of the swings are monkey bars, completely crafted out of wood. In front of you are two seesaws, both made out of wood. Finally, to your near left are two benches underneath a large Lemosian Ironwood tree. You find yourself standing in the Courtyard of The Firelizard.

Quiet forest noises, the rustle of leaves, a cool breeze - the little things that nobody thinks about anymore are the things that Sigam appreciates the most tonight. That and the deep strum of the old gitar on his lap. There don't seem to be any words to this song, for all the Dragonhealer is doing is humming along with the slow notes, but this doesn't seem to bother him one bit. Instead he's trying to focus on the fingerings, near-black eyes zoomed in on this one thing until finally he seems comfortable again. Head tilting back, he considers the stars.

A dark forest comes with many dangers, though. among them is a dark shadow, stalking the background silently and moving here and there. It's quite a big dark shadow too, and then something separates from it, making the big shadow stop while the smaller one moves closer and closer… and it's just F'yr, in all her tiny (grumpy) glory with her hands in her pockets and her boots kicking at things. The bigger shadow lets a rumble, felt more than heard, and then there're very obvious whirling eyes staring after the short brownrider as she picks her way quietly. "Learning to play for someone?" she speaks up in a pause between the strumming, keeping her voice low as she studies Sigam from where she stops, head tilted.

Cue Jaws theme-music! Except not really. Sigam's playing more of a lilting countryside tune, whimsical, not at all the doom and gloom that predicts death by sharp, pointy teeth! He's engrossed enough in it that he fails to notice the brownrider's silent approach; even the rumble is written off. Only when F'yr speaks does he give a start. "Huh?" Chin jerking down, the Dragonhealer's fingers fumble over the cords with a dissonant twang and a wince. "Ach. Spooked me, sorry. Wasn't expecting anyone." He spends a second or two getting back into the melody before actually answering her. "Nah. I don't play for people much - mostly myself. Calms me down." His eyes flick up from the strings, curious, a little smile tilting up one side of his face. "You're out late. How are you?"

Big bad brown in the background actually doesn't look as annoyed as he might have been at some other time, his eyes actually whirling a lazy blue as he settles himself in the shadows of the trees, keeping in listening distance. F'yr looks momentarily pleased that she startled Sigam. Still got it! And she wasn't even trying. "At least I wasn't out here to murder you or steal your stuff or anything," she says with a little roll of her shoulder, eyes gazing around the playground as she steps a little closer, sort of meandering. "Dragonhealer, ex sailor, right? And now part Harper. It ain't that bad, and Zaru says he likes it." There's a grunt from that direction as if she said the wrong thing. She turns her head up towards the skies, glancing at the stars herself. "I'm always out late when I got nothing else to do. It's been 'bout the same, and now that you guys are out of Ista…" She gives a shrug to that.

"I'm worth more alive than I am dead, sadly, so they would be greatly disappointed if that were the case," Sigam laughs, gaze dancing towards the trees beyond where Zaruath's eyes are visible through the shrubbery. Her movement captures his attention again. "Right. Next thing you know I'll be a Starcrafter too," he murmurs, head lolling back again. "Reality is, if I like it, I look at it. Or do it. Give my thanks to Zaruath, anyways. Even if he does seem to think you're lying." Eyes attempt peek back at the trees, but his lashes are quick to get in the way, so he gives up. "I guess you have a point. I just wasn't expecting anyone out in this neck of the woods." Fingers slow and still, the end of the song having been reached, and though his gaze is still turned starwards, it's taken on a thoughtful air. "We are, aren't we. My sense of time is so out of whack, for having only been gone a few days. Huh." Shrugging, he starts and stops a few songs before finally settling on a quieter one. "I'm sure you're happy to have D'son back, but tell you what, the Ista air must do something for him. He slept like a sharding rock." A lopsided grin is flickered her way.

F'yr actually looks like she's given that a thought. "Well, I'm not really in need of any marks so even ransoming you off… nope, not interested either." She rocks on her heels a moment, a smirk trailing on her features for a moment. "Well, ain't they building something for the starcrafters here? There's your chance to learn something else. I say go for it. Me… well, we're only good at very few things." And she says this with a look back at her lifemate as well, frowning now. "He's just grumpy cause I told you." The dragon hangs around, only seeming to actually look restless when the music stops. Fy slowly moves away from Sigam, peeking around at the things in the playground before plopping herself down on one side of the seesaw, turned to face the dragonhealer, giving a snort. "Well, time differences and all. D'son's been a mess cause of the traveling, even worse when he just visits his weyrmate but…" And another shrug, another deep frown. "Guess he just got busier since getting out. Haven't seen much of him… but nice to know he got some sleep." She lifts a finger and waggles it towards him. "But I'm guessing you didn't?"

"I'd be too much trouble, anyways," Sigam notes loftily, still grinning. "All the kicking and screaming, and even if you locked me up, I'd rattle my tin cup on the bars and gab away 'til you went insane." The grin has turned into a full-on devious smile, eyes dancing. "Are they? I haven't heard, but I'm going to find another rider going up to the Yokohama someday, and then I'll have some fun. You should come with." Head tilting back to it's normal position, he considers the brownrider as she settles onto the seesaw. "I'm sure you're good at plenty of things. Don't be modest. As for him, I can pretend to have gone temporarily deaf, if he'd like," he teases, tilting his thumb to tweak one of the strings sharply as he goes along. "Yeah, it wasn't so much the time as the snoring," the Dragonhealer admits with a laugh, eyeing that waggling finger. "I don't blame him for being a mess and that, but shards. I slept most of the day just 'cause that's when he was most quiet." The words might be scathing, but Sigam's tone is full of laughter as he shakes his head. "Good thing he's the WL or I might never let him live it down."

F'yr's eyes seem to light up for a moment, as if something he said caught her attention. "/Even if?/ There ain't no doubt that I can lock you up and all." Her back straightens a little more and she even does the whole chest-puffing bit. This little brownie is serious. "'Course you had all that practice already… Not that /that/ was any bad anyway." As she settles down her eyes turn up to the skies and her hand instinctively rubs at one of her wrists. "You know, I've never been there before. Never really had much of a chance or reason. Why do you go up there?" But her eyes turn away and she snorts, flapping a whole hand at him. "If it's blowing something up, killing something, or breaking someone's face… well, then maybe I'm your girl for the job, but I ain't ever been much for the crafts like you seem to be doing." She plants her feet on the ground, kicking up to make the seesaw lift up before she flops back down. "It was /that/ bad? Yeah, good thing, or I'd have to secretly get rid of you or something."

Sigam seems curiously amused by all of this puff-preening business, head tilting to one side as he considers her. "I'm sure you could, actually. If I were any smarter, I'd be afraid right now. But," he slouches a little, pulling the gitar further up his stomach as he rests back on his bench, "As it were, I'm feeling stupid. And no, it wasn't that bad. Just disorienting." He nods before glancing up as well. "You haven't? I mean, I guess I understand - I hadn't until I was hauled up there - but… I go up there for the view. The sight from the bridge is… breathtaking." And if it has Sigam awed, it just has to be better than sliced bread, right? "Hey, that's talent right there! I bet if you asked half the girls in the weyr, they wouldn't be able to do any of that business." He pauses to consider. "Except Cenlia. She had no qualms about breaking my face. One out of three ain't bad." The 'healer shrugs, a smaller smile playing about his face. "I'm never going to be /good/ at any of this, but if there's an opportunity, I say why not try." A lazy eye peeks open at the sound of the see-saw moving, and an eyebrow quirks briefly. "I'm a lighter sleeper than I thought, that's all. And you know, I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't be running right now. You seem intent on finding a reason to lock me up and toss away the key." The words come with a wink that hopefully conveys that he's teasing.

F'yr rolls her eyes at that. "Hah," she says, not really amused. "Like I said, not really interested in all that. It'll make me no better than a sharding renegade anyway." She listens to him, blue eyes gazing intently at his expression as he talks about the Yokohama. "I guess I just… never really thought about it before. No real reason to travel there…" Her voice lowers, trailing off, and she gazes out in the direction of her lifemate where the grounded brown still lays. Not much of bandages around his wings, but the brown still hasn't been seen in the skies. "Cenlia told me she's the one that threw the bottle in your face. Not really a punch but I'll give it to her. And I said we're good at a /few/ things. No good at all the rest." And she points a finger right at his instrument, smirking again. "Better able to have some skills than no skills. So you ain't any good at dragonhealing either? Your real craft and all." The seesaw thumps down hard on the ground another time and when she's settled, Fy sticks her tongue out at Sigam. "Not unless you give me reason to. But then 'gain, you're friends with weyrwoman Thea and she'd end up locking /me/ up instead."

Sigam's brows knit a bit, but it isn't at her sarcastic laughter. "You'll always be better than a renegade," he says with something of a pout as he loops back over a part of the song he's already played. "Yeah. I get that. Still, sometime when Zaru's feeling better… consider it. I know someone you can get the image from." Brown eyes tag along after blue to look at the dragon in question. "That'd be her," he says ruefully on the subject of Cenlia, gaze going a little distant before it refocuses on F'yr. "At least those few things are useful. I wonder about some crafts." A barking laugh is given then, a mirthful expression on the Dragonhealer's face. "Alright, you got me. I was only trying to be modest. If there's anything I'm actually good at, it's that." And yes, a hint of pride is seeping into his tone, even as he moves to sit up straight. "I'll be very sure not to give you a good reason, then." A pause, then he returns the raspberry. "As if I'd hide behind her protection. Psh. I'd take it like a man."

F'yr's eyes watch his music playing curiously, and she gives him more of an honest smile now, though it looks a bit far off. "You know, just tell me next time you're catch a ride or something. Maybe I can spare a little bit… Usually I'm just in the stables all day anyway, so it ain't like I got something better to do." She leans back on the seesaw, not kicking up anymore, and instead stretches her legs out. "Well, you might wonder but at the end they were still made crafts, so it ain't like they're useless… right? Then again, don't listen to me." She giggles a little at his pride, not bothered by it at all apparently. "Good to know there're competent dragonhealers here. We need every one of you, right? And eventually Zaru's gonna get back into the skies." First time she sounds confident about it, too. And now she actually laughs, a short back as she rolls her head back. "You know 'bout well as I do that you wouldn't need to /hide/. She'd skin me with or without your permission."

Sigam glances up for a moment, smile matching her own before his attention returns to his instrument. "Alright, I will. Shouldn't be too long - I've a friend from Ierne who's working there - so I'll drop you a line." His fingers trail off on the notes quietly before using his palm to still the gitar. "No, no, you have a point, it's just…" One hand reaches up to frazzle his hair. "I can conceive better ways to spend one's time, that's all." Seeming satisfied with that answer, he wrinkles his nose a bit with a wayward smile. "Sure, we 'healers are a useful lot in general, but we definitely need higher grades here at Xanadu. Lots of apprentices, not so many teachers. And of course he is! I'm surprised we've been able to keep him down this long." The man winks, shooting the shadowed brown an amused glance. "That hardly seems fair. She should at least give you the benefit of the doubt over me. You've been here longer." He nods into this idea as he picks at a single wire, left hand gently tuning the instrument to his satisfaction.

F'yr lifts her chin up to squint at the stars, as if trying to spot the Yokohama from there. "Who /does/ work there? Like… what kind of people do they need up there?" she asks curiously, gazing at Sigam with big eyes. "Well, that's why some people are in one craft and not the other. Or like me, in no crafts at all no matter how much Mom pretends I'll eventually get interested in rocks." Her face scrunches up at that thought, and then it turns further into a scowl at the mention of her lifemate and her face turns towards that direction. "That ain't so difficult. It's teaching him how to get back /up/ that's a problem. My only guess is that when he's finally good to go, to call in Dels's weyrmate's green when she's proddy and force her to fly out here." That earns a good shudder from the brownrider though. One hand reaches up to tug at her hair, eyes turning away from the forest and to Sigam. "But she likes /you/ at the end. Friends, that is, and knows you. Shells, you were lucky to have people trapped with when you got caught. Not fun if you're alone," she says with a serious tone to her voice. "And I thought you were here longer, though…"

"Starcrafters mostly," Sigam says, even as he leans back, content with the string at last. "The Yoko's computers have a lot of information and can handle a lot more than ours. I'm sure there's also people there putting the hydroponics gardens to use, et cetera, but I don't get to talk to people much when I'm up there. They're busy, whoever they are." He snorts a bit. "Rocks. Your mum seriously undermines your intelligence. Nothing against miners or anything, but making things explode is much snazzier than digging for rocks." The Dragonhealer blinks, eyes narrowing a bit. "Oh. Never considered he'd need rehabilitation in that manner. Is it her green you need in particular? Surely there's more than a couple risings here, depending on the day." He shrugs then, perhaps sensing her shudder. "I'm sure she'd like you just fine if she talked to you more. I know /I/ like you. But… I guess you're right." His mouth flattens grimly. "No, I can imagine it would've been bad if it were just me…" He tries not think on it too much, instead shaking his head. "Nah, transferred in a couple months ago. I was hearing rumors about Zaru even before I came over, so I know it was before- well, whatever. You know." He huffs, a bit dismayed at his lack of tact, intent on the gitar once more.

F'yr taps a finger to her chin as she listens. "Well, they probably wouldn't want me to get near all that fancy equipment up there. I'd make the whole ship crash into Pern if they did, which wouldn't be good… Telgar and Ista, we really didn't have much computers in any place to poke 'round in. And Mom's always been about the ground— she's a Miner and all— and none of that techno-stuff." Fy makes another of those one-shouldered shrugs, but she grins a bit wider this time even if it was to talk bad about her lifemate. "The Weyrlingmaster threatened to have the queens take him up to the starstones and pushed over the edge since he wouldn't fly during our first lessons. Now that he's all better and, well, alive… he ain't bothered by it so much." Fy, on the other hand, obviously is as she tosses a glare over in the direction of the lazily whirling eyes. Thank Faranth it was dark and all, because Fy was actually flushing a bit. "Well, he's very… fond of Tejath. Hasn't had any interest…" Clear throat, hack, cough. "And you only do cause you don't know me that well," she says, trying to divert the attention away from flights and trying for a smirk, which fades a bit more at the prison talk. Her head bobs but she stays silent, looking away. "Well, been a long time since then, and you're actually useful 'round the Weyr."

"We'll be sure to clip you to the rails, then - no long lead for you." Sigam shakes his finger in mock warning, a chuckle bubbling in his chest. "Computers are handy, but I only know the bare basics of using them myself." A toss of his own shoulders shows that's all he cares to know, too. "Did they really? Intriguing. Never heard of a dragon quite like him. Most stories you hear is of weyrlings jumping the gun and flying too early." Sig's pensive as he gazes towards the brown, nodding a bit into her explaination about Tejath. "Ah, I see. You should see a Healer for that cough," he advises slyly as he looks back at F'yr, dark eyes flickering with amusement. "What, as though if I got to know you, I wouldn't like you anymore? Please." The 'healer goes a little quiet himself, save for the gentle pings and twangs coming from his instrument, but he's definitely biting his lips before he says, "Thanks. 'Preciate that."

F'yr makes big eyes at him. "Wait, do they actually gotta tie you down?" Fy's gullible like that! She's waiting for an answer with jaw slightly gaped open, trying to imagine herself like a balloon. Zaruath's gazing right back at the dragonhealer, but it was more of a 'What're /you/ looking at?' kind of gaze then one of curiosity. "That's Zaru for you. I would've pushed him off the cliff myself nice and early if I could. 'Course, I'm also dumb and get us in situations like this…" And she waves her hand towards the grounded brown and then at herself before heaving a big sigh. Another thump as she hops up on the seesaw. "The cough's permanent. You're gonna have to deal." Fy forces a few more coughs, though silently thankful there's nothing on the greens anymore. "How do you know if you don't really know me? Hmm?" She's amused though, smiling at the dragonhealer as she gets up off her seesaw and starts wandering the playground a bit more, turning to glance back at him. "I just say it how it is."

Sigam laughs, an awful loud sound for the little Theater, but he can't help it. "No, not really. I meant a metaphorical leash. You get to free-float everywhere," he says ominously, smirk devious. His nose scrunches so he can make a face over at Zaruath before turning his gaze back to F'yr. "Shoot first, ask questions later kind'a gal, hm? It works for you, though, in a way," he murmurs just loud enough to be heard over his strumming. "I can deal just fine, but it's you that's gotta live with it," the Dragonhealer chimes in a sing-song voice, hardly knowing himself if he's talking about her cough or her greenflight situation. "You… you're confusing me, lady," Sig says a moment after she speaks again, eyes squinted in a manner that denotes amazement. "I don't even know how to answer. Good job." The man chuckles low before finally swinging the gitar off his lap. "Best philosophy there is. However," and here he stands with a mild groan, back arching. "I should definitely get to bed. Need to get into a normal sleeping schedule now, what with work in the morning. Shucks." Giving a wave, he makes his slow, meandering way back towards the weyr, a humm in his throat.

F'yr stares at him as he laughs, and then suddenly huffs when she finally gets her answer, tongue coming out again. Laughing at her… "I see, then. If I suddenly go visit and they lasso me up, I'm gonna blame it on you for giving them the idea, then." Fy then turns around slowly on her heel, backing up into a swing with a smirk on her face. As she plops down she also mimics shooting something with an imaginary slingshot in the air. "That's definitely me. Only the best way of living life, I think." She tilts her head at him, starting on a slowly swing as her hands get a grip. "See, first I start confusing people, then they realize I'm nuts or something. Who says you'd like to be 'round someone like that?" But she's only kidding, grinning at him instead, faltering only into a pout when he gets up. "That's right, you working types…" She keeps swinging, though, unwrapping a hand to wave after him. "Sleep well now that you don't have a snoring Weyrleader 'round, Sigam." Zaruath watches the dragonhealer closely, but he has not moved from the shadowy spot he claimed.

Chuckling, Sigam nods, "You can blame me all you want, but no one bothered to hook me down when I went up. Gravity sets in once you get out of the cargo chamber anyways." A hand flicks dismissively as he watches her swing, and he's almost tempted to join her. Almost. "I don't think you're nuts, I think I'm just too tired to to understand your twisty words. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure this would've been way past my bedtime at Ista." The truly disoriented feeling makes his tongue-flick a little half-hearted, but he's shaking a finger at her anyways. "I do like being around you though, so don't even start up that business, you hear?" Snort, nod, and a return wave as he backs further into the shadows. "Yeah, being a working stiff ain't all it's cut out to be, but at least my room is quiet. Thanks, and I'll see you later, Fy." A lilting tune marks his progress through the forest towards the weyr, fading slowly until finally, he's gone.

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