When Runners Go Crazy!!

Xanadu Weyr - Stables
The Stables of Xanadu Weyr are composed of one long building, lined with box and standing stalls that are kept thoroughly clean by the resident grooms and stablehands. Runners nicker and neigh at everyone who enters, save for the obstinate ones that just flicker their ears in indignant curiousity that they dare not make visible. The foremost stalls near the door to the Barn Yard are the grand box stalls which are home to the prized runners of Xanadu, as well as the most pregnant, those which are so far along that they require constant observation by the Herders, so as to ensure easy foaling.

However, the primary design of stall which lines the broad pathway that is covered in saw dust which is the main avenue of the Stables, is that of the Standing Stall. Many runners are in the standing stalls, with ropes strung across the front so as to keep the runners from leaving their designated containers. A few hay bales sit here and there along the avenue, some of which act as seats for the stablehands and grooms on their breaks, others as snacks for those runners who can reach out their necks far enough. Buckets and baskets of grooming supplies, brushes and combs, and the like also sit here and there, occassionally knocked over by a wayward hoof or inquiring muzzle.

Even though it is summer there is a faint cool breeze felt that was most likely brought on by the rain that has been falling for most of the day. Idrissa can be found in the stables, even though she is on a wing she has been working at her beastcrafter classes now that she is an actual rider. She doesn't have to worry about weyrling classes keeping her up at all hours. Rissa can be found going over several assignments with a few other BeastCrafters, though these look a little younger then herself and it is actually Rissa that was asked to get the spot on explanation of the different parts of a runner. A large draft runner stands between the cross ties, there are colored points across several places on the runner while the greenrider is going over the different points of a rather large hoof that is in her hand. "Have to always check the hooves before riding, or getting them out for work. If there hooves mess up then the runner will be down for a while in order to heal up, which when it comes to working can cause problem if there is not another runner to take its place."

Having delivered a couple of appointment notes already, Kera makes her way along the well worn path towards the stables. Arriving by the large doors of he stables, the apprentice frowns down to her clipboard and scans the names briefly before stepping inside. When her eyes adjust, her gaze wanders along the stalls with little interest til she spots a group of people gathered around a runner. Being very aware of where she puts her sandaled feet, Kera approaches the group, and noticing the newly graduated rider. Taking a place out the outer fringe of the crowd, she wiggles her fingers in silent greeting, not wishing to interupt the beasty lesson being given. Giving the greenrider a smile and polite dip of her head, she glances around the group then down to her clipboard. Her gaze flicks from face to face as if trying to put names with faces.

Idrissa glances up slightly as she catches sight of the movement coming up near the back of the class. She pauses and soon nods back to Kera.. It isn't often a simple apprentice would give a class, but everyone around the stables knows how good Rissa is with things like this and truthfully if it wasn't for being picked to stand she might be more than just an apprentice by now. She gives the runner's side a soft pet and brushes her hands off once the hoof is set down. "Now.. Everyone come and look around at all the points there, and look at the papers given to you. I just know there will be quizzes on it in a few days." Oh yes she knows, because she had to take them in the past!

Kera cringes, then can't help but chuckle as several of the students cringe at the mention of quizzes as well. She remains back away from the large runner, she's already closer to it than she wants to be as is. Only when the students start spreading out a bit does speak up. "G'afternoon rider Idrissa." She cast a way look to the runner and edging more towards the front of the beasty, though still well of of it's range. "Sorry to interupt your lesson." Flipping through the clipboard quickly, she tugs out a few slips of paper, each with a differant name at the top. "Journeyman Cyrus is setting up appointments with everyone. Or that is his goal at least. "You'll be receiving an appointment notice as well, though not today." Kera flashes a grin and brandishes the slips of paper. "Can you point out apprentice's Verne, Patrice, and.." She narrows her gaze at the paper before shrugging and holding it out for Idrissa to try reading. "I can't make this one out, can you?" Who can understand a healer's chickenscratch.

Idrissa shakes her head slightly, a soft smile seen. "It's alright. Was just an impromt to lesson as the Journeman had to step out for a bit. How are you Kera?" Her gaze settles on the papers, there is a slight tilt of her head. "All of us?" This is questioned with a slight unsure tone at the idea. "Whatever for?" Is soon brought up, a bit quicker and with a slight edge more than she was planning on it. There is another reason why Rissa is around the stables, a certain green dragon is showing signs of starting to glow and that means her rider is going to be a bit affected by it as well. At the two names she looks over the group and soon points out Verne and then Patrice. "Verne has the black hair with the blue tunic, and Partice is over getting some hay for the runner." As for the last name she peers at it curiously. "Jastre?.." There is a slight huff at the name. "His a Journeyman.. Somewhere around here.."

Kera 's eyes flick towards the people as Idrissa points them out. Nodding with each, her attention goes back to the greenrider. "Jastre.. okie, I'll make sure to find him." Tilting her head a bit, she shrugs at the question "Nothing really. He's newly posted, so simply wishes to put faces with the files he is reading through." Tapping the back of her clipboard thoughtfully she adds "But he has been making a point of seeing members of the last weyrling class. He is quite interested since there were so many…incedents where people were checked into the infirmary."

Idrissa frowns at this talk of someone 'reading files', she does tend to have a rather large one from all her trips to the infirmary after all. "Lovely.." Is grumbled out softly while she brushes off her hands across her pants a moment. "Stuff happens.. Don't see why anyone would be that interested in us." Well there was the mushrooms, then how Ka'el and Rissa never got a long, and what else could be brought up? If she gets the note she'll put it off as long as possible unless told she has no choice to go most likely.

Kera waves one of the young beastcrafters closer and hands him his notice, and then takes a few steps to give out the other before returning to where Idrissa is. Considering the greenrider briefly a tiny shake of her head shows her uncertainty in responding. "He specializes in mindhealing, so I think he simply wishes to meet everyone and start getting to know everyone in his new home." The apprentice offers a smile and glances towards the large open doors when a breeze cools her face a little. "So, glad to be getting a hand back into your craft?"

Idrissa ponders this idea, her gaze turning to look over the others before her attention turns back to Kera. "What.. Does a mindhealer do?" This questioned with a curious but also unsure tone. "Heal minds or some such?" That would make sense of course. A slight nod is seen while she picks up a few brushes and hoof picks off the ground so no one trips over them, or a runner steps on them. "It's nice.. I've missed it I think. More than I thought I would actually."

Kera ponders the question a moment as she tucks the clipboard under her arm. "I'm not very familar with the specialty. It isn't part of my studies yet. But, I think it involves talking about things that upset you." A hint of a shrug is offerd "But, I've read very little on the subject, so don't really know much about it. Yet." The apprentice steps closer to the large open doors and the fresher air. Breathing it in deeply she glances back towards Idrissa. "Anyway, it looks like your Journeyman wasted little time in putting you back to work." Kera grins to the rider over that.

Idrissa ponders this and nods, a slight smile seen before she takes in a breath. "Well.. I guess I'll get to find out for myself at some point then." There is a pause while she watches Kera a few moments, trying to figure out something before a soft oh and she nods. "It's alright. I don't mind the work.. Plus she had to go over to Fort for something or another so figured I could handle a little conversation over the different points of a runner." Easy really.

Kera ahs softly and glances back towards the row of stalls before turning her attention back towards the rider. "What does your dragonmate think about your working with runners or other animals." She looks over a couple of young apprentices that are all grooming differant part of the same runner. She shakes her head in amusement. "I just couldn't imagine having to be in here all the time." The girl does a circular gesture with her hand, indicating the whole of the stables. "Doesn't the smell get to ya?" Then again, it's not like the infirmary doesn't have its own share of unpleasant smells at times.

Idrissa glances around and then looks back to Kera curiously. "She likes it.. Is rather curious in learning everything about what I do, and asks questions even." A slight nod seen while she ponders. "I'm not always in here. We do lessons here, and are studies but I and the others are allowed to take runners out at times to get there legs stretched. Also good to know how certain runners handle, if there having problems like going lame we can find out how badly but taking them out and getting them t move around a paddock and all." At the talk of the smell she shakes her head while lifting her head up a touch. "No, but then I've be working with runners for a while so suppose it doesn't bother me no more."

Kera nods agreeably to the last comment. "I can understand that. I hardly even notice the disinfectant smell in the infirmary anymore." Peering around towards the rider again the apprentice grins. "So, overall things are going well for you and your inquisitive dragonmate since graduation?" Her eyes brighten a bit "And wasn't the gather after exciting and fun. There were many more things to do than the couple of Gathers I went to back home."

Idrissa nods at this, her gaze resting on Kera a few moments before she shakes her head again, her mind is clearly wandering. "It's been good. Kept plenty busy with the wing, work here at times, and then stuff at my weyr and so forth." A hand lifts to scratch at her neck a few times. "It was nice.. Good that everyone was able to relax and have some fun after all the hard work everyone did." She didn't stay long though, which is rather normal for Rissa.

Kera glances towards one of the stalls when its occupant kicks something around inside. Eyeing the closed stall door briefly, she edges a little closer towards the open doors. No need to tempt fate by being too close to the stall if the runner inside wants out. Brow lifting at the rider she grins. "That must be nice, being out of the weyrling dorms. That's bout the only thing I dislike about joining the Hall. I miss my room and my shelves and closet. Now I've a hook by my cot with a trunk at the foot of it." Kera smirks and shrugs "So what's it like? Having all the space ya want to stretch and turn into your own quiet little corner?"

Idrissa glances to the stall and smiles a bit before moving on over and lets her hand press through the top bars of the stall door to pet at the runner inside. No fear of getting kicked, bit or anything else along those lines. When it comes to animals Rissa tends to have little fear /save/ felines. Felines make her skin crawl, they make her sick and the mere word feline can causes her plenty of grief. "It is nice getting all that.. I've never had a place to actually call my own until now." She watches the runner and soon looks over to Kera. "Went from a colthold to here and always had to share until now. I find myself unsure what to do with all the room actually." As for the runner inside, he takes the petting a few moments before a soft snort escapes him and he head-butts the hand that is petting him. Someone is grumpy today it seems.

Kera considers things a moment and grins. "I guess I was a bit spoiled before I went to study at the Hall. Was used to having my own space, and I've not had many moments where I've not been surrounded by people since." A eyeroll towards the ceiling beams then back to Idrissa, watching the rider risk life and limb to the wild beast rampaging on the other side of the stall door. "Are you sure that door is strong enough? Looks a bit thin to me." And the apprentice is taking another half step closer to the open doors. "That beast doesn't sound very safe to me."

Idrissa nods slightly before looking back to the runner whom headbutts her hand a few times and then goes about stomping his hooves and sends another kick to the door. "His fine, just grumpy today I suppose." She ponders why and can't come up with a reason it seems. "Such is the life of an apprentice." This said with an amused and knowing tone as she looks back to Kera, a faint grin seen. As for the runner? He sends a hard kick towards the door, which breaks the latch and the door does swing out, in the end Rissa gets a stall door to her arm for her effort to calm him down. A half cry escapes the greenrider which is more surprised than anything and she steps back before the stall door can actually slam into her. The runner makes his way out, standing there at the stall entrance seeming rather proud at himself for what he did.

Kera hmms to herself at Idrissa insistance that the runner is fine. She's not convinced, expecially when more kicks are heard. All talk of apprentice life is forgotten when the latch gives way and the door bust open. Kera gives a startled squeak and jumps back as the 'just grumpy' runner /charges/ out of he stall. Looking to either side of her for something to keep between her and the stupid beast, a wide broom is all she has easy at hand. Grabbing it up, she holds it in front of her like shield and looks around to the rider "Idrissa, are you alright?" She fights the urge to say 'I told you so'. "SOMEONE COME HELP WITH THIS STUPID RUNNER!" Hopefully a few will come put the beast up…or down…. before it hurts someone else.

Idrissa eyes the runner while shifting back a few steps. "Don't yell!" Is sent out to Kera. She turns and moves to grab hold of a lead rope and moves around Kera and up to the runner which is just standing there, looking all innocent. "Stop acting like a herdbeast, and get back in your stall now." There is some strength behind those words and edge that makes the runner think a few times before allowing the rope to be clipped on to his halter and led back into its stall. A rope is used as a makeshift door and pulled across so the runner can't come back on its own. When this is done the runner calms down and whinnies out like he wanted the door open and that done the whole time. Rissa isn't worried about her arm at the moment, there is a dull ache but nothing she hasn't dealt with before. Somewhere there is a angrey sound green dragon that is snapping at a few bits of things around her wallow.

Kera snaps her mouth shut at Idrissa's instructions, and once the rider is between her and the crazed animal, Kera steps backstepping until she's on the outside looking in. Adding a couple of sidesteps, the apprentice's head is the only thing visible from inside the stable as Kera leans a bit to peek back inside. The sounds of an irritated dragon can be heard in the distance as the apprentice frantically waves Idrissa away from the stall. "If that door was peeled open like an orange fruit, what good is that flimsy rope gonna do." Trying to look the rider over from her vantage point she shakes her head "Are you hurt anywhere? That door look like it whacked you good."

Idrissa is working on not only calming down a runner, but also her dragon and now Kera is working in needing to be calmed down as well. "Kera.. His fine.." This said with a soft tone. About now would be when a few other helpers come over and take over lead in dealing with the runner so Rissa can indeed move away, which she sits herself down upon a hay bale and holds her arm a moment. "It's alright; I don't think he did any real damage." She could be lying as well too.

Kera continues to frown at the runner, dispite Idrissa assurances. "That thing just busted out for no reason." Gesturing around with the broom handle she still clutches, "I bet that latch and stall door don't think everything is fine." Eyeing the rider as she settles down on a nearby bail of hay, Kera is still peeking around the doorframe and refusing to reenter the stables proper. Seeing the rider clutch at her arm "Can you move your fingers Idrissa?"

Idrissa does indeed wiggle and move her fingers of her left hand, the arm of which was hit by the door. "Yup." Though there is some pain, not that she admits it. "He doesn't always enjoy having the stall door closed." Be it why he 'opened' it. "He just got stuck in the wrong stall that's all." Yes runners can be rather picky like that it seems. A glance is sent over to Kera looking amused a moment. "You can come back in.."

Kera just stares at Idrissa a moment, convinced the older girl is messing with her as she repeats.."…stuck in the wrong stall.." When it seems Idrissa is completely serious, the apprentice sends an accusing glare towards the destructive runner and mutters 'stupid animals' before turning her attention back to the rider and snorting. "Yea, um, no, that's not happening." is her reply when invited back into the stables. "How about you limp your stubborn self out of there and away from those…crazy animals before ya get anymore hurt than ya already are." Kera gestures for her to come out, noticing she still has the broom and leans it against the stable wall.

Idrissa smirks as she just peers at Kera, wondering about her it seems. A slight shake of her head is seen before she glances to the runner whom is now playing with a bit of apple like nothing happened. There is a roll of her eyes before she is up and heading on towards the doorway to stand next to Kera. "Better then?" Tahryth is seen, swooping in and lands some distance off. The young green shakes her head, wings folding to her sides as a low rumble escapes her, and yes there is a slight glow to her green hide.

Kera sends aother near glare to the crazy runner and the apple he chomps on. Relaxing a bit more with each step Idrissa takes away from the stall, Kera flashes a cheeky smile and nods agreeably "Much better, thank you." She does gesture towards the arm though. "If I can't convince you to come to the infirmary, will you at least.." She trails off as Idrissa's dragonmate lands not far off. Canting her head at the young green a moment, there's something she can't quite put her finger on but shakes her head and shrugs off the stray thought. "..you should at least wrap it and apply cool compresses."

Idrissa doesn't even look back at the runner, not at all worried about getting 'attacked' again it seems like nothing happened as the stall door is even getting fixed. Perhaps this has happened before. "Look.. My arm is fine, if it still hurts in a few hours I'll come by, alright?" She doesn't plan on going by, but might as well offer to get the other to perhaps feel better? Tahryth warbles out, the green moving over to the pair and nuzzles down against her rider, sniffffing and everything to make sure all is well. Rissa acks and bats out at the large green head that is there. "See, she'll even watch over me. How's that?" A nod is seen at the talk of wrapping her arm. "I can do that."

Kera is all to familar with /that/ tone. Doubting very seriously that the rider will appear in the infirmary even though she says otherwise, Kera sidesteps a little, giving the green pair more room as the young dragon nuzzles her rider. Several things come to mind to say, but she just lets the subject of the crazy runner drop. Eyeing the green thoughtfully. "She looks differant than she did at your graduation.." Canting her head a little, as if the differant angle will give her all the answers "Did she get a bit taller?"

Idrissa hums softly as she hears Kera, she looks to her dragon a few moments pondering it seems. A soft ah escapes her and she shrugs. "Maybe.. Though I don't think so." Tahryth warbles out once more and just settles down there near the pair. Though she is eyeing the group of runners for a few moments that are in a paddock. The thoughts pass to Rissa and she glances over as well before a slight er is heard. "Perhaps we should move along.."

Kera looks between rider and dragon curiously before following the dragon's gaze to the runners. The apprentice can't help but chuckle, her attention mostly on Idrissa now. "Maybe she just wants to make a snack of the runner that hurt her rider…" Kera gives an innocent shrug but does seem quite eager to step away from the stables, "I should be getting back to the infirmary now that all my notices are delivered." Smiling to the green pair "You make sure to tend to that arm Idrissa. And you be sure she does it, okay?" This asked of the young green with a cheery smile before she wiggles her fingers to Idrissa and makes her way back to the infirmary.

Idrissa smirks at the htought and shakes her head at the eating runners bit. "Naw.. An I will, promise." Mostly a promise at least! A wave is sent after the leaving Kera. "I'll see you later then." Tahryth rumbles softly but give a good nod, yup she'll make sure her rider is taken care of for sure.

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