All Night Long

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

Mature Content Warning: Teenage Hormones Ahead

A light rain has started to fall over the area and Idrissa is making her way through the meadow following after Asher whom is busy sniffing here and there at the different scents he is catching. Rissa pulled her jacket around her a bit more and peers up at the sky which is starting to darken proving it is getting close to evening. "Hurry up Asher.. Don't want to get caught outside at night."

And in this light rain, just like he seems to be famous for Harlin has appeared! He has a small bag under his arm, and his other arm is reaching out lightly to attempt to seize Idrissa's and tug her lightly towards a tree. "C'mere. Not hitting on you, promise." He'll release the grip if she shows any discomfort or when they get to the tree. "You, um, got a second?"

Idrissa blinks an looks up at the movement and erks as her arm is grabbed as she is well tugged towards the tree. "Harlin..what..?" She just peers at him once they are at the tree, her heart racing and for a moment well, she looks worried. Her bright green eyes watching him and she pulls her jacket around her a bit more as she inches backwards. "Um..ya..sure.. What?" There she goes being nervous.

The tree serves a purpose! Shelter! It makes sense really if it's going to rain. Either way, Harlin looks at her with an intense expression. It's hard to say what is about to come from his lips! It probably doesn't contribute to her feeling of safety and well being either. " … well." He says. "I brought you this." He hands her the bag. Inside is a sweet pastry confectionary of some kind. " … I suppose you wanna know why I did?"

Idrissa shifts back a bit and rests on the side of the tree while chewing on her lip. She is uneasy to say the least, an with the way he is looking at her she can't help it. As the bag is offered to her she seems unsure and soon takes hold of it. "Well..yes.." She pauses while looking clearly unsure. "Why did you get this for me?" Even if he didn't drag her over to the tree, and offered it to her in a more 'normal' fashion she would still be unsure and wanting to know why someone bought her something..

Harlin watches Idrissa thoughtfully; seeming to not really get that she is uneasy or why. Or does he? His eyes focus. " . . I'm not going to bite you, blushy." He says, and then turns to sit down on the ground with his back against the tree. He's not facing her so he can't see any of her reactions. From his other pocket he pulls out a similar delicious treat. "Well, Blushy. I figured I'd been kinda hard on you, teasing and all. So I thought I'd make it an apology, and bring you something good. So we can start off on the right foot and all."

Idrissa has plenty of reason to be uneasy, its just a normal reaction from her actually. Especially around people she doesn't know, an of course adults. She is quiet while watching Harlin. "Well..I didn't think you was." She offers softly an shifts to watch him once he sits down. A glance is offered to the bag she was given and soon enough she sits down next to him, leaning back upon the tree. "Well.. Thanks, that's really nice of you." She smiles a moment. "An…its alright, I'm use to the teasing for Soriana anyway."

Harlin chuckles. "Doesn't make it right." He admits. "Not that I'm going to stop doing it, but you can enjoy the treat for the moment. Plus, Blushy is gonna stick. I don't mind sneaky, either." He bites into his treat, some of the filling oozing around his lips. "Your friend is kinda pretty. I let on that I like you better because I don't really know how to approach her. She's slippery, like a shipfish." He munches on his treat some more. "So, anyway, Blushy. Why are you so quiet in general? Just the way you are, or somethin' on your mind?" He's looking directly at her now, and into her eyes.

Idrissa shrugs a moment while she opens the bag and takes out the treat which she takes a bite from. "Blushy huh?.." She rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "I suppose it could be worse." Hearing him she blinks and looks over at him. "So.. You like Soriana then?.." Well she isn't surprised in that, it is Sori after all. At the question she shrugs once more and glances to the treat she has hold of. "Just how I am." Is offered, her tone quiet, which she keeps her gaze off his.

Harlin touches his chin thoughtfully. "Weeee-el." He says. "Truth be told, I like you both alot, which is kind of unusual because I don't really notice girls. You are darn pretty, but if you'd smile more, you'd be beautiful. She has that look to her that she's always about to get in trouble, though…. " He grins, and grins more. "It's a hard pick over who I like better, but until you smile more, I think she edges you out." He's being honest and it shows in his face, but there is a silly tone to how he puts it. "Just how you are? Eh, I s'pose. Well, I talk enough for two people, so."

Idrissa blinks and peers over at Harlin watching him a few moments and blushes while she peers off. "I'm guessing your Weyr born like Soriana an't you?" Just an idea! She can't ever recall conversations like this back at the colthold after all. "Its alright, Soriana can have all the attention." Asher has wandered on over to the two and Rissa offers a piece of her treat to him, which the dog slurps up eagerly. "If ye talk enough for two people then ye can talk for me how's that?"

Harlin tilts his head. "Why?" He demands of Idrissa. "Because I'm talking about that sort of thing? It doesn't really matter where I come from for that. Besides, I just said you are both kinda pretty and you'd be way prettier if you'd just smile more? I didn't say I wanted to get naked with either of you. Don't matter if I'm hold or weyr born… kinda hate people make that distinction. I'm guessin' you're hold born, because you sort of just implied that everyone else are sluts, right?" He's munching on his treat — doesn't seem the least bit bothered by what she said, he's just clarifying.

Idrissa blinks at this and peers over at him. "No.. That's not what I meant.. I just mean because you and Soriana can talk about stuff like this so easily. Me I don't think about it I guess.. I dono.." She's quiet for a moment and frowns while letting Asher finish what's left of her treat. "An I'm not really hold born. I just grew up in a colthold after my father died."

Harlin has to think about that for a minute, leaning his head back against the tree. He rummages in his pockets and brings out a piece of wood, slipping a knife from his belt and beginning to absent-mindedly whittle on it. The soft slick sounds of metal on wood are heard while he ponders, quietly. "I'm not sure, I suppose, why people let it bother them. I mean, it's easy to get worried about it, because they make a big deal about it I guess in the holds and cotholds and whatever. But in a Weyr, nobody gives a wherry's rump if you kiss a boy or do whatever, you know. You'd probably go through life a little easier if you could relax." Idrissa and Harlin are both sitting against a tree, back to back with the trunk between them and talking. Harlin is eating a pastry and rainclouds are gathering over head, but the rain seems to be sheltering them.

"I didn't say I was bothered by it, not in a bad way at least." Idrissa offers while she leans back against the tree, Asher settling down next to her and his head settling upon her lap. "I relax enough.." Really, you know when she is off working in the stables? That is /relaxing/ to her! An the last boy she thought about kissing a certain brown rider wandered in on them and that stopped that idea from entering her mind!

Harlin shrugs his shoulders. "I had a friend who was into . . what do you call it. I forget, but someone who explains why life is the way they are. He says there are only three questions you gotta ask yourself. What time is it? The only right answer is 'now', where am I, the only right answer is 'here' and what is the most important is 'this moment'. So, I think people get too worried, especially from the holds, about what might happen if I do this or that. If you wanna do something, just do it." He grins a bit, and shrugs. "Anyway, that was a lot of yak. How was your pastry?"

When rain-clouds gather overhead, that's a good time to meander on closer to shelter. Soriana's coming back along one of the forest trails - one of the well-traveled ones that leads to nearby homes, and thus one that they're still more or less allowed to use, even with the extra precautions lately. Inkfoot is draped around her shoulder like half a fancy fur stole, his eyelids fluttering shut and being tugged open so he doesn't miss the changing scenery. Awake tunnelcat! Really! He's just… just… zzhuhwha? His eyes are in one of their closed moments as Sori turns the latest corner and comes into view of a pair talking beneath a tree. She grins, and waves.

Idrissa is quiet while petting across Asher's head, listening to what Harlin says. "I suppose you sorta have a point there." She offers softly. A soft ah escapes her and she actually smiles a moment. "It was good, thanks for that an all." At first she doesn't catch sight of Soriana but soon enough she does and waves back towards her. "Hey Soriana."

"I'm glad you understand." He peers. "Hi, Soriana. So, I was just explaining this theroy of living for the moment and not worrying about the future or the past, and what you are doing right this second is the most important thing. I was also suggesting Idrissa should be less reserved and maybe kiss boys and she'd feel better." He grins, wickedly at the girl. It's hard to tell if he's kidding or not. "So, in the interests of me not being a hippocrit… I also said earlier you were prettier than she, you should seize the moment and come here and kiss a boy and be done with it, because it'll make your day much better." He nods, sagely. He's clearly kidding though by the end of it. "Just so, you know, I'm not a hippocrit." He waves his hand. "Anyway, Blushy. I'm probably gonna wander off here soon, but, I wanted to apologize and all."

Living in the moment, huh? Hey, it works for the dragons! Though maybe that's partly because they have their human lifemates to help them. Still, Soriana smiles at that part, and starts to nod… oh, but what's this about Idrissa being less reserved? For seriously! Smile turns to a grin as she looks at Idrissa, and she nods an agreement - yes, even about the kissing part! It'd do her good, it would. Wait, what's this about hypocrisy? Her gaze goes back to Harlin. Huh? Her, prettier? But Idrissa's got more of the whoomph and the whaaamph and the whorchamacallit! Blinkblink goes the Sori, and almost (but does not quite) miss the part about kisses. That gets another blink, but the surprised expression doesn't manage to last for long before she puts her hands on her hips (awakening Inkfoot, who peers curiously at the unfamiliar boy) and saunters over. "Some boys improve days more than others," she retorts, before leaning down to attempt to plant a kiss on the top of Harlin's head as her ferret dooks his personal commentary.

Idrissa just blinks and looks at Harlin, now he is the one growing two heads. Kiss a boy?.. Is.. he joking? she sinks down somewhat and leans more into Asher, the canine could care less at the attention. She ums softly, her gaze flicking over to Soriana and then she looks back to Harlin. A faint huff escapes her as Soriana seems to agree with Harlin. "So much help there.." She mumbles out before watching wideeyed as Sori comes over and tries to Kiss Harlin? An looks an't everything! Rissa is shy, and quiet and thus goes unseen so really who would notice her?

Harlin is impressed that worked at all! The rough stubble of his hair will be felt by Soriana's lips. "I kinda meant on the lips, but I'll take that too." He grins at her. "Anyway, now your day will be better." He loves animals too, and cautiously stretches his hand out towards the creature; making no sudden moves unless he startles it. "What've we got here, huh?" He asks. "You're a little charmer, aern't you?" He's paying more attention to Soriana's pet than he is the smooch.

Soriana is so helpful! Also, rather easily manipulated by means of challenges. One of these days, that unwillingness to back down is going to get her into trouble she can't find her way back out of… but that day has not yet come. "I'll save that for another day," she says to Harlin, returning his grin. "When I want to see just how much you can improve things." Or maybe once she's decided whether this is a boy she wants to improve things with that way? Well, maybe. She smiles as he reaches for the ferret, and shifts a bit to one knee to keep him in range. Showing interest in her pet? Yeah, that's a good way to get into Sori's graces. Inkfoot leans forward from her shoulder, sniffing curiously at those fingers and giving a chirrup! Sleep is entirely forgotten, for there's someone new and interesting. Dook! "His name's Inkfoot."

Idrissa watches the two a few moments thinking she has clearly missed something at some point in time.. A soft ah escapes her and she tilts her head while peering at Inkfoot, which makes her smile. Well of course she would smile around animals, beastcrafter here! She soon stands up brushing some dirt off her jeans in the process. "I think I'm gona head back to the dorms." She offers softly, a slight wave offered to the pair. "Have fun talking about kissing, and tunnelcats an so forth. "Later." Is offered while Rissa turns and Asher is following after her side.

Harlin waves at Idrissa. "No problem." He says. "We'll make out as soon as you are out of sight and then tell you about it tomorrow." He gestures in a go away sort of fashion, then goes right back to petting the ferret in question. "…Inkfoot, is it?" He is quite pleased to give the pet his attentions. "Anyway, as to improving things.." He reaches into another pocket. "Have a jelly filled pastry."
Harlin is offering the pastry to Soriana, not the ferret.

Soriana looks over at Idrissa when she speaks. Wait, was she - did… ohhh, she's going to have to have a talk with Rissa later. But, really. It wasn't even a /real/ kiss. Not, like, on the lips. But, this is Rissa. She waves, for now, and can't leave good enough alone, especially not with Harlin starting it. "Yeah, see, the fun's where we start with the kissing and go on from there!" Her tone sounds teasing. Surely it's just teasing, right? Well, that's for Idrissa to ponder in the dorms, and try to get up the courage to ask about tomorrow. "Seeya later," Sori adds, as Inkfoot dooks at his name and extends his paws to half-clamber on Harlin's petting hand and dangle between the two like the slinky he is. As for the girl… ooh, pastry! She grins, and takes it. "Thanks," she says, and takes a bite. He's all about the improvements, it seems!

"Oh give me a break.." Idrissa says as she hears the two, though she is /blushing/ rather hotly. Her back is turned towards them so they can't see it, right? Oh sure, she gets caught on the beach star watching with Kale and here's these two are talking about making out in plain sight. "Have fun.." She offers with what seems like a joking tone before she follows along after Asher, to bed they go!

Harlin just gives Idrissa a leer as she wanders away; finishing up the rest of his own pastry. "Yep, you got it." He says to Soriana for Idrissa's benifet. "All night on the beach under the moons." He sagely nods, then nods again and once she's out of sight he bursts out laughing. "We are terrible people, you know that?" He asks Soriana, continuing to scritch beneath the ferret's chin.

All night long! Soriana holds out for a mooooment longer on the laugh, though it's a good thing Idrissa's departing so as to not see the grin. Once Harlin's started, though, it's a lost cause, and Sori joins him as she flomps down onto the grass beside him. Inkfoot scrambles a little as his perch moves, and jumps down to Harlin's lap instead. Sori makes no attempt to catch him, just grinning and shaking her head slowly. Such terrible, horrible people they are. "She's gonna hide in the stables for at /least/ a sevenday." Another shake of her head, still grinning, and she takes another bite of pastry.

Harlin is happy to have the fuzzy thing in his lap. His broad hands are surprisingly nimble and gentle as they encourage the creature to nest, scratching the lanky critter behind the ears and down the length of it's back. Perhaps he should have been a beastcrafter, not a miner. "So, what say we go double or nothing and take the joke even farther and act -real- affectionate the next time we're both around her? And if she asks you tomorrow what happened, you can look away all shy and go 'mmm, nothing!' and scuff your foot." He's grinning increasingly wickedly. "Either of you two have a boy on the go? I really don't know who to chase."

Inkfoot hops about in a slow circle on Harlin's lap, snuffling down at him and arching up against those petting fingers as he gradually settles. Soriana laughs. "If I told her nothin', she'd know something was up for sure," she says in a practical tone. On the other hand, the general idea… hmmm. She finishes off the little pastry, then licks jelly from her fingers before folding hands behind her head and leaning back against the tree. "All lovey dovey, huh?" She considers on it a few moments. What would Idrissa think? For that matter, what would /Kale/ think? "Hah. You're on." Because that's just too much trouble to pass up. Still leaning back against the tree, she peers over at him at the thought of a boy, and shrugs somewhat. "Not really. I went to the dance with Kale, but I'm not with'm… Rissa likes him too, but she's not with'm either. She might wanna be, but… she's not very good at all that, so I'm not sure."

Harlin just grins at Soriana as she muses all of this. "Well, we just need to decide on what to imply so we can keep our stories straight." His expression seems to indicate that he finds all of this terribly, terribly amusing. "Eh, she needs to learn to not sit on her butt if she wants something. You gotta go out and make life come to you, you can't just sit and hang back and passively wait for things to happen. Gotta get what you want and all." He nods his head once or twice. "Good to know, though." He continues petting the ferret with one hand.

Soriana grins over to Harlin. "Well, yeah, gotta make a good story… hmm." Now then, what's shocking without being so outrageous as to immediately bring skepticism? As for Idrissa, well. "She's actually gotten better about that. Since she came here, that is." And if this is better, just imagine what the poor girl was like before! Inkfoot dooks once more, then curls up in a loose circle and gives a little chirpling snore as he starts snoozing. "Prob'ly should stick pretty simple, with our story. So it's easy to remember." Also so she doesn't get tangled up in details, because for all her big talk… Sori's still rather lacking in actual experience! She doesn't say /that/ part aloud, though. "Kissing, groping, that sort of thing."

Harlin nods his head thoughtfully; petting the sleeping ferret's belly. Overhead, some ominous clouds have gathered; the sky quite black. "We could just say yeah, we made out. Kissed, groped and all. But, hrm. We should tell her… we did it in the baths, and got naked. Just enough to be shocking without implying we went ~all~ the way." He scratches his head then, running his fingers through his very short hair. "Eh, it's pretty typical holder, really. All repressed and all. She just finished indirectly calling all Weyrborn sluts before you arrived." He grins a bit.

Inkfoot makes little sleepy happy noises, and one of his paws wiggles every so often at the petting. Soriana looks over at one of those chirps, and grins at her pet's contentment before looking back at Harlin. The baths? Ooh, yeah, that works. She grins. "Hah. She was so shocked the first time she saw me swimming without a suit." Also the second time. By the third, she had started to get, well, if not happy with it, at least not shocked. But seriously! It was just swimming, no groping involved. What's so weird about that? Sori dun get it. "So yeah. That'll work good." At the talk of holders - and werybred sluts - she just shakes her head. "Holders're weird. I mean… I still don't think Rissa really gets that my dad only got involved for the mating flight. Or that… doin' stuff doesn't mean havin' to want to be weyrmates or… married." And what is up with married, anyway? It's like weyrmating gone weird.

Harlin peers at Soriana, and then peers at her again. "Can -I- see you swimming without a suit?" He asks without hesitation or modesty at all. Oppertunistic? Maybe. " … I think you're more or less right. But she'll come round. Wait until the next gold flight happens and she's got all of ~that~ in her head." The thought seems to amuse him, and he tickles the sleeping ferret's paws in turn when they wiggle. "Anyway, she'll learn, I s'pose. Eventually." He peers, and then looks at the girl. " … are you into her? I mean, ~that~ way?"

"Not until it gets warmer!" answers Soriana with a grin. Which isn't a no, now is it? Besides, she's done it in front of boys before, so why should she start worrying about it now? She nods about Rissa coming round, then laughs at the prospect of a gold flight! "Won't that be fun." All those poor hold-borns, suddenly getting flooded with dragon-broadcasts of lust! Sori reaches over and pets at Inkfoot's tail, her fingers brushing incidentally at Harlin's leg as she does. She tilts her head at the question, looking at him sidewise. There's a small pause before she answers. "Kinda. I mean…" Some days lately, it's like there's a gold flight of her very own going on inside Sori's head. "Like. She's sorta… like I wanna pounce her and tickle her until she laughs, then…" She trails off, looking down at Inkfoot and softly petting him.

"So, let's call a taxi dragon to Western if you're that worried about it." Harlin quips. He really does seem to have an answer for everything, doesn't he? But he's clever like that. Especially for someone who isn't that bright. "Yeah." He says, quietly. "Kind of a similar thing for me. It's the innocence, you want to corrupt it somehow I think." Did he notice the fingers? Oh, yes. For his head turns and he looks down at the innocent brush. "Anyway, let me know if you run out of willpower. I'd love to hide in the bushes for that one." He grins again, and pulls another pastry out of his pocket, offering it to her quietly. "I have to wonder though, if as her friend, you wouldn't be doing more damage control than anything else after a goldflight…" He shrugs. "So, how come someone as open minded and relaxed as you doesn't have a boy or a girl on the go? That kinda confuses me."

Soriana just smirks at Harlin's retort about the water, not bothering to reply for once. Or maybe it's just that she's got enough occupying her mind that she can't come up with one. She nods at the talk of Idrissa. Corrupt, yeah, but… "Just in a good way." She smiles, and as she looks back down to that lap, she notices where her fingers are over Inkfoot. They pause a brief moment - what touch is really innocent, when it comes to teens? - then… keep on petting. The idea of him hiding in the bushes makes her laugh… but only briefly. "Shards, though, she wouldn't know what to make of it." The pouncing? A goldflight? Either, really. She glances at the offered pastry, and takes it with a smile… though she just holds it for now, not biting down. "My own bad luck liking holdborns?" A halfway grin, and a shake of her head. "I dunno. Guess I just… haven't."

Harlin tilts his head to the side at Soriana's comment; and she may notice that he's actively watching her fingers still. " … there's a bad way to corrupt someone like her?" He asks. Again, it must be a rhetorical question because he just continues right on with his thoughts. "She'll probably learn eventually." He already said that once and apparently has no problems with saying it again! He is quiet for a minute or two, alone with his thoughts. "Me neither." He admits, finally. "Just, never got around to it." He seems to be being unusually honest. "I think that's why I like the hold bred too. No expectations or anything, I suppose …" He's still watching her hand, it's distracting in the extreme; like he's musing on it. " … But, bad luck, I suppose. Yeah."

Soriana smiles here and there at Harlin's comments, and nods at other points, but for once she doesn't say anything. No quick retorts. No snappy comments. Just… listening, as her hand slowly moves over her ferret's fur and his leg. Eventually, after what seems like a forever but couldn't be more than a few moments, she shifts her position, leaning in toward him. Her hand goes still, a moment before her lips are reaching toward his - an awkward, sideways sort of kiss, inexpert and just as quick and impulsive a thing as the rest of her.

Harlin is quiet too; still watching her hand. It occupies enough of his attention that one might consider him fascinated with it. He only looks up when she changes her position and the subtleness of his leaning back against her can be felt. Not that he's a cassanova, he's already looking back towards her hand. The proximity has him focused on that, and at the stillness his head comes up finally and he turns to look at her. "Hmm?" He asks, before he sees what is going on. And then he is awkwardly kissed. Especially so because he doesn't see it coming. It catches him off guard in every single way possible, and so it lands, just a brief, almost chaste brush of his lips against her own. It leaves him silent for a second, then he takes a breath. A long breath, and promptly leans back to kiss her in return — equally inexpertly, but at least they can both see this one coming. Poor Ferret. Sleeping through such scandalousness.

In the moment after her own kiss, Sori lets out a slow breath. Now she's gone and done - oh. He's kissing her now, and this one is, if still lacking in skill, better on at least two counts - they both saw it coming, and the angles of it line up better. Perhaps that's why this one lasts for longer; or perhaps it's the increased familiarity of it, or… oh, she doesn't know. Nor does it matter. It's a kiss, and when it's run its course, her lips part his for a brief moment before pressing to them again to make a doubled kiss of the single. Inkfoot sleeps blissfully, and shall tattle nothing. As for her firelizard, well… who knows? Neither of them is watching the trees.

Harlin is in no particular hurry to run; either. In fact, as she goes for a second round, he moves his hand from the sleeping ferret to rest over top of her own while the other arm moves to rest around her waist — and he returns the favor in kind; lingering at her lips, somewhat uninhibited in nature. His lips part and . . apparently, this new development is what causes him to come back to reality, and he pulls slightly away from her; peering into her eyes from perhaps the distance of her nose away. " . . Where'd that come from?" He wonders, though he hasn't let go of hand or waist yet. And her damn lizard will probably tell everyone. That's why he doesn't have one.

Soriana leans in closer - to the touch of hands, to the press of lips. Her head tilts a little as his lips start to part, and then - ah. He draws away, and her lips change from smooching touch to uncertain pause as her brown eyes meet his green. She looks a him, for a long moment, and then… she grins, stretching her fingers against his, stroking his palm with the backs of them. "I wanted to," she says simply, and after a moment she adds, "It was nice."

Harlin doesn't seem to have much to say for a moment, as once again he is distracted by fingers. In this case, because of the stroking at his roughened palms. And they are. But what do you expect from someone who swings a pickaxe for a living, even if they only have a few years experience at doing so? Finally, though, the situation seems to dawn on him and a certain color rises to his face — though it fades away quite quickly. "It was." He admits. "It's… kinda hard to leave it at that, isn't it? I mean, I want more. Must be instinct or something." A quick pause. "I mean, more of that, not . . or . . " A sudden laugh from him. "Now I'm starting to sound like her. Anyway, you get the idea." He glances down to make sure the ferret is still sleeping as though it might somehow draw attention to them. Then he's looking back at her. And when he does, he forgets what he was about to say.

It's sort of strange, feeling that roughness on the palm of a boy not that much older than she is. Strange, but in an fascinating sort of way. One that makes her want to… well, to explore further. To have More. Soriana laughs a little at the talk of instincts. "Maybe instinct's got a point." Her other hand starts to lift - wait, she's still got the jelly pastry in it. Uh, what… oh, just let the crawlies have it. She sets it down nowhere in particular, and reaches a hand slightly sticky with sugar up to brush along his shoulder. Inkfoot, who wakes up at the slightest sound of a tunnelsnake in the walls at midnight… is sleeping soundly through all this, twisted halfway around with his fore and hindpaws sticking in different directions. If he draws attention, it'll be for his cuteness - as opposed to the teens, drawing attention for, well… "Yeah. I think I do." Sori leans in closer, and her lips press to Harlin's once more. This time, it's hers that start to part, to deepen that kiss.

Damn crawlies. They don't know what they are getting. Cook Shamon's best efforts, going to waste like that! That Harlin had to bribe him out of, at that! Not that Harlin really cares, but Shamon would be chasing Soriana with a rolling pin. " . . Maybe so." Harlin says, and quickly lowers his head to steal a quick kiss at her sugary fingers, and this time there is absolutely no hesitation from him at all. Lips are indeed parted, and as much depth as she will let him take is taken; a sort of long breath coming from him. Even bolder is the hand that finds itself upon her knee, attempting to creep upwards; reaching possibly mid thigh, even higher . . and still higher yet, until she stops him . . or . .


The voice comes from far away, down at the bottom of the meadow and interrupts both kiss and everything else.

" … balls."

That cuss is Harlin. "Shards, and balls."


Harlin glances down at his own hand; closes his eyes, and reaches out with his lips to snag a very fast kiss on the girl's cheek. "Gotta go." And with that he rises. "We'll, um, talk soon." And then he begins a supremely awkward half jog, half waddle towards the end of the clearing; one hand over the front of his pants — dissapearing quickly.

Soriana's lips press to Harlin's, parted into a kiss that deepens with no clear end in sight. Nor does she stop his fingers - her own trail back his cheek after the kiss to them, then down around his shoulder as she leans in closer, until her chest is touching softly to his, the slight curve and warmth of it - oh, there's more kissing indeed, and as for more, that - is evidently not happening today. Soriana startles at the booming voice. So does Inkfoot, scrambling up and leaping to the defensive against whatever it is. No, really, what's - ah. The swearing from Harlin helps explain. So does the rest of what that voice says. Well. Sori smiles at the cheek-kiss, though it's with a rather disappointed rest of her face. There was so much more to more! "Yeah. Soon…" she says, and scoops up her ferret - and Cook Shamon's only slightly dirt-covered pastry. It's still good. She watches Harlin disappear, then turns to head back to her weyr before that storm breaks. At least she's got /something/ sweet to satisfy her tonight…

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