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Xanadu Weyr - Rustic Treetop Cafe
Perched on the cliff overlooking Xanadu's beach is a gnarled and massive skybroom tree. The bark and outer layers are sturdy enough to support the thriving, brushy top, but the interior, which is hollow, contains a spiral staircase that leads to a cafe built on a high platform amongst the branches. With a panoramic view of lake, sky, Weyr and the mountains beyond, the treetop eatery offers both sheltered seating just inside the trunk and tables on the wide deck that encircles the old tree.
The cafe's decor is comfortable and rustic, but closer inspection shows the smallest embellishments to be artfully combined into one detailed masterpiece. The wood of the doors, floor and walls of the trunk have been stained a dark mahogany that lends the space a sense of intimacy. Tables in various sizes have been carved to mimic driftwood, the chairs and benches padded with oiled sailcloth cushions to provide weather-proof comfort. Each table has an aged brass lantern filled with shells and agates gathered from Xanadu's shores, the sparkling natural mosaics holding tapered candles upright in their embrace. Lamps hang from the ceiling on silver poles, the thick frosted glass carved into intricate pastel shells or swirling white-capped waves. At night the colored glass softens the glowlight to enhance the ambience.
During the day, the retractable doors allow leaf-spattered sunlight to fill both the outer deck and the smaller interior with green and gold light, as well as allowing pleasant breezes to cool the interior. On clear nights, farviewers perch on the elaborately carved railing are free for use to enhance the gorgeous view of the stars over the Caspian Lake, the Sea of Azov beyond and the rock formations of the Weyr.

Late afternoon edges toward evening, and Soriana sits at a small table out on the balcony of the cafe. Luraoth is down on the beach below, lying on sun-warmed sands and watching the water, and with her is Kanekith. Up here, the cafe is doing a decent business - though it's hardly crowded - and Soriana sits alone. She has a glass of lemonade that she's about halfway done with, and she's looking out at the horizon as she slowly turns it around and around with her fingers.

Idrissa is making her way on up the steps to the cafe, her gaze drifting this way and that as she takes in the ones she has caught sight of. So far so good it seems.. Though she pauses once catching sight of both Luraoth and Kanekith, there is a pause as she just stands there at the top of the steps wondering if she should go any further or just turn around and head on back the way she came. For the recorded it is mostly because of the bronze being there. Though she moves along, a hand pushing a few strands of hair back as she goes. Soon enough she catches sight of Soriana and is wandering on that way, a smile seen even though she is on edge expecting Ka'el to appear. "Hey."

There's no Ka'el at Soriana's table, at least. Nor… anywhere in the cafe. Not hiding in that cluster of people. Nor that one. Really, he's just nowhere to be seen, despite Kanekith's presence on the beach. Soriana glances up at the sound of a voice. Is that? Oh. "Hey!" she says, with a smile in return. A small one, but still. A smile, and not all that forced, either. Even if her eyes aren't entirely with it. "Got tired of the caverns food?"

Idrissa smiles a bit at that and shrugs a moment. "Maybe a bit? Just thought I'd come for a drink before heading back to my place. How does it?" This questioned as she settles down next to Soriana and leans back in her chair. Clothing wise she has on a t-shirt, jeans and boots, and there is a lose bandage around her left arm.

Soriana shrugs to the question. "Okay," she says, and gives her lemonade another quarter-turn before lifting it to her lips and taking a sip. Her eyes wander out over the water as she does, and she gives her head a little shake. "Forecast says rain, but I'm not seeing it," she muses, then glances back to Idrissa. Now she notices the bandage, eyes going down to inspect it before looking up once more. "What happened?"

Idrissa heard of the fight, heard a few other things around about a certain drunk bronze rider but that is about all of it. "Nothing.. Sprain." She offers to the bit on her arm while she gets the server to pause and gets a drink. "There was something about rain. Wasn't paying much attention to it I have to admit."

"Yeah," Soriana says with a faint smile, "but what happened? Did you trip over a stray firelizard? Try to catch a fastball? Drop your mug of cider?" When the server comes over, Sori adds, "-and some crisps, thanks," to the order.

Idrissa smirks a bit at that and glances to Soriana. "I was over in the stables, one of the runners got mad and kicked open the stall door." She shrugs while letting her arms fold upon the table before her. "I think tripping over a firelizard, or trying to catch a fastball would be better at this rate."

Dropping a mug of cider, on the other hand… definitely worse. Soriana nods, with a sympathetic wince. "Back under control now?" she asks of the runner (because, well, Idrissa she's got here to see for herself!) "So did you meet the new healer, then?" Since, well. Injuries and infirmaries.

"Yeah.. He got mad that the stall was closed.." Idrissa offers with a roll of her eyes at the thought. "At least that is about what I can figure out." There is a shrug and she glances up a bit once she is given her drink, a slight thanks heard before she takes a sip from it. New healer.. She makes a face at the idea. "No, though Kera said I should go by." Really trying to get Rissa to go to the infirmary is not an easy thing. "It'll be fine by tomorrow. If not then I'll go Maybe." There is a slight edge to her tone as if she doesn't like the idea at all, as if perhaps the thought of going was a waste of time or something along those lines. A bit grumpy perhaps? Possible.. Though there is /such/ a good reason for that.

"Sometimes they're like that," Soriana says of the runners with a half-smile… but then she looks away again, out over the water. The thin-crisped tubers just get a nod, and she reaches out absently to take one and eat it before returning her gaze to Idrissa with a nod. "So long as it's healing well."

Idrissa glances over to Soriana curiously. "Yeah.. I don't see why it wouldn't." She pauses and eyes her arm a moment before shrugging. "It'll be fine.." This said with a soft tone while she looks at the crisps. "Anywho.. How have you been? We haven't really talked in a while."

Soriana notes the eyes on her crisps, and nudges the bowl toward Idrissa. "Want some?" she asks, and takes another one for herself. Crunch, crunch… crunch. Well, she's got to finish eating this before she answers the question, now doesn't she? And wash it down with a sip of lemonade, too. "Well." She smiles, a deliberate one. "We've all been busy. Being riders and all that."

Idrissa shakes her head slightly to the talk of crips, hungrey but not for that it seems. She lifts her head up a touch. "Yeah.. Suppose so." This said softly at the idea. Now something to talk about, something other then what Soriana has been up to it seems. "I think Tahryth is.. Trying to be all glowy.." Why? Because the green is making her think of Willow when the firelizard was up to no good. Subject changed at least.

Being riders… and Idrissa rides green. Soriana's smile slips. "Hey, so…" She trails off, searching in her thoughts for what comes next. For the right thing to say, except she's not sure it exists… and it certainly isn't Idrissa's conversational gambit. Okay, yes, so it's definitely related to the direction of Soriana's thoughts, but also… "Shells." Nevermind that green dragons don't make those. Soriana lowers her head for a moment, and takes a deep breath. Unlike gold ones. "Shards. Okay. She…" Another breath, and Soriana looks up at Idrissa again. "She probably is. I mean, she's old enough, and… if you think she is…"

Idrissa is quiet for a few moments and nods while letting her arms settle on the counter stop and her head soon just rests upon it while she peers off. "I know. She's telling me and showing me stuff that makes me think of Willow. There not the same I know but some is still close I think." Doesn't recall signing up for all the strange feelings or the parts when her dragon is bouncing around in her head so to speak with thoughts. "I'm going to be sticking around my place for a while I figure." As if she was ever found out and around the Weyr that much to start with.

Now would be a great time for Soriana to have some words of advice. Experienced (barely) wisdom. But… she nods as Idrissa explains why she thinks what she thinks, and when she tries again for that advice… "Shells." She's repeating herself. Also, she doesn't have any advice. No. Come on. There's got to be something. Think, Sori. "Look… the flights lecture… left something out." Her eyes are a little wide, trying hard to convey something she's not sure she understands herself (but knows is important). "The other riders… you can't trust them. Even if you can trust them, you can't. Because it's … hard to keep control. And they might not."

Idrissa would love some advice, not like she knows that many other riders. Sure there are the ones in her wing but really she is still trying to get to know them. "You keep saying shells.. Why?" This is questioned with a firm tone, wanting a answer it seems. At the bit on other riders she just peers at Soriana, watching her a moment. "What?.." She is a bit confused on that it would seem.

Because Luraoth would complain if Soriana used stronger curses that started S-H-, that's why. (And maybe also because it's on her mind, what with Luraoth.) She just shakes her head, though. She has more important things to say. "It's not just dragons that get hurt in flights. So…" don't have them? Not an option. "Be…" careful? Not really an option either. And while Soriana might have plans to lecture every malerider in Xanadu, she's not likely to have the chance before. So. "After. If you're hurt. Find someone to help you. Okay?"

Idrissa frowns at this while watching Soriana, something had to happen, something bad for the other to say this. "Soriana.. What happened during Luraoth's and your flight?" Hurt.. Hurt?.. She keeps that frown and nods a moment while her head lowers a touch and she looks a bit worried over this idea. No she can't avoid it in the least, and really she can't truly be careful at such a time as a flight. A soft sigh escapes her, and she feels a bit sick all of a sudden and goes back to eyeing her drink.

Down on the beach, Luraoth still relaxes with Kanekith, the gold and bronze looking at ease together. Comfortable as the evening breezes that keep things cool up on the balcony where Soriana and Idrissa sit with drinks. Soriana frowns, looking away from Idrissa. "It was a flight," she says, her words quiet but calm-sounding. "The dragons blooded. They rose. They chased Luraoth, and one of them caught her." Kanekith, lying with her on the beach. "They mated. And…" Here she trails off, though the mating flights lecture told them and every weyrbrat over the age of ten knows. At least. That Ka'el and Soriana, the riders of those dragons, had sex. What those 'brats might not know - though the person who Soriana invited by firelizard-message to join her tonight does - is that… "I had bruises."

Idrissa sends a glance to Soriana, whom is given a slight look at what is said. She has a general idea of what the dragons did the blooding, the flying, and the sex part. It is the afterwards that makes her wonder, especially after the warning that Soriana just gave her. "Bruises.." Why does she think it is a bit more than just bruises? These two have known one another for a long time after all, and it tends to be Soriana that can tell when Rissa isn't telling the truth about something. Though every now and then the greenrider gets a step up. "Look, I'm not going to push it.. Something happened, an if you want to talk about it we can. Whenever.." She does look a bit worried about the other for a few moments. A sigh escapes her and she glances off. "Not like I have a choice in the matter." What's done is done, and there is no stopping a green from rising at some point that is for sure.

Kera hurries her steps towards the beach, then turns towards the cafe. She's probably already late, but no help for it now. Taking a quick moment to make sure she's presentable, Kera steps inside and gives her eyes a moment to adjust. A few quick words and she's pointed towards the balcony where Soriana and Idrissa are, even if Idrissa's presance will be a surprise. Scanning the area and spotting her friends, she smiles and wiggles her fingers their way. "G'evening you Soriana, Idrissa. I appologize if I'm late." The apprentice, while knowing about bruises, seems to be oblivious to the conversation she stepped in on. She's just glad to be invited to the outing. Too much studying can make an apprentice go coocoo for cocoa puffs. Kera does give the greenrider an obvious once over, particularly her arm.

Oh, there's nothing more than bruises, physically. Bruises are what happened. As for the what happened… well. Soriana's had plenty of bruises. She's had far fewer that appeared along with flushed faces, that didn't… "Look, like I said. Maybe you'll be fine. Some flights… are different. But if you do get hurt… you don't have to go to the infirmary or anything. You know where my weyr is. Anytime. Okay?" Soriana holds her gaze on Idrissa for long moments, only looking away at the sound of Kera's voice. Her serious expression is replaced by a determined smile as she waves to the healer apprentice. "Oh, hey! No problem. Hope you don't mind, Idrissa came by while I was waiting…" But there's bound to be an extra chair, right?

Idrissa watches Soriana a few moments more and soon nods. She won't push the matter anymore than what she did. "Yeah.. An you know I'll come by. Just remember that offer works both ways." A faint smile is sent to her friend. Her gaze turns towards the new voice, a nod seen. "Hello Kera.. If you all want I can go or something.." She didn't know she was butting into something it seems. As for her left arm, yes it is bandaged up lightly.

Kera waves off Soriana's worry "Not at all, the more the merrier and all that, right?" and thinks nothing of pulling an extra chair from a nearby empty table. Canting her head to Idrissa with a grin "Don't be silly. Atleast here we can chat a bit without some vicious animal stampeding and trying to make us their kickball." Kera snickers a bit and does send a glance to the greenrider's bandaged arm. She says nothing of it however and looks between the women, her cheery smile slipping a bit as she starts picking up a little tension hovering over the table. "Is something wrong?"

"Sure," Soriana says to Idrissa. "I know where to find you." She smiles, then looks back to Kera. "I should hope not. How would it get up the stairs?" Her tone is deliberately light, despite that lingering tension. Maybe she's hoping she can shoo it away. In fact, there's a flick of her fingers now. "Oh, we were just talking, that's all. Three can talk as well as two." She gives a smile to Idrissa, then back to Kera. "So how's your day been?"

Idrissa smiles a bit and nods while just peering at Kera and rolls her eyes at the animal comment. "It wasn't /that/ bad.. He didn't even try to get you after the stall door was open." She points out with an amused tone. While Soriana is questioning Kera,the greenrider goes back to sipping at her drink.

Kera snorts at Idrissa "Well it was busy trying to tenderize you between the wall and stall door, if I remember correctly. By the time he even thought of coming after me, he was exhausted." Flashing a cheeky grin, she leans back in the seat and shrugs in response to Soriana "Alright I suppose, yourselves?" Her gaze flickers between the two "I hope you've both been getting some rest." The apprentice huffs a stray bit of hair from her face and tucks it behind her ear.

Soriana just listens to the argument over exactly what that runner may or may not have done, with a small smile and a few little shakes of her head, then shrugs at the question. "Oh, well, mine was a restday, so I suppose I must have." She smiles. "I went for some long walks and relaxed. Didn't hardly do anything worth telling about." She extends a bowl of crisps toward Kera in invitation, then takes one for herself. "Nice, I suppose. As long as it doesn't happen too often."

Idrissa smirks while shaking her head. "Naw, nothing like that happened.." Not in the least! At least that is not how this rider sees it. "I've just been around here lately. Working back at the stables when I can and all." With Tahryth starting to glow it is good she keeps around the Weyr after all.

Kera snatches one of the offered crisp, smiling as she listens to how they spent their days. Eyeing Idrissa in amusement, she nods "It did happen sorta like that. It went nuts for no reason and you got hurt." She shrugs, and doesn't mention she did say she thought the animal was dangerous before. " Simple as that. But as long as ya are feeling better, that's what matters." taking a bite crispy bite, Kera glances up and around the balcony, "This place is nice. Do you both come here a lot?"

Soriana continues to stay out of the argument about that runner's rampage - or was it his perfectly understandable restlessness? The smile might be a little forced, but maybe she's just being indulgent. Her gaze does drift out over the water for a few moments, but maybe she's just appreciating the view. It is a nice one. That's part of what keeps this place in business. Soriana glances back to Kera. "Oh, sometimes. I'd probably come more if it weren't for those stairs." She gives a crooked smile, and then the server's showing up to ask if they'd like anything else. After all, there's a new person! Also, the place is starting to fill up, as it gets later in the evening.

Idrissa was there, she knew very well what the runner did or didn't do! Though perhaps for a few moments there it would seem like that to Kera. "No comment." Is sent to Kera at the bit on the runner. Time to change subjects! "Yeah every now and then I come here. Rather nice scenery and so forth." Though yes the steps doesn't always make it easy for some things.

Kera grins over to the stairs and nods agreeably. "It wouldn't surprise me if some aunties have to stop and take a break half way up." She's not being funny, some of those old aunties' steps don't spring like they used to. When the waitress arrives, Kera gestures for the others to go first before ordering tea and a toasted wherry sandwich. Enjoying the scenary a moment, the apprentice looks between the two woman before snapping a fingers "Oh, I haven't had a chance before now, but I wanted to thank you for helping me at the Gather." She half leans to Idrissa and does an exaggerated whisper and grins in amusement. "We'll just not mention that she put me in the wrong cot in the dorms."

Soriana already has herself a lemonade, but she does order the hummus and cheese melt, because crisps do not a meal make, tasty or not. "You," she notes to Kera in not-a-whisper, "-were very certain that was your cot. You told me so at least twice." She's got a smile, though. "And, you're welcome."

Idrissa chuckles softly and smiles. "Maybe it wasn't named right?" This questioned with an amused tone to Kera. "I bet it wasn't to bad though.. Did you wake up with a snuggle buddy or get kicked out?" She is curious! Then there is a pause as a certain dragon is poking at her. A soft sigh escapes her and she slowly shifts, stretching as she goes. "I should get going. Thanks for letting me joinin the conversation." With a wave seen she is off towards those steps heading homewards from the looks of it.

Kera can't stop the chuckle that slips out and shakes her head "More like I woke up when someone tried to sit on my hip." As Idrissa has to leave, the apprentice wiggles her fingers in the greenrider's direction. "Stay away from those crazy animals!" Is her parting advice before turning her grin to Soriana and rolling her eyes "And you believed me?" Kera flashes a wink and grabs another crisp to nibble on. "I am sorry though. I know I messed up your pretty new dress. I'll make that up to you, promise."

The hazards of the dorms! Soriana smiles at the possible fates listed by Idrissa, then nods at the actual fate had to Kera. "Could've been worse," she says, smile crooked, then looks to Idrissa as the greenrider goes to depart. "Well… okay. See you later." Her mouth tugs to the side, and does a little open and shut thing before settling on, "Good luck." And then she returns her attention to Kera, and hehs. "I hardly had anyone else to ask, did I? It was believe you, or try my luck with a random one. Next time I'll just flip a mark?" She tilts her head to the side at the apology, then gives it a shake. "Oh, don't worry about it."

Kera nods agreeably "Yea, I suppose it could have been. As it was, I got a couple of bruises on my backside when I fell out of that cot, but it's nothing." Seeing the waitress coming, she finishes off the crisp in her hand and smiles appreciatively at the aroma coming from the plate placed in front of her. 'Thank you' is murmured to the waitress. Glancing to Soriana's comments about not worrying about it, she simply grins and shrugs "Oh, I won't worry. When I can, I'll surprise you, no worries at all." The impudent little apprentice smirks, taking up half her sandwich and takes a small bite.

"Well, next time you get drunk, make sure to put labels on the cots first. It'll make things ever so much easier," Soriana suggests with a teasing smile, then leans back as a sandwich is placed in front of her. "Thanks," she says, and reaches down for one half, picking it up and getting it, oh, halfway to her mouth before pausing. "…okay, so, should I be worried about this surprise of yours?"

Kera takes another bite of her sandwich, readjusting he hold on it before taking a sip of tea. Lifting a curious gaze to Soriana, she gives a light shake of her head. "Of coarse not, you simply enjoy it when it sneaks up on ya. I wouldn't do anything unpleasant as a surprise." Of coarse, the surprise will be how long it takes the apprentice to think of something the queenrider will like. She takes a couple more bites. "So how are things going for you and your dragonmate? Any interesting tales about settling into your new job?"

"Okaaaay," Soriana says, then goes ahead and has an actual bite of sandwich. She finishes chewing, then adds, "Just in case, though… I'm not all that fond of mint. So you know." She arches a brow and gives a teasing sort of smile, then has another bite of the food. Though, who knows, maybe by the time Kera comes up with something Soriana will have entirely forgotten about it. "Oh, well…" she says at the question, and has a sip of lemonade and a bit more food as she shrugs. "Nothing that interesting, I suppose." Or does that mean the stories are all important weyr secrets? Soriana smiles, though it doesn't reach her eyes. "Paperwork's dull. And, well, you already know how Luraoth's been." Goldflights do not go unremarked. Soriana takes another sip. "She seems to be doing well with it."

Kera rolls her eyes and snorts at the mint jab as she finishes her bite of food. "Everyone's a critic. If I didn't know any better, I'ld think weyrfolk just plain dislike mint for some reason." She's teasing of coarse and works through part of her sandwich before speaking up again. "I think everyone hates paperwork. All the files ya gotta keep updated, new ones, old ones.." She shakes her head "Even in the infirmary it seems half the job is filling out forms. I bet it's triply worse for you." Nodding once more at the mention of flight, Kera glances down to her plate, lifting the bread and adjusting the arrangement of wherry before taking that half of her sandwich in hand. Obviously something is on the apprentice's mind so she simply shrugs and barges on. "You're okay though aren't you? I mean.." She trails off a few seconds and gestures to Soriana's shoulder where she had seen dark bruises before. "I know it's not my business, and we've not known each other that long but…. I was worried after I saw your um, bruises."

"Can't be everyone, or it wouldn't be in the shop to be sold," Soriana says, and shrugs. "The paperwork's not so bad, mostly, it's just… well, I suppose there could be an exciting form, but I haven't seen it yet. Maybe I should ask, see if there's one back in the archives as an example." She hehs, then gives her head a shake and eats for a few moments before looking up again. "I'll be okay." She smiles. Okay now? That's different. But she will be, and… she sighs. "That was probably your first time at a Weyr with… a goldflight, wasn't it?"

Kera arches a brow at Soriana and grins around her bite. "There is that." She sighs halfheartedly "I could spend lots of candlemarks picking out things I want in that shop to plant. Decoprate the entire Weyr in pretty flowers and minty scents." After another bite and nods "That excitement form will probably be under Mur'dah's name, if ya want a wildfire set, call Mur'dah." She finishes the last of her comment as if she was trying to sell something. The apprentice just nods at the queenrider's insistance that she is okay and lets the subject drop. Unless it happens again, then she'll be taking a big stick to someone. When the topic turns to the recent flight, Kera turns her attention to her sandwich a few seconds and nods. "Um, yea. That was definately an interesting day. Even the old aunties and uncles where, hmm, enjoying a few mugs of..uh, ale throughout the day." The apprentice can't help but blush a little as she politely rephrases actual events.

"Tsenik would be pleased," Soriana says with a smile, then pauses. Oh yeah, better explain. "He's the one who started the shop. Few turns back. He still visits sometimes, I… think?" Now she's not sure. She certainly hasn't seem him personally in a while - then again, she's been busy. She just shakes her head at the mention of Mur'dah. "He doesn't go looking for trouble." Soriana hmms. "Maybe I'll ask Jethaniel." Because he does? Sori has another bite of sandwich and sip of lemonade, then half-smiles. "You mean leering at each other and saying things that'd make a rock blush." Because, uh, she has been here during flights before. Though… she won't again, she supposes. Not and be in any sort of state to pay attention. The smile fades entirely as Soriana glances away for a moment, then returns her attention to Kera. "It was a flight. That doesn't mean it was good, what happened, just… it's not the same as if it wasn't. Like we were both really, really, really drunk. So… we'll deal with it. And we'll be okay."

Kera nods, considering Soriana's words, her gaze taking in the other girl's demeanor. Finally, she slips an easy smile across her face. "Fair enough Soriana. Just don't forget ya have plenty of people around if you need to talk about anything." Kera nods decidedly and sips her tea a few times. Leaning back in her seat, taking her cup with her, she watches Soriana when an idea begins to form. "Do you like plants and flowers Soriana? Or maybe an assortment of herbs that could be fresh at hand?"

The smile returns. "Oh, I know." And Soriana has spoken to… well, some of them. There's still some people she hasn't talked with. Not really. (Or not at all.) She takes a few moments to work on her meal, then tilts her head to Kera at the question and shrugs. "They're okay. I mean, they're pretty and all, but I'm not much of a gardener. It's a good thing the weeds around my weyr are nice-looking, or I'd probably have to… I dunno, get a goat or something."

Kera's grin grows more smug the more Soriana talks. Nodding over her cup, she takes a sip before setting the cup down. "Hmm, it's too bad you don't happen to know an apprentice that like to garden, but has no where to plant anything." Assuming an innocent and thoughtful expression, she taps her chin absentminedly. "Oh, where ever could you find someone like that." After a short moment, her gaze flicks to the young dragonrider and giggles. "I do not think I would make a very good goat though."

Soriana arches a brow at Kera, and smirks. "You want some dirt? I got dirt. It's probably even good dirt, the place used to be a farm and all." She shrugs. She doesn't know dirt! Not like that, anyhow. "If I really want a goat, I'll go talk to Keziah. I'm sure she could find me one or three."

Kera refrains from jumping in her seat, but her fidgeting is a sure sign that she's excited about the idea. With an eager little nod "Great! But if ya get goats, they will just eat everything and leave ya with nothing but dirt. So keep that in mind." Pondering a moment as she takes one more bite from her sandwich then puts the rest down. "Give it some thought and decide what ya like and want planted…" she frowns a bit.. "..keeping seasons in mind of coarse. But by next Spring you could have a nice floral haven."

"If I get goats," and, no, she isn't planning on it, "I'll be sure to keep them on a leash." Lead? Whatever you call it when you've got a rope that's tied to a heavy object on one end and a goat on the other. Soriana hehs, then. "I'll think about it, but you're the one who'll have to actually figure out how to make it work. All I know about seasons is what shows up fresh in the caverns for dinner." She hmms. "I don't suppose you could grow hot peppers, could you?"

Kera grins and shakes her head "They'll chew right through a rope, need a chain, strong one for the more stubborn ones." leaning back and rubbing her full stomach briefly, she looks towards the water a few seconds, listening to the waves. Nodding back to Soriana "If it will grow well in the area, then I can. But if there is a variety you really like, the greenhouse may be able to accomodate distant strains." She shrugs but seems agreeable "But I do need to know what flowers you like, or maybe what colors you want around your weyr." She pauses a few seconds and grins "Or maybe Luraoth has some ideas about it. It's her space as well right?"

"…or maybe I'll just leave the goats to Kezi," Soriana says with a shake of her head, and a rueful smile, then finishes up her sandwich as she listens. "Oh, don't go making this some sort of big thing. I'm sure the greenhouse is busy with whatever stuff usually goes there. If you want to garden, that's fine - I'm not using all that space, that's for sure - but don't worry about trying to make it some big thing. And Luraoth…" Soriana smiles. "So long as it's colorful, she'll be happy."

Kera nods happily "Oh, it will be little touches here and there. Nothing big all at once. But you'll see things start to come together with each new addition." With another thought she flicks her fingers out casually "And if there is something tha ya decide you don't like, it's a simple fix. Pull it out, plant something new. Give what ya pull out to your friend's goats." Kera smiles then holds up a warning finger "I'ld be careful with fires though. Or people that like to start them."

"We'll talk about it," Soriana says, and smiles. "Come out sometime, and we'll take a look around and see what you think. You can tell me about the dirt, and I can tell you what I like." She hehs, and has another sip of lemonade… then sighs. For a moment, she looks out at the water - but then her mouth tugs to the side, and she looks back to Kera. "Just for that, I'm going to build a bonfire pit."

Kera nods quickly. "I can stop by between morning lessons and evening duties tomorrow. If you aren't there, I'll just make a couple of sketches and notes to work from." Mention of a firepit gets a near scandalized snort from the younger girl. "Fine. But I absolutely refuse to plant mushrooms." Flashing a wink to her friend, the girl finally sighs and gets to her feet. "I've enjoyed this outing Soriana, thanks for inviting me. But I should get to the dorm and get back to working on my paper. " More like scrapping yet another start that just doesn't flow right. Slipping enough marks on the table to cover her meal, she wiggles her fingers to her friend "You and Luraoth have a nice evening Soriana. And thanks again for the talk." Kera grins and heads off down the numerous steps.

…hmm. Will Soriana be there then? She gets a lunchbreak, it's not like she's being worked constantly, but… "Yeah, you know where it is. I'll see what things look like." And so will Kera! Or that's the plan, anyhow. Soriana nods, then. "It was good to see you! And not in the infirmary, either." She smiles. "Good luck with that paper! If you get stuck, try describing the endocrine system. It always worked for me!" Not that she has the slightest clue what the paper's about, but hey! It's worth a try, right? Soriana waves a goodbye, and finishes her lemonade slowly with some thoughts to go with it before finally clearing the table and heading out herself.

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