Vacation Surprise

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves. The meadow continues with gentle rolls and dips, grass tall and short waving in the slightest of breezes, and eventually those hills grow higher and steeper, ending in a large rige that provides a fine view of that meadow and the rest of the Weyr, gazing out over the multicolored roofs of the houses and the cliff that holds the caverns.
Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, and a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing. Trees border the northern side of the meadow, and more of those low, rolling hills can be seen to the northwest. A road passes through the meadow, coming from the east and used by traders and crafters alike. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests or ore from the mountains are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

The snows of Xanadu have melted… and turned some parts of the forest to swamps. Fortunately, the meadow is mostly higher ground, the slopes letting the wet run down and make things… admittedly a bit soggy in a few places, but acceptably dry in most places. It helps that it's been a warm day, Rukbat bright overhead and beating down. Garouth is stretched along one of the ridges of the meadow, his wings splayed to either side as he takes in that sunlight. Solar powered dragon! …really, aren't they all? The light makes the bronzen shades of his hide shimmer against the darkness, a dazzle of fire tracing him out. He's… probably not quite asleep, but neither does he seem in any hurry to move. Neither is D'lei, though he is slightly more alert as he sits on the folded blanket that he stole from its usual storage spot in Garouth's straps. Or at least awake, he's not paying all that much attention to his surroundings on account of the fact that he's reading a large and somewhat musty tome, but… at least he's doing it in the fresh air and sunshine? It's a start!

Serena had a lovely surprise in the conversation she had with Cita last evening. Not only did she find out that Cita would stay her healer even though she had become a candidate but she also found out that since she is far enough along in her pregnancy she can do a small amount of traveling safely. Not only that but Cita told her to take a few days off from work and go to Xanadu. For porcine, bubblies, and not least of all for D'lei! Normally she might have sent a message through Samiryth to let D'lei know she was coming but what would the fun be in that? A green dragon blips into existance in the skies above Xanadu. The rider on her back is bundled up tightly. Eve more tightly than she normally would have been just to be safe. Samiryth winds her way down from the skies and lands in the meadow with Serena disembarking quickly. The green looks around the meadow and spots the bronze dragon there. The bronze she wants to see! She will annouce her presence with a shower of gems and a warmth in her mind, « Garouth! My dear Garouth! I get to visit you for a change. The healers have said we can come for a few days safely. So we are here! » She'll lumber in his direction with a sure and steady gait. Serena will be following after her with a smile on her face as she undoes all the winter gear she is wearing. She won't need it now.

And then there is Risali… Risali who, much like her lifemate, is undaunted by soggy meadows (or even swampy forests, but there are no GAROUTHS or D'LEIS or SAMIS or SERENAS there, are there?) and is beside her gold with hands tucked away inside the pockets of a riding jacket. In usual fashion, the weyrling has gathered up that positively unruly (read: loosely curled) hair of hers to the back of her head and tied it off, and she is dancing, and singing, and Leirith is booming out to every unfortunate soul with drums and bass to accompany the sound her rider makes. And every time Risali jumps into a particularly soggy stretch of meadow (which are much smaller versions of the swampy bits in the forest), heedless of the fact that she's slowly getting herself dirty, Leirth takes a leap, and extends those massive wings and sails - unsteadily, of course, and for near-discouraging amounts of time. But the queen is not at all put off by her own delays! Not when Risali interrupts singing to encourage her and then returns back to their song. And so it goes, the pair unaware of reunions (though the gold is surely making herself known to all) until Risali breathlessly hop-skip-jump-puddle lands where she can see D'lei. And there's a pause, as she rocks on the balls of her feet with that smile going impossibly brilliant in delight, fading with distraction when grey eyes are drawn to the green and her approaching rider. Oh. Confusion mars the weyrling's brow, and she maintains her yet-to-be-closed distance from D'lei while she waits. Maybe this is one of those moments better left to D'lei and Garouth. You know who doesn't wait? Leirith. She doesn't need her seeing-eye minion anymore (not that that ever stopped her before), and so she takes a disoriented hop-LEAP-SOARSOARSOAR NOT SOARING ANYMORE approach towards the bronze. ALL THE LADIES COMING AT HIM FROM ALL THE DIRECTIONS. RUN GAROUTH. « LOOK WHAT I CAN DO! » She's just joy and glee and everything she probably shouldn't be because there are reunions afoot and she is spoiling them spectacularly. And she's not just talking to Garouth (I mean, she's always talking to everybody) - she is talking to Samiryth too. WHAT IS STRANGER DANGER? SHE KNOWS NOT OF THIS THING.

…okay, so, is D'lei awake? Because he just heard Garouth stir and lift his head - though that's not the part that makes him question his consciousness. Neither is the drums and bass mental soundtrack, because that's just normal these days. What makes D'lei wonder if this is in fact a dream is that Garouth's shadows are stretching toward Samiyrth, an echo of between's cold in his breeze that's cool against the warmth of the day. « Samiryth, » he greets her, with a curious question in the dapple of darkness against her, hillocks that echo the ground underfoot as the bronze draws his wings closer so as to not take up the entire hill. « So you are. » He rumbles, a deepness of sound, and lifts his head. « Welcome. » D'lei… huh. That does seem to be Samiryth, and - yes - there's Serena after her. So they are … okay, they're probably here. He might still be asleep, but if he is, this is at least a high-quality dream, and so he's going to pretend it's real and see what happens. So, the furrowed brow of perplexity turns into a grin, and he sets his book down on the blanket as he stands up and hustles himself over to greet Serena. "Hey!" he says, and makes the hands to take her warm things away from her so she doesn't melt now. "What, uh… brings you here?" Also a bit of worry. Between happened, right? Is This Okay? He needs time to figure this out but HA WHAT IS THAT, Leirith is here! Garouth rumbles, tucking his wings a bit closer so they don't get crashed into and trampled, and turns his head to watch Leirith. « You fly, » he replies, his cold winds rushing beneath her wings even if… okay yes she doesn't exactly have the long haul flying down. YET. She'll get there! After she tramples a few more reunions and crashes through delicate whatevers, anyhow!

Samiryth will quickly move up the hill to fetch a pail of wa…nope! She'll head up the hill to give Garouth a good nuzzle along his neck with her muzzle, « I'm so happy that I could come see you where you live. » She probably would have said more but then there is a gold dragon hop-skip-flying toward them drums blazing so it seems! Sami thinks she just might know who this is. She's visited that place in Garouth's mind with the lanterns. It seems that she's finally going to meet this gold in person and not just her echo. « You do fly!. » she says warmly echoing Garouth's words. It is a great day when a dragon gets to fly! She draws herself as regally as she's able and sends a shower of gems toward the mind of the gold, « I'm Samiryth. » she introduces hereslf. Serena will let the dragons introduce themselves and work through things, her focus is on D'lei. She'll smile to him warmly as she sheds off her winter jacket, scarf and goggles, "No no. It's ok. Nothings wrong. Citayzleat says that I'm far enough along that I can between now for short little trips. She said that she was ordering me to go on vacation for a few days and I thought I'd come here to spend it with you." she says as she moves to offer him a hug if he'll take it. If not that will be awkward. She's dressed in a simple shirt and stretchy pants today. The baby bump is now a real thing. Growing ever larger every day, though she isn't huge or anything. She's just three months in but yep. There's a baby in there!

It is probably not a dream, unless Pern has turned into Inception - in which case, it is very possible. WILL THE TOP FALL? WHO KNOWS. AMBIGUOUS-NESS IS AMBIGUOUS. Ahem. So anyway, Leirith doesn't seem to know when she should probably keep her distance because - WHUMP - there she goes. She's all awkward angles and lacking grace in contrast with Samiryth's regal beauty, and she's crashing into Garouth like this is normal (because it is). SAMI NUZZLES, LEIRITH WRECKING BALLS. That's just how it works. But there is amusement for Samiryth's introduction of herself, and Leirith greets the green's gems by making kaleidoscope visualizers out of them with her own voice. There are no lanterns, or dancers, or feathered masks for the dragon, simply an over-excited boom of sound. « I am Leirith! » A beat, and then an answer to Garouth as much as it is an addition of her introduction to Samiryth, « And I am a badass. » And yes, that is the draconic equivalent of laughter as whirling, blue eyes take in the green, and Garouth, and she just bleeds excitement all over their meeting. Unlike Risali, who is just really, really awkward. Indeed, she shifts from foot to foot as she watches, stuck on that precipice of approach or retreat as grey eyes go to Leirith instead and - « JUST KNOCK, MINION! » Sigh. So Risali moves sedately to join D'lei and the Half Moonian she has yet to know, coming up on the tail end of conversation from behind D'lei and offering a slightly awkward, "Is Cita okay?" This is fine… right? They will tell her to leave if she is unwelcome, surely. Don't mind her, she will just keep her hands tucked in pockets and raise her shoulders towards her chin like she's cold (EVEN THOUGH SHE'S PROBABLY HOT).

« It is warm, now, » Garouth agrees as he arches his neck for Samiryth's nuzzle and bumps his muzzle to her shoulder in reply. Talking about the weather, that is definitely how we do this thing. At least, until LEIRITH. Who crashes into him, just like usual, and he arches his wings to extend it over her. Or, well, what used to be over her, but she has gone and gotten BIG, so it's basically just a wave up at her and a bit of a fanning motion. It's the principle of it, ok? The bronze rumbles warmly, low beneath the conversation of gold and green, pleased with both of them even as he watches with a certain… not quite wariness, though the emotion is similar. Curiosity that he hopes will not need to make the transition into concern! D'lei makes his own transition through concern and right back out of it - the Leirith-crash into Garouth not even registering for him anymore - and nods to Serena as his expression turns to relief and his arms become burdened by all those warm things. "Oh, okay! I didn't realize that it was… you know, on and off like that. The between restriction, I mean." Today has been educational! And now that he's been educated, he grins again. "Good. …though it might not be the most exciting vacation, but still." They'll figure it out! And… oh hey there's another voice, this one behind him, and D'lei grins as he turns to see Risali, pivoting so he's standing between the two of them with a scarf-draped hand extended to welcome her. "Hey!" he says. "This's Serena." YEAH SHE PROBABLY GUESSED THAT. And then D'lei looks back to Serena, to whom he says, "This is Risali." Bronzerider hopeful smile says, can be friends?

Samiryth couldn't be said to be wary, but there is a trepidation in meeting Leirith. She knows full well how important the gold is to Garouth and in away she is competition. Though Samiryth had steeled herself just for this moment and is intent on making a good impression. « Really? » She says brightly, with gems moving in the background, « Isn't that lovely dear. » Being a badass isn't something she would aspire too as a lady, but to each his or her own. The important thing though is that Leirith seems to be having fun. « I'm glad it is. » she says to Garouth, a gentle thrumming sound of a sewing machine slipping into his mind, « I get to meet your friends in person. » Yay! Garouth gets to show off his friends. Serena will pull back from the hug when she hears Risali's voice and her question. She'll smile to the new arrival warmly, "She's doing fine. Just got searched and is waffling a bit on if she wants too. I think we'll get her for the greens yet." Because Cita simply must be a green! Greens rule! Serena will step forward and offer her hand to Risali, "It's good to meet you Risali. I've heard your name mentioned of course but beyond that its good to put a face with a name." For Serena and D'lei haven't really spoken about Risali all that much, even if the dragons have spoken about it more.

Leirith still manages Garouth's wing over her, because she's fwumping against Garouth again as she rolls onto her side and extends her muzzle towards Samiryth, wuffling as she nose boops on whatever part of the green she can manage to boop. « Yes. Garouth is also a badass. » A beat, and then in her awkward, horrible, but completely innocent way, she is saying. « You are very pretty. Do you also chase Garouth? » Back to Risali. Grey eyes jump to D'lei when he turns to face her, and Risali answers that grin of his with a smile of her own - though it is muted, unsure, asking a question and looking for an answer she may or may not find as he extends his hand and she takes it in her own. She catches his fingers between hers, and gives his hand a squeeze, then turns her attention back onto Serena. And there is a smile for the woman, grey eyes watching her hand as it's extended for her to take, and she does take it with her free arm, giving her a firm shake and another smile as she breathes out, "I'm glad to hear she's okay, and it's nice to meet you too, Serena." A pause, and the maybe she's a little awkward, but Risali is letting go of D'lei's hand so that she can crouch, tilting her head back to be more level with Serena's stomach and whispering, "And you, little one. It's nice to meet you too." And that smile is something else, full of emotion, and pride, and maybe already a little bit of adoration even though she realizes that she probably looks ridiculous. Still, she takes a moment before she rights herself with arms extended to take some of D'lei's burden expectantly. Because she is a do-er. THOSE ARE NOT TEARS IN HER EYES, SHE JUST… THE SUN IS BRIGHT TODAY OKAY. GOSH. POLLEN. AND STUFF. Which might also be why D'lei is getting a punch in his shoulder. Because brightness and pollen levels are all his fault. "Don't make her stand out here, Dashiel. It's hot." And off she goes, with her stolen burdens back towards D'lei's blanket before either of them because she needs a moment, fight her.

Sew those leaves into patchwork quilts! Garouth offers a scattering of them, bright colors tossed in beneath the path of the sewing machine that thrums along through his mind. The foxes will be brightly dressed today! « My friends here, at least. » Garouth's amused even as he qualifies, though, with a sense of the largeness of the forest his wolves patrol. So many den-sites that he visits! (Will he ever pick one of them to settle in for good?) But for now, the Monaco-hatched bronze speaks with the Half Moon green and the Xanadu gold who's tucked in on her side beneath his wing whose tatters drape over her like that patchwork quilt of leaves Sami sews up in his mind, and he is pleased. D'lei says nothing to answer Risali's unspoken question, but he does squeeze her hand back as scarf flops against it and… makes an escape attempt, as she lets go to greet the as-yet-silent fourth human here. Which means he's chasing after it to snatch it up before it can fall to the ground instead of watching-really, but he still sees enough to grin. WHICH EXPLAINS THE PUNCHING. Not that it removes his grin, even as he lets Risali steal all of Serena's things and… "Yeah, uh, do you want… there's the shade," in case it's just the standing and sun that's a problem, "or we can head indoors, the caverns will probably be fairly cool…." Him, know what he's doing? NOPE. But he does offer his arm to Serena, ready to guide her to wherever it is she decides she wants to go now that she's here.

Samiryth can feel some of the awkward feelings arising inside of her. Seeing Garouth there with someone else curled up under his wing is perhaps not as easy as she thought it would be. Though the golds demenour isn't such that she she needs to feel threatened, at least not just yet. Though that doesn't mean that Sami will sit idle while some other female gets all the cuddles. She'll move forward and try to wiggle her way against Garouth's chest since the under the wing spot is taken. Her eyes will smile when Leirith tells her she's pretty. « Thank you. » She will say returning the nose boop. Though the question has her taken aback, with a bit of embarassment. A lady doesn't talk about such things. Though if she is going to lay claim to Garouth she almost has too. Doesn't she? « Yes darling. Garouth has chased me. He won. » The details she won't go into because that isn't proper. Though she will add with warmth to both Leirith and Garouth, « I love him. » Whatever else or /whoever/ else the bronze may love she loves him. She'll do her best to wiggle even closer, « I love you Garouth. » Her campaign to get him settled down in /her/ den site will never end! It seems the awkward is going around since Serena zeros in on the hand holding. Uh oh. What exactly does that mean? She has no claim on D'lei, other than the baby growing within her, but some part of her does want too. One of these days she's going to have to get around to telling the bronzer just what she feels. The greenrider will nod slowly to Risali's words about the healer. Though she'll let a smile cross her face when Risali drops to talk to the baby. When you are pregnant you get used to people just touching you but this is far sweeter, "I'm sure that he or she is very glad to meet you too." Serena will say resting a hand on her stomach that is only going to get bigger. Gah! A smile will be given to D'lei and she'll gladly take his arm, "I'm not that warm. Half Moon is hot all the time and you get used to it." Risali gets a funny look when she calls him Dashiel and this will lead to a bit of a giggle, "I'm glad I don't have to call you that D'lei." she says to the man and then looks back to Risali, "He traded up with his impression name."

Fear not, Samiryth! Leirith is too young yet to understand, though she is beginning to understand things, even if does not yet fully comprehend those things. For example, the young queen watches the older gold press in against the bronze, and she understands that it is different from the way that she presses into Garouth - but she is not sure why, or why it is even important. And there is… curiosity when Samiryth says that Garouth has chased her and won, as if she can sense there is a complexity to it beyond what she meant, and while Leirith does not actually speak the observations, the impressions are there for both the bronze and the green regardless. Because she just simply projects everything. « Well, that is boring, » Leirith tells Samiryth. But the words are not… mean. The gold is upbeat, and joyous, and laughing. « Why would you want to be chased? I chased Garouth. And I caught him! So I won. Well, Faeth helped. » And there's more of that laughter, childish delight, because she means chase, not flights. « And then we chased Faeth, and we won! » And when Samiryth tells her that she loves Garouth? Well - Leirith hesitates. Because there is something different about that love, isn't there? And for a moment, Leirith says nothing, reduced to drums and bone-rattling bass that hint she is still there. « I love him too! » she finally says, and there's no hint of anything other than cheer in her voice. Because she is… starting to understand, but there's the impression that Samiryth is saying something else. Even if she does not understand what that something else is. Risali? Well… she smiles back to Serena when she's told the baby is probably glad to meet her too, and breathes, "I hope so." A beat, and, "I don't miss Half Moon Bay; though I do miss my Father, and my brothers." But then Risa's abusing D'lei (BECAUSE WHO INVITED ALL THESE EMOTIONS ANYWAY?), and stealing Serena's things, and grey eyes are back on Serena as Risali is… corrected? Brows rise, then furrow, her attention shifting back to D'lei before she looks down at Serena's things in her hands and… very gently places them on the safety of the blanket. She works in silence for a moment, focused on her task with a frown on her lips, and then she moves so that Serena and D'lei can have the blanket space that's left. And she will stand off to the side, hands back in her pockets as she smiles again - muted. "They're both good names." Because, well… she's not sure of what else she should say. "Are either of you thirsty? I know Serena just got here, and is probably tired, so I can get you… water? Juice?" She falters, but she smiles regardless while she waits.

Garouth rumbles as he tucks his head in over Samiryth, Leirith under his wing… and boops happening between them. Yep. He's got them! There is enough bronze-cuddling to go around. And… chasing, well. That, too. And… love. ALL THESE THINGS. WHAT DO THEY MEAN? The bronze is quiet as they speak of flights and love, the shift of winds and shadows circling them with the flicker of light of candles and campfires and glinting eyes. A rustle of leaves, to go with the rumble of his throat, and then… « What would you like to see, while you are here? » he asks Samiryth. « There is the shore… the forest… the gardens, perhaps. They have been doing much work there, now that the snow is gone. » D'lei catches the tail end of Risali's greeting to the growing baby, with a glance up to Serena from there before his eyes go to Risali again. "Just make them visit here instead." By punching them? Probably. It seems to be how she persuades D'lei, anyhow! Though he nods to Serena's correction. "Well. You can at least have a seat out here, so you don't have to stand around having your feet get tired," he says in a pleasant tone. Compromise? Because that baby is surely heavy already - and just going to get heavier! And so he'll take her to where his folded blanket lies, ready for the seating of butts on something at least a little more padded than the ground. Her reaction to the name Risali calls gets a tilt of the bronzer's head, to the side and then away to look at the blanket they're approaching with a frown… for a moment. "Well." The smile's back as he looks from Risali back to Serena. "I am who I am, aren't I?" And they'll get to the blanket and he'll help Serena down carefully, then turning to Risali and putting his hand on her upper arm with a light squeeze. "Thank you," he says, eyes on hers. "I'd appreciate… whatever." A glance to Serena, then as if to make her suggest the drink she'd rather have and that he will share in for the convenience of not making Risali carry two things at once.

It's probably fair to say there is something different in it. At least for now. Leirith will understand more when she is older. What that? Who knows. Though Samiryth isn't going anywhere. The gems gently click together in her mind, « Not boring. » But neither is she going into depth about that. That time is special between just her and Garouth. The golds excitement about their game of tag is commendable. She knows that Garouth will be a good father some day, though the farther away that someday is the better. « Someday you'll understand. » And when that someday comes the pair of them will likely have to talk about it. Gah! Embarassment for everyone. The green will dip her head, « He is very loveable. » she will whisper to Leirith. Serena hadn't meant to correct Risali or make her feel bad, she mostly didn't want them to go to any kind of trouble for her since she just dropped out of the sky unannouced, "Water would be good but please don't go to any trouble for me." She wants Risali to feel part of things not like the third wheel. Serena has been the third wheel and wouldn't wish that on anyone. She will let D'lei take her those few steps to the blanket and sit herself down with an umph. Yeah pregnant bellies do get heavy and she isn't even all that pregnant yet. It's all about weight distribution.

Leirith disagrees with the lack of boring, but it's muted, with amusement instead of actual dissent. Still, there's a wuffle and more laughter when she is told that familiar phrase: someday, she will understand. « Someday, » she agrees cheerful, even conceding GAROUTH'S LOVABILITY. « And he is! Because he is a badass. Who doesn't love a badass? And he's… » A beat, and then that observation she made once before. « Strong. » Give her a moment, and then she's bumping Garouth with her maw, wiggling about under his wing. « Take her to the beach, Garouth! And then take her into the forest. Maybe she will chase you! » Speaking of maybes: maybe Risali WILL punch her family into submission. MAKE THEM COME AND VISIT HER. But the comment from D'lei merely earns him a fleeting smile, the kind that says, 'It's not that simple,' before she moves. When the bronzerider catches her upper arm, Risali closes one hand around his and gives it a gentle squeeze, falling forward just enough to thunk her forehead into his shoulder where she stays for just a moment. She takes what she needs, and then she gives back. Upon withdrawing, Risali presses her hand against D'lei's cheek and applies gentle pressure across his cheekbone with the pad of her thumb. One, two three, and grey eyes hold amber as the weyrling gives him another smile. But then she's pinching his cheek, and pulling, and whispering, "Shut up, D'lei," before she lets him go. And then she's peeking around him to Serena, maintaining her smile as she gives D'lei some space. "It's no trouble, really. I'll be back." And off she goes, hitting a jog towards the caverns and leaving Leirith behind to SOAK UP ALL THE DRAGON HEAT.

Garouth lifts his head a bit, looking out over the meadow as green and gold press to him - though they hardly need to steal his body heat, with the day as warm as it is… it's just a bonus! He lets the cool shadows shift around all three of them as they cuddle, their touch soft and ever-moving like those restless paws that see so many den-sites and… haven't really settled in one. At least, not yet! But… for now… he hears no whispers, or at least doesn't acknowledge them with words of his own. It's like he's deaf! Which, really, Leirith's bass. Can you blame him? Though his hearing miraculously returns as Leirith starts making suggestions about places to visit. « It is a nice beach, though the waters can be colder than Half Moon, even now. » Because large bodies of water take time to warm up! Garouth turns his head, now, opening his maw and mouthing lightly at Leirith's wing-edge as it's exposed during her wriggles under his own wing. There's a soft rumble… and then he turns his head back again, with a more sedate touch of his muzzle to Samiryth, his chin brushed to her neck. « Still. You are the visitor here. » So her opinion matters! « When I bring Leirith to Half Moon, she shall have the final choice. Here… I wish to hear from you. » D'lei answers the fleeing smile from Risali with a sideways tug of his own mouth, then - once he's got Serena settled on the blanket next to his abandoned text on power systems - leans back to Risali as she thunks against him. He tilts his head a bit, as if to hide the half-smile that's there as her hand touches his cheek - and then it widens as she pinches, tugged out by the pull on his cheek. HERE COMES SMILEY! "I know," he murmurs back, just about a whisper himself, and then… she's off! And he's turning back to Serena, with a laugh as he sits himself down next to her on the blanket. "Oh, it's fine. I mean, we've been doing weyrling training. Just a jog, without having to wear a weighted vest and carry a sack of firestone? Easy." He grins. "So how have you been, other than… doing well enough to get cleared for a vacation? Or… was the vacation more about you needing a break?"

Leirith must not temp the green. All those human pregnancy hormones running through her head she just might chase Garouth. Woe unto Garouth. « He is strong. » Samiryth will admit. It is one of his most attractive features. But he is also gentle and kind which just puts it over the top. She will come out of her Garouth cuddling daze and finally gets around to answering the question, « I would like to see everything while I'm here. To see how you live and the places and the people you spend time with. » In other words a recon mission! Speaking of greens not tempting there goes Garouth. He may have sedately brushed her neck but she will respond with a strong bump from her cheek against the lower part of his neck with a good strong nuzzle. Serena will call out, "Thank you!" to Risali as she heads off. She hasn't stopped noticing all the subtle touchings and such going on between the pair but now is so not the time to bring it up. She smiles to D'lei and gives a slight shrug to her shoulders, "I've been fine. Nothing is wrong or anything. I just don't like doing office stuff." It's a big change from transport and delivery, even though now she's working on another kind of delivery. And boy does it take a long time! "I was just talking to Cita about it yesterday and she suggested that it would be good for me to get out and spend time elsewhere. So I thought why not come visit you." Though she will lean a little closer and speak softly, "It's not a bad time right? You'd tell me if it was?" D'lei and Serena have always had an honesty between them and now isn't the time to go and blow that, "I realize I'm sort of just crashing into your life without warning."

« Of course he is! He is a badass! » And there's more laughter from Leirith, as Garouth catches at her wing and she wiggles with a playful rumble of her own to answer his. AND SO WHAT IF SHE DOES CATCH HIM WITH HER TEETH. A little… hard, but she's quick to let go and content to merely lay her head down on the ground, those whirling blue eyes taking in Samiryth's interactions with Garouth curiously - though she does not question it. She studies it, she observes, and she tries to make out the differences that she knows she sees but doesn't understand. One day she will; for now, she beats at Garouth with amusement, but says nothing. Risali? Risali is not back yet. SHE'S NOT THE FLASH, YOU GUYS. GIVE HER TIME.

« Everything is a lot to see. » Though it's not an argument exactly, only a statement that's… a bit amused by the ambition, perhaps. Certainly, a sense of good humour permeates Garouth's statement. « Here is the meadow. There was snow before, but now it is warm. » The tour begins! « Perhaps you can watch Leirith and her siblings in their lessons. They practice their flying. » Garouth sounds proud, as he expresses that. The babies! They fly! So awesome, even if they're variable in how good they actually are at it. Still… he's proud of all of them! Even Leirith with HER SHARP TEETH, and his wing splays a little further over her with a deliberate stretch and drape as she settles down again to observe. Meanwhile, D'lei nods to Serena with a little laugh. "Yeah… I remember when Krysa was assigned paperwork for her pregnancy, she tried to get the rest of us to do it for her. Even managed to get K'lar to actually do some of it, but that's because he's… too nice for his own good, really." A grin, a shrug, and then he nods as he listens to her answer about the duties. "Makes sense!" he says. "Can't have you sitting in an office all day… fresh air and sunshine is good for kids, it's got to count transitively too. Not to mention being happy." D'lei reaches over, with a pat for her hand, and smiles. "Oh, well. No worse than any other. I mean, I'll have to ask which lessons I'm required for tomorrow, you might have to spend some of it on your own… but that's just the standard risk of taking your vacation to see someone who isn't." Work waits for no-one! At least not when they haven't arranged for the time off.

Samiryth has got loads of ambition. She has only a few days before she is stuck back at Half Moon again and even with the prospect of Garouth and Leirith visiting that is seeming like a good long while to be stuck in any one place. The nuzzle will cease so that she can look around the meadow, though she leaves the rest of herself pressed against his chest. « I'm glad that I didn't come when there was snow. » the green will say as she lets colorfully dyed cloth fly through Garouth's trees and brighten up the mental space they are all occupying, « It's a good meadow though.» The green will shift her gaze to look at the gold and ponder, « I would like to see your brothers and sisters fly. I'm sure that they will only get stronger with time. » Good old Papa Garouth has good reason to be proud most likely. Serena will be happy to hear that she isn't interrupting anything. Not really. She expected there would be lessons and stuff, "I'll be fine. I'm just glad to get away." She will reach around with her other hand to capture his on top of hers, "That isn't really what I meant though. My being here isn't a problem for you and her right?" she makes a little motion of her head toward the direction Risali went all the while gently squeezing his hand. It seems everyone is squeezing D'lei's hands tonight! D'lei's poor abused digits.

Boring. No, Leirith means it, you adult dragons are all boring. And in the mental space shared between them, Leirith watches the cloth decorating the trees with amusement, sending it dancing with the over-application of bass that wubwubwubs through the branches and shakes them as much at Garouth's breeze might - but much more violently. Leirith's attention returns to Samiryth, bright and upbeat as she captures pictures of her clutchmates and shares them. « They are all also badasses! You will not be disappointed. » But she's shifting, giving up PRIME REAL ESTATE BENEATH GAROUTH'S WING, mindful of his wing before she presses into his side like a cat greeting their human, and bunts his head, and then bunts Samiryth's too - WHETHER SHE WANTS IT OR NOT. YOU TAKE HER LOVE AND YOU LIKE IT. « It is a good meadow. The snow is beautiful. But it is good for running, and chasing, and leaping, and flying! » And there's a shift, hindquarters up as if she is challenging the adults to play, but she doesn't wait. She turns, stumbles in disorientation, and then takes off to run with her sails open. SHE WILL PLAY BY HERSELF IF SHE MUST. Since her minion is still gone. ALL OF THE GONE. She's gotta make her way back, okay. And Risali has tiny legs. And just tiny-ness.

Words, words, all the words and nothing at all to do. Garouth gains banners and shaking wubs in his forest, leaves falling from the trees and adding to the blanket of them on the ground. « They are a good clutch. Meirath and Draukaith should be proud. » Never mind Garouth, all he did was show up! He lifts his wing to let Leirith wiggle out more easily, his neck curving to nuzzle her with a firm nudge as she bunts in at him. « When there is enough snow, it is all leaping. » A fox in his forest pounces through snow, buried to the neck with every leap but jumping up again with the next bound. He'll make it! Really! Just one sproing at a time! Garouth rumbles as Leirith goes off on her own bounding, and he shifts against Samiryth, then noses down to between her shoulders and the start of neck. « Where do you wish to begin? » His eyes shift up to watch where Leirith runs… maybe because he's still not 100% convinced she won't run off a cliff or into the river without an extra pair of eyes. Habits die hard, OK? Someone's got to be boring to make sure nobody ends up in the extra-boring infirmary. D'lei nods to Serena, with a smile. "We're certainly away," from Half Moon, at least. His head tilts as she clarifies just what she meant, then turns to look where Risali went - and still isn't back from - before returning his gaze to Serena, reaching to pat her hand with his other one. "Risali is my friend," he answers, still with that smile and a seemingly untroubled look. "She knows why you matter to me."

The green will accept the bunting with grace. Leirith is fun. « I can see why you like her. » She will say to Garouth. Happy Sami is happy! Here she is with Garouth in a different place getting to see what she has only heard about up till this point. She will watch as Leirith goes bounding away, not to mention that cute little snow fox. Samiryth will make sure the cute little foxy has a scarf around his neck so that he isn't cold as he springs and sprongs through that snow. Though when Garouth presses down on her shoulders her wings will spread out like a shot. If dragons could blush she'd probably be doing it but as it stands she can't but the mindspace around her will take on a nice rose tint instead, « Anywhere is fine. » she say softly pulling her wings back in close to her body once more. Serena will look at him in silence for a moment, but for now D'lei will get a pass from further questions about Risali. Instead she will smile, "Ok. Just wanted to make sure." There will be times later for more and deeper questions. Maybe even time with Risali to just chat about life? Who knows. She's on vacation! «How long have you been flying? » the green asks the gold. She'd guess not long but some dragons pick it up easier than others.

Leirith is a party, and that means everything around her should also be a party. And there is a glimpse of what lies behind all that intensive noise when a dancer slips out from one of the trees. Her dress is iridescent, feathered mask replaced with the mimicry of an arctic wolf as she gives chase to the fox - and then veers back into the shadows, almost a figment of imagination that flickers into existence and is gone. But Leirith's laughter follows, as she takes a leap, and glides, and lands, and then lowers her body to the ground like she's on the scent of something, lacking all of Garouth's feral grace and Samiryth's regal beauty, but doing it with something so very… Leirith. And she is undaunted as she suddenly springs forward, bass throbbing, drums pounding as she pursues… game? She is after something, delighted to give chase. And Risali? Well, she's finally back, having walked the path back to D'lei and Serena, given that she has water (and that does not make for conducive running). But still, the weyrling is moving with a quickness to bronzerider and greenrider alike, laughter in her expression surely in answer to her dragon's joy as she gives them both their drinks and then turns to watch Leirith. Leirith, who continues her chase, but still answers Samiryth's question with, « Through others - forever! But with my own eyes… » And there it is, her game: small, and terrified, and beautiful because Leirith is seeing it for herself and through nobody else. « Not long enough! » But the impression comes; a small time, nowhere near as long as her clutchmates. It's a recent change. Like how the gold's claws scramble for sudden purchase so that she can stop and - « Look! » There is a rainbow, in the puddle and it's… well Leirith tries to eat it, but she shares it with the bronze and the green, amazed by it. Which might explain the life in Risali's eyes, the electric tension in her body when she's looking to D'lei, and then Serena, and asking, "Can you run?" But it's a breathy whisper of a question, excited.

« And why is that? » Garouth asks with a curious tone to the curl of the wind around Samiryth, a sense of play in the small eddies… though it's hardly so active a form as Leirith demonstrates! The fox runs, chasing after mice beneath the snow - being chased by a dancer, a wolf who will eat him from his fluffy tail to his pointy nose and use that snuggly scarf as dental floss… or not, for she's gone again and the little fox is safe, for now, as he pounces his way through the snow and away through the forest. Garouth lets his muzzle linger down near that spot between Samiryth's shoulders, his breath warm against her hide as the fox's turns to fog in the winter land that… is not here; not anymore. The bronze's eyes look up to watch Leirith, her leap and glide and flying (even if she's not so skilled at it yet (but makes it up in enthusiasm)). Anywhere is fine? Garouth rumbles softly, and for the moment, he remains here, still warm in breath and touch and cool in thoughts… that are joined by Leirith's. « I see it. » Garouth says of that rainbow, his tendrils of shadow extending in to feel the wetness of it, the sparkle of color that he holds onto as a shimmer even as the physical one turns to the taste of muddy water. « It escapes. » The rainbow, or the prey? But D'lei and Serena have not escaped while Risali's been gone. D'lei doesn't even run away as Serena observes him to figure out what she thinks about his answer! He just smiles to her, then nods as she assents before looking back to Risali as she returns. "Thanks," he says for the drinks, and he'll take the second one (because manners) and even get a sip of it before… he laughs. "Off a cliff."

« Because she's cute and probably keeps you on your toes. » The green will respond to those warm little eddies of wind by wrapping Garouth in soft velvet to warm him now that the snow has vanished. Samiryth will shiver feeling his breath and knowing that his muzzle is /right there/ « I like it when you do that. » She says softly to him. « Anywhere /you/ are is fine. » For really thats what makes Sami a happy green. Just being where Garouth is and getting to see the world through his eyes, both physical and mental. Like right now! Getting to see Leirith's world and experience. Samiryth will laugh softly as the gold makes a go and tries to taste the rainbow, but sadly unlike skittles a puddle rainbow doesn't taste very good. D'lei will get a nod and then Serena will reach to take the water with a, "Thank you." on her lips and a smile for Risali. The joy is an infectious sort of thing. Serena will smile and while drinking her water give a slight shrug causing some of it to dribble down her chin. No Serena does not have a drinking problem! "I can try. Haven't done much running of late. Though they say that I can continue to exercise normally so long as I'm comfy." Though the firestone vests that these poor weyrlings have had to endure probably won't be something that she partakes of. She's got her own weighted vest permenantly attached to her. Not permenantly! But for the forseeable future, "What sort of running did you have in mind?" she asks, though she glances over to D'lei's response and just smiles shaking her head, "No we will not be doing any cliff jumping." Does D'lei do that? There are so many things about him she doesn't know yet, but she's getting there! "You have to make sure he stays safe Risali." she says partly as a joke but there is an underlying trueness to her words. Serena can't be here and Risali can. So Risali must keep D'lei alive and unharmed! She will turn her face to Risali to hear what devious sort of plan the young woman has in mind.

And Leirith lets Garouth in, she shares everything with him - and by proxy, Samiryth - as she tries to catch that elusive rainbow a couple of more times and then takes off in another mad dash. Wrong direction, wrong direction, wrong direction - RIGHT DIRECTION! She corrects clumsily, but she corrects and now she's headed towards… adult dragons? Yes. She is running towards Garouth and Samiryth both, drums and bass thrumming to a fever-pitch as she comes upon them and - nose boop. Yeah. She totally stopped far enough away to nose-boop Garouth with one forepaw, and then she's OFF AGAIN! HELLO YOU DIGNIFIED, MAGNIFICENT ADULT DRAGON BEASTIES DOING WEIRD CUDDLING THINGS. LEIRITH, COMING THROOOOUGH! BEEP BEEP! And oh. D'lei is talking about running off of cliffs, and Serena is vetoing the idea, and then telling Risali - Risali - to keep D'lei safe. And while Risali is no stranger to playfully-meant words, she wills her body to still to address the seriousness of that request, and the smile she gives Serena is considerably more warm. But for a moment, Risali says nothing; the weyrling lifts grey eyes away from the duo on the blanket and looks out to their dragons, then hers, and when she looks back to Serena again, there's a whisper of a laugh that fails to reach its full potential (but is still kind). She will answer her with gentle honesty: "D'lei doesn't need protection, Serena. He's strong, in every way that counts. But I can promise you that, whatever decisions he makes - whether they are good or bad - I will be beside him, fighting literally if I have to, to make sure he's not alone." And there's mischief in grey eyes when they turn to D'lei, and she whispers, "Because he's stupid, and doesn't know when to shut up, and throws a punch like a girl, but I suspect that if he needs anything, it's a friend." Which is what she is. And then the weyrling is ignoring Serena's previously POINTED NO to points a finger at D'lei. "Deal, bronzerider. If Garouth promises to catch us before we splat, because Leirith is too young." And probably not nearly agile enough. A beat, "Or Samiryth." And then Risali is holding out both of her hands, one each for Serena and D'lei to take separately as she laughs. "We're going to chase Leirith, of course. And if it gets too much, we can stop." Or they'll reach a cliff and Risali will actually be jumping off of it which will be a DOUBLE RUSH because WILL GAROUTH CATCH HER? CRAZY TRUST EXCERCISES. She's down. Or… she just trusts D'lei enough to know that, by extension, she's safe enough to trust that much.

« Those do seem good reasons. » A small puff of breath, like the exhale of a laugh, and then Garouth's head tilts slightly, the next exhale coming along a different part of her hide. « I see. » The words are soft, the shadows a quiet blur of unfocus as their darkness deepens under a layer of velvet like mole-skin and deer-antlers. « Anywhere? » he asks, the timbre of his voice a little lower, deeper and with a greater resonance to it. Such a dark mysterious bronze he is. Forboding and - BOOPED. JUST LIKE THAT. Garouth snorts, and the puff of his breath swirls in his mind to frost, an creature with icicle spikes and the crackle of frost as it chases Leirith even if Garouth remains with Samiryth… but that ice-creature runs, leaving frost-seared ground under its feet and making the puddles snap frozen with the cold of its passage as it howls a song of creaking ice that is what passes for its breath. GONNA GET YOU. Or maybe just chase her off a cliff? But Serena's against that idea, apparently. D'lei tilts his head to her, then… "Heh." A crooked smile. "It's okay," he says, and leans back onto his hands to look up at the sky as he continues. "The cliffs here aren't great for it anyhow." Because this is so very reassuring, yes? But hey. Maybe it's just a joke! There is a smile lingering as he watches the fluffy little clouds there against the blue above, one that tugs wryly to the side as Serena tells Risali to keep him safe and she… answers, in her own Risali way. And D'lei smiles, listening to her - and snorting as she INSULTS (or maybe praises?) his punches - then grins to the cloud before glancing back down to Risali again. "Course he will. How else would he get his required tail-gnawing?" PRIORITIES. D'lei reaches out to that offered hand, though he looks to Serena now to see just how she is going to respond.

Samiryth thought that they might be good reasons! Thats why she thought them up! She likes to think up things! Tall, dark, handsome and mysterious to boot. Garouth's got it all, and it seems given his tone he knows full well he does. He has the green right where he wants her. Samiryth will shiver once more and lift her head to twine round his neck ever so briefly if he allows her, « Anywhere. » she affirms in her own low husky voice. Her eyes shining a nice mixture of purple and blue. Then the green will pull away from him and take a few dainty steps. « Lets play with your friend. » As Garouth's creature gets unleashed upon the mental universe Sami will turn her attention toward Leirith, « You are flying very well. With a little practice you will be just like Garouth and I. » She will watch with curiosity the race the ice beast runs and the frozen path it beats through the forest. Serena will reach out to take Risali's had. Maybe it isn't the answer she expected, but it is still an answer and it's true enough. D'lei can take care of himself and friends are good. "I suppose I can manage a bit of chasing Leirith." Risali is right if it gets to be overly much she can stop. Though Serena is fit and can probably keep up fairly well. She'll send a glance to D'lei, "I think we can make sure that she doesn't go splat." That would be an unfortunate end to a first meeting if a new friend went splat and become cliff pizza.
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And Leirith shatters the ice with the sounds of her mind, giving only glimpses of a dancer in a feathered mask that shows up in intervals, taunting, laughing, dancing, withdrawing again. Catch her if you can. Or, maybe more accurately… don't get caught. Much like physically, when Leirith stills long enough to watch the movement of green against bronze, and she knows something is changing. And down she goes, forepaws tucked in, hand-quarters up, massive sails extended to taunt as laughter chases through the forest separate from her phantom dancer. « Run, Garouth, » she tells him, though the implication that Samiryth should chase is not far from that thought. And there's amusement at Samiryth's assessment of her flying, as if she can tell she's not really that good, but adults do these really sweet things and she's… okay with that. She thinks it's funny. « Yes. And then there is nowhere I cannot chase either of you to! » SHIFT, SHIFT. THE GAME IS AFOOT. Risali? She raises a brow when D'lei snorts at her insult (praise), and then tells him, "You can always prove me wrong, bronzerider. Or, well, you can try anyway." But later, because now is not the time for fighting. Now is the time for countering the weight of two people with the insubstantial weight of her own body so that they can both stand - and she manages, well enough, even if she has to dig in her heels to manage it and lean back a little. But she's tough, she doesn't complain; Risali merely smiles, shrugging out of her jacket and folding it over to place on the blanket separate from Serena's belongings. "Apparently the game has changed, so says Leirith. If Garouth agrees, then we're chasing him." And Risali fits herself between greenrider and bronzerider, slipping one hand into D'lei's and holding fast, giving him a squeeze, while she extends the other to Serena, grey eyes on the woman's face with a quiet, warm smile. And she will wait, to see what the dragons decide, and perhaps what Serena decides too, because who they are chasing is very, very important. And, almost as if an after-thought: "Shut up, D'lei." TAIL-GNAWING.

Garouth rumbles, a low growl as Samiryth twines her neck to his own - as his remains unmoving, still like a statue save for that sound coming from his chest and throat. He stretches back slowly, as Samiryth steps away, his tail swaying to the side and then flicking at the tip in a lash back to center. His eyes darken, shifting toward amber swirled with darkness in an echo of his hide, and he rumbles again, low and deep. « We come for you. » The words are a gust to Leirith, catching up the shards of ice from that winter-beast exploded into a spray of crystalline points that seek after the gold to stab and prickle … before they melt away into water-vapor and mist. Gleaming eyes observe the gold, her sails spread… and he laughs, a deep bellow. « Just how far will you chase me? » he asks, with a grin that's teeth and tawny eye-gleam as he turns and leaps to motion, bounding from one hillock to the next as he heads for the higher ground, to take the advantage in this chase even if he is the one pursued… for now. D'lei glances to his dragon as the bronze starts moving, with a faint frown - but then he gives a small shake of his head, and looks back to Risali with a returning grin. "I fight like a badass… girl." And then to his feet he goes, with a squeeze of her hand back. "Well then. Whoever we're going to catch… we'd better get moving." GAMES WAIT FOR NO ONE. Especially not for D'lei to shut up. Which is good, because he grins, looking past to Serena once more. "Besides… this way he'll be ready at the cliff."

Samiryth seems content enough with the idea of chasing Garouth as she watches him move to higher ground, « I think that you may find that I'm willing to chase you quite far. » she says answering the question that had been directed at the gold, though Garouth probably knows her anwer already. Samiryth will give a dainty littel hop and then flap her wings to hover in the air not too far off of the ground, « Though I probably won't have the energy to chase as long as Leirith. » Owing both to her greater size and youthful vigor. She will push forward through the air to fly over Garouth, « Then you may have to catch me. » A lady sometimes has to do a bit of teasing herself since Garouth was teasing her. She'll take a hard left and land back on the ground waiting to see how this is going to go. Leirith's mind will be met with a rainbow flash of light, « Some day you'll be able to go where you please whenever you like.» Serena will take the offered hand as Risali moves between the pair of them. Yes who is chasing who is very important. And sometimes you can't be sure, "Fine by me." she'll say to Risali first before looking to D'lei and back to the other woman, "Does he really fight like a girl?" she'll ask while sending a sweet smile D'lei's way, "A badass huh?" she just shakes her head. "I'll believe that when I see it."

But Leirith does not cower, mentally or physically, from those crystalline points, like she does not cower from the bronze. Her answer, however, is quite different from Samiryth's. « Not very far, » Leirith tells Garouth with a sharp edge of amusement to her words. As if she's… taunting him, much like her rider taunts his. « Because that is all the further you are going to get! » And the words are chased by laughter, as she does not wait, but rather she pursues. She chases him towards that higher ground, and then veers so that she can come up from a different angle, greeting Samiryth's words with laughter in bass and drums that beat at a tempo of excitement, that are more labored hearts beating than music, as she says, « I will, and I am! Chase him, Samiryth! » Because Garouth is a clever wolf, and you never want to give a clever wolf the chance to be clever. Which is maybe why she is tucking her wings back in and lowering herself towards the ground like she saw Garouth do before. Look at her, BEING ALL AERODYNAMIC N' STUFF. SO THE GAME IS AFOOT! And grey eyes are back on D'lei as Risali laughs, and then leans sideways into him so that she can give him a shoulderbump without having to let go of his or Serena's hands. "Mmm, Dashiel. Clever man, to admit that girls can be badass too. Or you've just been around Leirith too long and are abusing the word 'badass'. Either way, shut up." And then that delight is on Serena, as she squeezes the woman's hand and breathes out, "Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. Take a swing; I don't think you'll be disappointed." And just like that, Risali is letting them both go, to join in on the hunting of Garouth. "MORE TO THE RIGHT, LEIRITH! GO AROUND HIM!" Though she does turn enough to turn grey eyes onto D'lei - as if the game has changed again. "Run," she tells him, because why shouldn't all the girls chase all the boys? THIS IS FAIR RIGHT? "RUN!" And she's laughing, because it's all the warning he will get before she's telling Serena, "Get him!" BETTER RUN, because Risali is COMING FOR YOU.

Garouth keeps his paws on the ground, even as Samiryth takes to the air. He rears up at the crest of the ridge, a swipe of talons through… air, only air. But even so, Samiryth falls from the skies! …or comes in to a landing, untouched by claws. Still. The bronze growls, eyes shifting from her, to Leirith, and back again. « Show me. » His voice is deep, the rumble of a bear in the forest, an inhuman throat whose voice is low and resonant… and Garouth turns again, running along the ridge with swift paws that tear the earth a little every step, every strike of those claws to bounce him up again and propel him onward. Just how far will he get, with Leirith in hot pursuit and Samiryth providing tactical air support even if she doesn't have the stamina to keep up the chase for long. Garouth? Well. He's putting more energy into the run than would seem ideal if he was expecting to keep it up for hours, but perhaps that's just because he's seeking to gain ground for one of those clever tricks. Along the ridge he runs, which means - if he continues to keep that higher ground - he'll have to curve around, soon enough. But will he? GOOD QUESTION. D'lei's expression flickers as he looks between Risali and Serena, the curve of his lips around a smile that's uncertain whether it should be there - or what it should be doing instead - before… "Heh." He mustn't - no, wait, must - run away. "I see how it is." A flash of grin, and then he runs, shoulders lowered into the forward motion and his head down to watch his path ahead for suspicious tricks, traps, and sudden yet inevitable betrayals.

Samiryth will not have the size or the energy to continue all that long, but she will use the advantages that life gave her. She isn't going to bother with a ground race that she'd be too soon to tire from or lose. She'll take this game in a different direction. She once more raises herself to the sky clawing her way through the air and not the dirt. She knows Garouth will be grounded since Leirith can't just yet join them in the skies so the air is her domain for now. She'll dart above him, occasionally diving lower but not trying to run the fun by air tackling him, « You run well. » she'll say in a sing songy sort of voice. It's an odd sight seeing him running like that when she's far more used to seeing him flying through the skies beside her, like that last trip to Half Moon. Serena can only chuckle when Risali suggests that she take a swing, "I don't think it would be a very fair fight." she starts off saying though her smile grows in intensity, "Because he knows I'd win." D'lei should be used to all the girls chasing him. Isn't that his natural state of being? Serena will set off at a brisk pace testing how well legs, arms and of course belly work in conjuction to run. Her vision stays pointed at the ground to make sure she doens't trip over anything. That unconcious urge to protect already growing inside of her. Mommy mode! The weight distribution has changed, but in a way it isn't unlike running in those vests the weyrlings complained about. She's able to set a reasonable pace but a more carefree person might be faster, and a weyrling at the peak of training would most likely be even faster.

And Leirith gives chase, excitement, thrill, joy communicated in every clumsy leap and bound that lacks coordinated grace, but makes up for it in sheer determination of will. Because look! They are going to have that clever wolf caught - but Leirith senses something, that this is a trick, even if she's not yet learned on how or what, that the game is going to change somehow. And that… that is thrilling too. And so she continues to chase, laughing as Garouth tells the lady dragons to show him - and maybe sparing enough attention to Samiryth because she is dipping and he is running and… « You are not a very good hunter, Samiryth! Don't let him get away! » But it's amusement, there's nothing cruel about the words. It's… an innocent observation, void of maliciousness. If the green can catch him, why doesn't she? « We are closer, Garouth! » Or is she just trying to psyche him out? In the opposite direction go humans, but Risali stays, for just a moment, as she watches D'lei run, and Serena starts the chase. And still she lingers, studying them both for a long moment, and then taking off after them with another laugh to fuel her burst of speed. But she is… heading around, because she intends to spook the bronzerider from the front. SUSPICIOUS TRICKS, TRAPS, AND SUDDEN YET INEVITABLE BETRAYALS INDEED. "HALF STEPS, BRONZERIDER! STOP CHEATING!" RUN, SERENA. GOGOGOGO!

Along the ridge the bronze runs, keeping the high ground until he doesn't. Garouth veers off, turning that gravitational potential energy into motion as he runs down the slope, faster, faster and up the other side like a ski-jumper, spreading his wings as he hits the air but not flapping. Because that would be cheating, but this is not… apparently. Or maybe it is, but he's doing it anyhow! LEAP and GLIDE, his maw open to the wind that rushes past his wings, a whistle through the air above swampy ground and then… paws to ground again, just past the sucking marsh-mud. « Now? » Are they really closer, the challenge in his low voice asks… but Garouth doesn't wait for his answer. « RUN. » He growls the demand, voice rough and wild as he follows his own order and makes for a cluster of trees, tucked around a seemingly-abandoned weyr. His new destination! …OR IS IT? In any case… Garouth certainly runs, even if Samiryth flies overhead as the surveillance in this game of chase that has Leirith on his tail. The bronze runs, his body low and the grin fierce on his muzzle as his paws beat against the ground, surprisingly quiet for so large a creature. D'lei? Yeah, he runs too. He flees! …because he knows he'll lose? Maybe. If he sticks around, he'll find out what horrible fate awaits him! So he runs, though… he could probably go significantly harder than this pace, if he had to. He doesn't look like he's at all straining himself, just… loping along. And CHEATING, according to Risali. "I am!" he calls back. "Two halves… then three more!" SUCH CHEATING.
Because if she did dip down and tackle him then the game would be over, and most of the fun is had while the game is going on and not the winning. Samiryth will spare some of her mental attention to the gold « I'm letting him think he is going to win. It makes the victory sweeter when you do. » Besides she wants to give the younger dragon the chance to get him too. She'll then turn her attention below her as the bronze leaps and glides, so he will take to the air at least a little bit after all? Maybe he is a cheater! « Just tell me when you want me to catch you Garouth. » she'll call to him as he makes his way toward that abandoned weyr. She's confident that she has got things well in hand! Or claw! Whatever! Serena continues to huff and puff as she chases after D'lei. She hears Risali's voice somewhere out there but she isn't going to spare a glance away from the ground to try to locate her precisely. Though she has a rough idea because EARS. She has a smile upon her face, clearly having a good time as she calls out to D'lei in a similar way to Samiryth, "I'm going to get you D'lei and when I do you won't know what hit you." Not that she'll tackle him since that could hurt them both, but she will get him good!

And Leirith considers Samiryth's reasoning, before deciding to analyze the response later. Instead, she meets the green's answer with laughter, and says, « I do not understand, Samiryth, but we will chase! » And she's exuberant joy, watching Garouth gain momentum and take that leap that leaves her equal parts appreciation for the tactic, and determination to mimic it. And so she chases after him, and she takes that leap, and she extends her sails and glides. But she is shaky, teetering in the air, coming down hard on her paws and a considerable distance away from where Garouth landed. BUT SHE IS NOT DISCOURAGED. SHE IS NOT DAUNTED BY THE TASK AT HAND. She runs, like he commands her to run, putting her entire body into the game while drums and bass give chase. But the rest of her is silent, focused, determined - and then she slams to a halt, head swinging around as a new idea takes her and she scrambles in a different direction. Why? Because there is a hill, and perhaps, if she can get a good enough leap off of it, she can land in front of that abandoned weyr that Garouth is headed for. And maybe she will fail, but it's her intention. She reaches the peak, swings around hard enough to scrape hide, and then she leaps. But the question is will she be fast enough? « YOU RUN! » She beats back. Kind of like Risali, who paces herself without giving up the ghost and resists laughing, or calling back, because she absolutely will give away her position. AND WHERE IS THE FUN IN THAT? There's no fun in it. Not when the fun is to be had in BOOM! Appearing out of nowhere with a near feral grin on her face, right on D'lei's heels.

What sort of prey wants to be caught? The mouse scrabbling under the snow tries to flee the hunter! The wolf running through the field… well. He makes evasive maneuvers as Samiryth calls down to him, a weave back and forth to make his course less predictable to her in the air… but that's the only answer he gives, no mention of when he might desire to be caught… or inclination to make it easier, the bronze aware of land and air - gold and green - alike as he runs toward that treed weyr as… a hideout, perhaps? A getaway? He's getting closer, one ground-devouring leap at a time… but Leirith has plans that do not wait for his assent, a scheme to run around and leap and be clever herself. And so she does and she leaps, and Garouth roars as there's a Leirith coming for… okay, actually, she's not quite aimed right. He could veer away but THIS DOES NOT MATTER, because he is twisting against the ground and launching himself toward her, because sometimes when prey is cornered it fights back. The deer, who turns his sharp hooves and antlers on the wolves. The skunk, who sprays foul musk that stings at eyes and nose. Even the lowly mouse will bite and claw in its desperate attempt to escape… and as those images flicker through the shadows, SO DOES GAROUTH. His jaws are open, his talons extended as he flies through the air toward her… though his paws will curve out for the impact, to enfold her without the pierce of claws, and his muzzle tilts up so he'll bonk her with his jaw instead of actually letting those teeth touch hide. The weight of his body flung at her? Yeah, that blow he does nothing to mitigate, but…. while she's still not quite full-grown, Leirith is a big gold now. She can take it. (Hopefully.) And D'lei? Well, he may not hear Risali for a while (Uh oh!), but he does hear Serena, and he laughs. "A girl!" he replies. SEE? He knows who hits him! And… shards, what's that? FOOTSTEPS. NOT HIS. BEHIND HIM. And he ducks and turns, a veer away from Risali as HELLO ADRENALINE that… also loses him some speed, because getting away from her (and whatever it is his lizard-brain is now telling him she might be) is higher-priority. Quick, Serena, now's your chance!

The green will explain to the gold in time. For now though she will continue to fly through the air to the soundtrack of the booms produced by Leirith. Samiryth is small! Just a little lady and to tussle with the big dragons might cause her some discomfort that she wouldn't like so much. So as Garough turns to face his pursuer. She will overshoot the bronze and goldand move in for a graceful landing some distance away, though she will quickly turn on her paws and start moving toward the pair of them. « You seem to have caught him. » She'll say warmly though it seems with Garouth throwing his weight around the reverse might actually be true. The bronze has experience on the gold. She will remain at the edges of the fray looking for her opportunity, which will come eventually. « Garouth it seems that you might be caught. » She'll say in fun, unconcerne that any real harm will come it. Serena has her chance too! Or at least it's looking like she might, which is good because she's getting out of breath and will have to call off the chase soon. She glances up from the ground to see D'lei doing his best to get away from a faster Risali. This is her shot!. She'll veer with him and do her best to reach out and try to grab him, ready to let go should she need if he pulls away or she just misses thats possible too. It's all up to D'lei at this point does he let himself be caught or does he continue valiently onward?!

And Leirith is unafraid; the gold does not try to veer away, or out-maneuver, or do anything shy of meet those incoming claws and teeth with her own - and she does. Garouth may have the experience and the knowledge to fold out his claws and miss her with his teeth, but Leirith catches his hide with hers, and catches him with her mouth, and laughs in his mind as much as Samiryth's as she takes the impact with grace, and even manages to fall without any real injury. For either of them, hopefully. And while she may not be as gentle with Garouth as Garouth is with her, the latching to him is brief enough for the pain to be fleeting - even if there's the possibility of lasting damage from their mutual catch. « I will always catch him! » She tells Samiryth, exaltation given life as she basks in her maybe-not-quite-a-victory-but-victory-enough. And then she's pushing her nose into Garouth as she shifts into a more comfortable position, maw open to draw in great breaths. Risali? She slows when D'lei tries to get away from her, and is instead CAUGHT! (maybe caught?) by Serena, laughing as she leans forward with her hands on her knees and grey eyes on the ground so that she can catch her breath.

If D'lei wasn't caught in his own chase he'd still be getting the hit of adrenaline as Garouth leaps, not just from the dragon's own emotions but because this is what started it, this is the reprise of why Garouth fought and was banished, that pounce he made at Kith - at Samiryth's instigation, even if she wasn't there then… but her flight, before; her visit, now. Garouth - without the slightest intent to harm - ATTACKS. AGAIN. And this time? Leirith LAUGHS, and so does Garouth, even as her claws and teeth scrape his hide… but really, what's a little pain? What's a risk of permanent maining between between friends? He is pleased, rumbling with laughter-growls as he tumbles with her, catching and caught in a shared victory of GOT YOU that turns into a sprawl. THIS TIME IT'S OKAY. Though D'lei's relief may be short-lived, for while Risali may have used up just a little too much of her energy on that surprise leap out of nowhere, Serena is there and waiting! Well, okay, there and running to grab him, and this time D'lei does not get away in time, captured by the greenrider even as her dragon observes just how caught Garouth seems to be by the gold, a dragons-eye view of their tangle together as both catch breath that - if it wasn't spent in the flight - was knocked out by the impact. « I am. » He rumbles, that sound now shifting from growl to something more like a purr, that pleased rumble of a dragon in contentment.

A recreation of a bad moment, except this time nothing bad happens. There is no bloodshed, there is no doom, there is no banishment. Samiryth has apparently been quite the unknowing instigator. She wouldn't be sorry though, because it brought Garouth into her life and that is the most important thing in the end. None of this change that has happened in her life would have happened and it would have been the same old same old. The green will move closer to Garouth and Leirith though she'll still stay well away until they come to a stop. Then she'll move closer and try to nose Garouth, « Leirith may always catch you. » she concedes, even if she could have air dropped from above. Serena, meanwhile, will wrap her arms around D'lei as she pants for breath, using him as a big old prop to keep her standing. She'll laugh and push her face against his chest, "You see D'lei. Even a pregnant lady can catch you." Tight squeeze, "Maybe that means our baby will be fast?" she'll ask as she removes face from chest to look over toward Risali, "What do you think?"

Leirith will not impede the green from her mission to close the distance and nose Garouth. She will watch the exchange from where she rests, through blue eyes, sprawled beside the bronze before wuffling and extending her head to bump the green with her muzzle and more laughter. And when Garouth rumbles in contentment, Leirith joins him with a humming croon, a sound that harmonizes with bass and drums and brings with it the smell of spun sugar and funnel cake. « I told you that you would not get very far, » she tells the bronze, sounding like maybe she feels clever, even as there is a part of her that recognizes (and appreciates) the fact that Garouth is… better. And maybe that's what makes her victory so much better, even if there is the sliver of understanding that he's won as much as she has, and her victory is dependent on his willingness to submit to her. But she doesn't understand it, and so she doesn't try; instead, the gold moves again, shifting wings around so that she can flop onto her side and twist her neck so that headknobs are flat on the floor and she's staring at both adults with paws slightly elevated. And she watches them, because there is something that she doesn't quite understand. But she wants to. Like Risali watches D'lei and Serena, straightening her position and holding at a stitch in her side as her chest works double time in an effort to breathe around a smile. But then grey eyes are on Serena's stomach, and she smile becomes more even as it becomes quieter. It's… gentle, less thrill and excitement than adoration and… "I think," Risali breathes around labored breaths. "That your child will be perfect, and beautiful, no matter how fast or slow they are." And she means it. And maybe it's not the answer Serena was looking for, but it's the answer that Risali gives, because it's the answer she feels. And there are those pesky emotions again, that Risali blinks away by curling in on herself and giving herself a moment to simply breathe. She pulls on the front of her tunic as if to fan herself with the air that gets trapped between the fabric and her body, and then she rights herself with breathy laughter. "Well done, Serena."

Perhaps the importance of that willingness to be caught something else that Leirith will understand in time… as is the usual refrain - but Garouth doesn't say so to her; nothing of the sort, in fact. He doesn't need to; either she'll understand, or she won't, but telling her that won't help her along the way to comprehension. Nudging her with learning opportunities? That's something else entirely! But telling her… no. There's no point to it. « I got many dragonlengths, » he tells Leirith instead, teasing with crushed mint and maple syrup for her funnelcakes. « Even more firelizardlengths. » So what if he's a dragon and thus those lengths aren't so far after all? He's still amused and pleased and teasing because of it, with a rumble as he nuzzles Leirith, then turns his head to return Samiryth's nosing with a touch far lighter than the rough and tumble play with the young gold. « If she is fast and clever… she may. » He turns his head, arched back a little so he can watch both of them with gold-green eyes, a swirl of springtime shades. And following his dragon's capture, there's D'lei's, Serena's arms around him - and his own come up around her, the better to keep her from falling over. Upright! They will remain upright. Mostly-upright? Okay, good enough. A tug of his lips to the side, and he looks down at Serena in his arms… pregnant and yet catching him… then up to Risali as the question's directed to her. Another tug of his hips, and a small nod. "Besides," he continues as he looks down to Serena again. "Either way, we'll be running after them."

Those boring grownups with their boring feelings! In many ways its far easier to remain a child. It is a happier existance in a way. At Garouth's light touch she'll move closer to him once more and sigh contentedly. She won't purr like Garouth did but there is a happy hum in her throat. AFter finding a comfortable spot against Garuoth the green will look over to the gold and her cute little upside down face, « I'm very glad that Garouth has a friend like you Leirith. » At the very least a good chunk of her is and thats enough to make the statement true. « Are you as close with her brothers and sisters Garouth? » she'll ask him. She's heard him talk so much about Leirith but less so about the others. She too wishes to know, just like Leirith wishes to know things. The never ending cycle of knowledge growth. Serena can see the emotion in Risali's face and it pleases her causing her to smile. It pleases her because it is very obvious Risali wants the best for the baby and that is a feeling that Serena can share. "I think you are right." she'll say to the young woman though she'll ask, "Are you alright?" Sometimes emotions aren't always completely happy ones. They do remain mostly upright and thats a good thing. Serena would hate to drag D'lei down with her. She gradually leans on him less and less as she regains her own footing, "We will. Always running." Isn't that the nature of life? Always running. She'll finally break her hold on D'lei but stay right there near him as she continues to catch her breath. Exercise still happens! Cita will be pleased.

Grown ups are boring… but every once in a while, they are interesting. Samiryth asks Leirith that question, and the gold shifts, rolling again so that she can lift her head and look at the bronze, and then the green. She stills, the bass and the drums quiet until they are almost non-existent, a sound softer than the wind rustling through the trees as she examines that question from every angle. Because she knows. She knows there is a difference here, and she doesn't… understand it. « What are you to Garouth, » Leirith asks, « if not his friend? » And there is nothing malicious in the question, it is… innocence, the knowledge that she is starting to understand that there are different kinds of love and different ways to love different people and maybe this… maybe this will be insight. Because she can see it too, with D'lei and Serena and her own lifemate - there's a difference. She doesn't understand it, but she understands it. Risali smiles when Serena smiles at her, when she concedes, and then blinks at the question of her well-being. THAT IS A FORBIDDEN QUESTION, SERENA. SERENA, NOOOOO! Grey eyes go from the older woman, to D'lei, and for a moment she looks… unsure, trapped, faltering as her brows knit and she looks to the dragons instead. But her smile remains, even if it seems a bit… shaky. Is she alright? "Yes," she breathes, and she means that too. Because she is strong, she is fierce, she is Risali even when people ACKNOWLEDGE THE EMOTION SHE TRIES SO HARD TO IGNORE. So she says it a little stronger, "Yes, I'm fine." But she's taking off again, without looking back, in a jog, then a run. Because Risali is not the type to sit around and weep, even if those emotions are because she's feeling TOO MUCH PRIDE AND JOY AND LOVE for a little bun baking in an oven that she hasn't even met yet. "Better start practicing!" She calls over her shoulder, headed for the blanket they left behind in their game of chase. And Leirith chimes back in with teasing laughter for the bronze, even though her attention is half on that thought. « But you did not get many Leirith-lengths away, Garouth. That is what matters. »

« If they called, I would hear them. » Which isn't exactly an answer, but isn't not, either. It's at least how Garouth chooses to reply to Samiryth's question about Leirith's clutch-mates! « For some, I would answer. » So yeah, they're not all his besties, but Leirith is also not alone among the Xanadu weyrling dragons in having Garouth's favor. The bronze whose shadows… shift at Leirith's question, a deepening of darkness even if he does not make his own answer. It's Samiryth who's being asked, after all… even if the question, as it passes him, makes a tensing in Garouth's mind, a scent in the air that makes the forest murmur as it passes beneath the lingering tinge of sweet and fried foods among the leaves. D'lei… well. He smiles to Serena as she steps back, tucking his thumbs into his belt as he stands there with her. He looks down, at Serena's question to Risali, down at the ground with a tug at the corner of his mouth before his eyes steal up again to Risali again because he can't not look, he's as terrible at that as he is at shutting up. "Can't stop now, right?" It should be his mantra or something, but as it is he makes a gesture to Serena, with a grin as if to invite her to be the first to give chase this time. Maybe he just wants to be in the back to let his adrenaline come down from the pursuit before? Who knows! But he surely won't be many firelizard-lengths behind, even so. Garouth rumbles again to Leirith's tease, even as his own shadows remain deep and heavy. « That is because a Leirith-length stretches halfway across Pern. » He sends a mental image with that, of a dragon's long shadow projected across the globe like she's flying over the planet and blotting out the sun.

So many different types of love and so many different expressions of it. How is a dragon supposed to answer the question though? Samiryth is aware of Leiriths young age, but she is also not /that/ young either. If she is asking is that not an indication that she is ready for some sort of answer. Sami's feelings of love and affection for Garouth are no secret to anyone that has eyes to see. In short it's a fair question! The shift in Garouth's mind is not unnoticed by the green and so she will lift a paw to gently place it against his back to let him know she's here and that its ok. It may be time. She will let emeralds appear on the floor of the forest to blend in with the leaves a visual metaphor of closeness. Part her and part Garouth. « You are preceptive Leirith. » she begins softly as she tells her what she wants to know, hopefully at the level she can both understand and won't cause upset, « Garouth is my mate Leirith. That is a very special sort of friend. » And there it is a simple answer without too much detail that hopefully will meet with Garouth's approval as well as Leiriths. Doubtless there will be more questions but it is good to not answer questions that haven't been asked. Risali is all those things for sure! Though Serena knows that she is also emotional, though cornering her isn't something she has a desire to do. Not in this moment anyway. Serena will offer Risali a big smile to try to communicate understanding, at least a little bit. That smile on D'lei's face will grab her attention and she says, "No we can't." No stopping for the two of them. For the rest of their lives they will be connected by this. It's then that Serena does something that may be impulsive but she can't help herself. She'll lean up and try to plant a quick peck on D'lei's cheek. If she gets it she'll turn quickly and follow after Risali and if he backs away she'll play it off as nothing and turn to follow Risali. Either way she's following after Risali.

It is true! There are so many different ways to love, and be loved, and Leirith is only just beginning to understand that there are differences - though maybe not necessarily what those differences are, or what they entail. And Leirith sees the darkness in Garouth's forest, and she doesn't understand that either, but she allows another glimpse into her mind as she strings lights among the trees and simply accepts it. Depth to his shadows, light to make those emerald leaves more brilliant - and then she retreats. The lights come down, and the bass and the drums and the sugary sweet scents subside so quickly that even Risali stumbles in her run and turns. But her eyes never go to D'lei and Serena, they remain on Leirith, as the not-so-tiny gold, for once, projects nothing. And perhaps there is something said between rider and dragon alike, alone, privately passed down a line meant for only them, because Leirith is silent for more than mere seconds, until she is bass and drums and amusement that seeps back into Garouth's and Samiryth's minds simultaneously. And Risali turns again, and she runs. « Garouth, I will have to eat many more herdbeasts to be that fat. But I will do it! You'll see. » And is she laughing? She is - and there is joy and cheer in the sound, chasing through the forest until she rises, bunting Garouth and Samiryth both, heedless of her wonky knobs. And off she goes, after her lifemate, pausing every now and again because NEW THINGS and LOOK HOW THE SHINE and WHAT'S THIS? But finally she's answering Samiryth's information, and telling her, « He is a good choice. He is a badass! » And maybe she still doesn't get it, but Risali has clearly said something. Still, the young dragon is upbeat, and jovial; there's no hint of negative emotion or thought or intention in anything she says, as the lights are slowly strung back up, and spun sugar permeates the air once more.

Garouth is quiet and still… at first. The shadows are deep, waiting as Samiryth settles against him with her paw and that sprinkle of gems… and then he snorts. « No. » He sits up abruptly, casting off the green's touch even as the gems fall through the ground into an abyss of darkness that swallows them and casts them in a dirt-spattered cascade back to Samiryth's mind, even as Leirith withdraws her thoughts as well. « We are not mates. » He shakes himself further, rising to his feet from the tangle of bodies as his words are only words, even the darkness gone and never mind what lies within it. « You desire this. » His gaze on Samiryth, and then a turn of his head to Leirith… and back again to Samiryth. It's to her he addresses his words, her to whom he has something so say. « But we are not. » He gathers himself, a tense of muscles into a crouch… and he spreads his wings, and his tail curls in a flick against Leirith's hindleg before he jumps into the air, wings beating in a downdraft of air like the breeze of his mind that still isn't there, and now there's not even his voice because Garouth is flying up, further up, and away from here in silence. At least… if he's not caught; but that's hardly how things work, now is it. D'lei… freezes, for a moment, as Garouth stirs and Serena leans up toward him at the same time. There's a stiffening of his posture, and then a slight lean back even as her lips touch to his cheek. It's not a large gesture, but… it's there, the expression on his face as stiff as the rest of him. His hands curls as she turns to pretend nothing happened, and he looks away - out across the meadow - then to the ground… and there's a bite of his lower lip as his jaw tucks just a bit further down, and he closes his eyes and stands there/ for a long moment before he slowly curls up his head again and forces his hands open. Time to run. He's running. Never mind that it looks more like the weyrling forced jogs than the frolics across the meadow that were happening before. He's running, right? Running is what they're doing. So he is, making his not-so-fast-actually way after Serena and Risali and… whatever it is that's happening, now. Welcome to vacation?

If there was a picture of being crushed Samiryth would be it. First there is the look of surprise, then shock, then sadness. Complete and total sadness. The kind that comes when your whole world just comes crashing down around you when you hadn't expected the ground to shift beneath your feet. It's a sick and wiggly feeling. The kind you get when you are about to throw up but can't. If you add to that the layer of hormones that she is already experiencing there is only one reaction a person or dragon can have. Her eyes grow grey and she lets out a mournful cry. She doesn't know what to do so she gets to her feet the begins to wander in the opposite direction of everyone. « Waahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. » is the mornful cry that echoes in Serena's mind. Serena shares some of those same feelings. It had taken courage to try and considering it was a kiss to the cheek it leaves her feeling unsure and more than a little rebuffed. Though she will stuff her own feelings for a moment and shift directions to chase after Samiryth. The embarassment is hot in her cheeks and face. Not to mention her own pain on behalf of the green who is clearly in misery. Yeah. Great vacation. Not alot of point in saying anything to anyone.

CHESTCLUTCH, STAGGER. Leirith makes a rumbling sound when her hindleg gets a flick, and blue eyes watch the bronze as he takes off into the night sky, aware of his absence, but still telling him that he's a, « Badass! » as he goes. She is unaware. She doesn't understand, but she does not pursue him, because she cannot - and perhaps there is a part of her that understands that sometimes people need to do things… alone. But Samiryth's pain is foreign to her, and there's an almost panic as the young-but-getting-there queen reacts to it. « Samiryth? » She is confused, scared, and the mournful cry has Leirith shifting uneasily, eyes going yellow as the gold starts off after the green. But something stops her, something draws her back in Risali's direction, back towards that blanket where Risali has reached and doubles over. Serena's things. Risali looks at them, because how did they get to here from where they all were?, and she waits for D'lei. She doesn't know what else to do, but at least she waits so that they can, perhaps, figure it out together. After all, who should deliver things to the woman? Where did she even go? When is the time right? So very many questions that Risali does not have the answer to - especially not when she is trying to calm Leirith down on top of everything else. SHE WORRIES. SHE LOVES ALL THE PEOPLE. WHY ARE THEY HAVING SADS? SHE DOESN'T GET IT.

D'lei stops his run again as Samiryth cries out, and he just… stops there. Because really, where is he even going? His hands curl again, into fists at his sides as he listens to the draconic wail, watches Serena run off after her weeping lifemate, and… stands there. His lips move, though no words actually come out loud enough to be heard. If anyone's paying enough attention to read lips? Yeah, it's a string of profanities. Varied ones, because there's really not any one that's good enough on its own. But maybe if he mixes them up a bit, he'll manage to get… somewhere. Not that he really knows where. Or what. Or… yeah, about that profanity sampler pack that D'lei goes through as Garouth… flies away to wherever it is he's heading now that he's shaken the earth and broken Sami's heart. Eventually? Yeah, he'll eventually finish going through all the profanities learned in a childhood spent with sailors and unlucky gamblers. And getting some of them twice, just for good measure! And at that point, he'll probably make his way to where Risali is, where Serena's stuff is, because… it will definitely have to go back to her eventually. Along with some uncomfortable conversation, most likely. But first? Well.. he's got a string of cusses from Nerat to mouth, first. He'll get there, wherever it is. Eventually. Maybe. Faranth.

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