Girly Talk and Fantasies

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks

A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

Early morning, the dragons have been fed and scrubbed and are having their morning naps while the weyrlings sneak off for breakfast. It's not long after that two of the girls are heading back to the barracks to start their morning assignment, studying or continuing with their strap making. For Vivian it's straps. "There's a good reason I always got a seamstress to make my clothes." She complains a little, her finger still sore from where she pushed a leatherworking needle through it by accident.

Ontali is used to her routine by now, and has grown well into her duties as a Weyrling. "Here, here." The girl wrinkles her nose towards Vivian. "Though, it was my ma. I'm no good with it at all." Still, she hefts her straps from their cotside stand without much exasperation, eyeing them dubiously. "This isn't so bad as trousers, but shells. These needles sure are a lot less friendly!" The girl flops into her cot and drags out the sewing kit made for straps, then sets to checking over yesterday evening's work quietly.

Vivian bobs her head in agreement, despite all usual opinion about the spoiled princess she has been pulling her weight within her own assigned tasks and in some cases has been very good at it. The etiquette classes for example she has excelled in. "I dunno, I'm not sure how mom ever managed to get past this part of the program, I'll never know, I don't think she's ever used a needle for as long as I remember." She pulls her own straps out and lays them out along the length of the cot. Sitting on the end she collects up her things and picks up the end of one of the straps, a buckle coming out of the small pile of things. "Lets see if I can manage this without stabbing myself and panicking Kelioth again."

"I'm not sure how anybody does and manages to keep their hands." Tali laments playfully, absently tying her hair back in a short (but growing! How time flies.) runnertail to keep it from her face. The mission fails to a moderate degree, several bits too short to be contained, but she doesn't seem to notice. Weyrling duties have calmed her to a certain extent; she's growing up, that's for sure. She doesn't even complain about the fact that she's still sore from that blasted running they're doing! "Not even on straps? Figures. Still, guess I don't really want anybody messing with Cid's stuff anyways." A faintly rueful shrug, as she goes back to examining her prior work critically. "You got yourself? Ouch. I've only managed it a time or to, but shells does it hurt! Poor Kelioth." The girl grins. "Good luck."

Vivian nods her head and lifts the hand that has the bandage type thing on it where she stabbed into her finger with the needle when it finally punctured the leather. "A tanner isn't going to keep any customers if they sell faulty straps to anyone. It's in their best interest to make sure they're as good as they can be." She says lifting the end of the strap so she can thread the buckle on. Funnily enough Viv doesn't seem to have a problem with the running exercises, she's already proven probably that her habit of a daily run has paid off of handsomely for those exercises, if only she could prove to be so useful in the weights department. "Poor baby nearly had a fit when I howled out in pain. I swear she thought someone was trying to kill me."

Ontali nods slowly as she carefully begins stitching awled-already dents in the leather. "Oh, definitely," She agrees easily. "I'd trust 'em, but it's…" The girl glances out of a nearby window at the small group of dragons sunning outside while napping; Cidheoth among them. "I dunno. I can't really explain it." A lopsided grin appears as she dutifully double-stitches. "Really? Oh my! Poor thing." The girl murmurs sympathetically. "I'm glad their memories are kinda short. I swear, we'd probably traumatize them for life. They're so sensitive!"

Pre made holes would probably have helped Vivian not puncture herself, but no one explained that one to her and it shows as she folds the leather over to pin the buckle in place then with a thin strip of leather binds the two parts together to hold it before reaching for her needle and thread. "It wasn't a pretty sight, I thought she was going to eat V'dim because he was the first to get to me, and she saw him there, it wasn't good, I was bleeding every where because I was having to calm her down. I'm still not sure if the blood is going to come out of my shirt." She grumbles a bit and sticks the end of the needle into the leather, lining everything up then picking up the thimble. "They'll get over most things thanks to that memory of theirs." She pauses a moment glancing towards Kelioth before asking, "Are you coping okay with everything?" Her voice is quiet, almost timid.

Ontali seems to catch something in her glance across the barracks, eyebrows furrowing and biting a lip faintly. "Blood, too? Oh, shells!" She winces ruefully. "I'm glad Cidheoth wasn't here. He would have made it worse, I'm sure." How? Who knows. "Maybe find a weaver and ask 'em if they know of anything that'll get it out?" Suggested with a tilt of her head and thoughtful frown, as she carefully works her way down a padded breast-strap section. "Or one of the laundry folks, I guess. They've gotta have *something* to get the bloodstains out've the robes so well, yeah?" Ah, the uneducated in laundry-matters! It's for the best, really. Finally, the girl suggests quietly: "You wanna use my awl? I asked for some help when we first started, and it's real useful. Poke holes with it so you don't have to with the needle." It's a guess at best, as she doesn't have eyes of an eagle, but still!

Vivian nods her head, though it should be pretty obvious by the way she's struggling to get the needle through the leather that there are no holes there at all. "I hope so, it's with laundry at the moment, I'll wait and see what happens, if all else fails, it's an excuse to get a new one made for me." She says with a content smile, ah shopping. "How is it any different to poking the needle through?" She asks about the awl, obviously not used to leather work.

Ontali giggles softly, offering a lopsided grin. "Hey, that can't be so bad. Bet they could make a good one. You should get some that match Kelioth, since we'll be riding soon. She's really pretty, you know." Noted with a contented smile, not seeming to notice still another thing she would probably have said before she came to the Weyr; matching? Who cares! But appearances do mean /something/ now. After a minute, though, after carefully finishing the stitching on that side of the strap, she grins. "It's not /too/ hard, lot easier than trousers." This with a stout nod, as she gathers up the awl and overstitcher, and heads across the barracks. "You've just gotta have something you don't mind getting a little banged up to work on. I used it on my trunk." Tali shrugs and laughs. "It's already got enough stuff on it that a few dents aren't gonna bother it. Just put the strap on it and make sure to run this," The pronged wheel is held up. "Down where you want the holes to be. Then you use the awl," Now the ice-pick-looking-tool is hefted. "To poke 'em through. You can use mine! I've got most of it all poked through, least all I can get done this morning."

Vivian smiles as she looks over at her and the tools she's offering over. She eyes the end of the cot at the explanations and takes a hold of them, shifting things so as to expose an end to lean things on. "I already have things on order, I just need to get enough free time for my fittings." She explains. "What about yourself?" She asks as she eyes the contraptions, doing her best to get everything lined up as indicated. "Like this?" She asks.

Ontali loosely grasps her hands behind her back and unconsciously takes a casual at-attention position, apparently comfortable in it at this point. Her expression borders on amused as she nods. "Mother insisted a sevenday ago that she send somebody up. Apparently 'dragonriders must look presentable' means 'fit me for lots of clothes'." The girl admits with a sheepish grin. "I managed to convince them that if they let me study while they did it I'd go. Maybe that'd work for you?" She snickers quietly, then considers the other Weyrling's work, nodding cheerily. "Yep! Makes it a lot easier, for sure."

Vivian rolls her eyes, "I don't think they'd agree to be anywhere near me while I'm trying to do this leather stuff." She replies as she lines everything up and starts working the awl in. "But you should always make an effort to look presentable." Of course it's something that even with all the cleaning and scrubbing, Viv still seems to look immaculate most of the time, her wardrobe is full of fine clothes that she just strips out of and changes if something gets too dirty during the course of the day, dirty by her standards of course. "What do you think of R'owan?" She asks after the second hole is punched.

Ontali giggles, flashing a fleeting smirk. "Well, ya don't need a sharp pointy thing to poke 'em with if they get grabby." She drawls, but without sincerity — she doesn't really think that that's the reasoning, it'd seem. "I guess so. I never really cared before." Is noted next, with a wistful grin for lost ease-of-dress. Though really, she's not looking too tidy right now, as any sane Weyrling! Muhaha. At least she's taken a bath today, though how she found the time is a marvel. When you're a Weyrling you /make/ the time to bathe! The next question, as she stands nearby, then drifts back to her cot a few away, catches her off guard, and she blinks back at the other Weyrling. "Ro?" Is asked with scintillating wit (lies!), before the girl seems to catch up with herself. "Oh. Um." Is she blushing? Certainly not! "He's the best, yeah? Not too many better than him, that I've met, 'least." A lopsided grin is offered as she scootches back to lean on the wall, resuming her work with a curious grin at Vivian.

Vivian smiles, "If I wanted sharp pointy things, I have plenty enough hairpins to use on them if I really need to." She looks up at the girl, an appraising look in her eyes, catching the blush in the process. "You know, I could fix you up nice and proper I bet, just a little bit more care of yourself and I reckon he'd be falling over himself to snatch you up, if you think he's the best?" She's beaming from ear to ear and catching the girls admission, and if it wasn't then she's taking it that way anyways.

One of Tali's eyebrows shoots up as she considers this, then flashes a wolfish grin over at the older girl. "Hey, that's a good idea." She admits with an impish giggle. "Would be handy, I guess. I'd probably just punch 'em, but having something pointy's always useful." After all, you never know when…you're going to need something sharp. Because the world is full of rabid ovines, apparently. It is morning, just after breakfast and dragonets are occupying themselves sleeping or otherwise after breakfast and washing, while their humans occupy themselves in the barracks. Tali and Vivian are working on their dragons' straps — among other things. The blush eventually dies down and is followed by a sheepish cough. "Well," She offers faintly. "That…might be nice." Dubious, but can you blame her? /Saying/ you've got to be presentable as a dragonrider and being more-than-presentable are two different things! "I dunno if he even likes dresses or skirts or anything. D'you reckon he'd like it if I did?" This is apparently something that hasn't even occured to her, but is considered carefully as she stitches up the straps. "I suppose I could try, if you wouldn't mind and all."

Vivian continues battering holes into the leather straps she's working on, getting them ready for stitching, her frequent glances over to Ontali show the obvious topic of the conversation. "I think I can make you more than presentable for him, does he know that you like him?" She asks after her concentration lapses enough from a few more holes, pausing to ask the question while she rubs her hand, calluses are such horrible things.

Keziah heads into the barracks, well ahead of Alosynth who is taking her time coming back. Keziah has in hand a plate of food for herself that she's snatched from the kitchens, including one tiny little sticky roll. Still that's a feat in itself somedays. "Mornin'" she cheerfully greets as she heads for her got to eat her food. And then Alosynth comes in, with her breakfast, or well, the remains of it. Considering she gave away her bone, she's gotten herself a new one. Nice and fresh this morning and still with some meat attached to it. "Who like what if you did what?" she asks as she pops some sliced wherry into her mouth. "She's not presentable looking?" she looks at Ontali "She looks good to me?"

Ontali seems pretty content in her stitching, at least she's not managing to impale herself — yet. Though, the fact that she's fidgetting like mad could eventually contribute to an Incident. "Oh," She smiles sheepishly. "You reckon? That'd…that'd be nice." Nod-nod the girl goes, keeping her eyes firmly on her straps — surely just because she has to concentrate! Of course. After a moment, though, there's a slow and vaguely happy-feline grin. "Yep. He does." But then her simple reply is easy enough to move on from, as Keziah is spotted and waved at with a grin. "Morning, Keziah. Alosynth." The dragon and her bone are noted with a giggle. "Vivian offered to make me look, um. Pretty." That seems to be the best word that she can come up with, and is said with a little giggle. "Umm." At this point she ducks her head and coughs sheepishly. "I guess."

Vivian glances up with a smile, "Tidy up your hair a bit, if you have any bits dangling free like that you want to make sure that it's actually planned to be that way." She explains, a finger lifting to tap at her own hair that today has been wrapped up into a bun and held in place with some hairpins, there are no bits hanging loose to get in her eyes and distract her and thus stick something in her leg by accident. "If we work on it right, we can have them all falling over us by the time we get to graduation." She giggles and looks to Keziah, "I'll let Ontali explain that one." She replies with a laugh. "Do you think so or is that Alosynth talking?" She teases Keziah. "We'll make ourselves look fabulous."

Keziah blinks a moment at the teasing and then laughs "Oh well, she looks not. I mean, I'm not attracted or anything." she shrugs a little "Never have been attracted to girls." She glances over at Tali and hmms "So that I don't stick my foot in mouth. Who are you talking about?" she asks curiously though she's looking back and forth between Tali and Viv "And who do you want falling over you Viv?" As if she didn't likely already know the answer to that one.

Ontali puffs a breath at a drifting chunk of fading red hair, eyeing it with amusement. "Hmmm. It sure doesn't like to stay back." The girl says dubiously, tugging at the curly tuft before tucking it once more behind an ear. "I suppose there's probably a way though. Yours looks pretty." Grin she goes, finishing the stitching of one side of the strap and flipping the whole thing over, starting again. "That sounds…promising." The girl isn't convinced, though, at the prospect, but it doesn't seem to deter her. The teasing gets a decidedly non-mature sticking-out of her tongue and an eyroll, then a giggle. "Fabulous, right." This is agreed with, at least, before she's wrinkling her nose and eyeing her dragon once more through the window. "Me neither, but try explaining that to that one. Don't think he could care less. I sure hope Alosynth and Kelioth are nicer." Grumble grumble. "Um." There's a pause and then a shrug and a little grin. "Ro."

"All it needs is some pins and we can keep it under control or have some curls hanging down to frame your face better." Explains Vivian, one of the masters/mistresses? of how to look good. "It's something we're all going to have to get ourselves used to the idea eventually, when ours go up, it's the dragons that are calling the shots, not us." She frowns a touch at that thought, probably because Kelioth seems to get on so well with all of her clutchsiblings, including Faraeth! "I'm sure I'll find someone for our graduation party." She says rather noncommittally, "How about you Keziah, anyone you've got your eye on?"

Keziah hmms a little at Viv's words. "You have a point there." she murmurs quietly as she looks at Alosynth, who to this point has been more boyish than girlish. Which means of course she sorta misses Viv not really answering. Then there's a glance at Tali "Oh that's good I was afraid you might have liked someone else. I like Ro, I'd hate to see him heartbroken." There's a glance at Viv and a shrug "No, not in a long time." she shrugs a little at that. Course, she's not looked either really and has likely scared off most that were lookin' towards her.

Ontali's eyes flick up, eyebrows following, as if in an attempt to see her hair; which is, admittedly, not looking too pretty this morning. "Ooh. Point. Well, I don't mind them hanging 'round my face, really, kind've used to it. Cut my hair off short when I was younger and never bothered to let it grow out." She shrugs, then nods wearily. "Yeah. You're right. I don't shardin' know why I had to Impress a /boy/ dragon. Not that I'd change Cid, but." She tosses a wistful grin at Alosynth. "Guess he's still the best." This seems to placate her for a moment, as she carefully stitches down the pre-holed leather, careful to keep the cord properly taut. After a moment, though, she glances up at Keziah with a lopsided grin, chin lifting. "Nope. Not me." Her eyebrows contract after a moment as she fidgets, frowning. "I think I worried him for a while there. I didn't mean to." She works quietly for some time after that, then eyes the other two curiously. "S'it important, to have somebody to go with, and all?"

There's a strangely pleased whuffle from a certain green dragon, who hastily closes her eyes again. Just how long has Kelioth been listening, and more to the point where did she learn to try and hide the fact that she is actually awake and only pretending to be asleep. "Boy or girl, you still wouldn't have a choice, there's just as many boys with greens as there are girls on boys." That sounds a bit weird but the facts are in there. "You don't need to have someone there with you, but it'd be better to make sure you do given all the dancing that'll be going on, don't you think it'd be best to have your man handy before he gets whisked away by someone else, and he can't get away because he's too polite to say no?"

Crack! Alosynth's bone she's been gnawing cracks and splits, leaving her with the large upper end of the feur in mouth and the rest still under her paws. Keziah glances over towards her and can't help but snicker a bit and then her attention is back on the conversation. She's listening as she eats. Can't let good food go to waste and all. "He is polite too." she murmurs a bit with the food in her mouth and swallows. "He partnered me at that dance we were forced to do. Poor boy, we looked so forlorn too. Where were you anyways?" she asks.

M'nol wanders into the barracks, Faraeth a few steps behind. The befuddled look on his face makes it clear that he wasn't listening as he admonishes Faraeth, "What did you learn about spiderclaws today?" The brown gives a little whimper and nudges the boy. M'nol nods, stroking his nose, "Then it was a 'portant lesson." Only then does he notice the girls participating in their sewing bee, "Hi, Kez, Tali, Viv-ian." There's a pause and the last bit of Viv's name seems like an afterthought. "How're they coming?"

"Hmmm," Tali doesn't sound convinced, but seems to be at least resigned to this fact by now. "I do guess you're right." The girl flashes a grin to Kelioth, snickering quietly. "Dancing? Shells, that figures. I figured we'd all just drink a little too much and enjoy not being Weyrlings any more." She grins a little wolfishly. "Guess there'll still be a lot of that." Seemingly contentedly, the Weyrling stitches away at her strap, eventually making it to the end and starting on the more difficult area of making sure the connection between sections is strong. It is at precisely this point that Alosynth cracks the bone, and the needle jerks with the rest of Tali — resulting in a nice prod with the leather needle. "Aaaugh!" Muttered quietly, though she didn't manage to completely impale herself like poor Vivian. "Shardin' needle, ouch." Her thumb is mouthed for a moment in chagrin, which only deepens further as she's reminded of the dance. "My father and mum decided to visit that day and we…talked." More or less. "I had everything ready to go and all." Sigh. Eventually she extracts the damaged digit and examines it warily, then sets back to work with more caution. "Hey, M'nol." Is offered across the barracks with a smile and wave of the needle-hand. "Well as ever." Mutter mutter.

Vivian finishes off the vicious work of stabbing the awl though the leather straps and bundles up the bits and pieces and carries them over to Ontali's cot. "Thanks darling." She replies before she heads back and sits back down on her cot, the strap and buckle sitting next to her, not picking it up straight away. M'nol's greeting earns a grunt from Vivian and a mental admonishment from Kelioth, who opens her eyes again to glare at Vivian pointedly. "Hi M'nol." She says with a long suffering sigh before she finishes off her conversation with the girls. "He is a sweetie so it'd be best to snag him before anything untoward happens." She agrees. "M'nol, did you learn to dance?" She ask him with such a pleasant smile it can only means she's up to something, or is she just being nice?

Keziah isn't doing the sewing bee herself, she's eating. She then blinks and looks up at Tali "Are you okay?' she asks wuth a bit concern and then looks relieved to not see blood. "I swear, you two are perfect for each other. Ro stuck himself as well, though he did a worse job of it." she notes and then eyes Vivan curiously "Don't tell me you're going to ask M'nol to partner you. That's a wonderful idea. Be a great way to show unification." Oh, she's evil.

M'nol ushers Faraeth to their couch, settling the brown in and grabbing his own straps and awl. Placing his second next to his third, he eyes them, then carefully pounds the awl through the newest strap. "Yeah, Vivian… I did learn to last. Least best I coul' with Cen movin' like a stick." He looks a tad embarassed that he couldn't even keep Cen calm. He glances up again, "Y'all talkin' 'bout Ro? He an' Tali make a nice pair." He glances at Kez with an odd look, blushing slightly, but doesn't say anything.

Ontali's smile for Vivian is friendly and bright, offered with a quick nod. "Any time. If you need 'em later, just come get 'em out of my trunk, no worries." The girl says with a smile, quickly extended to Keziah, if ruefully. "M'fine, prodded myself with the blasted needle. Not the first time." She laughs at herself. "Not surprised." The girl's lips curl into a grin as she resumes stitching once more, speed quickening with a wary glance outside. "Awww, I haven't talked to Cen in so long. I hope she's doing okay." Tali chews a lip with a frown, sighing. "I suppose it's probably normal. Haven't talked to most folks but you guys, really. Not even that for way too long. Cidheoth." The last sounds amusingly close to a curse, as she finishes up once more and sets down the work with a relieved sigh. "Yeah, Ro'." The Weyrling's grin is lopsided as she peers over at M'nol. "Thanks, M'nol." She beams, then stands and replaces the straps on their stand, and puts the pointy tools up before she can sit on them. "Cidheoth is itchy, shardit. Aalways itchy. Thought it'd be slacking off. I'll be back soon." The girl smiles and grabs a pot of oil from her trunk and stuffs a rag in a pocket then heads off at a trot, muttering something that sounds like 'I'm coming, I'm coming!' as she goes.

Vivian gives thinks to Ontali and shakes her head ruefully. "Hopefully I'll never need them again." She tells her, though Kelioth's whuffle, would appear to suggest otherwise. "Yeah right!" Is Keziah's answer, delivered with one of the most dagger infected glares ever produced though she does turn back to M'nol all smiles again. "Just wondering, see come graduation, you'll need to learn to dance properly, because there is the possibility we may all have to dance at least once with each other, and I for one will likely stab you with a hairpin if you stand on my dress and rip it." She says it so nicely. "So get up and lets see how good you actually are." She waves a hand imperiously at him, her outfit may not be the best for getting up close to the miner, but some sacrifices have to happen and it's baths next for Kelioth so she's not that bothered.

Keziah does her best to keep bright smiles at the withering glare. Not always easy with evil looks like that. But it helps one get through things like that. "Now Viv." she starts out and then she goes silent, this should be interesting. There's a wave for Tali, she knows just how she feels. Alosynth will take it into her head that she needs oil and skritchings. Now..

M'nol waves a hasty goodbye to Tali, then stands, "I wouldn' tear your dress, Vivian." When she motions for him to dance with her, he glances her over once, possibly checking for weapons, then approaches with a bow, "M'lady?" Oooooh, he's being nice… maybe *he*'s the one with the weapon. Or maybe it's because he only stands a little above her chest…

Vivian growls back at Keziah, "Now nothing, we, all of us have to ensure that each and every one of us goes through graduation flawlessly." She explains more evenly before turning her attention back to M'nol. "You say that but all of us girls will be wearing them probably and I'd rather be safe than sorry for a graduation dress." I.e. it's likely to be a one of a kind and expensive in her case. She dips a polite curtsy at his greeting and holds out her hand to him. "Just keep your eyes off of my boobs and looking into my eyes and we'll see how well you do." She says, taking him into a formal hold, course the shirts she wears aren't the best for being able to keep to that instruction.

M'nol steps forward, accepting Viv's hands gently in his own. He really does do his best to look into her face, only sneaking a couple of peeks. He smiles, leading with a small step with his left foot, "I hope our graduation goes best as can be. An' I don' wanna be 'barrassed by damaging someone else least as much as you don' wanna be 'barrassed by beain' stepped on."

"It's not so much the stepped on that worries me." Replies Vivian as she moves herself gracefully through the dance, only the once shifting a hand to flick a finger under his chin to bring his gaze back to eyelevel instead of chest level. "Eyes are up here." She chides gently even if it is likely to leave him with confused dreams. "Stand on one of those dresses, it tears and there could be a whole other reason for being embarrassed depending on where it rips."

M'nol allows himself to be adjusted, "Sorry… they're a little distractin'." He moves relatively fluidly, if not so gracefully as Viv, "Well, I promise tha' in th' even' tha' I mis-step, I'll provide th' human sheild fer your honor."

"Little?" Murmurs Vivian as if it was an insult to the size of her chest, even if she is less than a handful, that's not the point. She does continue the dance though, swishing her way through the moves like an almost pro. "If you do, just make sure and keep your neck exposed to make it easier to stick a hairpin in you." She replies in an ever so sweet tone of voice as the dance ends and she steps back, still holding his hand as is proper as she dips into a curtsy.

M'nol nods, "A little, they keep jigglin' and distractin' me." Wow, innocence. He finishes the dance out, stumbling only a little once, his feet catching on the edge of a cot, but he manages to make it look almost intentional, "'Snot like I have anything t' cover it up with, but I think someone migh' have an objection t' tha'… someone 'sides me." He steps back as well, bowing and kissing her hand ever-so-gently, "M'lady." At least the harpers taught him curtesy… tact? not so much.

"Of course they jiggle, they're boobs!" She replies with a shake of her head, it's easy to tell he's young, and unfortunately on eye level with hers. Kids are so short these days. Vivian lets him raise her hand for the kiss before she retrieves it and scrumptiously wipes it on her shorts. "If you can learn to keep your eyes on your partners you'll do fine by us." She tells him, admitting indirectly that he's not that bad as she sashays back over to her cot and sits down on the end of it, eyeing the buckle that she now has to stitch the leather round.

M'nol steps back, grinning a little, "So that's what they're called? My older brothers called them chest-dragons…" He lets that comment linger for a moment, nodding his thanks at her admission that he wasn't a horrid dancer before saying, "Thanks, you're not so bad yourself," and retreating to his own cot and continuing his work on his own straps, pounding another hole into his strap. Faraeth intends to speak to M'nol, but his excitement causes him to think a bit too braodly. The silk and velvet ruffle confusedly, colored a faded orange, « chest… dragons…? They're much to small to be dragons. Maybe chest flits… »

Vivian sighs a little at the descriptions and there's a bit of a wince when Kelioth relays what Faraeth just said. "You may want to stop him on that note before he's broadcasting images from your head of my chest all over the weyr." She tells M'nol before picking up the buckle of the strap and retrieving the needle and thread to start stitching the leather together.

The brown noses M'nol, who says, "It's okay, just don't go tellin' the whole Weyr 'bout that stuff." He turns back to Viv, "Is there anyone in the Weyr tha' you haven' worn a shir' like tha' around? 'Cause I think most've seen 'em, then." He makes the mistake of trying to continue to work while distracted and drives the awl all the way through his cot, muttering a curse.

Vivian's eyes snap back to M'nol, it sounds too much like an insinuation to her ears. "Most of the weyr hasn't been that close before." She tells him ever so coldly. She glares at him for a few more moments before turning her attention aback to her needle. Kelioth moving forward to rest her head next to the end of the cot, big eyes whirling up at Vivian.

M'nol shrugs, "I wouldn' know." He extracts the awl from his cot, eyeing the hole dubiously, "S'pose I shoul' consider m'self lucky, then?" He pounds the next hole in the leather more carefully, and then the next.

"Privileged." Is the word to be used and Vivian supplies it with her usual grace and sugary charm as she continues her stitching. "Just keep a safer hold on any memories of them than you did with those ones of Cenlia." She gives a bit of a mock shudder, teasing? "Faraeth, certainly livened up that night for those of us still awake for our dragons to pass on the images."

M'nol grins, "Tha's th' word, priv'ledged." He bangs another two holes in the leather straps, then blushes, "Those… those aren' 'xac'ly my bes' mem'ries o' Cen… But all th' others say it was jus' 'cause she didn' 'press…" He shrugs, clearly in the dark on that particular issue.

Vivian just rolls her eyes at the very thought. "From what I saw I thought they may have been your fondest, unless you're talking about another time of course." With any luck, she's just winding him up, on the other hand, who knows. "What was it she didn't press?" She prompts him, encouragingly flashing him a secret little smile.

M'nol pounds another hole through his strap, then rotates it having hit the end of a side. He gives Viv a confused look, "She didn' 'press a dragon. Hence why she's no' here." He ponders for a moment, "I think I do think 'bout it more since it's a scare side o' her."

Vivian sighs when she hears that little bit of news, "That's certainly got nothing to do with what Faraeth was passing out, we all know you quite like her, but that dream was bordering on very naughty." She tells him calmly, not showing any preferred emotion over her statement while she stitches, though she is watching him out of the corner of her eye to catch the reaction.

M'nol gulps, blushing hugely, "Oh… *that*… I, uh…" He trails off, thinking for a momen. He pounds two more holes to avoid having to answer, then mutters quietly, "He started it…"

Vivian giggles a bit at that reaction. "I'm just wary of you comparing me with her in your dreams again." She states flatly, still remaining ever so calm. "Especially with your little bit of jiggly privilege earlier." She's trying not to laugh really she is and has to duck her head down and bend to her work, yep she's sewing, honest, look her hand is even shaking the slight quiver in her voice at the effort could be taken entirely the wrong way though.

M'nol snerks, his face still bright red, "I'll try no' to…" He bends to his own work. hammer hammer hammer… He looks up, nearly purple with flush, "Uh… which dream was it you saw…?"

Vivian takes a deep breath to stop herself shaking, get that composure back before she can dare to look at him again. "Which one!" She asks, jaw opening slackly as she stares across at him. "That suggests that you have multiple dreams involving me!" Astonished.

M'nol's blush inexplicably manages to deepen. He scratches the back of his head, "I… welll… uh… um…" hammer hammer hammer. "Ummm… two with you an' Cen…" There's a definite implication he's obscuring something… poor boy, too honest for his own good sometimes.

Vivian continues to stare at him. "Now wait there, what kind of sick fantasies are you involving me in." She demands as her things get placed down on the cot with a thump, that needles likely to be found later the hard way. She gets up and stalks over to him, some purpose obviously in mind.

M'nol looks up at Viv with wide, worried eyes, waving his hands back and forth in front of him. "Jus' th' one with th' matin' fligh' 'n' th' one wi'ou'…"

Vivian stalks over to him and she does indeed have a purpose, to hear him out, though he doesn't get very far with his explanation, mating flight is about as far he gets before she snarls and swings for him, it's a beauty of a slap, D'son can testify to how strong her right arm is and that was before all this weyrling training. "Don't even dare think about that again, do you hear me." She pretty much screams at him. "I do not want to be the object of your fantasies." And with that vehement delivery she turns on her heel and stalks out of the barracks to a cacophony of worried creels from dragons and firelizards alike. Time for a very cold bath.

M'nol just sort of sits there, staring after her for a moment. If she hadn't left he wouldn't've known whether it was better or worse to say that he'd been fantasizing about Cen and *Faraeth* had insinuated her…. He rubs his stinging cheek, where even now the faintest outline of her hand is beginning to appear, "I wasn' even *tryin'* t' annoy her this time…" The brown nuzzles him affectionately and he returns the affection in kind with a gentle nose pat. His next words hold no malice, only a gentle chide, "This is all yours and Kelioth's fault, yanno…"

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