Time to Eat

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

This early evening Kera has managed to finish her duties and get herself into the cavern before the main rush on the tables begins. She picks over her mostly eaten meal for a time before reaching into her waist pouch and tugging out a couple of letters. Flattening one out on the table next to her plate, she peeks up and waves to a couple of weyrbrats that were in the infirmary earlier in the day. Taking a absentminded bite, Kera scans the letter slowly, occassionally snickering at something written. A bump to her chair and the girl is glancing around again when a couple of riders are rough-housing and not paying attention. "Hey! Cut it out." The apprentice mutters at their backs before trying to scooch her chair closer to the table.

As with all organisms, Jethaniel eats as a necessary but not sufficient condition of his continued existence. For this purpose, he has departed from his office and entered the caverns. Having obtained both a plate and food upon aforesaid plate, his next goal becomes a place to sit. His progress toward such a seat is interrupted on occasion, given the increasing level of activity, but in time, he achieves his aim, insofar as he locates an unoccupied seat. As circumstances would have it, this seat is in near proximity to Kera, being across the table and one over. This does not dissuade Jethaniel, and he places his plate down on the table and draws out the chair in order to place himself upon it.

Not willing to go through the cabinets and rummage for food as a guest of a weyr, and with the owner of that weyr attending to rider duties, Ka'el has emerged for dinner this evening. Stomach is on empty and feeling less queasy than before. Maybe he can eat some real food! And so he enters the cavern this evening looking sleepy yet alert enough to get him from point A to point B. He makes his way to the food, celebrating the lack of a headache, and plops three rolls on his plate, plus a baked tuber. Carbs much? He heads to the drinks and there he stops, eyeing klah, water, juice, ale. The latter is stared at for far too long, expression drifting, thoughts drifting to a crumpled letter in his pocket…til he's hurried along by someone. Blinking out of his stupor, he grabs a mug of water and heads on towards a table. Kera's table! He eyes those roughhousing riders, then plops his plate and mug down at the seat next to hers. "Evenin'."

Kera pushes some steamed veggies around on her plate, making sure they each have a taste of the seasoned sauce. Spearing a forkful as Jethaniel takes a seat across and over from her, she offers the man a wiggle of her fingers "G'evening Steward…Jethaniel" She hesitated briefly to recall the man's name. Can't really fault her too badly, she only met him very briefly when she was newly arrived to the Weyr. Ka'el's arrival has her peeking up his way with a nod and her normal cheery smile "G'evening Ka'el." Peering between the two, she takes a bite from her plate while giving them each a moment to settle. Another glance is passed between the two men before she settles on Ka'el with an embarrassed little shrug "I've not had a chance to speak with Soriana about it yet, but I want to thank you both for helping me during the Gather."

Jethaniel looks up from his plate as he's addressed. "Ah. Good evening," he says to Kera with a small nod. From her, his attention continues down the line to Ka'el. A faint frown appears, but he simply nods once again, perhaps as an extenion of the greeting, and returns his attention to his food, cutting a piece of meat. As he does, a green firelizard flies over to him, her hide bright. She perches on his shoulder, tail curling around his neck with the tip brushing against his knot as she nuzzles in against his jaw. Chrrp? Jethaniel smiles slightly, and has a bite of his meal. The firelizard makes no attempt to steal it.

Ka'el's eyes turn to and stay on the Steward for a while, his face stoic. That 'Evenin'' probably was enough of a greeting that it could be assumed to have been given to the both of them, not just one, and so he doesn't bother repeating it before he sits down. He gathers materials. A butter knife, butter, salt, pepper… "Forgot the cheese.." said to himself though getting up doesn't seem to be on his agenda. Sour cream is set aside and he goes about fixing his tuber the way he likes it. He visibly stiffens though at the mentioning of Soriana, but it's a quick thing before he continues halving the tuber and spreading butter. "You thanked me already, remember?" he says, looking to her with a small smirk. "You're welcome. I got your note. Do I have to go? M'not sick." Anymore. Ish. Sort of. The appearance of a firelizard turns his attention to her momentarily. "Do you like cheese on your tuber?" He asks of.. well, kinda difficult to tell who he's asking.

Kera takes another bite before washing it down. Looking to the Steward, she offers a little smile "I hope no one else has assaulted a weyrling. Would hate to lose my record." She jokes a bit, even though it's probably a bad one. She can't help but notice the bright green arrive and plant herself on Jethaniel's shoulder. Eyeing her a moment, she pulls her gaze back to Ka'el. She misses the reaction to mentioning Soriana, she nods "I remember, you came by to make sure I was alright, and even brought breakfast." The apprentice smirks at the bronzerider, giving her head an amused shake "I thought you riders were supposed to be brave and fearless. Yet, mention a healer appointment, everyone runs screamin." Giving the Ka'el a pointed look "Yes, you do. If not, he will simply come find you at your weyr when you are trying to relax." Kera gives a shrug of her shoulders "But the chioce is yours, …fealess dragonrider." She's rather amused and turns her attention back to the Steward, and his little green. "Ya know, Idrissa's dragon looked like that earlier."

It is often advantageous to take time for preparation prior to embarking in an endeavor. However, sometimes there are nevertheless errors, and in some cases, it may be preferable to continue with errors present than to attempt to start over from the beginning. Indeed, in some cases a complete reset is not possible. Jethaniel takes a small bite, then pauses at Kera's comment, setting down his knife and fork both. "Your situation is not unique." He does not sound particularly amused. "Nor, unfortunately, terminal." Before resuming their positions on his utensils, Jethaniel's fingers lightly brush at the green firelizard's side, and she kneads taloned paws against his shoulder before settling into a contented drape across it. Jethaniel continues eating, and if the question regarding cheese is meant for him, he fails to answer. He does, however, pause once again as Kera speaks to him. "The species are related; there is, however, a difference of scale." Jethaniel smiles slightly as little green croons softly, curving her tail a bit more firmly about her human.

"He can find me in my weyr then," resolves Ka'el with the smallest hint of a smirk. "When I'm tryin' to .. relax." Salt is sprinkled onto his tuber, then pepper. He uses his knife to cit into it a bit, letting the melting butter seep into the center before he sprinkles a little more salt and pepper on it, then adds another pat of butter. Finally, a dollop of sour cream, and his masterpiece is complete! The (almost) perfect baked tuber. "Well I do," he says, answering the unimportant question that was asked. "Was somethin' we did at home all the time. Cheesy tubers." He picks up his fork. "My ma made'm best. Split'm and put cheese right on top before she took'm out to cool> He spears his food with his fork, looking to Jethaniel's firelizard as the comment is made. Sure a green firelizard and green dragon look alike. But wh-.. His grip upon his fork is lost and it goes clattering upon his plate as he stares at the lizard, whatever her name may be, and her shiny hide, now looking faintly pale.

Kera considers the little green snuggling Jethaniel and gives a little nod "Yea, I know they are big differance in size but.." She trails off before finally shrugging. "It was probably just my eyes adjusting to the light after that runner went crazy in the stables." Spearing her sauced veggies, she glances to Ka'el's plate and smiles "That does smell good. My mom used to make a nice baked dish with tubors and cheese." When the rider's fork starts clattering, Kera glances down to his plate "Something wrong with your meal Ka'el?"

The recipe, as given, is noted, but Jethaniel does not comment on it. He's also not eating any tuber tonight, so perhaps he simply does not find it relevant to the current conversation. He nods slightly to Kera's further comment about the firelizard, and his fork reaches halfway up before his eyebrows rise at Ka'el's falling, The Steward turns his full and complete attention to Ka'el, fork lowering. "Is there an issue?" The question is an entirely earnest one. If a problem exists, Jethaniel wishes to be informed, and he is quite aware that his perceptions and expertises are, of necessity, incomplete.

The questions proposed to him fall on apparent deaf ears, for Ka'el seems to stare right through the both of them (or rather, through Jethaniel as he's the one across the table) as his eyes find a distant place beyond the Cavern and clearing and meadow. To his dragon, on which he checks thoroughly. Where are you? What are you feeling? Received in return are warm thoughts and comfort, nestled with a gold. A draconic arching of a brow, if dragons had brows to arch. Everything's good. You thought they wouldn't be? I've no interest in that one. There are better things now. With an exhale, Ka'el's eyes refocus, and he blinks them to Jethaniel, then Kera before picking up his dropped fork. "What? … Oh, uh..yeah. M'fine. Just.. heh, maybe I should see a healer. Check my grip," said with an unconvincing grin before forking up tuber to his mouth. Nom nom, swallow. "Said somethin' about a runner?"

Kera eyes Ka'el curiously as he stares off into space. After a few seconds she looks to Jethaniel with a uncertain shrug "I've no idea what's got into him." Pulling her letter from teh table and slipping it back in her waist pouch, her attention goes back to her plate. Spearing a couple of wherry bits, she chews while scanning around the cavern, waving and offering a smile to a couple people she knows. When Ka'el snaps out of it she nods with a frown. "Yes. Earlier I was delivering appointment notices, like the one I left on your door. While I was there one of those stupid animals went crazy or something and busted out of the stall. Idrissa was being stubborn, pretending her arm wasn't hurting when that door slammed against her." Giving the rider a pointed look "Seems she'ld rather be in pain than go see a healer too. I'm starting to see a trend here.." Looking to Jethanial she grins "What do you think Steward Jethaniel? Do riders get a new super stubborn gene when they impress a dragon?"

The immediately pressing issues having been ascertained to not actually be issues, Jethaniel returns his attention to other topics. Such as… "Crazy…?" The word is softly spoken, a replay from his audio buffer, and he looks to Kera as Ka'el asks her about the runner, adding, "What was the nature of this incident?" Is a report forthcoming, not required, deliberately being avoided, or not possible? Perhaps Kera's informal report will provide the answer for that, and he listens with interest. "Ah." A report will be either forthcoming or not required, and thus he need not concern himself overly at present. Jethaniel has another bite of his meal as the firelizard (whose name, not that it is particularly relevant to the situation, is Stardust) lounges, then looks up to Kera and blinks. "That is not the nature of genetics. Furthermore…" He pauses for a moment, and frowns. "No. I do not believe they do."

Ah, he was so hungry. Where'd his appetite go? Only one bite of his tuber, which he took such meticulous care in preparing, has been taken and it doesn't look as if Ka'el is seeking any more. His fork is lowered to rest at the side of his plate, and his eyes trail back towards the drinks, although not a sip has been taken from his own. He half listens to the incident regarding the runner, unconcerned. Even if thre is a report needed, he's not the one that'll be required to write it! Kera's ribbing is met with a belated half smirk before he pushes his chair back. "Excuse me," he says before rising, grabbing a roll on his way up. "Headache's comin' back, and I need to check on Kanekith before to gets too late. Have a good night," he offers his departure, dipping his head once lightly before he turns to head outside.

Kera thinks for a moment as she considers Jethaniel's questions. "Well there ws damage done to the latch and door when the runner busted out. And it was kicking up a storm in the stall before that. Beastcrafter apprentices were trying to fix it when I left. Since Rider Idrissa didn't want to go be looked at in the infirmary there wasn't much I could do." The apprentice watches the Steward briefly before nodding to Ka'el departing self. "Have a good evening then Ka'el." Kera takes another bite from her meal and looks to Jethaniel at his last comments. Everyone seems to be messing with the little apprentice recently so she simply shrugs and watches the man offer little morsels to his nuzzling lizard. Since she keeps saying all the wrong things, the girl falls into a bout of quiet and picks at her sparce plate.

Mild property damage and non-life-threatening injuries. Jethaniel nods in note of that. A report will be forthcoming - though certainly not from Ka'el. There is, however, a different report Ka'el owes Jethaniel… upon which the Steward does not comment. In fact, his comments to Ka'el are limited to, "Good night." The firelizard drapes her head down, relaxing as Jethaniel continues with his meal. After a few bites, he looks back to Kera. "In general, personal agency is a positive thing, even when it leads to decisions we may find suboptimal."

Kera turns her attention back to Jethaniel and his lounging friend. Smiling as the pretty green drapes herself over her human even more, the apprentice takes a final bite from her plate and chews slowly as she gives the man's words thought. Eyeing the man thoughtfully she gives a slow nod "I think I understand what you mean…don't be afraid to take chances, even if the odds are not in your favor?" She pushes her plate to the side, wrapping her fingers around her glass and sipping.

Jethaniel blinks, fork pausing in its motions. "Ah… no. There are occasions on which fear is adaptive, and more to the point…" He sets his fork down. "What I mean is…" He frowns for a moment, considering on his words. "Don't try to make decisions for other people, even when you think they'd be better off doing something else. It is their life and their decision."

Kera nods as she understand when he puts it like that. "I see what ya mean sir." Though she's not exactly sure how she was trying to make decisions for others yet. But it'll come to her when she's pondering this chat over later. Fiddling with the rim of her glass with a thumbnail, she watches the man with her ever present cheery smile and gestures towards him and his green friend "So, how long have ya had her sir? If ya don't mind me askin."

Perhaps Kera will have the realization when looking through the infirmary's paperwork, if there happens to be a form filled out describing a patient's actions as Against Medical Advice. Or perhaps not; Jethaniel takes the time to continue his meal, at least until Kera presents him with another question. This one gains a moment of consideration, his head turning to look at the elegant green, who nuzzles him. "A turn and a half," he replies as he reaches up to brush fingers against the firelizard. "It … does not seem nearly so long, and yet." He smiles, gaze fond and thoughtful.

Kera smiles as the man's face seems to go through some sort of change. Oh wow! He's smiling! Someone should alert the harpers to mark this day in history. Hiding her amusement behind her glass she takes another drink before going on. "The sevendays do go by quickly don't they. Then the next thing ya know, it's months later, then a whole turn." She blinks and glances down at the table a seconds before peering up and grinning "And I've just now realized I've been at my posting for six whole months now." Yayy! And she hasn't been kicked out, yet. Taking another sip she gestures once again to Jethaniel. "She certainly seems pleased with you….Do you spoil her rotten?" Well of coarse he does, right?

Jethaniel's lady does have a tendency to make him smile. The green firelizard on his shoulder croons softly, shifting her position as she nestles in close against him, and he pets her further, the smile continuing to have a place on his features. "I received good instruction. I strive to follow it." His fingers brush beneath Stardust's muzzle. "I believe I have, thus far, been successful." His gaze leaves the firelizard to settle on the apprentice once more. "I also strive to appreciate the time while I have it."

Kera listens as she observes the interaction between the bright little green and Steward for a couple of moments before chuckling about time. "Nothing wrong with appreciating time. I just wish I would stop losing track of it when I am studying." With a sigh, she gathers her dirty dishes. "And speaking of studying, I should review at least a chapter before I turn in. I just got a feeeling a surprise quiz is gonna be waiting for me when I check in for morning duties." Rising to her feet, she wiggles her fingers to Jethaniel. "You both have a pleasant evening." she includes the happy little green in her well wishes before smiling and heading off to deposit her dishes in the tub before wandering out of the cavern completely.

"A common hazard," Jethaniel acknowledges with a slight smile so far as the loss of time when studying, then nods. "Good night," he says, and finishes his meal, then puts away his plate and goes to… the administrative hallway. Aren't work hours supposed to be over? Nevertheless, he departs in that direction, the firelizard still draped against him.

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